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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

"The Huge Difference Between Want and Need"- One Who Believes - 8.17.16

Entry Submitted by One Who Believes at 11:15 PM EDT on August 17, 2016

Re-posted (4-11-17) by request of One Who Knows. ~ Dinar Chronicles

The HUGE Difference Between Want and Need

The Cabal has taught you the word NEED to limit you, while the Light wants you to use the word WANT to get it all. This post will show you the HUGE difference between the two words/ideas so that you will no longer be stopping your own Manifestations. Know This: "You Can Have EVERYTHING That You WANT Unless You NEED It! By the time you finishing reading this post, you will have improved your Manifesting ability by 1,000%!

Words Used and Explained in this Post:

Want, What, Why/Meaning (Request)

Need, Resistance, Deficiency (Criteria)

Expectation (Begins Manifestation)

Want: (The Seed of Creation)

Want is the SEED of Creation. It is not only the original source of creation, but it is also the source of maintaining/keeping that same creation. Without WANT there is nothing at all!!!!! Want is made up of two very important parts: "What" and "Why."

"What" is the target/object of Manifestation such as happy life, red car, big house, or "WHATEVER" else. Without the "What," there is nothing to talk about or to manifest. You MUST have a "WHAT" for any and every Manifestation.

"Why" is the Meaning of the Manifestation. It is the reason that you want what you want. For example, the "WHAT" may be more money, and the reason "WHY" is for all the things you can buy and do when you have it. The "WHAT" could be a Happy Life, for all the reasons (WHYs) that a happy life is good. In short the "WHY" is all the results that getting/having the "WHAT" will bring/offer to you. If the "WHAT" is without meaning (No Whys) then it is Meaningless (Without Meaning / No Reasons) which means it doesn't matter to you..

In example of Meaningless, there is a house that is 7 miles away from you that has tall grass. The "What" is getting that grass mowed. Do you care? Is there any reason why it should be done that matters to you? No? Then it doesn't matter and it is meaningless (Means nothing to you), and therefore it has NO "Whys" it should be done (Why-less).

This Manifestation from your point of view has no reason to happen, no priority for you or the Universe, therefore, it will not specifically manifest for you. Without meaning, this "what" fails to become a "want," and therefore it has no basis to manifest. If it does Manifest, it will be as the result of someone else "Wanting" it. In short, if it is not wanted (What + Why) by anyone, it is not wanted by the Universe either.

Could It Become a "Want" For You?

Yes, this could be a want for you, but in order for that to happen, it would have to have both parts the "What" and the "Why." The what, of course is "Getting The Grass Cut." Now we need to have a "Why" for it to become a "Want." What if a very important party is being hosted at that same house (With the tall Grass) in which you will be the guest of honor, and there will be important people attending that you wanted to impress? NOW, we have a "WHY!!!!" Getting the Grass cut at that house 7 miles away suddenly becomes a "Want" and now it has the power to manifest, after all, you have the "What" (Getting The Grass cut) and now you have the energy of the "Why" it matters, "Why" is important, and "Why" it means something to you.

The more it "Means" to you (The More "Whys"), the more ENERGY there is for the Manifestation. The more it "Means" the more Meaning-Full it becomes (Full of Meaning). Getting the grass cut in the last example became important and generated a fair amount of importance/energy because of the "Whys." What if instead, you wanted to be cured of Cancer for all the reasons you want to live, then the "Why it matters" is so much more (Life and death), that the energy available for that Manifestation is enormous!!!! Note: the available energy for any given manifestation is in how much it matters (All the Whys), and will always (In All Ways) be sufficient to accomplish the manifestation of the "What."

Now You Understand The Two Parts of "Want" The SEED

Want is the Seed of Creation because without the "What" there is nothing to manifest, and without the "Why" there is no reason/energy to manifest it. This is why Want is so important and why you should want everything you want, because without your wanting something, it cannot manifest for you. Without Want, there is NO BASIS FOR MANIFESTATION. Now, let's look at Want the Maintainer/Keeper of Creation (The Manifestation).

Want: (The Maintainer/Keeper of Creation)

Want is not only the basis of all creation (The Seed), it is also the "Maintainer/Keeper" of creation. Without "Want" (What & Why) there is no Keeping/maintaining of the creation (Manifestation).

First, as we know, every manifestation starts with "Want the Seed," then it is kept with "Want the Maintainer." In example, you first want a shiny new red car. That starts with the "What = Having New Red Car" and all the reasons "Why you want that new red car." Then the "Want (As a Seed)" culminates/manifests into having the New Red Car. Does this mean that your wanting it is over? NO!!!!

Consider this: I come up to you and remark "I see you have a new red car." You reply "Yes I do!" Then I say "How about giving me that car or junk it at the scrap yard?" You say "NO WAY!" I then ask the telling question "Why Not?" You say it all with just 4 words "Because I want it!!!!"

Did you see what just happened? You wanted it (Want as a Seed) to start with, and now that you have it, YOU STILL WANT IT (Want as the Reality/Manifestation Maintainer/Keeper.) Want not only is the basis of creating the reality, but it is also the basis of keeping (Maintaining) that reality. Clearly, WANT is not a bad word, but instead, it is one of the MOST IMPORTANT WORDS OF CREATION!!!!

Wants Naturally Lead To More Wants

Like Branches off a tree, Wants lead to more wants, on and on. You first want the new red car, then you want to drive that new red car, then you want to give others rides in that new red car, and then one day when the "WHYs" you want it are no longer sufficient, you want to sell it. and that want comes to an end because it is no longer wanted. Remember: Want Not only Creates/Manifests, but it also Keeps /Holds /Maintains that manifested result until you STOP wanting it.

