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Operation Disclosure: GCR/RV Intel Alert for August 14, 2018

RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT - August 14, 2018 (Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on intelligence leaks ...

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

IQD RV Update with OOTW: "International Tender"



OOTW (Wealthwatch)

Iraqi Dinar Revaluation and Global Currency Reset News | Dinar Chronicles

Courtesy of Dinar Guru

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log for Tuesday 5/31/16 - Part 8

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log

Part 8 - Featuring BGG, firefly & Poppy3

woodywoodpecker says(7:10 PM):

my granson is leaving for London from Houston. they were to fly to Dallas and the Lndon but the weather is too bad between Houston and Dallas so they are flying from Houston straight to London. they just took off.

woodywoodpecker says(7:10 PM):


BUCK says to MrsBGG(7:10 PM):

7:30 central????

sheila3 says to woodywoodpecker(7:11 PM):


BUCK says(7:11 PM):

right here in the chat room?

BUCK says(7:11 PM):

newstime with BGG??

BUCK says(7:11 PM):

sorry cant make it lmbo

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MrsBGG says to subgirl(7:12 PM):

Thank you !!

subgirl says to MrsBGG(7:12 PM):


MrsBGG says to subgirl(7:12 PM):


(7:17 PM)popeye7 was kicked out by popeye7!

sheila3 says to subgirl(7:20 PM):


MrsBGG says(7:22 PM):

Okay, we have bumped it up to 7:45 pm CST... thank you for your patience :)

MrsBGG says(7:22 PM):

NewsTime that is...

sheila3 says to MrsBGG(7:22 PM):


subgirl says to MrsBGG(7:22 PM):

Thank you!!! :)

MrsBGG says to subgirl(7:23 PM):

you are welcome :)

MrsBGG says to sheila3(7:23 PM):


MrsBGG says to subgirl(7:23 PM):

Thank you!!

subgirl says to MrsBGG(7:25 PM):

YVW :)

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subgirl says(7:26 PM):

NEWSTIME at 7:45pm CST :) with BGG!!!

sheila3 says to subgirl(7:27 PM):


subgirl says to sheila3(7:27 PM):


Hutch says(7:28 PM):

FOLKS BGG is getting news together, he says LOTS of INFO and has moved newstime to 7:45

subgirl says to Hutch(7:29 PM):


(7:32 PM)JoeM was kicked out by JoeM!

[7:26 PM] BGG: Let folks know I am getting some info together - will be about 15 min delay... like 7:45... too much info

Hutch says(7:40 PM):

NEWSTIME at 7:45pm CST with BGG!!!

(7:41 PM)Hutch changed nickname to .MOD.HutchBGGNEWSTIME!

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dwightj says(7:46 PM):

ok bgg kick it in gear

Hutch says to dwightj(7:47 PM):

He's getting the clutch adjusted, Its grinding a little:D

BGG says(7:48 PM):

OK here we go.

dwightj says(7:48 PM):


jimplants says(7:48 PM):


BGG says(7:48 PM):

Mrs BGG - would you mind saying a quick prayer to get us started off tonite??

MrsBGG says(7:48 PM):

Heavenly Father, we come to You by the Blood of Jesus! Thank You for Your Amazing Grace, Mercy, & Forgiveness (L) Thank You Holy Spirit for Your leading and guiding. Thank You for family and friends :) Thank You that You have plans of welfare and not of calamity. We pray for our country and leaders that You will continue to lead and protect them. We pray for others to come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and filled with the Holy Spirit. We pray for Your will to be done on earth as it is in Heaven. We pray that You bless each person here and their families. We give You all the Glory, HOnor, and Praise! In Jesus Name, Amen.

wilson6060 says(7:48 PM):


Hutch says(7:48 PM):


BGG says to dwightj(7:48 PM):

Hush it - we're praying.

BGG says(7:49 PM):


wvchsr says(7:49 PM):


Baxter says(7:49 PM):


Carl_H says(7:49 PM):


jtank says(7:49 PM):


sassy says(7:49 PM):


daytrader says(7:49 PM):


subgirl says(7:49 PM):

AMEN! :)

dale says(7:49 PM):


ronda says(7:49 PM):


wiley says(7:49 PM):


sheila3 says(7:49 PM):


1bobby says(7:49 PM):


JoeM says(7:49 PM):


jimplants says(7:49 PM):


rowdy says(7:49 PM):


chickadee says(7:49 PM):


willie60 says(7:49 PM):


hunter59 says(7:49 PM):


subgirl says(7:50 PM):

ok sheila its all yours!!! :) $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

sheila3 says to subgirl(7:50 PM):


Hutch says(7:50 PM):



wilson6060 says(7:50 PM):


BGG says to Hutch(7:51 PM):

Thanks - Great Job!!

BGG says(7:51 PM):

and to all the DU Contributors - THANKS...

cjquade54 says(7:51 PM):

missed it ... amen

BGG says(7:52 PM):

P.S. to our MODS - I sooooo apologize... we were going to have a MOD Call this weekend and I totally wiffed. That is on me... I was working so hard I couldn't breathe and forgot all about it...

BGG says(7:52 PM):

the good news is - I survived. We're all good!!

BGG says(7:52 PM):


Hutch says to BGG(7:53 PM):

(y) Im sure many were busy as well

sheila3 says to BGG(7:53 PM):


BGG says(7:53 PM):

and to all of our DU peeps...

BGG says(7:54 PM):

I got called out on an emergency run 1st thing this AM and didn't get back until late. Schedule got all messed up... but as I do this News Time (and after)... I'm working on the BLOG and The OBSERVER... (WITH SOME OBSERVATIONS)...

(7:55 PM)chickadee was kicked out by chickadee!

BGG says(7:56 PM):

I know I have been a little "light" in that department... but I have just recently (the last couple of days) been finishing up those big projects I mentioned so I can devote a little more time now... WHEW.

BGG says(7:56 PM):

On it now...

sassy says(7:56 PM):

BGG all is good. Life happens ya know

BGG says(7:57 PM):

there is sooooooooo much news - I don't know where to start...

BGG says(7:57 PM):

so in no particular order.

BGG says(7:58 PM):

(and BTW - I don't paint things "rosy" for any particular benefit. I reflect on things as I see it - currently. Period.)

BGG says(7:58 PM):

Here we go...

Hutch says to BGG(7:58 PM):

Thats a good thing !

BGG says(7:59 PM):

BTW - thanks to all the DU Contributors over on the FB Group as well... ROCKIN' BUNCH!!

BGG says(8:00 PM):

The House of Representatives, on Tuesday, (April 26, 2016).

15 deputies of the reform front will attend the session of parliament as opposition.

BGG says(8:02 PM):

Long-Presse / Baghdad

Announced a reform in the House of Representatives Front, said on Tuesday that about 15 deputies attending the parliamentary session scheduled for today, as oppositionThe MP said the front Fadel Kanani said in an interview to a number of media, including (range Press), "The Front discussed the two options on the parliament session today, including participating in a session chaired a House of Representatives with the exception of Salim al-Jubouri, or participate in the hearing Kmaatardan."...

BGG says(8:03 PM):

Still a lot of political wrangling going on - BUT IMHO - the "alliances" against reform and progress are failing daily...

Dinar Dave says to BGG(8:05 PM):

You do know what the date is today???

BGG says to Dinar Dave(8:06 PM):

Hold please.

Hutch says to Dinar Dave(8:06 PM):

Hang on until its time for questions, Please. Thanks

BGG says(8:07 PM):

War: The pleading of the Federal Court on 29/5 made a judgment soon

BGG says(8:08 PM):

Follow-up / Iraq today - Confirmed the legal expert Tareq Harb said the hearing conducted by the Federal Supreme Court on 05.29.2016 was almost close to resolving the case and semi-close in favor of one of the parties to the proceedings at the appeal hearings of Parliament for the month of April 2016, particularly after the agents parliament speaker presented photographs and CDs, documents and films attendees and non-attendees at those meetings are the subject of disagreement and the matter of the proceeding,

Which supports the point of view of the party and in exchange for that, the agents of the other party any front reformist and sitters to hasten to refute the conclusions reached and the agents of the other party so that said Mlhozathm these documents and share some MPs from the Reform attending mass, said the war

"where asked permission of Representatives of the Court to talk, and after the court authorized them spoke MP architecture Ihsanoglu one Governing Council of Representatives on the list that includes the signatures of Representatives, which exceeds the quorum here responded agents other party that signed something and the audience is something else...

BGG says(8:10 PM):

Here's the deal... (on this piece...)

BGG says(8:10 PM):

This Fed Court decision is a big deal...

BGG says(8:11 PM):

sounds like a lot of back and forth (again) - BUT...

BGG says(8:14 PM):

It appears as though they are very close to advertising their decision... those speaking for Jubouri had to resort to providing "HARD EVIDENCE" - (because all these d0@$c43 BAGS are ALL LIARS... and the SJC sounds like it will side with Jubouri.

BGG says(8:17 PM):

This is a classic battle between "the sitters" (aka - Maliki sycophants) and the Abadi GOI... the bad guys - who have been at the "trough of corruption" are having a terrible time letting to... JUST SELL ON LETGO!!

BGG says(8:17 PM):


(8:18 PM)luckyone was kicked out by luckyone!

(8:19 PM)pvconnie was kicked out by pvconnie!

(8:19 PM)sagecanyon was kicked out by sagecanyon!

BGG says(8:20 PM):

Jubouri declared al-Jubouri, from the end of the legislative term and stands ready for any emergency session

(8:20 PM)patti was kicked out by patti!

BGG says(8:21 PM):

House of Representatives ended its session today in the dismissal of the current legislative to enter into the legislative Attlath which lasts one month after reduced from two months.

The House of Representatives held a special meeting chaired by Salim al-President of the Council and the presence of 161 deputies on Tuesday, to discuss the general situation in the country.

