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Thursday, August 25, 2016

"The Most Valuable Intel to Date..." - Guest Post by One Who Believes

Entry Submitted by One Who Believes at 1:13 PM EDT on August 25, 2016


Most Valuable Intel & Intel Provider

Here we are nearly at the end of our Journey and it's time to Honor Our Most Valuable Intel Providers and then at the end of this post, we will Reveal the MOST Valuable Intel Ever Released Into Dinar-Land (Art says Currency Land). Don't miss this (MVI) Most Valuable Intel - Nugget, which is still a Closely Held CABAL Secret that was never meant to be disclosed to us.

The Awards are for: Most Informative Intel (MII), Most Dates and Rates (MDAR), Most Advanced Intel (MAI), Most Passionate Intel Provider (MPIP), and finally The Most Valuable Intel (MVI).

It takes a special type of person to be an Intel provider these days. In all fairness, while I don't follow all the Intel Providers, I am quite aware of the most notable ones, so this list is naturally biased. None the less, I honor all the other providers not mentioned in these awards.

Most Informative Intel (MII)

It is hard to declare a clear winner when, the intel is so diverse in nature among the providers. However, these are the top contenders in this category. This Award is basically a 4 way tie between Dizzy Bear (The Nancy Call), Frank26, The Real Truth Call, and Yosef.

Dizzy Bear of the Nancy Call, is a contender for his in depth CABAL history, War Time stories, and his Intense Market Analysis. This is clearly his area of expertise. However, I have no doubt that there is more he would reveal if he were permitted to do so.. (Shout out to Linda the "Bentley Queen").

Frank26 is a contender for his in depth analysis of Iraq. Of course, it goes without saying, that this includes his whole "Team" of researchers and assistants. No one can tell an entertaining Iraq story like Frank26. His Intel reminds me of the movie "National Treasure" with Nicolas Cage, with the endless clues, that lead to yet more clues, and still even more clues. One day the answer to the last clue with be "Today!!!!"

The Real Truth Call came on the scene as an intel call with Fisher's contributions. While it is not primarily a currency Intel call, it is one of the leading Reality Intel calls. This is the main reason this call is a contender for Most Informative Intel. One of the most important things about this call is there are no "Taboo Subjects" as anything and everything goes. If you want to know about the Galactics, ETs, Ascension, NESARA, new technologies, and general Enlightenment, this call is for you.

Yosef is really the leader in this category since he discloses everything he knows and holds noting back. We have learned about the CABAL in Hollywood, the music industry, the 911 connection, and significant intel about the Republic, the Government, and the GCR. He is most known for his fearless pursuit of disclosing the utter truth no matter what anyone says and in spite of his detractors and the naysayers. He brought us such notable intel as the Change in the Presidency of the US, The ZIM is a Bond, and that the GCR is not a Transaction but instead a Transition into the Christ Consciousness. He has taken more Heat than any other Intell provider for his disclosures, and yet he stands firm in his beliefs and steadfast in his desire to disseminate everything to us in Dinar-Land, and still provides Intel on a regular basis.

Honorable Mentions go to Bruce from the Big Call with his twice a week updates with great "Politically Correct" Intel, and the Hollow Earth Network with their regular Channeling's of key figures in our Earth Transition. They have great Healing calls, Enlightenment Information and most notably the intel from Zorra on the "Declarations," NESARA, and the GCR.

Most Dates and Rates (MDAR)

This category is about both the most wanted Intel and the Least Accurate. There will only be one Date that turns out to be Accurate, and all the others by definition won’t be. Since the RV/GCR is a Moving Target, and the World's most important secret, it is nearly impossible to nail down the actual Date or the Rates. However, there is no one close to Yosef for trying to get us that final date and those illusive rates. I have no doubt that at the moment the dates and rates were posted they were accurate, or as close as they could be. He wins this category hands down, bless his heart. No one else had the courage and the fortitude to hold up to the continual barrages of criticism that were levied against him when the dates came and went. On the street they would say he "Has a Brass Pair."

Every other contender either stayed in the safety of the "Politically Correct" stance of No dates and no rates, or they tiptoed around it by saying things like "Time Will Tell," or "We are Right There where we want to be!" I don’t blame them with all the naysayers, the disinformation agents and the disappointed Dinarians, ready to pounce on anyone quoting wrong dates.

Most Advanced Intel (MAI)

Speaking specifically of RV/GCR/Republic Intel, there is only one Intel provider that even comes close to providing the most Advanced Intel. Most of the other Intel providers hampered by being "Politically Correct," having Handlers, and/or fearing reprisal, mute their intel to its most generic form. The safest position to take is "There is an RV and Time Will Tell with it happens." Of course we want more... and Yosef Delivered!!!!

While most of his "Advanced Intel" won’t be proven till the new history books are written, the other intel will be validated at the time of your exchange. We got Rates, Dates, Republic Intel, Cabal Intel, specific details of plans and take downs, and even top level Presidential details. He reveled so much high level intel that other top level intel providers like Fisher from the Real Truth Call was making an open request for him to hold it back. But in true Yosef form, he let it all out, to his detriment as so much of that high level intel can't be proven, at least not right now. I for one, appreciate this in depth intel, because I know the best intel, is so secret, that it can't be proven. By contrast the least valuable intel is easily looked up and found everywhere.

