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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Wealthwatch Chat for Saturday 8-27-16

Wealthwatch.world Chat Room 8-27-16

Saturday Member News Discussion - Featuring Chattels

[2016-08-27 07:21:09] Doug_W: wow a LOT of good things happening all at once over there!!

[2016-08-27 08:08:49] chattels: Parliament voted by an absolute majority on dissatisfaction with answers Zebari wealthwatch.world/showthr...

[2016-08-27 08:09:51] chattels: Erbil and Baghdad ready to talk about independence and Mosul wealthwatch.world/showthr...

[2016-08-27 08:20:25] chattels: likely a revolution against Daesh inside Mosul ................... guessed ground forces commander Lt. Gen. Riad Toufic do residents in the city of Mosul , a large revolt against al Daesh stressing that the liberation of Mosul is near. wealthwatch.world/showthr...

[2016-08-27 08:20:47] chattels: Likely wishful thinking by the ISF, but Fallujah was a surprise and maybe Mosul will develop differently from all previous liberation efforts.

[2016-08-27 08:24:59] chattels: These no confidence proceedings are not good news for the stability of government in Iraq. Most commentators view the proceedings as attacks upon Abadi by the Maliki led shadow government / reform front.

[2016-08-27 08:26:27] chattels: THE STOLEN WAR How corruption and fraud created a failed state in Iraq—and led directly to the rise of ISIS. newrepublic.com/article/1...

[2016-08-27 08:27:04] chattels: " Iraq remains in disarray, hampered by inept and criminal leaders."

[2016-08-27 08:29:27] chattels: The causes of America’s devastating misadventure in Iraq remain an enduring source of debate. How could the United States, after spending an estimated $1.7 trillion in tax dollars and deploying more than 115,000 soldiers to topple Saddam Hussein and rebuild the country, wind up with a failed state that has given rise to a brutal new brand of terrorism? Was it a failure of military strategy, or of political will? Did we end the war too soon, or wait too long to get out? Did we spend too little on rebuilding the country’s infrastructure, or target our aid in the wrong places? The answer may be far simpler, and ultimately more humiliating: The men we placed in charge of Iraq robbed us blind.

[2016-08-27 08:29:53] chattels: “Maliki and his guys had it down to a science,” says the businessman who bid on the energy deal. “You didn’t always know who was getting greased, but it was always government officials, and Maliki got a cut on every deal. They set up an elaborate system that made it look like development was taking place with legitimate contracting and bids, but it was all graft. That’s where a lot of American money disappeared.”

[2016-08-27 08:31:15] chattels: Internal emails reveal that Unaoil paid its largest bribes to two Iraqi officials code-named M and Teacher. The latter was Hussain Al Shahristani, who served as Maliki’s deputy prime minister and oil minister. (He’s currently Iraq’s minister of education.) M was Kareem Luaibi, who succeeded Shahristani as oil minister.

[2016-08-27 08:31:46] chattels: Luaibi is now the Oil Minister again.

[2016-08-27 08:33:11] chattels: Such corruption isn’t just illegal—it’s a massive impediment to creating a stable Iraq. For all practical purposes, Iraq is no longer a single, unified country. Many analysts predict that it will soon break apart entirely, or devolve into three loosely federated states: a Shia regime controlling everything from Baghdad to Basra; a Kurdish government in the north; and a Sunni rump state, centered in Anbar Province, that will rival Palestine in its misery.

[2016-08-27 08:34:08] chattels: Prime Minister Haider Al Abadi, has recently made a few stabs at reform, though he has been unable to sweep aside the thousands of corrupt appointees to government ministries. The reality is that corruption is now so thoroughly entrenched in Iraq that it will be almost impossible to excise.

[2016-08-27 08:58:56] Wheresmyrv?: We should have just taken over that country and turned it into a US territory. What a mess that place is now.

[2016-08-27 09:23:43] Doug_W: ‹@Wheresmyrv?› nop[e they are slowly methodicaly changing it to a real democracy

[2016-08-27 10:27:43] rocknrollbus: ‹@Doug_W› ‹@Doug_W› ‹@Doug_W› SW of Buffalo last nite.......west of Pittsburg today.........north of Albany tomorrow........

[2016-08-27 11:20:29] Doug_W: ‹@rocknrollbus› where N of Albania tomorrow?