At the outset of the session Jubouri announced the second legislative term ends within the second legislative year on holiday today and according to the constitutional and legislative materials.

He commended the Speaker of Parliament to attend the House of Representatives and the role of the special parliamentary committee to hold the meeting in Hawwartha with the various parliamentary blocs, "noting that" the existence and meetings dialogues with a number of objectors Representatives Awalven within [Front reform] [Representatives of the protesters], where we have received positive signals to resume entering the meetings of the Council and to move the process of reform and activating the role of the Council. "...

BGG says(8:21 PM):

My commentary about this is really two-fold...

BGG says(8:22 PM):

1) What does he know - that we don't - leading him to leave open the option of an "emergency session"... that sounds pretty BIG... if you ask me.

BGG says(8:23 PM):

2) they want to get this reform process started SOON... approve the Cabinet and activate their role...

BGG says(8:24 PM):

this means the cabinet has relatively ineffective or non-existent for a while...

BGG says(8:25 PM):

BTW - there are only 2 ways to introduced new laws correctly - 1) via the CoM (the Cabinet) 2) via the PoR - Fuad Massoum (aka - worthless as 7!7s on a BULL)... :D

BGG says(8:26 PM):

so they really - really - really need this CoM to get approved, ACTIVATED and operational SOON.

BGG says(8:26 PM):

and it looks like they will.

Hutch says(8:27 PM):


Hutch says(8:29 PM):


Martha Sue says(8:29 PM):


Hutch says to Martha Sue(8:30 PM):


Martha Sue says(8:30 PM):

will it just be for an extended period that will be the "special emergency meeting?" ... or as long as necessary to get it done??

Martha Sue says(8:30 PM):

hope that made sense?

Martha Sue says(8:31 PM):

I know it says they shortened the 2 month thing to 30 days ... and does it mean that they can have an emergency meeting at any time as needed during the next 30 days?

BGG says(8:31 PM):

It does.

Martha Sue says(8:32 PM):

DANG wish it would start at midnight tonight! :D

Martha Sue says(8:32 PM):

thanks BGG

BGG says(8:32 PM):

It's not an "official" emergency session - it's him telling them he is "ready, willing and able" to call them back at a moments notice.

BGG says(8:32 PM):

under the "emergency guidelines"...

Martha Sue says(8:33 PM):

and if they don't all show up when called for that emergency meeting ... do they forfeit because of not having a quoram?

BGG says(8:33 PM):

not an official status as of now - but VERY CURIOUS he would put this out there...

Martha Sue says(8:33 PM):

I thought so too

Hutch says to BGG(8:33 PM):

He opened the door for it ... if needed

BGG says to Hutch(8:34 PM):


maine says(8:34 PM):

he obviously wanted it known

BGG says to maine(8:34 PM):


BGG says to maine(8:34 PM):

but why?

maine says(8:35 PM):

part of the process

maine says(8:35 PM):

letting the IMF know they are on it

BGG says to maine(8:36 PM):

They better - also curious - is the timing of these VERY agressive moves against ISIS are so curious...

BGG says to maine(8:37 PM):

Big money steps in - it's all "you-know-what's and ELBOWS"...

BGG says to maine(8:37 PM):


maine says(8:37 PM):

again they need to wrap up the insecurity

BGG says to maine(8:38 PM):

looking very curious on that front... why??

BGG says to maine(8:38 PM):


maine says(8:39 PM):

the RV needs to happen

Hutch says(8:39 PM):


Hutch says(8:40 PM):


sassy says(8:43 PM):

potty break lol

maine says(8:43 PM):

hey sassy

(8:44 PM)JoeM was kicked out by JoeM!

(8:44 PM)wilson6060 was kicked out by wilson6060!

(8:45 PM)luckyone was kicked out by luckyone!

_firefly_ says(8:45 PM):

I'm assuming Martha Sue was talking about Ramadan?

_firefly_ says(8:45 PM):

just walked in :)

poppy123 says(8:46 PM):


_firefly_ says(8:46 PM):


(8:46 PM)Baxter was kicked out by Baxter!

woodywoodpecker says(8:46 PM):

hi Fly

maine says(8:46 PM):

the holiday should have no effect on the reforms

maine says(8:47 PM):

they work during that holiday

_firefly_ says(8:47 PM):

The world does not stop because of Ramadan !

maine says(8:47 PM):


(8:47 PM)wilson6060 was kicked out by wilson6060!

_firefly_ says to maine(8:47 PM):

Correct, they have worked through every Ramadan for years

Martha Sue says to _firefly_(8:47 PM):

didn't know that's what I was talking about! :D ... just that they said they shortened the 2 month time of being off to 30 days of being off and then the emergency meeting aspect!

BGG says(8:47 PM):

OK - I'm back...

_firefly_ says to Martha Sue(8:48 PM):

Those people don't know what they are talking about ... PERIOD

BGG says(8:48 PM):

Urgent Cabinet approves the Supreme Judicial Council Act

BGG says(8:49 PM):

{Baghdad: Euphrates News} cabinet today approved the draft of the Supreme Judicial Council Act, which Dqgah the State Consultative Council.

A source in the council told {Euphrates News} "The Council approved the referred the bill to the House of Representatives based on the provisions of Articles {61 / I and item 80 / item II} of the Constitution, taking into consideration ray General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers ..itba ..

(8:49 PM)JoeM was kicked out by JoeM!

(8:50 PM)eaglesrest was kicked out by eaglesrest!

BGG says(8:51 PM):

This bit is interesting (I'm not convinced it is the "official" Fed Court law... HOWEVER, the fact they are progressing on this front is just more and more and more evidence things are moving in the right direction (finally)...

BGG says(8:52 PM):

I ran across this commentary a couple of weeks ago and have been wanting to share it ever since...

BGG says(8:52 PM):

and Iraqi writer talked about the 4 pieces of legislation that would move Iraq forward.

BGG says(8:53 PM):


BGG says(8:54 PM):

it is just observation by an Iraqi as to what would help move things forward.

BGG says(8:54 PM):

1) Amnesty Law

BGG says(8:54 PM):

2) HCL (how they divide the oil revenues)...

BGG says(8:54 PM):

3) Fed Court Act

BGG says(8:54 PM):

4) Civil Service Act...

BGG says(8:56 PM):

and BTW - none of the above happen without an effective and FUNCTIONING CoM (Council of Ministers) which is what Abadi is fighting tooth and nail for - and the Dawa Party / SLC / Maliki thugs are fighting AGAINST.

BGG says(8:57 PM):

Here's another quickie...

BGG says(8:57 PM):

Iraqi raid kills senior Daash leaders and burning 6 billion of their money in the existing [Extended]


BGG says(8:57 PM):

Why the BIG PUSH TO burn thier money?? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

jtank says(8:58 PM):


BGG says(8:58 PM):

6 Bil seems like a small number to be all "ha ha ha" about... UNLESS??? It's not really 6 bil?? (future value)

BGG says(8:58 PM):

Here it is...

(8:58 PM)Julio was kicked out by Julio!

BGG says(8:58 PM):

They know...

BGG says(8:58 PM):

We know...

BGG says(8:59 PM):

and they know we know...

Bookumdano says(8:59 PM):

Like I said yesturday thats one way to reduce the note count.

BGG says to Bookumdano(8:59 PM):

Yup - BURN IT...

BGG says to Bookumdano(8:59 PM):


jtank says(8:59 PM):


BGG says to Bookumdano(8:59 PM):

why would they care??

Hutch says(9:00 PM):


(9:00 PM)watson1 was kicked out by watson1!

BGG says(9:00 PM):

One more piece - if I don't keep on, I'll be here all nite... :D

BGG says(9:00 PM):

Thus, Ethel Nujaifi's response to the arrest warrant against him

Read More: http://www.dinarupdates.com/showthre...nt-against-him

BGG says(9:01 PM):

This is a BOMB-SHELL...

BGG says(9:01 PM):

the key phrase...

feebslayer says(9:02 PM):


BGG says(9:03 PM):

The magazine Foreign Policy of America revealed, Monday, documents seized by the CIA in a US-Iraqi raid in 2010 and published in the Combating Terrorism Center at West Point Center for the military indicated that some Sunni politicians prominent in Iraq, such as Ethel Najafi, Rafie al-Issawi and Deldara Zebari and others collaborated with what was called the Islamic State of Iraq in 2009...

BGG says(9:03 PM):

This was kind of curious...

_firefly_ says(9:04 PM):

Interesting indeed !

BGG says(9:04 PM):

the Iraqi GOI seems to be "gloming onto" some report out of the US about these characters having somehow involved with ISIS as far back as 2009...

BGG says(9:05 PM):

which is a little absurd.

BGG says(9:06 PM):

stunning they are attacking the Nujafi family (because they might not be able to get to Osama) - Issawi (a Sunni) and Zebari...

BGG says(9:06 PM):

it all takes me back a bit...

BGG says(9:06 PM):

because it has to be some typo - there was no ISIS in 2009.

BGG says(9:06 PM):

there were Sunnis... NO ISIS.

BGG says(9:07 PM):

and if they are saying this with a straight face - this is more Maliki BS.

BGG says(9:07 PM):


subgirl says(9:07 PM):


Hutch says to subgirl(9:07 PM):


subgirl says(9:07 PM):

fighting to get reforms voted on, they have parliment with quorums but do not vote on the reforms..... IYO why do you think this is happening?

subgirl says(9:08 PM):

and thank you :)

BGG says to subgirl(9:08 PM):

Bad actors fighting for thier lives.

subgirl says(9:08 PM):

Thanks! :)

BGG says to subgirl(9:08 PM):

(their) woops...

Hutch says to BGG(9:08 PM):


BGG says to Hutch(9:08 PM):


Hutch says to BGG(9:09 PM):


Hutch says to BGG(9:09 PM):


BGG says to Hutch(9:09 PM):

that is also a good point.

