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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log for Monday 8/29/16 - Part 7

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log

Part 7 - No Featured Members

(4:22 PM)larrykn changed nickname to .MOD.larrycopier!

Holly1 says(4:22 PM):

so stressed economic member of the Baghdad forum Hadi Hndas the need to are selected industries which use in their work available raw materials locally for the purpose of reducing hard currency leakage , such as the construction industries of cement, plaster, brick and block, and Kashi, especially as they enter in a lot of infrastructure construction projects, and projects of the reconstruction of liberated areas from the gangs «Daesh» terrorist.

larrykn says to Okie Dinar(4:22 PM):

thank you for copying :)

Holly1 says(4:23 PM):

Hndas urged enacting laws that serve the industrial work properly implement, such as laws tariffs, national protection product, consumer protection, antitrust, in addition to legislation Other new laws to move to a market economy, such as laws work, and record companies, and income tax.

(4:23 PM).OkieDinarCOPY changed nickname to .OkieDinar!

Holly1 says(4:23 PM):


Okie Dinar says to larrykn(4:23 PM):

You're welcome! Thank you for the break :) I'll be back in a bit!

larrykn says to Okie Dinar(4:23 PM):

ok have fun :)

Holly1 says(4:24 PM):

Production for the first meal of the white elite

(4:25 PM)diagyAAAE was kicked out by diagyAAAE!

Holly1 says(4:25 PM):

8/30/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD - morning , the

General Company of the Extractive Industries announced the first production of the meal of a substance white elite within the contract to participate with the United Arab Emirates Rarrzn Italian company.

The director of the Information Center and Public Relations at the Ministry of Industry Abdul Wahid Alwan Hamoud said in a statement «morning» received a copy of it: that the company produced meal The first trial of the said article and the amount of 75 tons

Holly1 says(4:25 PM):

has been exported approximately (19,200) tons of them out of Iraq.

He noted that this article chemical carbohydrate with a basis of oil produced from a range of industrial processes and the separation and filtration of material oil white kerosene , one of the diluted material and solvent for all kinds of oily substance paints detergent in laboratories and chemical needed by all public and private dyes coefficient.

Holly1 says(4:26 PM):

on the other hand Shammari said that the company 's sales during the month of August of this year exceeded 76 million dinars and that the production of felt asphalt polymer quantity of 2,400 square meters and coatings asphalt quantity 6084 tons of concrete additives and the amount of 19 cubic meters and brines amount of 150 cubic meters of crude salt amount in excess of (2419) tons.

Holly1 says(4:26 PM):


larrykn says to Holly1(4:26 PM):

thank you for the news (F)

Holly1 says(4:27 PM):

The default price of oil in the budget supports the productive sectors

Holly1 says to larrykn(4:27 PM):


Holly1 says(4:28 PM):

8/30/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD - Mostafa Hashemi ,

Iraq has begun the actual move towards resorting to activate the productive sectors which would reduce dependence on oil in the economy moving recently to resort to the granting of credits for projects.

And resulted in a move by the adoption rate Default $ 35 for a barrel of oil in the budget year 2017 in order to avoid problems arising a decline in oil prices, given that prices are currently in the range 45 - $ 50 per barrel, while forecast to rise in oil prices over the next year to around $ 60 a barrel.

cricket22 says to larrykn(Whisper message)(4:28 PM):

Are you there???

Holly1 says(4:28 PM):

in this regard between economic researcher Firas Amer importance of the unpredictability of the global oil market and linked to the events associated with the the construction price of a barrel of oil in the budget by noting the role of the increases in production and the rate of supply , along with the growth rates in the countries of emerging economies, such as Brazil, India, China and Russia in it, and taking into consideration the importance of focusing on taking financial precautions to avoid the country a financial

larrykn says to cricket22(Whisper message)(4:28 PM):


cricket22 says to larrykn(Whisper message)(4:28 PM):

Would you like a break? :)

larrykn says to cricket22(Whisper message)(4:29 PM):

just came on but thanks :)

cricket22 says to larrykn(Whisper message)(4:29 PM):

