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Sunday, August 21, 2016

BLC News and Comments w/ BondLady, tlm724 for 8-21-16

Bond Lady's Corner 8-21-16

News & Comments with BondLady & tlm724

The execution of 36 convicted Spyker massacre in Nassiriya prison

History of edits:: 21.8.2016 11:19 {Baghdad} Euphrates News said an official source at the central prison in Nasiriyah, said on Sunday that the Ministry of Justice carried out this morning the death sentence for 36 convicted in the massacre of Spyker.

The source noted that the implementation of the verdicts, was attended by the Minister of Justice Haider Zamili, and representatives of the local government in the province , as well as with Aldhaaan noting that " the number of convicts put to death was 36 convicted."

He stressed that "the death sentences gained a degree of deterministic and were approved by the presidency of the Republic. "

​the presidency announced on 14 August of this, for the President Fuad Masum authentication on all death sentences imposed on those convicted of a crime Spyker.

claimed the presidency on the ninth of August, the provisions of the special crime camp {Spyker deterministic execution files }, noting that the death sentences for this crime had been approved by the Federal Court of Cassation after issuance of the criminal courts competent. According to a presidential statement.

The Central Criminal Court in Baghdad, issued in February provision requires the execution {40} convicted after testing their involvement in the crime of Spyker.

The headbands, Daesh terrorist proceeded in June 2014, to commit the most horrible massacre in modern history , killing more {1700} of an Iraqi soldier in the Spyker base in Salahuddin province.

discovered after clearing {Tikrit , Salah al - Din province} set of mass graves , which included the remains of slain soldiers in the middle of the presidential palaces Tkirc.anthy 


tlm724 dayum "the death sentences gained a degree of deterministic and were approved by the presidency of the Republic. "

tlm724 deterministic, yeah I'd say so ...


Kurdistan: committed to the agreements concluded with Baghdad in Mosul liberalization process

History of edits:: 08/20/2016 19:44

​{Baghdad} Euphrates News confirmed the presidency of Iraq's Kurdistan region, its commitment to the agreements concluded with the central government in Baghdad and the international coalition on the role of the Peshmerga forces in Mosul editing process.

A statement by the presidency of the province received by the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of it was "because of the publication of the different statements on the role of the Peshmerga forces in the liberation of Mosul process, we would like to make it clear to everyone that the war against the " Daesh "is one of the main priorities for the Kurdistan region."


The statement added that "freeing the city of Mosul is of great importance for the region, Iraq and the world and the post - liberalization Mosul have a special for the region and the components and the people of Nineveh province , in order not to repeat the tragedies suffered by her, and to ensure their future importance."

She stressed presidency of the region on the "need to reach a political agreement between all parties on how the city of Mosul , " the management after Tharirha.anthy


tlm724 confirmed the presidency of Iraq's Kurdistan region, its commitment to the agreements concluded with the central government in Baghdad and the international coalition on the role of the Peshmerga forces in Mosul editing process.

If they can do this then they should be able to do the oil agreement too Wink


Eliminate cost the deputy chief prosecutor device follow-up issues of integrity and money laundering

Local Since 21/08/2016 13:50 (Baghdad time) Baghdad balances News Issued the head of the Supreme Judicial Council, Judge Medhat al-Mahmoud, Sunday, will be commissioned by the deputy chief prosecutor with the task of monitoring device integrity issues and money laundering during the investigation and trial stages.

The spokesman for the federal judiciary Judge Abdul Sattar Bayraktar, said in a statement / balance News / received a copy of it, "Judge Mahmoud issued an injunction commissioned deputy chief prosecutor device (especially degree), and full

said, that "the follow

He continued, that "will raise the weekly reports to the Presidency of the Supreme Judicial Council and the obstacles to efforts to address them," pointing out that "a couple of judicial assistants will be together with the Vice Chairman of the prosecution."

