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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log for Thursday 8/25/16 - Part 6

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log

Part 6 - Featuring firefly

IcemanAKASnake says to larrykn(11:00 AM):

I wish that last news bit would hit today !!!

(11:01 AM).Mod.larrycopier changed nickname to larrykn!

larrykn says to Okie Dinar(11:01 AM):

have fun :)

larrykn says(11:01 AM):

DU “After Call - LIVE”

"Immediately following News Time!!"

Thurs 8/25 "After Call" - w/RCookie,

Mr White & Hutch

641-715-3640 pin#528733

Okie Dinar says to larrykn(11:01 AM):

Thank you! I'm enjoying this day :D

larrykn says(11:02 AM):

its a great day :)

Okie Dinar says to larrykn(11:02 AM):


IcemanAKASnake says to larrykn(11:03 AM):

Thank you Sir !!

larrykn says to IcemanAKASnake(11:03 AM):

yvw :)

IcemanAKASnake says to larrykn(11:03 AM):

WHats that song Mr Rogers always sang ???

larrykn says(11:04 AM):

something about the neighborhood lol

IcemanAKASnake says(11:04 AM):


larrykn says(11:04 AM):


bubbles says to IcemanAKASnake(11:04 AM):


hutch says(11:05 AM):


bubbles says(11:05 AM):

good moring and GOOD it is

larrykn says(11:05 AM):

I was a Captian Kanagroo guy myself lol

IcemanAKASnake says(11:05 AM):

LOL...Thats it !!!

hutch says(11:05 AM):


IcemanAKASnake says(11:05 AM):

I was raised in Chitown..I NEVER got to go..Im bummed

larrykn says(11:05 AM):

Mr. Greenjeans :D

bubbles says(11:05 AM):

My son has a tshirt with Mr Rogers on it that saids it's all good in the hood

IcemanAKASnake says to bubbles(11:06 AM):

LOL !!!

larrykn says(11:06 AM):

I'm old, showing my age lol

hutch says to larrykn(11:06 AM):


IcemanAKASnake says to bubbles(11:06 AM):

Me too....stp braggin

bubbles says(11:06 AM):

I remember them all

bubbles says to IcemanAKASnake(11:06 AM):


larrykn says to bubbles(11:07 AM):

not sure if thats good or bad :D

hutch says to larrykn(11:07 AM):


IcemanAKASnake says to bubbles(11:07 AM):


bubbles says(11:07 AM):

what about Opsy the clown?

cricket22 says to hutch(11:07 AM):

Clarabelle :D

larrykn says to hutch(11:07 AM):

ok buddy :)

IcemanAKASnake says to hutch(11:07 AM):

be safe !!!

cricket22 says to hutch(11:07 AM):

Hurry back

bubbles says(11:07 AM):

take care Hutch

IcemanAKASnake says to bubbles(11:08 AM):

I dont recall Opsy..that must be REAL old

IcemanAKASnake says to bubbles(11:08 AM):

Or real NEW

clay says to IcemanAKASnake(11:08 AM):

hey buddy

larrykn says to hutch(11:08 AM):

bbl :)

clay says to larrykn(11:08 AM):


bubbles says(11:08 AM):

about the bozo time may have been just a Michigan thing LOL

clay says to bubbles(11:08 AM):


cricket22 says to bubbles(11:09 AM):


cricket22 says to bubbles(11:09 AM):

Where from?

bubbles says to clay(11:09 AM):


IcemanAKASnake says to clay(11:09 AM):

Hey !!! Theres the Bone Cracker !!!

IcemanAKASnake says to clay(11:09 AM):

CHow u doin ??

bubbles says to cricket22(11:09 AM):

yea I grew up there

cricket22 says to bubbles(11:10 AM):

Oh cool :)

clay says to IcemanAKASnake(11:10 AM):

doing good just waiting

clay says to IcemanAKASnake(11:10 AM):


IcemanAKASnake says to clay(11:10 AM):


IcemanAKASnake says to clay(11:11 AM):

Just so you know... Chiros are my HEROS !!!!

They have kept me walkin since I was 18 !!!

clay says to IcemanAKASnake(11:13 AM):

so glad to hear thank you :)

clay says to IcemanAKASnake(11:13 AM):

but so ready to retire lol

IcemanAKASnake says to clay(11:14 AM):

I would love to also.. I still climb ladders and scaffolding..Just not as fast

clay says to IcemanAKASnake(11:15 AM):


IcemanAKASnake says to clay(11:16 AM):

Had surgery in 09..fell off a ladder..have lower leg nerve pain and my balance prevents me from walking beams ..

IcemanAKASnake says to clay(11:16 AM):


clay says to IcemanAKASnake(11:17 AM):

not good

clay says to IcemanAKASnake(11:18 AM):

praying we oth get to retire very very soon

IcemanAKASnake says to clay(11:18 AM):

Im used to it...Oh well !!!Gonna be dumb...better be tough

clay says to _firefly_(11:21 AM):


IcemanAKASnake says(11:21 AM):

I have my boots shined...my Fav shirt Heavy starch and waiting..I even Ironed my Pants !!!

