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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log for Wednesday 8/24/16 - Part 3

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log

Part 3 - Featuring rcookie, BGG & firefly

rcookie says(8:54 AM):

Muthanna Investment intends to grant a license for the establishment of an industrial city southeast of Samawah

Author: HH, SS

Editor: AZ, HH

24/08/2016 16:39

Number of Views: 42

Long-Presse / Muthanna

Announced the investment of the province of Muthanna body, said on Wednesday that next week will see the granting of an investment license for the construction of an industrial city in the southeast of the city of Samawah, (250 kilometers) south of Baghdad, and while confirming that the city will be built on 100 acres at a cost of up to $ 60 million, she noted The industrial city include dairy and vegetable oil production plants.

The chief investment MIC just Yasiri in an interview (range Press), "The body will be awarded over the next week an investment license for the establishment of an industrial city in terms of stellar, (45 km south-east of Samawah), at a cost of up to $ 60 million," noting that " the city include the establishment of plants for the production of detergents, milk and vegetable oils. "

He Yasiri, that "this city will be built along the lines of the industrial city in the Jordanian capital of Amman and the 100 acres," pointing out that "the Commission has worked to provide the land needed to build the project and completed the procedures for granting leave."

He Yasiri, that "the choice of location was according to the need of the project for basic services such as energy and water sources and modes of transportation for the success of the establishment of the industrial city."

rcookie says(8:55 AM):


rcookie says(8:55 AM):


larrykn says(8:56 AM):

non-oil industry , sounds good :)

rcookie says(8:56 AM):


rcookie says(8:56 AM):


rcookie says(9:01 AM):

The draft amnesty law will be presented for a vote at Thursday 's meeting to amend Article VIII

Author: AHF

Editor: AHF

24/08/2016 16:35

Number of Views: 84

Long-Presse / Baghdad

Legal Committee representative revealed, Wednesday, for the continuation of the dispute between the National Alliance and the Union of Forces on Article VIII of the paragraphs of the General Amnesty Law, and as shown, the Committee will be presented law and the paragraph proposed by the coalition to vote on Thursday, confirmed that the House of Representatives would have a final opinion to this topic .

The committee member said Kamel al-Zaidi said in an interview to the (long-Presse), "The differences still exist between the Iraqi forces union and the National Alliance on the amnesty law," noting that "the alliance has reservations strongly to pass Article VIII of the paragraphs of the law without any amendment and introduced of the legal Committee a proposal to modify it. "

Zaidi said that "the coalition's proposal to amend Article VIII of the law through Recheck trial papers telling through confidential informant exclusively," noting that "the coalition refuses to re-try those accused of terrorism, article four and made a reservation to this paragraph."

Zaidi added that "the Union of Iraqi forces insist on not to amend Article VIII of the law that allows re knitwear accused according to Article Four of terrorism," adding that "the Legal Committee felt at the end of its meeting to discuss the implications of the amnesty law, which long for more than five hours to put an end rivalry-based submission of a proposed new National Alliance and the provisions of Article VIII to a vote in the House of Representatives. "

A member of the legal committee of parliamentary that "the Commission of law will be submitted to vote in Thursday's session will be presented Article VIII first two proposals submitted by the coalition and who spends reviewing the case documents, while powers Union calls for not modifying the eighth article that requires re-investigation," explaining that "the House of Representatives is It will determine and vote to choose one of these proposals. "

And the voice of the Iraqi Council of Representatives, on Tuesday, to postpone the vote on the amnesty law to tomorrow, Thursday, at the request of the Legal Committee.

The National Alliance was decided during a meeting on Tuesday not to vote on the amnesty law, as called for postponing the vote on the law until the compatibility of all its clauses.

The General Amnesty Law of the most important political program which was agreed upon between the political blocs to form a government in Hhler September of 2014 items.

The Iraqi Council of Representatives passed in the year 2008, the general amnesty act which released thousands of detainees at the time, but he met a broad objections by some political parties being contributed to the release of some of the leaders of al Qaeda in a timely manner.