Oh ok.. IDK

Holly1 says(4:29 PM):

shocks , as happened in this budget year. He said Aamir in an interview with «morning» that move hard to activate the productive sectors, though he has been slow, but the results can be achieved by the end of next year, stressing the need to activate the other financial sectors of customs such as fees and taxes to support the private sector and most importantly put controls and increase restrictions, especially those that the Iraqi private sector has the ability to output of imported materials.

larrykn says to cricket22(Whisper message)(4:29 PM):

unless you really really want to :D

cricket22 says to larrykn(Whisper message)(4:29 PM):

I would love to. :)

Holly1 says(4:29 PM):

saw Amer to reduce the default price per barrel in the budget can promise a good sign of the shift toward private sector involvement in the development , which would reduce dependence on oil as a resource unilateral budget process, noting that Iraq It has the ingredients of economic renaissance if Wajid resources owned by the administration

larrykn says to cricket22(Whisper message)(4:29 PM):

then let me copy or do you have it from above

Holly1 says(4:29 PM):


cricket22 says to larrykn(Whisper message)(4:30 PM):

I can take it from here. I'm good! Thank you! :)

larrykn says to cricket22(Whisper message)(4:30 PM):

ok ty for doing copying :)

cricket22 says to larrykn(Whisper message)(4:30 PM):

YVW, and thank you :)

(4:30 PM).MOD.larrycopier changed nickname to .MOD.larrykn!

kalis says(4:31 PM):

Ok i am going to ask a ? that i really do not understand . Society says to kalis(3:25 PM):

That being said, rest assured that everything seems to be continually moving in a great direction and we may very well know our outcome between now and 4/1......personally, I strongly believe sooner than later and in 2016.......however, I don't expect anything this week, perhaps the 8th/9th but better shot end of Sept or sometime in October.....until they can get parliament passing laws and acting in a coherent manner, i don't think we will see what we want.....the UN obviously is now pushing hard on the Accountability and Justice law since Amnesty was passed.....however, looks like parliament adjourned until 9/6 so it is easy to conclude nothing this week ......IMO

Holly1 says(4:31 PM):

Calls for the adoption of clean energy projects

kalis says(4:31 PM):

Is this april 1 2017 ???({)

Holly1 says(4:31 PM):

8/30/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD Hussein Tgb

taking interest in clean energy occupies a large portion of the various countries of the world 's attention and took expands the circle of international attention on the oil Course Credit Account widely around the world, according to international statistics that this energy will provide a $ 4.2 trillion global economy.

Member Baghdad forum economic d. Akram Abdel Aziz urged the importance of orientation to adopt this kind of power in Iraq, especially with the development rights provide this detailed important than wind energy and solar, pointing to the importance of benefiting from successful international experiences that have achieved great economic success.

Holly1 says(4:32 PM):

She said in an interview with «morning» that Iraq has different types of resources for generating energy , including water resources, wind and sun and all vital resources are available, indicating that the prospects for the development of some of these resources in Iraq is limited by virtue of the economic and technical costs.

, said Abdul Aziz that Iraq is rich in water resources and implemented many dam

Holly1 says(4:32 PM):

projects generating electrical energy , pointing to the importance of the advancement hold such projects and put them within the strategy plans to achieve significant economic feasibility of the country and raise the level of services provided to citizens, noting that this type of project needs to be high costs but the lifespan is described economically Balmagdi.

Holly1 says(4:33 PM):

she pointed to the possibility of the sun to invest in power generation this needs to examine these projects carefully and then adopted in the way that fits the reality of the case in Iraq, where it can be established in desert areas and the MP for the extraction of water for irrigation there and set up subsidized solar farm projects.

Abdul Aziz demanded to go toward paying solar importance required and study the possibility of adopting in various regions of Iraq and reduce dependence on traditional energy experiencing imbalances in many aspects.

Holly1 says(4:33 PM):

She stressed the importance of organizing to educate the importance of clean energy campaigns and the possibility of adoption in many areas of Iraq and make it achieved significant economic feasibility and employed in the creation of sustainable development and promise to provide an impetus to provide power for small projects the medium, especially agricultural ones in various parts of Iraq.

and showed the importance of cooperation with international research organizations and

Holly1 says(4:33 PM):

benefit from the expertise and the use of technology centers in coordination with the talent and expertise of Iraq in this aspect as develop self - manufacturing and administration on the basis of the terms of the economic and technical management in order to serve this trend areas and reduce environmental impact , particularly the IEA 's comments that the trend towards the use of new and renewable energies , which will create more jobs and save millions of lives and reduce air pollution and puts us on a new path to curb global warming , as agreed in Paris.

