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Monday, August 22, 2016

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log for Monday 8/22/16 - Part 6

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log

Part 6 - Featuring rcookie & BGG

DIGIman1 says(5:18 PM):

Every time I meet the girl of my dreams someone wakes me up.

rcookie says(5:29 PM):

Single window attract investment and shrinking unemployment

8/23/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD - Imad Emirate confirmed specialist in economic affairs the importance of work per window; because of their role in attracting investors who affirm their desire to enter the Iraqi market to contribute to the development of the country , including reducing the unemployment rate and control through investment.

And Dr. Haitham Abdel - Qader al - Janabi (technical college in University of Baghdad) in an interview for »morning», that « the phenomenon of unemployment represents a stop compulsory part of the labor force a large number of members of the community , despite their ability and desire to work».

He Janabi that «this phenomenon occurs as a result of lower investment rates or a lack of capital the investor is reflected on the provision of appropriate job opportunities and deny active population of working age from their participation in economic and social development of both.

» he pointed out that« the volume of foreign investment or local has a dramatic impact on the revitalization of the work of the various artistic, technical and engineering disciplines needed by the construction sector market housing and the broader impact on the movement of labor ».

He said al - Janabi said« the country is suffering economically because of weak volume of foreign investments despite the number of companies and offices in the country, as well as that the market can accommodate different types of investments in all sectors ».

unemployment is the most serious economic and social phenomena, as appearance significantly lead to increased poverty and disease in the communities in rates, the resulting waste of the resources of the community, and represents the labor active population strength of working age, which includes workers supplemented by unemployed persons who represent the actual capacity of the community.

He focused Janabi , the importance of a stabilization big role in attracting various foreign investments, stressing that « the head of a coward money and looking for a safe environment and atmosphere for the implementation of the projects of infrastructure and other metadata.»

The ILO defines the unemployed as individuals who do not work more than 30 hours a week, and at the same time they have a willingness to work and desire, and this is different scale from one country to the other was used as a week per month or one day per week, while economists are unemployed know about the work that they are people who want to work and do not find the right opportunity.

Janabi and stressed that « the most countries suffer from the problem of unemployment but they vary in their rates and vary in negative effects on the economic and social infrastructure implications, due to the different factors that lead to the appearance of one society to another and from time to time ».

Turning Janabi , to the causes of unemployment , the emergence in Iraq, attributing this to the « low rates of investment in human capital and therefore it affects the provision of new jobs, as well as increasing the supply of labor force, and the instability and insecurity lead to a decline in investment opportunities, as reflected in the availability of jobs and not to keep pace with market requirements to work ».

rcookie says(5:39 PM):

Commercial service» maximize the financial resources of the state

8/23/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD - Hussein al - Tamimi Tgb continuing research by the concerned economic affairs for the best mechanisms to maximize state resources and reduce dependence on oil revenues, trade and service, a new proposal aimed at doubling the financial revenue Tsthsalha state - of - service departments and the municipality through the development of an evening time offers the service in exchange for wages high for families that have an income high, in line with the budget law.

achieved revenues president of the National business Council David Abdul Zayer said: «financial distress leads us to look for outlets can achieve high revenues of the state for services provided for the segments of affordable», pointing to the importance of adopting the idea of commercial service , which means the provision of services to citizens in return for a fee to be higher than that offered in the traditional working through the introduction of an evening time on this matter, noting that this approach leads to the achievement of many positives , including the elimination of career sag , which is a burden on the state, and the elimination of corruption.

processing momentum noted in an interview with «morning» that many departments provide services to citizens and continuously circles civil Status and Passport book reverse and municipal services and departments judiciary, customs, banks and others, and you find sometimes long lines to pay off various receivables.

