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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log for Wednesday 8/31/16 - Part 2

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log

Part 2 - Featuring rcookie

rcookie says(7:16 AM):


larrykn says to rcookie(7:17 AM):

which is another reason why they are moving at lighting speed,they want the money :)

rcookie says(7:18 AM):

$12.6 BILLION...

rcookie says(7:23 AM):

Abadi accused Fatlawi jamming and failure to perform its duty in parliament in a fair and final are set

Wed, 31 Aug 2016 08:24:17

Views: 575

Accused Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi in a press conference held yesterday at the presidential palace MP Hanan al jammed inside the Parliament and in the media on the general amnesty law and make amendments look like they originate from the government while the amendments and the recent, which caused a stir in the public street is issued from within the House of Representatives and it invites them to pursue their work well, but not worth to be a deputy in parliament.

The Hanan al-Abadi to respond to the formal front page as follows:

rcookie says(7:24 AM):


larrykn says(7:25 AM):

thats one way to put it :D

rcookie says to larrykn(7:26 AM):


rcookie says(7:26 AM):

Parliamentary Integrity warns defense of any tampering with illegal orders and its minister article

Political Since 08.31.2016 at 10:50 (Baghdad time)

Special scales News

Parliamentary Integrity Committee, warned Wednesday, staff of the Ministry of Defence of any manipulation is illegal, saying it is following appointments issued by the al-Obeidi, the beginning of the month.

The MP said the committee Adel Nouri, L / balance News /, that his committee "will follow up any appointments issued by Defense Minister article Khalid al-Obeidi, issued on the first of August now," adding that it "will pursue all judicial, financial and administrative in this particular action."

Nuri added, "We warn staff of the ministry of any manipulation is illegal and it will be held accountable, and they caution in dealing with the Entry minister orders."

He stressed that "the Prime Minister to withdraw immediately the hands of the minister being an article."

The House voted in its meeting held on Thursday (25 August 2016), to withdraw confidence from the Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi.

It is said that MP front Reform emotions blessing revealed that Khalid al-Obeidi, set more than 2,300 people at the Ministry of Defence two weeks Acalth.anthy 29/43 before a

magnetlady says(7:28 AM):

OK all cats are being onery, guess I need to go feed them and finish getting myself ready for work.

magnetlady says(7:28 AM):

See everyone tonight.

larrykn says to magnetlady(7:28 AM):

have a great day :)

clay says to magnetlady(7:29 AM):

bye Mags ebjoy your day :)

clay says to magnetlady(7:29 AM):


subgirl says to magnetlady(7:29 AM):

cya later mags :) be safe!

rcookie says(7:29 AM):


rcookie says(7:29 AM):

US leadership: the restoration of Mosul by the end of 2016

logo jumhuriya

US leadership: the restoration of Mosul by the end of 2016

Wed, 31 Aug 2016 07:46:03

# Algmehorah_uz

Said US Central Command, General Joseph Votal, that Iraq is on track to achieve its target of restoring Mosul organize Daesh this year if the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi decided to proceed according to what is planned.

Votal said in a press conference, said that "the goal of the prime minister is to accomplish this by the end of the year, my assessment is that we can meet the objectives of the prime minister if he chose to do so."

He Votal which oversees American forces in the Middle East, said that "the battle to restore the connector may provide a mixed picture of the war planners where receding organize Daesh in some areas to re-organize itself in other areas," adding that "the organization of Daesh forced to make difficult decisions because it is exposed pressure in different ways. "

He explained that "the battle being waged by two and a half month's US-backed forces in Syria since the restoration of the town of Manbej Daesh as an example of prolonged war."

We Votal "You have to expect that they are in some places and perhaps in some parts of Mosul Seatonszln some areas for us and the Iraqis, and then in other areas will fight tooth and nail to hang onto them."

