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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log for Sunday 9/25/16 - Part 2

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log

Part 2 - Featuring BGG

larrykn says to DIGIman1(9:39 AM):

ty for copying this morning :)

BGG says to dale(9:40 AM):

agreed - We all apprecite RCookie sharing his due diligence with us.

DIGIman1 says(9:40 AM):

Where there's smoke, there's dinner.

larrykn says to DIGIman1(9:40 AM):

just got the road crime off my car lol

BGG says to dale(9:40 AM):


DIGIman1 says to larrykn(9:40 AM):

thanks :) nice! lol

hutch says to Movack(9:40 AM):


larrykn says to Movack(9:42 AM):

we are here to inform people in a good way, we will not here the option of people who don't have a clue of what they are saying, that is not good for us or them

dale says(9:42 AM):

BGG : For sure .....

hutch says to Movack(9:43 AM):


dinarstudent says(9:48 AM):

what happen({)

dinarstudent says to rcookie(9:48 AM):

i for one i very very thankful for all you do

larrykn says to dinarstudent(9:50 AM):

we had someone come in made a remark an left, he was totally off an just likes to complain because it hasn't happen yet, so we talked about it because its not what we are about or will except

BGG says to larrykn (privately)(9:50 AM):


BGG says to larrykn (privately)(9:50 AM):

Made the comment??

larrykn says to BGG (privately)(9:50 AM):


BGG says to larrykn (privately)(9:50 AM):

Really?!? Weird.

larrykn says to BGG (privately)(9:50 AM):

he does it all the time

BGG says(9:55 AM):

I wonder how many times I'm gonna' have to tell the story about being smarter than an average DAIRY COW - before it starts to SINK IN?!?

BGG says(9:55 AM):

Looks like "STORY TIME" is coming soon...

larrykn says(9:56 AM):

yep sounds like it

(9:57 AM)12david was kicked out by 12david!

(10:00 AM)firehose888 was kicked out by firehose888!

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larrykn says(10:03 AM):

Al-Jaafari soon on the interrogation chair under the dome of Parliament (details)

25-09-2016 02:09 PM

Parliamentary integrity Commission announced Sunday its intention to collect signatures from House members to question Foreign Minister Jaafari, saying there ' financial irregularities and corruption in the Ministry, accusing it of b blasphemy to public money '.

Attorney Adel Noori parliamentary integrity Committee spokesman in a press statement that the integrity Commission continues to interrogate Foreign Minister Ibrahim Al-Jaafari soon we will collect signatures from House members to question him, saying ' get the necessary signatures to interrogate al-Jaafari not difficult issue '.

There he Nuri, files and failures at the State Department and highlight the files that will be Ghaffari by questioning the financial irregularities and favouritism in Ministry of Foreign Affairs and scandals in Iraq's embassies abroad and prolonged public money, noting that the questions raised during the questioning will be multiple and we will tell her at the time.

larrykn says(10:04 AM):

Iraq index paid banks to retreat.

25 September 2016 05:24 pm

Live: market general index slipped Iraq stock exchange at the end of the day Sunday by 0.62%, to reach 565.14 points, losing 3.52 points, compared with levels in a session Thursday..

The index fell today by pressing the banks retreated today prices of 7 shares, 3 of them with the banking sector lower by Mansour Bank by 5.45%, Middle East Bank fell 3.03 percent.

Stock sector included the most active in terms of stock value with connector 788.94 trading Bank million shares, worth 205.12 million dinars.

And I checked the agriculture stocks where the production and marketing of meat dropped by 5.12%, Iraqi seed production fell by 0.82%.

Today's turnover increased to 1.44 billion shares compared with 986.7 million shares traded Thursday session, trading value rose to 813.8 million dinars 587.1 million on Thursday.

larrykn says(10:04 AM):

why are they on a losing streak?

Elane says(10:15 AM):

I dont understand what that article is telling us... can someone of experience explain please?

larrykn says to Elane(10:16 AM):

gm :)

Elane says to larrykn(10:17 AM):

Morning my friend!

Elane says to larrykn(10:17 AM):

Iraq index paid banks to retreat?

larrykn says to Elane(10:18 AM):

yes saw that I was wondering why

Elane says to larrykn(10:20 AM):

Thanks Larry at least I dont feel alone lol

Elane says to larrykn(10:20 AM):

Im asking here and on fb.... 1bobby posted it over there.. so I have my ?s out to the community here.

Elane says to larrykn(10:21 AM):

Lets see who answers... explains... interesting

Elane says to larrykn(10:23 AM):

Ok one answer is banks rise banksfall.... sooooo why is it in the reportable news... if its the norm? Just wondering. Got some horses to take care of... you all be well

Elane says to larrykn(10:24 AM):

Thanks DU and RCookie.... your news is always appreciated... as is everyones offerings.

larrykn says to Elane(10:24 AM):

you too, I think an this is just my option is they are waiting for them to be able to trade international, an they are like in limpo at this time but I might be way off

(10:26 AM)dinarstudent was kicked out by dinarstudent!

Holly1 says(10:29 AM):

Giving the company the financial convertible

7 hrs

Holly1 says(10:29 AM):

Good news for our customers ...

