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Monday, September 19, 2016

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log for Monday 9/19/16 - Part 3

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log

Part 4 - Featuring BGG

Movack says(12:40 PM):


MrsBGG says to 1bobby(12:43 PM):

Thank you!

MrsBGG says to 1bobby(12:43 PM):

Do you need a break?

MrsBGG says to Movack(12:43 PM):

good afternoon :)

Movack says(12:43 PM):

morning Mrs BGG

1bobby says to MrsBGG(12:44 PM):

I'm good. I think Okiedinar is coming in soon. Thank you for asking

MrsBGG says to 1bobby(12:44 PM):

okay, you are welcome!

MrsBGG says(12:45 PM):

Don’t MISS – “DU NEWS TIME” w/BGG and Co. in the DU CHAT ROOM – Monday 7:30pm EST

jetset says(12:47 PM):


1bobby says(12:49 PM):

Iraq refuses to dictate terms during talks with the IMF, says Abadi

Sep 19, 2016

(IraqiNews.com) Baghdad – Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi announced on Sunday about Iraq’s refusal to “dictate terms” during the talks that took place recently with the International Monetary Fund, noting that the Iraqi delegation presented to the fund a plan to reform the economic system in the country.

Abadi in a news conference in Baghdad attend by Iraqi News, said, “We refuse dictate terms during our discussions with the International Monetary Fund and we put mechanisms and a plan to reform the economic system in Iraq.”

Abadi added that, “The Council of Ministers today approved a Japanese loan to finance a number of projects in the southern provinces,” pointing at the same time that “there is a plan to restore stability and provide services in the liberated areas.”

1bobby says(12:50 PM):

From MadScout

Okie Dinar says to 1bobby(12:54 PM):

GA! Thank you for the news :) Are you ready for a break?

1bobby says to Okie Dinar(12:56 PM):

sureeeeeeeeeeeeeeee You ready?

Okie Dinar says to 1bobby(12:57 PM):

Yes, I have it from your last copy


1bobby says to Okie Dinar(12:57 PM):

sorry was eating a low card Whopper :)

Okie Dinar says to 1bobby(12:57 PM):


Okie Dinar says to 1bobby(12:57 PM):


1bobby says to Okie Dinar(12:57 PM):

ok so i don't need to do a copy?

Okie Dinar says to 1bobby(12:58 PM):

Wow, where can I get one of those?

Okie Dinar says to 1bobby(12:58 PM):

No, you're ok :)

Okie Dinar says to 1bobby(12:58 PM):

Thank you so very much!!!

1bobby says to Okie Dinar(12:58 PM):

U can't. It's a figment of my imagination lol

Okie Dinar says to 1bobby(12:58 PM):


1bobby says to Okie Dinar(12:59 PM):

Ok I'm out. Everyone have a blessed day. C ya tonight at Newstime :)

Okie Dinar says to 1bobby(12:59 PM):

I was going to say that I'm sure Mrs. BGG is proud :)

Okie Dinar says to 1bobby(12:59 PM):

OK, Have fun!

(12:59 PM)alibi was kicked out by alibi!

Okie Dinar says(1:03 PM):

Don’t MISS – “DU NEWS TIME” w/BGG and Co. in the DU CHAT ROOM – Monday 7:30pm EST

(1:19 PM)garygs415 was kicked out by garygs415!

(2:17 PM)clay changed nickname to .VIP.clay!

(2:46 PM)woodywoodpecker was kicked out by woodywoodpecker!

kalis says(3:00 PM):

so there is newstime tonight

Okie Dinar says to kalis(3:01 PM):

Yes :)

DIGIman1 says(3:06 PM):

bgg tonight and cookie tomorrow! cant ask for more! so much news! just luvin it:)

Okie Dinar says to DIGIman1(3:06 PM):

Thank you!! :)

DIGIman1 says(3:06 PM):


clay says to DIGIman1(3:08 PM):


DIGIman1 says to clay(3:08 PM):

(y) :)

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(3:33 PM)dreamway was kicked out by dreamway!

