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Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of July 21, 2018

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of July 21, 2018 Compiled 21 July 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret. CEO, Child Abuse R...

Monday, February 29, 2016

"Lemuria" - Anonymous Intel SITREP - Monday - 2.29.16

The Lost Continent Of Lemuria

Most people know about the existence of Atlantis. However, most people do not know about Lemuria or the Legend of Mu.

A Short History of Lemuria

The legend of Mu is found on islands all over the Pacific Ocean. For thousands of years the Polynesians have handed down the story of a continent in the Pacific that was motherland of mankind.

The name of Mu somehow sounds like an uninteresting contraction of a more exotic name. In contrast, the word Lemuria invokes a picture of a land at the dawn of time, a land forgotten in our histories but not in our dreams.

The name Lemuria resulted from a Nineteenth Century controversy over Darwin’s Origin of the Species. Defenders of Darwin had trouble explaining how certain species became distributed over large areas. Zoologists had a particularly difficult time explaining the distribution of the lemurs.

The lemur is a small primitive form of primate found in Africa, Madagascar, India, and the East Indian archipelago. Some zoologists suggested a land mass in the Indian Ocean, between Madagascar and India, millions of years ago. An English zoologist, Phillip L. Schlater, proposed the name Lemuria (LEMURia) for this former land of the LEMURS in the Indian Ocean.

Earnst Heinrich Haeckel (1834-1919), a German naturalist and champion of Darwin, used Lemuria to explain the absence of fossil remains of early man: If man originated on a sunken continent in the Indian Ocean, all the fossils of the missing link are now under the sea. To quote Haeckel: “Schlater has given this continent the name of Lemuria, from the semi-apes which were characteristic of it.”

Approximately 14,000 years ago, the culture known as Lemuria was thriving. There were also other cultures on Earth, such as Atlantis, which were thriving as well. The holy people or the prophets of the Lemurian culture began to be aware that something was going to be changing. They began receiving information that the Earth was going to go through a very dramatic shift. The shift that they were referring to was what you call the Great Flood. You’ve also heard it called the destruction of Atlantis.

These holy people of Lemuria were very much in touch with the land as they were/are the ancient ancestors of modern day Native Hawaiians (also known in the Hawaiian/Lemurian language as the Kanaka Maoli). And they began to be aware that it was very important that the knowledge from Lemuria be preserved.

So for about 2,000 to 3,000 years, they were preparing for this great cataclysm. They began spreading their "Chrystal Teachings" about the Earth and about mankind’s history to as many people as they possibly could. They believed that if they could spread this information to as many people as possible, the information would be stored within the cells of the human bodies … it would never be forgotten.

They also began storing said information in crystals, which were taken deep within the Earth's surface to be stored and preserved. These ancient Lemurians also began to create detailed maps of the underground tunnels that existed between power points on your planet. They also took the time to prepare their plans.

They knew at some point they would receive a sign telling them it was time to go underground before the floods came (as well as sign to return above ground). So they prepared themselves for these several thousand years to be the sacred keepers of the records of Earth. They knew it was very important that the information they held be saved for when the waters receded, otherwise the entire history of Earth and the sacred teachings of the Lemurians would have been lost forever.

These holy people received their signs and began going underground. This occurred approximately one year before the flood. While underground, they learned to live there and use the underground environment for their sustenance. They built very supportive and loving communities underground known as "Telos." During that year, they did the final work involved in preserving some of the knowledge that they knew needed to be preserved.

Then the flood came all these people who were underground were safe from the waters, even though many, many people on the surface of the Earth perished. When the waters receded, the people emerged from underground. The land they once knew was now very different. This emergence from the Earth is the point at which the Native Americans’ creation history begins.

In a very literal sense, they did emerge from the Earth. Most of the native peoples have lost the exact literal memory of this emergence, but within the highest ranks of the shamans, this knowledge is still passed on.

Now, we tell this story from the point of view of the Native Hawaiians, Native Americans, Incas and Hun Elders, but they were not the only people who went underground. The holy people all around this planet went underground. For instance, the Aborigines in Australia and those who were later to become the Druids in England were all preserving their knowledge underground as well. The Druids were preserving the ancient Atlantean information, as were the Egyptians. But the native peoples of the Pacific area, including South East Asia and the Maharlika (Philippines), were preserving the Lemurian information.

These native peoples, even today, hold within themselves this sacred knowledge. Some of it is conscious but most of it lies in the subconscious. The Ainu of Japan are one of the tribes that preserved some of the knowledge. There was a great cooperation among all of these peoples on Earth to make sure that the sacred teachings were never lost.

The rise and fall of the Lemurian civilization cannot be accurately documented, though many have gone in quest of this mythological continent. Lost civilizations have been known to rise and fall – or just appear and disappear without explanation. As with Atlantis one can only speculate as to what happened, based on archaeological evidence, legends, theories pieced together by researchers, and for some, metaphysical changelings that the Anglo-Saxon race is in fact the living genetic history of Atlantis.

Lemuria's Ring of Fire Location

The exact location of Lemuria varies with different researchers and authors, though it is part of the mysteries of the Pacific region flowing into the American continent, just as Atlantis is linked to the Atlantic land areas that stretch to the Mediterranean Sea. Wherever you believe the location of Lemuria to be, it is linked with the Ring of Fire.

This area is active with volcanic eruptions and tsunami's. It would seem that the legends of ancient Lemuria speak to us once again with warning signs – as they supposedly did to the Lemurians – before the continent – or group of islands – fell into the sea.

The fate of Lemuria, also known as Pacifica, Mu, and what Cayce called Zu or Oz, is not unlike that proposed for Atlantis. It is much like the destiny of humanity foreseen in our timeline by prophets of old and modern-day clairvoyants. The legends are all the same … a thriving, advanced culture that suddenly manifested out of nowhere. Their origins and downfall are linked to destruction when their continent sank beneath the ‘sea’ due to natural cataclysm and human imbalance.

Physical Evidence of Lemuria

Stone monuments of mysterious origin dot the entire Pacific, from Japan’s underwater site at Yonaguni, to cryptic Petroglyphs on Hawaii’s Big Island, to Easter Island among sacred and megalithic sites. Many believe that Easter Island was part of Lemuria. Its hundreds of colossal stone statues and written language point to an advanced culture, yet it appeared on the world’s most remote spot. The legends of Easter Island speak of Hiva which sank beneath the waves as people fled.

