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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log for Thursday 6/23/16 - Part 3

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log

Part 3 - Featuring rcookie

subgirl says to bibi(9:15 AM):


subgirl says to clay(9:16 AM):

:-* GM :)

bibi says to subgirl(9:16 AM):

Hey, Subby! How are you? Isn't the news exciting! :-*

subgirl says to bibi(9:16 AM):

YES IT IS!!! GM :-* i am doing great thanks! hope you are too?

bibi says to subgirl(9:16 AM):

Thank you for all you do, Subby!

Martha Sue says(9:16 AM):

Morning all!

subgirl says to bibi(9:17 AM):

awwe your very welcome :)

bibi says to subgirl(9:17 AM):

GM! Yes, I'm doing well. Thank you for asking.

subgirl says to Martha Sue(9:17 AM):

GM :)

subgirl says to bibi(9:17 AM):

YVW :)

bibi says to Martha Sue(9:17 AM):

GM! :)

Martha Sue says to subgirl(9:17 AM):

Have you set up your 15 min timer on your phone yet?

subgirl says to Martha Sue(9:17 AM):

lol NO not yet lol

subgirl says to Martha Sue(9:18 AM):

but i have 6 bottles in front of me lol

clay says to Martha Sue(9:18 AM):

GM :)

Martha Sue says to subgirl(9:18 AM):

I'm headed to my storage building before it gets so hot. I FULLY EXPECT a report on your progress when I get back! :D:D ... really the clock timer really works. It makes you stop and drink water every 15 minutes. GOOD THING!

subgirl says to Martha Sue(9:19 AM):

i will try it lol :D(y)

Martha Sue says to larrykn(9:19 AM):

morning buddy!

Martha Sue says to larrykn(9:19 AM):

I was afraid to look at the forcast ... how hot are we supposed to be today???

larrykn says to Martha Sue(9:19 AM):

gm gone to be a nice day today :)

larrykn says to Martha Sue(9:20 AM):

next week is really going to get hot

Martha Sue says to larrykn(9:20 AM):

awesome ... then I won't be the turkey in the oven at the storage building!!! :D:D:D

Martha Sue says to larrykn(9:20 AM):

whew ... then I better finish this work this week!

Martha Sue says to larrykn(9:20 AM):

PRAY FOR ME! On a time clock myself to get this finished.

da58 says(9:20 AM):

NO KIDDING - all the mods, researchers, copiers - etc do a terrific job, and make this the best news site anywhere. What a small little jerk, to write something like that - it says so much more about himself than anyone else!

larrykn says to Martha Sue(9:21 AM):

you know I will :)

Carl_H says(9:21 AM):

Thanks to all the team at DU we appreciate everything thats done to keep us all informed!!!!! My wife & I ARE looking forward to meeting everyone at Poppys B-Q !!!!!!!!!!

subgirl says to da58(9:21 AM):

(y)yes AMEN!!!! we have THE BEST SITE!!!!!

da58 says to subgirl(9:21 AM):


larrykn says to da58(9:21 AM):


subgirl says to Carl_H(9:21 AM):

that will be a GREAT DAY!!!! (y)

da58 says to subgirl(9:22 AM):

without a doubt..

Martha Sue says to subgirl(9:22 AM):

bbl y'all ... so if Firefly is correct about 23rd ... SUBBY TEXT ME ... cause they don't have internet inside my storage building! Don't know why!!! :D:D

Carl_H says(9:22 AM):

AMEN SOON !!!!!!!!!

subgirl says to Martha Sue(9:22 AM):

will do!! lol (y)

dwsdad says(9:23 AM):

sorry..just got here...what is supposed to happen on te 23rd?

watson1 says(9:23 AM):

gm so what is the good word ?

subgirl says to watson1(9:24 AM):

that this site is the best site!!!!!!

larrykn says to dwsdad(9:24 AM):

nothing that I know of lol

tntduck says(9:24 AM):

gm all

larrykn says to watson1(9:24 AM):

Frank is not here (lol)

subgirl says to tntduck(9:25 AM):

GM :)

Martha Sue says to subgirl(9:25 AM):

:D:D didn't mean to stir up the pot. :D:D the 23rd is the day after the 22nd ... and 1 day before the 24th ... and 2 days before the 25th which is the end of that special conference! Have a great day!

