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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log for Tuesday 8/30/16 - Part 2

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log

Part 2 - No Featured Members

larrykn says(7:59 AM):

NEWSTIME is at 6:30pm CST

Dinar Updates “After Call – LIVE”!!

“Immediately following News Time!!”

Tues. 8/30 “After Call” – w/RCookie,

Mr White & Hutch

Baxter says(8:09 AM):

Market Price held again today at 1,282. 15 auction event days consecutively now and since August 10th.

Baxter says(8:09 AM):

THERE is a 100 point spread in the BUy/Sell Rate.. almost 10 %

Baxter says(8:10 AM):

IMF is looking for no more than 2%... so what gives?

ghost757 says(8:12 AM):

I might be misunderstanding your question -- but the buy/sell spread is NOT the delta between "official rate" and "pervailing / street rate". The latter is the IMF 2% target, I believe

ghost757 says(8:13 AM):

Buy / Sell delta is the "vig" for the trade.

Baxter says(8:13 AM):

when the rate was around 1205... to 1182... it was within the 2% range....

Baxter says(8:13 AM):

its now 1282..

Baxter says(8:14 AM):

BBL.... maybe Rcookie can explain it..

ghost757 says(8:16 AM):

Yes -- then the "official" rate of 1182 and the "pervailing" rate of 1282 (as demonstarted at the auction) is, as you pointed out, nearly 10%.

ghost757 says(8:18 AM):

That is not buy / sell -- or at least I would be suprised if it were. If I could buy at 1282 and sell at 1182, I'd happily get in line for that :)

(8:18 AM)john09 was kicked out by john09!

ghost757 says(8:20 AM):

I dont think that the CBI / GOI or anyone else is managing the auction price. It simply is what it is. All the government can do to reach that 2% target is lower the "official" rate ... and hope that the "street" rate holds.

deberry says(8:44 AM):


Woodywoodpecker says(8:48 AM):


larrykn says to Woodywoodpecker(8:49 AM):

gm , hows the woods this morning

larrykn says to deberry(8:50 AM):


larrykn says to deberry(8:50 AM):

NEWSTIME is at 6:30pm CST

Dinar Updates “After Call – LIVE”!!

“Immediately following News Time!!”

Tues. 8/30 “After Call” – w/RCookie,

Mr White & Hutch

Woodywoodpecker says(8:51 AM):

nice this morning.....looking out over the hills

larrykn says to Woodywoodpecker(8:54 AM):

thats good, nice here so far suppose to get about 105 today yecks

Woodywoodpecker says(8:55 AM):

will be 90 here they say

Holly1 says(9:15 AM):

Iraqis Economists

4 hrs

Holly1 says(9:15 AM):

Important Important important ...

In our perception of these advances do not meet the need

and an interest rate of up to 10%

The launch of the electronic application form to apply for the predecessor state employees

The launch of the electronic form on 08.30.2016 to provide the predecessor state officials of the ministries of our bank and the forms are received only during official working hours. We will reject all forms of ministries lagging in repayments of previous loans and advances.

The withdrawal of the application and the introduction of here


Holly1 says(9:15 AM):


larrykn says to Holly1(9:16 AM):

gm :)

larrykn says to Holly1(9:19 AM):

NEWSTIME is at 6:30pm CST

Dinar Updates “After Call – LIVE”!!

“Immediately following News Time!!”

Tues. 8/30 “After Call” – w/RCookie,

Mr White & Hutch

MrsBGG says to larrykn(9:40 AM):

Good morning :)

MrsBGG says to larrykn(9:40 AM):

Thank you for copying!!

MrsBGG says to Holly1(9:40 AM):

Good morning sweetie (L)

MrsBGG says to Holly1(9:40 AM):

Thank you for the News!!!

MrsBGG says(9:41 AM):

Here is the link from the Q & A last night w/BGG & MadDScout, http://www.dinarupdates.com/showthre...August-29-2016 :)

MrsBGG says(9:47 AM):

NEWSTIME is at 6:30pm CST

Dinar Updates “After Call – LIVE”!!

“Immediately following News Time!!”

Tues. 8/30 “After Call” – w/RCookie,

Mr White & Hutch

MrsBGG says(9:47 AM):

Whoo hoo, News Time tonight!!

MrsBGG says(9:48 AM):

Folks there is oodles of News in the Forum, http://www.dinarupdates.com/forumdis...rent-Iraq-NEWS !!