Samoans called a similar place Bolutu. It was stocked with trees and plants bearing fruits and flowers, which were immediately replaced when picked. On Bolutu men could walk through trees, houses, and other physical objects without any resistance. The Maoris of New Zealand still talk about arriving long ago from a sinking island called Hawaiki a vast and mountainous place on the other side of the water.

There are various dates for the Lemurian timeline – some placing it millions of years ago – while others define the Lemurian era as roughly 75,000 to 20,000 B.C. – prior to Atlantis. Others speculate that Atlantis and Lemuria co-existed for thousands of years.

The idea of the Lemurian continent first appeared in the works of Augustus Le Plongeon, (1826-1908) a 19th century researcher and writer who conducted investigations of the Maya ruins in the Yucatan. He announced that he had translated ancient Mayan writings, which allegedly showed that the Maya of Yucatan were older than the later civilizations of Atlantis and Egypt, and additionally told the story of an even older continent of Mu, whose survivors founded the Maya civilization.

Metaphysics and Metaphors

Reality is both Myth and Metaphor – Magic and Mirrors – stories created in ‘time’ for the experiencer – projected through the eye or lens of the camera into the matrix to be perceived consciously as if virtual reality. ALL is projected illusion in the Alchemy of Time and Consciousness – ALL are parallel running programs through which we consciously experience simultaneously.

Programs have inserts. If a civilization is an insert in a grid program – that could explain why fully evolved civilizations suddenly spring up out of nowhere – the ‘sea of creation’ – the flow of the collective unconsciousness – or the consciousness grid that creates realities. If time is an illusion – all programs are running simultaneously. Therefore you are experiencing many civilizations at the same time. This often explains the feeling of Deja vu – or why some souls are drawn to live in a specific region and feel at home there.

There are those who believe that Lemuria suddenly appeared with a full-blown culture. This has spawned many interesting theories, including visits from extraterrestrials who introduced a new species of genetically engineered humans to replace their slow-witted ancestors. This too links with other creation based theories about humans being star seeds of the Gods or extra terrestrial alien mutations.

Most of what is written is a metaphor – linking to the patterns of creation – sacred geometry. It is about spiraling consciousness that moves from higher frequencies of thought – a higher harmonic – to slower – lower frequencies as we experiencing many places at the same time. All realities are created based on the numeric blueprint of sacred geometry – consciousness – the Golden Mean – Phi Ratio.

Channelers speak of Lemurians as originally coming from higher frequency – then descending into third dimension for a physical experience. This parallels our human experience through the spiraling patterns of consciousness and a feeling of change that is taking hold with human consciousness at this time. We were originally higher frequency beings in spirit form who have descended into physical beings to experience linear time and emotion.

Planet Earth is the third planet from the sun. It is physical – Reality experienced in third dimension – 3D. Some researchers consider the Lemurians the ‘third root race’. They believe that we are the fourth root race – 4=4th dimension=time] soon to become the ‘fifth root race’ as we move into a Golden Age.

Their continent sank into the sea killing the physical souls. This is a metaphor for the souls returning to the sea of consciousness – the Lemurian grid program insert – and seeking new experiences in new forms of light or physical embodiment. Many see the end of a program – and the evolution of consciousness as the movement into a Golden Age – gold being a metaphor for Alchemy of Consciousness into awareness as the blue [or blueprint of reality] and gold [magnetics or metal age.]

Lemuria sank into the sea which are also grids that comprise our realities on many levels. To ‘sink into the sea’ is to move one’s consciousness from one reality to another. Power movement of water – tsunami of consciousness – the creationism flood stories – amphibious gods from the sea – consciousness frozen in time or an ‘Ice Age’ between programs. Then we have the – meltdown of the polar icecaps. Electromagnetic energy – poles – polarity – bi-polar experiences – pole shifts on the planet and in consciousness – at Zero Point.

Duality Atlantis and Lemuria – inserts created by electromagnetic energy grids – duality of experience. Perhaps both lost continents represent the divine feminine and masculine energies of humankind? And what if this time, this placement on the reality grid, is simply the return of the Divine Goddess / Feminine / Higher Frequency Energies originating in Lemuria.

Heavenly Reality

Another theory is based on the notion of ‘crystal teachings’ in which the divine feminine knowledge and story of Lemuria was encoded in human genetics just before Lemuria fell. And sometime later in the earth's timeline, these crystal teachings would be re-membered, or discovered, and their messages revealed to help those who are struggling with the current over-abundance of Divine Masculine or Atlantean Energies?

In conclusion, the story of Lemuria – and other lost and ancient civilizations – and religious ideologies are part of humanity’s quest to remember that we are not physical beings searching for our spiritual selves – in as much as we are soul sparks of light having a physical experience – which has ended and is now to evolve back into a balanced equation of higher frequencies and consciousness, so as a species we can achieve a more complete, total understanding of our true history, and thus an authentic natural re-memory of Hu-manity's original and purely intended Heavenly Reality.

"The Bride" - Anonymous Intel SITREP - Monday - 2.29.16

T​he​ ​beautiful ​"​​Bride" 
​of the GCR/RV ​has entered the church, ​and ​she is well ​known ​in Asian cultures ​as Kuan Y'in or the Divine Feminine Goddess (also known as Gaia or Mother Earth in the west)​. 

​Therefore, all nations and cultures of the world may now stand​,​ as all ​geopolitical ​"big rocks" were settled earlier in the week at the G20 preliminary meetings​; with new territorial boundaries and rules of diplomatic ​conflict resolution fully negotiated and voted upon (in person)--thus humanity and all its ​good standing ​nation/states have now met universal requirements for harmony through free choice.

AIIB (Hun Elders) have been "test pinging" or advising all member banks of their intention to release monetary hydration ​out ​to the world.​ And once they release ​internal ​liquidity codes from th​eir master account (with Kuan Y'in's blessing), the ​shotgun start ​roll out process becomes experiential to all populations of the world--and yes, even your sacred redemption appointment numbers will appear in short order.

All must go together, or none shall go. This was Heaven's requirement to man.​

Historical bond owners and private transaction paymasters now calmly await initial performance tranches, as well as the deliverance of private placement trade contracts/payouts (which have been generating since late August 2015, and has in fact absorbed / paid off all debts worldwide).

