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Friday, September 30, 2016

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log for Friday 9/30/16 - Part 1

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log

Part 1 - No Featured Members

ol lar says(6:05 AM):

GM guys

DIGIman1 says(6:05 AM):


Ame says(6:06 AM):

hiya Pal

ol lar says(6:06 AM):

So inquireing minds want to know, "Is this going to be a weekend to remember?"

(6:12 AM)larrykn changed nickname to .MOD.larrykn!

larrykn says(6:13 AM):

gm everyone :)

Ame says(6:13 AM):


larrykn says to ol lar(6:13 AM):

every week is a week to remember :)

larrykn says to Ame(6:14 AM):

gm how are you today

ol lar says to larrykn(6:15 AM):

so true , some are more memorable than others,:)

Ame says(6:15 AM):

top shelf thanks ....U ?

larrykn says to Ame(6:15 AM):

on my first cup , tell ya later :)

larrykn says to DIGIman1(6:16 AM):

hey buddy you alive over there :D

DIGIman1 says(6:17 AM):

gm larry :) yes lol

DIGIman1 says(6:17 AM):

just working on a drwing

DIGIman1 says(6:17 AM):


larrykn says to DIGIman1(6:18 AM):

well I guess thats a good thing, be to early for me to do that, my eyes aren't focused yet lol

Ame says(6:19 AM):

Digi gets teh chikens up he is up SO early

DIGIman1 says to larrykn(6:20 AM):

been up since 4.....so my retinas are awake

larrykn says to DIGIman1(6:22 AM):

well its only 4:21 here now so I need to catch up lol

DIGIman1 says to larrykn(6:22 AM):

and they call me an early bird :D

Ame says(6:22 AM):

did Un all see there is a Cat 2 Hurricane near Cuba coming north

Ame says(6:23 AM):

www.myfoxhurricane.com to see it

larrykn says(6:23 AM):

Charles de Gaulle first start military operations against Daesh

2016/9/30 8:25

[Oan- follow-up]

According to Agence France-Presse [AFP] that the French aircraft carrier [Charles de Gaulle] on Friday started its first military operations against al-Daesh in Iraq and Syria.

The leadership of the pillars of the French army announced on 20 September that the current [Charles de Gaulle] sailed toward the Middle East to participate in the restoration of the city of Mosul of al Daesh campaign.

A spokesman for the General Staff Col. Patrick Steiger said that the ship "sailed from Toulon, southern France, on September 19, and continue their training before heading to the eastern Mediterranean," without providing further details.

The Steiger predicted earlier this month that "provides aircraft support for Iraqi forces carriers to restore the city of Mosul."

And it will contribute to "Charles de Gaulle" carrying 24 fighter aircraft "Rafale Marine" increase in air capacity allocated by France to combat militants by 3 fold, in addition to the 12 "Rafale" aircraft stationed in Jordan and the UAE.

Like the fall of 2015 the ship will be stationed in the eastern Mediterranean to be closer to Syria and Iraq.

larrykn says(6:40 AM):

Sadr: Barzani supports our directions

2016-09-30 11:52

Baghdad scales news

Vice President of the Sadr political body judge Jaafar al-Musawi, the approval of the President of Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani, on all the points raised by the delegation of political organisation.

Musawi said after a meeting with Barzani extended in accordance with the statement/balance of news/copy, "the meeting discussed the election law and the higher Commission of elections and forming a cross block party and sectarian quotas in addition to problems between the Center and the territory and liberate Mosul."

"Barzani assured full support and agreed with all the points raised by the delegation of Iraq's Diwaniya and Sadr orientations and future vision."

The head of the territory extended a formal invitation to Sadr's political body to visit the territory in order to complete the talks and unify positions of Iraq out of the spiral of violence and corruption "

larrykn says(6:42 AM):

The Kurds made out on the deal with baghdad, wow:

larrykn says(6:42 AM):

Newspaper reveals details of Baghdad and Erbil agreements: the Peshmerga under the command of al-Abadi and increase the budget of the Kurdistan


Revealed a Lebanese newspaper, on Friday, the details of the agreements that have taken place during the President of the Kurdistan region Massoud Barzani 's visit to Baghdad and his meeting with Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi, as pointed out that among the agreements that were made Peshmerga under the command of al - Abadi and increase the province 's budget in the fiscal budget for next year.

The "News" newspaper in a report on its issue today, and seen by / information /, said that "close to al - Abadi sources, and other Kurdish agreed to get agreement on the key issues in dispute, at the forefront of the battle to liberate Mosul and the participation of the popular crowd and the peshmerga, as was the develop a mechanism to reach solutions on economic and financial issues between Baghdad and Erbil, in regards to the oil agreement."