The judge explained that "the decision was based on the requirements of the public interest and for the purpose of giving integrity issues and money laundering utmost importance in the achievement and coordination with the relevant authorities to get to the resolution of those issues," .anthy 29 / A 43 LINK

tlm724 "the decision was based on the requirements of the public interest and for the purpose of giving integrity issues and money laundering utmost importance in the achievement and coordination with the relevant authorities to get to the resolution of those issues,"

tlm724 go get em Suspect


Motionless supporter of the elements of reform

Author: Yasser incumbent 8/21/2016 0:00 The government is seeking to make a real economic reforms and targeted initially structural environment of the institutions in the right direction, and perhaps of the elements of the reform work on the issuance of legislations and laws binding.

It also requires action to cancel the decisions and legislation that are inconsistent with the spirit of the new laws to block some departments lagging and corrupt and stumping them and stick by including hamper reforms desired.

do not even have gone the furthest by changing administrations in order to correct the proper managerial performance path to choose the government of a young administrations new specialized find where the ability to adapt to the reform requirements as the first step on the road to improve performance and correct the structural environment of the institutions.

on the other hand, the movement which witnessed by the new parliamentary committees, including the Finance Committee through her ​​meetings and new departments responsible for providing sources of income outside of oil revenue but also indicates its commitment to support the economic reform programs of the aforementioned.

​This new harmony , albeit indirectly between the government directives and initiatives of the financial and economic parliamentary committees will pour inevitably accelerate economic reform, how?

The government 's efforts have focused on the most important aspect in terms departments specialized chose to banks and other economic activities, taxation, customs, communications and other supporting financial institutions the resources of the budget and this is what will contribute to resolving the stalemate in economic activity.

Perhaps the parliamentary Finance Committee initiative Belkaadtha these stood on the main obstacles and challenges , including easier by legislation and approval of supporting the laws of economic activities and to achieve the goal.

here lies the importance of harmony between the government directions and initiatives of parliament in the correct course of action institutions in order so we chose the movement in support of the elements of economic reform under the integrated program of reform legislation that document to the ground the column heading. 


tlm724 The government 's efforts have focused on the most important aspect in terms departments specialized chose to banks and other economic activities, taxation, customs, communications and other supporting financial institutions the resources of the budget and this is what will contribute to resolving the stalemate in economic activity.

Perhaps the parliamentary Finance Committee initiative Belkaadtha these stood on the main obstacles and challenges , including easier by legislation and approval of supporting the laws of economic activities and to achieve the goal

so we chose the movement in support of the elements of economic reform under the integrated program of reform legislation

now their getting the idea, the reform is nothing WITHOUT the laws to support the changes !


Planning develop an integrated program to fund projects on credit payment

8/21/2016 0:00 BAGHDAD Farah pumice In a move designed to provide good services to citizens, exhorted cares affairs Economic Saad Al Zaidan on the importance of attracting competent to provide services and the reconstruction of the damaged ones by payment on credit investments, and progress of the great economic feasibility of the country and address the most developmental problems.

At the same time prepared the Ministry of Planning program integrated projects payment on credit, and developed a detailed plan of projects to be financed by this paragraph which relates to projects of electricity, transport, water resources, health, education, roads and bridges, as well as the distribution of the share of each sector according to its importance and the need for each project and the percentage of the population to be served by the project,

according to confirmed by the Undersecretary of the Ministry of planning, he said , adding that the coming period will witness the announcement of the start of receiving applications after they have been identified repayment period and the grace period and interest rates. ​

Zeidan returned to say: that the payment projects on credit will ensure the provision of services in Iraqi society without burdening the state at the time of the crisis, especially after the drop in oil prices global and direct impact on the implementation of investment projects in the country, pointing out that they move the economy in the country and achieve sustainable development.

He said in a statement to «morning» said the financial crisis faced by the country prompting the government to go about activating Alastosmarmen by attracting foreign companies discreet along Iraqi investor to accomplish the structural and investment projects for all sectors manner of payment term for the benefit of the two sides, and at the same time contribute to encourage the private sector to promote national product, and admitted in these projects.

the Devt for economic and investment commission in Parliament last week, Undersecretary of the Ministry of planning to discuss the mechanisms of distribution of allocations Payment on credit projects and the reasons for the delay in the application of the item on these projects within the general budget for the year 2016 law that allowed the government to comprehensively different projects but not more than five billion dollars.

tlm724 that the payment projects on credit will ensure the provision of services in Iraqi society without burdening the state