Thus, there is no panic or discomfort on the part of the sovereign families, as they understand what humanity's best interests truly are, and have used the RV as a negotiating tool to set all​ of​ the world's inhabitants on a firm and moral high ground before the mercy was released. ​This is precisely what they were keeping for us all these decades and centuries.​

Know that all decisions makers are taking counsel from higher mind benevolence, including now direct counsel from Kuan Y'in herself, as to divine performance timing and degrees or levels of benevolence.

​Literally ​the ​pulse or frequency of the earth has been reset, and our new human financial system will now simultaneously fall into ​alignment or ​harmony with this new recalibrated ​higher frequency, automatically releasing ​the old frequency as well as the appropriate amount of mercy for thousands upon thousands of years without interruption, corruption or conflict.

Hard to believe? Sure. Truth? Ask your heart… which is an anagram for "earth". As we are all now ONE WITH THE EARTH, and thus BEATING AS ONE HEART… on a vibrational or frequency rhythm. Tres cool, right?

Your monetary blessing is absolute, in amounts beyond your current understanding. So take these final moments to quiet your mind and heart, and allow your soul to reset into a "greater good" or "sincere gratitude" vibration so that you may comfortably receive this loving gift from Heaven as it is now is effortlessly bestowed.

The only struggle​s​ remaining ​are the one​s​ you artificially create. So ​be at peace​ and ​save the drama for your mama ​as all is ​truly ​well:)

Aloha Ke Akua (God is Love)

Is This The New US Dollar?

China Central Bank 'No Reason for Yuan to Fall Further'

China central bank boss says no reason for yuan to fall further

Ramiro Robbins | 01 March, 2016, 03:21

China's banks normally start the year with a bang, extending loans to their best corporate customers, Orlik said.

In January, fuel exports rose 45.2 percent to 3.01 million tonnes, or 679,700 bpd, after hitting a record 975,500 bpd in December, as China continued to export more diesel amid weakening demand for the industrial fuel. A gauge of dollar strength declined 0.8 percent last week, while the yen climbed 3 percent and the euro advanced 0.9 percent.

Total social finance, a measurement of funds that non-financial firms and households get from the financial system, stood at 3.42 trillion yuan, almost double December's count of 1.81 trillion yuan, the People's Bank of China(PBOC) said in a statement.

Imports in January were down 14.4% year-on-year last month, versus a growth of 1.8% expected and a fall of just 4% year-on-year in 2015, in yuan-denominated terms.

The country's foreign exchange reserves dropped $99.5 billion to $3.2 trillion in January, according to official figures, as the central bank sold dollars to slow the slide in the yuan.

The world's second-largest economy grew an annual 6.9 percent in 2015, the poorest showing in a quarter of a century.

The PBoC injected about CNY 1.5 trillion in liquidity through standing lending facility, medium-term lending facility and pledged supplementary lending ahead of Lunar L.HK">New Year holiday in January to avoid liquidity strain.

"RMB depreciation has failed to lift China's export growth so far", wrote researchers with China International Capital Corporation, adding that authorities should make clear their plans for the currency.

China's commerce ministry has warned that the country's external trade is facing relatively severe pressure in 2016, and few analysts expect a sudden improvement in global demand.

Zhou said there was no basis for the yuan to keep falling, and China would keep it stable versus a basket of currencies while allowing greater volatility against the USA dollar, the report said.

"In a similar vein, capital outflows disguised as trade flows are likely to have inflated imports at the end of a year ago".

Despite concerns that global markets might have further to fall, some analysts have said lower valuations in certain pockets have become increasingly attractive for investors.


Currency Chatter: Tlar Comments on Iran Oil Production 2-29-16

Currency Chatter 2-29-16

​Tlar Comments On Iran Oil Production and More

JC May: Iran pushing forward with plans to ramp up oil output

Iran will push forward with plans to pump an additional one million barrels of oil per day into an already oversupplied global market, a senior Iranian oil official told CNN in an exclusive interview.

"Iran is not the cause for this turmoil," Deputy Oil Minister Amir Hossein Zamaninia told CNN's Fred Pleitgen on Sunday, referring to the slump in oil prices. "We do not intend to sanction ourselves again after coming out of the sanctions."

Oil producers have been watching nervously as Iran prepares to bring its supplies back to the global market after economic sanctions on the country were lifted as part of a landmark nuclear deal with world powers.

"We want to increase our production to the level we used to produce prior to the sanctions," Zamaninia said. "And at that time, then we can get together and discuss and strategize for the future."

The global oil market is drowning in excess supply. The price per barrel has nosedived around 70% since mid-2014, punishing the economies of many of the big producers.

Related: OPEC president says oil output freeze will work

Iran's return has further complicated the picture. Its bitter rivalry with Saudi Arabia, fueled by geopolitical factors like the wars in Syria and Yemen, has exacerbated tensions over the oil industry.

Saudi Arabia led OPEC in a fierce battle against other producers for market share that helped push down oil prices.

Amid mounting concerns about the impact of the price plunge, five of OPEC's 13 members -- Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the UAE, Qatar and Venezuela -- plus Russia, agreed earlier this month to keep output steady at January's levels.

But Iran has refused to join the production freeze. Last week, Iranian Oil Minister Bijan Zangeneh called it a "joke," according to state media.

Related: Iran calls Saudi oil production freeze a 'joke'

Zamaninia was more diplomatic in his comments to CNN on Sunday, although he made it clear Iran considers the onus to be on other countries to tackle the supply glut.

"That was a small step in the right direction," he said of the output freeze. "We hope that they [OPEC] can get together to decrease their production."

Zamaninia said a "silver lining" of the sanctions is Iran is less dependent than many of its neighbors on oil revenues.

The country doesn't need foreign investment to ramp up its production by one million barrels per day, he said. But it is interested in overseas funding to help finance longer-term increases.

"We have no doubt that we can attract at least $40 billion to $45 billion per year investment," he said.

CNNMoney (Tehran, Iran) First published February 28, 2016: 10:55 PM ET

Tlar: Oh what a shock and surprise. RIGHT. Iran was the reason the Saudis backed out of the potential OPEC deal again. Iran always screams at anyone who produces more than their agreed quota which they were grey shipping oil everywhere.

