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Friday, August 26, 2016

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log for Friday 8/26/16 - Part 1

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log

Part 1 - Featuring BGG, tman23 & rcookie

DIGIman1 says(6:31 AM):

gotta head off now.....sigh.....

magnetlady says(6:31 AM):

Its been rather nice here. gotten a bit hotter yesterday, but was beautiful earlier in the week in the 80's

larrykn says(6:32 AM):

GM everyone :)

DIGIman1 says(6:32 AM):

have a safe and blessed day everyone.....

magnetlady says(6:32 AM):

OK have a blessed day DIGI see you tonight.

DIGIman1 says(6:32 AM):

gm larry :)

magnetlady says(6:32 AM):

morning larry

DIGIman1 says to magnetlady(6:32 AM):


(6:32 AM).MOD.DIGIman1.copy changed nickname to .MOD.DIGIman1!

larrykn says to DIGIman1(6:32 AM):

gm and good bye, have a great day :)

DIGIman1 says to larrykn(6:32 AM):

u2 bro :)

(6:32 AM)*.MOD.Magnetlaldy changed nickname to *.MOD.Magnetlaldy.copy!

larrykn says to magnetlady(6:33 AM):

are you working today

magnetlady says(6:33 AM):


larrykn says to magnetlady(6:34 AM):

I can take it if you want

magnetlady says(6:34 AM):

I leave here about 9:00 eastern

magnetlady says(6:34 AM):

That would be awesome larrykn are you sure?

larrykn says to magnetlady(6:34 AM):

well at least its friday lol

magnetlady says(6:34 AM):

I believe OkieDinar should be in about 9, she has been someing in around there.

larrykn says to magnetlady(6:35 AM):

yes I talked to her she will be here at 9 cst

magnetlady says(6:35 AM):

Thank you so much.

larrykn says to magnetlady(6:35 AM):


(6:35 AM)*.MOD.Magnetlaldy.copy changed nickname to *.MOD.Magnetlaldy!

magnetlady says(6:38 AM):

Oh yes, coffee. (smile)

larrykn says(6:38 AM):

yes got my first cup too lol

magnetlady says(6:39 AM):

Kind of concerned about Martha Sue too, she is working so hard and being bothered by a bakers cyst on the back of one of her knees. Praying about her health.

larrykn says(6:40 AM):

I will put her on my prayer list

larrykn says(6:40 AM):

I got knee problems too so I know how that feels

larrykn says(6:42 AM):

I guess they were so busy yesterday that they decided not to do anything today, there is no news in the forum lol

(6:55 AM)clay changed nickname to .VIP.clay!

(6:57 AM)clay changed nickname to .VIP.clay!

clay says to larrykn(6:58 AM):

GM buddy :)

clay says to magnetlady(6:58 AM):

hey Mags

clay says to magnetlady(6:58 AM):

Bakers cysts are easy to get rid of

clay says to magnetlady(6:59 AM):

tight muscles cut off circulation, one must stretch the leg so you feel the stretch behing the knee

larrykn says to clay(6:59 AM):

gm buddy ;)

clay says to magnetlady(6:59 AM):

how are ya doing

larrykn says to clay(7:00 AM):

I assume your talking to me lol, I'm fine how about yourself :)

clay says to magnetlady(7:00 AM):

yes I was lol

clay says to magnetlady(7:00 AM):

good just got to work

clay says to magnetlady(7:00 AM):

1/2 day :)

larrykn says to clay(7:00 AM):

I think you need coffee lol

clay says to magnetlady(7:01 AM):

me too brb

larrykn says to clay(7:01 AM):

half days are always good :)

larrykn says to clay(7:04 AM):

officer out here was shot at and the one in a million chance , the bullet hit the offcer badge and reflected off not injuring the officer, tell me that wasn't God watching over him , praise god

clay says to magnetlady(7:09 AM):

wow amazing good for him

larrykn says(7:14 AM):

Iraq's economy on the public prosecution table soon


A member of the parliamentary Finance: to sabotage the Iraqi economy is on the prosecution table file soon

{Baghdad} Euphrates News revealed the Finance Committee member of the parliamentary Magda Tamimi, on Friday, announced the launch of a large file from sabotage the Iraqi economy is on the prosecution table soon, as described interrogation process within the parliament, "a step in the right direction."

