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Monday, August 29, 2016

TNT RayRen's Showtime CC Notes by Adept1 for 8-29-16

(Notes by Adept1):

TNT Call notes 29-August-2016

Replay 605.562.3179, PIN CODE 409029#

Ray: Good afternoon, TNT super-fantastic family! Today is Marvelous Monday, August 29, 2016, and yours truly RayRen98 here, working the controls.

Those who came on early heard a different selection of music – one that I normally put on for TNT members during the early morning rap sessions. Those who don’t hang out in chat a great deal misinterpret some of the lyrics. I would post some of those lyrics in chat and then they would be reposted as intel! “It’s your time; the wait is over”, for example… then people would misunderstand and ask why they are not at the bank! You have to see what the words refer to. Most of us have been praying for an RV to happen, and didn’t make it time-specific. I know I didn’t! I’m sure the prayers were modified along the way, but the first prayers to Him were to just ‘make it so’. Then greed and the need for instant gratification set in, and I had to send in a new prayer to super-cede the old one. Maybe it doesn’t work like that! Maybe the message is now coming to us that the wait is over and it’s your time. What we have requested has been done, to all intents and purposed. Maybe I’m the only one who thinks of it that way.

Are you ready to walk in your season? Because I do believe the season is upon us and I do believe it is your time, and the wait is over. I base that belief on all the things I’ve shared with you, and things I haven’t been able to share, and what I’ll share today.

We sent out information this weekend, and the public stuff fell in behind that – everything has been passed and agreed upon. Some laws should be posted in Sunday’s Gazette, and the remaining ones in Wednesday’s Gazette. Come Wednesday or Thursday it won’t matter anyway, so long as everything is done and passed. There is nothing else for Iraq to do, as far as voting is concerned, although there may be some pomp and circumstance to unfold. I don’t see those as a hindrance, but might be part of the grand scheme of things.

Information continues to flow about next week, Mosul and final liberation, and letting the world it has been reclaimed 100%. We will see what effect the Amnesty Law will have on this situation. Many have been following the situation in Iraq, without knowing exactly how that affects what we are looking for. I understand a new Defense Minister has been named, and other announcements have been scheduled.

Over here, in the US and abroad, we have some banks that were expecting early exchanges starting as early as today. We are hearing about exchange activities scheduled for Thursday, with even higher (dinar) rates than I have shared before. That sounds very good to me! Great expectations – we are in the season. It’s your time, and I do believe the wait is over.

Questions from the Forum – please put your questions in the right place!

Q: Should money from the exchange be place in the trust if we have one, or will PODs suffice?
A: If the trust is already established, why do you contemplate doing things from an ownership position (i.e., POD), instead of control (trust)? All activities should be taking place within the trust. If you are still owning something, then a POD should be put on the account in case something happens to you before you disburse those funds.

Q: Are the lower denoms out yet?
A: I haven’t receiving any information about lower denominations being out more than we have heard in the past.

Q: I have Zim, Dong and Dinar. I’m a Swedish citizen with a green card. Have lived here for over 30 years, and my wife is American. 1) Will me being Swedish affect the rates I will get, due to Sweden low level of involvement in Iraq? 2) Will I be able to get contract rates at exchange? 3) Should I instead of being the primary in the exchange, accompany my wife and do exchange together?
A: If you have been here 30 years, why aren’t you an American? I doubt that being Swedish will make any difference to your rates, especially if you have been a resident here for 30 years, and being legally married – I assume you have joint accounts? You should be able to get contract rates, yes. And I would expect you and your wife to exchange together, although if she doesn’t believe it’s real… You could also check in advance; when you make your appointment, ask these same questions, and exchange into a joint account.

Q: Do you expect to exchange by Thursday or Friday of this week?
A: Well, since the banking community has said they expect to see me on Thursday, I’ll go along with that. We’ve had banking expectations before; this may finally be it.

Q: Are we there yet?
A: Depends on what you mean. We are not at the bank yet…

Q: Can you explain what a derivative is, and if it would or would not benefit dinar holders?
A: From what I’ve heard from bankers, we don’t have anything to worry about with derivatives. Express any worry you have about derivatives at the exchange; if you feel this is an issue, switch your money to a bank that can give you are better report.

Q: Did you ever hear anything about the rate on Iraq’s Olympic Athlete’s cards?
A: Yes, I did., but I’m going to leave it at that.

Q: On your Saturday update what did you mean by “The people of Iraq have gotten what they wanted….and so will the rest of the world.”?
A: The corruption is being dealt with and exchanges are taking place, so they got what they wanted… and this week should show us if the rest of world is getting what they want, too.

Q: Does the fighting between the Turks and Kurds with the US helping the Turks and now Iraq asking Iran to step in have any delays on the Global RV? 
A: I have not heard of any grave concerns regarding that.

Q: are we still getting the 800’s and are you on the list to receive the numbers?
A: I have not received anything official regarding either parts of your question, but unofficially, I will say Yes to both parts.

Live callers:

8656/404 caller: There was an article earlier about Iraq issuing the coins and having gold auctions tomorrow. Have you heard this from your contacts?