BGG says to Hutch(9:09 PM):

these guys are fighting for their immunity as well.

BGG says to Hutch(9:09 PM):

which may well be revoked before it's all over.

Hutch says to BGG(9:10 PM):


BGG says(9:10 PM):

Next piece...

BGG says(9:10 PM):

Cracked front rioters Representatives and the defection of eight of its members

sassy says(9:11 PM):

please let it.be

BGG says(9:11 PM):

A source in the National Alliance, on Monday, for the dissidents of reform Front parliamentary deputies names, while the likely existence of a political deal signed between them and Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri.

The source said in a press statement that "Eight MPs from the Reform Front parliamentary announced the dissidents of the House of Representatives of the protesters and joining up with the clinging quota system of political blocs, as well as attending the session of parliament was held on Sunday, and the people who helped achieve a quorum," likely "the existence of a political deal between the dissident MPs and parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri. "...

jtank says(9:11 PM):

thx for the great newstime- DU #1

BGG says(9:11 PM):

Uh oh!!!

(9:11 PM)feebslayer was kicked out by feebslayer!

BGG says(9:12 PM):

SLC / Maliki / "the sitters" - are losing peeps daily!!

BGG says(9:12 PM):


Hutch says(9:13 PM):


BGG says(9:13 PM):

they can put this "cry baby" spin on it all they want about some "secret agreement" between these 8 and Jubouri all they want - they will lose. It was going to happen all along.

BGG says(9:13 PM):

OK - I have one more...

BGG says(9:14 PM):

I'll just put it on THE BLOG in a few...

Hutch says(9:14 PM):


Hutch says(9:18 PM):


sassy says(9:18 PM):

Hutch BGG thank you for your time

Hutch says(9:18 PM):


Martha Sue says to BGG(9:19 PM):

Thanks buddy

watson1 says(9:19 PM):


watson1 says(9:19 PM):


subgirl says to BGG(9:19 PM):

Thank you so much for a great NEWSTIME!!! :)

magnetlady says(9:19 PM):

watson1 give me a few minutes an I'll post the colored newstime link.

Hutch says to watson1(9:20 PM):


watson1 says(9:20 PM):


Continue to Part 9
 | Link to Part 1

"Nescient" - RV Definition Update - 5.31.16 (9)

Nescient: lacking knowledge; ignorant.

"PSYOPS" - RV Definition Update - 5.31.16 (9)

PSYOPS or Psychological Operations

Planned operations to convey selected information and indicators to foreign audiences to influence their emotions, motives, objective reasoning, and ultimately the behavior of foreign governments, organizations, groups, and individuals. The purpose of all PSYOPS or psychological operations is to induce and reinforce inaccurate information thus creating a favorable behavior and outcome according to the originator's objective.

"The Significance of June 4th" - Guest Post by Hope for the World

Entry Submitted by Hope for the World:

“The Significance of June 4th” by Hope for the World

The upcoming date of June 4, 2016 has a number of highly significant events attached to it, so much so, in fact, it seems unlikely that it will pass just like any other day. Let’s take a look.

-- First, at dawn of June 4th there are three coinciding astronomical phenomena of cosmic and esoteric significance:

1) New Moon of Silvan appearing in the Pleiades

2) Superior conjunction of the Sun and Venus (Venus will be exactly behind the Sun) in the Pleiades

3) Grand Cross between four major planets in the signs of Ezekiel’s Chariot: the New Moon and Venus in the Bull; Jupiter and the North Node (destiny) in the Lion; Saturn, or the gatekeeper of knowledge, in the Eagle or rising phoenix; and Neptune, the master of transcendent bridge of the soul, in the sign of man or the Messiah, the Water Bearer.

[Ezekiel 1:10 “As for the likeness of their faces, they four had the face of a man, and the face of a lion, on the right side: and they four had the face of an ox on the left side; they four also had the face of an eagle.”]

Borrowing some insight into this scriptural phenomena from the Kabbalah Astrologywebsite:

“The four animals of Ezekiel’s chariot were part of an alignment featured in Gaspar’s work that would signal an impending pole shift at the transition of the ages.

“In his book the Celestial clock, Dr. Gaspar reveals that St. John was schooled in celestial mechanics and used meaningful astrological signs and symbols to develop a simple yet sophisticated weather warning system. In this end-time prophecy scenario, he used the animal signs of the Zodiac – the bull, eagle, lion and scorpion – to direct us to specific constellations in the night sky. For that cataclysm will be activated, Gaspar learned, in the “crossing” of these four cardinal compass points as they simultaneously over lay and converge upon the center axis of our galaxy, sun and earth thereby shaking the world tree to the ground, literally.” – John Jay Harper, Tranceformers: Shamans of the 21st century p. 170

“The grand cross at Ezekiel’s chariot takes place on the new moon of Sivan in the Pleiades. One week later is the festival of Shavuot or Pentecost, on June 13.

“In the NBC series Heroes Reborn, June 13 is the date around which much of the show revolves that redefines the relationship between evolved humans and those who seek to control humanity by demonizing and squelching the possibility of evolution whilst building for themselves means of escaping the coming earth changes by co-opting the evolved humans’ powers.

“In order to save the future, key characters aware of the plot travel back in time toJune 13 to attempt to change the course of events – without stepping on butterflies – so that the evolved humans can carry out their mission for which they were planted on earth – to hold down poles of the new earth as the earth goes through a pole reversal.

The pole reversal and the evolution (“Alice through the Looking Glass”) are two sides of the same coin. Thus Alice on the Economist cover in November 2015 begins a process by which the events of June 13 can be channeled for birth rather than destruction. The merkabah/light body serves as an ark to traverse the waves of change by means of drawing other dimensions down to earth through the looking glass.”

-- Some scholars consider June 4th to be the real end date of the Mayan Long Count calendar, calling it “Ascension Day.”

-- The Grand Cross perfects on June 4th at 11 PM Washington, DC time and sees Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune all impacting on the Ascendant of the horoscope of the USA. Multiple planets to the USA Ascendant have historically coincided with pivotal political events. The Saturn Pluto opposition across the Ascendant/Descendant timed the September 11, 2001 attacks. The Ascendant represents national projection and global positioning, and ‘establishment’ Saturn suggests a conservative outlook ahead.

-- And lastly, June 4th, 2016 is the date Isaac Newton wrote that 49 years from June 5, 1967 would be a important date. Newton wrote of his belief that the Messiah would return 49 years after Jerusalem was built, that according to his understanding, 2016 would be the year of Christ’s physical return to the earth – after the Tribulation.

So, what’s really up with this June 4th date? Seems like a lot is predicted to occur all on one day, a bit too much for coincidence. Anyone have any thoughts about this?

"Who Is Right: High Rates or Low Rates?" - Guest Post by OWB

Entry Submitted by One Who Believes:

Who Is Right: High Rates or Low Rates?

After listening to several "intel" calls, it is clear that the gauntlet has been thrown and sides have been taken. Are the Rates "Regular" low rates or are they Amazingly High Rates? At this point, it really doesn't matter. You don't have to worry about who to believe about the rates and which intel provider is right. Let me explain.

There is no concern about how much more currency you need to get based on the expected rates. At this point, you already have all the currency in hand that you will be exchanging. That is already over and settled.

The only question is how much money you will end up with after the exchange. That can't be decided right now. You will only know the true, real rates when you are sitting in front of the Banker at your exchange and you have 3 things going for you on that:

#1) You have the Currency and are a full fledged participant in the largest economic event in the history of the Planet. Everyone agrees on this.
#2) You are paying attention to the unfolding events and are reading posts like this one. This will entitle you to early higher rates. Everyone agrees on this as well.
#3) The more money you get from your currency exchange, the more money the Bank gets. Since it is not their money in the first place, the more you ask for, the more of the "Elder's" money the Bank will get through your exchange. In short they want you to get as much money as you can. The more money you get, the better.
This is where it gets interesting. There seems to be a common theme in this exchange, which is "Those who know what to do, get the advantage."
a) Those who knew about the RV/GCR got the currency. The actual advantage was in knowing about this event and sticking with it. This makes sense.
b) Those who were paying attention to the process, get the early higher rates. The advantage comes from keeping up with the process no matter how long it has taken. This makes sense.
c) And now we hear that those who ask for the "Sovereign Rates" get the amazingly high rates. This advantage comes from knowing that these high rates do exist and knowing that you must ask for them specifically. This makes sense.
This doesn't seem out of place at all. It has always been about those who know, get the advantage. I'm sure if the Bankers had their way, they would tell everyone about the Sovereign Rates. But, it is not their money and it seems that they are only allowed to show them to you and offer them, only if and when you ask for them. Asking proves that you are in the know and aware of what is going on. This makes sense because if I were the Chinese, I would only what that huge money going to those who actually know what is going on, and have the courage to ask for them. That automatically weeds out the everyday person who is clueless about this process or afraid of getting big money.

So, here we are at the main question at hand. "Are there really high Sovereign Rates, like some intel providers suggest, or are the rates low as the other side claims?" Luckily, You don't have to know that answer now. All you need to know is when you are sitting in front of the Banker at the exchange center, you ask this question: "Do you have Sovereign Rates and if so, I would like to get them." Then and ONLY then, will you really know who was right about the rates.

In short, it doesn't matter in the least right now, who is right about the rates. All that really matters is when you are in front of the Banker, you ask THE KEY QUESTION: "Do you have Sovereign Rates and Can I Have Them?"

The only other information you should know is that only the Off-Site Exchange Centers will be able to offer the High Rates. (Don’t expect to get the Sovereign Rates at a "Regular" Bank location (Unless You are in Canada, so I hear).

Just Remember: "Ask The Question!!!!!"

Simple as that.