He said the possibility of the development of commercial service to address the momentum and raise fiscal revenue to large limits, explaining that this service is supported in most countries of the world, and that large numbers of citizens prefer the existence of this service that Ngnehm for the payment of bribes in some circles.

amounts high , said Zayer: the commercial service can earn high amounts of the state and start of service Statistics to large and medium - sized investments and contracts for mining and explorations of the geological survey of sand, gravel and decades of government rents and Almsatahat, taxes and the Registrar of companies as well as contracts, stressing that the budget law allows in this matter, and also will be part of the paragraphs of the budget next year.

processing slack and pointed out that most of the circuits suffer from the presence of cadres and functional flaccid and redundant in many cases , it can always be two first matinee and the second evening, and so we have tackled the subject of career sag and raised the level of services offered to citizens, as well as we relaxed momentum for the day shift.

double benefit and the possibility of managers Seen always morning and aides in consistently evening and so we have created a high flow of work, especially that in Iraq many holidays may contribute to the rising momentum on government departments and this is one of the recipes for this therapy, which achieves double benefit.

He concluded Zayer his speech by saying: that Iraq needs to regulate all aspects of work and adoption of sophisticated methods promote economic productivity and service sectors experiencing considerable disruption due to negligence for decades, pointing out that Iraq is a rich country to possess a lot of natural resources and human resources that can be achieved sustainable development.

wait tax turn, the specialist in economic affairs Ahmed expensive: the wait tax term depends in many countries of the developed world, and the means to pay wages high compared to the provision of services in certain smoothly times of high, pointing out that Iraq is desperate to adopt this kind of services, especially that many recipients prefer quick service.

flint says(5:42 PM):

so who is Nasiri? Clay said he is a journalist.

david334 says(5:43 PM):

It seems to me that parliment will debate and debate the every law that matters. Timelines for Mosul pushed out . Citibank is the lead on establishing a higher value global liquid currency seems silly Why can't the top large Central banks, IMF,WB all banking regulators reset the currency and trade it. I dont understand where this is going. To me on the monetary side in circles. No liquidity auctions that still don't work. What ever

rcookie says to flint(5:43 PM):


flint says(5:44 PM):

ok... good to know

flint says(5:44 PM):

I googles the name but nothing like that came up

rcookie says to david334(5:45 PM):


david334 says(5:45 PM):

Maybe the $6 billion dollar bond deal; that is not announced they could have a road shpow and TELL THE STORY ABOUT GDP LEVERAGE TO SOMEONE WHO MATTERS. HOW IS IT DIFFERENT THEN doing a global road show for a company. THE STORY SETS THE VALUATION>

david334 says to rcookie(5:46 PM):

I know I am having a hissy fit it will go away

david334 says to rcookie(5:46 PM):

Okay I am fine . THX cook

rcookie says to david334(5:47 PM):


rcookie says to david334(5:48 PM):


rcookie says to david334(5:48 PM):


(5:49 PM)zamegasamurai was kicked out by zamegasamurai!

david334 says to rcookie(5:49 PM):

tightly I am sure. It's just that when you look at the earnings power you get excited and want someone to release it. I time it will when I am pushing daiseys. I do need a cigar and cocktail. (y)

david334 says to rcookie(5:50 PM):

Cook send me the shrink bill $100 an hour

jimplants says(5:51 PM):

forget the cocktail just straight up that should help a glass and your favorite beverage

flint says(5:51 PM):

Nasser Asiri or Sina Nasiri?

flint says(5:52 PM):

Nasser Nasiri

david334 says to rcookie(5:52 PM):

(6)so I got a little testy at least my comrades will let me blow of steam more important than money.

david334 says to rcookie(5:53 PM):

Even the Professor gets snappy now and then.

david334 says to rcookie(5:53 PM):

Nap time

rcookie says to jimplants(5:54 PM):


jimplants says(5:55 PM):

no ice

rcookie says to flint(5:56 PM):


(5:57 PM)Soonergirlie was kicked out by Soonergirlie!

jimplants says(5:57 PM):

the article including the WB and Egypt OFF THE CHAIN ! as my kids would say

flint says(5:58 PM):

Shahin Nasiri - Lomdon School of Economics

magnetlady says(5:58 PM):

Evening everyone

flint says(5:58 PM):


JETSET says to magnetlady(5:58 PM):

hello mags

jtank says(5:58 PM):

Maggs- hey girl

magnetlady says(5:59 PM):

JETSET; jtank how are you fellows today

JETSET says to magnetlady(5:59 PM):

great! we are another day closer so we are making progress!