(3:34 PM)dreamway was kicked out by dreamway!

clay says to DIGIman1(3:35 PM):

wow havebt seen julio in a long time (lol)

clay says to DIGIman1(3:36 PM):


DIGIman1 says to clay(3:36 PM):

musta kicked himself one too many times

clay says to DIGIman1(3:36 PM):

thinkin so lol

clay says to DIGIman1(3:37 PM):

last he tried for like 8 weeks

clay says to DIGIman1(3:37 PM):

maybe more

DIGIman1 says to clay(3:38 PM):

his persisitence was admirable....

clay says to DIGIman1(3:42 PM):

I couldnt do it lol

clay says to DIGIman1(3:42 PM):

but yes it is

(3:53 PM)popeye7 was kicked out by popeye7!

Okie Dinar says(3:55 PM):

Don’t MISS – “DU NEWS TIME” w/BGG and Co. in the DU CHAT ROOM – Monday 7:30pm EST

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Holly1 says(4:20 PM):


Holly1 says(4:22 PM):

Facilitate the ratification of the global trade agreement later this year

Holly1 says(4:22 PM):

9/20/2016 0:00

Resulting from the recent top twenty

Beijing / Mtabahabbah

reinforced the Group of Twenty which concluded in Medinhhangcho China summit feeling that the traditional practice in trade and investment development engines can revive it , but fulfilled the obligations in this matter thoroughly, States should take concrete action.

In order to stimulate growth engines , members of the group approved the facilitation of trade by the end of 2016 agreement and pledged to use the new working Group on trade and investment newly created to identify new methods will help stimulate the

Holly1 says(4:23 PM):

growth of world trade and investment promotion policy format.

the Group of twenty is a forum that includes both Australia and the European Union and Argentina Brazil and Saudi Arabia, China, Germany, Mexico and the United Kingdom, India and the United States, Japan, Indonesia, Italy, Turkey, South Africa, Russia, France, Canada and South Korea. During the assembly the two - day leaders of the member states agreed at the Group of Twenty, which represents 80 percent of world trade, to formulate a strategy for the growth of world trade and the guiding principles for

Holly1 says(4:25 PM):

At a time when policies have set the path of progress will not be for them avail if the members of the Group of Twenty has not taken concrete action, Pledges must Tnfz.oukal Liu Qi Chen , an analyst at Zhongyang Institute for fiscal Studies , the people 's University of China: «the direction and path legally set and everything is now on how the states determine how to implement these policies».

Liu pointed out that protectionism will remain a major obstacle, as the paragraphs of the manuals of the Group of twenty is not binding , although many countries have put a priority short - term interests before the wider international economy.

Holly1 says(4:25 PM):

and promote China 's efforts in this regard being the country that holds the rotating presidency of the Group of twenty and the second largest economy in the world.

on the world stage, China and the United States held the eighth round of the twenty - talks Treaty bilateral investment in Beijing last month , with both sides exchanging offers «negative list» new order to achieve the common goal was to establish non - discriminatory , transparent environment and investment environment open through negotiations.

Holly1 says(4:26 PM):

in a further step the government announced the creation of seven new areas of trade Aharh.oukd held the first free trade zone in China in Shanghai in 2013 and set up three other areas in different parts of the country in 2014.

Holly1 says(4:26 PM):


popeye7 says to Holly1(4:27 PM):

Thank you...:)

Holly1 says(4:27 PM):

Economists suspended

Holly1 says to popeye7(4:27 PM):


popeye7 says to Holly1(4:28 PM):


Holly1 says(4:28 PM):

9/20/2016 0:00

Dr.. As Abdul Hadi

two decades ago and in the first lecture of our study Academic economy as allocated by the professors of the definition of the knowledge economy through the explanation of the importance of this science and then be input to clarify the economic importance and the role it plays in society and in an attempt to motivate the students to pay attention to their studies, often the professors will recall that the reason for offering some of the countries due to the realization of economic importance and give him a stature due and market

Holly1 says(4:28 PM):

for example , so that the doctor if sinned kills one person but if sinned engineer , he 's population Building could kill a maximum while the economic mistake can kill an entire people. When we heard this example we take pride Some may bless us two rak'ahs Thanksgiving because of economic stature big role in the advancement of society and improve the situation and this is why many of us are eager to completion of the study to begin to apply what they have learned from the theories on the ground, especially with what was witnessed this fact ( and still , unfortunately) of major disruptions.

the turn was the dreams get bigger as we get throughout the study with the continuing economic approaches cited by the professors was mostly with the medical profession

Holly1 says(4:29 PM):

even show us that our job as a physician is to diagnose the problem first and then find effective solutions Secondly, through tools ranging from tools monetary , financial and other third commercial and other other solutions and keeps each one of these tools positives and negatives and then what is important is the right mix of tools at the right time. 

