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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

BGG's News Time at Dinar Updates 8/29/16 - Part 2

NEWSTIME WITH BGG Monday, August 29, 2016 - Part 2

MrsBGG says(7:54 PM):

Holly1 says to BGG(9:19 AM):

The value of the Iraqi dinar from another perspective and angle seconds

Did you know that the value of the Iraqi dinar and it is related to the value of a global dollar rose , in fact, despite a drop in the value of the dinar locally

Iraqi dinar is linked to the US dollar , and because the dollar value rose after the economic crisis in 2008 .

Oil, gold and currencies all fell against the dollar since that date ,

to clarify

2008 2016

--------- -----------

Holly1 says to BGG(9:20 AM):

Euro 1965 Euro 1435 dinars dinars

Alپaond 2560 dinars 1680 dinars Alپaond

Turkish Turkish 840 dinars 435 dinars

The weight of the weight of the gold 21 gold 21

325.000 240.000 dinars dinars

Brent oil barrel Brent

175,000 dinars 63.000 dinars


Holly1 says to BGG(9:21 AM):

Note that this does not imply endorsement of the performance of the Iraqi economy does not mean the absence of an economic crisis

---- -------------

if the numbers did not appear regularly Fmugodh clearly in one comments

Holly1 says to BGG(9:21 AM):

Hussain Fadhel al-Badri

Haji Wallis better to peg to a basket of currencies instead of the dollar peg to protect the national economy from fluctuations in world prices

Holly1 says to BGG(9:22 AM):

Abeche today Dollar Iraqi Dinar

Yes, undoubtedly the best currency basket and that's what I did Kuwait after decoding dinar-dollar linkage

Holly1 says to BGG(9:22 AM):

Hussain Fadhel al-Badri

I think that Iraq is a professor of the security situation and the presence of the Americans is an obstacle for the government to follow the example of Kuwait, gives extra strength and stability of the Iraqi dinar

Holly1 says to BGG(9:23 AM):


subgirl says to Holly1(9:23 AM):

thank you holly! WOW!

Holly1 says to BGG(9:23 AM):

We Ahmed

How to lose Iraq in return for a link?

Holly1 says to BGG(9:24 AM):

Abeche today Dollar Iraqi Dinar

Iraq is losing a lot not because of the peg to the dollar, but because of the construction of a real economy based on industry, agriculture, investment and tourism Wu

Holly1 says to BGG(9:24 AM):

Iraqi Iraqi Tamimi

Lech Mancul that these are descended from the currency value against the dollar from the euro to the gold and not in front of the Iraqi dinar

Holly1 says to BGG(9:26 AM):


Holly1 says to BGG(9:26 AM):

MrsBGG says to mfree05(7:57 PM):


mfree05 says(7:57 PM):

Hi BGG, Regarding the 100 K note; If Iraq is currently facing serious liquidity issues in various parts of the banking sector (it was reported in news, not long ago that some banks could not make loans due to low liquidity) , if so, why would they need to reduce the note count farther? Or is low liquidity a region specific type thing?

BGG says to mfree05(7:58 PM):

I'm not sure that is what is going on there...

MrsBGG says(7:58 PM):

Holly1 says to BGG(9:26 AM):

Abeche today Dollar Iraqi Dinar

This talk is not my brother , economist scientific Danark today 's global value better than before because of the strong linkage to the dollar globally if the deterioration of the dollar to hit the dinar

Holly1 says to BGG(9:27 AM):

Abu Ahmed, the Iraqi

So the obvious rise in the value of the Iraqi dinar is not because it is linked to the Iraqi economy and prosperity or not, but rather the result of the close link to the US dollar

Holly1 says to BGG(9:28 AM):

Moaed Rosa

Iraqi dinar against the Jordanian weak half with regret knowing Jordan is a poor reason

Holly1 says to BGG(9:28 AM):

Abeche today Dollar Iraqi Dinar

Currency unrelated to the value of the economy strongly Jordan stable country security, political and powered externally has the industry was not bad and has a cultivation emits and has investments and tourism , and more importantly, where Lech corruption

Holly1 says to BGG(9:29 AM):

Mohammed al-Musawi

Hjnh dear Henw expectations today for sales of central bank

Holly1 says to BGG(9:29 AM):

Abeche today Dollar Iraqi Dinar

I expect 20 million cash

MrsBGG says(7:58 PM):

Holly1 says to BGG(9:31 AM):

Ali Abdul Zahra Ali Nahel

The words are very logical, "Well done.