DIGIman1 says to magnetlady(5:59 PM):

hi mags :)

flint says(5:59 PM):

a lot of economist named Nasiri lol

jtank says(6:00 PM):

off the chain as jimplants would say--

magnetlady says(6:00 PM):

DIGI what's up?

magnetlady says(6:00 PM):

you ready for a break?

jimplants says(6:00 PM):

thats my kids for me it would be far out man

DIGIman1 says to magnetlady(6:01 PM):

fer sure :) its been a long day.....hope yours went well...

magnetlady says(6:01 PM):

Went well, moving from one chair to another. hahaha

magnetlady says(6:01 PM):

wearing a different hat is all

(6:02 PM)dukes was kicked out by dukes!

rcookie says to flint(6:02 PM):


DIGIman1 says to magnetlady(6:02 PM):

lol i wrestled with chairs all day pretty much.....some of them beat me.....

DIGIman1 says to magnetlady(6:02 PM):

at first...

jimplants says(6:02 PM):

the news has been building for the last ten days incrediable events and just when you think it cant get any better here they come with another stellar day

magnetlady says(6:02 PM):

you want to copy one more time?

DIGIman1 says to magnetlady(6:02 PM):

sure :)

rcookie says to jimplants(6:03 PM):


DIGIman1 says(6:03 PM):

I walked thru a spider web and suddenly became a kung-fu master...

(6:03 PM).MOD.DIGIman1.copy changed nickname to .MOD.DIGIman1!

jimplants says to rcookie(6:04 PM):

it will take me a week to calm down and really let it sink in

magnetlady says(6:03 PM):

rcookie, nice, my dad was a scotch drinker. Don't like it myself

magnetlady says(6:05 PM):

OK DIGI have a great evening.

jimplants says to rcookie(6:05 PM):

now that is smooooth

rcookie says to jimplants(6:06 PM):


jimplants says to rcookie(6:06 PM):

a nice quiet room and no distractions gonna do a lot of thinking and smiling

rcookie says to jimplants(6:08 PM):


rcookie says(6:08 PM):


rcookie says(6:08 PM):

Directed towards the adoption of a general amnesty on Tuesday after news of the agreement on the eighth article

Political Since 23/08/2016 00:49 pm (Baghdad time)

Baghdad balances News

It includes a House of Representatives hearing to be held on Tuesday's agenda, at eleven o'clock in the morning complete the vote on the draft of the amnesty law, and the procedures of Article (61 (of the Constitution and rules of procedure regarding the questioning of the Minister of Defense, in addition to other topics.

Council Information Office episodes, said in a statement received / balances News / copy of it and reviewed the work of the session No. 13 agenda Tuesday, 23 August 2016 will include the completion of voting on the draft Aalloam law and provided legal committees and human rights, pointing out that the rest of it is the 10 substances have been disagreement on a number of them, most notably Article VIII

The session also will include a vote on the draft accountability and justice law and the prohibition of the Baath Accountability Commission and Justice Party.

It will also include the meeting also includes voting in principle to the draft Victims Justice Act, and vote on recommendations concerning the obstacles to liberalization of Nineveh province, process, and report to the Security and Defense Committee about the terrorist bombing in the Karrada district, and the report of the members of the affairs and parliamentary development on the subject of display to lift the immunity requests all the MPs.

She said the legal committee member Ibtisam al-Hilali had been resolved Article VIII of the amnesty law, a retrial once and assume a judicial commission competent to hear the retrial, indicating that he will complete the vote after political blocs agree.

With the re-launch of the amnesty law for detainees and prisoners in the Iraqi parliament these days, new differences between the parliamentary political forces erupted against the backdrop of determining covered by amnesty and exception cases of it to reflect the deep differences between the Iraqi political forces.

National Alliance held a meeting yesterday to determine the final position of the general amnesty law.

Heads of the blocks have been put in the coalition and their views about the law and the categories covered by the proposed exceptions, especially their refusal to Article VIII of the law that allows re-trial of the accused in accordance with Article 4 terrorism.

He called for a coalition of state law, Adnan al-Asadi to prepare the inclusion of many cases of a general amnesty law.

The statement said Asadi that "as rationale for the enactment of this law causes, in order to provide an opportunity for those who cover of Iraqis to return to public life and to foster a spirit of tolerance and reform, according to this perspective and orientation to be a general amnesty law includes numbers many cases to achieve this goal."