Alloush's {Sabah »: we seek to secure financial alternatives for the sustainability of the services

8/21/2016 0:00 BAGHDAD - Haider virgins confirmed Amina Baghdad Dr. anniversary Alloush that her district is moving to find a successful fiscal alternatives to ensure continuity of service delivery through the adoption of duties, taxes and investment, the Association of delivering them to the citizen al - Baghdadi , the availability of financial allocations, revealed in an interview with «morning» for the emergence Organization (Makiya) that It includes specialists in various fields to participate with the Secretariat in the formulation of executive policy to them.

the following is the text: lack of financial allocations How do you face lack of financial allocations?

Are there successful alternatives to provide services? * Baghdad suffered a lot of neglect and destruction of them, because of wars and sanctions , economic prospects, poor planning, and obsolescence of the life span of infrastructure services which, as well as increased volume growth and population expansion,

which produced an increase the number of residential shops irregular, taking advantage of state land agricultural in haphazard construction (abuses) , which increased the pressure on networks and transmission lines main net water and sanitation size.

poor previous administrations planning and increased the difficulty of the work of the Secretariat as well, poor planning , rehabilitation and maintenance of infrastructure and surface services, in addition to the weakness of the financial allocations in the past two years,

prompting honest to a new policy to maximize its financial resources by adopting sales of land and property taxation and the collection of the profession and the Advertising and cleaning fee, as well as a review of the pricing and costs mechanism to rent properties Secretariat through the competent committees.

Also contributed to the lack of allocations, making the task of the Municipality of Baghdad difficult but not impossible to secure municipal services, and a simple comparison, General allocations amounted to 2014, more than 400 billion dinars, compared to achieve revenues of 40 billion dinars,

while the budget year 2015 more than 140 billion dinars , compared with revenues of 90 billion dinars , as imports resulting from the new policy, while the Secretariat had not received any allocations through 2016, and relied on the provision of services self - effort in line with the reality of austerity and retrenchment experienced by the country.

next winter season when it will end the problem of the scarcity of pure water? What have you prepared for the coming winter season? *

The provision of municipal services during the current term, depends on securing financial allocations in spite of the maneuvers in the exchange and retrenchment financial allocations, either in terms of the scarcity of drinking water, it has been folded its front page after the inauguration of the Rusafa water giant project recently 910 card thousands of cubic meters per day, which provides 400 liters per day per citizen Baghdadi, as well as renewing water networks major airline with most shops of the capital.

The fact that GAM prepared early for the coming winter season through the maintenance and creation of drainage stations and payment to secure the smooth arrival of sewage to Rustumiya station without any Tefouhat or a gathering of water. new plans Does the Baghdad Municipality new plans for the development of their work? *

Yes , there are new plans will resort by the Secretariat to promote the reality service, is to go towards investment to implement projects in coordination with the national investment Commission and the investment Commission of Baghdad, as was the view map investment included 32 projects sectors: housing, recreation, health, industry and tourism to contribute to the establishment of a financial revenue of projects to reduce unemployment,

and new to these projects that GAM posed for the first time in a manner window one set of plans and details for each investment opportunity after the completion of the approvals of planning and approvals fundamentalist circles relevant, encouraging investors to compete and implemented as soon as possible, in addition to providing job opportunities by letting out operations sidewalks to meet revenue for the Secretariat. Secretariat policy of paints Amanat policies?. *

coming period will witness the emergence Organization (Makiya) which includes the finest engineering and cultural and artistic disciplines, in order to participation fee operational policies and the correct foundations of new service era, which will accelerate the events of urban renaissance of the capital, to the enjoyment of the members of this organization and a clear vision of science - based experience,

knowing that they contributed to the construction of an advanced global capitals , cities, having represented Iraq in many forums international. solutions to the housing crisis are there solutions to address the housing crisis and the exploitation of land belonging to other ministries and converted into housing complexes? *

