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Sunday, August 6, 2017

"A Message from God" by Hope for the World - 4.21.16

Re-posted (8-6-17) by request of the author. ~ Dinar Chronicles

Today I have been asked to deliver a message to you from God (and when I say God you know I am referring to Heavenly Mother/Father/Prime/Source/whatever other names...). God sees you preparing yourselves to receive this long planned for blessing and he has created a wonderful tool to help you enter this New Millennium, this Last Dispensation, equipped for your Ascension.

Following is the Book of Millennial Money and it was written by God himself, by his own hand and in his own language. You may find it difficult to grasp at first -- as every single word is placed with perfect precision to deliver his precise meaning. But if you ponder over these scriptures and invite him to join you, he would be most delighted to do so. Now that you know how he actually speaks (NOT the way he is depicted in contemporary religion!) it will be easier to recognize him joining you in your thoughts.

God is a poet and has gifted a beautiful poem at the end.

On a personal note, I'd like to encourage you to consider what this RV/GCR/disclosure event/New Republic/etc really is in the big picture. We are LITERALLY opening the door to a New Millennium - the last one, and that's big (plug into the Cosmos and get a load of the party going on!). Take some time to think about what this means to you personally and to our unfolding new world. And join the party!



Chapter One

1 Money is an important feature of the millennial prosperity and surplus necessary to create more and more millennial peace and love and joy and spiritual maturation.
2 Simply as a means of exchange, money, as such, is inadequate as a means to fulfill these purposes.
3 Millennial money is a means of creatively sharing our lives together in such a way that each one’s personal welfare is cultivated thereby.
4 This creative sharing is only appropriately implemented and possible in and among those who are maturing in-being aware of the nature of and in-living-in their own personal creativity all together.
5 This maturing creativity involves persons in-dwelling-in and envisioning more and more the nature and meanings and significance of personal creativity and personal welfare and creative sharing of our lives together in creatively consecrating ourselves to maturing our own personal welfare and sharing ourselves with others in ways really conducive to their personal welfare.

Chapter Two

1 Gold and silver and jewels and shells and goods and services and calculations of various kinds in world history have been taken to be the best standards of value, and persons have historically determined the value of their money by these standards.
2 The millennial standard of value of money is ‘personal value.’
3 Ultimately, the value of money is predicated on its relationship to personal value, i.e., to contributions to finding and cultivating and maturing and fulfilling persons’ lives thereby.
4 The value, then, of the creative-sharing-exchange of money between persons is only appropriately calculated millennially by appropriately calculating the contribution of the creative-sharing-exchange by appropriately calculating the contribution of the exchange by measuring the extent of the creativity of the developing and maturing and fulfilling the lives of those persons’ own ways of being themselves essentially who are involved in the creative-sharing-exchange.

Chapter Three

1 These calculations cannot be adequately measured simply numerically, although a numerical calculation is involved.
2 Adequate measurement of these calculations must be grounded in the sensitive envisioning perception of persons experienced in and devoted to creatively peaceful and loving and joyous developing and maturing and fulfilling the lives of those persons involved in the creative-sharing-exchange.
3 These persons must seek each other out and establish among themselves a facility for their creative sharing of money among themselves and their families and people for their personal welfare all together.

4 Their facility for creatively sharing their money needs to include a creative process of “centering”, in which those involved are able to correlate their affairs to a center of wisdom and knowledge and enlightenment where problems of distribution and correlation may be continually and creatively solved.
5 Fundamental to the creativity of these financial centers of the personal welfare of persons and families and peoples is the wisdom of persons living creatively within their means and creating and sharing their surplus in such a way that they are not enslaved by the eventual destructivity of a spending process which is fundamentally a deficit.