He said al-Tamimi told {Euphrates News} today, "I am going to prepare a lot of issues to be presented to the public prosecution, including table {file} to sabotage the Iraqi economy, as I'll explain the evidence and proofs where to go proportion of Iraqi funds."

And the interrogations carried out by members of parliament, ministers process, Tamimi said, "said the House of Representatives began active movement interrogations moving in the right direction."

She pointed out, "there are many interrogations will be directed to the ministers as a step in the right direction, especially since millions of Iraqis watching the interrogation."

The House of Representatives had been questioned in its regular Thursday, Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari, where he was questioned by the parliamentary Finance Committee member Haitham al-Jubouri.

As the Iraqi Council of Representatives to question Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi, was the withdrawal of confidence in him yesterday .

clay says to larrykn(7:22 AM):

great steps they are taking

magnetlady says(7:23 AM):

sorry larry did you need me to copy once?

larrykn says(7:26 AM):

no I"m good

magnetlady says(7:29 AM):

I didn't mean you had to copy right this minute, just wasn't sure when you came in.

magnetlady says(7:29 AM):

No problem.

larrykn says(7:29 AM):

lol I know its ok it was getting time :)

magnetlady says(7:30 AM):

Thanks Clay I'll tell her and/or have her get with you

BGG says(7:33 AM):


larrykn says to BGG(7:33 AM):


clay says to magnetlady(7:38 AM):


clay says to magnetlady(7:38 AM):

many of my patients get them

clay says to BGG(7:38 AM):


clay says to BGG(7:38 AM):


(7:46 AM)DHOLLA was kicked out by DHOLLA!

magnetlady says(7:47 AM):

Bye for now all, see everyone tonight.

larrykn says to magnetlady(7:47 AM):

have a great day :)

da58 says(8:00 AM):

UNAMI welcomes the adoption of the amnesty law and prepared a key factor to achieve reconciliation

History of edits:: 08.26.2016 10:00 • 12 visits readable

{Baghdad: Euphrates News} welcomed the Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Iraq, Jan Kubis, the progress made by the House of Representatives in the implementation of legislative items on the agenda, which was most recently approving a general amnesty law.

He said Kubis according to a statement of the mission internationalism {UNAMI} received by the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of it on Friday, "This is another step towards strengthening the state - building, this is the legislation that passed today is a key factor in supporting efforts to achieve national reconciliation."

He added that the "General Amnesty law was preceded by banning the Baath Party, which is is the other important legislation law," and expressed "hope to take further steps to strengthen the rule of law in Iraq."

He said Kubis said that "these laws Mzkhuran explicitly in the national political agreement for 2014 the program of the government of Iraq, and we expect that Taatbahma other legislation, particularly the justice and accountability Law, as advertised in the political agreement and the program of the government. "

The House of Representatives has voted in its regular Tuesday on a general amnesty , which was the focus of a dispute between the parliamentary blocs Astmrh for several years Law after being admitted earlier in advance of the prohibition of the Baath Party Law, it is scheduled to settle the justice and accountability Law in Almqublh.anthy parliamentary sessions

clay says(8:02 AM):

da hey buddy GM

da58 says(8:06 AM):

mornin clay

larrykn says to da58(8:09 AM):

gm , thanks for the news

cobalt says to clay(8:20 AM):


cobalt says to larrykn(8:20 AM):


larrykn says to cobalt(8:23 AM):

gm :)

larrykn says(8:24 AM):

with all the news from yesterday everyone must be taking a break lol

BGG says(8:24 AM):

Nah - just getting rolling for the day...

larrykn says to BGG(8:25 AM):

gm sir :)

BGG says to larrykn(8:25 AM):

GM to you sir!!

larrykn says to BGG(8:25 AM):

I was doing my happy dance yesterday lol

Tex says to cobalt(8:26 AM):


(8:27 AM)mshale was kicked out by mshale!

larrykn says to Tex(8:28 AM):

l like that sound lol

Tex says to larrykn(8:28 AM):

Yeah ,, cobalt showed it to me few months back (y)

larrykn says(8:29 AM):

I remember when it came out lol

Tex says to larrykn(8:29 AM):

They have several that i like

larrykn says(8:30 AM):

yes I use to have their album

larrykn says(8:30 AM):

you know a 33 record lol

(8:31 AM)mshale was kicked out by mshale!