While Yosef holds the Award for the Most Advanced Intel, with an emphasis on "MOST" as in quantity, there are a couple of other notable contenders. First there is Fisher of the Real Truth Call. His intel on the GCR and other really interesting and important topics is priceless and well worth a re-listen to the past Call replays. Look for "Fisher" in the call titles. The other notable is Zorra from The Hollow Earth Network Calls. His High Up (Think Galactic) point of view and intel is so interesting and informative and well worth a listen as well.

Most Passionate Intel Provider (MPIP)

This category has a clear winner with a couple of Honorable Mentions. The hands down winner is Yosef again. His desire to spread the word of the Christ Consciousness, the Transaction vs. the Transaction, the most current intel and rates, and finally his open letters to the key personnel in this GRC show his passion. He wasn't deterred by the flack that was sure to come, and condemnation from his detractors. He put himself out there for us and Humanity time and time again, and not for his own gain. He could have held back his intel and insight for himself, but he held nothing back for our benefit. We have to thank him for his unbridled generosity and love for all of Humanity.

There are two Honorable Mentions in this category of Passionate contributions. First, was the Gerry Maguire "Wing-It call" where he shared his thoughts on Forgiveness. What a treat that was. And second, also from the Wing-It call, was IKO's response to the Presidential change over plan for the Republic as revealed by Yosef. While he has many passionate points of view, I am sure that particular discourse changed history, or at least this particular information roll out plan. It was heartfelt, and nothing is more engrossing than someone who has an opinion and shares it with passion.

Most Valuable Intel (MVI)

This is the MOST IMPORTANT award of all. It is not only the most valuable Intel ever disclosed in Dinarland, but it is the only intel that will be intentionally withheld from you by the Banks. They are specifically instructed NOT TO TELL YOU ABOUT THIS.

By comparison, all of the other intel about rates, NASARA, the Glatics, the Republic, the IRS, and whatever else, will be revealed to you in time if not immediately. So while it is nice to know it now, you would find out about it later anyway.

What is this MOST VALUABLE INTEL? The Sovereign Rates available on all currencies, now called "Privately Negotiated Rates." While at first this doesn't seem so important, it is the most important thing you need to know before you go to your exchange. In short the Exchange Centers have been instructed NOT to offer these rates unless you specifically ask and how would you ask for them if you didn't know about them? Now you get the importance. Ignorance could cost you Millions, Billions, and even Trillions of Dollars. In fact these rates are so much higher than the other rates that they will double, triple, and quadruple the money you get from your exchange if not multiply it by hundreds of times more. BUT, you have to know about it to ask for it, and we can thank Yosef for telling us about it.

As valuable as this intel is, there are still people who don’t know about it or won’t ask for it. There are still intel providers who are quoting very low rates, either knowingly misleading you or they are just ignorant themselves. Thinking low, keeps you from thinking or asking for big rates. But Yosef gave us information to bolster our courage to ask for these higher rates. He explained that the ZIM was a Bond, and that it was based not only on the assets of Zimbabwe above and below the ground, but was now also based on the assets above and below the ground of the entire continent of Africa. But Yosef is not the only one who has believed in the high rates of the Zim. This high rate has been confirmed by Bruce on the Big Call saying no zeros will be taken off, and Fisher of The Real Truth Call who also contends that no zeros will be take off and finally Zorra of Hollow Earth Network specifically stated that NO ZEROS WILL BE REMOVED FROM THE ZIM. If this is not enough confirmation for you to ask for the higher rates, then don't.

The only other thing you need to know about this Most Valuable Intel, is that it comes with strings attached. You are asked to commit to Humanitarian projects. But, who doesn't want to help the World and all of Humanity? Frankly, if you have ZIM, you have so much money that Humanitarian projects is your only option even if you take the International rates.

To recap, this Intel is so valuable because if you don’t know to ask for the Sovereign /Negotiated Rates, the Exchange Bankers are not authorized or obligated to tell you about them or give them to you. You must know to ask, and now you Know.

The Bottom Line

We are the Luckiest People on Earth, or was it the Destiny of our Light Worker Mission? Either way, I feel great Appreciation for our place in the Transition of America and the Earth in general. Along the way we had a great "Assist" in this mission from the Intel Providers who both educated us and guided us on this journey.

Who gets the praise? The ones who played it the "Safest" or the ones who stuck their neck out taking every chance to give us the latest most advanced intel? I propose that no risk no reward, and from that point of view there is only one Person who risked his own reputation and comfort for the greater good. He wins my appreciation and my heart. Follow his lead and have the courage to ask for more. Remember, that just because it sounds crazy and doesn't make any sense, doesn't mean that it isn't true... and... you won't get a "Do-Over."

"May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life of Your Dreams"

Signed: One Who Believes



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