It is noteworthy that the Iraqi Council of Representatives held on Tuesday (August 23, 2016), held its 13th legislative term of the first third legislative year, while the agenda of the meeting included the completion of the interrogation Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi, and vote on the four laws.

sparkey2 says(9:04 AM):

does anybody have a link to last nights call

clay says to sparkey2(9:05 AM):

hey sparky

larrykn says to sparkey2(9:05 AM):


sparkey2 says(9:06 AM):

TY very much

larrykn says to sparkey2(9:06 AM):

that is the newstime the call is not up yet will be sometimetoday

clay says to larrykn(9:06 AM):


larrykn says to clay(9:06 AM):

yw :)

david334 says to rcookie(9:08 AM):

GM rcookie PPP for Iraq must be significantly below the mean given not only the absolute value but the imbalance on imported goods

Zig says(9:12 AM):

Peter Piper picked a peck of Purchasing Power Parity......

clay says to Zig(9:13 AM):

lol hey

david334 says to rcookie(9:13 AM):

And now that they have taxes and tarrifs the PPP should be even lower, unless the tarriffs which are relatively new are not passed on the consumers?

clay says to david334(9:13 AM):

question is when will the auctions stop

(9:14 AM)sagecanyon was kicked out by sagecanyon!

david334 says to clay(9:15 AM):

rcookie has gone through that a bunch of times they are already down 50% with the goal of stoping them end of 2017. Even with petro dollars the Iraqi PPP stinks

clay says to david334(9:18 AM):

knew they are down didnt realize end of 2017

clay says to david334(9:18 AM):


larrykn says to clay(9:18 AM):

I think when they revalue the currency

clay says to larrykn(9:19 AM):

sure hope they revalue before

david334 says to clay(9:19 AM):

I think with energy in the basket oil drives the PPP down, because the dinar is so undervalued. Thats my uneducated guess.

larrykn says to clay(9:20 AM):

when they stop the auctions they won't be making anymore money to keep them going so they would have to revalue to get everything else going

clay says to larrykn(9:20 AM):


david334 says to clay(9:20 AM):

Could be later than end of 2017 I forgot the exact timing({)

clay says to david334(9:22 AM):

lets hope that they just RV already

clay says to david334(9:23 AM):

they need to move on and go global to succeed

david334 says to clay(9:23 AM):

ground hogs day

clay says to david334(9:23 AM):


clay says to david334(9:23 AM):

always has been

larrykn says to clay(9:23 AM):

when they get the amnesty law and A&J passed I wonder how long after it will take for them to do it

larrykn says to clay(9:24 AM):

Mosul looks like it could go anytime now so whats left ????

clay says to larrykn(9:24 AM):

I wonder if they have to do with the rv

clay says to larrykn(9:25 AM):

Mosul is more my concern for security that shabs always wanted

clay says to larrykn(9:25 AM):

and power sharing

larrykn says to clay(9:26 AM):

I'm thinking for security and conficence in the market they need to get these things done IMO

clay says to larrykn(9:26 AM):


clay says to larrykn(9:26 AM):

are you being hit with smoke from the wild fires

larrykn says to clay(9:27 AM):

no, that fire in so calif is bout 60 miles from me blowing in the other direction

clay says to larrykn(9:27 AM):

oh good

clay says to larrykn(9:27 AM):

are they afraid the massive heat will cause earth quakes

larrykn says to clay(9:27 AM):

where those houses burned up I use to work in that area in the 90's

clay says to larrykn(9:28 AM):


larrykn says to clay(9:28 AM):

earthquakes can happen anytime

clay says to larrykn(9:28 AM):

now washington is on fire distruction every where

clay says to larrykn(9:28 AM):

and Louisiana

larrykn says to clay(9:28 AM):

we are in a 5 year dought, everything is dry out here

larrykn says to clay(9:28 AM):

we have a nice shade of brown :D

clay says to larrykn(9:29 AM):

no kidding maybe a hurricane in the pacific will hit

clay says to larrykn(9:29 AM):

brown lol

larrykn says to clay(9:29 AM):

that won't happen here we only get the leftovers from them

(9:30 AM)DHOLLA was kicked out by DHOLLA!

clay says to larrykn(9:30 AM):


larrykn says to clay(9:30 AM):

going to be 95 here toay

clay says to larrykn(9:30 AM):


larrykn says to clay(9:30 AM):

thats mild lol

clay says to larrykn(9:30 AM):

is it muggy too

larrykn says to clay(9:30 AM):

next week over 100

clay says to larrykn(9:30 AM):


larrykn says to clay(9:30 AM):

no humidity just hot, like putting your head in an oven lol

clay says to larrykn(9:31 AM):

lol no thanks

bubbles says(9:33 AM):

good morning

rcookie says(9:33 AM):


rcookie says(9:34 AM):

