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Friday, September 23, 2016

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log for Friday 9/23/16 - Part 1

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log

Part 1 - No Featured Members

ol lar says(6:13 AM):

GM gang

Ame says(6:47 AM):


magnetlady says(6:55 AM):

Good morning everone

DIGIman1 says(6:55 AM):

mornin mags

(6:56 AM)clay changed nickname to .VIP.clay!

clay says to magnetlady(6:56 AM):

GM :)

clay says to DIGIman1(6:56 AM):

hey there buddy :)

DIGIman1 says(6:57 AM):

gm clay :)

magnetlady says(6:57 AM):

Hey DIGI how is the computer working today

clay says to DIGIman1(6:58 AM):

tell me again why I still have to go to work (lol)

DIGIman1 says(6:58 AM):

so far, no issues.....

magnetlady says(6:58 AM):

better I trust.

magnetlady says(6:58 AM):

Clay, because if I have to you have to

clay says to magnetlady(6:58 AM):


DIGIman1 says(6:58 AM):

i had a power failure here yesterday too...

magnetlady says(6:58 AM):

Wow. Sounds like quite a day of experiences

DIGIman1 says(6:59 AM):

lets hope its a nice uneventful day here today....

magnetlady says(6:59 AM):

That woud be aweome. I just cant get to you guys in the daytime to help. Had no idea until I got home.

DIGIman1 says to clay(6:59 AM):

we have to work otherwise we will sit and forment in our own juices.....not pretty....

clay says to DIGIman1(7:00 AM):

sounds aweful lol

horsegal says(7:00 AM):

Hi everyone

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horsegal says(7:01 AM):

Clay I specifically wanted to send thoughts and prayers to you and your wife. I'm so busy I don't usually have time to sit and chat. Most often I'm reading this as I walk out the door to work or while I'm driving.

magnetlady says(7:01 AM):

I know that feeling horsegal.

magnetlady says(7:02 AM):

and Yes, Clay my thoughts and prayers are with you and your wife with her surgery.

horsegal says(7:02 AM):

yeah, lunch in 5 minutes, run like a madman all day long. See severely mentally ill people in less than 15 minutes :(

clay says to horsegal(7:03 AM):

thank you so much appreciated :-* hope you are well

clay says to magnetlady(7:03 AM):

want to thank you too ty :) :-*

Ame says(7:03 AM):

did U get to run that new genny yesterday Digi?

horsegal says(7:03 AM):

Doing fine, just want to reduce some hours on the job, like so many of us

clay says to horsegal(7:04 AM):

4 sure

clay says to Ame(7:04 AM):

GM bud

Ame says(7:04 AM):

hiya Pal

DIGIman1 says to Ame(7:05 AM):

no, the power was out for about .00086 minutes.....just enough to annoy ya...

Ame says(7:05 AM):

lol got ya

Ame says(7:05 AM):

cooked succesfully on teh new range

Ame says(7:05 AM):

its NICE and fast too

DIGIman1 says to Ame(7:06 AM):


SRW says to DIGIman1(7:18 AM):

Hey Digi, any news on Subby?

DIGIman1 says to SRW(7:19 AM):

hi, subby got a 100% clean bill from the doctor!!!!!

Ame says(7:19 AM):

so she is DUN now?

SRW says to DIGIman1(7:19 AM):

That's great! Thanks. Is she home?

magnetlady says(7:20 AM):

SRW This is what Subby Texted me last night:

Subby texted me and said Good evening just as I was leaving work. She just wanted us to know that her tests came back and I am once 100% clean and clear. And her kidney numbers came down!!!

Yyyaaaa hooo!! She said. So very thankful!!! Thanks for all your prayers.

Getting ready to get chemo at 6:15 tonight and then after that she said she would go back to the hotel. I am clean and clear 100%

Yyyaaayyy!!! Thank you all again or your prayers and asked me to tell everyone.

Of Course you all know that was really from subby with the words that she used. hahaha

SRW says to magnetlady(7:21 AM):

Thanks Mags. Fantastic!!

Ame says(7:22 AM):

thanks Maggs :)

clay says to DIGIman1(7:22 AM):

thats awesome news for Subby

clay says to SRW(7:23 AM):

GM :)

magnetlady says(7:23 AM):

Well I'm running behind this morning so I'm going to run to feed cats and finish getting ready for work. See everyone tonight.

clay says to SRW(7:23 AM):

love great news :)

DIGIman1 says to clay(7:23 AM):

(y) yes! so glad to hear such good news for her :)

clay says to DIGIman1(7:23 AM):

4 sure (y)

SRW says to clay(7:23 AM):

Howdy Clay. How the heck are ya this fine morning?

clay says to SRW(7:24 AM):

tired my friend tired of working

clay says to SRW(7:24 AM):

and u?