The paper said, " The agreement on the roles and missions distribution in the battle to liberate the city of Mosul anticipated, between the Iraqi army and the crowd and folk peshmerga", noting that " the last will be under the command of al - Abadi and within the Joint Special Operations Command, according to what was agreed upon in New York during a meeting Abadi US president Barack Obama".

The paper that " a source Kurd told her to cancel the recent agreement between Baghdad and Erbil, and work on a new mechanism on oil exports and revenues mode, likely to be raising the region 's share increased by 3% to 20% in order to enable the region to pay employees ' salaries and benefits, after a wave of anger tidal began earlier this week. "

larrykn says(6:42 AM):

now they get 20% cool

larrykn says(6:46 AM):

Muslim scholar calls on Iraqi Kurdistan govt to reactivate parliament


SULAIMANI, Iraq’s Kurdistan region,— The Secretary-General of the International Union for Muslim Scholars, Ali Qaradaghi, called on Kurdish authorities to reactive Iraqi Kurdistan’s Parliament and review the system of cuts to employees’ salaries.

Qaradaghi released a seven-point statement regarding the issues and crises in Iraqi Kurdistan Region on Wednesday in which he expressed concern over the political and economic crises in the Kurdistan Region.

“The political situation has become so complicated due to the deactivation of parliament, the lack of activities by the government and the poor relations between the parties,” Qaradaghi said.

The crisis erupted after Massoud Barzani’s term as Kurdistan President ended on August 20, 2015 but refused to step down and remains unofficially in office. The five major political parties failed to reach an agreement on a law regarding the Kurdistan Region’s presidency as KDP insists that Massoud Barzani should remain president of the region. According to the law, Barzani cannot run for presidency anymore, but the KDP party insists to extend his mandate in the all negotiations.

The Kurdistan Parliament has been in recess since October 2015 after Kurdistan Parliament’s Speaker was prevented from entering Erbil city on October 11, 2015. Kurdistan PM Nechirvan Barzani has removed four members of his cabinet from the Change (Gorran) Movement and were replaced by KDP politicians.

The Islamic leader called on authorities to review the government’s system of salary cuts for employees in the Kurdistan Region and said there should be a way in which employees can provide for their livelihood.

He also called on the five main political parties to put together a plan to resolve issues in the Kurdistan Region and to review relations with Baghdad.

Qaradaghi said he called for the reactivation of Kurdistan’s Parliament and a plan to develop a way to serve for the needs of the public in the Kurdistan Region.

His statement came after thousands of people in the Kurdistan Region, including teachers and employees, demonstrated in the Sulaimani Governorate on September 27, calling on the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) to review its system of salary cuts.

KRG officials announced on February a measure to withhold a percentage of salaries and vowed the measure would resolve chronic delays in monthly payments of government employees.

Salaries for government workers have been plagued by delays since 2014 and Kurdish authorities have repeatedly said they cannot make payments due to a number of crises affecting the region.

Copyright ©, respective author or news agency, nrttv.com | Ekurd.net

DIGIman1 says(6:49 AM):

just when you thot your coffee was kicking in...

Ame says(6:50 AM):

Gol Darn Arabian beans........

larrykn says(6:51 AM):

Pentagon: death of 18 leaders of ISIS in coalition air strikes on Mosul

30-09-2016 02:18 PM

Us army spokesman, Colonel John Dorian, 18 more than the leaders of organization of ISIS in the past 30 days, 13 of them in Mosul, Iraq,

Stating in a press release issued by the Defense Department, the Pentagon and coalition air strikes killed dozens of ansar terrorist organization in Mosul, many of those targeted by military commanders and Assistant foreign fighters and leaders organizational communications

It was the U.S.-led coalition to fight organize ISIS, announced that eight Iraqi Army brigades at least will take part in the battles of the liberation of the city of Mosul.

larrykn says(6:53 AM):

Barzani: "We Seek Independence Not Secession from Iraq"

30/09/2016 - 11:36

ERBIL — The Kurdistan Region President Masoud Barzani said in a press conference in Baghdad on Thursday that "We have sought independence, not secession from Iraq."

Independence is the natural right of Kurds and can be achieved through dialogue with Baghdad, Barzani said in a joint press conference with Ammar al-Hakim, the leader of National Alliance.

Regarding the Mosul assault, Barzani said that the fight against terrorism is one of the top priorities ahead of the nation, affirming that Peshmerga and the Iraqi army have laid a plan to recapture the city of Mosul.

Barzani noted in the press conference that the economic crisis in the Kurdistan Region and Iraq has also been discussed in the meeting.