Signed: "One Who Believes"

Philip Tilton - Moving Fast No More Pit Stops 3

Iran, Iraq Sign MoU for Bilateral Cooperation

Chairman of the Joint Chamber of Commerce signed between Iran, Iraq, and President of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Agriculture in the province of Ilam (western Iran) a memorandum of understanding for bilateral cooperation.

The MoU was signed yesterday evening Fadhil Hamdani messenger from Iraq and Vrun Shaaban, head of the Chamber of Commerce in Ilam.

The head of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Agriculture (LTTE) on the sidelines of the ceremony, the memo include the development and expansion of trade, investment and joint scientific, economic and technical cooperation between the two parties.
Added Shaaban Vrun The memo also states to send trade delegations to the two countries, along with implementation and to participate in the organization of specialized exhibitions in Iran and Iraq, in order to improve economic cooperation.

He stressed that the exact and continued implementation of the Memorandum of Understanding, a positive step to support the relations between border provinces in Iran and Iraq.

BLC ​News and Comments w/ BondLady, tlm724 for 5-31-16

Bond Lady's Corner 5-31-16

News & Comments with 
BondLady & tlm724

Iraq looks to export five million barrels of oil in June to pay dues global companies

Author: HAA, HH Editor: BK, HH 05/30/2016 18:09 Long-Presse / Baghdad
It revealed on exports of Iraqi oil sources, on Monday, for the determination of Iraq to export five million barrels to its customers during the month of June, while attributed the reason to the "pressures faced by the international oil companies operating in the fields to pay their dues before obtaining the IMF loan."

Iraq is the second largest oil producer in OPEC, and is working with other members of the organization, such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the UAE and Iran, to increase their oil exports during the third quarter of the current 2016, as Iraq is trying to overcome the standard rate of current exports amounting to up to three million and 370 thousand barrels per day, through next June,

so Havea footsteps of other oil producers in the Middle East to increase their shares in the market ahead of the meeting of the Organization of petroleum exporting countries members (OPEC) early this month.

According to three sources familiar with oil, followed up (range Press), the Iraqi Oil Marketing Company (SOMO), has allocated five million barrels of additional Basra Light crude, to be downloaded during the month of June, for the benefit of partners from the oil producers working in Iraq, such as Petro Jayna and Italy's ENI and Russian Lukoil.

It is noteworthy that Iraq reimburse dues international oil companies which signed a service contract with them, with crude oil rather than cash, as a result of falling oil prices, and caused its budget deficit.

The news agency Reuters, from a petroleum sources, as I followed (the long-Presse), as saying that "a matter of the anticipated increase in June exports related causes pressure by the oil companies, which calls for entitlement according to its contracts with SOMO," adding that "Iraq has a commitment to pay the dues of oil companies as a condition of granting a loan of the international Monetary Fund. "

It is noteworthy that Iraq is seeking international loans of $ 15 billion soft interest, to overcome the financial crisis caused by the deterioration of world oil prices and the repercussions of the war against the (Daash). LINK

[tlm724] Iraq looks to export five million barrels of oil in June *wolfwhistle* dayum


Union of Kurdistan : Kurds lost their pressure on the government to return their deputies to Baghdad

BAGHDAD / tomorrow Press: The President of the Kurdistan Islamic Union 's parliamentary bloc, Muthana Amin, on Monday, that the Kurds lost their paper pressure on the Iraqi government to return their deputies to Baghdad . Amin said at a news conference in Sulaimaniyah, he followed "Tomorrow Press","

the return of the House of Representatives Kurds without Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi undertake anything of the blocks Kurdistan we have lost our paper the pressure on Baghdad."

he added ,"we demanded to hold a serious meeting with al - Abadi to implement our conditions, but that did not happen, and it should be on the rest of the Kurdish blocs to go back to Baghdad now."

the Secretary, said that "there are a lot of outstanding issues between Baghdad and Erbil , and we did not intend to strike from attending parliament sessions, "adding, "but we are committed not to weaken the Kurdish row in Iraq. "He said" Baghdad has not announced its intention to grant the province of Kurdistan share of the money provided to Iraq international bodies", stressing" it should be on the Kurdish blocs not to miss this historic opportunity." LINK

[tlm724] we demanded to hold a serious meeting with al - Abadi to implement our conditions, but that did not happen, and it should be on the rest of the Kurdish blocs to go back to Baghdad now .

[tlm724] the Secretary, said that "there are a lot of outstanding issues between Baghdad and Erbil , and we did not intend to strike from attending parliament sessions , "adding," but we are committed not to weaken the Kurdish row in Iraq."

He said "Baghdad has not announced its intention to grant the province of Kurdistan share of the money provided to Iraq international bodies ",stressing" it should be on the Kurdish blocs not to miss this historic opportunity.


Iraq launches next Thursday, the first development of its kind in the region Management System

History of edits:: 31.5.2016 12:11 Baghdad} Euphrates News launches the Ministry of Planning, on Thursday, development management system, which is the first of its kind in Iraq and the region.

According to a ministry statement, received by the agency {Euphrates News}, a copy of it, it "will be held next Thursday expanded conference, to launch a development management system which is the first of its kind in Iraq and the region, as well as the launch of work system work standard documents for the management of government contracts in Iraq . " .

He pointed out that the conference "will be held at ten o'clock in the morning in a conference good hotel, under the auspices of Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi" .anthy


[tlm724] launches the Ministry of Planning, on Thursday, development management system, which is the first of its kind in Iraq and the region.

[tlm724] as well as the launch of work system work standard documents for the management of government contracts in Iraq .

[tlm724] lemme check the MOP site real quick justa sec

[tlm724] ok got it

Planning Minister ... announces the completion of the draft national development administration (IDMS) with support from the US Agency for Development

Websites 18 May, 2016
Mr. Minister of Planning Dr. Salman al-Jumaili announced that the ministry has completed the draft national development administration (IDMS) with support from the US Agency for Development,

which is the first of its kind in Iraq and help the government on the management of financial resources by about sound and improve the level of performance in providing better services to citizens and to achieve transparency and the fight against corruption and provide the exact mechanisms in the follow-up projects

and determine the percentage of completion and the deviation in the implementation process, noting that the Ministry of planning and worked on this project for several years, as it has been the training of 932 trainees from various ministries and provinces to work on the application of this system,

which represents one of the important staff in the application of e-government as well as being It is one of the basic tools in the process of administrative reform and financial in Iraq.

​He called Jumaili ministries and provinces to the formation of specialized units application development management system in Iraq in order to provide the appropriate conditions for the work of micro-mechanisms provided by this system, adding that the ministry will hold an expanded conference at the end of this month to launch the development management program in Iraq


[tlm724] with support from the US Agency for Development

[tlm724] which is the first of its kind in Iraq and help the government on the management of financial resources

[tlm724] to achieve transparency and the fight against corruption and provide the exact mechanisms

[tlm724] theres the transparency on a national level the IMF requires Wink

[tlm724] well done Iraq !


Two banks and the Department of the care of minors buying treasury remittances worth 400 billion dinars

Baghdad / Ibrahim Ibrahim Central Bank of Iraq, announced on Monday, the two banks and the Department of the care of minors bought remittances treasury $ 400 billion dinars, noting that the number of participants in the auction amounted to three participants, while noting economists that the process continued selling national bonds will provide cash flow to the government on an ongoing basis and the shrinking ratio the deficit in the federal budget.

the central bank said in a statement the " long "received a copy of it, that" banks and circle the care of minors purchased through public auction conducted by the central bank on behalf of the Ministry of Finance remittances treasury $ 400 billion dinars , "noting that" the duration of the assignment amounting to 364 days. "

Central and added that" the two banks and the care of minors bought the entire assignment and the highest price , "adding that" in the auction the number of participants reached three participants. "

for his part, economist Mustafa Mohamed Habib, in an interview for the " long ", said " the financial crisis taking place in the government , which paid for the issuance of national bonds to repay debt and provide liquidity they need to walk everyday transactions."

He added that " the sale of national bonds will contribute effectively in providing liquidity in excess of investment opportunities for the citizens and the mobilization of local segments of the market which is considered semi - currently suspended . "

said Habib said" the government motivate businesses and citizens toward the purchase of national bonds in excess of the Optional and safe savings process as well as the calculation of a good utility and content for a specific period the price. "

He said the " government will be able to provide internal cash flow without relying on foreign loans that require activated the application of unfair conditions against some sectors of the economy. "

He stressed the beloved" The budget deficit, which amounted to approximately 25 trillion dinars Shell local market movement requires finding outlets to provide liquidity to the government by borrowing from the central bank to activate the industrial, agricultural and tourism sectors. "

The the care of minors Department in the Ministry of Labour and social Affairs announced on Wednesday (01.07.2016), for realizing the benefits of cash "rewarding" to slice the minors in an auction of treasury transfers the Iraqi Central Bank and Ministry of Finance exceeded one billion dinars in 2014, while shown that these profits are added periodically to the minors deposited in the department 's account.

according to the public debt Act , which authorized the Ministry of Finance remittances Treasury guaranteed issuance by the Government of Iraq, the Iraqi Central Bank as agent financially to Ministry of Finance auctions remittances treasury management of the Government of Iraq on behalf of the Ministry of Finance , which will , according to selectors the annual budget by issuing treasury remittances for the purposes of government funding law. LINK

tlm724 Central and added that" the two banks and the care of minors bought the entire assignment and the highest price , "adding that" in the auction the number of participants reached three participants. "

3 participants, hmmm not much interest at the present time


Foreign exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar on Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Economy Since 05/31/2016 08:35 pm (Baghdad time) BAGHDAD - balances News

U.S. dollar
US $ 1 = 1,169.4500 Iraqi dinars
1 Iraqi dinars = US $ 0.0009 affraid affraid afraid

