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Saturday, March 12, 2016

St. Germain and The Great White Brotherhood

Excerpt of THE NEW ATLANTIS: Master Plan Of The Ages

The Great White Brotherhood

The history books often fall silent where it concerns the most consequential events leading up to the establishment of The New Atlantis. Missing are the highly influential overseers of the Great White Brotherhood whose eminent members still lie in the shadows of history. How many have ever heard of the incomparably great ascended masters such as the Comte de Saint Germain? Who has heard the names of Kuthumi and El Morya, Maha Chohan and Djwal Khul, Lady Nada and Lady Portia? Truly, it is these and many other Ascended Masters who have assumed the solemn responsibility for the physical welfare and spiritual advancement of the current race of humanity.

*The preceding photograph is quite distinguished by the fact that St. Germaine (appearing on the far right in the photo) was already deceased at its taking. His ‘official’ bio indicates his passing on 27 February 1784. Helena Blavatsky lived from 31 July, 1831 until 8 May 1891 according to most of her biographies. Such is the power of an ascended master.

Only by understanding the Great White Brotherhood, and its indispensable role in the liberation of the present race of humanity, can the true back story of The New Atlantis be properly understood. Toward that end there is no more prominent and pivotal a figure over the past 1000 years than the incomparable Comte de Saint Germain. Count Saint Germain, as he is also known, stands as a towering presence in the clandestine process of the founding and subsequent formation of the American Republic which would eventually become known as the United States of America. Without his ever-present guidance, profound spiritual wisdom and all-encompassing mundane knowledge informing the entire “USA creation enterprise”, it would not exist today in its current form.

There are three vital points of information to know about Comte de Saint Germain. First, that this giant among men was no ordinary man, as he is well known to be an authentic Ascended Master and leader of the Great White Brotherhood. Secondly, that Count St. Germain was chosen to be the Keeper of the Violet Flame for the current age of humanity (Quan Yin was the previous Keeper of the Violet Flame). Thirdly, that Saint Germain is regarded in the highest circles of the Great White Brotherhood as the “Father of the American Republic” and patron saint of the United States of America.

None of these extraordinary roles of Count St. Germain is to be taken lightly. Certainly, they are not to be disrespected by those who know not the gravity of his purpose in the affairs of the current human race. St. Germain’s overarching stewardship of Planet Earth for the benefit and upliftment of humankind is a sacred mission very few souls can ever measure up to in any era. Just because the history books — written by men with very narrow agendas — represent him in such a limited and superficial way doesn’t dim the light of his prodigious contributions to humankind. Therefore, both the wise and the ignorant would be well-served by keeping a very open mind to the true workings of Saint Germain’s Great White Brotherhood.

Regarded as the Father of the American Republic, St. Germain was quite well known in all the capitals of 17th century Europe. Fluent in many of the European languages of his day, he proved himself to be a highly skilled diplomat whose peerless statecraft often arrived at the perfect time. Many of his diplomatic efforts were designed to ensure that the fledgling 13 Colonies of North America would be supported in every way possible. In these many acts of statesmanship St. Germain has been compared to Sir Francis Bacon, whose life’s mission was to see a utopian society established in the New World.

Throughout his life, Francis Bacon’s fondest hope was the, creation of a Utopia across the Atlantic, the realization of his “New Atlantis” in the form of a society of free men, governed by sages and scientists, in which his Freemasonic and Rosicrucian principles would govern the social, political and economic life of the new nation. It was for this reason why, as Lord Chancellor, he took such an active interest in the colonization of America, and why he sent his son to Virginia as one of the early colonists. For it was in America, through the pen of Thomas Paine and the writings of Thomas Jefferson, as well as through the revolutionary activities of his many Rosicrucian-Freemasonic followers, most prominent among whom were George Washington and Benjamin Franklin, that he hoped to create a new nation dedicated to his political philosophy.

In his Secret Destiny of America, Manly Hall, Bacon’s most understanding modern scholar, refers to the appearance in America, prior to the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776, of a mysterious Rosicrucian philosopher [Saint Germain], a strict vegetarian who ate only foods that grew above the ground, who was a friend and teacher of Franklin and Washington and who seemed to have played an important role in the founding of the new republic. Why most historians failed to mention him is a puzzle, for that he existed is a certainty.

He was known as the “Professor.” Together with Franklin and Washington, he was a member of the committee selected by the Continental Congress in 1775 to create a design for the American Flag. The design he made was accepted by the committee and given to Betsy Ross to execute into the first model.

A year later, on July 4, 1776, this mysterious stranger, whose name nobody knew, suddenly appeared in Independence Hall and delivered a stirring address to the fearful men there gathered, who were wondering whether they should risk their lives as traitors by affixing their names to the memorable document which Thomas Jefferson wrote and of whose ideals Francis Bacon, founder of Freemasonry and Rosicrucianism, was the true originator.