They are one of the main reasons POEC disintegrated in the first place. They can't be trusted. Any government that knowingly counterfeits another countries currency for gain is a pariah country.

These guys claim to be religious invoking god in everything they do, but break every international and human law on the books Counterfeiting, smuggling, drugs, terrorism, blackmail, illegal executions, assassinations, anything is fair game for these 14th century barbarians who sit in judgement of everyone else.

Human rights, womens rights, gays, infidels, or anyone who is not a true believer in their kind of Shiite religous dogma world are targets for this outlaw regime. They don't mind killing Muslims or their own people.

Their ayatollah is a wacko and will make deals with the worst scum this planet has ever brought into existence. He befriends the likes of Kim (that great Korean leader) who also does not value any life but his own. We can debate whether or not the recent deal with our administration was good or not good.

Views I am sure vary even in this group. History will show us whether or not this proves to be a terrible mistake or the right thing to have done. I for one think it was the wrong thing to do because this regime, I am sure they take the Koran literally.

In the Koran it specifically states that if you are at war with your enemy and you are losing, it is ok to temporarily make peace with the enemy while you rebuild you army to attack again latter.

This regime is very close to the very same belief as ISIS. If the jerk-off leader of ISIS had not made two strategic mistakes, declaring he was the Caliph, putting himself above all ayatollahs, which was an insult to all those in power in the middle east, I question whether or not Iran would be supporting ISIS instead of fighting them.

Also ISIS first target was Syria putting them at odds with the Iranian regime whose goal was to see a strong Shiite crescent consisting of Iran, Iraq (Maliki) and (ASsad) Syria.​​

Yes, it is my opinion that even though we will see temporary benefits by letting this snake out of the bag, in the long run we will have to atone for our mistake. I know many will disagree with my thoughts and that is your privilege.

IMO debate beyond presenting your side of the story nothing will change my views. I invite anyone who wants too, to tell us why this is a good thing and I promise to listen and try to understand but I won't debate this issue. History will show us if this was the right thing to do, not arguing points. Respectfully, tlar.

JD BLUE: Absolute agreement here. That said. I am hopeful that during this phony period of "peace" that the economy of Iraq can be figured out, and this currency play can get done in the small window before Iran goes off the rails. - That said... I would be thrilled if the good people of Iran would somehow gain control and end the rule of the mullahs.


BLC News and Comments with tlm724 for 2-29-16

Bond Lady's Corner 2-29-16

Deputy for the National: Abadi, will present the new ministerial his booth during the next two weeks

29/02/2016 02:32 | Direction Press / Baghdad
He favored the National Alliance MP Ali Safi said the new Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi ministerial cabin offers during the next two weeks, adding that "there can not be hidden obstacles related to the ministerial change to the unwillingness of some political blocs to abandon ministries subordinate to it."

Safi said in a statement received "direction Press" a copy of it today. "The prime minister in constant contact with the leaders of the National Alliance and with other political blocs to break formulas fruitful fit the challenges faced by the country without any override the provisions of the law or the Constitution."

He added that "al-Abadi being regular meetings with the leaders of the National Alliance on the one hand and with the leaders of the coalition of state law and the political blocs on the other hand, to coordinate the actions that need to coordinate and follow up with legislative power."

"The Prime Minister and in the framework of the evaluation of the performance of ministries and complete the reforms plan packages, specialized technical committee of experienced and efficient professional figures to assess the work of the ministries" shape.

"The Abadi pending the results of evaluation of the technical committee for the selection of candidates for ministerial cabin and a change of government," while likely to "be the date of submission of the new ministerial cabin during the next two weeks."


[tlm724] he is saying 2 weeks baby and you will have ministerial reform



Parliamentary Finance exclude government had resorted to borrowing from the central bank stocks

Economy Since 02/29/2016 14:38 pm (Baghdad time)


Special - balances News Parliamentary Finance Committee ruled on Monday the government had resorted to borrowing from the central bank stocks at the moment, as pointed out that foreign loans repaid in a manner deferred payment by the government to the donor countries.

The committee member said Abdul Qader Mohammed's / balances News /, that "it is possible for the government to borrow from the central bank stocks, but it is causing negative returns where he will work on inflation in the currency market."

He added, "The government did not resort to borrowing from the central bank, but if it is forced and did not get foreign loans," noting that "foreign loans repaid like a way Palmrihh by the state where the negative impact does not affect the economic situation, so to get this type of loan is due the achievements of the current Iraqi situation. "

Little Onedo parliamentary Finance Committee Magda Tamimi stressed earlier, the need to resort to collect taxes out of the financial crisis that Iraq is going through at the moment, while expressing its refusal to resort to the stock of the Central Bank to remedy the crisis. "Ended LINK From: Nur al-Din Wahba

[tlm724] "The government did not resort to borrowing from the central bank, but if it is forced and did not get foreign loans,

[tlm724] whew



The launch of a unified economic bloc to represent the private sector

2/29/2016 0:00 BAGHDAD - Hussein al - Tamimi Tgb the form of a number of private organizations and associations concerned with economic affairs of a preparatory committee in preparation for the declaration of an economic bloc unified management of the private sector affairs and unification of orientations in international and local forums, advertisers establish gathered under the name of the Iraqi Economic Forum.

The conferees issued a statement saying with bone responsibility placed the responsibility of the private sector and their representatives to be supportive and active partner of the Iraqi government and the private sector contributes economic decision - making proper , which would build and rebuild Iraq and guarantee the right of the Iraqi people , present and future.

the statement to a meeting of a number of councils and the unions that represent the sector of the Iraqi Aacial complement the first step Founding Conference , which held in Amman last year that the Forum be a voice true to the private sector aims to rebuild Iraq and keep intruders and users and traffickers of corrupt opportunists.

President of the National business Council , the Iraqi Dawood Abdul Zayer said: the government today has inter reforms you want to apply , and the peer to apply it is the private sector, noting that the organization the relationship with the private sector and one interface (Forum) has become a necessity to implement reforms.

chairman of the economic Commission parliamentary Jawad al - Bolani he said: We as a council deputies are working to encourage and sectors , production and service of the private sector in order to achieve real economic development, and are working to create the conditions that contribute to the achievement of a genuine partnership the private sector.