Okie Dinar says to larrykn (privately)(8:32 AM):

Are we still on for 11 CST?

Tex says to larrykn(8:32 AM):

I have a pretty big selection of 45

Tex says to larrykn(8:32 AM):

s and 33's

larrykn says to Okie Dinar (privately)(8:32 AM):


Tex says to larrykn(8:32 AM):

no elo's though

larrykn says(8:32 AM):

or a 45

Okie Dinar says to larrykn (privately)(8:33 AM):

OK, I'll be back! Thank you Larry! Oh and GM!

(8:38 AM)clay changed nickname to .VIP.clay!

clay says to Tex(8:38 AM):

hey there buddy :)

topgun says(8:40 AM):

Good Friday MORNING... All (1 day closer ... But who's COUNTING) 8-)

clay says to topgun(8:40 AM):

hey there brother

(8:41 AM)cobalt was kicked out by cobalt!

topgun says to clay(8:41 AM):

Badk at you BRO .... Hope ALL is well with you and yours

(8:41 AM)cobalt changed nickname to JR67!

Tex says to clay(8:41 AM):

Morning there Mr. Clayman,,,,, Ya need to hold on tight ,,,, the big day's a comin....https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UkekqVPIc2M

cobalt says to Tex(8:42 AM):

Go Tex

Tex says to clay(8:42 AM):

On My way to work ,,, take care

topgun says(8:42 AM):


cobalt says to Tex(8:43 AM):

The very best theme song that says it all.................

Tex says to cobalt(8:44 AM):

Hey Man ,,,,,Hold on Tight,,,,, Sure is ,,,, got to do what it says when it RV's lol

cobalt says to Tex(8:44 AM):


(8:44 AM)clay changed nickname to .VIP.clay!

(8:45 AM)mike1422 was kicked out by mike1422!

clay says to cobalt(8:45 AM):

hey bud how you been

cobalt says to Tex(8:45 AM):

Thank you man\

Tex says to cobalt(8:45 AM):

got chores to do , call if it happens (y)

cobalt says to clay(8:45 AM):


cobalt says to clay(8:46 AM):


cobalt says to Tex(8:46 AM):

Will do TEX

cobalt says to clay(8:47 AM):

Fingers still cannot type

larrykn says to cobalt(8:47 AM):

I blame my computer not me :D

cobalt says to clay(8:48 AM):

Have a great awesome day Clay and and Larry.(lol)

larrykn says to cobalt(8:49 AM):

you too :)

cobalt says to larrykn(8:49 AM):

Larry I did not get a chance to openly say I am so sorry for your loss..............Moms are so special ,,,,Love you BRO

larrykn says(8:50 AM):

ty brother

larrykn says(8:50 AM):

she had a good life

cobalt says to larrykn(8:50 AM):


cobalt says to larrykn(8:51 AM):

That is good to rest on in her absence........Praise the Lord for that in your heart

clay says to cobalt(8:52 AM):


cobalt says(8:52 AM):

(}) for now

(8:59 AM)sagecanyon was kicked out by sagecanyon!

clay says(9:25 AM):


Woodywoodpecker says(9:26 AM):


clay says(9:26 AM):

oh goody

clay says(9:26 AM):

thought I lost internet (lol)

Woodywoodpecker says(9:27 AM):


clay says(9:27 AM):

forgot its Friday, Holy day not much news

clay says(9:27 AM):


larrykn says(9:30 AM):

Urgent: defense minister escapes with his son to Arbil

Parliamentary sources confirmed the escape and Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi, accompanied by his son is banned from traveling due to charges related to the issues of corruption and misleading of justice to Arbil.

larrykn says(9:31 AM):

gee I wonder how that happened hmmmmm

clay says(9:33 AM):


clay says(9:34 AM):

and the kurds want him?

(9:34 AM)woodguy was kicked out by woodguy!

(9:37 AM)foxrun was kicked out by foxrun!

larrykn says to clay(9:38 AM):

I guess or he will leave iraq thur Turkey

clay says(9:40 AM):

could be

tman23 says(9:40 AM):

probably in Erbil meeting with the coalition on strategy to liberate Mosul.........Kurdish representative in the parliament, voted "For" the removal of Obeidi from the position, arguing that he has failed to provide the Kurdish Peshmerga forces with their due rights from the defense budget and military supplies...... THEN....Just exactly what is the procedure after a no confidence vote ?? I'm guessing it is a process that involves many discussions followed by holidays followed by a slap on the wrist and appointment to a position in the private sector........