[2016-08-27 12:26:27] OOTW: BAGHDAD, Aug 27 (KUNA) -- Hall of the Iraqi parliament witnessed on Saturday heated debates that developed into fistfights among the lawmakers including at least two female members of the assembly. A source at the assembly's information office told KUNA that deputies, namely Awatef Naamah from the National Alliance and Ashwaq Al-Jaf from the Kurdistan Coalition, engaged in abusive rhetorical exchanges that quickly developed into fighting. The session was held to grill Finance Minister Hushyar Zebari over alleged administrative and financial corruption. The MPs voted on a motion stipulating that the arguments presented by Zebari were non-convincing. MP Haitham Al-Jabbouri, who questioned Zebari, also traded indecent remarks with MPs from the Kurdistan Coalition, of which Zebari is a member. The violent quarrel broke out when Al-Jabbouri presented the motion, signed by 50 members, to state whether the grilled official's answers were convincing. The source said the chairman, Salim Al-Jabbouri, addressed the parliamentary conduct committee to bring into account any member who attacks or threatens a colleague. The vote is prelude to a no-confidence voting against Zebari, due in a week, according to the Iraqi law. (end) ahm.rk

[2016-08-27 14:40:16] Ononotagain: Urgent Ki-Moon arrives at Iraqi Parliament Published: 2016/3/26 15:01 • 1044 Reads Ki-Moon arrives at Iraqi Parliament Baghdad (AIN) -The UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon arrived at the Iraqi Parliament on Saturday. Ki-Moon was received by the Iraqi Speaker Salim al-Jubouri. Earlier on Saturday morning, the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, Chairman of the International Fund as well as the chairman of the Islamic Bank have arrived at the Iraqi Capital Baghdad. / End / en.alliraqnews.com/module...

[2016-08-27 14:49:25] Ononotagain: Im a few months behind on that last post 2016/3/26

[2016-08-27 16:49:35] chattels: Legal Committee of Parliament, is expected to earn Defense Minister Khaled al - Obeidi article, the issue of the appeal - if Qdamha- to the Supreme Federal Court, in a parliamentary vote in favor of the withdrawal of confidence with him last week. Committee Chairman Muhsin al - Sadoun in a televised statement, that "According to the rules of procedure of Parliament, the withdrawal of confidence from the minister mean that depended on the work and the exercise of his powers and becomes a constitutional article." He added , "But it remains to the minister the right to challenge his dismissal, especially since the secret ballot of the parliament to withdraw confidence from the Minister what it is not provided for in the rules of procedure of the House of Representatives as well as the Constitution. "

[2016-08-27 16:49:48] chattels: www.alliraqnews.com/modul...

[2016-08-27 16:50:15] chattels: " ................ the secret ballot of the parliament to withdraw confidence from the Minister what it is not provided for in the rules of procedure of the House of Representatives as well as the Constitution. "

[2016-08-27 18:22:47] chattels: S&P affirms Iraq’s ‘B-’ rating with stable outlook The stable outlook reflects the agency’s view that deficits are financeable Published: 16:47 August 27, 2016 gulfnews.com/business/eco...

[2016-08-27 18:23:15] chattels: Dubai: Standard and Poor’s said it has affirmed its ‘B-’ long-term and ‘B’ short-term foreign and local currency sovereign credit ratings on Iraq with a stable outlook. The stable outlook reflects the ratings agency’s expectation that Iraq’s large fiscal and external deficits can be financed, and that its conflict with Daesh (the self-proclaimed Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant) will be contained, the ratings agency said in a statement. It also incorporates their forecast of an increase in Iraqi oil production and oil exports to 4.4 million barrels per day (bpd) and 3.6 million bpd, respectively, by 2019, while the IMF programme leads to gradual fiscal consolidation. However, the rating is constrained by the war in the country Iraq has the world’s fifth-largest proven crude oil reserves and is the second-largest oil exporter in the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (Opec). Oil dominates the Iraqi economy, contributing over 60 per cent of GDP, 90 per cent of government revenues and more than 95 per cent of exports.

[2016-08-27 18:24:42] chattels: Jafary should just resign. He would make a fortune selling audio tapes to folks who suffer from insomnia. twitter.com/UticaRisk

[2016-08-27 18:36:05] Doug_W: shutting down now

--End of Today's Chat--



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