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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

"Get Ready" - Wed. PM KTFA Thoughts/News with Frank26


 » August 31st, 2016

Frank always said we'd hear from Shabibi near the end, looks like he's ready to empty the clip on Maliki. This is probably the reason why Maliki falsely accused Shabibi in the first place causing the good Dr. S to flee Iraq for his life..Look what Dr. S knows!!

 » August 31st, 2016

IMO if Shabibi is speaking out like this about Maliki then they have his file open and about to move him to his new 4x4 home! Then Shabibi will present the new CBI Gov!
We are in a time of ACCELERATION- spiritually and naturally. Get Ready!

 » August 31st, 2016

Maliki wasted money to adopt a new home can accommodate 30-million

By Mohammed Emad 08.30.2016 03:58

Former Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq , "Shabibi" The Prime Minister and former leader of a coalition of state law , "Nuri al - Maliki" received more money than all the rulers of the Republic of Iraq "together" of Abdul Karim Qasim leader Saddam Hussein, and squandered.

Shabibi said, " The money received by al - Maliki was enough to build a new home can accommodate up to 30 million people will be security for all people in the world, noting that al - Maliki appointed four members of his ruling party big positions within the central bank and they are not Mnets with jurisdiction even influenced by the central bank and took random spread widely, and they Director - money laundering department, the director of the legal department, and director of banking surveillance, and Director of the economic Department, pointing out that corruption was rife within the central bank by colleagues in the party al - Maliki. "

Shabibi He noted that " the Director - money laundering department allocates money laundering Iraq in favor of the ruling party and legal director of the gloss upon the Director of the banks monitor traders taking sold dollars to private banks associated with the ruling party and the prime minister, less than the market amounts making Iraq millions of dollars lost per day because of this corruption and the smuggling of government budget funds abroad in favor of al - Maliki and Gelaozath. "

Shabibi said he "when he decided to change them came to him a letter from the prime minister prevented him from removal of these corrupt and between the lines of the book veiled threat, and that when the first elements of the corrupt gang is beyond mad Maliki issued by his partner and friend , " Medhat al - Mahmoud , " an arrest warrant after he was Switzerland will lecture about the new monetary policy within the international symposium for the International monetary Fund. "

Among Shabibi that "then appointed al - Maliki , his cousin called" on the Keywords , "central bank governor to plunder every provision of the Iraqi state in the amount of $ 67 billion in the last days of his dominance on the government to hand over power to" Haider al - Abadi , "and the budget for Iraq empty and the Reserve Central Bank ravished, to enter Iraq in a major financial crisis for the advancement of which can not after a decade even if oil prices improved today. "

Shabibi said that "al - Maliki receive more money than all the rulers of the Republic of Iraq" together "of Abdul Karim Qasim leader Saddam Hussein, was being investigated by any unfinished mention the Iraqi people and homeland, it was enough to build a new home according to the latest international standards , it can accommodate up to 30 million people living in it the welfare and stability will be security for all people in the world to live in. "


 » August 31st, 2016

After Frank's call, I am confused on a few issues and hope someone can help. The first is that Frank said that Kuwait did not reinstate at 3+ and yet the New York Times ran a story that said they did. Why did the New York Times lie to the public on this issue???

AFTER THE WAR; No Electricity but Kuwait Reopens Its Banks

By DONATELLA LORCH, Special to The New York Times

Published: March 25, 1991

KUWAIT CITY, March 24— It still has no water and little electricity or food, but Kuwait revived its banking system today, introducing a new currency.

Banks reopened for the first time since Iraqi occupation forces shut them down in December. Thousands of people lined up to exchange their old Kuwaiti dinars for crisp new ones and to withdraw a limited amount of money.

Without electricity, the banks services were slow, limited to money exchange and withdrawal. There was no telex, no electronic money transfer and no telephones. The computers were unusable, so all transactions had to be entered by hand.

"It's like going back 20 years," said Mohammed al-Yahya, the manager of the Commercial Bank of Kuwait, the nation's second-largest bank. Seized Dinars Canceled

The Central Bank is canceling the value of Kuwaiti dinars that were seized from the Central Bank and put into circulation by the Iraqis. The invalid serial numbers were posted today in front of all banks in the city.

All other old dinars can be exchanged for new ones on a one-to-one rate until May 7, when the old dinars become invalid. The new official exchange rate is 3.47 American dollars for one new Kuwaiti dinar.

Although it is severly handicapped without electricity, the Commercial Bank, like many other major banks, was able to open for business because its records had been saved from the Iraqis. Mr. Yahya hid the bank's balance sheets in his home and sent its computer records to London via Syria with an Indian employee, who packed the tapes into the back of a trailer.

The banks also face serious personnel shortages. Only 11 of the Commercial Bank's 35 branches opened today, with 137 out of 1,300 workers.

Before the Iraqi invasion, only 17 percent of the bank's staff was Kuwaiti. Many of the foreign workers -- Jordanians, Palestinians and Indians -- fled and now cannot re-enter the country.

For those exchanging money today, there was little they could buy in Kuwait. Many of those in line said they planned to use their money for vacations or for shopping trips to Saudi Arabia to buy generators and food.

"I need to get away from this pressure," said Abdul Mohammed Hussein, a computer engineer in his early 40's who said he was withdrawing 1,500 new dinars to take a vacation in the United Arab Emirates. "Everywhere you go you find lines. At the supermarket, you find lines. To get petrol for the car, you find lines."

Abdul Hamed al-Atar, a 50-year-old retired Interior Ministry official, said this was the first time he had set foot in a bank since September, and he seemed relieved. "Kuwaits always keep a lot of cash with them," he said as he was handed crisp new piles of money that he stuffed into a small bag. "It's a comfort to have money in my hands."

Photo: As Kuwaiti banks opened for the first time in months, a group waited in line to change old banknotes for new. New currency was printed to replace stocks of previous notes looted during the Iraqi occupation. (Agence France-Presse)


Frank26 » August 31st, 2016

Dear Friend ................ This is from 1991 and YES ................. That was the official rate back then for KW............ Just after we went in and re-opened many things. After they re-opened the banks with our security .......... Rate adjustments occurred.

I TALKED OF 1999 AND SAID SO........... They placed the KW dinar back into the open market at 1 to 1 with the UDS.

I am not confused NOR confusing as some would have me.

Be Blessed......... \m/ KTFA Frank



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