Wants Are Also Self Fulfilling Prophesies

Wants have everything that is required for manifestation. Want identifies "What" is to be manifested, and it includes/implies the "Whys" giving the "What" the Energy to manifest itself. All you have to do is allow it to manifest. As long as there is no reason (Why) it cannot manifest, it will automatically manifest in the best, easiest, most practical way. The only thing that can stop a "Want" form manifesting is a "Why it won't, Why it shouldn't, or Why it can't."

While EVERYTHING Manifested in the Universe starts and stays, with a "Want" (What + Why), conversely EVERYTHING NOT Manifested, was stopped by an unfulfilled Illusionary Criteria, such as NEED.

Criteria Are Man Made Blocks Which Prevent Manifestations

The ONLY thing required in the Universe for a Manifestation is "What" is to be Manifested and "Why" you want it Manifested (Level of Importance). At higher levels of existence, such as 5d and higher, thoughts (Wants) become manifested almost instantly. There is no question if it will or could manifest, it is just understood that it will, and so it does. The only way a Want won't Manifest is if YOU deliberately resist it with your unfulfilled criteria. You MUST make an effort to rid your Wants of any and all Criteria (Resistance) so that they can automatically Manifest.

Here is a "NO-Criteria" Affirmation

Repeat it as often as possible until it becomes your point of view always.

"I am always in the right place, at the right time, with everything I need, fully capable of getting what I want."

This is a Criteria/Resistance Free point of view. Think of something that you want... NOW, don’t tell me that it is not the right place, or the right time, or that there is something you need, or that you are not capable to get what you want. All those limitations, criteria, blocks, and that resistance are all in your head.

Stop it!!!! After all, where do you need to be, and what do you need to have, and how capable do you have to be to think of a billion dollar idea? To receive a gift from another? To stumble upon what you want? That's right... All those criteria are self-made and illusionary. The biggest and most used Block is NEED.

NEED is a Declaration of Deficiency (Not Enough)

"Wants" without Resistance (Criteria), Manifest automatically. NO Resistance means NO Criteria (Which is Allowing). If there are criteria for manifestation, then the criteria MUST be Met before the Want is allowed to Manifest. NEED is always (In All Ways) a "criteria" (Resistance) of some want. When you say I need Money, you are saying there is something you want to buy, and the criteria is that you must first have the money. You are DECLARING that you can't get what you want until you get what you need, and that is not true.

Remember that wants, beget wants, on and on. At any given time, something you want, is about getting something else you want. You want money, to buy others things you want, and you want to buy those things for what they will do for you, etc.

The moment you insert NEED at any place in the manifestation sequence, you stop it from manifesting. The minute you say I need money, you say there is criteria/resistance to me getting the things it will buy. The NEED becomes the block for the next Want in the sequence. What is the answer? Use the natural Manifesting Function (Seed) of the Universe, "Want." Want is a Manifestation Request to the Universe.

Instead of saying "I need Money" say "I want Money." This releases all blocks to you getting what you want, because there are no obstacles to get in the way. Since you don’t need anything, you are quite literally in the right place, at the right time, with everything you need, fully capable of getting what you want. This brings you into a state of "Expectation" which is the "Go-Signal" for Manifestation.

Expectation MEANS: "All Criteria Have Been Met, Start Manifesting"

Think of what you want. Now say to yourself "I am in the right place, at the right time, with everything I need, fully capable of getting what I want." This position leads to Expectation. Expectation means that all criteria have been met. To truly understand this, consider this:

If you were NOT in the right place for this manifestation, would you expect it? No, it would be a fail. If you thought it was not the right time for this manifestation, would you Expect to get it? No, it would again fail to manifest. What if you thought there was still something that you needed first, like money, time, or education, before you could get what you wanted, would you Expect to get what you want? NO! How could you get it, there is still something you need first. You are literally DECLARING that it cannot happen yet because of some criteria that hasn't been met. The manifestation is NOT a Go. The Manifestation MUST wait to manifest until it is Expected, when all conditions and criteria have been met.

Just because you haven't gotten an education and a high paying job yet, doesn't mean you can't get what you want! You could just win the lottery instead! You could think of a Billion dollar idea! You could inherit it! You could find gold buried in your back yard! But if you say by your own thoughts and words, that there is something preventing it from manifesting, you have just created a block and resistance to the manifestation that could have happened anyway, but, now must wait until you allow it. Only you can decide/declare that there are no criteria to be met.

Expect it Anyway!

There isn't anything you need, to get what you want, unless you say so. DON'T SAY SO. Instead of saying you need something, say you want it instead, and then what you want is permitted/allowed by Universal law to Manifest. There are only 2 things required for a Manifestation to occur.

1) WANT:

"What" You must know what you want. This is the "Target" of the manifestation. After all, without a "What" how would the Universe know what to manifest? Of Course.

"Why" It must have a reason "Why" you want it. This creates the Energy to manifest it, and sets the Priority Level of the Manifestation. After all, if it doesn't matter to you, why would it matter for the Universe to manifest it? Of Course.


"Expectation" You must expect it, indicating to the Universe that there are no blocks by you preventing it from manifesting. After all, if you don’t Expect it, why should the Universe produce it? Of Course...

The Bottom Line

Always Want EVERYTHING you Want. That utilizes the Natural Functions of the Universe. Want not only is the seed that manifests what you want, but it is the keeper of the manifestation after you have it. It is at the core of every single aspect of the life you want. However, NEED stops manifestation in its tracks. It Prevents Expectation, and thus, Prevents Manifestation. Need is born of Lack, while Want is the seed and source of your Abundance.


"You are always in the right place, at the right time, with everything You need, fully capable of getting what You want."

... and NEVER Forget that!

Signed: One Who Believes



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