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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log for Saturday 8/27/16 - Part 8

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log

Part 8 - No Featured Members

magnetlady says(8:53 PM):

subby evening. Hope you had a teriffic dinner

subgirl says to magnetlady(9:00 PM):

I did thank you :) and we are almost done with our duplex.

subgirl says to magnetlady(9:00 PM):

hubby did not want a cake for his birthday this time, but he wanted a pie lol so he got a choclate french silk pie :) lol

subgirl says to magnetlady(9:02 PM):

how are you doing? :)

magnetlady says(9:24 PM):

I'm doing great. Bout killed me to stand in one spot for over an hour. (smile)

subgirl says to magnetlady(9:29 PM):

why did you have to stand in one spot for over an hour?

magnetlady says(9:35 PM):

Handbell practice

magnetlady says(9:35 PM):

We play tomorrow and today was first time to siteread the music.

subgirl says to magnetlady(9:37 PM):

oh wow! bet it was fun tho... but I can imagine that...

magnetlady says(9:46 PM):

It is fun but its been about a month or two since we have played or practiced. So we were all saying how our arms and our hands hurt.

subgirl says to magnetlady(9:47 PM):

you will have to get used to it again then wont you?

magnetlady says(9:47 PM):

and me with my legs and feet. ({)

Holly1 says(9:48 PM):

GE (F)

subgirl says to Holly1(9:49 PM):

hey there!! :)

Holly1 says(9:50 PM):

i have a question ... is paul Bremer still in office i know he is 74 years old ... just reading iraq site regarding the new image of the jewish girl printed on the 25 note

subgirl says to Holly1(9:51 PM):

hmmm.... I dont know?

Holly1 says(9:51 PM):

iraqi and dollar dinar post more on this ... and one saying when the dollar goes down the girl is on new

magnetlady says(9:52 PM):

Lewis Paul Bremer III is an American diplomat. He is best known for leading the occupational authority of Iraq following the 2003 invasion by the United States. He served in this capacity from May 11, 2003 until June 28, 2004.

magnetlady says(9:52 PM):

Does that answer your question?

Holly1 says to magnetlady(9:54 PM):

ty .. but he is the one saying to cbi to put the girl on the iraqi note .. so i had no clue if he is still in office working ... i will bring it in

Holly1 says(9:54 PM):

Abeche dollar on the Iraqi dinar added a new photo.

8 hrs ·

Image may contain: 2 people

magnetlady says(9:54 PM):

Still looking. In office with the USA a an American diplomat?

Holly1 says(9:55 PM):

idk .. mags

Holly1 says(9:56 PM):

Qasim al-Hassani

Sweet, but there is a difference in the picture

Holly1 says(9:56 PM):

Abeche today Dollar Iraqi Dinar

Downright happens different because one out and the other fee

Holly1 says(9:57 PM):

Qasim al-Hassani

I am what I meant huh what was done to the girl is different between right and left

Holly1 says(9:58 PM):

Hala Ameer

Symmetrical only

Holly1 says(9:58 PM):

Mohammad Kanani Seaathi

The best picture

Holly1 says(9:59 PM):

Abeche today Dollar Iraqi Dinar

Your money needs update

Holly1 says(10:00 PM):

Ali al-Dabbagh

Yes Wait dollar down and Ahohin paper, God willing,

Holly1 says(10:00 PM):

Khaled Daoud

Supposed to disturb the image of the founding leader of the Iraqi state to what I know growth .. If Edna founder of the commander alone with an empty place and write faces (beyond what faced)

Holly1 says(10:01 PM):

Muthana Ahmed

Beautiful and expressive image

Holly1 says(10:02 PM):

this is from 8 hours ago and he has two pictures of the 25k note with the girl on it on his page ... next one i bring is 11 hours ago ..

Holly1 says(10:03 PM):

Samir Fakhri

Yes Hadjina Aziz on our currency five-and twenty thousand dinars, and this girl and a Jewish image in the city of Zakho civil administrator Paul Bremer has imposed this image on the workers at the Central Bank, an Iraqi Jewish

Holly1 says(10:05 PM):

Samir Fakhri

Information is accurate, an Iraqi certainly there is no problem

magnetlady says(10:05 PM):

Holly here is an article about paul bremer


magnetlady says(10:05 PM):

looks like he still may be.

Holly1 says(10:05 PM):

Laith al-Saffar

Is the first reactions to

Holly1 says to magnetlady(10:06 PM):


subgirl says to Holly1(10:06 PM):


Holly1 says(10:06 PM):

Shaueb Nageeb

Maku on the category of 25,000 dinars

Holly1 says(10:07 PM):

Hossam Karkhi

But the image on the coin, an elderly woman

Holly1 says(10:07 PM):

Abeche today Dollar Iraqi Dinar

Any currency?