Holly1 says(4:34 PM):


Holly1 says(4:35 PM):

off to work .. i go (F)

Holly1 says(4:35 PM):

see ya in a bit :)

cricket22 says to Holly1(4:36 PM):

Have a wonderful night.

larrykn says to Holly1(4:36 PM):

ty , have fun :D

Holly1 says to larrykn(4:36 PM):


larrykn says to Holly1(4:37 PM):

better you then me :)

larrykn says to Holly1(4:37 PM):


Holly1 says to cricket22(4:37 PM):

ty .. hope it goes by fast(F)

Holly1 says to larrykn(4:37 PM):


cricket22 says to Holly1(4:37 PM):

I hope so too. (F)

Holly1 says to larrykn(4:37 PM):


larrykn says(4:37 PM):

cya :)

(4:46 PM)jackflash101st was kicked out by jackflash101st!

SRW says to kalis(4:46 PM):

Kalis, we all want this investment to take place as soon as possible! Like right now!! Listen to Rcookie and Mr.White. There has to be stablility and security in the country for investors to start projects and have a true since of protection for their investment and employees. That being said, there are still laws that need to be passed. This takes time! We are talking about three tribal religious groups that at one time hated each other and still do. The Kurdish issue is another problem PM Abadi will need to negotiate. You said you had worked in a government position before, a lot of this is about politics and resolving many years of problems the Iraq government has had.

cricket22 says to SRW(4:48 PM):


larrykn says to SRW(4:51 PM):

I agree with you but I feel there aren't that many laws left for them to do, when they passed the Amnesty law that did a lot for them, the A&J that should be done this week should help ( but someone said they won't be back till Sept 6?? didn't hear that one, and Mosul is about ready to be taken back,I feel once those items are done we will see what happens, I do believe Rcookie mentioned about some banking laws needing adjustments. after that I don't know whats left

Pablo says(4:52 PM):

A & J is supposed to be tomorrow.

larrykn says to Pablo(4:53 PM):

unless I missed that parliment won't be back till sept 6 but I didn't hear that

Pablo says(4:53 PM):

I didn't hear that either.

Baxter says(4:54 PM):

I just read in chat that Parliament is out till Sept 6? I thought this was a big week?

Pablo says(4:54 PM):

So did I.

larrykn says to Baxter(4:55 PM):

I have not read an article that stated that

larrykn says to Baxter(4:55 PM):

let me go look

Baxter says(4:55 PM):

I just read it in chat.. Oh well... we will see tomorrow

kalis says(4:55 PM):


DIGIman1 says to cricket22(4:56 PM):

hey! sorry i'm late....i had a job interview....lol

DIGIman1 says to cricket22(4:57 PM):

it came up suddenly lol

Baxter says(4:57 PM):

BBL.. for BGG... :)

Pablo says(4:57 PM):

Job interview? Hopefully something better than what you have now.

DIGIman1 says to Pablo(4:57 PM):


cricket22 says to DIGIman1(4:57 PM):

Aww...How did it go? ...I got a job startting tomorrow.

DIGIman1 says to Pablo(4:57 PM):

you dont dare compare them....

cricket22 says to DIGIman1(4:57 PM):


Pablo says(4:57 PM):

Okay, I won't.

