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Monday, September 26, 2016

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log for Monday 9/26/16 - Part 1

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log

Part 1 - Featuring BGG

larrykn says(6:10 AM):

gm everyone :)

larrykn says(6:10 AM):

boy the news is hot an heavy already this morning wow

(6:11 AM)larrykn changed nickname to .MOD.larrykn!

DIGIman1 says(6:11 AM):

gm larry gm bgg :)

ol lar says(6:11 AM):

GM Larry

DIGIman1 says(6:11 AM):

gm ol lar

ol lar says(6:11 AM):

GM Digi

larrykn says to ol lar(6:11 AM):

gm :)

larrykn says to DIGIman1(6:12 AM):

gm :)

ol lar says(6:14 AM):

This feels like the beginning of a week filled with anticipation, and wonder, as to what the news will bring

Ame says to ol lar(6:14 AM):

did U C that Iran is doing credit cards now?

Ame says to ol lar(6:15 AM):

that is an interesting development

ol lar says to Ame(6:16 AM):

yes I did, it is intersesting

larrykn says(6:16 AM):

Justice published a general amnesty law in the Official Gazette and shall take effect

2016/9/26 13:01

[Oan- Baghdad]

The Ministry of Justice, published by the General Amnesty Law, the official newspaper the facts to be effective.

The general director of the facts of Iraq circuit full Amin Hashim in a ministry statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, "The new issue of the Iraqi Gazette number 4417, which included a general amnesty and decrees of the Republic and the statements of the law approved by the House of Representatives and approved by the Presidency of the Republic."

And Hashim added that "a general amnesty number 27 for the year 2016 Act, the highlight came in this issue, pointing out that Article 1 of the law states that a general amnesty includes Iraqis sentenced to death or to a penalty or negative measures of freedom, whether governance and Jahia or in absentia, gained the degree of bits or not acquire, and without prejudice to civil liability or disciplinary or disciplinary, and apply the provisions of this article to the accused all except those who committed any of the offenses set forth in article 4 of this law. "

He noted that "the number included decrees Republic and instructions of use of treated sludge in agriculture No. 1 of 2016, in addition to the establishment of Dhi Qar Oil Company and the General Company Steel Industries, as the number of included data released by the Central Agency for Standardization and quality control."

The House of Representatives passed the approval of the draft general amnesty law in 25 of last August's controversial after a dispute for years upon, especially the paragraph relating to the accused terrorist, where the law pointed to the formation of a judicial committee would be responsible for considering the extent of the possibility of re-trial of the accused to Article 4 / terrorism whether or not the request is not the accused himself.

For his part, criticized Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, Parliament make amendments to the law, especially material related to terrorism and kidnappings.

ol lar says to Ame(6:16 AM):

I still don't trust Iran yet

larrykn says(6:16 AM):

And endorsed President Fuad Masum, on the first of September of this law, but the Council of Ministers feet on the sixth day of the month in which an amendment to the House of Representatives with the exception of terrorism and kidnappings in the general amnesty of crimes, and announced that the Parliamentary Legal Committee recognizes the parliament for amendment.

And issued a Supreme Judicial Council, last Tuesday, an explanation as to why its implementation of the amnesty law before it was published in the Official Gazette, said the official spokesman for the federal judiciary Judge Abdul Sattar Bayraktar said in a statement, that "the Amnesty Law No. 27 of 2016 stipulates that shall be the date approval of the House of Representatives on 25.8.2016. "

Among Bayraktar, he said that "Article 129 of the Constitution stipulates that laws shall be published in the Official Gazette and worked from the date of publication unless the law provides otherwise," noting that "the amnesty law stipulates that implements the law from the date of approval in the 25/8 / 2016 ".

The Department of Justice published a general amnesty law text: -

In the name of the people


Resolution No. 30

Based on what passed the House in accordance with the provisions of subsection [first] article [61] and item [III] of Article 73 of the Constitution.

President of the Republic decided on 09.01.2016

Issued the following law: -

larrykn says(6:17 AM):

No. [27] for the year 2016, the General Amnesty Law:

Article 1 shall be exempt general amnesty for Iraqi sentenced to death or to a penalty or negative measures of freedom, whether governance and Jahia or in absentia, gained a degree of bits or not acquired and without prejudice to civil liability, or punitive or disciplinary.

Article 2 applies the provisions of Article 1 of this law, the defendants all except those who committed any of the offenses set forth in article [4] of the Act, whether taken legal proceedings against them or who did not move a complaint against them, whether their cases in the role in the investigation or the role of the trial and are released than has been captured, including the decision of the committee formed under Article 7 of this law, after acquiring the degree of bits of resolution.