Holly1 says(4:29 PM):

after the change they are encouraged that takes the economic real role and contribute to the rebuilding and reconstruction , as they said , but the problem persists list, especially with the continuation of addressing economic decisions, and thus is still suffering from the economic trance in the main economic decisions even advice from the door, and Lord means asking : Does that economic sunset in Iraq? Or absent? And personally I think that the other goes down, others are absent , as in all other sciences, but a silver lining as they say, so I wish I could wake up the decision - makers of the cushion of oil after prices collapsed in the past year to take the economic and natural role in the hunt for


Holly1 says(4:30 PM):


Okie Dinar says to Holly1(4:30 PM):

Thank you Holly for the news! :)

Holly1 says(4:31 PM):

Sovereign guarantee the most important investment incentives

Holly1 says to Okie Dinar(4:31 PM):


Holly1 says(4:31 PM):

9/20/2016 0:00

In order to attract international companies specialized

BAGHDAD Hussein Tgb the

private sector continue to provide solutions to overcome the lack of liquidity problems caused by the decline of oil prices in world markets, and work to mitigate the effects of this problem continuously with the submission of proposals is the starting point for the stage of development to come , despite the great challenges.

Economist Abbas Shamara said in an interview with «morning« that economic development requires the creation of human resources skilled can deal with the most

Holly1 says(4:32 PM):

advanced technology in all sectors, pointing out that the recruitment of international experiences in the Iraqi economy , the service has become a requirement for most economists and interested. economic relations Shamara said that Iraq is required to expand foreign economic relations and building bridges of genuine cooperation this basis of mutual benefit with the major industrialized twenty states that represent the largest player for the sectors of industry and the oil in the world, indicating the importance of communication with the regional Ocean and establish new agreements check the economic feasibility of the parties. ensure a sovereign and stressed the importance of the need to go Iraqi government to open individual dialogues with major regional states

Holly1 says(4:33 PM):

to proceed with the signing of bilateral agreements which secure investment and investors and all of their investments in Iraq, and the two governments Almtafqatan provide a sovereign guarantee for any strategic investment in any country so that investors reassured on their investments, stressing the need for the two governments undertake through offices are opened in the countries concerned and through the single - window overcoming any obstacle or any forms, such that the time factor is one of the most important things that must be taken into account. the single window approved within the investment Law No. 13 of 2010, as amended , and the need to do a way that

Holly1 says(4:34 PM):

attracts companies global owns the funds and advanced technology. projects proposed and pointed out that the developed world has the specialized companies in the implementation of certain acts without the other would prefer to build bridges of cooperation with them, noting the importance of the agreement with the company to evaluate the proposed projects that could represent the beginning of the way large and comprehensive development process, that these companies have and the experiences of experience in all countries of the world, as is the agreement with the studies and evaluation company to ensure the guaranteed benefit from the proposed project and be

Holly1 says(4:34 PM):

sober and specialized institution. evolving effort Shamara between Iraq puzzling to choose the companies that fit the reality and really important for the Iraqi economy and needs must open the door of cooperation and partnership with such a sophisticated effort to the benefit of Iraq, pointing to the possibility of communicating with more than 130 company specializing around the world implement projects according to international specifications away from all forms of manipulation and is a project performing a new success to her career and reputation around the world element. step developmental and stressed the need to make efforts to encourage attendance these companies to

jetset says(4:34 PM):

good evening!