(9:25 AM)clay changed nickname to .VIP.clay!

watson1 says(9:25 AM):

ok i will tell you the good word friday is almost here . paid day (y)

clay says(9:25 AM):

GM all! My computer wouldnt allow me to chat

subgirl says to Martha Sue(9:25 AM):


subgirl says to clay(9:25 AM):

:-*well GM :)

larrykn says to watson1(9:26 AM):

I don't get paid friday :'(

Martha Sue says to clay(9:26 AM):

tried to say hi buddy ... but you vanished into thin air! thought you maybe went to pick up the RV!!! :D:D how are you?

clay says to subgirl(9:26 AM):

thanks :) :-*

subgirl says to watson1(9:26 AM):

that is a good thing too lol

subgirl says to clay(9:26 AM):


clay says to Martha Sue(9:26 AM):

thanks well hi again good to see you :)

clay says to larrykn(9:26 AM):

hey there buddy

Martha Sue says to clay(9:27 AM):

u2 ... gotta run work at my storage ... have a great day! bet it is beautiful where you are right now!

larrykn says to clay(9:27 AM):

GM buddy are you at work ?

clay says to Martha Sue(9:27 AM):

you too keep cool

clay says to larrykn(9:27 AM):


larrykn says to Martha Sue(9:27 AM):

(}) have fun :D

clay says to larrykn(9:28 AM):

hopefully a busy day

Martha Sue says to larrykn(9:28 AM):


larrykn says to clay(9:29 AM):

I'm praying for you my friend :)

watson1 says(9:32 AM):

ok going to work ... can you hold the rv until 5 30 pm when i get off of work .?

subgirl says to watson1(9:32 AM):

:D 8-|

clay says to larrykn(9:33 AM):

thanks buddy we really need it

subgirl says to watson1(9:37 AM):

hope you have a good day at work! :)

clay says to watson1(9:40 AM):

later my friend

Josie says(9:48 AM):

BGG or RCookie, are you up for a quick question ?

larrykn says to Josie(9:49 AM):

don't think there here right now but you can ask maybe one of us can help :)

Josie says(9:49 AM):

Awhile back, (3 weeks or so?) there seemed to be quite a few articles referencing updating Iraq's credit rating. I haven't seen any since. I don't remember seeing any dates associated with when the new rating might be calibrated or released. Is a new better credit rating an important and additional piece of the puzzle comimg together or non consequential. ?

larrykn says to Josie(9:51 AM):

I don't think their credit rating as anything to do with what we are looking for, they have gotten everything they need done, we are just waiting on the courts to rule on that issue they had back in April and then parliment to pass and amend those laws need, after that the game is on :)

clay says to Josie(9:52 AM):

GM Im with you

clay says to Josie(9:52 AM):

havent seen anything on it since

clay says to Josie(9:53 AM):

Larry is right all is done w/IMF to get their loan

Josie says to clay(9:53 AM):

ok thank you for your time

clay says to Josie(10:00 AM):


popeye7 says(10:00 AM):


clay says to popeye7(10:00 AM):

GM buddy

popeye7 says to clay(10:09 AM):

Good morning clay... How are you bud?....''

clay says to popeye7(10:09 AM):

staying above water lol how have you been

(10:09 AM)viacuda was kicked out by viacuda!

clay says to popeye7(10:09 AM):

hot here today

clay says to popeye7(10:09 AM):

trying to rebuild practice until we RV

clay says to popeye7(10:10 AM):

which is hopefully here

popeye7 says to clay(10:10 AM):

Staying in the water... Last week was real nice here.. this week different story... Extremely hot..:o~(

popeye7 says to clay(10:10 AM):