We are pleased to inform all customers (especially foreigners) about the availability of a new service entirely to convert internationally money to more than 25 countries and prices commissions and reduced ensuring fast access without costing bother to wait too long ..

and more features that are unique in all of Western Union # Alfra_alaol : Karbala / kiss of Imam Hussein Street / Shara hotel / featured exchange company and the conversion # Alfra_althani : Karbala / Education Street / nearby Bank of Baghdad / tender company financial convertible

See Translation

larrykn says to Holly1(10:30 AM):

gm an ty :)

Holly1 says(10:31 AM):

Dubairemit Global money transfer .... thats the link they gave (F)

Holly1 says(10:32 AM):

GM... Larry

larrykn says to Holly1(10:33 AM):

so they are going to exchange money with 20 countries with an artifical rate , interesting

diane1 says(10:37 AM):

have not been on here in quite a while so good morning or afternnon to all depending on where you are. how is everyone today

larrykn says to diane1(10:40 AM):

gm , we are still here waiting but things are moving right along

diane1 says(10:41 AM):

dear Lord i hope so, i thought we would be moving on from this popscile stand. some say October because October starts a new fiscal year.. others seem to think we will still be here next year.

hutch says to diane1(10:43 AM):


larrykn says to diane1(10:44 AM):

oct 3 is the islamic new year their fiscal year start on Jan 1, this could happen anytime it doesn't have to be a 1st of the month or the begining of the fiscal year, its when they are ready

diane1 says(10:44 AM):

no i have not been busy with BIG CAT SANCUTUARY

diane1 says(10:46 AM):

been reading when ever i can it seems to be close, to me IRAQ can do this while we are sleeping that would b nice .

SRW says(10:46 AM):

My take on the questions asked of these two articles. This is exactly what Rcookie, Mr. White and Daytrader were discussing on the call the other night. They talked specifically about both in a lengthy conversation. IMO

hutch says to diane1(10:47 AM):


larrykn says to hutch(10:47 AM):


diane1 says(10:51 AM):

usually i go to dinarguru sight or highlights, or dinar recaps. i have the pleasure of playing with very large tigers lions and cougars etc and other wildlife ... sometimes i find myself on dinar news and information. as well.. i have been watching this investment for the past 9 years and i have seen what a difference between then and now Iraq has come a long way. i have never given up on the faith of this investment.

diane1 says(10:52 AM):

please excuse me since i have not been on in quite a while, have not heard or have seen any of postings from Poppy is he alright.

larrykn says(10:52 AM):

he has left this site

diane1 says(10:53 AM):

thank you

larrykn says(10:53 AM):


SRW says to diane1(10:55 AM):

There is no other site that has the researchers and knowledge that DU has. The facts and insight is right here everyday. Going to other sites just makes things more confusing and frustrating! The later especially!! IMO

hutch says to SRW(10:56 AM):


dale says to BGG(10:58 AM):

SRW :Amen

dale says(10:59 AM):

SRW : Amen

Holly1 says(11:02 AM):


7 hrs ·

Holly1 says(11:02 AM):

House finished reading the four bills. In the Kurdistan region staff and accruals peasants salaries discussed for the years 2014 - 2015. The completion of heroic According to a statement the Department of Information of the Council, the Parliament Speaker Salim al - Jubouri , was, at the beginning of the meeting which was attended by 217 deputies, on Saturday, the appreciation Mahls Per efforts in the liberation of Sharqat city process , congratulating the Iraqi people in this heroic feat. Jubouri , who called the Committee on Women, Family and Children to expedite the completion of the special protection of children and the pain bills Women, stressed that the

Holly1 says(11:03 AM):

crime of rape is not covered by the amnesty law contrary to what has been promoted, pointing out that the House of Representatives supported for such crimes punishment. The Presidency has decided to postpone the vote on the draft law on public holidays submitted by the committees of Awqaf and Religious Culture, Media and legal for "lack of readiness of the bill" affairs, according to the opinion of the relevant committee. Kurdistan salaries of the staff of the Council discussed the repercussions of not paying salaries to

Holly1 says(11:03 AM):

staff Region of Kurdistan at the request of the Attorney Hoshyar Abdullah. The MP pointed out that the applicant's staff the region since 2014 have not been paid or received half their salaries in a few times, which reflected badly on the situation in the region, noting the existence of a continuous migration of the competencies of the region and fears of a disruption of the study and the provision of health services. And on the subject, the President of the legislature face referral of some of the recommendations to the relevant committees with the assignment of other recommendations form queries as

Holly1 says(11:04 AM):

well as the formation of a parliamentary committee to investigate the financial status of the staff of the province of Kurdistan, headed by one of the members of the Presidency, to be present the results of the investigation within a month to the House of Representatives in conjunction with the draft law the federal budget. The Council discussed the issue of payment of dues of farmers and peasants for the years 2014 - 2015 and the subject of the percentage amounts of grain received from the peasants of the Kurdistan region at the request of Rep. Najiba Najib. In this regard, al-Jubouri called

Holly1 says(11:05 AM):

