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Saturday, September 3, 2016

BGG's News Time at Dinar Updates 9/2/16 - Part 2

NEWSTIME WITH BGG Friday, September 2, 2016 - Part 2

BGG says(7:59 PM):

Thank you for bringing that in the wee hours this AM MadScout!!

MadDScout says to BGG(8:00 PM):

You are most welcome

BGG says(8:00 PM):

I guess it didn't happen - and get published in the Gazette weeks ago (like the IDIOT RUMOR ARTISTS SAID) - looks like the next 2 days or so...

MadDScout says(8:01 PM):


MadDScout says to wisconsindinar(8:02 PM):


BGG says(8:02 PM):

Very curious how the Shia element was still screaming bloody murder about this just 2 days ago... this will change the balance of power. IMF, WB and UN are behind this. For sure.

MadDScout says to BGG(8:03 PM):

This is heavily driven by IMF(IMO)

BGG says(8:03 PM):

Some on the Shia side of the fence have surely been playing the spoilers... no doubt.


it appears things are moving ahead - like it or not...

kalis says(8:04 PM):


BGG says(8:04 PM):

General Amnesty will be law. 2 days.

MadDScout says(8:04 PM):

Agreed and according to Saleh "On schedule"

MrsBGG says to wisconsindinar(8:04 PM):

Go with your comment...

wisconsindinar says(8:04 PM):

just wanted to say...IDIOT RUMOR ARTISTS... this is a classic!!

MrsBGG says to kalis(8:05 PM):


BGG says to wisconsindinar(8:05 PM):


kalis says(8:05 PM):

it seem the shia are losing ground per what i been reading here on DU .correct

BGG says to kalis(8:06 PM):

the "moderates" need world support - the only path forward for them is this one.

MadDScout says(8:06 PM):

(IMO) It is a leveling of the playing field

BGG says to kalis(8:06 PM):

the "hardliners" are getting over-ruled.

BGG says to MadDScout(8:06 PM):


Drewsters Millions says(8:06 PM):


kalis says(8:06 PM):

wow i got one right. keep me star.lol i am getting this.

MrsBGG says to Drewsters Millions(8:07 PM):


Drewsters Millions says(8:07 PM):

Baghdad operations begin tomorrow lifting checkpoints from the streets of the capital. Has that ever happened before?

MadDScout says(8:07 PM):

The Kurds for good or bad, have had to live in a world and deal with it in the way that world deals with Kurdistan

BGG says to Drewsters Millions(8:07 PM):

IMHO - that has as much to do with the SHIA militias being removed from service as anything.

again... IMHO...

BGG says(8:08 PM):

Here is a GREAT POST from the FaceBook side...

so cool...

Kathy Keller ~ Ok, I'm gonna go way out on a limb here and may get myself kicked out. That's ok, because I think there are some things here that need to be said and if any of you know me, I've never been one to hold my tongue. There were some comments made yesterday challenging our facts and whining because we called them out on it. I have been on this ride over 5 years now, and the folks here at DU are exemplary. They put in COUNTLESS hours of research and articles that VERIFY EXACTLY WHAT IS GOING ON IN IRAQ. THEY DON'T GET PAID TO DO THIS, THEY VOLUNTEER. The next time someone gets the urge to post something on this site from some STUPID guru they just read - PLEASE DON'T!!! That is why this group was created. WE DO NOT SPEAK GURU HERE!!! All of the researchers and posters here at DU work day and night to bring us FACTS. If you don't have "time" to sit and read about what is going on in Iraq's government, then you have NO BUSINESS BEING IN THIS INVESTMENT. Period, end of discussion, mic drop. If you do not have "time" to read and understand what it is you have invested in, then you need to sell your dinar right now, today and go buy yourself a lottery ticket. You DO NOT belong in this investment OR on this website. If you think this is being harsh, then you are right on the money. I am SICK AND TIRED of you people coming in here whining because we can't and WON'T give you dates, rates and time tables. Go back to your gurus and PLEASE leave us alone. Don't you DARE disrespect these folks that volunteer their time to bring us facts and educate us on this investment!!!!!! GOD BLESS ALL OF THE FOLKS WHO VOLUNTEER TO BRING US FACTS 24 HOURS A DAY, 7 DAYS A WEEK. You guys have given me more than I will EVER be able to thank you for!

Read More: http://www.dinarupdates.com/blog/

MadDScout says(8:09 PM):

LOL Good one!

BGG says(8:09 PM):

To all our great peeps - Thanks SO MUCH...

aminmaine says(8:09 PM):


subgirl says(8:09 PM):


Dinarian1 says(8:09 PM):

Preach it sister! LOL

BGG says(8:10 PM):

I didn't post that for my own benefit... but for all those who work so hard - day-in-and-day-out for all of us here... Great bunch!!

wisconsindinar says(8:10 PM):

dang ! alright

daytrader says(8:10 PM):


BGG says(8:10 PM):


wisconsindinar says(8:11 PM):

must be a lawyer

MrsBGG says(8:11 PM):

Does anyone have any questions or comments?

jtank says(8:11 PM):


Dinarian1 says(8:11 PM):


spike says(8:11 PM):

will there be a aftercall

loop says(8:11 PM):


MrsBGG says to Dinarian1(8:11 PM):


Dinarian1 says(8:11 PM):

So when is the RV again?? JK

MrsBGG says to spike(8:11 PM):


spike says(8:12 PM):


MrsBGG says(8:12 PM):

