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Sunday, July 17, 2016

New Republic via a GCR: Events from July 7 to 17, 2016

New US Republic via a GCR Events July 7 to 17 2016

Compiled and updated on 17 July 2016 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, Author, "Twenty Two Faces," CEO, Child Abuse Recovery. www.22faces.com www.ChildAbuseRecovery.com

Judy Note: It's a slow rollout, right? Release dates of the Global Currency Reset are for anyone's guessing game. On Friday the kingpin of the Global Currency Reset, the Iraqi Dinar, was said to be announced as international by a source at the UN. Already ten days back on July 7 2016 the Global Currency Reset Treaty had been signed by 205 nations.

Yesterday the Dinar Chronicles Chat room was shut down until Monday July 18, while Dinar Detectives has not been active since last Thurs. WingIt and Bruce's The Big Call, have been changed to next Tues. July 19 2016. Do these Gurus know something we don't?

It is pretty easy to figure out what is going on by reading the below history of GCR deadlines for the past week:

360. The Global Currency Reset and gold back currency system was in a piece of legislation called the Global Climate Treaty. This was passed by 205 nations that were needed to sign off on the Treaty. That Treaty was said to be enacted the night of July 7 2016 at 11:30 pm PST.

361. As of July 7 2016 209 entities, 196 countries, 13 territories had come to an agreement with the World Trade Organization, the International Monetary Fund and were formally on the new BRICS CIPS banking system. In some of the countries CIPS was still operating in tandem with the old SWIFT system.

362. The banking transactions were now transparent. In the past some large traunches were attempted without success. All of that was taken care of now. CIPS was working.

363. Major funding was wired, received and was in accounts ready to be used. Some funds in these accounts could be seen, but couldn't yet be used until currency holders received the go ahead with 800 numbers to make exchange appointments.

364. On that same July 7 2016 the International Monetary Fund approved a $5.34 billion dollar loan for Iraq to impliment economic reform.

365. According to announcements made on the Iraqi TV on July 9 2016 the Iraqi Dinar would be reinstated. For over a month the Dinar had been trading at an international rate of $3.71.

366. The Iraqi Dinar was the kingpin for the Global Currency Reset and had not yet completed their economic reform legislation. On that same Sat. July 9 2016 the International Monetary Fund's executive board announced that Iraq would have to implement economic reforms before receiving the rest of the $5.34 billion loan they were given on July 7 2016. The Iraqi Parliament would be back in session July 12 2016.

367. By July 9 2016 Bond markets were very active, due to show on the market by Sunday night July 10 to Tues. July 12, at which time the stock market recovered from a downhill spiral.

368. On July 9 2016 Operation Delta claimed that the Admiral's Group became liquid. He was given an audit checklist of where funds are to be distributed, to complete within 30 hours and the 30 hours were over.

369. The Cabal was said to have now stopped the GCR over 170 times. They were given until Sunday July 10 2016 to allow the GCR to go through, or they would be arrested. If they resisted arrest 10 million in gold was offered to anyone who eliminated them or members of their family.

370. It was said that by contract there were certain conditions to be fulfilled by the end of the day on July 10 2016. Values of certain world currencies were to be adjusted to support those certain conditions.

371. According to Philip Tilton - "RV Songs are Beginning for the Celebration of Post RV" the RV was done July 10 2016 6:30 pm EST when the US Inc. signed over the US Treasury to the new US Republic.

372. On July 10 2016 Phillip Tilton claimed an FBI insider revealed corruption in the Clinton Foundation and all of Washington DC appeared to be involved.

373. This included those in Congress being blackmailed over the years through their video taped participation in drug parties, child kidnapping and sex. These child pedophile parties were believed to have given fodder for many a political favor. The money laundering and child pedophile rings appeared connected to the Clinton Foundation.

374. On July 10 2016 Phillip Tilton claimed that a Democratic Congress woman was indicted on corruption.

375. The Chinese were said to have imploded the stock market with gold backed currencies on this same July 10 2016.

376. On Sunday July 10 2016 Iraq was celebrating because their Dinar had been reinstated with a new rate of $1.18 and rising. Their Q Cards had already been charged for about a week with three weeks of back pay and for some time the Iraqi Dinar had been trading internationally at $3.71.

377. It was said that the old SWIFT system was re-routed with the proper bar codes of the new CIPS system. The global Humanitarian projects were promised a funds release on Monday July 11 2016. By Mon the date was changed to Wed. July 13 2016.

378. Operation Delta claimed the Global Currency Reset would be active by Monday July 11 2016.

379. On Monday July 11 2016 30 quadrillion in gold was transferred into the new US Treasury in Reno.

380. As of Monday night July 11 2016 at 11:30 pm PST the Global Currency Reset and gold back currency system was said to be enacted. A piece of legislation called the Global Climate Treaty had been passed by 205 nations.

381. On Monday July 11 2016 Landa Global Humanitarian funds were to be released, though that apparently did not happen. On July 12 major funding was said to have been wired, received and was in accounts ready to be used. Some Humanitarian funds could be seen but not be utilized until 800#s for currency redeemers were received.

382. On July 13 2016 the Iraqi flag was flying in the center of Mosul. ISIS confirmed the killing of prominent commander Omar al-Shishani during the critical battles of Sherqat. He was the major battle planner for ISIS.

383. On Friday July 15 2016 it was said that the UN announced that the Iraqi Dinar was an international currency.

384. At one point it was reported that Global Currency Reset currencies on the Forex would be changed after markets closed on July 15 2016.

385. On that Friday July 15 Philip Tilton claimed that France, Spain and Portugal intended to leave the Euro and had asked for a three day stay for the Global Currency Reset, which would make it by Mon July 18 or Tues. July 19 2016.

386. The 'Bluwolf Update of Friday July 15 2016 on the Dinarrecaps website: "You all know from my recollecting that July 17, 2016 is a deadline for the GCR to be of official domain (something mention by a three letter economic agency in the month of March)."

387. Dinar Chronicles AdminBill late Friday night: "I have given everyone the weekend off. The chat room will be closing at 12 midnight EST and reopen Mon. July 18 2016 at 7am EST." Dinar Detectives had been closed since July 14 2016. WingIt and Bruce's The Big Call were changed to next Tues. July 19 2016. Do these Gurus know something we don't?

388. SKRs were said to be liquid by Monday July 18 2016.

389. The general public was expected to be allowed into global brick and mortar banks to exchange at on-screen international rates on Monday July 18 2016.

390.On Monday July 18 there was a scheduled bond released for Humanity Projects, while the funds were promised to be sent out by the middle of the week. Timing was said to coincide with the Global Currency Reset, but was not connected to it.

391. A source from IMF Australia claimed the Global Currency Reset would be let go on July 19 2016.



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