1 euro = Iraqi dinars 1,304.0531
IQD 1 = 0.0008 euros

Sterling pound
IQD 1 = 0.0006 pounds

Canadian Dollar
1 CAD = 897.8848 dinars
IQD 1 = 0.0011 Canadian dollars

Australian Dollar
1 AUD = 846.8323 dinars
IQD 1 = 0.0012 Australian dollars

Japanese Yen
1 Japanese Yen = 10.5266 dinars
IQD 1 = 0.0950 Japanese yen


tlm724 MOF May 31, 2016 1182.00

tlm724 May 31, 2016

Currency exchange rates against the Iraqi dinar by what we received from the Iraqi market to sell the currency

BAGHDAD - The Journal News It amounted to sell the currency for this Alayom rates, Tuesday, according to what we received from the sale of the currency market:

U.S. dollar
US $ 1 = 1,169.4500 Iraqi dinars
1 Iraqi dinars = US $ 0.0009

1 euro = Iraqi dinars 1,304.0531
IQD 1 = 0.0008 euros

Sterling pound
£ 1 = 1,718.5941 Iraqi dinars
IQD 1 = 0.0006 pounds

Canadian Dollar
1 CAD = 897.8848 dinars
IQD 1 = 0.0011 Canadian dollars

Australian Dollar

1 AUD = 846.8323 dinars
IQD 1 = 0.0012 Australian dollars

Japanese Yen

1 Japanese Yen = 10.5266 dinars
IQD 1 = 0.0950 Japanese yen



Bix Weir - Unite to Defeat Rothchild's Puppet

I sat down to discuss the state or our battles to remove the Bad Guys with Sean over at SGTreport.com and you can find that interview here:

Unite to Defeat Rothchild's Puppet - Bix Weir

Sean and I go way back in this battle against the Bad Guys. Our first interview was in February of 2011 and back then the Road to Roota Theory was seen as being "the fringe of the fringe" claiming that their were Good Guys looking to destroy the Banking Cabal and our controllers by crashing the US Dollar and the global monetary system.

Now it's common knowledge...at least within clued in crowd.

Here is that first interview we did in 2011...

After the Crash - Part 1

After the Crash - Part 2

After the Crash - Part 3

We are at the End of this multi-decade plan to take down the banking cabal and return to our Constitutional form of Government...keep an eye out for more action on our Road To rootA!

May the Road you choose be the Right Road.

Bix Weir

How the Petrodollar Lived in Secrecy for Over 40 Years

The Fascinating Story Of How The Petrodollar Was Born And Lived In Secrecy For Over 40 Years

Submitted by Tyler Durden on 05/31/2016 14:32 -0400

For decades, the story of Saudi Arabia recycling petrodollars, i.e., funding the US deficit by buying US Treasuries with proceeds of its crude oil sales (mostly to the US), while the US sweetened the deal by providing the Saudis with military equipment and supplies, remained entirely in the conspiracy realm, with no confirmation or official statement from the US Treasury department.

Now, that particular "theory" becomes the latest fact, thanks to a fascinating story by Bloomberg which gives the background and details of secret meeting between then-US Treasury secretary William Simon and his deputy, Gerry Parsky, and members of the Saudi ruling elite, and lays out the history of how the petrodollar was born.
Here is the background:

Source: Zero Hedge

"220 Points About the Cabal" - Tues. PM TNT Thoughts/News



The 220 points about the Cabal sounds a little far fetched, but on the other hand, I don't know how anyone could sit down and make all of that kind of stuff up while keeping it lined up with the current events we can see everyday?

This site shows July 6, 2016 as start date of Ramadan

Some say Ramadan will have no affect on the RV, others think it will

Ramadan in 2016 will start on Monday, the 6th of June and will continue for 30 days until Tuesday, the 5th of July. A holiday begins on the sunset of the previous day, so observing Muslims will celebrate Ramadan on the sunset of Sunday, the 5th of June.
Although Ramadan is always on the same day of the Islamic calendar, the date on the Gregorian calendar varies from year to year, since the Gregorian calendar is a solar calendar and the Islamic calendar is a lunar calendar.

This difference means Ramadan moves in the Gregorian calendar approximately 11 days every year. The date of Ramadan may also vary from country to country depending on whether the moon has been sighted or not.

Saudi Arabia plans $15 billion bond sale to raise cash May 31 12:10pm:​ Saudi Arabia is planning to hit up the international bond markets fo​r cash for the first time ever....


All my bags are packed I’m ready to go. I’m standing here outside your Door. Already in my bank clothes you made me buy. So kiss me and grant my plea, let me know we have RV’d. Hold those rates so high, I’ll start to cry. Then I’ll be leaving on a jet plane, as all my doubters, drown in their disdain. Oh Babe, It’s great to go. So many times I’ve heard your sound, then find you crashed right to the ground. But finally, now, it’s time to set you free…yada yada yada.

"Waiting for 800 Numbers" - Tues. PM WINGIT Chat w/ Blackeyepea


Guitar man:

If the 800# is out there, where,where???

Supposedly a few people have them Guitar man. If the rumor is certain..the numbers will spread like oil!

TC :
what accounts are loaded?

Blackeyepea :
TC there is enough money hydrating the system now to exchange..much of it is digital..some will carry out a little cash. That's the word on the street Corner..

back in a bit if they don't they are big liars..big egos and just plain ignorant..So yes that's the rumor..some have 800s. Let's see what unfolds today!!!! Supposedly they are down to us now. Our turn..

From what I have been told is that the 800# will be out quietly for a while and then told to the internet people when they are ready, but they expect them to somewhat spread. is this what you know?

I've heard that Dan but within dinarland they will spread quickly and furiously. So I don't believe that. Nor the source. Bbl guys and gals..exciting times and week!! Bbl

When you say the 800#'s are out there n does that mean we are literally just waiting fir them to trickle down to us?

Uncle Bill that's the rumor..some have the numbers..we will see. If that's the case they will get to EVERYONE!

Prayer call today with BEP right before Bruce's.7:15 pm cst..8:15 est 605-475-4810 code 688330# Let's bring this in!

WINGIT CC  Replay with Gerry Maguire for Tuesday 5-31-16

Guests are Art, Iko Ward, and Awake-in-3D


"Tomorrow" - Tues. PM WSOMN Intel w/ AdminBill




New $20 bill with little gold 20's all over them, GCR, TRN's and GCR to be implemented into U.S. Banking System tomorrow.

Songwriter thanks for the post- Gcr to be implemented tomorrow with new 20 bill. Im with you

Last Night 's KTFA CC Notes from Aggiedad77 for 5-30-16


Aggiedad77 » May 31st, 2016

Monday Night 05-30-2016 CC Notes....enjoy Aloha Randy.

*** The comments made by Frank26, Delta and others are their sole OPINIONS and cannot and should not be used as any form of financial, tax, banking or investment advice! We offer NO DATE, NO RATE on this forum!!! ***

CC Notes for Monday May 30, 2016

Frank26: It is time to talk about our investment, everything I am about to share with you is in my opinion…..I’m not going to say “in my opinion” every 5 minutes, but I may automatically…..I need to establish that….what I am about to share with you, my food, my clothing, my home, my studies…..I share with you…..by the way…..I can’t believe I’m looking into the camera when the camera isn’t broadcasting…..that is a classic…..alright….now that I’m in a good mood.

At the bottom of the ocean….at the bottom of the sea….many miles deep…..there are nodules and many of them are very valuable to us….mankind…..mainly in production and industry…..for example magnesium nodules…..we actually have machines that go down to the bottom of the ocean and sucks up these magnesium nodules because we refine magnesium and use it…..it is a metal alloy that is very important to our industrial revolutions….interesting isn’t it…..

Every now and then you find a nugget….like at the bottom of the ocean….you find a nugget….whether it be magnesium or gold….or whatever it may be…it is something of value….seems like every Monday I bring you a lot of value….because our TEAMS/FRIENDS….we find a lot of things.

I wouldn’t trust the media…..and I don’t mean that in a bad way……like oh don’t trust them because they are going to hurt you…..well don’t trust them because they don’t really do a good job of giving you the news.

A news agency does not survive by telling you the truth…..it survives by showing you the most scandalous thing possible…..why….because you are wired that way…..and they have made a good study of it.

Let me give you an example….when you hear of a car accident….two cars crashing….what do you do…..you quickly turn to look at it don’t you….that is what the media does with you.

But at KTFA we find these golden nuggets and we bring them to you and we share them with you….and very quickly because I usually like to review a little bit…..we told you that the Holy Bible teaches you that Iraq will become the Mecca of the world once again…..

What do you mean once again….study the hanging gardens of Babylon….Baghdad once was Babylon….Babylon once was Babel….Babel once was the Garden of Eden….and we destroyed all of this….but it is soon to become the Mecca of the world once again….and we are finding the reason for it with the reforms that Iraq is going through.

Last time we were together on Tuesday….ISIS you have 36 hours….Wednesday, Thursday, Friday…..what happens Saturday and Sunday….BOOM….you got everything you could find about Fallujah and Mosul….what did we tell you last Monday…..give me Mosul Family….they are telling you about Fallujah….they are about to tell you about Mosul….this is huge….

And the reforms….not just the Monetary Reform….but the MR leads all the other reforms….you can’t have the other reforms without the MR….and the reforms….my God they are on pace….in fact they are above schedule….look at your notes….I said they are ahead of schedule…..you mean with the MR…..with all the reforms….

We are putting their CBI together….the GOI together….their laws….everything…..listen to this….”All Parliamentary Blocs and Political Leaders Will Re-Parliament to Normality to Enact Laws”….and they know to solve the country’s problems….how….with what they are doing….the MR that leads all other reforms….and all other three letter agencies are watching them do this….and one of them is guiding them with every step….the IMF…..to create the MR and once again become the Mecca of this planet earth…that is why we are here at KTFA….my faith taught me this and I am preparing myself for this.