This room has a great sense of humor!

subgirl says to MrsBGG(8:13 PM):


BGG says to spike(8:13 PM):

No "After Call" scheduled for tonite.

spike says(8:14 PM):

thanks bgg

BGG says(8:14 PM):

OK - back to my "BGG Thoughts" I started earlier...

the volume - tone and tenor of the News out of Iraq right now - IS RIDICULOUS!!

for the RUMOR CHUMPS... it's bad... everytime they open their mouth and legit News Article comes out to refute their stupidity.

for News Researchers... it's a great time to be here!! Yeah!!

the general overtone is this... things are moving ahead for Iraq DOUBLE TIME...

da58 says to BGG(8:17 PM):


MadDScout says(8:17 PM):

"On Schedule"

BGG says(8:17 PM):

it looks like someone other than Iraq is calling the shots. They need this and are responding to whomever is calling "said shots"...

MadDScout says(8:18 PM):


BGG says to MadDScout(8:18 PM):


JETSET says(8:18 PM):


MadDScout says(8:19 PM):

freude machen!

MrsBGG says(8:19 PM):

Any other questions or comments before we wrap up News Time?

larrykn says(8:19 PM):


MrsBGG says to larrykn(8:19 PM):


larrykn says(8:20 PM):

I read an article today that the leader of Isis was giving commands to his troops and they are refusing to die for him, this has to be a good sign

MadDScout says(8:21 PM):

Did you hear the local IS commanders are selling their houses cheap?

In Mosul

larrykn says(8:21 PM):

really lol

MadDScout says(8:21 PM):


spike says(8:21 PM):

can you elaborate on double time...

wisconsindinar says(8:21 PM):

can you sell a house you stole?

BGG says to MadDScout(8:21 PM):

Major ISIS players have escaped Mosul weeks ago.

JETSET says(8:22 PM):

dressing like ladies!

larrykn says(8:22 PM):

well when I was in the service , when the other guy started retreating the end is near

BGG says to spike(8:22 PM):

progress is moving very, very fast.

MadDScout says to BGG(8:22 PM):

Right these are local unit commanders

not high ups but high up enough to have a house.

BGG says to MadDScout(8:23 PM):

Big-Wigs bailing out cannot be good for morale.

MadDScout says(8:24 PM):

There is a point too that people hear "Isis commander killed" and they think he is the only one

JETSET says(8:24 PM):

u mean they have a second one and a third one too?

MadDScout says(8:24 PM):

Just like any military para-military ther is a chain of command

all these minions are now getting s****ped too

done away with*

Knucklehead says(8:25 PM):

Al Bahgdadi has been killed half a dozen times!

MadDScout says(8:25 PM):

Right good point

MadDScout says(8:26 PM):

But I see people who think that they will all go home now cause the One commander has been done away with

MadDScout says(8:26 PM):

Is will go home that is because the "leader" was killed

MadDScout says(8:26 PM):

just a local yokel who had some authority

larrykn says to MadDScout(8:27 PM):

ya I don't think so , we need to get rid of all of them

lee4 says(8:27 PM):

possible not dead but want toght so. then can move to another location and contine to create havoc

MadDScout says(8:27 PM):

Sorry to ramble folks but thank you for stopping in for News Time tonight with BGG please lets do this again soon.

BGG says to MadDScout(8:27 PM):

Let's do.

MrsBGG says to MadDScout(8:28 PM):

Thank you MadDScout!!

MadDScout says(8:28 PM):

This (unless anyone has questions) concludes tonight's news

wisconsindinar says(8:28 PM):

Thanks MS and BGG and mrs BGG

MadDScout says to MrsBGG(8:28 PM):

You are most welcome

da58 says(8:28 PM):

Thanks guys - was great! 

larrykn says(8:28 PM):

thank you BGG an MadDScout for the news what a day

MadDScout says to BGG(8:28 PM):

@ your call.

da58 says(8:28 PM):

times are GOOD

MrsBGG says(8:29 PM):

Thank you everyone for joining us for News Time!! Have a great Labor Day weekend!! Love & Blessings

MadDScout says to larrykn(8:29 PM):

You are welcome Larry

MadDScout says to larrykn(8:29 PM):

i enjoyed it myself.

BGG says(8:29 PM):

Have a Great Labor Day Weekend.


Let's be safe out there!!

MadDScout says to larrykn(8:29 PM):

We continue to break new ground which seems to be lost on a lot of folks.

larrykn says(8:29 PM):

for those on the East coast , my prayer are with you

Dinarian1 says(8:29 PM):

Awesomesauce guys and galls! TY Very much for everything! And most of all... keeping it real!!!

MadDScout says to larrykn(8:30 PM):

I hope our team can change that to some extent

cowboywads says(8:30 PM):


JETSET says(8:30 PM):

where can i find one of those golden shovels we use to break all that ground???

MadDScout says to larrykn(8:30 PM):

Amen Larry

My son

larrykn says(8:31 PM):

when I go to another site , its not hard finding the gurus BS , thank God for DU

MadDScout says to larrykn(8:31 PM):

I know right?

MadDScout says(8:32 PM):

I followed someone here, they left, I stayed

larrykn says to MadDScout(8:32 PM):

smart move

MadDScout says(8:32 PM):

Not for them LOL

Dinarian1 says(8:33 PM):

good night all!

larrykn says to Dinarian1(8:33 PM):


subgirl says to Dinarian1(8:33 PM):

good night and thanks for the pictures lol

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