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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log for Saturday 8/27/16 - Part 2

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log

Part 2 - Featuring rcookie

rcookie says(8:28 AM):

Oil Minister: try to solve the obstacles facing the oil agreement between Baghdad and Erbil

(Independent) ... called on the oil minister Jabbar Laibi Alkhoznip to raise the energy of crude oil to 24 million barrels during the next few years, noting that he tries to solve the obstacles facing the oil agreement between Baghdad and Erbil.

He said ministry spokesman Assem Jihad said in a statement received by The Independent on Saturday that "the oil minister called for during his tour of the South Oil Company, to raise Alkhoznip energy of crude oil from 12 million barrels to 24 million barrels over the next few years."

He said the oil minister, according to Jihad, "We hope to reach an agreement with the Kurdistan about the mechanics of exporting oil to serve the national interest in general, and try some of the obstacles faced by the agreement between the parties." (End)

DIGIman1 says(8:30 AM):

I was watching the Bermuda Philharmonic Orchestra,

and half way through the guy playing the triangle disappeared...

rcookie says(8:30 AM):

MP Sheikh stand for the post of interior minister

logo jumhuriya

MP Sheikh stand for the post of interior minister

Sat, 27 Aug 2016 12:15:04

# Algmehorah_uz

Former nominated MP Fattah al-Sheikh, the same for the post of interior minister, replacing Mohammed Ghaban resigned.

Sheikh said at a news conference in the House of Representatives on Saturday, he nominated himself "from Article 20 of the Constitution which guarantees the right to participate in public affairs and to enjoy political rights, including the right to run."

He said Sheikh, said that "my candidacy came to coincide with calls for political reform advocated by the religious authority, the Council of Representatives and the government and the leaders of blocs."

Sheikh said, "Through the platform, and the People's House" parliament, "announced my candidacy Interior Ministry as an independent candidate for the post of interior minister."

The Interior Minister Mohammed Ghaban announced his resignation after the bloody bombing of Karrada, which killed more than 600 people dead or wounded.

rcookie says to DIGIman1(8:31 AM):


rcookie says(8:32 AM):

Kurdistan Democratic Party is threatening to boycott parliament sessions

logo jumhuriya

Sat, 27 Aug 2016 13:12:07

# Algmehorah_uz

He threatened the MP for the Democratic Party Hakhuan Abdullah, to boycott the parliamentary session on the back of the repercussions of questioning Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari session results.

Abdullah said they would boycott the meeting and would respond strongly to the repercussions of questioning of the Minister of Finance hearing the results. "

The House of Representatives questioned the finance minister for the Kurdistan Alliance, Hoshyar Zebari, in a session yesterday as the Council voted today against his conviction with answers Zebari.

rcookie says(8:32 AM):


ol lar says to larrykn(8:32 AM):

I think Assawi will be brought back as Finance minister

rcookie says(8:33 AM):

SCREW UP A 2 CAR FUNERAL!!!!.............

rcookie says(8:34 AM):


rcookie says(8:36 AM):


ol lar says to larrykn(8:37 AM):

Legal expert: general amnesty includes al-Hashemi and al-Issawi and Alwani

August 26, 2016 Walter

History of edits:: 08.26.2016 22:30

[Oan- Baghdad]

said legal expert Tareq Harb, that the general amnesty law passed by the House, on Thursday, includes the most wanted terrorist on charges of corruption, Tareq al – Hashemi, Rafie al – Issawi and Ahmed al – Alwani. ”

He said the war in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, that ” the general amnesty law which legitimized by parliament yesterday, includes all those who have committed terrorist crimes in accordance with a second paragraph of Article V of the Act, which decided to include terrorist amnesty if it does not arise from terrorist murder or permanent disability or subvert state institutions or the fight against the armed forces. ”

he added , ” So if these cases in the terrorist crime, the Article X of the amnesty law , decided to resume the trial of all crimes of felony type terrorist crime of felony type if the judgment was issued based on the confidential informant or another defendant recognition or claim that the recognition obtained under duress. ”