Chapter Four

1 Their facility for creatively sharing their money needs also to include arrangements for dealing monetarily with persons and groups whose monetary standards of value are not founded in personal value and creative concern for personal welfare but are founded in typical non-personal standards of value in world history.
2 When engaging in this way of monetary interchange, persons who are millennially oriented to a creative-sharing-exchange need to be “wise as serpents and as harmless as doves.”
3 They need to develop the wisdom to engage themselves and their money with others in an exchange which is fair (as creative for both sides as is possible under the circumstances) and – without having the agency to determine whether or not the money will be put to creative use ‘on the other side’ – at the same time creative for those ‘on the side of’ creating their own personal welfare on the basis of a monetary foundation of life of a creative-sharing-exchange.

Chapter Five

1 Central to the monetary maturation of persons and families and peoples millennially is their monetary spirituality.
2 Millennial monetary spirituality is persons’ visionary discerning of and visionary dwelling in the monetary dimensions of their lives in such a way that their lives are enhanced monetarily.
3 Prerequisite to doing so is increasingly sensitive spiritual awareness of the meanings and purposes and significance of their lives and the appropriate ways of and places for money contributing to the fulfilling of these meanings and purposes.
4 Prerequisite to this spiritual awareness is an increasingly sensitive visionary-spiritual discerning of personally essential wants and needs and desires which contribute to the beauty-fulfilling of their lives so they may really distinguish them from those apparently-fulfilling demands of life whose ‘fulfilling-satisfactions’ are really so temporary and superficial as to really be destructive of life when adequately perceived as such through the eyes of mature spiritual discernment, inspired by the wisdom of the Lords of Creation.
5 Millennial money is those resources really contributing to the essential fulfillment of persons’ lives.

Chapter Six

1 There are distinctive signs of millennial monetary times to guide persons into channels appropriate to the maturation their millennial monetary visionary-spiritual discernment.
2 Central among these signs is a millennial spirit of appreciation of personal blessings in life.
3 Persons lost in the everydayness of “the they” become hardened in a conditioning process in such a way that personal blessings are taken to be the periodic and more and more desired ‘exhilarations in life’ of greater and greater varieties of more and more easily visible spectacles or greater and greater desires for narcotic-rest-and-euphoria – neither of which are grounded in persons discerning joyously their lives moving more and more fulfillingly-in-and-toward their own essentially fulfilling ways of being themselves essentially.
4 These persons ‘make’ and ‘spend’ money.

Chapter Seven

1 Persons finding themselves visionarily in their more and more fulfilling ways of being themselves essentially in their own most appropriate ways of being themselves essentially become increasingly aware of how to ‘invest’ their money in the fulfillment of their lives in maturing their millennial spirit of their appreciation of their blessings in their lives.
2 In their maturing spirit of discernment, these persons discover that their appreciation of their blessings in their lives is not primarily dependent on acquiring more and more goods and services, but is predicated on maturing an increasing spiritual sensitivity in discerning the essential beauties in and of life and they so invest their monies.
3 This they discover must be done a little here and a little there, line upon line and precept upon precept always continually consecrating each of their discoveries to a continual renewal in such a way that their most essential fulfillments of life not only never get old but become richer and richer with each renewal;
4 Which is always characteristic of the visionary discovery and maturation and continual renewal of the essence of personal life “in the depths.”

Chapter Eight

1 Central to the sensitive personal vision prerequisite to persons in a millennial spirit appropriately appreciating their blessings in their lives is the pure humility of finding and fulfilling blessings in their lives.
2 Increasing pure humility in finding and fulfilling blessings in their lives is the deep soul-satisfaction of persons finding and fulfilling themselves as to who they really are in their own most essential ways of being themselves.

Chapter Nine

1 When then persons ‘invest’ their money in themselves and each other in their growing spiritual awareness of the essential beauties of so discerning their essential wants and needs and desires from those satisfactions of ‘life’ which are actually ‘destructively’ temporary and superficial – through their purifying humility and deeper and deeper
appreciations of their blessings in their lives – their money is-makes a millennial contribution to the fulfillment of their lives in peace and joy.


Whenever one finds and lives in his delicate balance of body divination in soul he has found his riches and is wealthy.



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