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Saturday, September 17, 2016

"Cask of Corruption" - Thoughts/News from KTFA Don961


Don961 » September 17th, 2016

Article reiterates and rehashes the scenario in Iraq ... speaking of unprecedented , mind-boggling corruption in Maliki's time in power .... that led to the ISIS Crisis .... and to the place Iraq is in now ... talk about crimes against humanity!! .. what was done affected us all !! ......

Abadi was left to work with with $700 million in the treasury ... after billions were stolen during record oil revenues ...

To see where we are now after his 2 years in office ... with the opposition of the corrupt individuals still in place in Parliament blocking him at every turn ... and a war with a brutal , ruthless enemy ... with the help of international friends behind the scenes ... it's more than remarkable what has been accomplished !!! .... IMO

Casks of corruption: the Maliki government the most corrupt in the history of Iraq

September 5, 2016 in the versions of the Center Comments on kegs of corruption: the Maliki government the most corrupt in the history of Iraq closed

When he raised the issue of corruption in Iraq, we mean here primarily financial and administrative corruption, which dates back to more than a decade ago back, Which is the beginning of the US occupation of Iraq in 2003, where he launched Iraq trip with corruption, looting and theft that did not keep anything from the bounty and wealth and it was also the outcome of corruption spread of terrorism in Iraq is a threat to the region and the world.

Only in Iraq and there is none else, there are only two teams, the first a great mass of the Iraqi people curse of corruption and Jan under Tith, and a second team embraces corruption and defend him and fight for him for personal interests.

File corruption did not stop in Iraq fairly popular discontent but exceeded until it becomes a matter of irony to the whole world after the Iraqi court sentenced to one year for a boy at the age of 12 years in prison for the theft of several boxes of tissue paper from the shop for sale, while the Iraqi judiciary's inability to trial of stealing billions of dollars and destroyed the country has the second largest oil reserves in the world.

In a previous article we mentioned that the biggest corruption and theft of public money, files, and cover up Al corrupt obtained during the government of former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, studies have estimated that what was to lose it in his reign could be up to a trillion dollars, through secret deals, smuggling money abroad, which confirmed by authoritative international reports.

A recent release from the International Center for Development Studies, based in London report revealed the disappearance of the $ 120 billion financial surplus budgets Iraq during the term of the Nuri al-Maliki for prime minister.

The report pointed out that during the period between 2006 - 2014 has made Iraq a large financial surpluses could contribute to the reconstruction and turning it into a modern state, in terms of total budgets in that period amounted to $ 700 billion went mostly into the pockets of the corrupt.

Maliki's period as prime minister, has seen a surge in oil prices to record levels has recorded more than US $ 115 a barrel, and achieved the Iraqi treasury huge gains from oil revenue disappeared to calculate the Maliki government and influential in, equivalent to oil revenues, which make up 95% of government revenue widespread poverty, unemployment and terrorism in all parts of Iraq, where he suffered subsequent annual budgets of huge deficits exhausted pocket citizen, without that there will be a right of the citizen until the inquiry, and we can say that the Maliki government is deliberately fabricating crises and dissemination of terrorism to hide corruption and the theft of billions from the eyes of observers and the Iraqi people, who was in the worst conditions living.

The report adds that the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi received from his predecessor, al-Maliki treasury almost empty where there is no more than 700 million dollars, making Iraq in an extremely difficult financial situation, especially with the drop in oil prices and the decline in revenues and the rising cost of the war on Daesh.

Decline in central bank reserves

The report pointed to the Iraqi Central Bank reserves also declined at a time when he should be getting it. At a time when budgets Iraq rose from 100.5 billion dollars in 2012 to 145.5 billion dollars in 2014, the central bank's reserves fell from $ 88 billion to $ 67 billion.
This decline continued until 2016 this year reached $ 43 billion, a decline of up to 45 billion dollars and the rate of decline is equivalent to $ 9 billion a year, go mostly to buy items unproductive.

The report pointed out that during January and February of 2016 Iraq's financial revenues totaled 3.269 billion dollars, while the central bank sold 5.821 billion dollars to import goods, where it was to cover the difference of 2.552 billion dollars from the reserve.

As the central bank during the period from 2012 -2015 $ 6.5 billion under the instruments to buy shows that it comes from a fictitious company and to calculate the companies turned out to be fake it well.

He said the central bank statement last year, after the Finance Committee in the Iraqi Parliament published official documents confirming the Organization of smuggling billions of dollars, through the auction of foreign currency during the years of 2006-2014, when Nuri al-Maliki as prime minister.

He warned the International Center for Studies report from the continued wastage operation in central bank reserves, especially as oil prices remain at low levels and the increasing burden on the state because it means the budget deficit to the levels of inflation may exceed what is unspoken and who arrives in the next year to 32%.

Reports indicate that since the establishment of the Central Bank auction to sell the dollar to banks and corporate banking in 2004, central bank sales amounted to more than $ 312 billion since its inception, valued at 1180 dinars to the dollar, it has transformed 80% of these funds out of Iraq, while 20 percent have entered into the market.

In spite of attempts by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi of curbing corruption in Iraq, but the beneficiaries of this phenomenon are trying to disrupt it, and the impact on the work of independent bodies through the influence of some parties or militias.

The report called for Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to accelerate the detection of senior corrupt before starting the next election.

He noted the International Center for Studies that the Iraq dossier has considerable international attention, especially since corruption has caused the spread of terrorism in Iraq is a threat to the region and the world.

The report indicated that the success of al-Abadi in the fight against corruption is not as important as the liberation of Mosul and would be popular and international support can carry out its programs in the reconstruction and services, and building state institutions.

We refer here to the investigative investigation conducted, "Fairfax Media" and "Havengtin Post" was published in April 2016, "thousands of documents" from the site of the company "Aunanwil" owned by an Iranian family, based in the Principality of Monaco has been champions of these operations officials and senior ministers in the reign the government of Nouri al-Maliki.

It is scheduled to investigate the financial files of corruption starts at the memorandum of understanding signed by the Iraqi government with the United Nations. UN investigators will work, to help the Iraqi government to reveal the fate of the $ 361 billion is missing from the budgets of Iraq between 2004 m - 2014.

The situation in Iraq terrifying against the Iraqi government is trying to cope with the current financial paralysis through the use of external borrowing and domestic, but the question arises Is the Iraqi government will be able corrupt held accountable ? Will you be able to cope with any popular anger as a result of its inability to fight corruption?

Talk about corruption in Iraq is unlike any country in the world, nor can the mind can take, he has a bunch of thieves who wear uniforms to offload the state treasury of all its assets, to return to Iraq to centuries of poverty, ignorance and unemployment, while insisting to follow the enemies of Iraq to steal his money and its bounty and smuggled abroad to service regional agendas that do not want Iraq and its people, but all evil, however, will remain the al-Maliki government since the (2006-2014) is the ESO in Iraq, the history of ancient and contemporary, and you write the story of government looted the entire country and left his family and threw him into the arms of his enemies , Iraq is today in the forefront of countries that pursue international loans, grants and perhaps save what can be saved




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