DIGIman1 says to cricket22(4:58 PM):

mine starts monday :)

cricket22 says to DIGIman1(4:58 PM):

Yayyyyy...That's awesome! :)

subgirl says to DIGIman1(4:58 PM):

hey did you get the job????

cricket22 says to DIGIman1(4:58 PM):

Congrats! (L)

cricket22 says to subgirl(4:58 PM):

I was hired today too. :)

subgirl says to cricket22(4:58 PM):

WOW! cool! :)

DIGIman1 says to cricket22(4:58 PM):

thank you :D nice!!!!! what are you doing now?

subgirl says to cricket22(4:58 PM):

Congrats to you! :)

DIGIman1 says to subgirl(4:58 PM):

hey subby!!!!

cricket22 says to subgirl(4:58 PM):

I am soooooooooooo excited! ...Thank you (L)

larrykn says(4:58 PM):

Parliament discusses the evaluation of his work and vote on the law of the board of border crossings and the removal of the abuse on the marshes

Monday, August 29, 2016 - 21:52

House of Representatives voted in its regular sixteen headed by Salim al-President of the Council and in the presence of 190 deputies on Monday on the Law of the board of the border crossing points, and recommendations to remove the dangerous excesses in the marsh environment discussed the evaluation of his work. "

A statement by the Media Department of the parliament on Monday that "at the outset of the meeting followed by MP Abbas al-Bayati, a statement park where victories of the armed forces in its war against Daesh especially in the battle of Khalidiya island of Anbar province, which lasted 25 days to confront the terrorists, despite possessing equipment significant military equipment", praising the courage of the army and Alhacdan folk and tribal repeat victories,

alluding to the death of Sahib soldier of the sons of the province of Basra, the son of a martyr Aadamha the former regime and leave the exile and returned to fight the terrorist martyr Abbas Abdul-Jabbar, who belongs to the factions the popular crowd, who cut short his vacation and joined the fight. Then he read Surat Al-Fatiha in memory of the House of Representatives for the souls of the martyrs of the Battle of Khalidiya, Iraq.

For his part, President of the Council pointed out that "what happened in the previous session of practices It was pathetic and was born a negative impression about the work of the Council," referring to hold the Presidency of the session with the heads of parliamentary blocs which decided to refer the behavior of the offending deputies to the rules of procedure to conduct committee file parliament ".

Jubouri and pointed out that "the Commission made recommendations which either close the file or prevent the MP for six days to speak or denial of participation in the work of the Council for a month or dropping the membership of MP that require two-thirds vote of the Council," stressing the importance of presenting a proposed replacement of members of law Council, calling on the Commission to speed up its work after it has been hauling a number of MPs files on some of the practices that are incompatible with the behavior, including taking pictures and video, and closer to the presidential platform.

For his part, MP Abboud al-Issawi counting the Committee on parliamentary behavior, what happened to the unfortunate cases of inappropriate at the meeting is unacceptable ethically and legally and gave justifications for campaigns that target the Council and his characters, calling to open a new page and that the Commission does not resort to the application of measures disciplinary and stipulated in the rules of procedure and the code of parliamentary behavior by

Pablo says(4:59 PM):

Yes, good news.

larrykn says(4:59 PM):

using the powers of the presidency of the Council and the powers of the Commission.

On the other hand, the Council voted on a parliamentary decision to cancel the private Cabinet decision to merge North and South and Central cement companies and one company and return it to its former position upon the request of 70 deputies.

For his part, the President of the Council of the Commission on Human Rights of the House of Representatives to investigate the kidnapping or the loss of civil rights activist Ali Alzbahaoa In addition to all of the activists and Jalal lipodeca Oai Mansouri.

Then the Council completed the vote on the draft law of the board of border crossings and provided financial security and defense services, construction, legal, economic and investment committees for the purpose of unification of border crossings management and to ensure the proper application of laws and regulations governing the work of government departments in a way to ensure achieving the smooth flow of work and the entry of people and goods and to raise the level of service where The show of border crossings in the proper manner as interface Iraq.

The council also voted on the recommendations to remove dangerous on the marsh environment excesses based on a request from Rep Sunrise Alabegi and ensure the formation of a parliamentary committee to investigate and review the contracts concluded over the marshes and waters for the diagnosis of illegalities and s****ped after the confirmation, and ask the Council of Ministers to instruct the concerned authorities to remove the excesses carried out by contractors on Lots of water in the marshes.

The Council discussed the appraisal done by presenting relevant departments stats thorough and inclusive of all the activities and achievements of the special supervisory role and the Legislative Council and ways to promote the work of the Council.

And then it decides to adjourn the meeting on Tuesday, 09.06.2016.

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