The United Nations estimates that under the worst-case scenario, the attack could push more than one million people to flee Mosul in addition to 830 thousand others from a populated area south of the city which increases the burden of relief to the displaced, which total about 3.5 million Iraqis have been displaced as a result Daesh attack in 2014 and the attacks Iraqi anti-US-backed government.

subgirl says to clay(7:29 AM):

Praying for you and your wife clay! :)

clay says to subgirl(7:30 AM):

thank you Subby :) :-*

clay says to subgirl(7:31 AM):

and us for you :)

subgirl says to clay(7:31 AM):

:-* your very welcome and good morning :)

subgirl says to clay(7:31 AM):

awwee thank you :)

rcookie says(7:31 AM):


clay says to SRW(7:31 AM):

hey buddy

larrykn says to rcookie(7:31 AM):

if one of the things we are waiting on is Mosul we might be waiting a little while then

SRW says to clay(7:32 AM):

Howdy Clay!

rcookie says(7:32 AM):

Agreement on the export of 150 thousand barrels of oil from the fields of Kurdistan region by pipeline to the port of Ceyhan

31-08-2016 10:26 AM

Revealed the leadership of the Kurdish former MP Mahmoud Othman about some details of the agreement between the central government and the Kurdistan Regional Government.

Osman said that the meeting between Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, the prime minister of the Kurdistan region Nechirvan Barzani led to the agreement on the export of 150 thousand barrels of oil from the fields of Baba Karkar and baker in Kirkuk by the Kurdistan Regional Government, through the pipeline region to the Turkish port of Ceyhan, and to be selling and deposit the money by a company / Sumo / in Baghdad, to be shared equally amounts contained

He added that Mahmoud was also agreed to continue the talks to be agreed at the end of a formula on the oil region of Kurdistan, adding that he was also agreed to activate joint coordination in restoring Mosul battles

He said the meetings between Baghdad and the Kurdistan region can resolve their outstanding problems, calling for continuation. 

larrykn says to rcookie(7:32 AM):


subgirl says to SRW(7:32 AM):

Good morning :)

clay says to larrykn(7:32 AM):

exactly what we need

rcookie says(7:34 AM):

Nechirvan Barzani , the infallible: ready to resolve all problems with Baghdad and continue to hold meetings

31-08-2016 10:27 AM

The head of the Kurdistan Regional Government Nechirvan Barzani willingness to find solutions to all the problems with the federal government.

This came during a meeting with President Fuad Masum, Prime Minister of the Government of the Territory, where infallible emphasized that the visit of the provincial government of Baghdad where she met Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi step in the right ways to end Alnmhclat all outstanding issues between the two parties.

- See more at: http://translate.googleusercontent.c....8OLcn1is.dpuf

rcookie says(7:40 AM):

Parliamentary Finance: 2017 budget deficit borrowing repaid from foreign banks

logo jumhuriya

Parliamentary Finance: 2017 budget deficit borrowing repaid from foreign banks

Wed, 31 Aug 2016 07:52:02

# Algmehorah_uz

A member of the Finance Committee in the Iraqi Council of Representatives Sarhan Slevana that the budget year 2017, which is scheduled to arrive in parliament before the 15th of next October, will not differ from the budgets of 2015-2016.

Slevana He pointed out that the Finance Committee has cut expenses and transfers in the general budget of the country in accordance with the requirements stipulated in Article 62 of the Constitution, as quoted by the news agency Nina expires.

Slevana He explained that "the federal budget not different from the budgets of 2015-2016, but it includes a large deficit of about 30 trillion dinars, the rate of operating expenses where about 102 trillion dinars."

And on the proposed solutions to cover the shortfall in the budget, he said that it "will be made via the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank and the Islamic Bank for Foreign and loans and the issuance of treasury bonds."

The Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said on Tuesday from the cabinet vote on the budget for fiscal 2017.

rcookie says(7:41 AM):

Parliamentary change: the party in control of the Kurdistan Barzani twisted and illegal ways

logo jumhuriya

Parliamentary change: the party in control of the Kurdistan Barzani twisted and illegal ways

Wed, 31 Aug 2016 07:40:28

# Algmehorah_uz

Kurdish Change Movement said that the Kurdistan region delegation which visited Baghdad two days ago, is "a partisan, not a government."

According to MP from the Change Secretary Baker, that "the provincial delegation representing the Kurdish Democratic Party [led by Kurdistan regional president Massoud Barzani] does not include any figures from other Kurdish parties."

He expressed "surprise at the timing of the visit coincided with efforts in parliament to withdraw confidence from Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari," adding that the visit "falls within the motionless KDP important power in the province illegally to prevent the withdrawal of confidence from [Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari] and they to try in every way to meet with different views and I think inevitably they ate the issue of withdrawal of confidence from the minister evidence that the delegation met political figures, not only the executive. "

"I think that the visit is for Zebari and either talk about resolving the outstanding issues between Baghdad and Erbil is not true, but the main objective is to withdraw confidence from the Minister of Finance."