IN LATE JULY 2015...

clay says to bubbles(9:34 AM):

GM and welcome to chat

rcookie says(9:34 AM):


larrykn says to bubbles(9:34 AM):

gm :)

rcookie says(9:35 AM):

27. The authorities are adopting a cautious approach to foreign exchange liberalization. Since the last Article IV consultation, Iraq has removed most of the exchange restrictions previously maintained. However, one new exchange restriction has been identified arising from the weekly limits on cash purchases by financial institutions from the CBI.5 Furthermore, Iraq continues to maintain a Multiple Currency Practice (MCP), which arises from the absence of a mechanism to ensure that the official exchange rate and the parallel market exchange rate do not deviate by more than two percent (see Informational Annex). The CBI confirmed its intention to remove the remaining exchange restrictions and the MCP, in line with Iraq’s objective of accepting Article VIII obligations. The authorities also removed the advance customs duty and income tax payment because of their negative impact on market volatility. They also committed to removing the weekly limits on cash transactions, once external conditions allow. Staff welcomed these steps and recommended that the CBI set the appropriate pace of liberalization on the basis of the volumesof auction sales and the behavior of the spread, which could be a good gauge of depreciation pressures. Staff underlined that AML/CFT concerns should be best addressed through the improvement of the relevant legislative and institutional framework.

david334 says to rcookie(9:36 AM):

You went over it last night as well.

bubbles says(9:37 AM):

I have a ? please dont bite my head off. I know better than to do this. but a friend is getting ready to mail off 22 mill dinar to a dave schmidt. Plus his dad and other family members dinar. Anyone heard of him? I am searching for infor to try and convince my friend NOT to do it. I know he is a big boy and all but I still have to try.

clay says to bubbles(9:38 AM):

wrong to do

clay says to bubbles(9:38 AM):

many have got scammed

clay says to bubbles(9:38 AM):

some who I know

rcookie says(9:38 AM):


larrykn says to bubbles(9:38 AM):

do not give your dinar to anyone but a bank

clay says to bubbles(9:38 AM):

never ever let dinar out of your sight

clay says to bubbles(9:38 AM):

rule # 1

bubbles says(9:38 AM):

I know but he wont listen. I am not doing it no way

david334 says to rcookie(9:39 AM):

BGG has said 100 times not to do that you are going to get burned

larrykn says to bubbles(9:39 AM):

you will never see your dinar again if you do that

clay says to bubbles(9:39 AM):

then they will lose it all

bubbles says(9:39 AM):

I am not doing it. this is the 2nd time of me trying to stop someone the first time I did get them stopped but this wont wont buy what I say

rcookie says(9:39 AM):


bubbles says(9:40 AM):

I gues so. and gett to exchange so he thinks sooner

larrykn says to bubbles(9:40 AM):

you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink it , you did what you could , its his lost

Woodywoodpecker says(9:41 AM):

Hit him in the head......just dont let him do that

rcookie says(9:41 AM):


rcookie says(9:41 AM):


bubbles says(9:41 AM):

I told him just give me some before he throws it out the window

rcookie says(9:42 AM):


bubbles says(9:42 AM):

thanks rookie wrote it down to ask him

rcookie says to larrykn(9:43 AM):


bubbles says(9:43 AM):

I hope I can change his mind

rcookie says(9:43 AM):


Woodywoodpecker says(9:43 AM):

tell him to come in here and listen to these people

clay says to bubbles(9:43 AM):

omg do you know how many people fell for that

david334 says to rcookie(9:43 AM):

Fictious Chinede elders

rcookie says(9:44 AM):


clay says to bubbles(9:44 AM):

no one will exchange until we all see the true rate

bubbles says(9:44 AM):

yeah he said something about chinese

Mudder says(9:44 AM):

Sounds like Dave Schmidt is going to be the Maliki of the U.S.

bubbles says(9:44 AM):

I have never heard of him

david334 says to rcookie(9:44 AM):

and the Rothschild family who owns the world ?

