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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log for Tuesday 8/30/16 - Part 3

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log

Part 3 - Featuring rcookie

larrykn says to Okie Dinar(10:27 AM):

gm :)

Okie Dinar says to larrykn(10:27 AM):

Hey! GM!

Okie Dinar says to larrykn(10:27 AM):

You having a good day?

(10:27 AM).MOD.larrycopier changed nickname to .MOD.larrykn!

larrykn says to Okie Dinar(10:27 AM):

yes not bad, off to get car fixed lol

Okie Dinar says to larrykn(10:28 AM):

Ok great! Have a great afternoon. Will you be in later?

larrykn says to Okie Dinar(10:29 AM):

yes I'll be back not sure how long it will take them but should be sometime after 2pm cst

rcookie says(10:29 AM):

Ebadi: I will give candidates the reshuffle, including the defense and interior ministers after Eid

Political Since 30/08/2016 18:14 pm (Baghdad time)

Okie Dinar says to larrykn(10:29 AM):

Sounds great :)

larrykn says to Okie Dinar(10:30 AM):

have fun :)

larrykn says to rcookie(10:30 AM):

gm :)

Okie Dinar says to larrykn(10:30 AM):

Thank you!

Okie Dinar says to rcookie(10:31 AM):

Good Morning!

kalis says to rcookie(10:49 AM):

gm .. what the about the news yesterday

rcookie says to Okie Dinar(11:01 AM):

GM OKIE!!...

rcookie says to kalis(11:02 AM):


rcookie says(11:02 AM):

Urgent: the capture of the private financial officer to "Khaled al-Obeidi" (Details)

30-08-2016 12:12 PM Hits: 3931

Orbit News -

Issued judiciary on Tuesday ordered the arrest of chief financial officer of the former defense minister.

A source told the News'madar ', that the judiciary has issued this afternoon, ordered the arrest of Maj . Gen. Mohammed Shihab al - Naimi in charge of the financial affairs of former Defense Minister Khaled al - Obeidi.

sassy says(11:03 AM):

rcookie Good morning. Another one bites the dust

sassy says(11:04 AM):

Okie thanks for copying

Okie Dinar says to sassy(11:04 AM):

You're welcome!

Okie Dinar says to sassy(11:04 AM):

How is your day going?

rcookie says to sassy(11:04 AM):


sassy says(11:05 AM):

Okie I am great

Okie Dinar says to rcookie(11:06 AM):

(y) Great news!

sassy says(11:06 AM):

rcookie it is nice to see them cleaning out the garbage

Okie Dinar says to sassy(11:06 AM):

I'm so glad :)

Okie Dinar says to sassy(11:07 AM):

Yes, it is Sassy! Actions not talk!

sassy says(11:07 AM):

Okie very dreary here. today. Going to my sis house to play board games lol

Okie Dinar says to sassy(11:08 AM):

Yes it is :) Have fun! (v)

sassy says(11:08 AM):

so exciting lmbo

(11:08 AM)Woodywoodpecker was kicked out by Woodywoodpecker!

kalis says to rcookie(11:08 AM):

the news from monday was great .

Okie Dinar says to kalis(11:09 AM):

The news from today, is as well :)

rcookie says(11:09 AM):


sassy says(11:10 AM):

rcookie imagine if they could collect what was stolen. Geesh

rcookie says(11:10 AM):


slh5282 says(11:11 AM):

rcookie< wonder if they will recover any that Maliki and his family took?

sassy says(11:11 AM):

rcookie someone is on the ball at least

kalis says(11:13 AM):

what day has n't the new been good ? none .. can wait until tonight !!

Okie Dinar says to kalis(11:13 AM):

Agreed! I'm also looking forward to, tonight!

Okie Dinar says(11:15 AM):

NEWSTIME is at 6:30pm CST

Dinar Updates “After Call – LIVE”!!

“Immediately following News Time!!”

Tues. 8/30 “After Call” – w/RCookie,

Mr White & Hutch

kalis says(11:15 AM):

i look when rcookie and mr white team up . facts facts and no bs

Okie Dinar says(11:16 AM):


MrsBGG says to Okie Dinar(11:28 AM):

Good morning sweetie (L)

MrsBGG says to Okie Dinar(11:29 AM):

Thank you for copying!

Okie Dinar says to MrsBGG(11:30 AM):

Good Morning! You're welcome!

cricket22 says(11:30 AM):

GA every 1..I am on my lunch break. I LOVE my new job! (L)

MrsBGG says to cricket22(11:31 AM):

Good morning sweetie (L) Yeah!! That's awesome!!

Okie Dinar says to cricket22(11:31 AM):

Hope you're enjoying it!

cricket22 says to MrsBGG(11:31 AM):

and OkieDinar... Thank you, I am.. :)

MrsBGG says(11:31 AM):

NEWSTIME is at 6:30pm CST

Dinar Updates “After Call – LIVE”!!

“Immediately following News Time!!”

Tues. 8/30 “After Call” – w/RCookie,

Mr White & Hutch & "special guest" !!