The House of Representatives, had been questioned last Saturday, Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari [leader of the Kurdistan Democratic Party and voted not to conviction Bojobth a move that could pave the way for his dismissal soon.

The cause of interrogation in the incidence of verbal altercations and conflicts of fistfights between supporters and opponents of the grill inside the parliament session, in what promise to Barzani's political party as a target.

The prime minister Haider al-Abadi yesterday interrogations Parliament constitutionalism legal right to him, but at the same time stressed the need to remove them from the "political target".

RickeyT says to larrykn(7:42 AM):

I agree....but have been called negative for pointing some things out.

rcookie says(7:42 AM):


rcookie says(7:43 AM):


clay says to RickeyT(7:43 AM):

hey bud

RickeyT says to rcookie(7:43 AM):

good morning

RickeyT says to clay(7:43 AM):

how are you?

rcookie says(7:44 AM):

Hoshyar Zebari: Implementation of Basra metro project soon

logo jumhuriya

Hoshyar Zebari: Implementation of Basra metro project soon

Wed, 31 Aug 2016 10:35:42

# Algmehorah_uz

They discussed the Ministry of Finance and the Committee on Economic Affairs, on Wednesday, the implementation of Basra Metro project.

A statement by the Ministry of Finance that "the economic affairs committee held its eleventh meeting headed by the Finance Minister, Hoshyar Zebari, discussed a number of issues of character Economic Bmaysahm to overcome the problems and obstacles facing the economic process where the following decisions were taken."

"It has been approved recommendations on the gold trade barriers that lead to the recovery of gold jewelry trade with activating the role of the control device Altqays and quality control."

And that "the subject was discussed wheat crop planted outside the agricultural plan and the affected ones with floodwaters and the subject of fodder barley, as well as Iraqi Arab liquidation of the company for the development of livestock and granted many exceptions for companies and the Ministry of Commerce."

The Committee discussed according to the statement View company Wahlstrom] French for the implementation of Basra, where the Metro project has taken a decision on it his offer as an investment opportunity in coordination with the National Investment Commission of what this project of importance to the province of Basra. "

RickeyT says(7:46 AM):

have you seen this? http://www.truthandaction.org/obama-...n-october-1st/

clay says to RickeyT(7:46 AM):

doing well thanks hope all is good with you my friend :)

RickeyT says to clay(7:47 AM):

A lot of things happening with cancer treatment, I hope someone has a cure soon

Woodywoodpecker says(7:48 AM):

Howdy everybody

rcookie says(7:48 AM):

Abadi announces that gangs Daesh Iraq ended

Baghdad , August 31 (Petra) - Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi said that Daesh terrorist gangs in Iraq is over.

Ebadi said during a meeting with the governor of Anbar Suhaib al- Rawi on Wednesday that the tragedy caused by evil gangs and extremism for the sons of Anbar in western Iraq must end the return of displaced people and rid their cities of terrorists.

He added that the gangs Daesh ended and the issue has become an end in Iraq is only a matter of time.

The Prime Minister said that the Iraqi government is obliged to provide services and to overcome the difficulties generally displaced to return to their cities on a voluntary basis.

- (Petra) AFP / Q s

08/31/2016 - 12:46

clay says to RickeyT(7:48 AM):

me too for ya brother

clay says to Woodywoodpecker(7:48 AM):

hey Woody

Woodywoodpecker says(7:48 AM):


subgirl says to RickeyT(7:49 AM):

yes there is a lot of things happening! Praying for you rickeyt!

RickeyT says to subgirl(7:49 AM):

Thank you.

subgirl says to RickeyT(7:50 AM):

your welcome!

subgirl says to RickeyT(7:50 AM):

Prayer changes things! dont ever forget that!

subgirl says to RickeyT(7:51 AM):

Technology is booming in the Cancer realm! lots of things happening!

subgirl says to RickeyT(7:53 AM):

Keep your hopes up ok? A lot of stress behind cancer but one needs to keep up with a positive attitude towards this! I experienced that too. and still do... :)

RickeyT says to subgirl(7:53 AM):

yes ma'am

(7:53 AM)jimplants was kicked out by jimplants!

subgirl says to RickeyT(7:53 AM):

have to go to work now! but hang in there! :) praying for you always!