Are you going to sell post RV?

popeye7 says to clay(10:12 AM):

Your business that is... I know you are going to see your Iraqi currency.. :D

(10:13 AM)plowboy was kicked out by plowboy!

popeye7 says to clay(10:15 AM):

With all of the great economic news coming in, it certainly seems we are entering the end of this era... By the way thanks to all of the great people who work hard to bring, decipher, and copy the news.. Appreciate you all... Thanks for this site as well... It is simply the best.. Better than all the rest.. (y)

larrykn says to popeye7(10:17 AM):

ty :)

clay says to popeye7(10:17 AM):

definitely retiring

popeye7 says to larrykn(10:17 AM):

You are welcome... (y)

popeye7 says to clay(10:18 AM):

I hear ya... May as well while you can.. Enjoy retirement while you are relatively young...

clay says to popeye7(10:19 AM):

heck hitting 60 Oct 30th

popeye7 says(10:19 AM):

Gotta go to work... Hope you all have a great day... God bless.. :)

popeye7 says to clay(10:21 AM):

That is not old... Look at Sylvester Stallone.. He is nearly 70... Man your golden years are ahead of you Clay.. Gonna fly now... (y)

subgirl says to popeye7(10:22 AM):

cya laters popeye!! make it a great day!!

chickadee says to larrykn(10:23 AM):

I thought all laws were aready passed

clay says to popeye7(10:24 AM):

very true

jarhead says(10:24 AM):

nothin like an entrance with a bang :D

jarhead says(10:24 AM):

gm gm gm

larrykn says to chickadee(10:24 AM):

no they have a few that needs to get passed and then some that need amending

clay says to jarhead(10:24 AM):

gm gm gm

jarhead says(10:25 AM):

passing amendments over there is like passing gas lol\

larrykn says to chickadee(10:25 AM):

all that can get done once Parliment meets again which will happen once the Courts decide on the issues that happened back in April

larrykn says to jarhead(10:27 AM):

gm jar :D

jarhead says(10:29 AM):

gm sir

diagyAAAE says(10:32 AM):

GM everyone!!!

diagyAAAE says(10:32 AM):

One day closer

clay says to diagyAAAE(10:33 AM):

hey buddy

larrykn says to diagyAAAE(10:33 AM):

gm :)

diagyAAAE says(10:36 AM):

Larry Clay what's up!?

chickadee says to larrykn(10:37 AM):

got it. Parliment dont meet till next month or has that changed

larrykn says to chickadee(10:38 AM):

as far as I know but they can meet at anytime,,, emergency meeting

larrykn says to diagyAAAE(10:39 AM):

just waiting for this to happen :)

larrykn says to chickadee(10:39 AM):

they do seem to be in a hurry for something these last few day :)

diagyAAAE says(10:40 AM):

i hear ya

rcookie says(10:40 AM):

US-Led Coalition Destroys Headquarters of Daesh 's Oil Ministry in Mosul

/2016 16:54 (Updated 16:56 23.06.2016) Get short URL

0 165 1 0

The US-led coalition against Daesh conducted 34 airstrikes against the terror group's positions in Syria and Iraq on Wednesday, and destroyed terrorists' oil headquarters, the US Central Command (CENTCOM) said in a press release.

US Ground Troops Participate in Operations Against Daesh in Iraqi Mosul

WASHINGTON (Sputnik) - In Iraq, 22 strikes hit Daesh's positions near eight cities, including Fallujah and Ramadi. The coalition destroyed Daesh command and control nodes, terrorists assembly areas and fighting positions, among other targets, CENTCOM stated.

"Near Mosul, eight strikes struck six separate ISIL [Daeshj] tactical units, an ISIL ministry of oil headquarters, and an ISIL VBIED [vehicle borne improvised explosive device] factory and destroyed three ISIL vehicles, two ISIL weapons caches, 10 ISIL assembly areas , two ISIL command and control nodes, and an ISIL tunnel entrance, "CENTCOM stated on Thursday.