Executive Director of the Association of Iraqi private banks Ali Tariq expressed hope that an economic grouping of the private sector against the government at a time when we desperately need to unite economic visions comes this assembly to represent important segments of the private sector play a big role in the economic life and will have a positive impact in them.

The President of the Federation of Chambers of Commerce Jaafar al - Hamdani has pointed to seek to activate joint work with the government , international organizations and the formation of a real vision for investment in human resources in order to achieve economic viability of Iraq.


tlm724: under the name of the Iraqi Economic Forum

The President of the Federation of Chambers of Commerce Jaafar al - Hamdani has pointed to seek to activate joint work with the government , international organizations and the formation of a real vision for investment in human resources in order to achieve economic viability of Iraq.



The Independent: Barzani Maliki ignored warnings and Najafi and refused to help the Kurds to prevent the fall of Mosul

translation: Range Prominent figures to tell the government of Nouri al - Maliki has ignored urgent appeals were requesting assistance to prepare for the attack , sudden, and reveal frustration in the detailed warnings were ignored.

In such a month two years ago warned Ahmed Hamidi, director of intelligence in the northern city of Mosul, Baghdad government that Daash group was planning a big order.

But since then , the warning in February 2014 until his call for the Air Force to bomb Daash fighters who were Athacdon the eve of the attack, been repeatedly ignored his warnings in addition to the warnings of prominent political figures.

Section publication of the official parliamentary report focused on the fall of Mosul , to a large extent on the repeated military failure Daash allowed to quickly take over the city when the attack five months later, at the beginning of the liberalization of a number of extremists prisoners and then on the tenth of June to impose full control and fled paranoid Iraqi army without a fight.

But the certificate is not published on the investigation and stories told by prominent figures of the Independent at the time, reveal another failure. The Prime Minister Nuri al - Maliki then ignored repeated calls urgent to prepare for an attack Daash. Certificate also reveal frustration Hamidi from the Baghdad government ignored the warnings.

The first time the flag Hamidi Daash planning an attack in June was arrested by members of the group. February 25 - According to his testimony in the investigation - informed his superiors in Baghdad, then soon discovered what he described as "something abnormal happens toward Mosul and the establishment of training camps", according to the leaked testimony.

In March of Baghdad provided a wealth of information on the six training camps for Daash outside the city, but despite the fact that the Iraqi air force missions monitor and confirm the sites camps, they did not respond to a request by Mr. Hamidi bombing.

18 of the same month received new information that Daash was preparing for an attack on the right side of the city of Mosul, and contact telephone charge of military operations commander in the city to warn him.

A few days later I learned that the attack will begin at six o'clock at dawn on June 6, warned against Baghdad again and said Daash was planning to change its efforts to Nineveh , Anbar province. I told them so in the name of the operation launched by the extremists on the next process , a "wedding."

He said they got wheels and weapons and established new positions "All top leaders will participate in the process because they plan it for a long time."

He sent warnings to more than ten times over the weeks and months through documents and phone calls to the military intelligence in Baghdad, and to the office of Mr. al - Maliki, and to the local council in Mosul and the military commanders in Mosul and Baghdad, but even so it has the commander of military operations in Mosul went leave on June 3 - the three days of the attack is expected before .

Mr. Hamidi called him and begged him to come back, later told the inquiry , "When I told him why, he was apparently shocked", though he only personally told him about Daash plans two days ago.

On June 5 , according to information Daash was planning to enter Mosul the next day from two different two destinations morning on the banks of the Tigris River, employing between 700-1000 fighters, including nine foreigners bombers. Attackers will wear - from different nationalities - a military uniform similar to the uniforms of the Iraqi army.

Send intelligence director a final report to his superiors and informed the military commander in Mosul that terrorists now congregate in Sheikh Younis village six miles away from the city. Tell investigative committee said , "given the village coordinates but no one was any action taken, and I told them that the attack would be at five o'clock on June 6 ....

There will be four car bombs on the right side of the river and four on the left side and nine suicide attacks on the right side of the city . he added , " the attack happened in the day in question and the places that I mentioned, if cared for only ten percent of my words , what we need to battle."

so why has ignored the Baghdad government information rather than be used to prevent the attack? in addition to being prime minister, Mr. al - Maliki was in charge about two ministries two tasks are the defense and interior; the second was responsible for domestic intelligence.

cast a parliamentary commission of inquiry most of the blame for the fall of Mosul , Mr. al - Maliki, but it also cast some of the blame on the governor of Mosul wearer Liberation of Iraq , who was sacked from his position since then.

Mr. Najafi said his office in Irbil , where he fled when the fall of Mosul , " the Committee reported six points against me , only two of which are directly related to the fall of Mosul. They say I have not informed the Prime Minister that the fall of Mosul.

But at the same time Chief of Staff of al - Maliki said in his testimony that I am the only one who contacted him by telephone to tell him that Mosul was on its way to fall and because I needed more weapons. Re - Maliki that this is not the duty of the governor. "

Najafi blames sectarian tensions between Shiites and Sunnis in the absence of communication between his office and the Baghdad government. Even he says that al - Maliki told his group not sharing information with him.

Yet he says he knew from its own sources , including plans his Daash but it also was not able to secure any help. the reason, he says, is that he was reluctant appeared to render aid to the politicians Sunnis who may have been linked to the Baath party, "Maliki was believed to have connections to the Baath party . If what he gave me his support van Baath be a big force in the city. "

I believed Najafi al - Maliki and his followers were afraid of the Baath Party to the point where they prefer Daash" they knew the existence of Sunni political power center in Mosul, no one will help them in their fight - but with Daash, the whole world will help them. Any Sunni power acceptable to the international community was for them more dangerous than Daash. "

Najafi said it is clear that some Allowahmin of former Baathists were active in Daash But Maliki was believed that they do not constitute a major force" for him was the politicians Baathists more dangerous. "

Based on his contacts with the Iraqi military command in Mosul and the plans that he heard about the bombing of the city when it falls , however Daash, Najafi said Maliki believed he meant monument trap, "Al - Maliki wants the fall of the right side of Mosul ,

however Daash Ki pinned down and Iqcefh later to the belief that all who remained says the ones with Daash. Did not think lives are being lost, he wanted the fall of Mosul , because that will give him an opportunity to reorganize the policy, and that people would need more after that. "

Bashar Kiki, president of the Kurdish National Council Mosul and member of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, believes it is possible that al - Maliki had imagined that the fall of Mosul will political interest in order to present himself as the savior of her,

but Mr. Kiki prefers to blame ignorance, "politicians commanders and leaders in Baghdad did not realize that the threat was real, where he did not take the vast amount of information seriously because they were not professional enough , " he says.

before the fall of Mosul month, Mr. Kiki also provided information on Daash activities to military commanders, but he said , " have not shown interest so much because they were preoccupied with other things , " a reference to the notorious army extort money from civilians and receiving bribes and receiving astronauts soldiers ' salaries.