RayRen: Which coins? If it’s about the fils, the small change, that would be something I expect to see coming out in the next day or two, even if the citizens still view them as worthless. If they get them now, they won’t rush the banks to get them after the RV. A lot of lower denominations have been distributed to merchants, before anyone else believed they would be issued or useful. They were preparing even then by putting the lower denoms and coins out amongst the citizens, throughout the provinces. When we heard that, we naturally thought “it’s RV time”, but when that didn’t happen, we heard the merchants were complaining and some turned them back in. But if they are sending them out again, that would be a good move, so that merchants/citizens are ready. The minute I hear this for sure, I will text it out – because it’s you asking.

Caller: They cannot risk everyone grabbing the coins and melting them down because the metal is worth more than the coinage. Also, there have been other comments about exchanging, because of the high dollar amount for zim, some may have to exchange once for the zim and again for the other currencies – have you heard this?

RayRen: that doesn’t make sense to me. If we were 100% paper currency based, that might make sense, but we are mostly digital now, so I am taking all my currencies in with me to the exchange and asking for the nosebleed rates!

918 caller: Should we be anticipating some type of official statement or announcement from the CBI on the revaluation, to make it all official?

RayRen: I don’t think so. I firmly believe that everything has been initiated over there, and the citizens already know about the revalued currency; they are just waiting for it to get to the right level. I think it’s just going to go. I can’t see the US making official announcements about something happening in another country. In Iraq, it is already a reality: the banks there said they were printing and issuing cards that are valid and international immediately. So much has already taken place!

VI caller: All my questions have been answered, so I will watch and wait!

606 caller: I am off to Hawaii for several weeks. If the RV doesn’t happen before then, I’m concerned because there are no WF branches there, nor any of the Big Four. How do you suggest I handle this?

RayRen: You aren’t going for a few weeks? Hopefully you will already have exchanged. If not, call a few banks over there and ask for the situation, find out what they know and what is possible. If the banks are not using the language you want to hear, then I’d be prepared to fly back to the mainland on little notice.

Caller: I’m wary of talking my currency with me, what with TSA and such. Maybe I should ship it overnight?

RayRen: One friend traveled with a lot of currency, and they made a public thing so that a lot of people could see, and he could make sure his currency didn’t disappear. You have a couple of ways to go about that. I don’t have all that much currency, and I’ve had no problems traveling with it. If you’re traveling with several suitcases of currency, that is a different situation.

352 caller: In the event that I did not set up a trust before my exchange, will they still have that ‘skeleton trust’ available?

RayRen: I don’t know – there have been mixed signals about that, with some banks saying they don’t know anything about that, but others… What is your concern here? Liability? Let’s look at this: you become rich on Monday and you have a car wreck on Tuesday. Normally you have a couple of weeks before any kind of complaint is filed or dealt with. So in the meantime, just act the way you act today, and in terms of passing on that money, use a POD while you get your asset protection in place. Take a week or so to learn what is going on, and then move your funds as required.

Caller: And put your funds in a non-interest-bearing account?

RayRen: I’m putting my money to work, so I’m using any NIB account. I don’t follow this argument that if the bank uses your money, my money is going to be gone overnight. Let’s not get into fear-mongering, and teaching people how to block the banks from playing with your money. The bank is in the business to make money, and they have to be experienced and successful at doing that, or they wouldn’t still be in business. I think it’s better to go in without preconceptions, and have them tell me the best way to deal with my money. I haven’t heard any compelling reason to use NIB accounts, and I don’t want any lazy money in my life!

254 caller: Have you heard anything on the dong? An article yesterday says that they have revalued.

RayRen: Bloomberg reported that Vietnam intends to change the value of their currency, but no date/time was given.

574 caller: About that Swedish gentleman earlier, I am in a somewhat similar situation. The easiest thing is to go in with your spouse, and tell them what they would like to do – joint accounts or separate ones, whichever they prefer, and do the POD on the new account(s). Then at the next meeting with the wealth manager, they can sort out any further details. There can be an issue with estate tax on a joint account if one spouse is American. For the short interval between appointments, I’d set up the accounts and discuss it later with the wealth manager.

RayRen: That’s one way to look at it. I prefer to dump it all in a trust controlled by other spouses, and then there is nothing to be taxed.

914 caller: There was someone the other day talking about taking armed people with him, in plain clothes. That is a very bad idea, because security on site will not be happy. If you have that much currency, use an official security service. Where do you think we are for this week, on a scale of 1—10?

RayRen: Based on what is reported and predicted, we’re at 8.5—9.5.

Ohio caller: I gather you are planning to meet in 13 cities, etc. Can you give me a contact?

RayRen: Get on the tweets by sending a text to 40404; the message should read FOLLOW @THE_TNT_TEAM. You should get a return message within two minutes. If not, send again omitting the @. Then when I send out the information for the banking seminars, you will receive a text message telling you to look into the forum. There is a public folder you can access without being a TNT member. Go to www.tntsuperfantastic.com and click on the blue FORUM button; you can then see all that has been made public, including the seminar registration/information.

Closing remarks:

We’re a little past the hour but we got it all in. It looks like everyone is focusing on 1. September, which is Thursday. Banks are saying they are looking forward to people coming in, and some members have actual exchange appointments. Rates are showing up on the screens, and they say ‘pending’ rather than ‘rejected’. There are lots of great expectations for any moment, any hour, any day, with lots of attention on Thursday. In the meantime, are you ready to walk in your season? It is your time; the wait is over.



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