SRW says to cricket22(11:31 AM):


MrsBGG says to cricket22(11:31 AM):

you are welcome :) So excited for you!!

cricket22 says to MrsBGG(11:31 AM):

My feet still hurt real bad, but I hide the pain. It's nice I do get to sit down at times. :)

cricket22 says to SRW(11:32 AM):


cricket22 says to MrsBGG(11:32 AM):

Thank you :)

MrsBGG says to cricket22(11:33 AM):

You are welcome :) We will keep praying , the Lord is Faithful :)

cricket22 says to MrsBGG(11:33 AM):

Yes, He sure is! Thank you so much! (L)

MrsBGG says to cricket22(11:33 AM):

you are welcome sweetie (L)

MrsBGG says to cricket22(11:35 AM):

Have a great rest of your day!!

MrsBGG says(11:35 AM):

bbiab (})

cricket22 says to MrsBGG(11:35 AM):

Ok, thank you and same to you too :) (F)

Okie Dinar says to MrsBGG(11:36 AM):


bibi says to cricket22(11:40 AM):

Hello, Cricket! So happy to hear you like you new job! Great news! (Sorry that your feet are still hurting you so much.)

bibi says to Okie Dinar(11:41 AM):

Thank you for copying, OkieDinar. Much appreciated.

cricket22 says to bibi(11:42 AM):

Awww... Thank you sweetie! (F)

Okie Dinar says to bibi(11:43 AM):

You're most welcome (L) Hope you are enjoying this wonderful day!

(11:48 AM)dinarforme was kicked out by dinarforme!

bibi says to Okie Dinar(11:48 AM):

Yes, I'm enjoying this day! Hope you are too. Thank you for all you do! (F)

(11:48 AM)garygs415 was kicked out by garygs415!

rcookie says(11:50 AM):

Twilight News publish the decisions of the Cabinet meeting chaired by Haidar al-Abbadi

Tuesday 30-08-2016 | 7:11:00

Twilight News / Cabinet held its regular Tuesday headed by current Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi.

According to a statement issued by the Information Office of Ebadi, "it was discussed during the meeting to provide an amendment to the Law of the general amnesty voted by the House of Representatives of the vertebrae, which has the House been added or modified to the bill sent from the government."

The statement continued, "it was show what has been accomplished from the government curriculum during the past two years and make some adjustments in the light of the achievement that has been made of it for presentation to the House of Representatives."

The statement pointed out that "he has to approve the amendment controls vehicle registration in the light of the observations that were approved during a cabinet meeting."

The statement said he "discussed the operation of aircraft Iraqi Airways informed by the Council on Bis83 protocol port of the Ministry of Transport as a first stage to avoid the negative effects of the ban on the operation of aircraft of Iraqi Airways and a record time."

The statement added that it "has been approved to withdraw the nomination appointment of advisers in the presidency and bring them back to their previous jobs that they were," adding that "he has the approval of the Ministerial Committee on Energy decision on the development of the Halfaya oil field in Maysan province."

The statement noted to "approve the launch of the allocation of a sum of money to remove and treat the Nile flower into the Tigris and Euphrates basin and its environs and the continuing effort to protect the automated Hor Abu your button."

(11:50 AM)mshale was kicked out by mshale!

Okie Dinar says to rcookie(11:51 AM):

Thank you!! :)

rcookie says to Okie Dinar(11:52 AM):

HI OKIE!!....YVW..

rcookie says(11:52 AM):

Abadi: we agreed with the delegation of the region to liberate Mosul and financial situation between Baghdad and Erbil

(Independent) ... Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi announced an agreement with the Kurdistan region delegation which visited Baghdad on an objective edit Mosul and financial situation between the center and the region.

Ebadi said in a press conference held in the center of the capital, Baghdad, and I followed (Independent) said Tuesday that "the discussion with the delegation of the province, who visited Baghdad house about editing the Mosul operation and financial situation between the governments of the center and the region," noting that "There are no little differences, and laid foundations for the two subjects" .

Abadi said that "We have meetings with MPs and political views of the people of Mosul and we have understanding and dialogue with them not on the basis of quotas in the battle of Mosul, but on the basis of security plans or military principles."

He said al-Abadi said, "We have understandings with the International Alliance of Kurdistan in order to fight this battle successfully. There are no foreign troops on the ground and what comes from the preparation in a while is to create the atmosphere and the earth by experts, technicians and trainers," stressing that "Qayyarah was the operations center for the organization Daesh was All the terrorists were killed there, "pointing to" the killing of large numbers of elements Daesh of foreign nationals. "

The prime minister pointed to the "commitment to the plan that we have set in the liberation of Mosul," noting that "we have the strictest confidence in the plan and what is being said in the media is part of the camouflage and maneuver the Iraqi side." (Predatory)

rcookie says(11:53 AM):


bibi says to rcookie(11:54 AM):

GM, Rcookie. Thank you for the news and your commentary.

rcookie says(11:56 AM):


rcookie says(11:56 AM):