Holly1 says to BGG(9:31 AM):

Harith Alani

Haji mercy to destroy Sholvina on the value of the dinar since the founding of the Iraqi state and so far, and how he was and how he became

Holly1 says to BGG(9:32 AM):

Anmar T. Al-Hussien

It is better to peg to a basket of currencies to prevent bumps experienced by the dollar sometimes

Holly1 says to BGG(9:33 AM):

Mukdad Mukdadna

Well done .. and may God make thee .. Praise God good. Pretty statistical and very helpful ... Even the central bank to Aehtm for such a table. Perhaps such tables and studies '' dead '' on the shelves and in the central drawers. I went net.

Holly1 says to BGG(9:33 AM):

Ahmed Nassir

High value of the dinar against other currencies does not mean anything useful .. because the cost to maintain the dinar's rate against the dollar is high in light of the decrease came from the country's dollar.

Holly1 says to BGG(9:34 AM):

BGG says to mfree05(7:58 PM):

I have always held - that there are two distinct factions - always at odds with one another - this maybe one of those times.

MrsBGG says(7:58 PM):

Holly1 says to BGG(9:34 AM):

Saif Alhak

Haji course truckloads Mmnonin you and thank you very much for your trouble , and I want Ahof do you think I am the subject of a chance to see a realistic solution and radical Iraqi economy a float of the Iraqi dinar and the privatization of the state and leaving socialism. Thank you for your efforts again.

Holly1 says to BGG(9:34 AM):

Abdulamer Shimran

Haji God bless you suitable finance minister

Holly1 says to BGG(9:35 AM):

Shahba Al-Khalidi

Well done Publishing

Holly1 says to BGG(9:36 AM):


david334 says(9:36 AM):


BGG says to mfree05(7:58 PM):

within the CBI - that is...

BGG says(8:00 PM):

Let's bring MadDScout in here...

you noted there is a lot of anit-Maliki angst in the news today...

care to expand on that for us??

MadDScout says(8:01 PM):

Well there was a funny document that was a charge for Maliki's car for 197million dinar

There was a guy who came out with a tell all book and Maliki from 98 2003 and then some

BGG says(8:02 PM):

That seemed a little high...

go on...

MadDScout says(8:02 PM):

Sorry I am slow but I don't have these in front of me so I am pulling on memory

The jist of comments to the car thing was

It was repair due to needing protection in a motorcade

now if you factor in that a high end security car may run a couple bucks it doesn't seem a big deal (maybe)


with immunity now being pulled left and right from these govt people

due to being investigated

he only need steal a box of pencils to lose immunity

If they follow the line they have established

that is what one report called a "red line"

To see if Jabouri will rescue maliki or bring him to account

This is just a couple of the things I have seen over the past couple of days

That tell all book may get its owner a new address

(just talkin out loud)

BGG says(8:08 PM):

How about the bit about the international investigators being hot on his trail?

wickedwitch1 says(8:08 PM):


MadDScout says(8:08 PM):

My point was with them being there and all this "just falling out" while they are there will test whether money talks

and how far

MrsBGG says to wickedwitch1(8:09 PM):


wickedwitch1 says(8:10 PM):

Any comments on amnesty releasing some of Saddam Hussein's people and will that have an effect on the stability there?