Holly1 says(4:35 PM):

Iraq , favorable climate , which has the elements of a magnet for attracting and saving, as well as the need for the equivalent of this trend developmental step comprehensive human resources through higher and vocational training under the supervision of the experiences of an international. among Shamara need to benefit from international funds that Iraq was the owner of the lead-founded and supplying them with money necessary and which supports development programs in human development, and to establish through the preparation is able to manage the training and qualification of local talent process of local expertise accordance with the highest levels.

Holly1 says(4:35 PM):


(4:38 PM)woodtick was kicked out by woodtick!

Okie Dinar says to jetset(4:40 PM):

Hey Jetset!

larrykn says(4:46 PM):

he everyone

larrykn says(4:46 PM):

ge oops lol

Okie Dinar says to larrykn(4:47 PM):

Hey Larry!!

Okie Dinar says to larrykn(4:47 PM):

How is the trip?

larrykn says(4:47 PM):

Hi there

larrykn says(4:47 PM):

it great ty

Okie Dinar says to larrykn(4:48 PM):

I'm glad :)

larrykn says(4:48 PM):

seeing what's up

larrykn says(4:48 PM):

anything good

Okie Dinar says to larrykn(4:51 PM):

I actually haven't read much of the news today... from the couple of articles that I saw, things are looking good :) We have newstime with BGG tonight and Rcookie tomorrow. 4 days in a row of newstime it not to bad to me :)

larrykn says(4:52 PM):

wow sounds great, you can go ahead and rv without me it's ok lol

Okie Dinar says to larrykn(4:53 PM):

LOL. Yes, then you can stay on a vacation :)

larrykn says(4:53 PM):

wwe are off to the ocean tomorrow should get lots of plc

Okie Dinar says to larrykn(4:54 PM):

That's awesome! I love the water! It's so beautiful!

Okie Dinar says to larrykn(4:54 PM):

Just to the beach or renting a boat?

larrykn says(4:54 PM):

yes oregon coast is real nice

woodywoodpecker says(4:55 PM):

larry i am sure u left ur dinar at home so tell me where it is so in case we rv i can bring it to u lol

Okie Dinar says to woodywoodpecker(4:56 PM):


Okie Dinar says to woodywoodpecker(4:56 PM):

I bet you will.

larrykn says(4:56 PM):

I left it in the live fireplace lol

woodywoodpecker says(4:57 PM):

lol see i can fly real fast i can get it to u quick

larrykn says(4:58 PM):

the weight alone from all my dinar would keep you ground lol

woodywoodpecker says(4:58 PM):


larrykn says(4:59 PM):

ok cya all later

Okie Dinar says to larrykn(4:59 PM):


woodywoodpecker says(4:59 PM):

i can take a hint, your not gonna tell me

woodywoodpecker says(5:03 PM):

i was just being nice lol

Okie Dinar says to woodywoodpecker(5:04 PM):


SRW says to woodywoodpecker(5:05 PM):

I have mine in a hawks nest Woody. :D

Okie Dinar says to SRW(5:06 PM):


(5:08 PM)JD1 was kicked out by JD1!

woodywoodpecker says(5:14 PM):


BGG says(5:18 PM):

Hey gang - I'll put this out on Twitter - I had intended to do a News TIme tonite...

jtank says(5:18 PM):


jtank says(5:19 PM):

bgg (y)

BGG says(5:19 PM):

I'm not feeling well. I'm going to lay down and take it easy tonite.

jtank says(5:19 PM):

all good bgg thx

Okie Dinar says to BGG(5:19 PM):

Pray that you feel better!

Okie Dinar says to BGG(5:20 PM):

Thank you for letting us know :)

Dinar Dave says(5:20 PM):

Carb withdrawl

woodywoodpecker says(5:20 PM):

take it easy BGG

BGG says(5:21 PM):

We'll try again tomorrow nite.

BGG says(5:21 PM):


(5:24 PM)kukui was kicked out by kukui!

Elane says(5:28 PM):

Praying you feel better soon BGG

(5:35 PM)patti was kicked out by patti!

(5:45 PM)MrsBGG was kicked out by MrsBGG!

subgirl says to Okie Dinar(5:54 PM):

Good Evening :) can I give you a break? :)

Okie Dinar says to subgirl(5:55 PM):

Good evening! That would be wonderful! Let me copy :)

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