“We have agreed on close coordination between Erbil and Baghdad to overcome the crisis,” he said, explaining that the delegations from Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) will visit Baghdad to reach a comprehensive solution.Ammar al-Hakim also said that there is no better way for the solution to the disputes other than dialogue; therefore, "We need an open, serious, honest and constructive conversation between the both governments and among the political parties.

"In response to a question regarding the Kurdish independence, Barzani said, “We seek independence, not secession from Iraq.

”The Kurdistan Region delegation led by Barzani arrived in Baghdad on Thursday and met with a number of Iraqi senior officials including the Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abaid, the Iraqi President Fuad Masum and other representatives of political parties in the Iraqi parliament.

larrykn says(6:53 AM):

Transport Minister lays foundation stone for international airport in Missan

2016/09/30 11:10

{Meyssan: Euphrates News}

Transport Minister Kazim Erythema, Missan, said Friday. Agency correspondent {Euphrates news}, that "Erythema arrived here to sustain, and laying the Foundation for a lawmaker, Meyssan airport after popular demand and formal and conservative Council delegation visit to the Ministry of transport.

Transport Minister did not specify a time limit for completion of the project, stressing that implementation of the project will be a collaboration between the Ministry and local government in the province.

Missan Governorate Council, decided during its last Wednesday, "physically" in an airport international approval to recruit personnel Meyssan from mod to convert from military to civilian airport.

Board Vice Chairman Jawad said Rahim, l {Euphrates news}, "We hope and expect to keep Transport Minister to discuss this issue," Noting that "the Council decided to establish the actual direct private airport after the accession to the World Heritage list Meyssan marshes there are many regional and foreign delegations come to the province to see the Marsh, we have 13 thousand passengers per month in the province."

It is said that Transport Minister Kazim Erythema, last visited Dhi, to stand on the evolution of work in civil and in Nasiriyah airport personnel expedite work and forming a joint cell with local government and the relevant authorities to facilitate the completion phases.

(6:55 AM)larrykn changed nickname to .MOD.larrykn!

larrykn says(6:57 AM):

Chinese company launches new technology to drill pipe in Majnoon

2016-09-29 at 19:57

Baghdad – the balance of news

Uncovered a Chinese company specialized in oil pipes, Thursday, about new technology in drilling the first inaugurated oil wells in the Majnoon oil reduce salt in crude which affect production, usually that contributes to maintain and increase production rates.

Jaina petroleum pipeline company said Chinese CPP, said in a statement that it "has launched the e-MJE20 technique in drilling the first oil well in oil field operated by shell crazy Shell Dutch, with the aim of increasing production by reducing the proportion of salt in crude oil."

The company added that "a high percentage of salts in crude oil forced shell, oil field operators crazy to close some producing wells which led to a decline in productivity", noting that "the application of MJE20 technology in digging a new well first of this type in the field, through the year 2016 present, helps to ensure maintaining oil production rates and increase" crazy field.

The Director of the shell project, is mhadebi, according to the statement, that "technology applied by Jaina company BP dig new help preserve and increase production rates, too, expressed gratitude to the Chinese company's performance in the field." The Iraqi Cabinet, in (July 23, 2014), on contract with China's petroleum pipeline Jaina value of 607 million dollars for the construction of oil storage depots near Nasiriyah oil field (375 km south of Baghdad).

It was a coalition between shell Malaysian operatorship contract with Baghdad in January of 2010, to develop the giant Majnoon South Iraq, where Shell owns a 45 percent stake in the project, while Petronas owns 30 percent of national oil company with owning the remaining stock.

The Majnoon, one of the largest oil fields in the world, estimated backup, according to the Iraqi Government, speculation about 38 billion barrels

larrykn says(6:59 AM):


DIGIman1 says(7:00 AM):

so much oil....so little time.....

(7:00 AM)Check out the "Current Iraq NEWS" Thread in the Forum - http://www.dinarupdates.com/forumdis...rent-Iraq-NEWS - All News - ALL DAY LONG!!

Ame says(7:03 AM):

so little time and SO much oil

larrykn says(7:04 AM):

did you guys see that the Kurds got 20% instead of 17 % wow

DIGIman1 says(7:04 AM):


larrykn says(7:04 AM):

no wonder they are happy now lol

DIGIman1 says(7:04 AM):

no wonder barzani looked so happy!

DIGIman1 says(7:05 AM):

if that doesnt get everyone on the same page....i dunno! :D

larrykn says(7:05 AM):

you notice how they are now working together , thats a good sign IMO

DIGIman1 says(7:06 AM):

yup....and its allpart if the reform plans i bet....cant have corruption and division....

larrykn says(7:06 AM):

I agree

Continue to Part 2



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