He said the war” any judgment issued by the two must and are available with one of these cases , a confidential informant, coercion or accused of recognition last and that means passport re – trial and the possibility of great innocence and it was not possible to reach the outskirts of the case after the expiry of that period and after turning the suit of the previous form during the previous trial and the new shape after the issuance of the amnesty law. ”

the House of Representatives had approved at its Thursday ‘s draft general amnesty law after a dispute for years , it, particularly the paragraph relating to the accused terrorist, where the law pointed to the formation of a judicial committee would be responsible for considering the extent of the possibility of re – trial of the accused to Article 4 / terrorism or not, not at the request of the accused


rcookie says(8:38 AM):

Kurdistan: Jubouri told us to withdraw confidence from the Attorney emotions grace after its aggression Dry

Political Since 08/27/2016 15:35 pm (Baghdad time)

BAGHDAD - balances News

MP for the Kurdistan Alliance Khosro Goran, Saturday, the parliament speaker Salim al-Jubouri told them to withdraw confidence from the deputy state law emotions blessing after they clashed with hands MP Ashwaq dry.

Curran said during a press conference held at the Parliament attended / balances News / "The meeting today took place where the altercation between Deputy for the rule of law and deputy from the Kurdistan Alliance MP ended by multiplying the emotions of grace and the attack on the MP Ashwaq dry."

Curran added that "al-Jubouri told us to withdraw confidence from the Attorney emotions grace after its aggression on the dry," adding that "the Kurdish withdrawal from today's meeting does not mean non-participation session Monday."

He explained that "the vote on conviction or not about answers Zebari will be a hearing on Monday," .anthy 29/33 h

rcookie says(8:38 AM):


larrykn says to rcookie(8:39 AM):

if they want their money I guess they would have to agree sooner or later

ol lar says to larrykn(8:39 AM):

Assawi used to be finance minister until he wouldn't play ball with Malarki , stANDS TO REASON HE WOULD GET IT

larrykn says to ol lar(8:39 AM):

very well could be

ol lar says(8:40 AM):

sorry about caps

larrykn says to ol lar(8:40 AM):

they need someone that is honest

rcookie says(8:40 AM):

Document .. Jubouri Office restructures its divisions and eliminates all advisors decades

Saturday 27 August 2016 15:42

Search Bigger

Advertise Alsumaria

Alsumaria News / Baghdad

It announced the Office of the Speaker of Parliament Saleem al-Jubouri, Saturday, for ordering the return of structural sections Office and the abolition of all advisers decades, while stressing the need for rationalization of domestic spending.

According to the document, which received Alsumaria News, a copy of which, it is "based on the directives of the Speaker of Parliament and the implementation of the parliamentary reforms approved by the House of Representatives and for the advancement of administrative work and institutional in line with the joints of the president's office tasks, it was decided to restructure the departments Office of the President of the heads of departments and staff for the purpose of reducing its number of staff in the office and move staff to departments and sections of the Council, each according to its competence. "

It said the document, it "also decided to cancel all contracts for consultants and advisors to retain the specialists of administrative, legal and financial contracts only to serve the work of the office, in addition to the rationalization of domestic spending for office and limited to only essential need."

ol lar says(8:40 AM):

Did masum ever get a VP?

rcookie says to larrykn(8:40 AM):


larrykn says(8:40 AM):

I know right :D

ol lar says(8:41 AM):


rcookie says to larrykn(8:41 AM):


ol lar says(8:43 AM):

Ahmed al – Alwani, Defense Minister?

rcookie says(8:43 AM):

Tamimi: Abadi request to amend and discuss the 2017 budget before sending it to parliament

27-08-2016 03:50 PM

She said the parliamentary finance committee member Majda al-Tamimi said Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi request to amend the draft federal general budget of the new law before being sent to Parliament.

Tamimi pointed out that the House had not received the budget in 2017 so far and is still with the Ministry of Finance under discussion with the Council of Ministers, adding that the approach to the 2017 budget in 2016 with a difference at the price of a barrel of oil and some changes to the budget.

As Tamimi have shown that the formulation of the new budget allocations would be logical than the previous one, because there are changes made by the Ministry of Finance on the orders of al-Abadi, noting that all the figures are in circulation and the customizations currently Aiatd with, because they will be subject to adjustment Bmainsjm with the status quo and to reduce the ceiling of government spending to sectors of the state.