(9:53 AM)bbgene was kicked out by bbgene!

BobG says to clay(9:58 AM):


clay says to BobG(9:58 AM):

hey there :)

BobG says to clay(9:59 AM):

How you doing?

larrykn says to BobG(10:00 AM):

gm :)

clay says to BobG(10:00 AM):

good at work for 1 more hour how have you been

BobG says to clay(10:00 AM):

Doing ok

clay says to BobG(10:00 AM):

glad to hear

clay says to BobG(10:00 AM):

wish this wait would end lol

BobG says to clay(10:00 AM):

Want this RV to happen so I dont have to work LOL

clay says to BobG(10:00 AM):


tman23 says(10:01 AM):

And what many fail to realize is taking Shia for instance....the tribe around one province is loaded with brothers, cousins, and distance family in some form......the gene pool does not run that deep ! The vote was 142-102.....Wonder how the vote went......57 Kurds vote no confidence because of the failure to provide Peshmerga forces with their due rights from the defense budget and military supplies. And 85 Sunnis because he attacked Jabouri with accusations........ 102 vote NO because he is a Shia brother no matter the evidence......Now onto the integrity and courts ? Which are basically controlled by Shia..... We shall see if they prosecute him...that will tell us where Iraq is on corruption......

tman23 says(10:03 AM):

To strengthen the trade ties between Turkey and Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), Yıldırım said that two other border crossings will be opened between them in the province of Jolamerg in Turkish Kurdistan near the KRG border, which brings the total number of the official border crossings between Turkey and Kurdistan Region to three.

Barzani visited Turkey at the official invitation of the Turkish President Recep Tayip Erdogan on August 23, and met with both Erdogan and Yıldırım.

tman23 says(10:04 AM):

SULAIMANI, Iraq’s Kurdistan region,— The Iraqi government has announced it will set up a customs gate on the southern border of the semi-autonomous Kurdistan Region to monitor the flow of goods from Kurdish-controlled territories to the rest of the country.

The new gate will be open in the township of Uzaim, south of Kirkuk, one in a series of border gates planned between Kurdistan and the rest of Iraq,

BobG says to clay(10:06 AM):

Hear anything that looks promising?

tman23 says(10:08 AM):

Baghdad says the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) has not recognized the country’s customs law that was passed in the Iraqi parliament last year. Iraqi officials have in the past complained about lack of coordination between the Iraqi ministry of trade and border gates controlled by Kurdish authorities in the north and northeast of the country.....“The customs gate in Uzaim is in response to Erbil’s apparent refusal to comply with the so-called “United Customs Law,” which means that authorities in Baghdad would be in control of all border crossing trade,” said Rudaw correspondent Shadia Rasoul.

larrykn says to tman23(10:10 AM):

ty for bring that in :)

clay says to BobG(10:11 AM):

wish I knew

clay says to tman23(10:12 AM):

thanks buddy as always

tman23 says(10:20 AM):

SULAIMANI, Kurdistan region ‘Iraq’,— The U.S. dollar’s exchange rate in Iraqi Kurdistan Region’s markets fluctuates each day, ebbing and flowing against the Iraqi dinar (IQD), and while the region’s crude oil exports and resulting revenue are in dollars, some Kurdish officials say that income in U.S. currency is not responsible for the change in the rate. Ali Hama Salih, deputy head of the Kurdistan Parliament’s finance and economics committee, told NRT on Saturday that oil revenue is under a monopoly by one private bank in the region that has kept U.S. dollars out of the market to keep a high dinar rate. “If not for the Iraqi Central Bank, the price of $100 U.S. dollars would increase to 200,000 IQD in the Kurdistan Region,” Salih said, adding that the Kurdistan Region currently sells $100 to the Kurdistan International Bank at 117,000 IQD.

tman23 says(10:21 AM):

Salih also maintains that the Kurdistan International Bank and at least two other financial institutions have received U.S. dollars from the Iraqi Central Bank, which they then exported outside of the Kurdistan Region.

Ali Halo, a member of the natural resources committee in Parliament, told NRT that the lack of a systematized banking system in the Kurdistan Region is to blame for the monopoly.