SRW says to clay(7:24 AM):

Same!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

clay says to SRW(7:25 AM):


clay says to SRW(7:26 AM):

and waiting

Ame says to clay(7:26 AM):

is that what we have been doing all these years?

clay says to Ame(7:26 AM):

lol too many years

Ame says(7:27 AM):

and hyere I thought we were playing in a giant samd box

SRW says to clay(7:27 AM):

Yesterday!!! My friend! Ready for this to happen!

clay says to Ame(7:27 AM):

wheres Okie when ya need him lol

clay says to SRW(7:27 AM):


clay says to Ame(7:27 AM):

we are

SRW says to clay(7:28 AM):

Not with Digi's cat though!! :D

Ame says(7:29 AM):

as long as his cat doesn't think OUTside that box...

clay says to SRW(7:29 AM):

hes a big cat (lol)

clay says to Ame(7:29 AM):


DIGIman1 says(7:30 AM):

Fluffy can tell y'all are talking about her.....just sayin.....

Ame says(7:30 AM):

here kitty kitty

SRW says to clay(7:30 AM):

Yep!! And I don't want to step in it or on that Kitty's tail eaither! :D

SRW says to clay(7:31 AM):

Eaither..... That's swedish I think! :D

Ame says(7:32 AM):

is thyat Texas slang?

Ame says(7:32 AM):

that too ^ lol

clay says to SRW(7:34 AM):

too funny

SRW says to clay(7:34 AM):

Somthun like that! :D

SRW says to clay(7:36 AM):

I ain't for real sure thar?

clay says to SRW(7:37 AM):

your killin me :D

clay says to SRW(7:38 AM):

If I disappear its cause I'm gonna get slammed in 15 minutes here

SRW says to clay(7:38 AM):

Well, hit your thumb with a hammer, that will get your mind off of it!!

Ame says(7:38 AM):

get crackin then Clay

DIGIman1 says(7:40 AM):

Unother brilyunt mind diztroyed by publik edjukayshun.

SRW says to DIGIman1(7:41 AM):

What you talkin about Willard?

DIGIman1 says(7:42 AM):

its 'Willis'.......get it right....

SRW says to DIGIman1(7:42 AM):

Up North Maybe?

clay says to Ame(7:43 AM):

soon lol

SRW says to clay(7:44 AM):

I tell Subby that I want that word changed to NOW!!!

clay says to SRW(7:44 AM):

what a great idea (H)

Ame says(7:45 AM):

bl I have laundry to do

Ame says(7:45 AM):

meds 2 take etc

Ame says(7:45 AM):

behave now Digi!!

SRW says to Ame(7:46 AM):

Good Luck on that one!! :D

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(8:14 AM)dreamway was kicked out by dreamway!

(8:18 AM)DinarAg was kicked out by DinarAg!

(8:20 AM)DinarAg was kicked out by DinarAg!

Tex says to SRW(8:24 AM):

Hay Bubba whut part of duh world Ya frum???

clay says to Tex(8:24 AM):

hey there buddy been awhile

Tex says to clay(8:24 AM):

Hey Clayman how ya doin

clay says to Tex(8:25 AM):

doing good thanks and you

Tex says to clay(8:25 AM):

Gittin to fish , so doin alright

clay says to Tex(8:25 AM):

sounds great

clay says to Tex(8:26 AM):

next weekgonna start hunting :)

Tex says to clay(8:26 AM):

Keep hope in for cavair on my menu

SRW says to Tex(8:26 AM):

Faaaar North Texas!!

Tex says to SRW(8:27 AM):

Sounds like Amarillo terratory

clay says to Tex(8:27 AM):

lobster here

SRW says to Tex(8:27 AM):

Yes Sir!

clay says to Tex(8:27 AM):

thats where jarhead lives

Tex says to clay(8:28 AM):

I can go far that,,,,,, I had rather have someting bigger ,,,,, like a Texas Crawfish

Tex says to clay(8:28 AM):

Yeah . heard he moved up that way

Tex says to clay(8:30 AM):

Speaking of fish i have some work to do on my Yacht,,,,,er jonboat.

Tex says to SRW(8:32 AM):

Say Your right in the middle of some really good fishin,,,,,about 500 hundred miles any direction,,lol.

SRW says to Tex(8:33 AM):

Nope! I go to the mountains and fly fish!!

Tex says to clay(8:33 AM):

Time to get busy,,,,Yall be good ,

Tex says to SRW(8:34 AM):

Like I said about 500 miles ,,,,just joshin.... take care

Tex says to SRW(8:35 AM):

north of Cowtown for Me.

clay says to Tex(8:35 AM):

good buddy

Tex says to clay(8:35 AM):


clay says to Tex(8:35 AM):

be good lol

(8:40 AM)MrsBGG was kicked out by MrsBGG!

MrsBGG says to clay(8:41 AM):

Good morning :)

DIGIman1 says to MrsBGG(8:42 AM):

good morning :)

MrsBGG says to DIGIman1(8:42 AM):

Good morning :)

MrsBGG says to DIGIman1(8:42 AM):

like your creative pic :D

DIGIman1 says to MrsBGG(8:43 AM):

which one? :D

MrsBGG says to clay(8:43 AM):

Good morning :)

MrsBGG says to DIGIman1(8:43 AM):

"thinking outside the box" :D

MrsBGG says to DIGIman1(8:43 AM):

was there another one?

