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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log for Saturday 9/10/16 - Part 4

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log

Part 4 - Featuring BGG

jtank says(6:54 PM):


magnetlady says(6:58 PM):

jtank, amen?

subgirl says to magnetlady(6:59 PM):

thanks mags for copying... :)

subgirl says to magnetlady(6:59 PM):

how was your dinner..?

magnetlady says(6:59 PM):

No problem.

magnetlady says(6:59 PM):

So fun, what a fun group to be with. 8 of us and everyone brought a dish they had fixed. Great variety of foods.

subgirl says to magnetlady(7:00 PM):

oh wow! that is sooo cool! :)

magnetlady says(7:00 PM):

Then when at Virginia's house we always have to play a game after dinner.

magnetlady says(7:00 PM):

She has the greatest ideas.

subgirl says to magnetlady(7:00 PM):

awwee that is very fun! :)

subgirl says to magnetlady(7:01 PM):

I like to play cards!

magnetlady says(7:03 PM):

I do to, but last time there we played a board game, 2 team really fun. Tonight she had a centerpiece of 3 fun figures. One was a Mr. Potato head dresse das Darth Vader one was a Nutcracker shaped like an English guard, and a princess figurine.

jtank says(7:03 PM):

hey maggs - how r u-- church tomorrow?

magnetlady says(7:04 PM):

We were to tell a story going around the table in 4 word phrases and the next person in line would have to start their story with the first letter of the last word of the previous phrase and it had to have a theme and involve the 3 figurines.

magnetlady says(7:04 PM):

jtank yup and choir is back in service.

jtank says(7:05 PM):

any violins ?

magnetlady says(7:05 PM):

no actual violins, but use in the phrases.

magnetlady says(7:05 PM):

word used in

magnetlady says(7:05 PM):

It was so funny

magnetlady says(7:11 PM):

It was really fun when someone got into the X and Z words. Those are so limited.

subgirl says to magnetlady(7:11 PM):


subgirl says to magnetlady(7:12 PM):

sounds fun :)

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(7:25 PM)patti was kicked out by patti!

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(7:56 PM)cobalt was kicked out by cobalt!

subgirl says(8:17 PM):

More than $ 136 million central bank sales today

Views 212 Date 09/10/2016 - 15:40

Economy News / Baghdad ...

It sold the Central Bank, on Thursday, more than $ 136 million in the auction for the sale of foreign currency.

According to a statement of the Central Bank, "Economy News" received a copy of it, "The size of the amount sold today totaled $ 136 million, 428 thousand, and $ 356, at a price of 1,182 dinars exchange rate against the dollar, and with the participation of 30 banks and 15 financial transfer company."

He added that "the amounts transferred to the accounts of banks selling abroad is priced at 1190 dinars per dollar, and the cash sales price shall be the price of 1182 dinars per dollar."

He pointed out that "the amount of remittances and credits amounted to 93 million, and 364 thousand, and $ 936, while the quantity sold was 24 million in cash, and 845 thousand dollars."

subgirl says(8:19 PM):

all done :)

magnetlady says(8:21 PM):

Thank you (L) (L) (L)

subgirl says to magnetlady(8:21 PM):


magnetlady says(8:21 PM):

I know love you gal

subgirl says to magnetlady(8:21 PM):

love you tooo mags!!!! :)

plowboy says(8:32 PM):

what's a leppo?

subgirl says to plowboy(8:34 PM):

8-|I dont know?

(8:34 PM)saturday night was kicked out by saturday night!

plowboy says to subgirl(8:35 PM):


subgirl says to plowboy(8:36 PM):

Aleppo is a city in Syria

subgirl says to plowboy(8:36 PM):

there ya go lol

magnetlady says(8:43 PM):

Evening plowby

magnetlady says(8:43 PM):

aleppo is a place

magnetlady says(8:44 PM):

Mr. Johnson was asked as a presidential candidate and didn't even know what it was either

plowboy says to magnetlady(8:46 PM):

yes, I knew all that, I was just making fun of it

JETSET says(8:46 PM):

while the media is flipping out over Johnson not knowing what Aleppo was, Hillary doesn't know what classified means... Which one is more important???