The Secretariat of the Baghdad government agencies contribute to solving the housing crisis, but they need to contribute and assign several ministries and relevant authorities, to the fact that the problem needs time long to resolve, and in the forefront of these bodies, the Ministries of Finance and Construction and housing and planning in addition to the provinces,

as well as its need for numerous approvals from the Secretariat of the Council of Ministers, and I think part of the solution to the housing crisis lies in transforming Rasheed camp to residential focus attracts thousands of housing units, but these claims often Matstdm to reject the Department of defense to convert land to investors in spite of referral in 2011 on one of UAE companies,

the pretext of the need to Airport military at the site in question, in addition to the Muthanna airport , which is part of the solution to the housing crisis, in contrast, many investment projects residential will be opened Qriya, like compound (hands) near the intersection of Biskulath in Daoudi area. planned development of the capital are there limitations to protect the design basis for the city of Baghdad, and organizing events? *

nearing designs Department in coordination with one of its specialized companies, on the completion of fourth and final phase of the scheme comprehensive Development of the capital, which will put the right solutions in the areas of the use of agricultural, residential, industrial and commercial land, and the appropriate allocation of markets and designs of infrastructure, roads and necessary transportation and many other events, according to the design of the foundation of the capital.

processing career sag How are processed career sag and private special grades? Is Angels have the honesty of their rights , as in other ministries? *

Difficult economic conditions and the challenges of terrorism experienced by the capital Baghdad and the provinces of the country in general, necessitated the Baghdad Municipality thinking to reconsider the structure of the building of its institutions and its departments service, including line and the new policy , which requires reducing special grades, relying on the expertise of consultants with different specialties within the Secretariat and outside and even the owners of experiences outside the country.

the Secretariat asked the Cabinet to secure incentives for Mlakatha especially technicians, especially that all state employees have formal malfunction with the exception of the Angels of service, including the departments of the Secretariat who continue to work day and night to provide services .

The Secretariat also seeks to overturn the resolutions 90 and 300 special to stop the distribution of Lands Secretariat staff, and issued by the Council of Ministers, and to make a complaint to the State Council for approval of the inclusion of the persons entitled to the third meal , just like their colleagues in the diets were the first and second.


tlm724 yep what she said and we don't want Iraq to get even a lil bit comfortable with oil prices inching up . They need a permanent contingency plan for now and the future to be able to generate income away from oil !


The judiciary and the challenges of the fight against corruption

8/21/2016 0:00 Mackie peace of the judiciary and the board integrity, are the weapons of the Iraqi state in its war against the enemy , who were relegated to the country with the crows of evil and terrorism that ravaged the lives of Iraqis over the bombing and killing and booby - trapping.

But corruption is the lethality of the country 's economy, and usurp his fortune and his money, which turned into the pockets of corrupt rather than go to the intended recipients.

Over time, expanding the potential of corruption and corrupt increasingly influential and richer , while the other side remains the same, but it is exposed to friendly fire launched from leading public opinion, and formulates the popular consciousness.

What the judge will issue a decision regarding the issue of public opinion, do not be on the mood of those leaders, even see them launch a scathing criticism, devoid of objectivity and approaching the irony and sarcasm. And those views resonate with many of those who follow the characters, and are to be adopted later public opinion represents the Iraqi street view on the issue.

The problem is that that view raises according Mzajat and prior convictions, did not form the basis of observation, precision and stand on the truth, and connect the source to verify what poses.

Recent public opinion issues behind the decision to eliminate reactions wide, is the acquittal of the parliament speaker Salim al - decision after questioning of the Minister of Defense in which the accused deputies Baptzazh in addition to the President of the Council session.

After the interrogation session ends move both the judiciary and the board integrity of both his position and powers of the legal to investigate and collect evidence and evidence about what happened from the facts and put the money they affect public statements and the accusations of corruption against important political figures in the state.

Vtm the formation of a judicial commission by the Supreme Judicial Council was the codification of the words of Secretary of Defense in connection with his remarks also held a public prosecutor's complaint to the right.

But what happened is that the defense minister did not provide legal evidence arguing from which to refer the Speaker of Parliament to the competent court, no witnesses and the recordings made ​​by the Secretary of Defense is sufficient from the standpoint of the court referral. Thus it decided acquitted for lack of evidence.