Article 3: required to implement the provisions of article [1] and [2] of the Act waiver complainant or with the victim before the investigating judge or the competent court and pay the resulting owed covered by the provisions of this law financial obligations for the benefit of the state or the people.

Article 4 excluded from the provisions of this law the perpetrators of the following crimes: -

I. crimes stipulated in the Iraqi criminal court code number [10] of 2005 [average] and they shall not apply the provisions stipulated in Article 9 of the provisions of this law.

Second terrorist crime that gave rise to the killing or permanent disability and the crime of subversion of state institutions and the fight against crime Iraqi armed forces and all the terrorist crime committed contributed aids, abets or agreement.

III offenses against the external security of the state and internal stipulated in Articles 156 to 198 of the Penal Code No. 111 of 1969 [average].

IV trafficking offense or crime of possession and use of silenced weapons and explosives and special category weapons.

V. human trafficking crimes and all that falls under the heading [captivity] as Maastalh him when Takfiri terrorist groups.

VI kidnappings that grew up in the death of the kidnapped or anonymity destiny events or permanent disability.

VII crime of smuggling jailed or imprisoned or arrested and the crime of harboring convicted or accused for the excluded in this article that the crime was not convicted or charged with a spouse or close to the first division.

VIII crime of drug trafficking.

larrykn says(6:17 AM):

IX crimes of rape, sodomy and incest.

X. crimes of embezzlement and theft of state funds and deliberately wasting public money is not paid from his trust funds before being released.

Eleventh - smuggling of antiquities crimes.

Twelfth - the crime of money laundering.

Thirteenth - the crime of counterfeiting currency or bank notes or securities and the crime of falsification of official documents, which led to obtain a fake degrees and careers in the staffing state director general and above, taking into account the provisions of Article [3] of the provisions of this law.

Article -5- exempted from the provisions of this law included a general amnesty law No. 19 for the year 2008 or a special pardon.

Article 6 I. Guest or depositor sentence verdict and spent at least a third of the length of sentence replacement request the remainder of the sentence or a fine measure.

Second, the amount of the fine [ten thousand dinars] for each day of the term of imprisonment or confinement or deposit.

III form a committee to consider a replacement requests, headed by [the judge of first class and membership of a representative from each of the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs] that the least degree of general manager for the Commission to use it deems appropriate to help them to do so.

IV offers replacement request to the prison administration or to the repair events where guest or depositor serving a sentence or measure a circle, and the department concerned to refer the request to the committee provided for in item [III] of this term during the period not to exceed [30] thirty days together a report on the biography of replacement student.

V. Committee issue a decision causing accept or reject the application in the case denied the request of the aggrieved to appeal the decision before the Court of Appeal as discriminatory.

VI. If you accept the request for the redemption reimburse the amount of the fine provided for in item [Second] of this article to the Commission at once and tied in a special account opened in one of the state banks for this purpose.

VII does not prejudice the implementation of sanctions replacement ancillary and supplementary and precautionary measures and requests for compensation.

larrykn says(6:18 AM):

VIII cleared for parking or depositor when you make the amount of the fine.

IX provisions of this Article shall apply to items covered by the [Seventh and Eighth and eleventh and thirteenth] article [4] of the provisions of this law.

Article -7-First - The investigative judges and competent courts apply the provisions of this law in cases before them during the [30] thirty days and the injured party of the decision challenged by [30] thirty days from the date of issuance, to the Federal Court of discrimination with regard to crimes of crimes and in court appeal as discriminatory with respect to misdemeanors and infractions crimes.

Second all claims covered by the provisions of this law shows that have gained their decisions become final on the problem in item [Second] of Article 9 of the Act for a decision within a period of no more than [six months].

Third: Any interested party may appeal the decision of the committee formed in item [Second] of this article before the Federal Court of discrimination in respect of criminal offenses and in front of the appeals court as discriminatory with respect to crimes of misdemeanors and infractions during the [30] thirty days from the date of notification of the decision.

IV on the committees formed under this law, notice the depositor has sentenced or detained by the decision issued after the acquisition become final.

V. In the absence of a convicted person or his legal representative asked inclusive amnesty provisions contained in this law, the Iraqi Corrections Department is committed to submitting it to the committees formed under Section [Second] of Article 9 of this law.

Article 8 if committed pardoned under the provisions of this law, intentional felony within five years from the date of the exemption implemented sanctions against him exempt from them and move penal measures against him if he had been relieved by the League in the investigation or trial.

larrykn says(6:18 AM):

Article 9 of the First: convicted of a felony or misdemeanor, including the perpetrators of crimes excluded article [4] of the provisions of this law claimed to extract his confession under duress or taken legal proceedings against him based on testimony confidential informant or recognition of another defendant demand from the committee formed in item [Second ] of this article, check the verdicts of both the formal and objective and demand a retrial for the Commission discretion to do to re-investigate the cases of unforeseen before.

