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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log for Friday 9/2/16 - Part 7

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log

Part 7 - Featuring rcookie

cricket22 says to subgirl(6:19 PM):

Hey Subby! I have something for you... :)

Esther says to subgirl(6:20 PM):

Thanks I'll take all that $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

JETSET says to cricket22(6:21 PM):

going well! mid 70's today... chamber of commerce type day!

JETSET says to cricket22(6:22 PM):

saw there was a train / car collision in flushing this afternoon

cricket22 says to JETSET(6:22 PM):

I use to go to those meetings all the time.

cricket22 says to JETSET(6:22 PM):

Oh no..Really?

cricket22 says to JETSET(6:22 PM):


cricket22 says(6:23 PM):

Ohhhhh Subbyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy????????????

cricket22 says to JETSET(6:23 PM):

I haven't watched the news today.

subgirl says to cricket22(6:24 PM):

yep? lol ????????????????

cricket22 says to subgirl(6:24 PM):

:-* .... (F) .... :D

cricket22 says to subgirl(6:25 PM):


subgirl says to cricket22(6:25 PM):


cricket22 says to subgirl(6:25 PM):

Would you like for me to take chat from you for an hour?

cricket22 says to subgirl(6:26 PM):

Oops!... Ughhhh,.... That was suppose to be a whisper.. LOL

subgirl says to cricket22(6:26 PM):


(6:28 PM)larrykn changed nickname to .MOD.larrycopier!

subgirl says to larrykn(Whisper message)(6:27 PM):

ok thanks!

subgirl says to larrykn(Whisper message)(6:28 PM):

would you like me to copy again?

slh5282 says(6:29 PM):


subgirl says(6:29 PM):

thanks Larry :)

larrykn says(6:29 PM):

yvw :)

cricket22 says to larrykn(6:29 PM):

Thanks Larry

cricket22 says to larrykn(6:30 PM):


aminmaine says(6:30 PM):

hey guys!

larrykn says to cricket22(6:30 PM):

ge :)

aminmaine says(6:30 PM):

i have a story about not enough water!

cricket22 says to aminmaine(6:30 PM):

Hi there :)

cricket22 says to larrykn(6:30 PM):

Hi Larry :)

larrykn says to aminmaine(6:30 PM):

hi there :)

aminmaine says(6:31 PM):

it was a hot day yesterday and we went out for the afternoon. hi guys

subgirl says to larrykn(6:31 PM):

thank you larry :)

larrykn says to cricket22(6:31 PM):

got my new computer and having fun with it lol

(6:31 PM)subgirlcopy changed nickname to subgirl!

aminmaine says(6:31 PM):

i had a bottle of water and peanut butter crackers. i ended up in the hospital!

larrykn says to aminmaine(6:31 PM):


aminmaine says(6:31 PM):

i decided to ggo for an ambulance ride

aminmaine says(6:31 PM):

yup! down i went

cricket22 says to larrykn(6:32 PM):

Yayyy... That's awesome! :)

aminmaine says(6:32 PM):

i had had 2 bottles of water but i guess it was not enough

cricket22 says to aminmaine(6:32 PM):


aminmaine says(6:32 PM):

3 hours later; i was dehyedrated

subgirl says to aminmaine(6:32 PM):

you were dehydrated?

aminmaine says(6:33 PM):

goes to show how important water is

larrykn says(6:33 PM):

yes water is very important

subgirl says to aminmaine(6:33 PM):

WOW! well I have been dehydrated many times in the past...

aminmaine says(6:33 PM):

they did some blood work and my kidney function is a little off

aminmaine says(6:33 PM):

so i go see my dr when i get home

larrykn says(6:33 PM):

I guess so

aminmaine says(6:33 PM):

but i am a devoted water drinker

larrykn says(6:34 PM):

just keep drinking your kidney will get better

aminmaine says(6:34 PM):

so now i have to do more

subgirl says to aminmaine(6:34 PM):

well start drinking a lot of water... :) it will make you feel much better..

subgirl says to aminmaine(6:34 PM):

6 bottles!! for you then.

aminmaine says(6:34 PM):

larry thanks!

cricket22 says to aminmaine(6:34 PM):

I don't drink much water, but only when I brush my teeth in the morning (when I wake up), and then before I go to bed. 8-|

aminmaine says(6:34 PM):

naughty lady!

aminmaine says(6:34 PM):

oops subby heard me1

cricket22 says to aminmaine(6:35 PM):


aminmaine says(6:35 PM):

i used to be3 like that cricket but not now

cricket22 says to aminmaine(6:35 PM):

You need to keep up with SUbby

aminmaine says(6:35 PM):

i guess i do!

cricket22 says to aminmaine(6:35 PM):

