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Monday, August 22, 2016

TNT RayRen's Showtime CC Cliff Notes by Sunny for 8-22-16

(Cliff Notes by Sunny):

August 22, 2016

Replay 605.562.3179, PIN CODE 409029#

Ray: Your a member if your a member in heart and don’t have full access to the back room.

Ray: Iraqi citizens report leaflet being dropped by air saying ISIS has been eliminated and freedom reigns over the country. . . Mosul is going to be completely liberated if it is not already. We wait to see if this was a major piece of the puzzle or to distract us while something else was afoot.

I wrestled this morning with do a call or not do a call. There was no dynamic information, but Friday we did not do a call. Then thought about if I go through Monday and don’t do one and know what some of you were subjected to over the weekend. I remembered a message, “If no one speaks, everyone will believe them” so thought I would do a call . . . if your only hearing one thing and no one to counteract that then . . . from a human nature stand point we tend to believe what we are hearing. That’s why we are having this call today to give the little bit of new information and to counteract some of the craziness your being subjected to.


Ray: Members Banking sources saying look to Tuesday . . .others saying this week. Some being told to look for financial tools coming into fruition Wednesday into Thursday.


There is a question of the governance of Iraq affecting the full public effect of the RV. Ray. . . What Iraq is doing in country may be indicators of some stress . . . tomorrow maybe some conclusions on it. USD use in Iraq is greatly reduced. Although still used, it is not the medium of exchange.

  • Rates: Different set of rates now showing up on the screens. Ray indicated there was a difference between past rates and what is now being seen. He did not indicate if it was higher or lower, just he needed to get additional information.
  • ZIM:
Ray: ZIM is on the screen looking good. Looking very good. I don’t know how true to form the rates are going to be until someone exchanges and receives them. Double digit. If it stays there that throws the .03 out the window. Based on official information the ZIM is going to be brought onto the table with a value for the 100 and 50 Trillion note. Now we have members talking with their local banks and being told they will receive and accept any ZIM they are holding. That remains to be seen.
  • Iran Rial and Iraq Dinar go together?
Ray: I think so but I don’t have solid information.

  • SKR
Ray: Have an understanding that if they don’t call, we have an understanding that they still have not received funding. As of right now, it’s still the same as it has been. They are waiting.


Q & A: TNT Forum

– Based on latest intel you sticking with it is done and just waiting on public announcement?

Ray: Yes!

– When I make a call into a chat am I being put into a database.

Ray: They have the capability to do it. Be careful what numbers you call. It’s possible your being recorded, marketed, harvested. We are not doing the same thing.

– If someone had mega Zim and a .03 rate showed with total over 5 billion would all that amount be allowed in your account with total access.

Ray: Why wouldn’t it. What rules, regulations, laws in place that would not allow that. Your just exchanging. You walked in with currency in value . . . and exchanged it over to US dollars and will walk out with the same thing you walked in with.

– When I sign an NDA for CYA reasons (cover your assets). I would need to have a witness. Can I have a lawyer sign it weeks later.

Ray: Yes, you can enter into an NDA agreement/contract with an attorney.

Ray: All still waiting on International release of RV. Who is putting the lid on the pot . . . I have no answer.

Q & A: Callers

– Will I be at a disadvantage to exchange if it is two weeks before I can do so?

Ray: The dinar anticipation is it will move rather quickly and then settle down. Start $3.71 and then the market take it up and back down. I think you will be okay in a two week time span.

– If you have multi-currencies do you keep it in different accounts?

Ray: Unless something has changed you have to exchange it into USD first and then can create a multi-currency account. For those investing or transacting business in other countries that is the purpose a multi-currency account serves.

– What keeps a professional management firm honest?

Ray: Whoever is hired there will definitely be an audit at least semi-annually if not annually.

– Are you still hearing from the government contacts Tony had?

Ray: No, we don’t have a reason to hear from them at the present time.

Caller: Are you still hearing from DC?

Ray: DC took a sabbatical for good reasons. We will respect that request from him.

Caller: If we sign an NDA how do we handle accountants, investment people, those who want to know where the money came from.

Ray: It’s none of their business. Your going to have the money in your bank and the bank acknowledging saying your funds are not illegal. As long as the bank says they have full faith and trust in how you got this money so it’s not any investment persons business. Your in control/ Your not asking for people to do something for you. That’s in the past . . . where we used to live. Now your sitting across the desk and saying, “Impress me with you can do for me and my money.” He who has the golds makes the rules. You’ll have the gold. You will not succumb to “will they take me as a client.” The show is on the other foot and you will say, “show me why I should be your client.”

– Come November will Tony come back to TNT?

Ray: I think come November we will be on the other side of the rainbow. If the six zero’s not dropped will it go for pennies? Ray: I am hoping for it to go at what we are seeing on the screens.

Caller: How long can we hold the currency.

Ray: As far as a country’s currency, with everyone going to an asset backed system, unless a country’s assets change the currency will probably not do any major changes. I don’t believe we are there today and still be fiat type currency mixed in with that. I don’t know how it will actually affect the currency just yet. You won’t hold the paper that long. You will learn how to digitize it, make it digital, so you can do something with it on a moment’s notice.

– When we exchange does that person across the desk need to be a fiduciary? I know some are fiduciaries and they are to have my interests included.

Ray: I think the bank will be on the up and up, as they say.

Ray: There is some activity that would make someone think that. It’s one of those big question marks.

Q: Redemption centers not tied into a bank?

Ray: Chase has said go to a specialized . . . not heard about any of these redemption centers not being part of a bank.

Re: Explanation why support is not always available for TNT Forum or Tweet

Ray: None of us get paid at TNT. I don’t get paid. Mod’s don’t get paid.


Been wonderful time hanging out with you for an hour and a half. At least it has been for me. For those of you in it to win it, we will be right here with you till the end.

We are waiting. We like the signs of progress that have come to our attention. Cannot tell you one or two more days, or one or two more weeks or one or two more months. We don’t have hard and fast promises it will happen by such and such. It’s coming. It can’t back up. Can’t turn around. Have a little more patience. A little more perseverance. We will try to keep you going, mentally and emotionally.

It’s coming. I do believe that. Just can’t tell you the day. I will give you the information. If it’s banking information and they give it to me I will give it to you, so we can inform you, our family, our team on what to expect and look forward too. Enjoy your Monday. If anything pops in we will be back on the lines.



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