Urgent: Cabinet vote on the 2017 budget

logo jumhuriya

Urgent: Cabinet vote on the 2017 budget

Tue, 30 Aug 2016 15:33:51


Cabinet voted Tuesday 2017..itba the draft budget law.

rcookie says(11:56 AM):


jimplants says(11:59 AM):

the kurd abadi article says AGREED ON MOSUL AND FINICIAL INTEREST!!!!!!!! the cess pool is getting clean

kalis says to rcookie(12:00 PM):

you are the best . Really God Bless you all the work you do for us ..

rcookie says(12:00 PM):

Abadi describes the amendments added by Parliament on the amnesty law as "criminal"

Aug 30, 2016

Baghdad AFP criticized Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi Tuesday strongly amendments added by the House of Representatives on the general amnesty law passed last week, calling it "a criminal."

Ebadi said in a press conference that "the House of Representatives said the general amnesty law paragraphs criminal."

He said "we exclude all crimes of abduction from the amnesty, but the Board of episodes recorded, that does not establish him killed or permanent disability."

"The last week raided our security forces, they have found a place where the kidnapped children. Kidnappers release will be called in the light of the new law. "

"I do not know if they commit crimes earlier because they will not recognize and more speculation that they wanted to sell children as human as members."

Parliament also passed an amendment to the draft of the government with regard to crimes of terrorism that the government exempted from the amnesty, adding a paragraph "if it did not lead to the killing or disfiguring or destroy the facility."

Ebadi said in this regard that in the event saw a security man "terrorist strapped to his body, he sacrifices himself for the dismantling of the belt, and in the light of the law being released because he was not killed or blowing himself up."

The House of Representatives Thursday approved a general amnesty law is long overdue and will include thousands of convicts in a move it said lawmakers intended to restore national unity in the country, which is witnessing sectarian divide.

The law exempts 13 crime, notably terrorism, crimes and sentenced to aides of former president Saddam Hussein and the trade in arms and explosives, drug trafficking and accused the national security issues.

The law provides for the re-trial of the alleged he was tortured in order to extract confessions.

rcookie says to jimplants(12:05 PM):


(12:05 PM)Woodywoodpecker was kicked out by Woodywoodpecker!

jimplants says(12:06 PM):

thank you

jimplants says(12:07 PM):

amazing what the though of a few billion can do

kalis says to rcookie(12:08 PM):

(y) thank you so much

jimplants says(12:09 PM):

kalis yesterday you seem worried just take certain people with a whole bag of salt you too okie dinar

Okie Dinar says to jimplants(12:11 PM):

Thank you Jim! :)

Okie Dinar says to jimplants(12:13 PM):

How are you doing today?

kalis says(12:14 PM):

well there are few here that like turn good news in so so . It is to bad that some do that . when someus are new and do not understand the whole deal .

jimplants says(12:15 PM):

fine just reading the news and waiting on this too finish and it will finish with what we want the IMF WORLD BANK AND UN HAVE SPENT BILLIONS ON THIS PLAN AND NOT FOR A FEW CENTS

jimplants says(12:16 PM):

kLis he has done that since day one just do not read it or get into a conversation with him

jimplants says(12:17 PM):

notice when RC is here he is not

Okie Dinar says to jimplants(12:17 PM):


jimplants says(12:18 PM):

old slanted news not current

rcookie says(12:25 PM):

Customs check 327 billion dinars since the beginning of this year35 Show Last update: Tuesday, August 30, 2016 - 9:56Customs check 327 billion dinars since the beginning of this year

Baghdad, Tariq al-Araji

General Customs Authority has made since the beginning of this year until early this month, revenues in excess of 327 billion dinars, stressing the contribution of customs points developed in the vicinity of the capital activate those returns. He revealed Director General Kazim Ali Abdullah, in an exclusive interview lengthy interview with «morning» for the completion of the Commission during the past few duration, the demarcation of the more than 62 thousand wheel to the side to replace the wheels of the Kurdistan region numbers more than 18 thousand other.

The following is the text: the achievement of 327 billion dinars as income so far

rcookie says(12:26 PM):


rcookie says(12:27 PM):


(12:30 PM)honeybee12 was kicked out by honeybee12!

Elane says(12:34 PM):

Thats awesome R cookie!

kalis says to jimplants(12:36 PM):


MrsBGG says to Elane(12:36 PM):

Good afternoon :)

MrsBGG says to rcookie(12:36 PM):

Good afternoon :)

MrsBGG says to rcookie(12:36 PM):

Thank you for the News!!

MrsBGG says(12:36 PM):

NEWSTIME is at 6:30pm CST

Dinar Updates “After Call – LIVE”!!

“Immediately following News Time!!”

Tues. 8/30 “After Call” – w/RCookie,

Mr White & Hutch w/ "special guest"!!

Okie Dinar says to MrsBGG(12:37 PM):

Thank you (L)

Elane says to MrsBGG(12:38 PM):

Good afternoon... Mrs BGG

MrsBGG says to Okie Dinar(12:38 PM):

you are welcome :)

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