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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log for Saturday 8/27/16 - Part 3

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log

Part 3 - Featuring rcookie & BGG

rcookie says to slh5282(9:12 AM):

GM SLH!!....YVW..

slh5282 says(9:12 AM):

yab ba dab a doooo

subgirl says to rcookie(9:12 AM):

21 international investigators are there in Baghdad questioning... hmm... alot of people...

subgirl says to slh5282(9:12 AM):


clay says to ol lar(9:13 AM):

I agree GM

clay says to rcookie(9:13 AM):

hey subby :) :-*

Holly1 says(9:13 AM):

Iraqis Economists

3 hrs ·

subgirl says to clay(9:13 AM):

:-* GM :)

clay says to rcookie(9:13 AM):

its all looking good

larrykn says to clay(9:13 AM):

gm buddy :)

Holly1 says(9:13 AM):


subgirl says to Holly1(9:13 AM):

GM :-*

clay says to Holly1(9:13 AM):

:-* GM :)

larrykn says to Holly1(9:14 AM):

gm :)

Holly1 says(9:14 AM):

For the first time in decades ..

intervention and non - oil imports for the Iraqi budget of 10% of the value of the budget.

If there were activating administrative reform and follow - up Hakaiqih routine to:

- the IRS

rcookie says to Holly1(9:14 AM):

GM HOLLY!!......(F)

Holly1 says to rcookie(9:14 AM):


Holly1 says to rcookie(9:14 AM):

let me bring this in

subgirl says to Holly1(9:14 AM):

:) ok

Holly1 says to rcookie(9:15 AM):

the services of electricity, water, sewage and municipal fees

- Department of Customs.

-alsaahh Religious and archaeological

entry requirement of this money to the Treasury real taxes on hotels, shops and courtyards, garages and parking lots, Phys foreigners and graphic

services for the Iraqis to the Treasury and the collection of licenses to practice the profession ..

(9:15 AM)honeybee12 was kicked out by honeybee12!

Holly1 says to rcookie(9:16 AM):

non - Iraqi budget oil will reach 23% next year in 2017 and even that the price of a barrel of oil $ 32 will be in control of the situation the state .. steadfast

give the strategic reserve stocks do not pull it

Holly1 says to rcookie(9:16 AM):

Hisham Tajuddin

An example of this and all the staff of every citizen and especially the merchants and contractors and those with higher income they open an account of Iraqi banks and the definition of this account and to Aattaiha tax, electricity, municipal, water and sewer departments and each department give services in exchange for money for the citizens ,,,, ,,,,,,,When you are an employee or contractor, and so on and you are required to circle the tax and electricity, or other circuits and that may be introduced into your data within the electronic program, and the program automatically calculates the amounts due to you (there should not be an employee even bribes process does not start and extortion) When the descent of your salary to your account, or you take the contractor and the contractor's predecessor, which took it from the circle, you will automatically be deducted all Bzmtk of debt for those departments account and come up with a list a month telling you calculated the amounts from your account

Holly1 says to rcookie(9:17 AM):

Ali Đeşpěřdø

For example , Sweet bank account Iraqis and Ahtajit amount hessian and unwind pull Ichaelk wedge what Edna flus like what Suh Dar es Salaam

Holly1 says to rcookie(9:18 AM):

Hisham Tajuddin

The neutrophil in tax collection does not come only after the application of e - government and change the banking system to the electronic control of the government and the electronic system in a way the money Aldakhlho emerging in the accounts of citizens and especially contractors and traders and owners of companies and who are the biggestFleeing from taxes through bribes and collection of real people for real service ,, when applied Brahe will increase non-oil budget to more than 25% of the Iraqi budget

Holly1 says to rcookie(9:19 AM):