(8:47 PM)cobalt was kicked out by cobalt!

plowboy says to JETSET(8:47 PM):

gee I dunno

plowboy says to JETSET(8:47 PM):

I guess I'm deplorable

magnetlady says(8:48 PM):

I'm sure her ear piece will advise her how to answer.

magnetlady says(8:50 PM):

Evening JETSET

magnetlady says(8:50 PM):

Hey there plwoboy

plowboy says to magnetlady(8:50 PM):

hi there. First presidential debate, can't wait: Mon, 26 Sep, 2016

JETSET says to magnetlady(8:50 PM):


magnetlady says(8:55 PM):

oops bout to get fired, forgot to put my name and copy on when I got kicked a bit ago. ({)

subgirl says to magnetlady(8:56 PM):

lol no problem! :) lol

magnetlady says(8:56 PM):

hehehe, you mean no chance???

subgirl says to magnetlady(8:56 PM):


JETSET says to magnetlady(8:57 PM):

good evening

subgirl says to magnetlady(8:57 PM):

no chance lol

magnetlady says(8:57 PM):

Hey there jetset

(9:02 PM)Buttercup was kicked out by Buttercup!

subgirl says to magnetlady(9:02 PM):

let me know when you want a break ok? :)

dinarstudent says(9:07 PM):

hello people how are wedoing ??

dinarstudent says(9:07 PM):

what is the good word

subgirl says to dinarstudent(9:08 PM):

doing good thanks! there is a ton of articles in the forum...

subgirl says to dinarstudent(9:08 PM):

have you looked in the forum today? http://www.dinarupdates.com/forumdis...rent-Iraq-NEWS

subgirl says to dinarstudent(9:10 PM):

and we have a chatlog too :) http://www.dinarupdates.com/showthre...tember-10-2016

subgirl says to dinarstudent(9:10 PM):

are you new to this site? I saw you yesterday :)

dinarstudent says(9:12 PM):

ok off i go to look

subgirl says to dinarstudent(9:12 PM):

ok enjoy :)

quicktolegit96 says(9:18 PM):


subgirl says(9:18 PM):


magnetlady says(9:22 PM):

OK I'll copy I hope. (smile) and then you can have it.

subgirl says(9:22 PM):

ok thanks :)

(9:23 PM)*.MOD.magnetlady.copy changed nickname to *.MOD.magnetlady!

magnetlady says(9:23 PM):

All yours subby

subgirl says to magnetlady(9:24 PM):

thank you so much for copying all evening :)

magnetlady says(9:25 PM):

with your help (H)

subgirl says to magnetlady(9:25 PM):


subgirl says to magnetlady(9:26 PM):

lol love your glasses :)

BGG says(9:38 PM):

Hey gang - how goes it??

magnetlady says(9:38 PM):

Me too, they are snazy

magnetlady says(9:38 PM):

Evening BGG

subgirl says to BGG(9:39 PM):

Good evening BGG

BGG says(9:39 PM):

Good evening Ma'am (s) :D

subgirl says to BGG(9:39 PM):


subgirl says to BGG(9:40 PM):

how was your Saturday?

BGG says(9:50 PM):

We've been busy all day.

subgirl says to BGG(9:50 PM):

we have too. and I am watching the iowa and iowa state game right now lol

jeffusa says to subgirl(10:02 PM):

is Iowa winning?

subgirl says to BGG(10:02 PM):

yes Iowa just beat Iowa State 42 to 3 lol lol lol

subgirl says to jeffusa(10:02 PM):

lol oops for you lol

jeffusa says to subgirl(10:02 PM):


subgirl says to jeffusa(10:02 PM):

saw Ohio Buckeyes won their game too lol

jeffusa says to subgirl(10:03 PM):


subgirl says to jeffusa(10:03 PM):

