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Monday, September 5, 2016

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log for Sunday 9/4/16 - Part 6

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log

Part 6 - Featuring rcookie & BGG

(3:28 PM)redalert was kicked out by redalert!

subgirl says to rcookie(3:41 PM):

here is an awesome article in the chatlogs this morning...

subgirl says to rcookie(3:41 PM):

rcookie says(6:42 AM):

Central Bank: The government is facing a shortage of Iraqi dinars on the market

logo republic

Central Bank: The government is facing a shortage of Iraqi dinars on the market

Sun, 04 Sep 2016 10:51:24

# Algmehorah_uz

The Central Bank of the province on the Keywords day, that the fiscal policy of the Iraqi government in general is facing a shortage of Iraqi dinars on the local market, pointing out that the Ministry of Finance is selling 80% of dollar revenues to the central bank and then the latter to sell hard Eulma market gets to the Iraqi dinar .

Keywords and said L / Republic News / "There is a hard currency exit out of Iraq because of the security and economic conditions experienced by the country, pointing out that the central bank gives the spearhead of the individual to act in the funds, whether the currency conversion abroad for reasons to travel or invest outside of Iraq."

And that "the Iraqi dinar is an internal expenses, government contracts and its imports are considered hard currency, pointing out that" fiscal policy of the Iraqi government in general is facing a shortage of Iraqi dinars in the local market. "

And that "the Ministry of Finance get foreign exchange earnings increased by 100%, pointing out that the financial sell 80% of foreign currency to the central bank to be put up in the market to sell and get the Iraqi dinar is then cashed in the local market to be traded in terms of the payment of staff salaries ".

He pointed out that "the occurrence of financial crimes and thefts for some banks pay the central bank to intensify actions on the banks to protect the capital, stressing that the central

subgirl says to rcookie(3:41 PM):

He pointed out that "the occurrence of financial crimes and thefts for some banks pay the central bank to intensify actions on the banks to protect the capital, stressing that the central bank has no any auction for the sale of hard currency in the whole of Iraq."

subgirl says to rcookie(3:42 PM):

rcookie says(6:45 AM):


larrykn says(6:49 AM):

Read More :http://www.dinarupdates.com/showthre...ptember-4-2016

subgirl says to rcookie(3:43 PM):


subgirl says to rcookie(3:43 PM):

Great Article!

subgirl says to rcookie(3:43 PM):


subgirl says to rcookie(3:45 PM):

(y)(y) rcookie says(7:44 AM):



rcookie says(7:44 AM):


Read More :http://www.dinarupdates.com/showthre...ptember-4-2016

subgirl says to rcookie(3:46 PM):




subgirl says(3:58 PM):

OH my goodness another country ready to come in with their investments!!!

(3:58 PM)john09 was kicked out by john09!

subgirl says(3:58 PM):

rcookie says(9:36 AM):

Upper threshold plans to open hospitals, malls and building partnership with India

History Tahrir:: 2016/9/3 20:29 • 237 times mqrw’h

Upper threshold plans to open hospitals, malls and building partnership with India

{Najaf: Euphrates News} examined the upper threshold of the Holy with the Indian ambassador in Iraq, George Raju and his accompanying delegation, to open specialized medical hospitals in Najaf with ways to implement the construction of large malls in Najaf projects to be jointly between the threshold and the Indian side under the auspices of the province of Najaf. "

A member of the Board of Directors responsible investment profile Ali Sadiq said in a statement the agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of it today that " the invitation of the Indian ambassador and a group of traders and business representatives from the Confederation of Indian Industry where they discussed ways of joint cooperation for the purpose of opening the prospects for trade cooperation between the investment Holy threshold and the Indian side through the opening of a permanent exhibition and factories in the area of tourism and services. "

subgirl says(3:59 PM):

I can not even name ALL the countries that want to come in and help out Iraq!!!

subgirl says(3:59 PM):