Ahmed al-Husseini

It seems that the author of this article of the plan to obtain money and support the budget, that way of thinking not differ greatly from the government 's failures in the management of the country and has led him to this level of failure and to this quagmire bilge , which put Iraq in, Yamen claim to understand and you put the lineI and you call yourselves economists as it appears from your page name, these plans are to be successful in a country living economic climate properly and in a country where justice prevails in all its aspects, in the State guarantees citizens the right time can make him pay what should its obligations, it was the first you commit the government to provide jobs for millions of graduates and the unemployed, and compel the government to restart the tens of thousands of factories and companies that were stopped for manslaughter and monitored by the government and their parties to meet the interests of Iran and other countries, and it seems, and God knows that this page is working in favor of the General Authority for taxes

rcookie says to Holly1(9:19 AM):


Holly1 says to rcookie(9:20 AM):


subgirl says to rcookie(9:20 AM):

love that WOW!

rcookie says to Holly1(9:20 AM):


Holly1 says to rcookie(9:21 AM):

Ahmed Alyasry

If revenue could reach billions of dollars, as long as there is no point in having a corrupt pyramid of power

subgirl says to rcookie(9:21 AM):

September was the start of the electonic dinar is that correct?

jimplants says(9:21 AM):

and all for 2 tenths of a cent....not!

Holly1 says to rcookie(9:21 AM):

Dr akeel Eltai

Peace be upon you will be contented himself with a quick signals when imposing taxes in Iraq, applied in this way be limited to a layer of income such as sale of property and income tax and other and therefore, the tax base is low compared with the heads of the big money available , however large investors who YasinTglun roads illegal tax evasion which reached high levels in Iraq and the question .. how can we increase the tax base under the current

Holly1 says to rcookie(9:22 AM):


rcookie says to Holly1(9:22 AM):


Holly1 says to rcookie(9:22 AM):

circumstances do we make it more or reduce it ? In fact, the tax imposed in such circumstances, Iraq is based on a single sector and requires the diversification of sources of income , it is advisable to reduce the tax on investment activities inside Iraq and here we will get economic returns including: 1. The tax reduction will be easily paid by all process and therefore Aivhb assigned to conduct illicit means and here I got a large pot increases the entry of fleeing paid 2. lowering the tax will help reduce the cost for the investor

rcookie says to subgirl(9:22 AM):


Holly1 says to rcookie(9:23 AM):


subgirl says to rcookie(9:23 AM):

WOW! is that cool or what? lol I love it!!!

jimplants says(9:23 AM):

holly i may not be able to type well and from the south but i aint stupid

Holly1 says to rcookie(9:23 AM):

and encourage investment in other areas and thus Saht in the provision of other sections to increase the tax base as well as a missed opportunity on the corrupt who exploit the old laws to apply to the investor, and the new investment opportunities through the tax will increase the strength of competition for locally produced goods reduced ,,, in conclusion, the taxation varies depending on the economic, social and political conditions ,, a good example of that Reagan 's policy in the US to correct its economy

Holly1 says to rcookie(9:24 AM):

OH JIM .... :D

Holly1 says to rcookie(9:24 AM):

a good example of that Reagan 's policy in the US to correct its economy

Holly1 says to rcookie(9:24 AM):

a good example of that Reagan 's policy in the US to correct its economy

rcookie says to subgirl(9:25 AM):


rcookie says to subgirl(9:25 AM):


subgirl says to rcookie(9:25 AM):


Holly1 says to rcookie(9:25 AM):

Muhammad Altoby

My brother publisher with respect to the upright : Iraq is a rich country , but unfortunately does not rule us is qualified or impartially whenever we need is a financial incompetent administration and Iraq have a thousand good all what I said is true but where industry where agriculture where tourism non - religious , and we have strong examples , for example , why the manufacturing AlaskRey

subgirl says to rcookie(9:25 AM):

have to go now! :) BBIAB

larrykn says to subgirl(9:26 AM):

cya later :)

cobalt says(9:26 AM):

For a Saturday Morning , you the DU staff volunteers are rocking the house(lol)(Tp)

subgirl says to larrykn(9:26 AM):