He added that "our observations on the law, which we call the Legal Committee to adopt and processed to identify cases of kidnappings and terrorism are not covered by the law and not left open and trafficking crimes very few evil in Iraq, there is no need to describe them in the exclusion inclusive these crimes that are not in general but carried out the kidnapping.

It Giralmacol also equate that Erecha of one million dollars and embezzlement in the theft of state funds, and impose on the embezzled or stolen from state funds to restore the money to include amnesty and away from civil position, if he is an employee, and if the company placed on the black list with the deletion of the last paragraph material financial and administrative corruption crimes because they are open and Girmohdodh and covered the first part of the paragraph. "

DIGIman1 says to jimplants(6:09 PM):

make sure theres no large furniture....just incase you break out in some spontaneous happy-dancing...

rcookie says(6:09 PM):

Asadi also called for "the inclusion of the mistake administrative was his rule on this basis in addition to the inclusion of smuggled effects after determining value and quality of amnesty and falsification of official documents to get a degree of functional simple and not particularly great Kmadaraam up and the inclusion of the competent courts in the defense, interior and other ministries and be verdicts First, the consent of the Federal Court of Cassation and, secondly buyout amnesty. "

He called for "the need for the abolition of Article 8 application for a retrial and the failure to extend the governed in accordance with Article 4 of terrorism," stressing that "the National Alliance rejects the article are four terrorism covered by the amnesty law, which demanded by Sunni forces, which believes that many of the confessions were under pressure and torture ".

The MP from the Union of Forces Ahmed milkfish, Our duty requires us to approve the amnesty law to be re-trial (12000) is doomed and to consider the issue of more than (30,000) Reserve for redress of their confessions were extracted under torture and duress, on charges of malicious.

A member of the parliamentary legal committee Kamel Nasser al-Zaidi, on Monday, all for a political consensus between the blocs to pass a general amnesty law during the parliamentary session to be held tomorrow.

Zaidi said that "the parliamentary legal committee met this afternoon to discuss the amnesty law and the settlement of materials and items in dispute between the political blocs, especially Article VIII controversial."

Zaidi revealed the existence of "a parliamentary consensus between the political blocs happened recently on the vote on the law," stressing that "tomorrow will pass a general amnesty law during the parliamentary session."

Search and Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, with members of the Parliamentary Legal Committee on the controversial amnesty law matters.

is over

(6:12 PM)ol lar was kicked out by ol lar!

rcookie says(6:16 PM):


Soonergirlie says(6:18 PM):

they will be busy

magnetlady says(6:20 PM):

That they will Soonergirlie

BGG says(6:22 PM):


magnetlady says(6:22 PM):

Evening BGG

BGG says(6:22 PM):


bubbles says(6:22 PM):

Is there newtime tonight?

magnetlady says(6:22 PM):

bubbles from what I understand no, but

magnetlady says(6:22 PM):

they will do one tomorrow evening

bubbles says(6:23 PM):

okay thanks

jimplants says to rcookie(6:28 PM):

i feel its safe to say news time education plus cliff notes started at 5:15

rcookie says to jimplants(6:34 PM):


rcookie says(6:35 PM):

Parliament completed tomorrow vote on the amnesty and the dismissal of al-Obeidi and a report on the bombing of Karrada

History Tahrir:: 2016/8/22 22:24 • 167 times mqrw’h

Parliament completed tomorrow vote on the amnesty and the dismissal of al-Obeidi and a report on the bombing of Karrada

[Oan- Baghdad]

House of Representatives held, schedule a huge business , including the completion of voting on the draft of the amnesty law, and the sacking of Defense Minister Khaled al - Obeidi and display a parliamentary report on the bombing of the Karrada district.