(8:46 AM)dale was kicked out by dale!

rcookie says(8:48 AM):

The killing of 22 of the "Islamic state" in a car and aerial bombardment south of the Iraqi Mosul

Aug 26, 2016

Ninoy- Alonadol- killed 12 militants with air strikes to aircraft of the international coalition, on Friday evening, the sites of the "Islamic state", while the killing of at least 10 others from the organization when a car loaded with improvised explosive device south of the city of Mosul, Iraq's second largest city, which is still under the control of the militant group since 2014.

She said the Iraqi military media cell (belonging to the Ministry of Defence) in a statement, "Anatolia" reached a copy of it, that the international coalition aircraft, and directed resulted in the destruction of the weapons cache air strike, killing 12 elements of the organization in the Saadia village north-east of the urban crack.

And another incident, the statement said, that more than 10 terrorists were killed in the village of the shuttle along the road leading between Qayyarah and drunk, by a car bomb carrying explosive devices in additive for "Islamic state" in the so-called Alaa Merhi Hassoun house, according to the statement.

The Iraqi government began in May / May last, Military Order crowds near Mosul, which is controlled by the "Islamic state" since June 2014, part of plans to restore control of the organization.

He announced Haider Abadi, the Iraqi prime minister, the first on Thursday, restoring his forces control the town of Qayyarah (60 km) south of the city of Mosul in the north of the grip of the "Islamic state."

DIGIman1 says(8:49 AM):

they blowed up real good.....

slh5282 says(8:49 AM):


subgirl says to slh5282(8:50 AM):

Go lol

DIGIman1 says to slh5282(8:50 AM):

them isis fellers....

rcookie says(8:50 AM):

Killing five of the organization when a roadside bomb west of Kirkuk

«Daesh» abandons 10 thousand civilians north of Qayyarah

Date:: August 2016 27

the source:

BAGHDAD - Agencies

Iraqi security elements celebrating the liberation of Qayyarah of «Daesh.» August Ahmed al - Jubouri: «Daesh» forced residents south of Mosul to go to the city center. Archival



Iraqi officials announced yesterday that the organization «Daesh» abandoned 10 thousand civilians from the northern regions of Qayyarah hand, the day after the control of Iraqi forces fully on the southern province of Nineveh, while five members of the organization were killed by a roadside bomb west of Kirkuk.

He announced hand Qayyarah in Nineveh province director Saleh Hassan al-Jubouri, the organization «Daesh» abandoned 10 thousand civilians in areas north side.

• «Daesh» surrounded the 5,000 families in the western and southern regions of Kirkuk.

He told «Alsumaria News», the organization called for after Friday prayers yesterday, a group of villagers to leave and go to hand Shura (45 km south of Nineveh), for fear of a revolution against the elements of the organization in these areas in conjunction with the approach of the security forces, including noting that «villagers Alahud epispadias and hypospadias Alahud and Sirte and Hamidia numbering 10 thousand, and now they are displaced in the deserts and demanding security forces to intervene.»

He added that «humanitarian disaster» may occur after the organization began emptying the villages of the population, which includes about 3,000 residential units. Jubouri was announced the day before yesterday, that the security forces are fully seized the hand Qayyarah, confirming the absence of «terrorists Daesh». He pointed out that the security forces are currently working to raise the IEDs aspect.

In context, the MP for the province of Nineveh, Ahmed al-Jubouri, yesterday, forcing the organization of parents in areas south of the city of Mosul to go to the city center revealed, noting that regulation kills all who refuse to leave, calling the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to continue progress to liberate those areas.

On the other hand, Iraqi security sources said yesterday that the five members of «Daesh» were killed while trying to plant an explosive device west of the city of Kirkuk (250 km north of Baghdad).

She said that the five members of the organization were trying to plant an explosive device on the road to the village baker in the Riyadh area west of Kirkuk, but it exploded during the planting process, which led to the killing of five.