Finally , in the reaction of all messages that were sent to him, al - Maliki sent two senior officers - Abboud Qanbar Ali Ghaidan - from Baghdad to Mosul , where he managed Mr. Kiki of their meeting, Kiki says , " They assured me that everything is under control, but in fact the opposite was true . " .

Mr. Kiki it was known that the extremist groups - some linked to al - Qaeda and then Bdaash - were active in Mosul years ago and it took control of the surrounding villages indicates.

A lot of Mosul year residents were upset by the changes that have occurred in Iraq after the fall of Saddam has led to the provision of some of them support for extremists.

Chief of Staff Fuad Hussein , President Massoud Barzani said the Kurdish authorities also provided information to the government in Baghdad and the warnings and offered to help and passed information to US officials , too. He says , "Call President Barzani by nearly eight months of fall and talked with all of Ammar al - Hakim and US Ambassador in Iraq.

A month before the fall Contact telephoned Maliki to tell him that the situation in Mosul was dangerous. Maliki did not take it seriously and told our president , you can take care of Kurdistan and I will take care of the rest. "

just days before the attack, the President Barzani to send troops from the Kurdish Peshmerga to assist in the defense of the city after appeal their portfolios Najafi, according to Mr. Fuad Hussein. And again rejected al - Maliki.

On the night of the fall of Mosul when Mr. Fouad Call an co - Maliki trusted to repeat the offer , but he had received no response, Mr. Fouad "Maliki believes that he has all the power and that his officers and soldiers who were strong enough to defend the city. He did not want to help us out of fear that he says We consider Mosul Kurdish region. "

each interviewed by The Independent considered mistrust Maliki and other aggregates is a big issue. He did not trust the director of intelligence Mosul , although he was working for the intelligence of Baghdad. Mr. Fouad "The prime minister runs ( an offer for one man) he was making all the decisions, and he trusted the reports of others more than confidence in our reports."

He says may be one of the reasons is that they believe that the little Daash actually want to seize Mosul. According to Mr. Fouad, the impression was that the group was only wants to release its members from Badush prison.

Gave al - Maliki blamed the fall of Mosul , a conspiracy is possible Kurds working with Daash for control of the city, where he wrote on his page on Facebook says , "What happened in Mosul was conspiracy was planned in Ankara and then moved to Erbil.

Apart from that, the deputy in the Iraqi parliament Khosro Goran says , "al - Maliki became very arrogant and thinks that the military were right leaders and inform them , everything. He wanted to become a hero is, this is the only plot. "

This is also what revealed by the Commission on Security and Defense parliamentary, where he says chairman of quitting" We have achieved with almost a hundred people and did not discover any conspiracy.

The only obvious conclusion is that there was a lack of professionalism and lack of the right people in the right places. The choice of leaders , non - professionals the main reason for the failure of the Forces duty, randomly selected was based on their loyalty. "

The report , which was adopted by parliament in August of last year, cast the blame on Mr. al - Maliki , in addition to the 30 officials, including the former governor of Mosul and Saadoun al - Dulaimi , deputy minister the defense in a timely manner.

report found that Mr. al - Maliki were not to have an accurate picture of the threat of Mosul because he chose leaders involved in corruption and the failure to hold them accountable.

the conclusion of the Commission President is to Mosul fell because of the military operation did not have a clear leader. army did not fit in sound of the battle, and when the leaders fled followed the soldiers the same.

However , the Commission did not focus on the missed opportunities for a series of intelligence warnings that were ignored. Maliki 's office refused to answer the request of the Independent - through phone calls and mailings repeated - to comment on any of the allegations that have been made ​​against him.

as Maliki criticized the earlier revelations achieve the Iraqi parliament, where he said "no value for the result reached by the parliamentary Committee on the fall of Mosul, where it was dominated by political differences and a lack of objectivity."

as Mr. Zamili blamed the Americans for the lack of their response with the information they received, he said "under the agreement strategic with Iraq had to prevent Iraqi forces from the loss in this way, and they had to provide Iraqi forces with all the information that they have and protect them."

Was Mr. Maliki would agree to the Americans bombed the camps Daash questionable? Zamili "He had to approve says. But at least they had to provide information."

Mr. Fuad Hussein is confident that the Americans passed the information that they have, but he says they have not been able to act without a request from the Iraqi government, and again - says Fouad - Mr. Maliki It is to blame , "al - Maliki said he was telling them come and helped us, but he did not do." LINK

tlm724: Prominent figures to tell the government of Nouri al - Maliki has ignored urgent appeals were requesting assistance to prepare for the attack , sudden, and reveal frustration in the detailed warnings were ignored.

In such a month two years ago warned Ahmed Hamidi, director of intelligence in the northern city of Mosul, Baghdad government that Daash group was planning a big order.

But since then , the warning in February 2014 until his call for the Air Force to bomb Daash fighters who were Athacdon the eve of the attack, been repeatedly ignored his warnings in addition to the warnings of prominent political figures.



Central Bank calls for the success of the donors' conference and criticizing defamation banking sector

[rtl]Direction Press / Baghdad[/rtl]

[rtl] The governor of the Iraqi Central Bank on the Keywords, on Monday, the importance of the role of the banking sector to support efforts to ensure the success of the donors ' conference for the reconstruction of areas affected by the terrorist attacks in Jordan , scheduled for next April, criticizing the operations of defamation against the banking sector .

