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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

"100k Notes" - Wed. PM KTFA Thoughts/News


 » August 24th, 2016

So if i have read correctly with the announcement of the 100k dinar notes, and now the metal fils (coins) with the announcement of mosul being victorious we have got to be close to something dealing with the value of the dinar.

 » August 24th, 2016

TA DA .................... Can my TEAMS take a bow tonight? lol KTFA Frank



 » August 24th, 2016

THERE IT IS ENJOY FAMILY.......... I LOVE THE LAST PART!!! (See article below)

**DELTA: Parliamentary Economy: amounts traded in the market 43 trillion dinars and reserves of Iraq amounted to $ 51 billion

بغداد/البغدادية نيوز/.. كشفت لجنة الإقتصاد النيابية ،اليوم الثلاثاء، عن إصدار عملة جديدة من فئة 100 الف دينار، محملة البنك الكز مسؤولية انخفاض حجم الاحتياطي العراقي من العملة إلى 51 مليار دولار. BAGHDAD / Baghdadi News / .. A commission parliamentary economy, Tuesday, for a new currency from 100,000 dinars category, loaded with the central bank issuing the responsibility of the Iraqi low volume of currency reserves to 51 billion dollars.

وقالت مقررة اللجنة نورة البجاري في حديث لـ/البغدادية نيوز/، إنه "تم طبع عملة جديدة من فئة 100 الف دينار، وذلك لتقليل حجم النقل المتداول، وبالأخص فيما يتعلق بدفع رواتب الموظفين". Rapporteur of the Committee, said Nora Albjara in an interview / Baghdadi News /, "it was printed a new currency of 100,000 dinars category, so as to reduce the size of the rolling transport, particularly regarding the payment of staff salaries."

وأضافت البجاري، أن "حجم المبالغ المتداولة ما بين الرواتب والاسواق بلغ 43 ترليون دينار"، مبينة أن "الاحتياطي من العملة يبلغ 51 مليار دولار". She Albjara, that "the amount of money traded between salaries and markets amounted to 43 trillion dinars," indicating that "the reserve currency of $ 51 billion."
وأكدت، أنه "من المفترض أن يكون حجم الاحتياطي من العملة يبلغ 60 مليار دولار"، موضحة أن "البنك المركزي يتحمل مسؤولية هذا الانخفاض في حجم الاحتياطي". She stressed, "it is supposed to be the size of the reserve currency of 60 billion dollars," adding that "the central bank responsible for the decline in the size of the reserve."

وحذرت مقررة اللجنة الإقتصادية، من "حدوث تضخم في الكتلة النقدية بعد صدور فئات ضخمة امثال الـ100 الف دينار بدون اتخاذ الاجراءات اللازمة"، لافتة إلى أن "البنك المركزي وعد بإصدار فئات نقدية معدنية صغيرة ليكون هناك توازن بين الفئات الضخمة والصغيرة". And it warned the planned Economic Committee, the "occurrence of inflation in the money supply after the huge categories like 100 thousand dinars without taking the necessary measures," pointing out that "the central bank has promised to issue a small cash categories of metal there to be a balance between large and small groups."

وبينت البجاري، أن "الاختلاف على وضع صورة ونقشة معينة على تلك العملات المعدنية الصغيرة، حال دون صدورها في الوقت الراهن". Albjara showed that "differences on a certain image and Embossing on those small coins, prevented the issuance at the moment."


 » August 24th, 2016

First thing I want to say is that I appreciate all that DELTA brings to us and I know he can see things that most of us can't see and that is what makes him such an important TEAM member for Frank.....thanks brother....and our newshounds are doing a fantastic job with what they find and bring to us....we would certainly be lost without their vital input here.....their time in finding the news is so appreciated.)

This made me think of something "outside the box"....that something is CROWS....yep those pesky black birds.....ever see a tree or field full of crows.....they make a lot of noise....but really who listens to them.....over the years we've heard a great deal of noise out of Parliamentary committees, especially the Finance Committee, for they seem to be the designated HEAD CROW.....they squawk louder and more often than even the fat lady.

Don't get me wrong, I respect DELTA and Don for digging these articles up and sharing them.......but all this "CROW" about the CBI reserves......

I would feel much better if it were coming from the horse's mouth....the CBI....from Allak as proxy governor....just saying.....