He added that" India a developed country in the field of industries in general and medical industries exclusively been discussing opening a specialized medical hospitals in Najaf with ways to implement the construction of large malls in Najaf projects to be jointly threshold and the Indian side under the auspices of the province of Najaf. "

for his part, Raju according to the statement , " I am happy to be back again to Najaf and my visit is the fourth to the upper threshold of the Holy, and we have a great desire to return economic relations between India and Iraq momentum and strength that stretches for six thousand years and we are ready to support Iraq in all education, science and reconstruction and construction, health and hospitals and investment fields. "

on cooperation with the Holy threshold" We know that the holy threshold has various projects in the interest and serve the citizens and visitors and we want to participate in these projects, and we discussed with officials in the threshold how to develop swimming and health sectors and the opening of permanent and reconstruction projects, housing and commercial center, and officials expressed in the threshold welcomed Indian expertise and we are fully prepared and Hamas to go and work with the sacred threshold. "

He continued , " We have proposed to the Council of the threshold management to implement alternative energy {solar projects} and the introduction of modern technology in the management of joints holy threshold director of the Federation of industries of Indian chambers of Commerce Haridas Bancirda, was welcomed by a member of the board of Directors visited a specialist delegation from India to the sacred threshold to discuss activating cooperation frameworks ".anthy

subgirl says(4:00 PM):

the title says a lot: Upper threshold plans to open hospitals, malls and building partnership with India

subgirl says(4:01 PM):


(4:14 PM)morris was kicked out by morris!

(4:34 PM)bashley4 was kicked out by bashley4!

Baxter says(4:58 PM):

Subby...you here?

subgirl says to Baxter(5:00 PM):

yep :) how areyou?

Baxter says(5:00 PM):

Hey....Im fine... for the last couple of days... everytime I come in...and have to x out the sounds... I have never had to do that before

subgirl says to Baxter(5:01 PM):


Baxter says(5:01 PM):


subgirl says to Baxter(5:01 PM):

I turn off the sounds almost everyday lol

Baxter says(5:01 PM):


subgirl says to Baxter(5:01 PM):

so maybe you have the whole computer turned down then

subgirl says to Baxter(5:01 PM):

not just the sound from this room...?

Baxter says(5:01 PM):

No.. I dont... the other day.. it asked me for my nick and password..and ever since this has happened

subgirl says to Baxter(5:02 PM):

hmm... not sure what is happening?

Baxter says(5:02 PM):

Ok... its probably on this end..

subgirl says to Baxter(5:02 PM):

could be...??

subgirl says to Baxter(5:02 PM):

what is a nick?

Baxter says(5:02 PM):


subgirl says to Baxter(5:03 PM):

oh ok, your name...

subgirl says to Baxter(5:03 PM):

not sure why it would ask you for that tho?

Baxter says(5:03 PM):

I dont either.... thx... BBL

subgirl says(5:03 PM):

ok cya

VelmaF41 says to subgirl(5:52 PM):

Nice to hear you on the call the other night Subby. Nice to have a voice to put with a name.

subgirl says to VelmaF41(5:52 PM):

awwee thank you :) it was so much fun lol

subgirl says to VelmaF41(5:53 PM):

I was pretty excited to talk, and rcookie/hutch/mr white were awesome and I sure enjoyed the call and all the news they bring in!! WOW! :)

subgirl says to VelmaF41(5:54 PM):

there is much news it is so wild! I have to hear the call several times to get it all...

(5:59 PM)popeye7 was kicked out by popeye7!

Canucklady says to Baxter(6:01 PM):

I have to turn off sounds everytime I go into this room too, not a big deal so used to doing it now

subgirl says to Canucklady(6:01 PM):

I do too. I turn it off everyday too..

(6:02 PM)bunker54 was kicked out by bunker54!

kalis says(6:06 PM):

it is funny from all these dinar guru sites.I had nothing to do so i started looking at some today .. you from now to dec 2016 spring of 2017 and even 2018 when this happening ..I guess none read the real news to give you a road map .lol

Baxter says(6:06 PM):

Ok thx... I just never had to turn it off every time before... dont know why it started...