_firefly_ says(11:22 AM):


IcemanAKASnake says to _firefly_(11:22 AM):

"""" AWESOME NEWS !!! ""

clay says to IcemanAKASnake(11:22 AM):


_firefly_ says(11:22 AM):

Like I said, expect a lot of announcements !!!!

_firefly_ says(11:22 AM):

BIG ones

IcemanAKASnake says to _firefly_(11:22 AM):


IcemanAKASnake says to _firefly_(11:23 AM):

Nothing is big enough til....You know !!!

clay says to IcemanAKASnake(11:24 AM):

till its in da bank

_firefly_ says to IcemanAKASnake(11:24 AM):

It has already begun. We are warching the reforms take place before our very eyes

IcemanAKASnake says to clay(11:24 AM):

Ill be happy with a phone # !!! lol

clay says to _firefly_(11:24 AM):

we need Mosul

_firefly_ says to IcemanAKASnake(11:24 AM):


IcemanAKASnake says to _firefly_(11:25 AM):

We can read typos...no worries

_firefly_ says to IcemanAKASnake(11:25 AM):


clay says to IcemanAKASnake(11:25 AM):

been here long enough to know (lol)

IcemanAKASnake says to _firefly_(11:25 AM):

I just thought you had an accent in your typing too

(11:26 AM)Woodywoodpecker was kicked out by Woodywoodpecker!

IcemanAKASnake says to clay(11:26 AM):

THANK GOD I have only been in this 8 months...Id be in JAIL !!!

clay says to IcemanAKASnake(11:26 AM):

6 years 3 months

Elane says(11:27 AM):

Very same here Clay!

IcemanAKASnake says to clay(11:27 AM):

WOW...My buddys been in 7 years..I dont know HOW YALL HAVE STAYED SANE !!!

IcemanAKASnake says to clay(11:27 AM):

Or ARE you still ??? lol

diagyAAAE says(11:28 AM):

6 years 8 months for me

diagyAAAE says(11:28 AM):

I started at 21

diagyAAAE says(11:28 AM):

The worst decision I ever made!!!!! (lol):D

IcemanAKASnake says to diagyAAAE(11:29 AM):

Then you are in GREAT shape...You get to retire YOUNG !!!

Congrats !!!

Woodywoodpecker says(11:29 AM):

seems like i have been in this all my life

IcemanAKASnake says to diagyAAAE(11:29 AM):


diagyAAAE says to IcemanAKASnake(11:30 AM):

My real work will begin after we RV... The world needs us!

IcemanAKASnake says to diagyAAAE(11:30 AM):

I recall the day I ordered mine....end of December..I was SCARED they would not get to me in time !!!

BOY...Was I wrong

clay says to IcemanAKASnake(11:30 AM):


IcemanAKASnake says to clay(11:30 AM):

C ya soon...ENJOY !!!!

IcemanAKASnake says to clay(11:30 AM):


diagyAAAE says to IcemanAKASnake(11:31 AM):

Haha! i hear ya! Ive told everyone interested in buying that it might be too late so they get discouraged! Here we are, still waiting, whooops (lol)

IcemanAKASnake says to diagyAAAE(11:32 AM):

Ive told 3 folks...they ALL say Im nuts... THEYRE RIGHT !!!

But when we get paid..and I vanish..They will kick themselves in the HIND END !!!

diagyAAAE says to IcemanAKASnake(11:34 AM):

Well, you are a "snake", I wouldn't believe you either :D

IcemanAKASnake says to diagyAAAE(11:34 AM):

LOL...WHY ??? I tried to help them !!!

IcemanAKASnake says to diagyAAAE(11:35 AM):

I bought ZIM about 30 days later...It was too cheap..NOT TO !!!

kalis says(11:36 AM):

WOW great news .... i would not be surprise if this investment paid off by Oct 1 ,2016 or no later then Nov 2016

IcemanAKASnake says to kalis(11:36 AM):

Why you gotta spoil a beautiful AM ????

IcemanAKASnake says to kalis(11:37 AM):

Talkin that NOV **** !!!

IcemanAKASnake says to kalis(11:37 AM):


kalis says(11:37 AM):


IcemanAKASnake says to kalis(11:37 AM):


kalis says(11:38 AM):


_firefly_ says to IcemanAKASnake(11:38 AM):

Iraq calls on Kuwait to speed up the opening of its military Attaché in Baghdad

IcemanAKASnake says to kalis(11:38 AM):

We dont wanna hear NOV ...except to eat TURKEY !!!

_firefly_ says(11:38 AM):

Kuwait called on Iraq to speed up the opening of a military Attaché of Kuwait in the capital Baghdad.

A statement by the Office of the Minister of Foreign Affairs received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of the "Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari met with Ambassador of Kuwait Ghassan Al-Zawawi Thursday, During the meeting, they reviewed the development of bilateral relations between Iraq and Kuwait during the last period, and mechanisms of developing them to serve the interests of the two friendly peoples." .