MadDScout says to wickedwitch1(8:11 PM):

It is being discussed

I am watching also to see how it will be handled.

wickedwitch1 says(8:12 PM):


MadDScout says to wickedwitch1(8:13 PM):

I would think, depending on what numbers they may be talking, the security apparatus is coming up to world standards.

they may try, but there are a lot of new security not available in Saddams day

BGG says(8:13 PM):

I - personally - think this is another ploy from the Shia side of the fence... pouting about having to let all these REALLY PISSED OFF Sunnis out of jail. Some have been in prison for 2 or 3 years with no "due process" whatsoever.

JETSET says(8:14 PM):


BGG says(8:14 PM):

for instance - many CBI emplyees Maliki threw in jail when he cleaned out the Shabibi crew... those people are still in jail (with the exception of Saleh)...

Maliki made the comment - he would let them ROT IN PRISON before he let them out...

those people are set to get out.

this last little whiny session is just more of those jerks trying to obstruct what should have happened long ago...

here's an interesting headline down that same path..

Reports: Secret negotiations conducted by the United Nations to resolve the Justice and Accountability Act

I will have that whole article on THE BLOG a little later on tonite...

aminmaine says(8:17 PM):


MrsBGG says to JETSET(8:17 PM):


JETSET says(8:18 PM):

never mind... was going to basically ask what BGG stated about the purpose of amnesty

more of a comment than a quesiton but not needed now

BGG says to JETSET(8:18 PM):

Well - go ahead. Please.

JETSET says(8:19 PM):

if i am following the convo correctly, the questions about who is released from prison would have been resolved in the law. they will enforce the law and that will take care of itself.

that was what some of the wrangling was about... different factions didn't want certain people released and others wanted certain groups to be released.

BGG says to JETSET(8:20 PM):

All correct - a lot is up in the air right now.

MadDScout says(8:21 PM):

It is odd Maliki didn't like the amnesty and said "it was changed behind closed doors"

jeffjane says to MadDScout(8:22 PM):


BGG says to MadDScout(8:23 PM):

of course he didn't like it - he doesn't like anything... his part is obstructionist. Slow everything down.

MadDScout says(8:23 PM):


MadDScout says to BGG(8:24 PM):

I remembered the other report was the "flashback" of the Shabibi report

About M's corruption

Drewsters Millions says(8:24 PM):


JETSET says(8:25 PM):

didn't like it because now all of his political prisoners will be released and they can reveal all the dirt that they have on him...

MrsBGG says to Drewsters Millions(8:25 PM):


kalis says(8:25 PM):


Drewsters Millions says(8:26 PM):

Central Bank: Window sell the currency and the way to ensure the stability of the exchange rate and apply for loans electronically. What is your comment/view on this headline today?

MadDScout says to Drewsters Millions(8:27 PM):

They are keeping the exchange rate stable by cutting out third party sales of the dollar


My 2 cents

BGG says to kalis(8:28 PM):


kalis says(8:29 PM):

ok i going to ask .. How long do you think they need before the change the value of dinar . what is back wall not dates just months even year .lol

BGG says to JETSET(8:29 PM):

Which is, I'm sure, why he put them there - in the first place.

BGG says to kalis(8:30 PM):

Won't do it... someone did that earlier and got everyone all pissy.

no thanks... they are moving FAST... things look good.

BGG says(8:30 PM):

OK - with that - we'll wrap this thing up.

Thanks for tuning in. Hope it helped.

jtank says(8:31 PM):

thx guys GREAT

aminmaine says(8:31 PM):


jtank says(8:31 PM):

pissy lol

BGG says(8:31 PM):

tune in for tomorrow nite and our guys doing both a News Time AND an AFTER CALL!!

MrsBGG says(8:31 PM):

Thank you BGG and MadDScout!!

wickedwitch1 says(8:31 PM):

Thanks so much for all that you do!

MadDScout says to MrsBGG(8:31 PM):

My pleasure

Baxter says(8:32 PM):

Thx BGG... MRS BGG..and Madscout.....

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