I should be too. LOL

aminmaine says(6:35 PM):


subgirl says to aminmaine(6:35 PM):

I have not had 6 bottles yet lol but I am working on it...

larrykn says(6:35 PM):

I know all about kidneys :)

aminmaine says(6:35 PM):

i figure i have to do 4 or 5

cricket22 says to subgirl(6:35 PM):

What # are you on?

ol lar says(6:36 PM):

Is there newstime tonight?

cricket22 says to ol lar(6:36 PM):

In 1 hour

larrykn says to ol lar(6:36 PM):

yes 7:30 cst

aminmaine says(6:36 PM):

oh goody!

ol lar says(6:36 PM):


cricket22 says to aminmaine(6:36 PM):


cricket22 says to ol lar(6:36 PM):


aminmaine says(6:36 PM):

i have to get supper in me so i can listen!

cricket22 says to aminmaine(6:36 PM):

It's in chat

subgirl says to aminmaine(6:36 PM):

i am on about #4?? and should be on #5

aminmaine says(6:36 PM):

i am on #3

cricket22 says to subgirl(6:37 PM):

Oh boy

aminmaine says(6:37 PM):

and starting #4

subgirl says to aminmaine(6:37 PM):

still working on it tho..may have to chug lol

cricket22 says to subgirl(6:37 PM):

You both are much farther ahead than me.. :D

ol lar says to cricket22(6:37 PM):

I take it no call though

aminmaine says(6:37 PM):

so now my son and my hubby are on me!

subgirl says to aminmaine(6:37 PM):

lol i hear that lol

larrykn says to subgirl(6:37 PM):

get a going girl :D

subgirl says to aminmaine(6:37 PM):

chug chug lol

cricket22 says to ol lar(6:37 PM):

I think it's with BGG and I forgot who else, in chat

subgirl says to larrykn(6:37 PM):

lol :D

ol lar says(6:38 PM):

k thanx

aminmaine says(6:38 PM):

yes i am

subgirl says to aminmaine(6:38 PM):

glad you are ok tho :) keep a drinking...

cricket22 says to ol lar(6:38 PM):

Don’t MISS – “DU NEWS TIME” w/BGG & MadScout in the DU CHAT ROOM – Friday 7:30pm CST

aminmaine says(6:38 PM):

thanks subby

cricket22 says to ol lar(6:38 PM):

I found it.. It's with Madscout! :)

aminmaine says(6:39 PM):

the dr told me at "my age" its easier to dehydrate!

ol lar says(6:39 PM):


subgirl says to aminmaine(6:39 PM):

your welcome :)

aminmaine says(6:40 PM):

any good news today?

aminmaine says(6:41 PM):

i was out looking at a house and then resting

larrykn says to aminmaine(6:41 PM):

no ,, just a normal day on news :D (lol)

aminmaine says(6:41 PM):

ok thanks larry

aminmaine says(6:41 PM):

supper time!

larrykn says to aminmaine(6:41 PM):

jk it was a very busy day

cricket22 says to aminmaine(6:42 PM):

Yes, me feet don't hurt as bad as they use too... I found some amazing Magnesium lotion that I have been using on my feet. OR, maybe the B 12 shots are working... :)

subgirl says to aminmaine(6:43 PM):

here is an article :) rcookie says(4:10 PM):

US general: fighters organize Daesh refused orders terrorist Abu Bakr al - Baghdadi

Fri, 02 Sep 2016 20:58:28

# _uz Republic

Gen. Joseph Votal, commander of US forces in the Middle East said that al Daesh fighters refused their leader , Abu Bakr al - Baghdadi orders Manbej battles to fight to the death and preferred to withdraw to the north of the city , adding: "Al - Baghdadi asked his men to fight to the death but did not obey his orders , " believing that this poses questions about how much control the driving elements of the organization.

But US Gen. US Central Command, stressed that the organization still has a strong network rely heavily on guidance from the central leadership.

He added in an interview with reporters at the Pentagon, said he believes that Iraqi forces are "on the right path to restore the city of Mosul by the end of 2016 , " but stressed that the battle for the city would be devastating because it will take place in " the heart of the caliphate , " he said.

subgirl says to aminmaine(6:44 PM):

Votal He guessed that forced the organization to do what he described as "difficult choices" during his defense of Mosul required him to leave parts of the city in order to focus on other parts deemed "vital" to his presence or generate the financial income or are key points in maintaining its image as a state - list.