He added that "al-Jaafari wished the ambassador Muwafaqiya, and success in the coming diplomatic mission, praising his role in promoting relations and increase the volume of cooperation in various fields, pointing out the positions of Kuwait in support of Iraq in international forums, and to postpone the debt for several years, and the intention of Kuwait to hold a conference of donor countries to support Iraq he stressed the need to expedite the convening of the third meeting of the Iraqi-Kuwaiti joint committee during the coming period, and activate further prospects for cooperation, and the signing of agreements that will deepen the relations, calling for accelerating the opening of a military Attaché of Kuwait in Baghdad; because of its significant impact in increasing the volume of cooperation security, and intelligence, and face the common threat of terrorist gangs Daesh.

For his part, Ambassador of Kuwait Ghassan Al-Zawawi, according to the statement expressed his thanks and appreciation for the support provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the success of the work of the embassy in Baghdad, referring to his country's keenness to support, and support for Iraq in its war against Daesh gangs terrorist, and the provision of services in many areas.

IcemanAKASnake says to _firefly_(11:38 AM):

THATS... what Im talkin about !!!


kalis says(11:39 AM):

things are moving so fast you got yo give them sept as bonus time . I would be happy now .lol

IcemanAKASnake says to _firefly_(11:39 AM):



_firefly_ says to IcemanAKASnake(11:39 AM):

Very welcome and may I say BINGO :)

IcemanAKASnake says to kalis(11:39 AM):


IcemanAKASnake says to _firefly_(11:40 AM):

BINGO...Im not THAT old !!!

IcemanAKASnake says to _firefly_(11:40 AM):


_firefly_ says(11:40 AM):


kalis says(11:41 AM):

my feeling is sooner then oct 2016 the will pay , but then i know things are in the works behind the doors so i will give them sept .lol

IcemanAKASnake says to kalis(11:42 AM):

LOL...Ill give them till Sept 26 !!!!!

_firefly_ says(11:42 AM):

Electricity Babylon equipped with 12 hours a day and the council calls for the distribution of quotas in accordance with the ratio of the population

Babylon / long - Presse

announced Babil Provincial Council, lifting the Ministry of Electricity share of the province's energy to 630 MW by 12 hours a day, and as he emphasized the need to maintain the energy of more than 1,000 MW, demanded the distribution of provincial shares of energy according to the ratio of the population.

The head Committee reconstruction in the Babylon Mehdi Aakul in an interview (range Press), "the Ministry ofElectricity began processing the province B630 MW and by 12 hours of processing, after the meeting held by the provincial government with the Minister of Electricity Qassim Fahdawi , " noting that " the processing will be my hour running against My hour to extinguish. "

Aakul added that" the need to maintain the energy of more than 1,000 MW, where the population of theprovince to exceed more than two million people , "adding that" the province produces large amounts of energy through Almsiep, Hilla, Abu stations sinking , "and urged the Meanwhile, the Ministry of Electricity ,"distributed energy quotas among the provinces according to the ratio of the population." It is

noteworthy that the province of Babylon administration announced, on 18 August 2016, the Minister ofElectricity Qassim Fahdawi approval to increase the share of the province of electrical energy to 600 megawatts, just hours after the organization hundreds of residents spend Mahaweel, north of Hilla, ademonstration to protest against the deterioration of electric power.

the Ministry of Electricity announced, on Tuesday (26 July 2016), the suspension of a number of plants generating in the province of Basra, saying it is "mobilized" Mlakatha to be repaired and returned to service during the " the next few hours." it is

noteworthy that Iraq is suffering a power shortage, if a production of energy up to 14 355 MW, while the initial estimates because he needs him more than 21 thousand MW.

the Iraq suffers a shortage of electric power since the beginning of the year 1990, but three years years haveseen an improvement in the provision of electric power after the opening of a number of power stations which (Zubaydiah in Wasit and good deeds in Karbala and Alhaidariya in Najaf and the station gas in Maysan and two stations in Diwaniya station al - Sadr in Baghdad, and stations Shatt al - Arab and Rumaila in Basra and the station gas in Kirkuk), where it continues operating hours to about 20 hours with a special low temperatures while operating hours are shrinking dramatically with higher temperatures and increased loads on the power plants during peak times.

kalis says(11:42 AM):

i mam just in shock how anyone can not be pissing in ones pants now . Boom we are part of this . This is will the best story to tell . lol

diagyAAAE says to IcemanAKASnake(11:43 AM):

Never got into Zim, I didnt need new wall paper :D hahah, but I got gifted some Dong from some friends... I'm sure i'll run out of toilet paper one day :D

IcemanAKASnake says to kalis(11:43 AM):

LOL...You are SOOOoooo RIGHT !

_firefly_ says(11:44 AM):

IMO Vietnam is hot, hot hot

kalis says(11:44 AM):

i have heard how i mis out the housing boom and other things ,but not now . Now when i go to to cigars club i have a story to tell . where i took a $100 usd and turn it into $100,000.00 .:D

IcemanAKASnake says to diagyAAAE(11:44 AM):

Dong WILL HIT !!!

As for ZIM...Im fairly certain it will be be more than my Dinar !!!!

Its still avail. CHEAP !!!

IcemanAKASnake says to diagyAAAE(11:45 AM):

My $39. s/b $12m

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