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Thursday, June 30, 2016

WINGIT Intel Notes of The Big Call by CaliforniaSugar 6-30-16



Bruce - WF is the lead bank. All have Green Light from Treasury

Robert - "the well is flowing freely" no more stops, no more holds. it is a joyous time.

Bruce - also hearing that we are in a new financial system that will trigger other events to happen at once.

Bruce - Time frame for new system is same for CIPS system to be used solely. SWIFT will no longer be in use as of Friday (tomorrow, July 1). Also heard that with the transition from old to new that certain SKR's, prosperity packages, fines and penalties, farm funds, all that was on hold, will be released.

Robert - anything that had an ADMIN hold on it will be released because going into new system, banks cannot trade on funds that are on hold.

Bruce - my sources as saying that this will be the best July 4th that we have ever had in our lives. Not calling in on 4th, just saying in that time frame because of the new system starting tomorrow.

Bruce - In summary …. Rates will be excellent. The Fed and the Treasury lifted all holds to lead banks so all other banks in that sequence the banks that will feed into WF are set and ready to go. Systems in place that will handle large transactions. With new system, we are almost on autopilot for this to roll out. Be sure to review your list of items to take to redemption center…currency, separated by country and denominations within currency type, passport, 2 photo ids, notes. Leave your cell phone and your guns in the car! When you get notified, they may ask which currencies you have. If you have Zim, let them know right away. My theory is that those who have Zim will go first because they want to "retrieve" it within 72 hours. Be sure to take the other currencies with you, when you exchange the Zim. Finally, have fun with this! It will be joyful. When you come out, after an hour to 2 hours, be cool, calm and collected.

End Intel