[rtl]Keywords and said in a statement during the meeting of the Central Bank of Iraq headquarters in Baghdad received a "trend - Presse , " a copy of it today, "we hope that the participation of this sector and wide in this national action to be an important point in his record holds all meanings benevolent ."[/rtl]

[rtl]Keywords and he pointed out that "heavy load withholds him , but his family, so we expect the banking sector initiatives in this area , " explaining , "We abreast of preparations for the conference , both at the local level through the costly task of the Committee, chaired by the President of the Reconstruction Fund , Dr. Abdul Basit Turkey and through international organizations ,

"noting that" the conference is an opportunity that will contribute to creating a state of stability in our country, pointing out that we are in need in this particular circumstance . "[/rtl]

[rtl]He predicted the central bank governor to "be participating in the conference to be held the Dead Sea on 16 and April 17 and a wide area, from the other hand , between the Keywords that the central bank a clear position regarding the auction sell the currency , " pointing out that "he had held meetings with the Financial and Economic Committee in the House of Representatives However other official bodies to clarify this issue . "[/rtl]

[rtl]Turning to the "reasons for defamation and accusations faced by the banking sector in general campaign, especially Maitalq window sell the currency," he said , "at the forefront of these reasons , the absence ofpublic banking culture on the work of banks and the nature of the functions of the central bank Mai_khas sell the dollar in particular ."[/rtl]

[rtl]He called for "to take the media role in educating people the functions of the banking sector in general, adding that the response to the attack easy if it is made ​​by specialists, because they understand easily and reality of the situation, while the issue is difficult when it comes to by others do not have a banking culture ."[/rtl]

[rtl]Portfolios of private banks and urged the general to "not to give the opportunity to attack it by closing loopholes and full compliance with the instructions of the Central Bank and to focus on not be the dollar sale process of a target for speculation , " and urged Association of private banks that " will be the topic at theforefront of their concerns in this particular circumstances . " .[/rtl]

[rtl]So called head of the Iraqi private banks association Wadih Handal to "increase support for the central bank to the banking sector to be able to contribute to any national action, also stressed the support of private banks to the efforts of the Central Bank in the framework of cooperation, enhance mutual trust between the two sides ."[/rtl]

[rtl]He said Handal to "Private Bankers Association initiative to establish a legal committee to be the voice of thebanks before the judicial authorities and to pay the accusations directed to it by legal means , " stressing " theimportance of the humanitarian role played by the private banks toward our people displaced explaining that liberalization Salahuddin and Anbar of terrorism It would contribute to reassure the capital that our country is on the road to recovery , especially after the start of preparations for Tharirmhafezh Nineveh . "[/rtl]

[rtl]He called Handal boards of directors of banks to "more effective humanitarian contributions, and assign Matmralamanhan scheduled to be held in Jordan in April next year , " explaining the importance of the "going success of the conference the efforts of the first two - way encouraging the human side and the second search States and international organizations to provide its capacity of support for Iraq for the reconstruction of cities ravaged by terrorism . "[/rtl]

[rtl]On the nature of the relationship between the central bank and the private banks between Handal "It's dominated by the language of trust and mutual understanding is important in the face of challenges that include everyone," .anthy http://aletejahtv.org/index.php/new_design/permalink/101696.html

[tlm724] criticizing the operations of defamation against the banking sector

[tlm724] there he goes again defending himself

[tlm724] pointing out that "he had held meetings with the Financial and Economic Committee in the House of Representatives However other official bodies to clarify this issue

[tlm724] Turning to the "reasons for defamation and accusations faced by the banking sector in general campaign, especially Maitalq window sell the currency,

[tlm724] at the forefront of these reasons , the absence ofpublic banking culture on the work of banks and the nature of the functions of the central bank Mai_khas sell the dollar in particular

[tlm724] really ?? and why is that ??? Because you didn't do your job !

[tlm724] how can he blame the functions of the CBI when he is in control of the CBI ???
[tlm724] and if I am not mistaken the banking sector is part of that !

[tlm724] culture this *slap*

[cat] lmao

[tlm724] the CBI has laws to cover the whole banking sector including the private banks but they have not enforced the law !

[tlm724] and another thing if he were so good at his job then why do they need international experts to run the cash system ?? lemme show you from yesterday

The Central Bank's contract with the International Office to control the movement of cash

Date: 10:38 2016/06/28 | Visits: 128

Information/Baghdad/... Central Bank Governor Ali al-allaq, Sunday, hiring international Audit Office to develop procedures to sell "the dollar" to control the movement of cash.

He said the relationship was quoted in the newspaper "morning" and seen by agency/information/that "Central Bank hired an auditing office develop procedures to sell" the dollar "to control the movement of the dollar exchange.

"The central focus on financial inclusion for its positive role in the economic life, the pursuit of development financing for small and medium-sized enterprises that we will have an integrated legal framework, as well as to stimulate the field of Islamic banking, which is expanding in Iraq."

He stressed the "necessity of relationship establishment guaranteeing deposits in banks, as we are close to passing a law it passed in the House," pointing to "continue efforts to develop universal banking system which represents a major shift for Central Bank action." Finished/25 t


[tlm724] see what I mean ??

[cat] uh huh

[RCS1947] Amen!!

[tlm724] I think he is outta control but thats just me Suspect

Tobyboy: Timmy I agree 100% and been saying he does not know what he is doing. This Maliki puppet does not know anything about accounting banking, he has screw up the CBI royally. I feel he is following what Maliki wanted to destroy the economy and help in the stealing of funds for the crooks.

Tlm724: Your right Toby !! He is a puppet , heres what I said in response to that article yesterday

For those people who believe Ali Alak is a capable governor or that he should stay in charge here is a strong argument against that ! It is pretty pitiful when a country needs the assistance of an international entity to control their system of cash.

Perhaps this is the best thing to come down the pike in almost 2 years. At least it won't be a bubbling idiot in charge of the money. This is probably part of the IMF's plan in overseeing the financial sector and it's a good dayum thing they are there.