I told you last Monday….Family….they got the loan….and you all said….YEAH they got the loan…..but Frank you said the loan doesn’t do them any good for their futuristic reforms….I mean this is chump change it will be gone in a few months….literally in a few days….you said the $15 billion….what good will the loan do….and the whole internet kept saying….they got the loan…they got the loan….but nobody on the internet was willing to go to the study where we told you last Monday….

Family now we can tell you yeah we want the loan….and yeah they got the loan….but now we can tell you why…..because no one else will tell you….now the other gurus are saying….well it is all over the internet now…..why did they get the loans….so they could qualify for an improved credit rating…..Iraq’s financial liquidity will improve after the IMF loan…that is a quote….”the credit ratings….what about them….well Iraq’s financial liquidity will improve after the IMF loan”…..no…..chump change….

Well it will give us a new credit rating which will allow us to have a base credit with all the other international countries that we are now connected with our banks to do foreign international business with….ohhhhh….OK….because we told you Family….the loans we told you was chump change….an insult….but we couldn’t tell you what the loans were going to bring forth…..now we can and we did…and today you learn even much more about it don’t you.

“Parliamentary Finance – Iraq needs to be friendly”…..really…with who….with other countries….you mean the international countries….for what reason….well for the reconstruction of the liberated areas…..Fallujah and Mosul…..yes…..Give me Mosul….please….what happens if you do…..oh my goodness….the Monetary Reform that is at a quick pace right now….will start to run at warp speed…..well those were the notes that we gave last Monday wasn’t it…..yes they were.

Can you give me another quote from last week…..”Credit Worthy for the Loans Based on its Own Merits”….you mean the credit value of our country…yes….Credit Worthy for the Loans is Based on its Own Merits…..what are you guys doing….we are raising the value of our currency……WOW….based on those merits here are your loans.

Every 5, 10, 15 minutes….in my opinion….next.

So how is his Siamese twin doing…..who is that….you know who that is….no who is it….come on….it starts with an “I”….oh really….what’s the next letter…”R”…..oh really….what’s the next letter…..”A”…..oh Iraq….no what is the twin of Iraq….oh Iran…what about them……

That is the first international hand that they slapped isn’t it….yeah….and I guess they are starting to tell everybody aren’t they….yeah…especially with the railway system that is being built between Iran and Iraq….woohoo….especially with the banking systems that are now connected between Iran and Iraq….woohoo….especially with the….wait a minute….why is Mosul important….why is Fallujah important…..are you going to tell us today Frank….maybe…..well what about the twin brother….he’s investing….where….everywhere….internationally….yeah….did they pass their laws….most of them….how about the AML…..not yet….hey twin brother it is time now for you to catch up with us.

Family let us walk into our study for this week….the Monetary Reform according to our TEAM/FRIENDS is going well….IOO (In our Opinion) ….the MR is dealing with the banks of Iraq…and it is dealing with the money changers of Iraq….because they are going to step out of their old ways….and they are going to go into an international global market very soon. In fact….IMO….they are already there.

Since I last talked to you…..we told you very well….two weeks ago…and last week…that the MCP is extremely important….the Multi-Currency Policy….citizens you are understanding now aren’t you….yeah….and you aren’t going to those money exchangers any more are you….no….will you come into the banks……we don’t want no free china….we don’t want no spoons….we don’t want no Top Value stamps….we want LD’s….

I know…..we want money….you closed down many of the places we were doing this…..over 300 places for the love of money….come on….we need our place….we had our own banks….we had our own bartering system….you know with these money changes….who took advantage of us….increased the rates…and we didn’t care….at least we got our money….our American dollars….

But now the USD is suffocating us to death…..USD what is the matter with you…..we flooded your markets….we forced you to use it….but now we are taking it away because the Multi-Currency Policy in your country must end…..we are all for it….are you citizens….we are all for it….are you citizens….yes…then get your butts in the banks….maybe I will share that with you later Family.

Meanwhile….what does this mean….this MCP…..it means they can only use their currency…..and most of the politicians in Iraq…that have literally lost their ministerial positions….most of these jerks owned these market exchangers….that is how they also stole money….only from within the GOI….but they owned these bogus…..these parasitical money exchangers.

Now all of a sudden….Abadi and the GOI/CBI and all of you new guys….you are kidding me you shut down over 300 places where they were exchanging money….and some of those were banks and outlets….really…..so the MCP is literally being controlled with the hand of King Kong isn’t it….yeah….this was another source of thievery….but it is gone….the corruption is being straightened out isn’t it Abadi….yeah….this is another way to make the politicians underneath you mad isn’t it Abadi….yeah….

It is also to see the auctions go away isn’t it Abadi….I don’t know….why don’t you ask Allak…..Allak is this also to get rid of the auctions….ahhh….Dr. Keywords….can I talk….yes…..ahhh…he said…..yes….yeah….and we shut down over 300 combinations of our banks and street vendors that were connected with the GOI ministers….and I would say that maybe 80 to 90% of them are all gone…so our auctions are going to be coming less and less….in fact our goal is to take our auctions to zero….dang….

But if….no…no….you have to raise the value of your currency…..who said….well you haven’t shown us you have raised the value of your currency…..ok…..what about it…..well you can’t stop your auctions under a program rate bozos…..but we haven’t stopped them….I said they are about 80 to 90% stopped…..ohhh….my gosh you guys are casting a lot of shadows….this is another golden nugget to be found on the floor of the CBI and the GOI.

300 outlets have just suffocated the MCP that Iraqi citizens have been depending on….but now they don’t even have a back up for a back up any more…..well holy LD’s.

Meanwhile…citizens would you like to come in….Family I am going to stop right there about the citizens because the media is not telling you….in fact we are the only ones who really tells you what is going on with the citizens….and there is something going on that is very good….very interesting….very stimulating…..that I will consider sharing with you on Wednesday….because the media will not….

And the gurus on the internet that do this study…..I’m sorry but they don’t know….they depend on us…and honor and glory to God for that….they didn’t even know about the meetings.

The Kurds are hot….do you remember that…..I told you on our last CC that we were together, I told you electricity, amusement parks, the Kurds…hot…or some laws….hot……do you remember that….the Kurds want Mosul back….in fact may I suggest that you put in your notes….the Kurds will not do anything without Mosul being back…that is a HUGE factor….a big point I am trying to share with you….

Why….why are the Kurds so interested in Mosul….may I suggest that Mosul is within the territory of the Kurdistan Region….may I suggest that Mosul has capabilities for large revenues….may I suggest that in these meetings that we’ve been telling you that Abadi’s been having privately in some other homes….maybe there were some deals made for this area with the Kurds and that is why you see the Kurds so passive and so quiet and so willing….maybe Mosul is strategic….I don’t know.

I tell you what….I want to talk to you about Mosul and Fallujah…but my energy….my spirit….my soul….needs to warm up to it….does that make sense….I hope it does…..so let me deviate here for a second and tell you that we are watching the CBI website…very carefully…and the internet system in Iraq is still down in certain areas…..for certain reasons….IMO….that you can figure out…..

In fact I told you that DELTA has found two sites on the CBI website that DELTA cannot even get into…and we think that may be where they are putting information about what they doing in these little private meetings….in fact some of our TEAMS/FRIENDS are finding that their computers are being frozen when we go to these certain areas in the CBI website…..now we won’t tell you where they are….I won’t do that…this is our work….our study….I’m not going release this and then have some other guru make a mess of this….

I don’t know what is going on but our computers are being high-jacked….I mean we know where to do….you don’t know where to go…thank God because you don’t want problems with your computers….we are even ghosting our IP addresses but it’s not doing anything….these guys are good…these guys are not just from Dallas, Texas…these computer geeks are of the highest technologic minds to protect one of the most powerful currencies….one of the most highly secured currencies….the Iraqi dinar….

It has more security features…..1166 where is the irony in that…..well obviously they know what they are doing…..they are preparing….they are not allowing intrusions….IMO….to see what they are doing…and what are they doing…..they are doing what the IMF told them to do…..and you know what that is….raise the value of your currency….and they are not allowing any cracks…and I love this…this is what happens in that venture bottle-neck effect…..everything gets….how do I say this….it is harder for you to get intel…..

Something is going on….because these 300 they can’t even do business any more…nor can the citizens get what they were getting from them any more….and we can’t find this information on the CBI website any more….and we can’t see it on the website….but that doesn’t mean it is not there….something is there but we can’t see it.

Let me skip over a few pages here…..I saw what some gurus did with what we said about the three days….they tore it apart….that is not what we said….the three days is a time for the value of the Iraqi dinar to be driven up from a 1 to 1 start….IMO….it is a grace period given to ALL countries when they are going through a change in their monetary value….it gives them time to adjust their currency….they either go up or down….

Basically the currency is tagged for three days….and then if you can see who they are pegged to you can almost figure out the value because we know they want the USD and therefore 1 to 1 is a very good educated guess IMO that they are going to start out with….but that three day period is something that guru’s on the internet don’t understand….it is there period….their time….it is for them to take into the international world….send the memos…..let everyone get ready…..and a lot of these countries are shaking financial hands with each other aren’t they….Japan, Vietnam, Iraq, US, Britain, the Kurds….I know they aren’t a country but you know what I’m saying.

Inside of the country there is going to be a change to give the citizens purchasing power….outside of the country….there is a bridge of three days…and once it crosses that bridge it will launch itself high because…IMO….many foreign nations are wanting to trust the Iraqi dinar and this is their opportunity to do so…and they know it.

Today….actually yesterday….actually it was about 5 days ago….Sistani and Sadr said to the citizens….look you guys know what to do….they are telling you…and no more protesting…no more nothing….in fact Sistani even came out yesterday and he told a group of people….since the outgrowth of the reform projects….there has been a lot of attention to you citizens hasn’t there…..yes there has…yes there is…..well then no more fights…..no more nothing….