What these committee members are saying may in reality be the truth......and they are entitled to their opinions.....and that is what I see is opinions.....let the CBI stand up and be accountable for themselves....whether it is Allak or the new governor who we know is coming.....let them share with us what is transpiring.....as far as the politicians....we know what vested interest they tend to have in things....very selfish ones.....just saying.

I do like the news about the fils....the coins...that has to be GREAT news IMO.

As for the reserves at the CBI.....look at your notes....the IMF told them not to drop below $52 billion.....just a thought I'm having....if they were sitting at $51 billion now wouldn't the IMF be clamoring to them to get this turned around.....

I'm not seeing or hearing that at this point in time.....that keeps me at ease on that issue.....not sure how they get their reserves turned around....well by raising the currency value of course I guess.

Just the ramblings of a left-handed Texas Aggie Aloha Randy

 » August 24th, 2016

Karbala Council emphasizes the importance of transferring the powers of the ministries to local governments

08/24/2016 20:11

[Oan- Baghdad] confirmed the Karbala Provincial Council, the importance of transferring the powers of the ministries to local governments, in the provinces.

The head of the council in Karbala Nassif Jassem rhetorical, according to his Facebook page during a meeting with Hisham Aezzona Director of results - based planning program [IPSM], the United Nations, said that " the local government more insistence on the transfer of powers because the provincial council is aware of all what the people of the services . " .
through all the rhetorical "Council 's readiness to cooperate with the program and the formation of a jointworking group in order to complete the goals sought by planning a program to achieve


 » August 24th, 2016

Great article Don and it leads me into a thought process of patterns.....you know we are always looking for patterns.....well in these ebbing moments of the month of August.....the last 2 by of the 2 by 2 by 2's......
Where are we stepping next.....well of course into September....and we all have heard of the potential for good during the month of September......here's something that has begun to stick with me not only with today's articles.....but for the past week or two......

We are seeing more and more interaction of the alphabet soup with Iraq.....from the IMF, the WB, the WTO, the UN, and various and sundry UN committees.....they are all so centered.....so interested in Iraq right now.....like a ringmaster getting ready for the REALLY BIG SHOW....

And this doesn't even touch on the companies and countries that are headed blindly into that intersection that Frank talked about....that intersection of Iraq.....

September will be more exciting than going to a three-ring circus and trying to keep your eyes focused on everything all at one time so you don't miss anything......simultaneous action....get there early to assure you get a good seat....just don't sit behind that fat lady in the fat hat. Aloha Randy

Don961 » August 24th, 2016

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Majlis Ratifies Iran’s AIIB Membership

Lawmakers on Wednesday officially ratified Iran's membership in Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, the international investment bank launched in 2015 by China.

The parliament also authorized the Iranian government to purchase 15,808 shares of AIIB worth $580,800. It also permitted Iran's participation in AIIB’s future capital increase.
Lawmakers also required Iran’s interactions with AIIB to be in accordance with the Shariah and the country’s foreign policy, IRNA reported.

Last December, President Hassan Rouhani sent the bill for Iran’s membership in Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank to the Majlis. The bill specifies that membership in AIIB is in accordance with the country's declared foreign policy to foster relations with Asian sates and help augment Asia’s resilience in times of international crises.

The bill also highlights the strengthening of ties between nations through infrastructure development.

The China-based AIIB started work in mid-January 2016. The international financial institution proposed by China will invest in Asia-Pacific infrastructure projects and is widely regarded as a rival to western-based institutions such as IMF and the Washington-based World Bank.

Economy Minister Ali Tayyebnia and representatives from 27 founding member-states signed the new bank’s constitution on June 29, 2015, in Beijing.

China’s newest development bank is poised to extend its lending activities beyond Asia to Africa and Latin America, and held its first annual meeting last month for 57 founding shareholders, the vast majority of them being countries from Asia and western Europe.

But, according to an internal list of “potential new members” circulated to delegates, the bank’s complexion is set to change with a surge in applicants from Africa and Latin America, Financial Times reports.

That would allow AIIB, which can only fund projects in member countries, to rapidly expand its presence in both regions as western governments wrestle with the consequences of the UK’s vote to withdraw from the EU.

Short URL : http://goo.gl/XUU860



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