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Monday, September 5, 2016

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log for Sunday 9/4/16 - Part 7

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log

Part 7 - Featuring BGG & rcookie

Soonergirlie says(9:42 PM):

I think Maliki is their ultimate goal, yes, knocking off the bad players one by one (y)

JETSET says to coco1(9:43 PM):

no - just chit chatting

coco1 says(9:44 PM):

oh good, a friend of mine just emailed me something posted on the CBI, trying to make sense of it.

coco1 says(9:46 PM):

CBI decided to cancel the Auction No. C153 for period 91 days which is supposed to be held in 16/8/2016, because the system refused all bids which were submitted by participants.

coco1 says(9:47 PM):

If you go to the CBI website and click on the Auctions link, you will see it posted at the top.

coco1 says(9:48 PM):

Why could they cancel one auction for 90 days? Very curious.

(9:50 PM)BUCK was kicked out by BUCK!

BGG says to coco1(9:51 PM):

Lord NO!!

BGG says to coco1(9:51 PM):


ol lar says to coco1(9:52 PM):

Not sure but I they canceled the one aution on 8/16 because a problem of the system, and the 91 days is the term of the auction like yeilds or something , like I said I am not sure

coco1 says(9:53 PM):

normally dont they just cancel an auction and then they have one a day or so later?

ol lar says to coco1(9:56 PM):

I think the 91 days thing is what is throwing us off

ol lar says to coco1(9:56 PM):


Securities Offered Discount

Total Offering 200,000,000,000.000

Total Public Bidding 281,500,000,000.000

Pricing Multiple

Term of Security (days) 91

Settlement Date 09-12-2015

Maturity Date 09-03-2016

Competitive Bidders 7

Winning Bidder 6

Total Valid Competitive Bids 281,500,000,000.000

Total competitive Bids Awarded 200,010,000,000.000

Range of Yields for Valid Competitive Bids [4.00%-5.50%]

Cutoff Yield (%) 4.40

Average Competitive Yield 4.29

Bids Received as % of Amount Offered 140.75

coco1 says(9:57 PM):


BGG says to coco1(9:57 PM):

That is a CBI Auction...

ol lar says to coco1(9:57 PM):

under term of security it says 91 days

BGG says to coco1(9:57 PM):

not their normal, daily, currency auction.

coco1 says(9:58 PM):

ah, I see that now!

coco1 says(10:00 PM):

thanks clarifying!!

BGG says to coco1(10:05 PM):

though it is not impossible there is some significance...

coco1 says(10:09 PM):

do you have any idea what these CBI auctions are used for? the only ones I hear of are the daily currency auctions.

coco1 says(10:14 PM):

just heard from the same friend again, saying these are bond auctions. but still, like BGG says, could be of some significance.

Dr Dave says(10:15 PM):

200 trillion?

coco1 says(10:16 PM):

from 2015

Dr Dave says(10:17 PM):

did I count my zeros?

coco1 says(10:18 PM):

yes, but i think you missed the decimal point, I just double checked, I believe its billions.

Dr Dave says(10:19 PM):


coco1 says(10:19 PM):

remember when they tried selling bonds last year and nobody would touch them?

jeffusa says(10:29 PM):


JETSET says to jeffusa(10:30 PM):

sup, sup

coco1 says(10:37 PM):

did you see where the US announced Iraq is ready for WTO accession?

Canucklady says(10:42 PM):

Subby you sounded great on the call, so glad I could hear you

JETSET says to jeffusa(10:43 PM):

good win for texas!

jeffusa says(10:43 PM):


subgirl says to Canucklady(10:44 PM):

awwe thank you :) Canucklady :)

jeffusa says to subgirl(10:45 PM):

excuse me...... water?

woodywoodpecker says(10:47 PM):

huge win

subgirl says to jeffusa(10:54 PM):

only 4 today!!!

subgirl says to jeffusa(10:54 PM):

tough day for me

jeffusa says to subgirl(10:55 PM):

excuses..... makes me wonder how you did since Tuesday

subgirl says to jeffusa(10:55 PM):

I got about 5-6 during the week!

jeffusa says to subgirl(10:56 PM):


subgirl says to jeffusa(10:56 PM):


subgirl says to jeffusa(10:57 PM):

I am chugging now!!

jeffusa says to subgirl(10:57 PM):

good thing I'm back

subgirl says to jeffusa(10:57 PM):

yep lol

subgirl says to jeffusa(10:59 PM):

I have a calendar up on my wall that has a picture of the beach and water with 2 empty chairs sitting on the beach! just cant wait lol

subgirl says to jeffusa(11:00 PM):

everytime I see that picture I smile !!! lol

lee4 says(11:26 PM):