RickeyT says to subgirl(7:54 AM):

be safe

subgirl says to RickeyT(7:54 AM):

thank you and you too! :)

subgirl says to rcookie(7:54 AM):

thanks rcookie for the news! and for all you do here!!!

subgirl says to rcookie(7:54 AM):

have a great day!

clay says to subgirl(7:55 AM):

enjoy your day

larrykn says to subgirl(7:55 AM):

have a great day don't pull any teeth today :D

subgirl says to clay(7:55 AM):

hey clay thanks and you too :)

rcookie says to subgirl(7:55 AM):


subgirl says to larrykn(7:55 AM):

silly I dont pull I clean lol

rcookie says to subgirl(7:55 AM):


subgirl says to rcookie(7:55 AM):

thanks rcookie :)

Woodywoodpecker says(7:56 AM):

Subby dont make cavities today

subgirl says to Woodywoodpecker(7:56 AM):

lol I wont lol

subgirl says to Woodywoodpecker(7:56 AM):

cya laters... :) lol

Woodywoodpecker says(7:56 AM):


rcookie says(7:58 AM):

Start work in addition to 200 thousand barrels Antah southern Iraqi oil field

By Roudao two hours ago

Roudao- Erbil

Official in Maysan Oil Company, located in southern Iraq , said on Wednesday that President operator of Halfaya oilfield company "PetroChina" Chinese (south), business began to add 200 thousand barrels of oil per day to the field production within the third phase of its development.

Iraq's cabinet endorsed on Tuesday, on the recommendation of the Committee on Energy Ministerial (government), to start the third phase of development of the oil Halfaya field before, "PetroChina" Chinese.

The Halfaya oil field, the largest productive field in Maysan province south of the country, and has oil reserves rate is extracted from the province's oil fields at 16 billion barrels, according to officials of the Ministry of Federal oil Maysan Oil Company.

A spokesman for the Maysan Oil Company, Khalid and the most important, in a press statement, "The third and final phase of the development of the Halfaya oil field include adding 200 thousand barrels of oil a day to the current production of the field," pointing out that "PetroChina will take over the task of completing the third stage cross-drilled more oil wells, setting up the infrastructure. "

Includes Maysan Oil Company 0.4 Halfaya oil fields are, and Bazerkan, and loose change, and Abu West (South), and holds the Chinese companies invested since 2009, put forward in the oil licensing rounds.

Oil official said that "the field is currently producing 200 thousand barrels per day, and will rise to 400 thousand barrels, which is the maximum attainable energy planned for the production field," pointing out that "the specific period for the completion of the third phase is one year."

Iraq is one of the most oil-affected countries fall in oil prices, especially after the decline in prices to around $ 50, which means doubling the fiscal deficit in the annual budget.

Iraq relies on the proportion exceeds 90% of fiscal revenues from oil.

rcookie says(8:02 AM):

08/31/2016 (00:01 pm) - hits: 261 - number (3729)

مؤسسة أميركية: العراق يواجه تحديات كبيرة لبناء أربعة مصافٍ جديدة بطريقة الاستثمار

An American institution: Iraq faces considerable challenges to build four new refineries by way of investing


Platts Agency revealed in us oil and energy, Tuesday, face big challenges for Iraq to draft four ranks in a way that investment, while the oil Ministry is planning to double its crude oil storage capacity of up to about 24 million barrels, the Basra gas company, announced its intention to export another shipment of liquid gas rose 1600 tons.

The Agency said in a report, "the term" learner "Iraqi oil Ministry trying to refer to a program called for four years ago to build four new refineries by way of investment", stating that "investor contracts with options ranging from a construction contract and ownership and operation, or contract to build and run".

Platts said the Iraqi side, long sought to attract investors to build those refineries ", noting that" the Baghdad Government program has been offered in various forms since 2008 but there was no chance of attracting investors, with another scheduled to view the bidding on that in 2013 but too late since the win. "

Platts noted that "need Iraq to refineries have become more necessary to absorb the quantities produced of oil especially after closing the Bayji giant, after 2014, which reaches its energy locker to 310 thousand barrels of crude oil a day," adding that "among the currently planned installations of refineries oil refinery in Karbala highlights only as a stake in the project for capacity of up to 200, 000 barrels a day, which is still under construction with chronological date completed by 2019.