Holly1 says to rcookie(9:26 AM):

does not invest Why canneries in Karbala locked why cement and brick factories as well as sugar and textile factories, as well as glass and phosphate factories and others as well as farms and poultry and lakes, as well as tourist resorts such as Habbaniyah and other all this if invested properly and scientifically we are not in need of oil already well reported

Holly1 says to subgirl(9:27 AM):


subgirl says to Holly1(9:27 AM):

ok bye

cobalt says to Holly1(9:27 AM):

Wow Holly what a strong statement(Tp)(y)

Holly1 says to rcookie(9:28 AM):

enhance the power of the dinar and the fight against inflation

BGG says to cobalt(9:28 AM):

They are - are they not??

cobalt says to BGG(9:29 AM):

Yes they are forsure!

larrykn says to BGG(9:29 AM):

gm. Iraq is on a roll this morning :)

Holly1 says to rcookie(9:29 AM):

to enhance the power of the dinar and the fight against inflation

jimplants says(9:29 AM):


Holly1 says to rcookie(9:30 AM):

Ibraham Ahmed

God of Anal Abhattkm means taking wages of electricity garbage unstable and water Ock is fit for consumption and the adoption of the people Al Water Arrow and streams me already non - existent services and streets already is paved with mud even MySpace Maku and take her with a citizen of the simple and mettle to گwaoad to Zbail what they pay fils aThe was alderman Player 8 Sbalt

cobalt says to jimplants(9:30 AM):


rcookie says to Holly1(9:30 AM):


Holly1 says to rcookie(9:31 AM):

Jtal suspended and a national citizen if operating Spltin too hot this Kyi to the list of 100,000 a month .., uncle Maku fils tax returns a real service to the citizen , I pay money means Low of grand theft in the hands of even Aboگna .., they would Behm good vinegary Arahon Al dealers and Almquaoliyn and Saag and owners of exchange firms me a monthly income exceeds millions of dollars and impose on them a progressive income tax states such as Bihar for the good of the state Bs Mo Vaiti

Holly1 says to rcookie(9:32 AM):

Taqi Abdolkazem

Henw inhibitor is achieved all this Briak

Holly1 says to rcookie(9:32 AM):

Anmar A Hussien

Any imports of non-oil defraud citizen and Talfon parliamentarian and minister

Holly1 says to rcookie(9:33 AM):


rcookie says to Holly1(9:33 AM):


Holly1 says to rcookie(9:34 AM):


larrykn says to Holly1(9:34 AM):

thank you for the news :)

rcookie says to Holly1(9:34 AM):


jimplants says(9:34 AM):

thank you ma'am

Holly1 says to rcookie(9:34 AM):


Holly1 says to jimplants(9:35 AM):

YOU ARE WELCOME (handshake)

Holly1 says to larrykn(9:35 AM):

GM (F)

magnetlady says(9:36 AM):

morning everyone.

larrykn says to magnetlady(9:36 AM):

gm :)

cobalt says to Holly1(9:37 AM):

Wish i COULD USE PAYPAL.............I WOULDBUY each of you a cup of your favorite........thank you for such invigorating news(y)

clay says to larrykn(9:37 AM):

hey buddy

magnetlady says(9:37 AM):

morning clay

clay says to magnetlady(9:37 AM):

GM Mags :)

larrykn says to magnetlady(9:37 AM):

gm buddy :)

larrykn says(9:37 AM):

oops that was for you clay lol

cobalt says to clay(9:37 AM):

Hi Clay

magnetlady says(9:38 AM):

I talked with Martha Sue and she said she would contact you. Perhaps you can give her a few suggested exercises for that bakers cyst behind the knee.

cobalt says to larrykn(9:38 AM):

Good Morning Larry

magnetlady says(9:38 AM):

She was excited to hear you say it was easy to help

larrykn says to cobalt(9:38 AM):

gm :)

magnetlady says(9:39 AM):

Think when she moved something either for her daughter or whatever, that it fell on her knee or something.