By the way….the funds are coming to your cities….the funds are coming to your cities this week….and this is the week that we just finished up….I told you they are wiring the money of these loans to the provinces and that is why we need these two cities….oops….where were we….citizens the money is in your neighborhood….are you happy for the reforms….yeah we are very happy….ok.

So now the final push to retake Fallujah….is….it’s almost a farce…IMO and here is what I mean by that….Fallujah has been well taken back….IMO….by US and the coalition forces…but as I’ve told you it cannot be seen as a coalition victory….especially as an American victory….oh no….it has to be seen only as an Arabic victory….and not only that…but united….not only Abadi’s armies, but Kurdistan’s too….

What about the Kurds…their army is helping out too….and the final push for Fallujah is in the hands of the Iraqi army…and the Kurdistan army…whether it be that it is all done….hey guys what is left for us to do….just take the credit…just take the credit….we can’t take the credit….but the whole town is clean…take the credit….but what do we do….just go in there….go into the buildings….go into the streets….you know how we taught you….you know building to building….don’t do anything stupid firing your guns….there is no more militia that will do anything embarrassing….

Go talk to the citizens…show them your uniform….show them your helmet….give them a ride in one of your jeeps…and you know what….IMO that is exactly what is going on right now…..

I told you last week it is a propaganda campaign…and you should have looked that word up and you should have posted and talked to me about that….so if it is a propaganda campaign it has nothing to do with the outside….only with inside the country…yeah….the major blows that are being given to ISIS and DAASH it is not by the USA….it is by the Iraqi troops…end of story….you got that citizens…..ahhh but we saw….who do you see now…..our heroes GI Joe….who….excuse me our heroes the Iraqi army….

Our troops…what are they doing….they are liberating us….they escort us back into our homes….who is doing that….the Kurds and Abadi’s army…they are helping us…they are saving us….there is no more fighting…and by the way who is reporting this….the Iraqi citizens….and the Pentagon of the USA….progress in Fallujah is about 80-90%....

No sir….it is fully done and let’s get these announcements over with…..apply the hypocrisy….speed it up please….because you know what we need now don’t you…Mosul….you got the credit…you got the loan wired to the places….to Fallujah and certain places….we all set there….yeah….citizens happy…yeah….you going to come into the banks….yeah…

What is next….well besides the US and the coalition forces….we are just helping…that is all…just helping and guiding them….and maybe there are some Canadian and Australian troops they might be there….look stop that….we’ve already made the point it is their credit…got it…got it.

So Kurds tell me something….you know just privately…why are you guys helping….why are you guys taking almost a million refugees from Fallujah and Mosul….over 900,000 why are you taking care of these people….Kurds can you say something…..nope…..no….you guys are being good aren’t you….yep…..don’t you have any complaints….nope…..when you all get done claiming Fallujah….can you hurry up and get into Mosul…yep….

you see this Kurdistan army Family is eyeing Mosul now….they got their eyes….their binoculars, the Hubbell telescope….and they are looking straight at Mosul right now….from Kurdistan….I don’t know….from Fallujah….I don’t know….from inside of Mosul….I don’t know…but look I’m trying to tell you something....

There is great advancement on ISIS territory….yes…and they get the credit….yes….but the focus right now….give me Mosul for the love of God….concentrate on Mosul….push forwards Mosul….go in and get ISIS’s stronghold in Mosul….all forces get past Ragga…..hey by the way…we did that already….oh excuse me….once again…when you have the time Kurds get in here and deal with Mosul.

So in the last two days the Peshmerga army, the Kurdistan forces have killed over 140 militants…and they recaptured nine villages….and the UN praises the Kurdistan government and their army for accomplishing these things….fascinating…..the Kurds are the big brother….remember I always told you that…and they have always been 3-5 years advanced of Baghdad…and the Kurds want Mosul badly….is that why Frank keeps saying….give me Mosul.

The enemy is no longer ISIS and DAASH….IMO…the enemy is the reforms…and when you look at the Siamese twin of Iraq…and that being Iran….we see a lot of similarities…..a lot of mirror images in their reforms…not just the MR…but all of their reforms….and just recently I told you the AML was so important….along with the MCP that they needed to change…and look they changed it….and they are about to dramatically end the auctions….very soon….that definitely stops the MCP….which allows Article 8 to qualify and come on out….good reason to raise the value.

And the AML…the Anti-Money Laundering Law….well Iraq is implementing with many laws and I think that Iran better hurry up….because now it seems like they are falling behind….

What did I tell you two weeks ago….Family no country is waiting for any other country to revalue their currency….each country is on its own in a rate race….who is going to be first….I don’t know….the AML was important for Iraq….and as it is now for Iran….because the enemy is no longer a human being….ISIS….it is more of the economy…and the economy won’t grow without first raising the value of their currency.

This law…the AML….Abadi said you get this law out and it will curb corruption…no kidding….it is doing it in the GOI and the CBI already all these months….they need to implement in Iran…because I think Iraq has already implemented and is already in position…for what….for foreign banks to come into Iraq….that is the only reason for the AML….

If you are a foreign bank and you see they have no AML…..you are going in there with your money….no…..Iraq has theirs…they are setting it up and are showing it to the foreign banks…and the reason is the international world wants to trust the Iraqi dinar….the international world is going to do business with Iraq through the AML…..and Iran if you want to be a part of the international world….you got to do the same thing…and that is why there is so much talk about this.

We don’t see a lot of talk about the AML in Iraq….only in Iran….why….because what you see in Iraq is a lot of private sector growth, you see a lot of talk about jobs, a lot of talk about infrastructure, you see a lot of talk about going international and bringing them in here and rebuilding their country…that is what they are talking about….

Iran you are falling behind….each country is on its own with the IMF…but funny enough the IMF is grooming the IQD….the IMF is going above and beyond the call for the Iraqi dinar….the IMF has made special dispensations for the Iraqi dinar that it has not made for any other country on this planet….that is huge….corruption is melting like an iceberg sitting in the middle of the Sahara Desert…..

Why….you know darn well why….because we are back….not only did we get the cities and give them credit….but hey Maliki did you meet with our ambassador….yeah I did….did you take the deal…no not yet….well check this out….”The Completion of Thousands of Files of Corruption Involving Ministers in the Current Government Without Seeing them Behind Bars Has No Benefit”……Maliki may I suggest….like Saddam…your days in court are going to go very quick.

There are a lot of things….a lot of shadows…that the BIS….the World Bank…the IMF…the US…the Twelve….have been longing to see Family….they have been longing to see what we are seeing right now…the compression….the quickened pace of the Monetary Reform….hand in hand with the IMF….and the GOI….

And it’s not just the IMF and CBI it is the IMF and the CBIGOI….so that is why Mosul is next….when you see Mosul Family…the MR pace will become a full run…into its implementation and announcement….in order to give life to all of the other shadows….all of the other reforms…..all of the other citizen reforms…and all for an international entry into the global economies of this planet.

You remember one of my videos I showed you the cruise ship…it was a giant cruise ship…and that is what I envision in Iraq….thousands of people at their borders….with leis of flowers to welcome in China, Japan, US, Vietnam…anybody that wants to do business with Iraq on an international level….but they couldn’t do that until they had taken care of their citizens and that is what they are doing and the propaganda is working beautifully….

It is a masterpiece within the citizens and they are keeping it away from your eyes and I love it….the CBI will send the rate to the Rafadain and Rasheed Banks and to the Trade banks…and is right now training all of these staff members….for international global systems.

Guys all of you, do you know what you are doing with these steps is so rude….so rude to a program rate of 1166.

Meanwhile, how you are doing CBI…..how are you doing Dr. Keywords….how are you doing Allak, I’m impressed with you….meanwhile…”Parliament Finance and Abadi for an End to the Corruption in the Auction Windows that Sells the Currency in the CBI”….what do you think of that….I think that is what we just talked about Dr. Keywords….you are going to end the auctions aren’t you….but you can’t end them just now….it’s impossible…

But the fact that you are hinting of it….oh my goodness…and the fact of what you did with those 300 money exchangers….people can now only come into the banks that are connected with the international banks….this is a masterpiece.

DELTA….DELTA….how are you doing…..Frankie….Frankie I am doing good…by the way we don’t need no stinking Fallujah or Mosul….why do you say that DELTA…..because we got them…..I know….but the credit has to be handed over and you know it takes time….to the Iraqi armies….and while they do that….behind the scenes they are doing the reforms aren’t they….yes sir they are….we are still guiding them….the US and the IMF….really…what makes you say that DELTA…..it’s like this….it’s like this Family…..DELTA and I would like to tell you along with I-TEAM….our beloved I-TEAM….

The US sent a special delegation from special departments within the US….they sent them over to Iraq a few weeks ago…whether you know this or not just take notes….they sent them over to help with the reforms….step by step….and the corruption….and how to deal with the implementation of all the reforms….starting obviously with the financial reform….and if you remember we told you in Arabic….in Arabic it said….Abadi told them….that this delegation is here citizens….Arabic word for financial reform…..

Now what he told the citizens is not what was translated…what Abadi told the citizens…this delegation is here to help us with the financial reforms of our country citizens….he did not say economic reforms…and the citizens went ballistic….and that is why we have DELTA to help us…and that is why we taught you all of this…and that is why this US delegation is doing what it is doing and it is doing it in a masterful way…that they cannot get in their way….come here Junior….ouch that hurts my ear….I don’t care…and they don’t care either….they have never been through such progress….they have never been through such speed….this is all foreign to them….it was uncomfortable….they were resistant….it is being embraced.

Family I keep telling you we get Fallujah….then we get Mosul….and once we get Mosul….give me Mosul….can I talk to you a little bit about Mosul….and why I believe…..because I told you I needed to warm up to it.