Holly1 says(10:08 PM):

Hossam Karkhi

Dort Online all currencies Bs Maku ..imkn p old currency ..

Holly1 says(10:08 PM):

Ziad al-Rawi


Holly1 says(10:09 PM):

Hossam Karkhi

25 of

lee4 says(10:10 PM):

TY Ladies !!! GN

Holly1 says(10:10 PM):

Shaueb Nageeb

Ziad al-Rawi Maku possible Atodha pictures

Holly1 says(10:10 PM):


Holly1 says(10:11 PM):

Iraqi peace

This image present on the 25000 category Edition Aljdidh..kev imposed by Paul Bremer !!! explain please

Holly1 says(10:12 PM):

Osman Abadi

P 25 remake

subgirl says to lee4(10:12 PM):

YVW :) Lee4 and GN from sheila and I :) (F)(L)

Holly1 says(10:12 PM):

Ziad al-Rawi


Holly1 says(10:13 PM):

Abu Sham Iraqi 25000

Like · Reply · 1 · 11 hrs

Holly1 says(10:13 PM):


subgirl says to Holly1(10:13 PM):


Holly1 says(10:15 PM):


cobalt says to Holly1(10:16 PM):

Likemining for diamonds but you are pressing on...........thank you Holly(F)(handshake)

subgirl says to Holly1(10:16 PM):

lol oh boy!! lol guess we will have to wait and see... lol :) :D

Holly1 says(10:16 PM):

Osman Abadi

P 25 remake

subgirl says to Holly1(10:16 PM):

hard to tell what he means????

Holly1 says(10:16 PM):


Holly1 says(10:17 PM):


Holly1 says to cobalt(10:17 PM):


Holly1 says(10:18 PM):


Holly1 says(10:18 PM):


cobalt says(10:19 PM):

Thank You all for burning the late night oil................the lights will come on tomorrow(})

Holly1 says(10:19 PM):


subgirl says to cobalt(10:20 PM):

(y)(}) yw :) GN! :)

Holly1 says(10:34 PM):

Juice for cancer treatment in 42 days!

Austrian physician Rois Rudolph , who spent most of his life in the search for the best natural medicines for cancer treatment is advised, and recently achieved his dream of discovering the juice spends on cancer and other incurable diseases. In

order to reach this discovery Rois conducted experiments on more than 45 thousand people they were suffering from cancer and other incurable diseases.

Holly1 says(10:35 PM):

The doctor advised Austrian adopt special diet duration of 42 days during which the patient drank only tea and vegetable juice , which was invented and is composed of a high proportion of "beet" (smell Wonder).

Rois said that cancer cells Stjoa and die after 42 days, it will also help this juice to improve the patient 's health overall.

To prepare this unique juice This is the recipe: "beet" (beet) 55% of the juice, carrots by 20 %, celery root 20%, potatoes 3% and radish 2%.

Holly1 says(10:35 PM):

He noted Rois to be a way to prepare the juice is very easy, it is enough just mixing ingredients Balkhalat supply, then drink to start the healing process.

The "beet" (beet) kind of vegetables are very nutritious , it contains vitamins B1, B2, B6 and acid folic and iron, zinc, antioxidants, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, sodium.

Holly1 says(10:36 PM):

and contain "beet" (beet) as well as on Albatayen ( "Betaine") which is an amino acid that has anti properties cancer and anti-inflammatory and diluents for the body of toxins. The findings of previous studies that "beet" very effective against cancer , especially from blood cancer.

This has "beet" a sufficient quantity of acid folic, make food , excellent for pregnant women , as it is very helpful for headaches and menstrual pain and problems with bones and skin.

Holly1 says(10:36 PM):


subgirl says to Holly1(10:37 PM):


subgirl says(10:39 PM):

thank you Holly!

Romello says(11:16 PM):


subgirl says(11:25 PM):


subgirl says(11:45 PM):

15 min. left!!

subgirl says(11:50 PM):

10 min. :) left!

subgirl says(11:54 PM):

5 min. left !!!

subgirl says(11:56 PM):

there was some awesome articles brot to the News Articles in the forum today!! if you have not read them, then go to this link; http://www.dinarupdates.com/forumdis...rent-Iraq-NEWS

subgirl says(11:57 PM):

Tomorrow is Sunday! Hope you all can make it to the Lord's House for a Church service! :) It is now time to say Good night to you all>>>>>>>

subgirl says(11:57 PM):

Hope you all have sweet dreams!! GOOD NIGHT DU!!!! :)

End of Saturday's Chat Log
 | Link to Part 1



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