cobalt says(9:41 AM):

https://youtu.be/A7ChoM2Rh60 Have a great day

clay says to cobalt(9:42 AM):

hey buddy

clay says to magnetlady(9:42 AM):

no problem

(9:42 AM)cobalt was kicked out by cobalt!

magnetlady says(9:47 AM):

JR long time no see

rcookie says(9:48 AM):

Parliament calls for the nomination of the economy and trade minister, is capable of ensuring food security for Iraqis

Written by : admin in: August 27, 2016 In: Iraq News , major news No Comments print E-mail

Nur News / Baghdad

Has called for economic and investment commission in Parliament to nominate the Minister of Trade Specialist and is capable of the Ministry of administration is the most important in the country after the security ministries, as well as ensuring food security for the Iraqis.

Committee Chairman Ahmed Kanani said in a statement, "Nur News" received a copy of it, today, said that "the ministries of defense and interior their mission to protect habitat and provide security for his general sense, the Commerce Department Its task is to ensure food security for the citizen by working on the continuation of the arrival of the ration card items for families Iraqi and keep balance and prices in the market and determine the ratios of exports and imports to ensure finding a space for local goods in the market. "

He pointed out that "these tasks and others had previously failed in their management and trade ministers of the politicians who took turns on the ministry over the past years who produce them quotas."

He stressed Kanani, said that "the time has come to take over this ministry Personal run by a scientific mentality they understand the meaning of supply and demand and the need of the market and informed purchasing power for the Iraqi people," stressing "the necessity to accept the parliamentary blocs economic expert and trade minister and put the interests of citizens sights and do not think this Pthass vital ministry. "

cobalt says to magnetlady(9:49 AM):

Yes Mags ......great to see your still a team leader

clay says to cobalt(9:49 AM):

hey there bud

cobalt says to magnetlady(9:49 AM):

God Bless you.......I am out the door(L)

cobalt says to clay(9:50 AM):

Hi Guy Hope all is well with you and yours!!!!

cobalt says to clay(9:51 AM):

Aee you later............SOON(lol)

cobalt says to clay(9:51 AM):


magnetlady says(9:51 AM):

Awe sweet JR

magnetlady says(9:51 AM):


clay says to cobalt(9:54 AM):

thanks doing well

clay says to cobalt(9:54 AM):

hope you are well

cobalt says(9:55 AM):

Before I go would like to compliment this site on the improvements in congeniality.........no tensions between members.......Be Blessed all!!!!!!

rcookie says(9:55 AM):

Rafidain Bank

Rafidain Bank directed its branches to "accelerate" in the completion of transactions of the citizens within three days

Author: HH, TG

Editor: HH, NS

08/27/2016 12:12

Number of Views: 568

Long-Presse / Baghdad

Face Rafidain Bank on Saturday, all of its branches to expedite the completion of transactions of the citizens during the three-day requirement of the absence of a "legal opposed" to such transactions, and as pointed out that this procedure was to reduce red tape and overcome the obstacles in front of customers.

Rafidain Bank said in a statement received (long-Presse), copy of it, "director of the bank Khawla student Jabbar directed departments branches to expedite the completion of transactions all within a period not exceeding three days if there is no legal exhibitors," noting that "this decision comes in window shortcut routine and overcome the obstacles in front of customers. "

He said the bank, that "all branches, according to directives announced the reception and acceptance entitled to departments and state institutions all instruments apart from the bank that issued him the instrument, whether from the state bank or from my family bank," pointing out that "some of the branches of the bank had refused issued instruments the private banks. "

The Rafidain Bank, a State-owned banks in Iraq, was founded in the forties of the last century, and has more than 146 branches in Iraq and more than eight branches in Arab countries.

cobalt says to clay(9:56 AM):

Yes Clay doing well.....Thank you(handshake)

clay says to cobalt(9:56 AM):

(y) ditto

jimplants says(9:57 AM):

ELECTRONIC BANKING!!!Slow but still a start

(10:02 AM)honeybee12 was kicked out by honeybee12!

rcookie says(10:04 AM):

First Published: 2016-08-27

Iraq is ready to freeze oil production in order to raise prices

Iraq's oil minister calls for a balance between supply and demand in the global market and confirms its support for the policy of OPEC to stabilize prices.