MrsBGG says(9:49 AM):

Thank you 1bobby, angeleyes, MadDScout, Romello for knocking it out of the park with News in the forum!!

larrykn says to MrsBGG(9:49 AM):

gm :0

MrsBGG says(9:49 AM):

The News Researchers rock!!

MrsBGG says to larrykn(9:49 AM):

Good morning :)

MrsBGG says to larrykn(9:50 AM):

Thank you copiers and pasters :D, News Researchers, Facebook admins, updaters, leaders BGG, thank you DU Team!! Whoo hoo!!

larrykn says to MrsBGG(9:51 AM):

we do have a great team , we are truely blessed :)

MrsBGG says to larrykn(9:52 AM):

Yes :) (y)

kalis says(9:52 AM):

ok i am calling it

MrsBGG says to kalis(9:52 AM):

Good morning :)

kalis says(9:52 AM):

the new rv has hit camper world this weekend

kalis says(9:53 AM):

gm all

larrykn says to kalis(9:55 AM):

gm :)

kalis says to larrykn(9:57 AM):

gm .

kalis says to larrykn(9:57 AM):

new rv this week end larry

kalis says to larrykn(9:58 AM):

0 % fin

larrykn says to kalis(9:58 AM):

what is 0% fin lol

kalis says to larrykn(10:00 AM):


larrykn says(10:03 AM):

The completion of the establishment of two dams in Akre Duhok

By Roudao 22 minutes ago

Roudao - Erbil

The completion of the construction of two dams in the range of Akre, in the province of Dohuk in the Kurdistan Region, and increases the size of the storage for 1,000,080 thousand meters Sega of water.

According to Minister of Agriculture and Water Resources in the government of Kurdistan province, Abdul Sattar Majid, in a statement to the media network Roudao, that "these dams will have many benefits to irrigate agricultural areas in this region."

For his part, Director General of the distribution of water in the province of Dohuk, said that he "was scheduled to build 18 dams in the coming period, but the economic situation has led to stop building dams now."

MrsBGG says to larrykn(10:03 AM):

Thank you Larry!

larrykn says(10:04 AM):

Barzani's Office adviser: Erbil and Baghdad had decided to create a mechanism to discuss the nature of the relationship


Barzani's Office said media adviser Mahmoud struggle, Tuesday, to Erbil and Baghdad had decided to find a mechanism for continuing discussions on the nature of the relations between Kurdistan and the Iraqi State, pointing out that good between the two sides is dialogue.

Mahmoud said in a press statement, "the Kurdistan Regional Government delegation led by nigrvan Barzani Baghdad is normal and natural and come in the context of numerous files on between Baghdad and Erbil foremost question release the connector and the recent agreement on Kirkuk's oil exports through Kurdistan tubes to the Turkish port of Ceyhan.

Mahmoud said that "a mechanism for both sides decided to continue discussions on the nature of the relations between Kurdistan and the Iraqi State," adding that "no choice between Baghdad and Arbil is dialogue and discuss until reaching the advanced formula relationship."

"There's no trouble if the will and the goodwill to solve, and that further dialogue and discussion spaces will reduce the difference."

It is said that a delegation from the Kurdistan Regional Government led by nigrvan Barzani, arrived on Monday (August 29, 2016), to discuss the process of liberation of the city of Mosul and the relations between Baghdad and Arbil, where he met with Prime Minister Haider Abadi and agreed to hold technical discussions between the Federal Ministry of oil and mineral wealth Ministry in Kurdistan on the production and distribution of oil from fields in Kirkuk province showed Abadi his eagerness to continue consultations with the Government of Kurdistan to find solutions in the interests of the country and common interests in accordance with laws and the Constitution.

larrykn says(10:05 AM):

Association of banks resume their activities


Private economic news

Iraqi private banks Association announced its appeal after the departure of honoring ordinary activities stopped a column of Iraqi banking late Deputy Governor of the Central Bank

The first implementation will be its activities a special program on the occasion of the international day of peace as an expression of Iraq people and organizations interact with these important events.

Private banks are represented by their association with attention to all humanitarian events from community and national responsibility.

larrykn says(10:07 AM):

NEWSTIME is at 6:30pm CST

Dinar Updates “After Call – LIVE”!!

“Immediately following News Time!!”

Tues. 8/30 “After Call” – w/RCookie,

Mr White & Hutch

MrsBGG says to larrykn(10:08 AM):

thank you Larry!

larrykn says to MrsBGG(10:08 AM):

yvw :)

larrykn says(10:09 AM):

Basra decided to "sue" for non-financial award benefits from imports ports

2016/08/30 16:59

Long-Presse / Basra

Management decided Basra province, on Tuesday filed a lawsuit against the Ministry of Finance for not giving 50% of the imports of border crossings ratios by provincial law, while confirming it Ststqta those amounts directly from ports in case of win the lawsuit.