Finance and Agriculture Committees to hold a joint meeting to find recommendations concerning the settlement of dues in arrears of farmers for the purpose of voting on it in close session. Read the laws and postponed the Presidency of the Council read the report and discuss the draft accession of the Republic of Iraq to the Second Protocol to the Hague Convention for the private 1954 Protection of Cultural Property Law in the event of armed conflict and submitted by the committees Foreign Affairs, Culture and Information and Tourism and Antiquities relations to a future meeting at the request of the competent committees, while the completed

Holly1 says(11:05 AM):

board read the report and discuss the draft law on ratification transfer of sentenced persons between the Government of the Republic of Iraq and the Government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and submitted by the committees Foreign financial and legal relations Convention on the Law, and report and discuss the draft of the Iraqi Syndicate academics and submitted by the committees of Higher Education and scientific research, and legal, civil and financial community law. Also yesterday, the House of Representatives finished reading the report and discuss the draft of the Iraqi Atomic Energy Commission Act and submitted

Holly1 says(11:06 AM):

by the committees on oil and energy, legal and higher education and scientific and financial research, as well as an end to the first reading of a bill to protect witnesses, experts and whistleblowers, victims and submitted by the Committee on Security and Defense Act.


Holly1 says(11:06 AM):


SRW says to dale(11:06 AM):

When I started this I was reading all the different sites. Oh Boy, was I confused!! I would say, What the xxxx are they talking about. I found DU and I keep my computer just on this site. Its the only site that states specific articles and commentary by fact. Want the news and facts to understand? It is right here!! IMO

(11:07 AM).MOD.DIGIman1.copy changed nickname to .MOD.DIGIman1!

Holly1 says(11:09 AM):

Abeche today Dollar Iraqi Dinar

6 hrs

Holly1 says(11:10 AM):

Shut down the exchange rate of the day Sunday, 25.9


BAGHDAD - Stock struggle


Holly1 says(11:10 AM):

Crescent and steps of ownership

P idea Haji shown you what previously Operated dollar b nineties got the paper $ 100 to 340 000 dinars before agreeing to a memorandum of understanding

Holly1 says(11:11 AM):

Abeche today Dollar Iraqi Dinar

The highest number reached the God of the dollar in 1995 , before the oil - for - food agreement is 3000 means the paper 300 and after agreeing the dollar collapsed and went down to 480 means the paper b 48,000 I'm Old career in banking, if you want to enumerate Elk brother names of people who were Qtam hands Year 94 because it was dealing in dollars foreclosed

Holly1 says(11:11 AM):

Hassanein Hassanein Mobile

Hajji not supposed to respond to stronger .... entry of the Americans arrived in 5000 ... hehehehe Bs forgot quickly

Holly1 says(11:11 AM):

Riaz Bilal Ardy

Opening Offers sale and purchase of foreign currency daily window in the Central Bank of Iraq on Sunday for a brief summary 09.25.2016 and the results were as follows: details of the observations

Holly1 says(11:12 AM):

27 the number of banks number 15 remittance companies price the foundation on which the successful bidder , selling dinar / US $ 1182 price at which the successful bidder Hraoua dinars / USD ----- amount sold by the bank at the auction - to $ 114,221,577 the amount purchased by the bank at auction - USD ----- Total Offers to buy - of $ 114 221 577 Total sell Offers - dollars ----

Holly1 says(11:12 AM):

DrAmmar Quaba

Brothers, no one expects the descent in the dollar in the near term, requested light may occur, but the way the rise (debt increased and the war is expensive and reconstruction is expensive) and we are every day in the affair, and we call upon the Mighty God Almighty to relieve us, he's on everything Kadeer

Holly1 says(11:13 AM):

Saad Alsaad

Remember to follow-comment pain tell you and God Hai game will be the rise. Did not I tell you at the time of exchange favorable price and has to let the criticism converts dollars. So I told you God, I certify that I reached. Peace, mercy and blessings of God

Holly1 says(11:13 AM):

Ahmed Maky

It seems to be half the dues of farmers Exchange has impacted the presentation of the Iraqi currency market

Holly1 says(11:15 AM):

Sabah Al Noor

God , your words of Haggai went quite Haji wasted money and earned the fall of the Iraqi dinar for the sake of religion and doctrine and Wu

Holly1 says(11:16 AM):

Sabah Al Noor

A rising dollar and the country Khrban and based on the text of the country and Stowe

Holly1 says(11:17 AM):

Sabah Al Noor

A study carried out by one of the researchers in the field of economic religion Summary Search says that if the debt owners walked away from the dollar will become Alsok 1220

Holly1 says(11:17 AM):

Abeche today Dollar Iraqi Dinar

After the global economic crisis in 2008 , many countries began studying change their systems of capitalism and socialism to the Islamic banking system and indeed Britain already begun implementing some of what came in the Islamic economy because it is the best solution Valaab Palmtstren dressed in religion and not the religion itself

BGG says(11:18 AM):

Getting your News from Dinar Guru and DR - (and the like) - is about like trying to learn to Day Trade by reading DC Comics. Good Luck!!

Holly1 says(11:18 AM):


Continue to Part 3 | Link to Part 1



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