BGG says to Mudder(9:45 AM):


rcookie says(9:45 AM):


david334 says to rcookie(9:45 AM):

GCR BS Conspiracy theorist club

david334 says to rcookie(9:46 AM):

It has to do with the alignment of the stars and the US dollar going to zero. these people are whacked

rcookie says(9:48 AM):


rcookie says(9:50 AM):


david334 says to rcookie(9:50 AM):

bye bye is universal

david334 says to rcookie(9:51 AM):

rcookie please dont tell me you speak Mandrin

Soonergirlie says to david334(9:51 AM):


david334 says to rcookie(9:51 AM):

Then i'll really feel inferior , whoops forgot my meds gotta go

bubbles says(9:51 AM):


rcookie says(9:53 AM):


bubbles says(9:54 AM):

thanks everyone going to go call and try one last time. Just makes me sick.

dinarmassa says to rcookie(9:55 AM):

That was cute

Mudder says to bubbles(9:56 AM):

Tell him to come in here for an hour.... That might make him change his mind...

bubbles says to Mudder(9:57 AM):

I am going to.

Mudder says to bubbles(9:58 AM):

Will let him talk to our secret weapon....lol

Woodywoodpecker says(9:59 AM):

ok go ahead and talk to me lol

bubbles says to Mudder(10:00 AM):


Okie Dinar says to larrykn(10:00 AM):

Thank you :)

larrykn says to Okie Dinar(10:00 AM):

ty for copying this morning your doing a great job :)

(10:01 AM).MOD.larrycopier changed nickname to .MOD.larrykn!

Okie Dinar says to larrykn(10:01 AM):

Thank you!

flint says(10:04 AM):

I did a search on Dave Schmidt... has a radio proghram... talking about private exchanges

clay says to flint(10:05 AM):

hes nuts

clay says to flint(10:05 AM):

and BS

flint says(10:05 AM):


clay says to flint(10:06 AM):

too many friends lost it all getting involved with those sceems

clay says to flint(10:06 AM):


flint says(10:06 AM):

also something called the sEDONA pLAN

Woodywoodpecker says(10:08 AM):

like that bunch in Reno...lost it all

bubbles says to flint(10:08 AM):

a sadona connection foundation in AZ

clay says to Woodywoodpecker(10:08 AM):

yep that too till the feds caught up

bubbles says to flint(10:08 AM):

I been searching trying to find something to prve it is a scam

Mudder says to bubbles(10:09 AM):

Put a bug in the FBI's ear.... Phone them and make a inquirey

clay says to bubbles(10:09 AM):

some people just have to learn the hard way

flint says(10:09 AM):

good luck... your friend has bought into this

clay says to flint(10:09 AM):


bubbles says to flint(10:09 AM):


Toney11 says(10:19 AM):

Does anyone know if there was a recording of last night's newstime?

clay says to Toney11(10:19 AM):


clay says to Toney11(10:20 AM):

a copier will bring it in

Toney11 says(10:20 AM):

Thank You so much you guys do such a wonderful job and it is so appreciated

clay says to Toney11(10:21 AM):


(10:21 AM)rstine was kicked out by rstine!

larrykn says to Toney11(10:28 AM):


_firefly_ says(10:30 AM):

Circulated Banknotes: In 2013 the Central Bank of Iraq has upgraded the circulated banknotes the series of 2003 which included graphic design and technical characters apart from the denomination of (50) dinar which has been withdrawn from circulation since 1st May 2015.The two series will remain legal tender alongside in circulation until the old are naturally worn out. In December 2015 Central Bank of Iraq has put into circulation the new issuance of 50000 dinar to accomplish the series of 2013.

_firefly_ says(10:31 AM):

The two series will remain legal tender alongside in circulation until the old are naturally worn out.

_firefly_ says(10:31 AM):


(10:36 AM)mshale was kicked out by mshale!

clay says to _firefly_(10:37 AM):

hey buddy :)

clay says to _firefly_(10:37 AM):

still here lol

_firefly_ says to clay(10:38 AM):

Mornin bud. Yeah, sorta lol :)

(10:38 AM)lindasue was kicked out by lindasue!

eman4u55 says to clay(10:40 AM):

GA buddy

eman4u55 says to clay(10:40 AM):

GA everyone

Okie Dinar says to eman4u55(10:40 AM):

Good Morning!

clay says to eman4u55(10:41 AM):

hey buddy good to see ya :)

eman4u55 says(10:41 AM):

was there a call last night ??

clay says to Okie Dinar(10:41 AM):

GM :)

Okie Dinar says to clay(10:41 AM):

Good Morning Clay!

clay says to eman4u55(10:41 AM):


clay says to eman4u55(10:41 AM):

not up yet

eman4u55 says(10:41 AM):

ok thanks now back to work BBL

clay says to eman4u55(10:41 AM):


(10:42 AM)Josie was kicked out by Josie!

rcookie says(11:00 AM):

Biden: the Syrian Kurds to withdraw to the east of the Euphrates to ensure US support

Aug 24, 2016

Ankara Reuters said Joe Biden, the US vice president said Wednesday that his country showed Syrian Kurdish forces that it must return to the east of the Euphrates River after the control of the Syrian city of Manbej so as to maintain American support.