Baxter says(6:07 PM):

Kalis.... does the road map say... WHEN :)

kalis says(6:08 PM):

no but these date they give are all over the place .

Baxter says(6:08 PM):

they sure are... cause no one knows...

(6:09 PM)john09 was kicked out by john09!

BGG says to Baxter(6:09 PM):

That issue is your computer. For some reason you've erased cookies or cache - could be a "saved setting" has been changed.

Baxter says(6:09 PM):

Ok.. thx BGG... if I shut puter down... and come back..would that help

Baxter says(6:10 PM):

well.. I did shut it down last night though...

kalis says(6:13 PM):

i think when the dinar hits I think i will move naples or fort myers for the winter and summer in the finger lakes in new york or nothern Mich . Is that ok with you all ?

Baxter says(6:14 PM):

Kalis....good luck..

BGG says to kalis(6:15 PM):

No. Michigan is nice. You might run across me in the summer :D

kalis says(6:15 PM):


kalis says(6:15 PM):

love it there

BGG says(6:16 PM):

BBIAB - talk some News over when I get back...

Baxter says(6:17 PM):

Ok..thx BGG

kalis says(6:17 PM):

cool BGG

cricket22 says(6:21 PM):

Hello everyone! :)

(6:22 PM)bashley4 was kicked out by bashley4!

cricket22 says to BGG(6:22 PM):

Really?.. I'd love to meet you and Mrs. BGG when you're coming through... I can make you both a nive dinner. I am real close to I-75. :)

cricket22 says to BGG(6:23 PM):


cricket22 says to BGG(6:24 PM):

Or, we can meet somewhere for dinner. Either way would be nice. :)

cricket22 says(6:27 PM):

Anyone home?? ({)

Baxter says(6:27 PM):

:) Just little ol me..

cricket22 says to Baxter(6:27 PM):

Aww... Hi Baxter! :)

Baxter says(6:27 PM):

BGG is coming back in a bit... hang around

cricket22 says to Baxter(6:28 PM):

How are you doing?

Baxter says(6:28 PM):

Fine thx

cricket22 says to Baxter(6:28 PM):

Oh ok, cool! :)

Baxter says(6:28 PM):

Do you live near Detroit Crickett

cricket22 says to Baxter(6:29 PM):

No, I live near Flint area. On the outskirts of Flint.

Baxter says(6:29 PM):


jonhenry says(6:32 PM):

Just moved to the UP, love it up there

cricket22 says to jonhenry(6:35 PM):

Oh yes! It is very beautiful up there. We took canoes across the Lake Superior to camp on an island with the Boy Scouts. We had a great time even though we got poured rain on in the night and we had to dry our clothes by the campfire. Funny thing is I just came across that picture this morning.. LOL

cricket22 says to jonhenry(6:37 PM):

We hiked 10 miles up in Camp Hiawatha area and saw the Pictures Rocks. It's just so beautiful.. There's so much more to see and do up there too. ..BRB

jonhenry says(6:39 PM):

great area around the pictured rocks for sure

jonhenry says(6:39 PM):

I used to live just south of there about 25 miles

kalis says(6:40 PM):

jonhenry what part

jonhenry says(6:42 PM):

north of escanaba

(6:42 PM)john09 was kicked out by john09!

jonhenry says(6:42 PM):

you know the area?

kalis says(6:43 PM):


kalis says(6:44 PM):

great fishing up there

jonhenry says(6:44 PM):

you bet, hunting as well

kalis says(6:46 PM):

Walleye Madness Guide Service

kalis says(6:46 PM):

great time

jonhenry says(6:50 PM):

I'll have to take a look, I usually just go get lost in the woods for days and enjoy whatever comes along

(6:50 PM)dagger was kicked out by dagger!