The governor of Basra Majed Nasraoui during a press conference held in the office of the province of Basra and attended (range Press), said that the "financial crisis cell in the Office of the province has decided to file a lawsuit against the Ministry of Finance for the granting of Basra, 50% of the imports of the border crossing points."

He accused Nasraoui, the Ministry of Finance to "stall in the granting of Basra financial Asthakatgaha of border crossings, according to the provincial irregular Act province No. 21," adding that "if win the case against the Ministry of Finance was the financial grant that we will go to the provincial council, and we know the concerned authorities in ports border and Nguets amounts of imports of outlets by 50% either directly approved or not financial agree to do so. "

The province of Basra have outlets border being a city bordering the two states Priya port Safwan with Kuwait and Shalamcheh port with the Iranian side east of the province as there freely outlets are four commercial ports as well as the port of Basra Joey Airport

larrykn says(10:10 AM):

Economic parliamentary: Adoption of border crossings Act is working on establishing a typical port-run body

2016/08/30 16:41

Long-Presse / Baghdad

The Economic Committee in the House of Representatives announced on Tuesday that the border crossings body voted by an Act of Parliament, on Monday, will create a typical border ports, while confirming that the body of border crossings under the new law will rehabilitate these ports, it indicated that the Commission will include representatives from the provinces, which includes border ports, as well as finance, interior and foreign ministries.

A member of the Economic Committee Nora Albjara in an interview (range Press), "The Law of border crossings body voted by the House of Representatives, on Monday, will form a body in the name of border crossings body to manage these ports, which amounts to nine outlets, including the province of outlets resources Kurdistan, "noting that" the Commission will take over the rehabilitation of border crossing points to be typical outlets border, especially since most of the border crossings lack of buildings. "

She Albjara, that "the Commission will include representatives of all the provinces where there are border ports, as well as representatives from the finance, interior and foreign ministries," pointing out that "the provinces would be obliged to hand over border crossings Authority resources."

The Iraqi Council of Representatives voted during its meeting of the 16th legislative term of the first third legislative year, which was held on Monday (August 29, 2019), a draft of border crossings into law.

larrykn says(10:12 AM):

Jabouri: return the important letter must reach the people of Mosul before editing

2016-08-30 at 15:20

Baghdad – the balance of news

Salim Al-Juburi, head of the House of representatives, Tuesday, the return of displaced persons to liberated areas as the most important letter must reach the people of Mosul before editing them, stressing the importance of the participation of all components of the sons of Nineveh in edits.

Jabouri's Office said in a statement/balance news/copy, the latter received "EU mission head Patrick somanit and a number of ambassadors and representatives of the European Union during the meeting to discuss displaced file and their services after the edits and the growing need for international support on this side, and the inability of the Iraqi Government to meet all requirements, in addition to the positive results that impact for application of the amnesty law in community reconciliation."

The head of the House of representatives, according to the statement, that the "war on terror" ISIS almost ending, stating that "the important influence of the international coalition would be a supportive factor for the Iraqi forces."

He stressed, "the importance of the participation of all components of the sons of Mosul in edits", explaining that "the return of the displaced to their areas that have been edited the most important message we must convey to the people of Nineveh before the liberation of the city of Mosul.

And he drew Jabouri to House a past legislative and regulatory work despite the crisis occurs, he could pass the amnesty law ", noting that" the application of the amnesty law will bring some sort of social stability in the country and will contribute to strengthening national unity and reconciliation among the Iraqi society spectra. "

larrykn says(10:12 AM):


bibi says to larrykn(10:12 AM):

GM, Larry, and thank you for bringing in the news!

larrykn says to bibi(10:12 AM):

gm , yvw :)

bibi says to larrykn(10:12 AM):


j10000 says(10:20 AM):

(F) Hug a Mod day......thank you everyone for all your hard work.

kalis says(10:22 AM):

does anyone what is going with the stock exchange over is up and runing . is something big happen sept3

kalis says(10:22 AM):


jeffusa says(10:22 AM):

Up to 15,000 victims of genocide may be buried in dozens of mass graves where ISIS disposed victims of its atrocities across its shrinking self-declared Caliphate in Syria and Iraq, according to a report.

In an extensive survey released Tuesday, the Associated Press documented and mapped 72 of the mass graves, but the number of dead might be much higher because many sites have not yet been excavated.

Continue to Part 3 | Link to Part 1



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