Biden made the remarks during a visit to Turkey. Ankara has said it expects the withdrawal of Syrian Kurdish fighters across the river after Manbej the victory achieved by Syria's democratic forces, backed by Washington, consisting of Kurds and Arab fighters.

MrsBGG says to rcookie(11:01 AM):

Thank you for the News!!

MrsBGG says to clay(11:01 AM):

Good morning :)

rcookie says to MrsBGG(11:01 AM):


MrsBGG says to Okie Dinar(11:01 AM):

Good morning sweetie :)

MrsBGG says to Okie Dinar(11:02 AM):

Thank you for copying!!

rcookie says(11:02 AM):


Folks art



Contact us


AUGUST 24, 2016

Iraq 's oil exports rise by about 4% in July

BAGHDAD - Anatolia - data showed an official report issued by the Iraqi Oil Ministry, on Wednesday, the rise in crude oil exports by 4.1? During July / July, compared with the previous month.

He said the ministry spokesman, Assem Jihad, through a statement, "Anatolia" arrived copy of it, that "the total quantities exported from Central and South fields in July reached 99 million and 300 thousand barrels according to final statistical official issued by the Iraqi Oil Marketing Company (SOMO ). "

Thus, Iraqi oil exports have risen over the past month by about 4 million barrels, compared with June last numbers, which amounted to 95 million and 300 thousand barrels.

The official spokesman for the ministry said that "the total revenue (from oil exports) last month amounted to 3 billion and 802 million dollars," compared with 3 billion and $ 829 million in June.

The decline in Iraqi oil revenues in July despite the rise in the volume of exports, to a decline in the average price of a barrel of oil to $ 38.288, compared with $ 40.178 in June.

And it stepped up Iraq's crude oil exports to provide financial liquidity needed to meet the current expenditures of the Iraqi government, which is suffering a financial crisis due to the decline in crude prices by 60? What it was mid-2014.

Iraq relies on oil sales to provide 80? Financial state revenues.

He asked the Iraqi oil minister, Jabbar and coffee, on Tuesday, the foreign companies operating in the country's oil fields to increase production and export of crude oil and gas.

Later next month, will hold members of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries Countries (OPEC) held an informal meeting; to discuss crude oil prices, and restore stability to world markets.

A statement of the Ministry of Oil, released today, that the quantities exported have been downloaded by 34 international companies from various nationalities from the ports of Basra and Khor al-Amaya and buoys unilateralism on the Arabian Gulf (southeast).

Kurdish administration and the government in northern Iraq to export oil from its fields individually to the Turkish port of Ceyhan on the Mediterranean, across the line of its own pipes because of disagreements on the distribution of revenues.

The Kurdish administration of direct exports about 600 thousand barrels per day.

Okie Dinar says to MrsBGG(11:03 AM):

Good Morning! You're welcome! (F)

rcookie says(11:04 AM):

This is the 2017 appointments

logo jumhuriya

This is the 2017 appointments

Wed, 24 Aug 2016 15:37:50

# Algmehorah_uz

Parliamentary Finance Committee revealed on Wednesday, all the grades in the draft budget for fiscal 2017, which included four ministries Law, considered as the draft budget next year similar to the current budget year.

The deputy head of the committee MP Faleh force that "appointments in the budget of 2017 will be in the four ministries only, the interior, defense and health and education," noting, "it was stopping all other appointments in ministries."

He said in effect that "the budget of 2017 the same origin of the budget in 2016 in terms of texts, they did not have additional new material," adding that "the Ministry of Finance has asked the Council of Ministers a few things regarding the amendment of charges and fees and reduce the number of staff and the decisiveness of the phenomenon of aliens."

clay says to MrsBGG(11:04 AM):

GA :) good to see ya

rcookie says(11:04 AM):


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