Second formed in the Supreme Judicial Council committee centralized one or more of the three judges of the first class or second to consider the request in accordance with the provisions of subsection [first] of this article and the injured party to appeal the decision issued by the Commission before the Court of Cassation in the decisions and verdicts in criminal within thirty days the date of notification of the decision and before the Court of appeal as discriminatory decisions and verdicts in misdemeanor cases within thirty days from the date of notification decision not implement the Commission's decision until after the acquisition become final.

III committee formed in the heading for the Atbeshr [Second] of this article work only in the presence of a representative of the public prosecutor.

IV problem of the item continue [Second] of this article to receive applications for a year starting from the day following the issuance of regulations and instructions to facilitate the implementation of the provisions of this law would end its committees during the period of two years from the date of issuance of the regulations and instructions.

Article-10- relieved a general amnesty for Iraqi sentenced to death or to a penalty or negative measures of freedom, whether governance and Jahia or in absentia gained a degree of bits or not acquired if the victim or the plaintiff the right profile of the foreign occupying forces up to [2011] to make it clear that doomed crime Iraqis were killed.

Article 11 cut for the purposes of this law, a life sentence to life imprisonment.

Article -12-on security and military authorities and the courts securities suits for detainees and detainees and accused the committees formed under the Display item [Second] of Article 9 of the Act to consider their case for both:

A detainee who has spent more than [3] three months in detention and was not presented to the court.

(B) the accused detainee has not been resolved interrogated more than [18] Eighteen months into his detention.

(C) the defendant referred to the Court his case has not been resolved for more than a year from the date of assignment.

larrykn says(6:18 AM):

Article 13 The provisions of this Act shall apply to crimes falling before its effective date.

Article 14 does not work with any provision contrary to the provisions of this law.

Article - 15-to the Supreme Judicial Council issuing instructions to facilitate the implementation of the provisions of this law.

Article -16- this law is implemented from the date of approval in the House of Representatives on 25.08.2016.

Fuad Masum, President of the Republic

The reasons:

In order to allow those who cover of Iraqis in return for integration into public life and to foster a spirit of tolerance and reform in society, this law was enacted.

larrykn says(6:19 AM):

thats a biggy :)

DIGIman1 says to larrykn(6:19 AM):

:) (y)

ol lar says to Ame(6:21 AM):

Urgent parliament obliging the government 10 days the progress of modifying the 2016 budget law

September 26, 2016 Walter

History of edits:: 09.26.2016 13:48 • 9 visits readable

Parliament would oblige the government a 10-day progress of modifying the 2016 budget law

{Baghdad: Euphrates News} House of Representatives voted at its meeting on Monday on a resolution obliging the government within 10 days of submission of an amendment to the General Budget Law for the year 2016 and to ensure the payment of 50% of the dues of farmers and farmers for 2016, while continuing to complete the remainder of their dues for the years 2014 / 2015..itba


larrykn says(6:21 AM):

Parliament: "Accountability" is exposed to political pressure to withdraw included ablation figures You


Approach to news / A commission of accountability and national reconciliation in the House and there is a lot of favoritism in the Supreme National Commission for Accountability and Justice for Some influential figures as well as the pressure on in order to stop or pull files covered by ablation. He said committee member Yasser al-Husseini's "approach to the news that" the law of accountability can not be approved during the next phase, as we can not end the work of the Commission until after the completion of all files are covered by the accountability and justice. He Husseini lamented having a lot of favoritism by members of the Commission for a number of influential figures in the state in order to withdraw or suspend files to Mojtthein in the former Baath Party, even if they had Tbooo graduate degrees in it, in addition to the pressures on the body for an exception bite figures close to the government. He ruled Husseini acknowledges that the law of accountability and justice during the next phase of the existence of difficulties in passing.

ol lar says to Ame(6:21 AM):

any clue clue as to the meaning of this?

ol lar says to Ame(6:22 AM):

why do the need to modify the 2016 budget

larrykn says to ol lar(6:23 AM):

might have to do with the price of oil so they have to modify their figures

ol lar says(6:23 AM):

sorry meant for anyone

BGG says to ol lar(6:25 AM):

I suspect they have some "house keeping" to get in order at the "behest" of the IMF... I know they have some missing line item things in the 2017 budget they have to get fixed as well... (about 12 billion worth of oil expense - from the sounds of it - IMF "no likey"... )

ol lar says(6:25 AM):

its almost like they are given 10 days to finish up the past three years of budget payments

ol lar says(6:26 AM):

interesting deadline

eman4u55 says(6:28 AM):

good morning y'all

Ame says(6:29 AM):

IMO its to allow for that second set of books to "balance" with a new rate

Continue to Part 2



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