“The region’s revenue shouldn’t be only dealt with one private bank,” Halo said. “The Kurdistan Regional Government [KRG] should establish a new banking system.”

rcookie says(10:29 AM):

Sadr told the Liberal bloc: Do not serve you in the Parliament announced its corruption and without shame

Political Since 26/08/2016 18:01 pm (Baghdad time)

BAGHDAD - balances News

The leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, on Friday, the people not to remain silent about their representatives in parliament after their support "openly" to corruption, as he addressed the Liberal bloc by saying "do not serve you in the Parliament announced its corruption and without shame."

Continued ..

clay says to rcookie(10:30 AM):

thanks and GA :)

rcookie says to clay(10:31 AM):


rcookie says to clay(10:31 AM):


rcookie says to clay(10:31 AM):

A news conference the representative of the Office of the Prime Minister and the governor of Basra and the Director of the World Bank on financing a number of projects

World Bank to discuss funding projects in Basra and Nasraoui gives priority to the aspects of the service

Author: AT, SKM

Editor: AT

26/08/2016 17:29

Number of Views: 199

Long-Presse / Basra

The Governor of Basra, Majed Nasraoui, on Friday, to discuss financing a number of projects with the World Bank, and pointed to give priority to turnkey projects for implementation in electricity, health and education sectors, as he emphasized the Prime Minister's Office prepared the World Bank to provide financial assistance to Iraq and to the "mechanisms unconditional ".

Said Majed Nasraoui, during a joint news conference with the representative of the Prime Minister and Director of the World Bank, held in tow hall in Sheraton Basra, attended by (long-Presse), "A delegation from the Office of the Prime Minister and the Director of the World Bank came to Basra, today, to look at a number of projects to solve it in the light of the economic crisis, "explaining that" the delegation discussed with priority and ready for implementation, which hampered the financial funding for the support of the World Bank projects. "

He Nasraoui, that "the priority for its support of funding from the central bank projects are approved by the provincial council, which is water, electricity, infrastructure, health and education projects," noting that "the delegation will discuss these projects to support the financial funding, according to the elements of the central bank to implement them faster."

For his part, Deputy Director of the Prime Minister's Office, Nofal Abu Barns, during the conference, "The World Bank expressed its readiness to support the Iraqi government financial funding without conditions in order to support its reform program which was approved by the House of Representatives under the direction of the Iraqi economy in line with the changes taking place in oil prices "explaining that" Iraq is mainly based on oil and deal with the World Bank and donor institutions without conditions stipulated only that the government itself to deal transparently with the donor institutions and cooperating with Iraq. "

In turn, the representative of the World Bank, Farid Belhaj, that "the cooperation between the World Bank and Iraq is not new and we are going to pay their relationship in a positive way," adding "there will be a working group at the technical level to translate this relationship on the ground of financial, technical and artistic to Iraq to support" noting that "the bank's dealings with Iraq is not in any conditions."

Experiencing the province of Basra projects stalled since 2014 regarding the services and infrastructure due to the economic crisis and the lack of financial liquidity, despite her being investigated completion rates of more than 50% of its implementation.

larrykn says to rcookie(10:32 AM):

gm sir :)

larrykn says to rcookie(10:32 AM):

thank you for the news

rcookie says to larrykn(10:34 AM):


rcookie says to larrykn(10:34 AM):


rcookie says(10:34 AM):

Kubis welcomes passage of the amnesty law and prepared a step to promote the building of the state

Author: AR

Editor: AR

26/08/2016 09:56

Number of Views: 834

Long-Presse / Baghdad

The Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Iraq, Jan Kubis, on Friday welcomed the progress made in the legislative program of the Iraqi parliament for adoption of the amnesty law, and in several step toward strengthening the state-building, expected to take further steps to strengthen the rule of law in Iraq after a statutory declaration Baath ban and amnesty.

He said Kubis said in a statement received (range Press) copy of it, that he "welcomes the progress made by the House of Representatives in the implementation of legislative items on the agenda and most recently approving a general amnesty law," stressing that "this is a step further towards strengthening the building because the legislation that was passed It is a key factor in supporting efforts to achieve national reconciliation. "

Kubis said that "the general amnesty law was preceded by banning the Baath Party, which is the other important legislation is the law," and expressed "hope to take further steps to strengthen the rule of law in Iraq."

Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Iraq and pointed out that "these laws Mzkhuran explicitly in the national political agreement in 2014 and the program of the Government of Iraq, and we expect that Taatbahma other legislation particularly the Justice and Accountability Law, as advertised in the political agreement and the program of the government."

The Iraqi Council of Representatives voted, on Thursday (25 August 2016), during its 14th legislative term of the first legislative year, the third year, the majority amnesty law.

rcookie says(10:36 AM):

Zaidi reveals a tendency to withdraw confidence from Zebari and put Abadi list of respondents

Political Since 26/08/2016 12:00 (Baghdad time)

Special scales News

MP for the coalition of state law, full-Zaidi, on Friday, all the parliamentary blocs headed toward a vote of no conviction with answers Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari, and then pull him confidence hearings next week.

He said Zaidi's / balances News /, that "it endlessly at the sacking of Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi, but that most of the deputies and blocs in the parliament is satisfied with answers Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari, and there is a tendency to vote on the withdrawal of confidence from him during the hearings next week."

He added, "The next stage will be a bus interrogations and Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi may be in the list of respondents could also be heading for the withdrawal of confidence in him after Zebari," he said. "It will also include Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri."

It is said that the House of Representatives voted yesterday to withdraw confidence from the Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi.

The House of Representatives may interrogate the finance minister, Hoshyar Zebari, in its meeting yesterday Alkhamis.anthy 29 / D 24

clay says to rcookie(10:38 AM):

so much news for a Friday

rcookie says(10:40 AM):

Front reform: "The dollar" is present in the parliament and we will remove corruption and quotas symbols

Political Since 26/08/2016 13:11 pm (Baghdad time)

Special scales News

MP for the Reform Front, Mohammed Chihod, on Friday, that the national will was stronger than the "dollar" and the pressures of embassies issue of withdrawal of confidence from Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi, indicating that the front bygone program to uproot corruption from the heads of government.

He Chihod L / balance News /, that "the withdrawal of confidence from al-Obeidi was the first stage in the process of accounting and the sacking of spoilers and front Reform bygone program in the interrogation and the uprooting of corruption capital", noting that "the stage was very difficult and that the next stage in the accounting and interrogation will be much easier. "

"The role of foreign embassies pressure and the" dollar "was evident in an attempt not to proceed to withdraw confidence from al-Obeidi, but the national will was stronger."

He revealed "not convinced Parliament with answers Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari during questioning in Parliament yesterday and will go on his dismissal as well," he said, adding that "we are continuing the process of interrogation and to hold accountable the corrupt and uprooted from the government."

He called Chihod House of Representatives to "sober level of responsibility in voting against the corrupt," stressing that "the removal of quotas symbols of the process will not stop."

It is said that the parliament voted to withdraw confidence from the Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi and questioned Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari session yesterday.

It is worth mentioning that some of the deputies that parliament speaker Salim al-refereed occur dubious political deals for the dismissal of Defense Minister Khaled Alobeida.anthy 29 / D 24

rcookie says(10:41 AM):


rcookie says(10:44 AM):

Maliki surprised to pass a general amnesty and calls to challenge the law

Political Since 26/08/2016 18:37 pm (Baghdad time)

BAGHDAD - balances News

Surprised president of a coalition of state law, Nuri Kamal al-Maliki, on Friday, to pass a general amnesty law in Parliament, while calling to challenge the law.

Maliki said in a statement, received / balances News /, a copy of which, in response to the exhibition to reporters' questions directed to him via the communication with the media site-specific electronic media office window, about his attitude toward the general amnesty law, which the House of Representatives vote for it on Thursday, and included one of the paragraphs in the article on retrials, "traces surprised to pass a general amnesty law different from those approved by the political consensus formula, in particular article concerning retrials, or re-investigation and so grave danger, and the possibility of use in an inappropriate way."

Al-Maliki added, "The mysterious circumstances surrounding the final hours leading up to the vote on the law, the existence of qi or problematic transactions was a reason to pass a general amnesty."

He continued, "in terms of our commitment to do right and the establishment of justice, we call People's Congress to challenge the law, which will allow thousands of impunity for terrorists and criminals from punishment, and the loss of families of the martyrs and victims' rights."

And the voice of the House of Representatives, yesterday, to pass a general amnesty law after a long series of discussions and delays between the blocks Alssayash.anthy 29/9 P

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