Fallujah is about 25 miles from Baghdad Family…that is it…there were some bombings today in Baghdad…from the stupid little minuscule’s that are coming out of Fallujah….we need to get Fallujah and Mosul back….right….why….because right now with our help….come here Junior as you are pulling them by the ear….it is a fast walk on the financial reform of the dinar for Iraq…

But until Fallujah is taken….which is what they are telling you now….they won’t tell you nothing about Mosul….because once they tell you about Mosul….they are going to tell you they are hand in hand at a full run at the MR in the first half of 2016 with the IMF….I know it took time to get Fallujah back….but IMO….we’ve had it back for many weeks….it’s taken the logistics to give them credit…and in the meantime while that was going on…so much told to the citizens without you knowing about it….because you can’t read Arabic.

Just 24 hours ago on Iraqia TV….DELTA was telling me….they are showing everything from the center of Fallujah…and they just told the citizens today that within 24-48 hours they will have Fallujah completely under Iraq’s control….under Iraq’s army control….and they told them on TV we are still fighting in Mosul….actually what they should have told them….now that the American troops have cleared out Mosul….we are now entering Mosul…..Mosul is part of the Nineveh province…and in there they have some powerful banks….and some powerful places that are needed for the MR….and I’m not about to talk about it or tell you any details….because….you need to protect those just like you protected our soldiers….and it is all coming to what it is coming to right now.

So this US committee…that has been there all these months….guiding them by the ear….come here Junior….they are also about to be a part of telling the world that Iraq is international now…..but once we have both….you see getting Fallujah got us so excited….we were screaming….we were jumping…snoopy dancing…we were going crazy….because we knew that once they admitted and confessed about Fallujah….and they get the credit….but then they have no choice they have to tell you about Mosul….

We can’t tell you why they had to tell you…just take my word for it….we knew they were going to tell you about Mosul…and if they told you about Mosul…..oh my dear God…this is what the committees are doing…..preparing Iraq because with Mosul it will allow all their banks to be connected internationally…and then they have no choice but to run….run….not quickly walk….run….warp speed Scotty….to the MR because…well…you will see why in a minute…..

And IMO….the Kurds also got something else…that I can’t tell you about right now….but that is why they are being so friendly and helping….without the Kurds we would not be where we are right now….IMO….anyway the IMF meetings about the loans is also on the Iraqia TV….so the citizens know it very well forward and backward….they told them about the press conference that occurred in Jordan and how the meetings went and what they are doing with their MR….

This is very important….these meetings with the IMF and Iraq and the citizens know about it….and IMO…there are seven countries that are waiting for Iraq to tell you about Mosul….because these countries are going to pour help into Iraq…..you know who they are….China, Japan, England….all those countries….so think about all of this….connect all of this together….it is an amazing map.

I told you….I can’t explain it….but I don’t see numbers the way you see numbers….I close my eyes and think of the number 7….I can tell you that is a man….I can describe him to you, can tell you his thoughts….everything…..and if it was 74….I can tell you that is a young man…and I can tell you about the combination of 7 and 4 and what they are doing….and the multiplicity and the logarithmic factors of it….I don’t know why but….I don’t know why but when I see numbers and close my eyes they turn into personalities and colors….and the math with the MR….now I’m not seeing anything that is top secret or anything….just what they are telling us….it is painting this 111 to me….constantly….anyway I didn’t mean to get off track.

Abadi says look all of these countries they want to see a serious economic reform before they help us….that is why the IMF said….be serious before we give you the loan….and that is why they gave us the loan….we are serious.

The international world wants to see financial reforms and they want to see Article 8…..and I think they want to see that we are using the loan in June or July….whenever we lift Article 8….but no doubt about it….the international world wants to see Iraq finish all of these reforms….this is what Abadi says…..you see Abadi’s financial advisor…..he comes out and says….

Hey guys….the IMF loan….we got a credit rating….we know….we heard Frank26 conference call last week….no they didn’t…..so what about this loan….it gave us a AAA credit rating….say what…..yes a AAA credit rating but it will be posted as an A+ rating….there is a credit rating system that is recognize by the international world….yeah I know…..the international world has just embraced Iraq….how….by allowing the IMF to give them a loan….they qualified…by some shadows we are not seeing….

I think it is Article 8…but they gave them this loan….by doing this….the international credit rating community has increased Iraq to an A+….really….yeah….now not only that but the international credit rating community has something called KE’s….what…..look I’m not here to teach you economics….but very simply….Kangaroo Elephant….why do we call it that….KE’s….what is that….I’m not here to teach economics 101….

I just told you that the international credit rating community changed them to an A+…and you will see it soon…..now this community that is embracing….not the program rate….but something they are not telling us about this currency of Iraq….they are embracing it…..because they gave them a KE rating change….you see the KE rating for Iraq….well let’s start out with the US….the US KE rating is 99 right now….wow…what was the KE rating of Iraq….36….wow….and you said they changed it just like they changed the credit rating status….yes….well what is the KE rating for Iraq now…..78….shut the front door…and the back if you want….

Look the multi-currency policy in Iraq has changed….there is a desire for better investments in Iraq from the international world.....because of the anti-money laundering law…and many laws they now have they are surrounding themselves by.

You know why these MCP’s have changed and better investing is coming into Iraq….you know why….because the international world has realized in the last few days that Iraq is not going to go bankrupt….and the $5 billion was not just for liquidity…..not for the RV….they know what it is for and why everything else has been triggered….and that is why you see a 78 KE and an A+ on their credit rating….well thank you Financial Advisor to Abadi.

Family everything is being guided….and that is why every Monday we find so many golden nuggets to bring to you…..to present to you….to take to our Heavenly Father in prayer.

Don’t be confused Doodlebug…..google KE and credit ratings…you will learn….but there is no money….there is no loan….there is no extra charity money coming in from other countries….no….US nothing…..until the IMF smells completion of Article 8…..or until we see it….until it is out there….internationally….and that is why we need Fallujah and Mosul to fall….and I want you to know another thing….the substitute governor of the CBI who is doing a very good job lately…..IMO….under the guidance of the IMF and Dr. Shabibi…..Allak visited Parliament a few days ago….

I know you saw the article….but here is what I want you to know…..the proxy governor of the CBI went to the GOI to give them an update on the MR….because they got the loan….IMO….and all of these advisors that were there with Allak at the GOI giving the report….had been in the US Embassy for a very long time…..many departments like I said are there to help them on the MR….and to guide them on their currency and financial reforms…..and that is why the machines were sent a couple of weeks ago….they are getting ready for their MR….and if they need extra LD’s….well they can print them….

They are not DeLaRue machines that count money….these print currency…they got the plates for their currency….IMO….because you do not hand over the plates even if they belong to the nation unless they are a program rate….you got the machines to print your currency….where are your plates….well the IMF…well we have them….

it is all falling into place…and that is why we went ballistic….we can talk to you now….all these things….IMO…but I’m talking to you….they are not talking about problems….they are talking about implementation of their reforms and the MR has to be the first….

The month of June is HOT….and not just in temperature….Fallujah and Mosul are HOT…and they are under Iraq’s control….give them credit for all I care…..because once they tell you they are under their control….especially Mosul….then warp speed on the financial reforms and all the reforms.

The GOI asked the CBI….hey guys….let’s stop the auctions….but you know they can’t Family…..it would be suicidal…and that is why the USD is a little bit higher and choking the citizens now that they don’t have the market or the currency traders to get currency from they are suffocating and dying….they are offering them 1188 through the banks but now the brokers on the streets who are doing it illegal are doing it at 1290….

Yeah stop the auctions….and this is just a little hiccup….a little histamine effect….a little edema or swelling….that is going on between 1166 all the way up to 1290….because of what they are doing with the CBI auctions…..look I told you that Fallujah is like 25 miles outside of Baghdad…but Mosul is much farther away from Baghdad….the IMF deadline is countered with this Mosul goal….does that make sense….I hope it did….ok, here is what I want to say….they showed you a flag in Fallujah….

Ok ago….now let them show you a flag in Mosul….and while this is going on Abadi is building an amazing reputation not only with his people….but outside internationally the trust is growing…..just growing…it’s amazing how quickly things can grow…and how quickly things can die.

Yes the Peshmerga army….IMO they are not in Fallujah Family….they are headed towards Mosul….because Mosul is very close to the Kurds….and I believe maybe the Kurds are going to get a little something from this region.

Let’s start to wind up and I’ll save the rest for the Wednesday CC after the Business Promo CC…..but here is what I want to tell you…..do you know that one of the regulations of this international committee from the US….I said international…..I meant one of the demands from the US committee that is over there guiding them with the IMF….come here Junior….I got your ear….is that their reserves cannot fall below roughly $54 billion….

Do you know where their reserves are right about now….about $52 billion….now Family they are spending about $130 million a day in the auctions….look in the auctions….go to the CBI website….about $130 million per day…and they are taking about 2 billion dinars per month….what did I just say about their reserves….they are supposed to be at $54 billion but they are at $52 billion…their reserves are being used up at about $2 billion every month….

Dear God….at any moment….at any time…their reserves will run out….and the international world will not do business with you if this happens….you cannot stop the auctions right now….because you do need movement of some type of funds….not until the IQD is recognizable….international…then shut down these auctions because they are draining your reserves….

I know….I know it is impossible to stop these auctions until you raise the value of your currency…and that is why you are moving at warp speed to get to that……because $130 per day…..$2 billion per month is too much pressure on the CBI….hurry up….all of you….CBIGOI….citizens….everybody….stop the crimes….stop the stealing….stop the corruption….STOP LOSING MONEY THROUGH THE CBI AUCTIONS…..this is a demand by the IMF….and many others.

Now look I want to talk to you about a 30 day extension….yeah….I want to talk to you about that….by the way….what is Iran’s KE…..it’s 25…even lower than Iraq….I have more notes….I’m going to ask you how you liked your conference call….I pray it was uplifting and educational….I am excited…I am happy….and they are going towards the MR.

Let us be dismissed with a prayer.


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