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Sunday, August 14, 2016

"You Will See/Perceive More In 5D" - Guest Post by One Who Believes

Entry Submitted by One Who Believes at 3:41 PM EDT on August 14, 2016

You Will See/Perceive More In 5d

This post is in response to the recent Gary Larrabee Video Post (Link Below) where he states that he is now seeing People who aren't really there. While he calls them "Visions" others might call them Ghosts. These are just "Beings" who exist at a higher Frequency Range than we do. It's no big deal because we will all be seeing them soon...

In this post, I will explain a few interesting things about your current 3d Frequency vision and how it will be changing as we move to a Higher Level Frequency Existence (5d - Fifth-Density /Frequency).

Where We Are Now (Frequency Wise)

Our current level of existence is known as 3d, which is not Length x Width x Height, but instead, it is a Vibrational Frequency Level or "Density," or more specifically a Frequency Range of perception and experience. In short, everything we perceive through our 5 senses are adjusted to pickup frequencies in this level/range. In example we cannot see ultra-violate light because it is outside our perception range. Interestingly, things that are solid, are only solid because that is how we experience/perceive them. To a Being operating at a higher Frequency Range/Existence, walls and solid matter is not even there. That is why Ghosts and aliens for instance, can go right through brick walls that we perceive as solid from 3d, because they perceive them as nothing at their Frequency.

Your Eye Vision As it is Now in 3d

Most people don’t realize that we see the World just like a Movie camera does, in frames per second. Even though our view seems continuous it is actually a sequence of snapshots all strung together to form a moving view of the World. The simple way to prove this is to look at a spinning wagon wheel. Well, that was the old way, now it might be a wheel of a car, or for your older folks, the spinning film reel when it is rewinding the film. By the way, this MUST be done in person, physically viewing the object, not watching a movie, because the movie has its own frequency of snapshots affecting the experiment. When the spinning wheel gets to the right speed, it looks like it is no longer spinning and the spokes seem to be standing still. This is the speed at which the rpms of the wheel are a match to the speed at which your eye is taking snap shots. While it is most likely a multiple, the same principle applies.

Your eye sees a snapshot of the wheel in a certain position and then by the time your eye takes the next snapshot (View) the wheel is in the same exact position again. It looks like it hasn't moved, but it has moved one or more times since the last view. When the spokes seem to be moving backwards, it is because your first eye snapshot/view was in one position and by the time the next eye view/snapshot the wheel has not quite reached where it was before. The same is true of the spokes moving forward slowly. They eye sees the wheel in a slightly forward position than the first time indicating that the wheel is moving slightly faster that your eye frequency at that moment.

Your Eye Side Peripheral-Vision Is at a Higher Frequency

Your forward Vision is in full color and operates at a certain 3d Frequency Range to perceive all the colors and detail of the Physical World. However, your side/peripheral vision operates at a much higher frequency than your forward vision does. Since it is at such a high frequency, it is able to "See" things that you can't see with your forward vision. That is why Gary could see those People/Beings out the side of his eye, but when he turned to look they were no longer there. They were there all right, but just invisible to the eye's forward vision frequency. That is why so many people see things out the corner of their eyes and turn and see nothing. What they saw was at too high a frequency to be seen with their forward vision.

We Are Going To Be Seeing More in 5d

When the Ascended Masters show up in the flesh, they have lowered their frequency to a lower range so that we can see and interact with them. I understand that this is not easy or fun for them because the lower Frequency (Body) is uncomfortable and they can't wait to rise back up to their higher frequency bodies as soon as they can. In this regard, they are waiting for us to rise up to their frequency instead, and we are rising up right now.

As we rise up in the Frequency Level of our existence/perception we will be seeing colors we have never seen before, as well as other aspects of nature that were invisible to us before. "Cloaked" by Frequency range if you will. This means that those people Gary could barely see with his peripheral vision before, he will now be able to see perfectly with his forward vision, and interact with them as well.

This is the WILD PART!

If I am not mistaken, we will be seeing our friends and loved one who have passed on (Ascended to a higher Frequency), because we will be closer to where they are now, frequency wise.

Bottom Line

To be sure, there is way more to this than I have covered here. I just wanted to give you some informational Food For Thought. In short, don't be surprised if you start seeing more than you expected. Don't be afraid either. Remember we are moving to a higher frequency on the way to pure Love and farther away from the lower frequencies of Fear and Hate. The higher you go in frequency, the better it gets!!!!!!!! Enjoy the Ride/Rise.

Signed: One Who Believes

Reference: Gary Larrabee Video Post


2. (Strange) Meditating and Seeing the Changes that are Happening inside of my Mind.


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