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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Dr. Clarke's Last Update from 8-9-16 Reposted

Last Dr. Clarke Update Reposted:

8-9-2016: DR. CLARKE: Vietnam is busy and the government is giving a subtle time frame, as to when they plan to start moving the rates. Read this article, but especially the comments we posted here below, directly from the article, regarding Forex: ​

"Central Bank of Vietnam Sets Key Monetary Policies by Year End"

From the article as quoted, read SPECIFICALLY THE FOREX COMMENTS: "The SBV (State Bank of Vietnam) affirmed to keep maintaining stable interest rate, liquidity, and forex market. Regarding the forex market, the SBV will continue to keep foreign exchange reserves at a high level and flexibly adjust the exchange rate in line with the market movements; stand ready to respond to rapid and sudden situations, keep a close watch on the forex market, and strive for fulfillment of macro-economic norms."

Folks, they're going to start moving the rate upwards soon. They MAY begin a significant move upward, as early as Aug. 26-28th.

We feel though, that some further movements will occur in September, but even greater movement through last week of Oct. 24th, and the highest peak rates, by the last week of November.

Vietnam has a completely different agenda, plan and time schedule than Iraq - and it's tied to the movement of the Chinese Yuan. No matter how you slice it, or when you exchange, Everyone Wins! They're waiting for the official last "Go" from the bosses......but, it's already been decided - as indicated by this article.

Don't be deceived in September....keep ALL your options open, watch what you sign, if anything, especially in September. Things are NOT what they appear. Don't Trust ANYONE. NOBODY - EXCEPT one or two people WHO HAVE NOTHING TO GAIN OR RECEIVE FROM YOU, IN ANY WAY. Forget these supposed "Contract Rates". Let some time in October smooth things out. Remember, "There's NO PRICE big enough for your Freedom".

Complete Article from The Voice of Vietnam (8-8-16):

Iraq is Finalizing. Take it Day by Day, be MORE Patient, and watch it all unfold. There are some MEGA surprises coming in the next few weeks.....your money is coming. It won't disappoint.

Have the "Billionaire Mindset", and make smart, timed decisions - such as those like a Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Mark Cuban, Oprah Winfrey or a Carl Icahn - even though you're not there YET.

"NOBODY is working against you, except You Yourself", despite all the unsuccessful types you're listening to, who are full of FEAR, and creating all kinds of "ghosts" out there coming to get you. Ignore it all. Do what YOU know is right - for you. "It will all work out BETTER than you expect".

Don't waste your time on things you cannot Control, such as: - A complete GCR at one time, Gold or Asset-Backed currencies, 800 #'s, Rate Fluctuations, Exchange Security measures, Groups Only being paid, Taxes being waived, Contract Rates, Trusts being so important, Who's exchanging and who isn't, SKR's, some Good vs. Evil worldwide process, PTB control, Cabal control, Alien control, Chinese Family or Elder control, Ascended Master control or any other Control .......and whether you're going to MISS something and not be paid –

You're NOT going to miss a single thing - in Fact, it's not Possible –

TIME will spell higher rates anyway. Listen to what we're saying here, and remember it. You gotta understand that YOU are in this, for a reason, that even YOU don't fully understand YET......but mostly, not for the money as crazy as that sounds -but mostly to see if you, as a human being can actually BELIEVE & LOVE long enough, strong enough, and consistent enough, to let go and let this happen in it's own time......while at the same time, learning to be Happy until then - even without it. That's the Biggest Purpose in all this for you individually, folks.....

The Collective in Charge WANT YOU TO BE SUCCESSFUL, and have your money. They want you to Use it, Spend it, Invest it, and let if flow in the system.....you are VERY IMPORTANT, for economic growth and stability - NOT because you're a Humanitarian - but because you will put it to work. Just DON'T sign your life away, for a better rate....because time will yield it anyway.....that's all we're going to say on that.

De-clutter your mind, because most all of these concepts and ideas that are being talked about by all these groups of people, over & over.....are well, what we call "Agenda-sized"......yes, a new word. There's an agenda, to CONTROL YOU - because they Want Something from you. Ignore it all, keep it simple and wait for your opportunity's, Trusting what you need to know, will show up right on time for you - WHEN THE TIME COMES.......and that time is fast approaching. We can't convince you, but YOU can convince You.

.....And, these are our Opinions, Beliefs and Knowing.....it's Definitely NOT Done, because there's till lot's to happen, lots to unfold, lots to be completed.......and in your personal life too, to coincide with everything. You'll see the REAL money in your bank account......then it's DONE.

You don't have to believe, follow, or do anything with our words - except what you want. We offer what we offer, for the greater good......NO strings, nothing wanted or agenda attached, because we believe at the heart of Every Human Being.......is what is Good - for we are ALL ONE in the end, on the other side of this fascinating program called, "Earthly Life".

...No Matter What You Choose.

ALL my Best, Dr. Clarke


(Dinar Chronicles LINK)

Follow up post: 8-9-16

DR. CLARKE: Butch, Brenda, Texcat, Kathy, Yes Tina, Kim, Zip, Bill, SeekingTruth, Kyle. Larry, LifeIsGood : Thank You.

Clayton asks Many out there are saying when China become the next reserve currency by OCT 1,2016 ...if Iraq being peg to the dollar do not revalue by the above date. U.S dollar would collapse and cause a great depression in the country... Because many countries would dump the dollar and use the Chinese yuan. What are your thoughts on this ...

Randy asks Dr Clarke, are we still in the same time frame as to oct 1 back wall date??? Thank you for your info and post!!!!

Dr. Clarke: Clayton, Randy: Thank You. According to what we know at this point, Oct. 1, and the last week of SEPTEMBER is the target date for the “Go” funding process to EVERYONE, because of several factors, some known by others and some not.

That' Really is ALL you need to know




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