I am on 5 bottles and working on #6

jeffusa says to subgirl(10:03 PM):


subgirl says to jeffusa(10:03 PM):

WOW! lol lol

subgirl says to jeffusa(10:03 PM):

guess Tulsa is not that good huh? lol

jeffusa says to subgirl(10:04 PM):

most likely

subgirl says to jeffusa(10:04 PM):


BGG says to subgirl(10:11 PM):


subgirl says to BGG(10:11 PM):


subgirl says to BGG(10:42 PM):

GE signs $520m Iraq Deal

Iraq, September 10, 2016

GE has signed a multiyear agreement in Iraq with Mass Energy Group Holding.

The $520-million contract includes operation and maintenance services as well as GE’s advanced digital industrial solutions for the 3-gigawatt gas-fired Basmaya [Bismaya] Power Plant, only 40 kilometers east of Baghdad.

This contract represents a continuing effort between Mass Energy Group Holding, the Iraqi Ministry of Electricity (MOE) and GE to bring much-needed power to the people of Iraq.

Ahmad Ismail, Chairman of Mass Energy Group Holding, said:

“The Basmaya Power Plant is a milestone project that marks the first-of-its-kind independent power producer agreement between Mass Energy Group Holding and Iraq’s Ministry of Electricity.

“In addition to meeting the surging demand for power from the Iraqi people, the plant will support the country’s focus on building its infrastructure and strengthening local industries.

“The power plant will feed the national grid, benefiting all sections of the community. GE has been our long-term partner, and by operating the plant, GE is bringing its advanced technology solutions to help us to deliver the highest levels of efficiency, reliability and productivity.”

The multiyear service agreement builds on GE’s long-term relationship with Mass Energy Group Holding, which includes prior contracts to provide Basmaya with eight units of its advanced 9FA gas turbines and four units of its C7 steam turbines.

The project is being developed in two phases, with each phase delivering 1,500 megawatts (MW) of power, which together is enough power to meet the needs of over 600,000 households.

subgirl says to BGG(10:43 PM):

ICTSI to Open New Port Facilities in Oct

September 10, 2016

Philippines-based port company International Container Terminal Services Inc (ICTSI) is to open a new section of its Umm Qasr port in October.

The VP and Head of Asia-Pacific region, Christian Gonzalez, is quoted as saying that the company has allocated $420 million in capital expenditure for 2016, to be used for the completion of the initial stage of new container terminals in Congo and Iraq, and the continuing development of a project in Australia.

(Source: Seatrade)

subgirl says to BGG(10:44 PM):


subgirl says to BGG(11:22 PM):

Health announces completion of Imam Sadiq hospital in Babylon and determine the opening date of September 21

2016-09-10 at 13:24

Baghdad scales news

The Health Ministry announced, Saturday, completing Imam Sadiq (as) (Turkish hospital) in Babil province, which is one of the most important health projects in Iraq, a sign that the September 21 will be the date for its opening.

The Ministry said in a statement/balance of news copy, that "after resolving all financial and administrative problems and complete equipment and lotions and operational materials and medical and health personnel, and completed one of the most important and largest health projects in Iraq and the region is a genuine Turkish Imam hospital" hospital "in Babil province."

The Ministry said on Wednesday, September 21, 2016 would be the date for the opening of this great edifice ", stating that" add to health institutions adding special quality. "

She explained, that "Iraq has not seen any of the large hospitals in 35 years," accompanying "on this occasion we bless the Iraqi people Eid Mubarak and complete this project.

And promised, "it will overcome all difficulties created or complete large projects like this service for the people."

(11:30 PM)cobalt was kicked out by cobalt!

subgirl says to BGG(11:45 PM):

15 min left :)

subgirl says to BGG(11:50 PM):

10 min. left :)

subgirl says(11:55 PM):

5 min. left :)

subgirl says(11:56 PM):

Well it's about time to say Good night to you all DU Family :) Hope you all have a great night of sleep :)

subgirl says(11:56 PM):


End of Saturday's Chat Log
 | Link to Part 1



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