MrsBGG says(8:44 AM):

bbiab (})

DIGIman1 says to MrsBGG(8:45 AM):

lol always lol

clay says to MrsBGG(8:47 AM):

GM :)

(8:51 AM)rustynail was kicked out by rustynail!

(8:52 AM)woodywoodpecker was kicked out by woodywoodpecker!

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Ame says(9:10 AM):

those cheap limbs will Woody ever learn

clay says to Ame(9:12 AM):

never (lol)

Ame says(9:12 AM):


SRW says to Ame(9:16 AM):

Woody is a slow learner!! :D

clay says to SRW(9:17 AM):


clay says to SRW(9:17 AM):

a dodo bird (lol)

Ame says(9:17 AM):

then he can get in line right behind me lol

SRW says to Ame(9:18 AM):

I'm the leader on that one. You can be after me! Ask Rcookie!! :D

Ame says(9:18 AM):

be my guest

Ame says(9:18 AM):

I never did like "point"

Ame says(9:20 AM):


SRW says to Ame(9:20 AM):

I do, I see the land mines first and step over. Then say, be my guest!

Ame says(9:20 AM):

thats just mean :P

Ame says(9:20 AM):

then it would habve been my job to "render aid"

Ame says(9:20 AM):


SRW says to Ame(9:21 AM):


(9:36 AM)dreamway was kicked out by dreamway!

DIGIman1 says(9:44 AM):

If it jams, force it. If it breaks, it needed replacement anyway.

SRW says to DIGIman1(9:45 AM):

Amen!! My three pound hammer helps jams!!

Ame says(9:45 AM):

and always use teh biggest hammer U have on it

SRW says to Ame(9:46 AM):

Like minds!!

DIGIman1 says(9:46 AM):


Ame says(9:46 AM):


Ame says(9:47 AM):

thats scarrrrrry SRW

SRW says to Ame(9:47 AM):

Yes, um, yes it is!! :D

MrsBGG says(9:48 AM):

Don’t MISS – “DU NEWS TIME” w/BGG and Co. in the DU CHAT ROOM – Friday 7:30pm EST

MrsBGG says to SRW(9:48 AM):

Good morning :)

MrsBGG says to Ame(9:49 AM):

Good morning :)

Ame says(9:49 AM):

howdy M'aaam

SRW says to MrsBGG(9:49 AM):

Hey Boss Lady!! Good Morning!

SRW says to MrsBGG(9:49 AM):


Ame says(9:51 AM):

we made toll house cookies and I am addicted to them now

Ame says(9:55 AM):

Hey everybody FYI Clay's B'day is one day B4 Halloween

clay says to Ame(9:56 AM):

it sure is lol

Ame says(9:56 AM):

yhow old will U be then Clay 5 or 6 ?

clay says to Ame(9:56 AM):

pushin 60

clay says to Ame(9:56 AM):


clay says to Ame(9:56 AM):


Ame says(9:56 AM):


clay says to Ame(9:56 AM):


Ame says(9:56 AM):

I hear that

Ame says(9:57 AM):

6 myself

clay says to Ame(9:57 AM):


clay says to Ame(9:57 AM):

got 4 girls 1 boy

clay says to Ame(9:57 AM):

hes bigger than me noe lol

Ame says(9:57 AM):

3 boys 1 girl here

clay says to Ame(9:57 AM):


clay says to Ame(9:57 AM):


clay says to Ame(9:58 AM):

got your girl

Ame says(9:58 AM):

I am 6'2" but my yountgest sdon is same height but barrel chested BIG boy

clay says to Ame(9:58 AM):

yeah mine is 15 a wrestler

Ame says(9:58 AM):


Ame says(9:58 AM):

**** hands

Ame says(9:58 AM):


clay says to Ame(9:58 AM):

I'm only 5'8"

Ame says(9:59 AM):

brb gotta check on guest bed sheets

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Ame says(10:28 AM):

I swear I will NEVER again guy a HE front load washer

Ame says(10:28 AM):

you can not keep them balanced to spin

clay says to Ame(10:29 AM):

I was told never buy one

Ame says(10:29 AM):

top load yes

Ame says(10:30 AM):

soo now that they are finally in the dryer

Ame says(10:30 AM):

its shower N shave then towels turn

Ame says(10:30 AM):


Soonergirlie says(10:34 AM):

Happy Birthday soon clay, we know you were SPOOOOOKY....:D

clay says to Soonergirlie(10:34 AM):


1bobby says to DIGIman1 (privately)(10:46 AM):

need a break?

DIGIman1 says to 1bobby (privately)(10:47 AM):

yes please :) and thank you

1bobby says to DIGIman1 (privately)(10:47 AM):

ok I got it

DIGIman1 says to 1bobby(Whisper message)(10:47 AM):

ok cool thanks :)

1bobby says to DIGIman1(Whisper message)(10:48 AM):

I have up until I came in. You gonna do a copy? I have no idea how to go back and get the rest

(10:48 AM)1bobby changed nickname to 1bobbycopy!

DIGIman1 says to 1bobby(Whisper message)(10:49 AM):

sure, i'll post :) sorry

Continue to Part 2



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