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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

"Answering New Currency Holder Questions" - Guest Post by Islandwave8

Entry Submitted by islandwave8 at 4:15 AM EDT on September 14, 2016

Hi, This is to the new currency holder w questions: (Re post "The How To of Figuring How Much")

"The How to of Figuring How Much" - Anonymous Guest Post

- Actual rates we will get remain to be seen at exchange - all are guesses til then.

- The new (upcoming) regular rates for VNN are generally guessed to be .47 cents to around $2. (United States dollars per ea Vietnamese Dong). So, yeah, assuming a dollar per dong straight across is reasonable. If you're exchanging in Canada, I'd think you'd be exchanging from Dong to Canadian dollar. So, in your example, 5 mil VNN that has a new rate of $1 USN (making the VNN worth 5 mil US dollars) would at today's exchange rate between USA & Canada (just googled a simple "currency converter" to check), be around 6.5 mil in Canadian dollar. (Assuming $1 USN exchange rate.) (I'm saying USN vs USD because the USN is the asset-backed, and the USD is the old stuff.)

- Supposedly, if we have humanitarian projects and/or job creation, the bank will ask us how much we need to accomplish that, and then offer us the amt to make that happen. How picky they will be or how much authority the bank has to say no to our requests remains to be seen at exchange. But those of us that feel we were born to do projects at the higher rates that have been stated, are certainly going to be asking for what feels like our natural destiny to deliver out to the world. I am trusting God to orchestrate perfect results. I feel the same as you - with less $, it'll be more "comfortable" for me but I will be more self-centered (smaller area I will effect change within) so it feels more empty. With more $ I will be focused on ongoing worldwide philanthropy, and won't really have to waste time focusing on "preserving my money", plus this exchange I personally do can be a win for millions of people. So, in the spirit of fulfilling what I feel I came to this planet to do (and went through the hard prep lessons to get exactly here, just like you and most of the other people God called to this), then I am going to make clear at the exchange what I feel is the Elders intent for their larger funds, and therefore that I am a request to be a conduit for it. God already vetted me in this process, I hope the Elders get that. Even the people that may grab some high rates and not really hold a spirit of serious philanthropy, will still spend and therefore disseminate $ to their communities. So, I hope, like you, that the larger humanitarian funds will be made available to those of us that know God wants us to get them out to the world's individuals. (Cause we've been in their shoes!)

- When we exchange, it's supposed to be asset-backed currencies all around (every country). There's a bit of debate about this "being live yet", but we'll see how it unfolds. Most say the world's already asset-backed behind the scenes, and just has yet to publicly debut. Many say that public moment will happen around Oct 1st when the yuan goes into the SDR. And that they need to get us all through before then so they can have completed old business before the new asset-backed accounting slate begins.

- Prepare (today or asap) a page or two that has some of your philanthropic ideas on it. Assume the amt your working with is the $113 per dong you mentioned, or assume it's limitless and just write the things you are inspired about. I just wrote some of my starting projects, as I would want to keep coming up with new unforeseen ones for the rest of my life & have my children do the same (I can already see they're not here by accident either). You could go into detail, and/or write bullet points. Whatever moves you. The banks haven't issued any preferred instructions, so hey, if they want you to share more detail, you can verbally let them know. God obviously brought you into this for the reason the rest of us are here (we just all have different sub-communities to serve). The bank is just the middleman. The one that hung the stars in the heavens is who personally invited YOU to the exchange appt. So ask for the rates you want.

- Regardless of the rates any of us get, you and anyone you meet can always utilize www.landachinaglobal.com to apply for project funding. I'm going to make postcards that explain Landa's program, and then hand them out to every human being I meet. If I have super high rates, I'll mainly be wanting to use the funds I've been entrusted with to disseminate. But, Landa has a great structure to keep in mind as a resource that's available for anyone, over the next handful of years. Anyone who didn't get on this bandwagon of currency or bonds or PPP etc, can still apply there to get whatever money they need to make their creative philanthropic dreams come true (and write in a salary for themselves doing their real passion & sharing their talents with the world).

- Let's see, re your other misc questions:

- Yes if rate is $4 US, that means 4 x your 5mil vnn, which yes equals 20 mil US dollar.

- "market rate" "international rate" "street rate" "screen rate" are all basically the same thing for your purposes. Like when you visit the USA, what the current exchange rate is for you to swap your CND for USD. You don't have to know it, the bank tells you by looking at their screen, before they hand you the other countries currency in exchange for the one you handed them. This rate is always fluctuating a bit, as the world's market actions affects it. Supposedly, we are not going to be exchanging into this rate, since that rate is not on the public screens yet - hence us just "negotiating a private contract of exchange".

- You don't need to ask for "rainbow currency" - the accounting in the background is what makes it asset-backed vs fiat. You most probably will be exchanging into an asset-backed system. ($ in your acct being asset-backed).

- Any comments people here make about 2:1 or 22,000 to 1 or whatever numerical statement like that, don't worry about it, they are just calculating using a dif angle of math. The minimum rates are as I stated above. It may be higher, but a good base to figure at minimum is the 47 cents to $2. 

- If they will give the high humanitarian rates, and offer a payout structure, pick the long one (100 years). You will supposedly get quarterly interest that you can keep giving giving giving away!

- All praise to the Source of all this fun! This exchange is between you and God. Yes, take it personally, and yes, intend however you, in co-collaboration w God, want it to turn out. All of us people here, and at the exchange, are all just servants to God's Will. And God apparently wants to use you specifically as a conduit for The Divine Presence to express itself through!

"Oh God make me a hollow reed,
From which the pith of self hath been blown...
That I may become a pure channel,
Through which Thy Love may flow unto others.."

Hopefully this late night ramble brings some clarity ;)




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