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Monday, August 29, 2016

"RE: Transition Facts, NESARA RV Intel Update" - Anonymous Guest Post

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 8:38 PM EDT on August 29, 2016

In a post labeled as "facts" someone wrote:
"Donald Trump is a cabal double agent who has sold out his bloodline for future business opportunities that expands his media and real estate family brand globally. And as GESARA gets positioned for release prior to November election, Trump knows full well no cabal blood can be President so he's soaking up as much camera time as possible. Post RV Trump will profit through currency exchange and Chinese and Russian business favors (real estate projects) like every other entrepreneur. He is not a great American wearing bad hats. He is not a righteous soul championing the restored Republic. He is an arrogant reality TV celebrity playing a temporary part for his own benefit and remain professionally relevant."

I think any rational observer knows this paragraph is opinion without any proof submitted. The writer obviously dislikes Trump and the claim he has some of the cabal bloodline may be true. This may be enough to disqualify him in the eyes of many, because they fear this bloodline which is a considered a force in the cab"al. If they fear it that much then in fact they are advocating a really serious purge, is that is what is intended? The writer should be clear about the philosophy advocated and why if you are related to someone very evil you yourself are also doomed to be evil without free will. But I think the poster hesitates to come out and say this because he or she fears it would not be accepted.

There have been many essays here on this site about caring for one's fellow man, being charitable, loving one's country and fellow countrymen, but apparently the writer denies that Trump is capable of this. Can it be, though, that all humanity has free will? If a relatively distant relationship exists, and the insistence is, one cannot have free will, then a purge would be not only of immediate family members but for half bloods, quarterbloods, eighthbloods? This philosophy ultimately defines bloodlines as alien races to be feared.

The Constitution has none of this. It says you need to be 35 years old and a natural-born citizen. Is the writer going to write this new requirement, no relationship by bloodline with the Cabal, into a new Constitution?

Trump has said that over many years he wanted to produce fine products and be rewarded accordingly, yet he had to put up with years and years of paying bribes and smiling. He is, according to himself, totally disgusted with this way of doing business. This disgust, plus an awareness of a number of plots and plans such as Agenda 21, made him realize, according to his statements, that were he to do nothing, he and his children would not have a decent world worth living in. He alone, among the candidates for President, shed some sunlight on some issues, to the distaste of every person supporting the Cabal. As MANY have stated, what the Cabal does not like, we like. WE are probably 70% of the country, despite the alleged "polls" showing an even race. HE is speaking what we want to be said, AND in the way we WANT it to be said, who else is doing that? THIS is the first thing that qualifies him to be President, he is saying the right things, telling the TRUTH. As for whether he is doing this genuinely or not, what means does the poster have of knowing this? Does the poster believe he or she can read minds? If so, let us know how to do it, but don't presume to do it for us. We don't want anyone looking at information and interpreting it for us, we want the information itself. We want the FACTS. We have had quite enough of people assuring us they are telling us facts when in truth they are communicating opinions or lies.

Is the writer stating that if elections were delayed, Trump would be ineligible? On what planet does the poster live on that has this in their Constitution?

Is it possible that the instigation of Martial Law in the corporate USA, one in which, not the Army, but FEMA is in charge, has been delayed because secret plans have been betrayed, and because the scope of Trump's support is so large that it gives the 1% of the 1% pause? Has Trump emboldened the rest, such that a brushfire of a few aware people blossomed into 70%? Is it then possible that even the poster owes Trump his/her life for escaping a Stalinist/Maoist purge?

A closer reading of history would give one the opinion that if this peaceful revolution goes forward, it is a virtual miracle of the highest degree, owing to a complex set of circumstances, leading to a rare permutation in which there is a soft landing, instead of intense Pestilence, War, Famine, and Death. It is therefore beyond the realm of belief, given those poor odds, that if Trump had not done what he has done, we would have any outlook at all for the better.

Further, has Trump risked more than the poster? Does the poster think those planning to rush the stage in Chicago were going to do so to shower him with kisses? Or that his plane's emergency landing was due to mere mechanical failure?

Yes, it is true that, if those in government will not tell the truth, there can be no such thing as representative government. But the assertion that any particular candidate is lying and instead telling the truth must be supported by some factual evidence which others may evaluate.

It is an equally believable explanation that the Cabal has control of this website, because anytime one tries to post that "offsite exchange centers" are perhaps Cabal and colocated with FEMA camps the post is not posted. The delays in the RV may be totally due to negotiations trying to remove Trump and get a corruptible candidate. The idea that he is a "double agent" means we are to believe that the Cabal asked him to run. THIS itself is difficult to believe. The Cabal abhors publicity; Trump is anathema to the Cabal.

8-29 UPDATE states:
"In exchange for amnesty, Donald Trump is yes being allowed a temporarly expose the machinations of the cabal, specially the Clinton Foundation and Obama Administration as being one in the same."

Amnesty for what? He admits he had to pay bribes to do business.

But also troubling even more in this update is:
"This program is backed by deliverable precious metals well upwards of one quattuordecillion US dollars (40 zeros)."

It does not matter how much gold you have. There are only so many resources to distribute. Putting this much gold in circulation just means the gold price, if anything, will fall. It does not mean there is more worldwide wealth. That will only occur due to the efforts of those working to create goods and services.

And another troubling part of this:
"This money will be used to buy all corporations and banking cartels...Every American citizen over the age of 21 will receive $100,000 a month for 12 years."

And do what with them? If they are then owned by the government, this is total fascism. This implies that NESARA might in fact be a tool for the end game of the Cabal. The responsible thing to do would be to very enthusiastically trust-bust so that corporations compete with each other. Also, if money is used to buy a corporation, now who has the money and what will they do with it? What is to prevent whoever from buying back? As for the banking cartels, their net worth is nothing, they are under water. This statement sounds very ignorant. As for the $100,000 a month, the global treaty that implements RV is designed to equalize world currencies and wealth, which have been manipulated. If the gold money stated were to be a reality, this would inflate either US currency or all currencies, e.g., a gallon of mil would cost $20 or more. Switzerland recently voted on whether to give a guaranteed income to all and rejected it, largely because, who would do the work?

A reading of Mises indicates the amount of capital in a society is proportional to its standard of living. Dispersing the capital actually destroys the standard of living.

So: while much in NESARA/GESARA is interesting, it does not sound like it represents a workable system and more like it comes out of a book like Utopia.

For the past year one has seen a very distinct story: Get Trump! Until facts are presented that Get Trump I think the poster will find that Trump's followers will remain loyal. It takes a LOT of intestinal fortitude to face down the Cabal. Get-along politics won't suffice. More importantly, Trump is the resonator for the 70 to 85% of the electorate that is facing down a corrupt government. NESARA is not going to buy the passivity of the voters nor is it going to let the election be delayed. Claims that Trump is Cabal or dirty had better be substantiated or the person with such claims will be run over like 17 other candidates.



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