(6:54 PM)*.MOD.magnetlady changed nickname to *.MOD.magnetlady.COPY!

magnetlady says(6:54 PM):

OK Subby can you copy once more?

subgirl says to magnetlady(6:57 PM):

ok thanks

(6:57 PM)nick was kicked out by nick!

larrykn says(6:59 PM):

ge everyone :)

subgirl says to magnetlady(7:00 PM):

thank you mags :) BGG might come in and do a bit of News tonight he said...

subgirl says to larrykn(7:00 PM):

GE :)

larrykn says to subgirl(7:00 PM):

hi subby

(7:00 PM)subgirlcopy changed nickname to subgirl!

magnetlady says(7:00 PM):

Yes I saw that subby

subgirl says to larrykn(7:00 PM):

how are you??

magnetlady says(7:00 PM):

Evening larry

larrykn says to subgirl(7:00 PM):

has a busy day but doing good now

larrykn says to magnetlady(7:00 PM):

hi Mags

larrykn says(7:01 PM):

news looking good :)

larrykn says(7:01 PM):

just read the chatlog wow

subgirl says to larrykn(7:01 PM):

yes it is!!!

(7:02 PM)john09 was kicked out by john09!

jtank says(7:03 PM):

Maggs - hey gurl

magnetlady says(7:03 PM):

Hey jtank

magnetlady says(7:03 PM):

How you been.

jtank says(7:04 PM):

been good thx

jtank says(7:04 PM):

getting ready for the bells at church huh

magnetlady says(7:05 PM):

What time is it where you are.

jtank says(7:05 PM):

u do thanksgiving and Christmas--7

magnetlady says(7:06 PM):


magnetlady says(7:06 PM):

Do I do Thanksgivin an Christmas?

magnetlady says(7:06 PM):


jtank says(7:06 PM):

yes - bells

magnetlady says(7:06 PM):

sometimes we play bells at holidays.

jtank says(7:07 PM):

other night u mentioned

magnetlady says(7:07 PM):

Yes I have been playing bells for about 3 or so years now. Love it.

jtank says(7:07 PM):

went to chinese church - bells too

magnetlady says(7:07 PM):

When we played last week, we saw the music the day prior. UGH then early church so we had to be there to practice again on Sunday at 8:45

jtank says(7:08 PM):

bet u were great!

magnetlady says(7:08 PM):

Always loved hearing them and wanted to learn, but never had the opportunity.

magnetlady says(7:09 PM):

We did OK. Music has always been a part of my life and it will continue to be. We start Choir Practice this week again on Wednesday nights. So I wont be home until around 8:30 in the evening after practice.

magnetlady says(7:09 PM):

We have the month of August off of choir singing and solos and others take over doing music for church.

magnetlady says(7:10 PM):

We have a lot of talent at our church. instrumental and vocal and bells

woodywoodpecker says(7:25 PM):


magnetlady says(7:25 PM):

Yes we are still here woody

woodywoodpecker says(7:26 PM):


(7:27 PM)bashley4 was kicked out by bashley4!

(7:55 PM)cobalt was kicked out by cobalt!

JETSET says(8:02 PM):

hey, hey, hey!

(8:05 PM)nick was kicked out by nick!

magnetlady says(8:06 PM):

hey hey hey, what's up Jet

magnetlady says(8:08 PM):

Good to see you this evening

JETSET says to magnetlady(8:10 PM):

not too much, how are you doing?

(8:11 PM)BUCK was kicked out by BUCK!

BGG says(8:14 PM):

Whew - Ok - I'm back.

magnetlady says(8:14 PM):

Doing OK, Kind of slow this evening again in here. BGG said he may be back in later to do some news, but hasn't been yet.

magnetlady says(8:14 PM):

Perhaps he got tied up on phone call or something.

BGG says to magnetlady(8:14 PM):

Never fear - BGG is here :D

magnetlady says(8:14 PM):

There you are. I didn't see you

BGG says to magnetlady(8:14 PM):

sorry - pretty corny..

magnetlady says(8:15 PM):

Have to pick up daughter?