Where Sir Francis Bacon is considered the founder of the Rosicrucians, as well as the modern form of Freemasonry, it is Saint Germain who utilized both groups to accelerate considerably the causes of scientific advancement and universal brotherhood. He was generally known in his day, especially throughout the various royal courts of 18th century Europe, to be a master alchemist and brilliant philosopher, virtuoso musician and consummate artist, accomplished statesman and expert diplomat. Because of St. Germain’s impressive command of the occult sciences, particularly alchemy, he was known to produce all sorts of priceless gemstones and precious metals, sometimes on demand.

Comte de Saint Germain

It ought to be noted that St. Germain’s well-deserved moniker — Father of Modern Science — is directly related to his much higher status as a Spiritual Adept. For those who embrace the notion of reincarnation, it is very easy to understand that the Comte de Saint Germain was quite likely a reincarnation of both Roger Bacon and Sir Francis Bacon. Thus completed the transmigration of an extraordinarily great soul whose various embodiments greatly advanced the civilization through the establishment of the many necessary arts and sciences which have been developed over the past 750 years.

In order to succinctly acquaint the reader with the far-reaching ramifications of these revelations the following statement is made for everyone’s consideration: Despite the fact that St. Germain is still a relatively unknown personage of historical note, had it not been for his crucial influence at critical points of human history, many might still be living under the rubric of naked feudalism. His numerous and monumental initiatives were literally responsible for lifting mankind out of the Dark Ages when serfs served their masters in exchange for protection. Such is the extraordinary and invaluable contribution to the current civilization by Saint Germain and his various incarnations over many centuries, if not millennia.

There are numerous sages and seers, saints and siddhas, ascended masters and spiritual adepts, advanced souls and light-workers who, just like Saint Germain, have carefully watched over the evolution of this tract of humanity. Their presence can be felt in those places and during those events when highly consequential history is being made. Without their deliberate nudge or needed encouragement, wise guidance or urgent cajoling, history would have taken one wrong turn after another during this present age of Kali Yuga.

It is said that it was St. Germain who mysteriously showed up at the original signing of the Declaration of Independence and encouraged the very first signature when all present were paralyzed with apprehension.[11]

What else can be said about the Great White Brotherhood?

An exceedingly powerful and indomitable entity, the Great White Brotherhood frequently acts through specially ordained human instruments and their spiritually endowed organizations. Many people are now aware of some of the groups whose pasts are still shrouded in mystery, as their names have become the talk of the internet. Who has not heard of Freemasonry and Illuminism, the Rosicrucians and the Theosophical Society, the Knights Templar and the Priory of Sion. However, it the most secret societies of all — those which have no name — that have had the greatest impact on the past 1000 years of human history.

For that very reason virtually all of the aforementioned groups have ‘somehow’ come to be associated with the current ‘incarnation’ of the nefarious Illuminati. This is an exceptionally important point. Especially during this “Age of Conflict” (also known as the Kali Yuga), as soon as any powerful and/or influential organization goes public, it draws attention to itself. The more prominent and well-funded that group becomes, the more likely it will become a target of those who wish to take it over. In every single case of a “hostile takeover”, whether by overt or covert means, those compromised secret societies have inevitably taken a turn for the worse.

This is precisely why those organizations, which work directly on behalf of the Great White Brotherhood, virtually always do their work in total secret. Their endeavors are of such consequence that the disclosure of either their members or their agenda can never be risked. Therefore, it is important to understand that the most benevolent of secret societies down through the ages are never heard of, never written about and unlikely to appear on a dedicated Wikipedia page.

Unfortunately for those many courageous agents of change who joined the several named secret societies down through the centuries, because those societies were eventually usurped by stealth or by force, they are undeservedly tarred by the brush of opprobrium. By way of example, it is a well-known fact that many of the Founding Fathers of the United States of America were Freemasons belonging to different lodges depending on their affiliations in England and the established lodges in their respective home colonies. George Washington and Benjamin Franklin are just two of the more famous freemasons among the Founding Fathers.

Whether these great men were 33 degree and above Freemasons is of no significance in this matter because their lodges were oriented around the mission of throwing off the yoke of British imperialism. In fact the network of Freemason lodges established throughout the Thirteen Colonies was vital to many military and political successes during the entire Revolutionary War Period. Were it not for many underground maneuverings, spy networks and secret operations of the Freemasons to protect the fledgling colonies, the United States of America might still be an English colony. George Washington, in particular, is now well-known to have created an extremely effective spy network without which the American Revolution may not even have been won.

This was only an excerpt, full article can be read here:



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