US General expressed regret over the clashes between the Turkish and Kurdish forces in Syria, saying that the two parties have played a major role in the fight Daesh, and stressed that Washington would not intervene militarily , but to support the fight against Daesh exclusively, but he called for Kurdish forces to withdraw to the east of the Euphrates River areas in line with an earlier agreement to reassure Turks that holds units Turkoman and Arab forces of the Democratic Syria to secure Manbej

subgirl says to aminmaine(6:45 PM):

this one is really super good...

subgirl says to aminmaine(6:45 PM):

rcookie says(4:15 PM):

Abadi Office gives in detail: the government completed 92% of its reforms

Thursday 01-09-2016 | 8:04:50

Twilight News / Information Office of the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said on Thursday the completion of the government program for the current cabin, which amounted to 92% ratios.

Saad al-Hadithi, spokesman for the Information Office of Ebadi told a news briefing today that "the percentage of completion in the government program and a document of political agreement and the packages of reforms after the expiration of two years from the life of the government, and in the start implementing reforms."

He explain "With the imminent expiry of two years from the life of the government, and under exceptional circumstances and the challenges of security and economic unprecedented,ed, it originated with the formation of the current government after the invasion of Daesh terrorist to forty percent of Iraqi territory and the resulting wave of massive displacement boat number of people displaced by three million five hundred thousand displaced people the owner of this complex situation of the financial crisis as a result of declining state resources to a quarter of what it was before September 2014 ".

He added Sabri said the Iraqi government was able to recover more than two-thirds of the lands previously Daesh seized power and complete a high percentage of the government program, where they were working on ninety-two percent of the priorities of the six-axes program are the following:

1 / Iraq a safe and stable.

2 / administrative and financial reform.

3 / increase oil and gas production to improve financial sustainability.

4 / organization - local federal relations.

5 / encourage the shift towards the private sector.

6 / upgrading service and the standard of living of the citizens.

larrykn says(6:45 PM):

wow , they are starting to disobey,, that good for us :)

subgirl says to larrykn(6:46 PM):

yep exactly! lots of news...

subgirl says to larrykn(6:46 PM):

Been completed bills make up eighty-eight percent of the fifteen priority of the government program concerning the draft laws.

He continued newborn to say, "As for the percentage of the completed document the political agreement that preceded the formation of the government, the government was able to check Seventy-two percent of this document where completed twenty-two paragraph out of thirty-one paragraph contained in the document, and the most prominent bills passed by the Council of Ministers and forwarded to the House of Representatives committed to document the political agreement and the application of state of the program are the following:

1 / Project freedom of expression law, which is under voting in the House of Representatives.

2 / Project Justice and Accountability Act, under vote.

3 / law banning the Baath Party, was voted on in the House.

4 / amnesty law, was voted on.

5 / Assurance Authority for the rights of the regions and governorates not organized province of Law, was voted on.

6 / General Authority to ensure the balance of the law in accordance with one hundred and five of the Constitution of the material, it was voted on.

7 / second draft amendment to the law of the Federal service, under discussion in the House of Representatives.

8 / Project of the Federal Supreme Court Act, under vote.

9 / Project Union Law Council, under the voting.

10 / Project allocation of federal revenues law, under vote.

11 / Judicial Oversight Authority Act, was voted on.

12 / Edit provincial law, under discussion.

13 / Ministry of Interior Act, was voted on.

14 / anti-terrorism law, was voted on.

15 / Project Intelligence Service Act, under vote.

16 / Project of the National Guard Law, under vote.

17 / Project Popular Mobilization Forces Law, which is under discussion in the House of Representatives.

subgirl says to larrykn(6:47 PM):

WOW! look at the projects they are working on and getting done!!! slackers?? lol

JETSET says to cricket22(6:47 PM):

git - r - dun

subgirl says to larrykn(6:47 PM):

and one more...

subgirl says to larrykn(6:47 PM):

With regard to firmly reforms launched by Dr. Haider al-Abadi Prime Minister and older year included five main axes and twenty-three sub-article completion rate has reached the Seventy-six percent of the material in progress constitute twenty four percent ratio, which require a decision and political agreement was the percentage of completion in these materials, as follows:

1 / administrative hub, the proportion of work it is what happened Seventy-seven percent.

2 / financial hub, the proportion of what happened are working on it one hundred percent.

3 / economic hub, the proportion of work it is what happened eighty percent.

4 / hub services, the proportion of work it is what happened fifty percent.

5 / focus of the fight against corruption, the proportion of work it is what happened thirty-three percent.

cricket22 says to JETSET(6:48 PM):

Yep! :)

larrykn says(6:49 PM):

holly molly , that is a lot of laws completed , wow, I'm excited now :)

subgirl says to larrykn(6:49 PM):

NO WAY can any one say they are not doing anything!!! UNBELIEVEABLE how much work they are doing/ and have done...

subgirl says to larrykn(6:50 PM):

isn't that exciting!!!!!???

larrykn says to subgirl(6:50 PM):

how much of the reforms were completed ?

larrykn says to subgirl(6:51 PM):

92% wow, come on RV :)

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