In accordance with Article 130 of the Code of trials Law penal No. 23 of 1971 , which states in the second paragraph: If the act is punishable and found a judge that the evidence is sufficient for the trial of the accused is issued a decision to refer it to the competent court , but if the evidence is not sufficient for transmission is issued a decision to release him and the closure of the proceedings temporarily with a statement of reasons for it.

Given the competent judge in the case of the speaker of parliament and several days later after the formation of the judicial body was in charge of investigating it, did not find enough evidence to refer the Speaker of Parliament to the competent court Vtm close the proceedings temporarily.

Here it arose mollified some people affiliated with the Information and Culture who accused the judiciary various accusations, without providing single piece of evidence that there is enough evidence to convict the parliament speaker did not the court 's decision is contrary to the law are taking out or that.

What taken the decision from the standpoint of public opinion , he is very fast, compared to other issues considered by the judiciary especially by edges of the simple people.

The death that the judicial committee formed from the first moment to launch the defense minister his comments and that the appearance of the speaker of parliament came after the completion of all Protozoa of the case , which unfolded features competent judge , who issued his decision not to adequacy of the evidence.

The lesson is not that the court issued its decision a certain time limit but the merits of that decision, does he deliberately ignored evidence arguing in order to release the accused? If there was evidence , why it is not addressed to them through the media? Why not posed both ridiculed the judiciary and presented to the judges and insults?

The board of the integrity of the part , played an important role during the investigation and after the issuance of Alaqrar.fahi has appealed the judge 's decision as distinct as it was considered illegal for the reasons that have been reflected discriminatory regulation submitted by the legal representative of the board.

It is assumed that the list includes legal evidence arguing convince the criminal court as discriminatory exclusive jurisdiction to consider Attn decisions issued by the court of inquiry under the provisions of Article 265 of the Code of Procedure Code.

It does not stop there, as the binders case sent to prosecutors for consideration and provide Mutalath and requests under Article 255. The same year , and the prosecution is the complainant year right, but he must have possessed enough evidence to refer the Speaker of Parliament to the competent court.

The Nile eliminate a crude manner , lacks the legal argument and logic, serve only chaos and the tendency towards the law of the jungle that is the only alternative to eliminate.

Was to be on the finding in the judgment of the Judicial Committee legally that error hasten to disclose the contents of that mistake in a legal way, do not resort to insults and verbal abuse and ridicule of the judiciary, to win the largest number of admiration and praise in an attempt to swim in a particular stream represents today and unfortunately the majority.

But in the end the judiciary and the board remains the bulwark of integrity of state institutions of corruption and tampering with public property, but the political situation remains unchanged and the lack of popular mechanism to fight it and to stop corrupt election , but does not contribute to strengthening fork corruption at the expense of integrity.


tlm724 corruption is the lethality of the country 's economy, and usurp his fortune and his money, which turned into the pockets of corrupt rather than go to the intended recipients.

I couldn't have said it any better


Parliamentary Integrity: UN investigators would review the files of corruption to «neutral»

8/17/2016 0:00 BAGHDAD - Al- Sabah said the Parliamentary Integrity Commission, that the international investigators, who were to agree on their participation to investigate major corruption files in Iraq «will review the files of corruption since 2003 , and neutrally away from any pressure».

The government spokesman, Saad al - Hadithi, revealed the agreement on the use of investigators international anti - corruption in the circles shown parliamentary the move comes as part of the reform plan of the Prime Minister.

Member of the parliamentary integrity Committee, Abdul Karim Abtan, stressed that « the international investigators have specialized and experienced companies in the criminal accounting investigation within the development program of the United Nations dedicated to sustainable development democratic governance, as well as in the prosecution of corrupt experiences and the transfer of this area ».

He Abtan, that this program UN« has representatives in all countries of the world and there are 17 representatives in the Arab countries », pointing saying« We do not deny the existence of a large financial corruption in Iraq ».

the member integrity Committee, said that «this agreement has three important results of the first anti - corruption and to identify senior corrupt and call them to raise embarrassment for the judiciary or any regulator accused lack of neutrality» indicating that «these experts have nothing to hinder detects corruption has long parties».

the MP «among the results , which will hopefully be achieved thanks to this agreement, is the transfer of expertise and training specialists to combat corruption in Iraq, as a body integrity, some judges in the field of corruption cases» adding that the international investigators will be results Khovathm and Mracbathm neutral in the naming of things spade,

adding that investigations will benefit by the Audit Court , which will provide them with all the information and the amounts entered Iraq and disbursed to ministries and government agencies since the Governing Council after 2003 , and so far ».