Middle East Online

Iraq Looking for the restoration of its role in the oil market

BAGHDAD - Iraq's oil minister Ali Jabbar Allaibi Saturday that Iraq was ready to play an active role within OPEC to support oil prices without explaining that Baghdad was ready to support a possible deal to freeze production in order to raise prices.

Assem Jihad, spokesman for the ministry quoted the minister as saying the oil city of Basra, "Iraq confirms its support for the policy of OPEC and strengthened and that Iraq is playing an active role in supporting the operations of oil prices."

"The Allaibi called for a balance between supply and demand in the global market."

It is scheduled to hold an informal meeting of member states of OPEC in Algeria next month on the sidelines of the International Energy Forum and expected that the participation of Russia.

He said Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi Tuesday that Baghdad did not reach the full share of the oil market, which may indicate that they would prefer not to curb its production of crude.

He explained that Iraq has put the general budget for the year 2017 based on the price of $ 35 per barrel of oil, around the level of the current year, down from an initial forecast was around $ 45 a barrel.

Iraq is the second largest oil producer in OPEC after Saudi Arabia and the public depends spent 95 percent of oil revenues. Iraq and it seems determined to continue to promote the production, which has at present about 4.6 million barrels per day.

Iraq and reap 95 percent of the general budget revenues from oil sales and linking services agreements with companies including CNPC, BP, Shell, Eni and Exxon Mobil, Lukoil and get those companies paid for the additional quantities of oil being produced from the fields.

Sources in OPEC and the oil sector last week that Iran's third-largest oil producer in OPEC sends positive messages stating that it may support joint action to support the oil market.

Tehran has refused to join the attempt in April / April to halt production at January levels, which led to the collapse of these talks because Saudi Arabia has said it wishes to all oil producers involved in the initiative.

rcookie says(10:04 AM):


magnetlady says(10:06 AM):

Don't believe which part of it rcookie? or all of it.

cobalt says to rcookie(10:09 AM):


rcookie says(10:09 AM):


magnetlady says(10:14 AM):

OK, several things jumped out at me, just wasn't sure.

magnetlady says(10:18 AM):


rcookie says to magnetlady(10:20 AM):


rcookie says(10:20 AM):

Baghdad plans to export oil through Iran if "not" agree with the Kurdistan Region By Roudao 17 minutes ago

أبار نفطية

Oil wells

Roudao- Erbil

The Iraqi Oil Ministry, said Saturday that " the resumption of oil exports to the Turkish port of Ceyhan via the goodwill gesture of the Kurdistan Region, to encourage the Government of the Territory to start negotiations on the sharing of oil revenue, while confirming that the failure of the negotiations has been paid by the search for an alternative such as Iran, or other plug the fiscal deficit facing the country.

The agent said the Oil Ministry, Fayyad grace in a press statement, said that "the resumption of the North Oil Company pumping through the pipeline passing through the territory of the Kurdistan region to Turkey's goodwill gesture to invite the Government of the Territory to start negotiations."

He guessed that "conducting oil marketing company SOMO, (SOMO) talks with the Kurdistan Region over the next week on the export of oil through the connecting pipe to Turkish port of Ceyhan."

He said grace, that "the Iraqi government may be considering the sale of its crude oil through Iranian territory, or other in the event of stalled negotiations with the Kurdistan Regional Government on the sharing of oil revenue formula," attributing it to "Iraq's need for money to address the crisis."

rcookie says(10:28 AM):

Sports hall in eastern Baghdad project, which is created by a Turkish company

Iraq seeks to revive trade relations with Turkey and vows to solve the problem of its dues

Author: AHF, HAA

Editor: AHF 8/26/2016 17:52 Number of Views: 1481

Long-Presse / Baghdad

Detection and Iraqi Planning Minister Salman Jumaili, on Friday, the start of the Council of Ministers to work to find a solution to the problem of entitlements Turkish contracting with Iraqi companies, with its students to complete 85% of the projects entrusted to it to receive wages as a whole, he stressed that Iraq seeks to revive and strengthen commercial and cultural relations with Turkey after being dropped.