And subject to the west and south of Kirkuk areas controlled by «Daesh» since June 2014, and includes Hawija spend aspects of Zab, Riyadh and Abbasi and cress, with an estimated number of families currently besieged areas west and south of Kirkuk, with 5,000 families.

rcookie says to DIGIman1(8:50 AM):


DIGIman1 says to rcookie(8:51 AM):


slh5282 says(8:52 AM):

I have been out for several days and have been trying to keep up.. However, the amnesty law is to release the shia and sunni thta have been detained without cause so to speak.. for those politcal folks like Maliki he has no protection correct or does the law protect him as well?

rcookie says(8:53 AM):


slh5282 says(8:54 AM):


rcookie says(8:55 AM):


larrykn says(8:55 AM):

I could tell you what they can do with maliki but I'm a nice guy :D

slh5282 says(8:55 AM):


larrykn says to DIGIman1(Whisper message)(8:56 AM):

are you ready :)

DIGIman1 says to larrykn(Whisper message)(8:57 AM):

yup :)

DIGIman1 says to larrykn(8:58 AM):

thank you! :)

rcookie says(8:59 AM):


larrykn says(9:00 AM):

bombs away :)

rcookie says(9:00 AM):

Kurdistan have indicated their willingness to resolve all problems with Baghdad

Saturday 27 August 2016 08:18

Alsumaria News / Arbil

The head of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Nechirvan Barzani, the region is ready to solve all problems with Baghdad through dialogue, adding that the military will be a meeting between the two sides in order to coordinate and cooperate better.

The presidency said the provincial government said in a statement Alsumaria News received a copy of it, that "the president of the Kurdistan Regional Government Nechirvan Barzani received Alsinatoran and Alaah Texas John Comey," noting that "the two sides discussed the situation of displaced people and the war against terrorism and the process of liberalization of Mosul."

He said Barzani during the statement, "ready Kurdistan region to receive the displaced, but the possibilities are limited It is essential that America and the international community is working to help Kurdistan", expressing at the same time expressed his thanks "for the coalition countries, especially the United States to support the Kurdistan since the beginning of the terrorist attack to Daesh it."

Barzani stressed "the province is ready to resolve all problems through dialogue with Baghdad," explaining that "a military meeting will be held between the two sides in order to coordinate and cooperate better."

"The Peshmerga forces managed to achieve great victories in the area around Mosul, and there are still a number of fronts for the liberation of the city and other areas under the control of terrorists Daesh," pointing to "the need for a clear vision on political, security, social, humanitarian and reconstruction of the city of Mosul the situation."

From Janba Shad US Senator John Comey according to the statement to "the role of the Peshmerga Kurdistan in the war against terrorism and the destruction of the myth of Daesh" and expressed his thanks and appreciation "America for the citizens and the government of the Kurdistan region to receive large numbers of displaced people and to protect them and provide them with assistance."

Comey said the importance of "cooperation and coordination between Arbil and Baghdad and the international coalition," stressing the need to "reassure the residents of Mosul and the Sunni parties and guarantee the rights of all parties."

He predicted "the displacement of large numbers of the population of Mosul to the Kurdistan region," stressing the importance of "helping the international community of the province."

The security forces of the army and the Peshmerga and the National crowd locked in military operations in the vicinity of the city of Mosul to release it from the control of the organization "Daesh", where those forces are making significant progress and incurring regulation losses in lives and equipment.

rcookie says(9:02 AM):


rcookie says(9:03 AM):

Parliament votes on the four laws and discusses the five other today

Author: AR, HH

Editor: AR, HH

27/08/2016 09:07

Number of Views: 632

Long-Presse / Baghdad

Hold the Iraqi Council of Representatives, on Saturday, the 15th of its first legislative term of the third legislative year, while the meeting will vote on four draft laws and discuss the other five.

It said the information department of the parliament in a statement received (range Press), a copy of which, "The House of Representatives will be held at 11 o'clock this morning, its 15-year legislative term of the first third legislative year," noting that "the agenda of the meeting includes the completion of a vote on the draft law the first amendment to the law of property No. claims Commission (13) for the year 2010, the law on border crossings body, and the law of the appeal in the interest of law in the judgments and decisions of land ownership, and the law of the fourth amendment to the law of the Iraqi journalists Syndicate No. (178) for the year 1969 average. "

She said the information department, that "the meeting will also see the report and discussing the projects first amendment to the law of the Unified Retirement Law No. (9) for the year 2014, and the law to exempt foreign companies and subcontractors foreign contractors in licensing rounds of fee contracts, and the law of the Iraqi Atomic Energy Commission, and the law of the First Amendment to the Law the care of minors No. (78) of 1980, and the proposed Act to amend the companies Act No. 21 of 1997 as amended, "indicating that" the meeting will evaluate the work of the House of Representatives. "