BGG says to magnetlady(8:15 PM):

I'll pop back and forth while I do THE BLOG and stuff for the day.

BGG says to magnetlady(8:15 PM):

had a long one so far...

JETSET says to BGG(8:15 PM):

we just need a super hero emoji! (lol)

magnetlady says(8:15 PM):

There ya go Jetset

BGG says(8:15 PM):

P.S. Have a VERY happy Labor Day weekend everyone!!

BGG says(8:15 PM):


magnetlady says(8:16 PM):

I get to spend it at the office. But get overtime pay

JETSET says to BGG(8:17 PM):

labor day = nothing on the agenda for me!!!!

Baxter says(8:18 PM):

I stay home on Holidays.. too many nuts on Florida Roads with no licenses

magnetlady says(8:19 PM):

Evening BAxter

Baxter says(8:19 PM):

Hi Mags..

subgirl says to magnetlady(8:33 PM):

let me know when I can give you a break ok? :)

magnetlady says(8:36 PM):

Its been very slow subby.

magnetlady says(8:36 PM):

But whenever you are ready

subgirl says to magnetlady(8:39 PM):

ok that sounds good! I got it where you left off... It has been prett slow today lol

subgirl says to magnetlady(8:39 PM):

pretty *

magnetlady says(8:39 PM):

OK subby, Thanks

(8:40 PM)*.MOD.magnetlady.COPY changed nickname to *.MOD.magnetlady!

subgirl says to magnetlady(8:40 PM):

your very welcome and thank you too :)

BGG says(8:43 PM):

The secret of freedom lies in educating people, whereas the secret of tyranny is in keeping them ignorant. - Maximilien Robespierre

(8:43 PM)nova was kicked out by nova!

RickeyT says(8:49 PM):

both party's are complicite in the U.S.

JETSET says(8:59 PM):


aminmaine says(9:09 PM):

like that quote

kalis says(9:31 PM):


BGG says(9:35 PM):

Iraqi banker close to al - Maliki escape $ 6.5 billion

BGG says(9:35 PM):

Prosecutors demanded the Iraqi finance minister, Hoshyar Zebari, to disclose the identity of the person who was able to smuggle $ 6.5 billion, and it was pointed out during a press statement. A judiciary spokesman Judge Abdul Sattar Bayraktar said that «Prosecutors formally request» from Finance Minister «to clarify his statements regarding the name of the person mentioned in one of the local media that« about 6.5 billion and a half billion dollars to «his personal account, in order to take action legal right, said Zebari, who face the threat of no-confidence, after questioning in parliament in Mali corrupted files session, channel «Tigris» TV local Iraqi that «only one person about $ 6 billion and 455 million to his personal account in a bank outside the country, but that member Finance Committee in the Iraqi parliament Haitham al-Jubouri revealed the name, stressing that «Hamad Yasser al-Moussawi, the owner Huda Bank Musawi was a candidate for a coalition« rule of law », led by former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, is considered a close associate of Nuri al-Jubouri said«

BGG says(9:36 PM):

We discovered Moussawi file and it has approached the money laundering Office in the Central Bank who wrote the report for the prosecution in March and confirmed the opening of 3 files on suspicion of involvement of bank Rafidain and Rasheed in the case and leads the al-Jubouri, a campaign questioning the Minister of Finance in the corruption files, relating to protection expenses file, and furnishing his home, and rent his secretary amount large, what he considered Zebari as «a political target but Zebari criticized al-Jubouri to about smuggling a large amount, saying the real files, these people where the money went?

Who is responsible for?

He stressed that it «formally documented and why not to take any action and follow-up funds?

It is equal to the budget of the state.

BGG says(9:36 PM):


BGG says(9:37 PM):

I think Maliki is in some real trouble soon... maybe not this deal - maybe not the next... but they are rooting out corruption daily...

BGG says(9:37 PM):

how long before they get to him??

coco1 says(9:40 PM):

Are we in Newstime?

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