Jumaily said, quoted by Anatolian statements seen by the (long-Presse), during his visit to the activities of the Izmir International Fair, the eighty-fifth held to its in Turkey's Izmir province, he said that "the Iraqi Council of Ministers began work on finding a solution to the problem of wages Turkish contracting with Iraqi companies."

He Jumaili "We have decided to hand over the minimum wage for Turkish companies, amounting to 50% of the receivables that could not be received by the companies due to developments in the country and will claim all the wages companies can upon completing 85% of the projects entrusted to them," noting that "this matter will help companies Turkey to continue their work in Iraq. "

Jumaili and pointed out that "our business relationship with Turkey declined for reasons of many negative developments since 2013, when the military Anfaqatna risen since that time with our response to regulate (Daesh) at a time when oil prices have seen a sharp decline, all of these developments have contributed to the damage to our economy as well as our business relationship with Turkey, but we are seeking to revive our cooperation again. "

The works of many Turkish companies in the country, various projects with the survival of the financial dues owed to some of the Iraqi government, which halted its funding because of the financial crisis, causing the discontinuation of some of these projects until the completion of the financial allocations.

rcookie says(10:30 AM):

refineries for Investment and Announces produce about five million barrels per day

Author: AR, HH, SKM

Editor: AR, HH 08/27/2016 14:10 Number of Views: 581

Long-Presse / Basra

The Iraqi Oil Ministry on Saturday, for the production of about five million barrels of oil a day from all fields, including the Kurdistan region, and confirmed its intention to launch a number of oil refineries to the investment by the private sector, while suggesting plans to develop the refineries, drawn to it working to address some of the impurities in the licensing rounds for decades.

The oil minister said Jabar Luaibi during a press conference in the Iraqi Drilling Company in Albrjsuh area, south west of Basra, and attended (range Press), "The ministry intends to apply ambitious plans, and Mahorna fundamental is to increase the crude oil production in order to reach rates fit with the needs of Iraq oil production through licensing rounds, and through national effort and try to assign that effort again and bring him back to the top of the process of crude oil production, "noting that" Iraq at present produces about four million and 700,000 barrels per day with the Kurdistan region and exported from the southern ports around three million and 150,000 barrels. "

Allaibi He added, "The ministry plans include increasing production within a balanced policy in the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries and the global market in order not affected oil prices negatively," adding that "the licensing rounds include lapses and loopholes in the contract Netjh urgent conditions weighed on the Iraqi side."

He said the oil minister, that "the ministry is in discussions with global Charcot oil to ensure the rights of Iraq without affecting the contracts away from the controversies to close the loopholes and gaps in those contracts," revealing that "The ministry was heading towards the launch of refineries for investment and private sector involvement in the construction of refineries and management."

He pointed Allaibi, that "there are 13 refinery in Iraq need to be developed to increase and improve its production of oil derivatives," explaining that "the ministry is seeking to implement an ambitious plan to increase the production of the Basra refinery to 300,000 barrels per day."

Allaibi said, "The ministry is also seeking to increase the production of the refinery to 200,000 barrels per day, as well as increased production refinery in Karbala and Kirkuk, to cover the deficit of local need."

_firefly_ says(10:31 AM):

SRSG Kubiš Welcomes Progress in Parliament’s Legislative Agenda, with Adoption of Amnesty Law in Line with National Political Agreement and Government Program

_firefly_ says(10:31 AM):

Baghdad, 25 August 2016 - The Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary-General, Mr. Jan Kubiš, welcomes the progress made in implementing the legislative agenda of the Council of Representatives, the last of which was the parliament’s adoption of the Amnesty Law.

_firefly_ says(10:32 AM):

the last of which was the parliament’s adoption of the Amnesty Law.

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