She continued the Agency Platts, said "the Iraqi oil Ministry also plans and through international investments to double the capacity of the storage of crude oil over the next few years to reach 24 million barrels."

And the Parliamentary Committee on oil and energy, warned (15 April 2016) of gravity control organization (ISIS) on Bayji being will affect the future of the oil sector in the country, and accused the management of the oil sector as "not" required level artistically and didn't work on building huge refineries meet local demand and avoid the country importing oil derivatives in copious amounts, as called for new refineries built in record time, an oil expert called for the speedy establishment of those refineries that currently not only meet 80% of domestic demand in cases Natural.

The oil Ministry has drawn up a plan to initiate several sites to establish refineries to invest, in Karbala, Nasiriyah, Missan and Kirkuk, to support the country of oil derivatives and the transition from importing petroleum products to export.

From its Basra gas company, announced its intention to export another shipment of liquid gas (cooking gas) to Pakistan by 1600 tons.

Media Manager, said the company in a statement, "Shaalan Al-Darraji" term ", the company completed its readiness to export a ninth shipment of liquid gas (cooking gas) on Tuesday, via the gas port Khor Al Zubair area", stating that "new shipment quantity amounts to 1600 tons, and will be transported to the port in Pakistan."

The oil Ministry was in (20 March 2016) exporting the first shipment of local redundant gas condensers (alkondensit) by a Panamanian tanker, then Ministry export more cargo through SOMO (Sumo).

According to the preliminary estimates of the Ministry of oil that Iraq possesses an estimated reserve 132 trillion cubic feet of gas, and that about 70% of Iraqi gas is gas oil companion close to 700 million cubic feet of it was burning and waste due to the lack of infrastructure to handle it. And solve Iraq eleventh place among the world's rich countries with natural gas after Russia and Iran, both Qatar and Saudi Arabia, UAE, America and Nigeria, Venezuela and Algeria.

rcookie says(8:03 AM):


rcookie says(8:04 AM):

Rafidain Bank resumes advances to employees


Rafidain Bank, announced on Tuesday, resuming the advances to State officials, and called to get them to fill out the electronic form on its website, noting that the form up after office hours "will ignore, reject all forms of ministries" reluctant in paying previous loans and advances ".

In a statement, said the Rafidain Bank received "range" copy that "Bank management decided to resume launching advances to employees by entering the website of the Bank for the purpose of filling the online form for the predecessor during official working hours, otherwise the form will be discarded.

The Bank said it "will reject all forms of reluctant ministries in reimbursements to loans and advances.

The Rafidain Bank decided to stop granting the staff early last year in 2015, after the financial crisis in the country.

rcookie says(8:06 AM):

08/31/2016 (00:01 pm) - hits: 104 - number (3729)

Ground transportation signs MOU with UAE company to activate the transport and transit

Public road transport company announced a Transport Ministry formations, Tuesday signed a memorandum of understanding with the UAE public transport companies, to activate various transit operations on Iraqi territory, confirmed that the contract will "positively" on the Iraqi economy.

The company said in a statement received almhamdaoi Ameer "range", a copy of it, the company held a memorandum of understanding with hungry for public transportation that will impact the formation of joint committees of both sides to hold regular meetings in Baghdad and Dubai for a joint contract between the two companies for the benefit of both parties, "indicating that" the contract will reflect positive role to support Iraqi economy and its jobs for labour ".

Almhamdaoi added that "signing this note comes to activate the process of road transport-shipping and transit through the territory of Iraq," referring to "develop company reality better by updating its fleet and increase working mechanisms and developing new outlets."

Almhamdaoi pointed out that "trucking company expresses her pleasure to activate this cooperation with hungry, in order to move towards future successes."

The public transport sector in Iraq by railway and road transport sector suffered considerable damage during the last two decades, because of the sanctions imposed on the country in 1990 and was subjected to considerable damage in air attacks during the 1991 war and the war of toppling Saddam Hussein in 2003 and the subsequent looting and pillaging big for this sector, causing it to stop for now.

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