And it includes the agenda of the meeting [20 items] , "complete the vote on the draft Aalloam Act [ the remaining 10 substances, and vote on the draft accountability and justice law and the prohibition of the Baath Party, and the procedures of Article 61 of the Constitution and rules of procedure regarding the questioning of the Minister of Defense, and vote on the proposal to cancel the decision of the Law dissolved Revolutionary command Council No. 80 of 2000 ". It

also includes" vote on the proposal to cancel the dissolved Revolutionary command Council resolution No. 213 of the 2002 Act, voting in principle to the draft victims justice Act, and vote on recommendations concerning the obstacles to freeing the province of Nineveh process, the offer for Security and Defence Committee 's report on the terrorist bombing in the Karrada district, and the report of the members of the affairs and parliamentary development on the subject show lift the immunity of MPs requests. "

It includes the agenda , " a general topic for discussion about the lifting of all the abuse on the marshes [MP Sunrise Alabegi], and the first reading of the proposed Law of the board of the crowd and popular forces of him, and the first reading of the draft accession of the Republic of Iraq to the Convention on the Conservation migratory birds African / Eurasian water. "

it will be" the first reading of the proposed amendment to the Penal Code Law No. 111 of 1969, and the report and discuss the first draft amendment to the law of the unified Retirement Law No. 9 of 2014, and the report and discuss the first draft amendment to the law take care of minors No. 78 Act of 1980, and the report and discuss the draft law on ratification financial agreement relating to a loan of the World Bank submitted to the Republic of Iraq and the site dated 03/02/2014 "on the agenda. Law

and Sard during session tomorrow the parliament , according to the agenda "report and discussion of the draft exemption of foreign companies and subcontractors foreign contractors law in the licensing rounds decades of fees, report and discussion of the proposed Act to amend the companies Act No. 21 of 1997 as amended, and the report and discussion of the draft accession of the Republic of Iraq to the Maritime Labour Convention of 2006 Act and the accession of the Republic of Iraq to the identity documents sailors Convention No. 185 of 2003, and report and discuss a bill board of the Iraqi Atomic energy. "

rcookie says(6:36 PM):


rcookie says(6:38 PM):


rcookie says(6:40 PM):


jimplants says(6:40 PM):

there will be a lot of throwwing people under the bus

rcookie says(6:40 PM):


MrsBGG says to rcookie(6:41 PM):


jimplants says(6:41 PM):

might very well run out of buses

rcookie says(6:45 PM):

You see Fatlawi, I can deal with the bullets, and the bombs, and the blood. I don't want money, and I don't want medals.

What I do want is for you to stand there in that girly white robe uniform and with your Harvard mouth extend me some courtesy. You gotta ask me nicely!!.....

rcookie says(6:45 PM):


rcookie says(6:45 PM):


rcookie says(6:46 PM):


rcookie says(6:46 PM):


jimplants says(6:46 PM):

when you know what you know and you know its right just not when it causes that

rcookie says(6:49 PM):

Germany is seeking to develop economic coordination office in Baghdad about participating gallery

History Tahrir:: 2016/8/22 12:07 • 85 times mqrw’h

Germany is seeking to develop economic coordination office in Baghdad about participating gallery

[Where - Baghdad]

expressed Germany, on Monday, seeking the creation of an office for economic affairs , in cooperation with the Ministry of Economy and the German Chamber of Commerce in Baghdad to coordinate with the German companies wishing to participate in the Baghdad International Fair in its 43.

According to the Ministry of Commerce said in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it today, that " the first secretary at the German embassy Philipp Roesler stressed that the ongoing efforts through the creation of the Office for Economic Affairs in collaboration with the German Economics Ministry and the Chamber of Commerce German in Baghdad to coordinate with the German companies wishing to participate. "

Roesler He said according to the statement that" the German embassy in Baghdad were directing an official letter on the participation of German companies at the show this year , "adding that" a large number of German companies discreet expressed their willingness to participate and of which my company Siemens and Teeramar. "

for his part , General manager Iraqi opposition just Khudair Abbas stressed the need for "a formal request by the German embassy for the purpose of organizing the official wing of the State of Germany, noting that Germany 's participation in the Baghdad international Fair , representing Iraq 's political support."

He added that "his company is working on the success of the participation of countries and companies in the session 43 Baghdad international Fair by providing all facilities and support and provide security protection for the participating delegations in collaboration with the Baghdad operations command and the security forces. "

the Ministry of Commerce announced on the tenth of November conclusion of the Baghdad international Fair in its 42 with the participation of 23 countries Arebeo and foreign.

rcookie says(6:49 PM):


rcookie says(6:50 PM):


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