The parliamentary member of the integrity, he said that« this cooperation does not mean that the Iraqi oversight institutions failed to prosecute corruption, but to develop the Iraqi experience and turn it into reality if accounting corrupt and recover the money ».

He stressed Abtan, the« importance of the recovery of Iraq 's funds which are estimated at 400-450 billion dollars that have been wasted by the operations of serious corruption »saying that« the international investigators will deal with those files in the spirit of the law ».

He noted Abtan, the possibility, to benefit from the experiences of countries in the face of the fight against corruption, especially since there are many countries can benefit from their experience of corruption that have undermined and put her on the right track, by dealing institutional system ». 


Vaquero 400 to 450 billion dollars ! wow I guess this guys just steal by habit. I will be surprised if Bank give that money back.

Press Release .. about removing the confusion that has occurred on the issue of the use of international experts to investigate the corruption cases

08/16/2016 Hits: 1432 It picked up a number of local media statements attributed to some government officials on the subject of the use of international investigators; to investigate cases of corruption with a local dimension; and the presence of some of the statements that may have created some confusion on the subject, see the board integrity need to clarify it as follows:

* The idea of hiring some experts and investigators international is the idea of the board integrity primarily, and had put forward at international conferences in which I participated , in particular at a meeting of the sixth session of the Conference of States Parties to the United Nations Convention to Combat held the end of 2015 in the city of St. Petersburg in the Russian corruption, the fourth meeting of the Assembly of States Parties to the international Academy of anti - held corruption in the Austrian capital Vienna,

was the idea presented to the United Nations representatives during their visits to headquarters, where the United Nations has expressed its readiness to cooperate with the Authority, and sent delegations need to study the subject.

She UN desire to obtain the approval of the Iraqi government; in order to hold a memorandum of understanding for this purpose; contexts in accordance with protocol followed in holding memorandums of understanding. In this context ,

the board integrity at the beginning of the month of April of this year , announced reaching an agreement with the United Nations Mission for the use of the expertise of international investigators in some investigations with an international dimension and the recovery of funds and the accused.

* It was the wisdom of the use of the body was the expertise of international investigators is that some things are:

- Assist in the investigative with an international dimension specific issues, where occur to the work of the Authority some investigative issues of the international dimension; therefore chose the body was already three international experts in coordination with the United Nations Mission for the follow-up investigation in the case (ONA Oil),

was announced at the beginning of the month of May this year at a press conference devoted to this purpose for meetings with the team of international experts who visited Iraq details, and held several meetings with the head of the Authority and members of the Committee entrusted with the high-level investigation of the case and still these experts following the case.

​- Assist the Authority and the rest of the other state institutions in the recovery of funds and convicts file, as agreed the Authority with the United Nations Mission on the importance of the use of international experts to provide assistance to Iraq in this file follow through international procedures and requirements of this file from the efforts and the efforts of unremitting; in order to overcome Iraq hurdles and obstacles placed by some countries that embrace convicts and smuggled money.

- The use of international expertise; for the development of some Iraqi investigators skills through their participation in the sessions and visits intended for this purpose, and inform them of the advanced international experiences in the field of anti-corruption.

* Here are like the body was clarification and remove the confusion that might disturb public opinion than you might think that the use of the potential of international experts,

but were the result of the weakness of regulatory bodies or being exposed to pressure, as it confirms the body was that the agreement with the international experts was for the above purpose, pointing out that the opinion of experts and investigators international since the beginning was the (lack of the possibility of taking up the investigation in the same local dimension domestic issues)

and this is what confirmed it during their meetings with the head of the Authority and its investigators and what has been agreed upon with the Iraqi side represented Bhaoh integrity since its introduction to the idea of ​​Mr. Prime Minister, the meeting of the Secretary-General of the United Nations when he visited before to Baghdad at the end of last March.





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