The Presidency of the Council of Representatives lifted, on Thursday, (August 25, 2016), held its 14th of the first legislative term of the third legislative year, to Saturday, (August 27, 2016), after the end of the interrogation, Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari, after the vote on the general amnesty and the withdrawal of the law confidence from defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi.

rcookie says(9:05 AM):


larrykn says(9:06 AM):

what a bunch of slackers :D

rcookie says(9:08 AM):


ol lar says to rcookie(9:09 AM):

awesome stuff !!

slh5282 says(9:09 AM):

disruptive bunch arent they? great news because it just keeps moving forward..

rcookie says(9:10 AM):

GMT 6:01 2016 Saturday, August 27 GMT 11:30 2016 Saturday, August 27:Last Updated

Iraq assisted by the United Nations to e

Resolves in Baghdad now international team of investigators made up of 21 investigators, in response to a request from Iraq, the United Nations help in clarifying the fate of missing $ 361 billion in the budgets of the country from 2004 until 2014, in addition to the fake transaction involving lost many billions.

Political corruption which has produced successive Iraqi governments characterized by failure and anarchy since 2003 and to date, produced results, (impressive) and shocking in corrupt deals cosmic numbers, and robberies was unprecedented in history ..!

The Iraqi government signed an earlier agreement with the United Nations to send a team of experts and investigators international, pursuant to a formal request by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to the United Nations to help expose corruption, and the amount of the huge money lost in the corridors of the ruling parties and its ministries.

UN investigators and in the light of the agreement, were given complete freedom in the detection of files and documents, examine and review the records and documents of important ministries of Finance and departments such as the Bank and the Board of Supreme Audit and others, also gave the investigation with the former prime minister the power they Iyad Allawi and Ibrahim al-Jaafari and Nouri al-Maliki as well as former ministers.

More importantly, the subject that the team of investigators will be able to investigate with the ministers of residents and officials or fugitives outside Iraq, by virtue of the UN described that allow it, and believes that the team will focus its efforts on the theft of money and smuggling and smuggling of oil and gold files, and contracts for armaments, money laundering and electricity projects and other deals Alumblyarah lost.

The feet of Iraq on the use of the UN means an explicit recognition of non institutions supervisory capability, such as the Integrity Commission and the Office of Financial Supervision and the Committee on Parliamentary Integrity circuits inspectors Alamomcin, to detect corruption and corrupt, if not involved in this corruption, which has become is a (culture general) between politicians and officials in the country, with a weak and politicized spend does not have full justice tools.

Lost money numbers in the mill of corruption in Iraq (oil) constitute the record levels unprecedented in the world is happening here in the light of a popular reality suffers from increasing poverty rate, as approximately 25%, according to official statistics (two years ago) and the decline of education and the proliferation of unemployment, disease, crime and terrorism and the decline services, or lack thereof, which makes Iraq is an abnormal phenomenon Konya ..!

Political parties that make up the quotas successive governments, responsible for the loss of the nation's wealth and public money and the impoverishment of the people, and divided religiously, wary now of the presence of international Almhakaan is concerned is real and alarming because they are exposed to investigate the scandal, so they to Aatorawa for issuing and harassment to the work of the investigators and possibly targeted bombings or assassinations threats , so should the government of Mr. Abadi provide them with full support, administrative and security cover in the completion of their work, which will take a long time.

slh5282 says(9:10 AM):

thanks again RCookie for the great news

rcookie says(9:10 AM):


(9:10 AM)clay changed nickname to .VIP.clay!

clay says to rcookie(9:11 AM):

hey buddy :)

slh5282 says(9:11 AM):


clay says to slh5282(9:11 AM):


(9:11 AM)jimplants was kicked out by jimplants!

slh5282 says(9:11 AM):

gm clay

ol lar says to rcookie(9:11 AM):

I think next week is going to be more mind blowing, newswise, than even this last week

rcookie says(9:11 AM):


slh5282 says(9:11 AM):


subgirl says to rcookie(9:11 AM):


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