In addition, the coalition carried out 12 airstrikes in Syria near the cities of Raqqa, Manbij and Mara, destroying Daesh tactical units and fighting positions, as well as bridges and vehicles, according to the release.

(10:40 AM)james1 was kicked out by james1!

(10:41 AM)beblessed was kicked out by beblessed!

chickadee says to larrykn(10:41 AM):


puffdragon says to larrykn(10:42 AM):

Thought I saw a couple of reports calling for the emergency meeting ? I think that was yesterday !

larrykn says to puffdragon(10:42 AM):

yes there were, I hope they do it :)

puffdragon says to larrykn(10:43 AM):

Thanks, thought I was loosing it :D

(10:44 AM)watson1 was kicked out by watson1!

rcookie says(10:50 AM):

‘ISIS members surrender before Iraqi forces in Qayyarah’

Jun 23, 2016

Elements of the Iraqi government forces. Archival photo.

Members of Iraqi government forces. Archival photo.

(IraqiNews.com) Nineveh – A security source in Nineveh province said on Thursday that the Anti-Terrorism Command carried out a military operation against ISIS at Qayyarah in Mosul, indicating that the ISIS members in the area have surrendered themselves before the security forces.

Revealing in details the source said, “A special force belonging to the Anti-Terrorism Directorate (Golden Division), based on accurate intelligence information, carried out a covert operation at the order of the Prime Minister at Qayyarah in Mosul, where a number of prominent ISIS leaders were present.”

“The force was surprised that the ISIS members surrendered themselves without much resistance, fearing the repetition of what happened to them in Fallujah,” the source added.

It is worth mentioning here that the Iraqi Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi announced last week about the launch of a military operation with an aim to liberate the area.

clay says to puffdragon(10:50 AM):

thought (lol)

clay says to rcookie(10:51 AM):

GM Good stuff

subgirl says to rcookie(10:51 AM):

WOW! very nice!!!

rcookie says to clay(10:51 AM):

GM CLAY!!..(y)

clay says to rcookie(10:51 AM):


rcookie says to subgirl(10:51 AM):


larrykn says to rcookie(10:52 AM):

and the beat goes on :)

subgirl says to rcookie(10:52 AM):

hello :) thanks for sharing!! love to hear about the defeat of Isis!!!!

chickadee says(10:52 AM):

keep getting kicked. going be one of those days

subgirl says to chickadee(10:52 AM):

hang in there :)

larrykn says to chickadee(10:53 AM):

did it hurt :D

subgirl says to larrykn(10:53 AM):

:D(lol) oh my lol

chickadee says to larrykn(10:54 AM):

yes missed got my back :'(

chickadee says to larrykn(10:54 AM):


larrykn says to chickadee(10:55 AM):


clay says to chickadee(10:56 AM):

lol GM

chickadee says to clay(10:59 AM):


da58 says(11:12 AM):

that's a very welcomed post! thx rcookie!

da58 says(11:27 AM):

when ISIS was rampant, I tried to convince of things like 'there will always be fighting... it's ok;... but, really never totally convinced myself as I tried to discount it all....... as they completed their checklist.. being a 'seperate' issue from the monetary reform.. even recently.. and it's tough to get it out of my mind. Seeing such fantastic progress tho - on the ISIS issue, more 'security', and now 'surrenders' - is INCREDIBLE to see - and look at this timing, as all seems to be winding into a thrilling grand finale... Many sides of Iraq progressing and getting it together - and all at the same time.

(11:28 AM)_firefly_ was kicked out by _firefly_!

BUCK says(11:32 AM):

all of daash in mosul surrendered????

subgirl says to da58(11:32 AM):

(y) yes!!! AMEN! exciting!

subgirl says(11:39 AM):


david334 says(11:44 AM):

Iraqs focus on economic diversification will benefit from the thoiusands of jobs lost in gulf state economies because of $50  



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