TY Ladies !!! GN

subgirl says(11:28 PM):

yvw :) lee4 :) and GN from sheila and I !!!! Happy Labor Day!!!

tarrog1 says(11:42 PM):

good afternoon

subgirl says to tarrog1(11:43 PM):

hey tarrog :)

tarrog1 says(11:43 PM):

hi subby

subgirl says to tarrog1(11:44 PM):

how are you ? have not talked to you in a while?

tarrog1 says(11:44 PM):

im fine thanks

subgirl says to tarrog1(11:44 PM):

good deal! how is work going?

tarrog1 says(11:44 PM):

yea i aint been in too often

tarrog1 says(11:44 PM):

i was sick a couple of weeks ago

tarrog1 says(11:44 PM):

had a flu virus

subgirl says to tarrog1(11:45 PM):

well bummer, hope you are better?

tarrog1 says(11:45 PM):

still coughing a bit but im ok

subgirl says to tarrog1(11:45 PM):

that is good you are better...

subgirl says to tarrog1(11:45 PM):

been alot of news. have you been reading?

tarrog1 says(11:46 PM):

plus i dont come in much because i really tey not to think about it.

tarrog1 says(11:46 PM):


subgirl says to tarrog1(11:47 PM):

oh I see... well you can read the chatlogs... lots of great stuff in there. and there are the calls too :)

tarrog1 says(11:48 PM):

i realize iraq are getting alot of things done and thats good. But i get a bit tired of hearing they are gonna do this and gonna do that. Looking to do this and looking to do that. The only word im really interested in is "done"

subgirl says to tarrog1(11:49 PM):

well there is alot done already... rcookie brot in a lot of news about what they have done and are about to get all done...

tarrog1 says(11:49 PM):

i find myself after 5 years of this investment is getting a little over anxious

tarrog1 says(11:50 PM):

i know they are getting things done and i do listen to the calls.

RickeyT says to tarrog1(11:50 PM):

they are making pro-gress....

tarrog1 says(11:50 PM):

but i simply try not to get my mind too tangled up in it. What will be will be

RickeyT says to tarrog1(11:51 PM):

7 for me

subgirl says to tarrog1(11:51 PM):

I will give you a link and you go read it soon ok?

subgirl says to tarrog1(11:51 PM):


subgirl says to tarrog1(11:52 PM):

that is a great link scroll down a bit and you will be amazed!

subgirl says to tarrog1(11:52 PM):

I guarentee you!

tarrog1 says(11:52 PM):

some people get themselves depressed over the whole thing. I refuse to let that happen to me. My health is worth far more to me than that

subgirl says to tarrog1(11:52 PM):

rcookie says(4:15 PM):

Abadi Office gives in detail: the government completed 92% of its reforms

tarrog1 says(11:53 PM):

i know a revaluation is inevitable

subgirl says to tarrog1(11:53 PM):

well I for one am so excited about the news! :)

tarrog1 says(11:53 PM):

or they would bother with all the changes

subgirl says to tarrog1(11:53 PM):

yep it is and we can read it and know for sure this WILL happen!

subgirl says to tarrog1(11:53 PM):

whenever you are ready to read it ok? :)

subgirl says to tarrog1(11:55 PM):

WOW! 5 min. left of the site...

tarrog1 says(11:55 PM):

but everything is out of our control. We are only observers. But in saying that there are alot of people who put alot of time in to bring us the info. I would like to thank them

subgirl says to tarrog1(11:55 PM):


subgirl says to tarrog1(11:56 PM):

yes there are a lot of people in here who give of their time and studies to bring us updated news/facts/truth! that we can read and know for sure...

subgirl says to tarrog1(11:56 PM):

not opinions, but truth/facts...

tarrog1 says(11:56 PM):

and you got a pretty hot voice subby...amen to that

tarrog1 says(11:58 PM):

to be honest i dont do alot of reading because i can take things the wrong way. The calls are enough for me. Theres no misunderstandings with the calls

subgirl says to tarrog1(11:59 PM):

well glad you are listening to the calls!!! :)

subgirl says to tarrog1(11:59 PM):

aren't they great?

jeffusa says to subgirl(11:59 PM):

last word

subgirl says to jeffusa(11:59 PM):

hey there :)

tarrog1 says(11:59 PM):

the calls pretty much cover everything

jeffusa says to subgirl(11:59 PM):


subgirl says to tarrog1(11:59 PM):

yes they do

subgirl says to jeffusa(11:59 PM):


tarrog1 says(12:00 AM):

Good night

End of Sunday's Chat Log
 | Link to Part 1



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