There is much work to be done to rid the system of corruption. This also explains, to an extent, the reduction in the daily auction of the dollar, too many eyes upon them ! Suspect

Central: the absence of banking culture in the cause of smear campaign over the sale currency window

12:49:48 29/02/2016 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad confirmed the central bank, on Monday, that the absence of banking culture cause of the smear campaign on the sale of currency window, and at the time , who pointed out that these statements do not come from specialists,

stressed the importance of the role of the banking sector in supporting efforts for the success of the Conference donors. the governor of the central bank on the Keywords in a statement Alsumaria News received a copy of the "reasons for defamation and accusations faced by the banking sector in general campaign,

especially regarding window sell the currency, is the absence of public banking culture on the work of banks and the nature of central bank functions with regard to selling the dollar in particular. " he added that" the overall private banks not to give a chance to attack it by closing loopholes and full compliance with the instructions of the Central Bank and to focus on not be the dollar sale process of a target for speculation ,

"explaining that" the response to the attack easy if it is made ​​by specialists, because they understand easily and the reality of the situation, while the issue is difficult when it comes to others Aimitlkon culture of banking. "

on the other hand called on the governor of the bank to" a wide participation for the success of the donors ' conference to be held in April in the Kingdom of Jordan , "and expressed hope that" be the participation of this sector and wide in this national action to be an important point in his record holds all meanings benevolent. "

he Keywords that the conference is an opportunity that will contribute to creating a state of stability in our country," pointing out that "we are in need in this particular circumstance." the governor of the bank Central on the Keywords announced on the third of March 2015 that the new guidelines set by the bank is that the auction is no longer a daily window for operations for the sale of currency auctions,

noting that the new mechanisms developed to sell this currency, especially that of its functions to provide currency for foreign trade.

and founded the Iraqi Central Bank bank independent under the law issued on the sixth of March 2004, as an independent body, which is responsible for maintaining price stability and the implementation of monetary policy, including exchange rate policies are being daily sessions for buying and selling currencies. Add comment

Read more: http://www.sotaliraq.com/newsitem.php?id=320657#ixzz41a9NfMir


IQD RV Update with rcookie: "Looking for Ways"


rcookie (Dinar Updates)

Iraqi Dinar Revaluation and Global Currency Reset News | Dinar Chronicles

Courtesy of Dinar Guru

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log for Monday 2/29/16 - Part 8

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log

Part 8 - Featuring firefly, rcookie & Millionday

mudder says to quicktolegit96(5:34 PM):


_firefly_ says to angus(5:34 PM):

Amongst others like Agriculture, Export etc. yes

angus says(5:34 PM):

would that not make both of these go up?

dwightj says(5:35 PM):


angus says(5:35 PM):

I'm winging it here help me out save my but firefly lol

quicktolegit96 says(5:35 PM):


mudder says(5:36 PM):

Thry claim she is... But who knows???

chickadee says to quicktolegit96(5:37 PM):

they said at 730 et she is

dwightj says(5:38 PM):


_firefly_ says(5:38 PM):

Alrighty friends, heading out to dinner, BBIAB :)

caravaggio says to dwightj(5:38 PM):

Yeah, that's called supply and demand.

angus says(5:39 PM):

ok so dwightj if the demand goes up, maybe because the dinar is going to change in price and they will need more to cover the dinar?

caravaggio says to _firefly_(5:39 PM):

I have long heard that the gold market is "manipulated".

dwightj says(5:40 PM):


angus says(5:40 PM):

firefly eat some dinner for me! :)

quicktolegit96 says(5:40 PM):


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(5:41 PM)THE OBSERVER - http://dinarupdates.com/observer/

angus says(5:41 PM):

well I have no idea, like I said I was a guessing....

_firefly_ says(5:42 PM):

Statement by Treasury Secretary Jacob J. Lew on the Signing of the Trade Facilitation and Trade Enforcement Act of 2015


WASHINGTON – “Today’s bill signing marks a major step in this Administration’s goal of moving countries towards more market-determined exchange rates and preventing currency devaluation to gain a competitive advantage.

“Alongside the Joint Declaration of the Macroeconomic Policy Authorities of Trans-Pacific Partnership Countries, this bipartisan legislation gives us the authority to take additional action against unfair currency practices including important new reporting, monitoring, and engagement tools, as well as the ability to levy meaningful penalties to hold countries accountable. As we head to the G-20 meetings this week, this provides yet another tool for our economic toolkit as we look to ensure a level international playing field.

chickadee says to quicktolegit96(5:42 PM):


_firefly_ says(5:42 PM):

“The legislation accomplishes these important goals in a way that is consistent with our international obligations. I thank all of the members of the House and Senate for their ongoing efforts to better protect American workers and firms.”

_firefly_ says(5:43 PM):

“Today’s bill signing marks a major step in this Administration’s goal of moving countries towards more market-determined exchange rates and preventing currency devaluation to gain a competitive advantage.

_firefly_ says(5:43 PM):

“Today’s bill signing marks a major step in this Administration’s goal of moving countries towards more market-determined exchange rates and preventing currency devaluation to gain a competitive advantage.

_firefly_ says(5:43 PM):

“Today’s bill signing marks a major step in this Administration’s goal of moving countries towards more market-determined exchange rates and preventing currency devaluation to gain a competitive advantage.

SCOTZGIRL says to _firefly_(5:43 PM):

Japan and China

dwightj says(5:43 PM):


_firefly_ says(5:44 PM):

(}) :)

_firefly_ says(5:45 PM):

Speaking of Japan, I wonder how that new city funded by Japanese investors is coming alomg? :)

_firefly_ says(5:45 PM):

Ta ta (})

dwightj says(5:45 PM):


rcookie says(5:51 PM):

Refer the accused to eliminate corruption, including the son Nuri al-Maliki

the source: BAGHDAD statement

Date: March 01 2016

Refer the accused to eliminate corruption, including the son Nuri al-Maliki

the source: BAGHDAD statement

Date: March 01 2016

According to an informed source in the Iraqi Integrity Commission, that a number of former ministers and officials, including the son of former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, has brought to justice. Journal Media Network quoted a source as saying that the Integrity Commission referred both Ahmed Abdul Ghafoor Samarrai, head of the former Sunni Endowment, and Salah Abdul Razzaq governor of Baghdad Previously, Qassim Atta, a former military spokesman, in addition to the finance minister, Hoshyar Zebari, to justice, on charges of corruption.

angus says(5:51 PM):

So firefly by the bill that was signed today or what ever day it was signed that is the go ahead or the push for the rate change?

rcookie says(5:51 PM):

He added that both Ahmed al-Maliki, and Jassem Mohammed Jaafar Minister of Youth and former sports, Karim Wahid and former minister of electricity, required the Iraqi judiciary Falah Sudan's former minister of trade, Muhammad's Darraji former Minister of Housing and Minister of Industry and current metals, and Hassan Shammari and former justice minister, and Ghalib Zamili Member Baghdad Provincial Council, within Referred.

LLN65 says(5:51 PM):


rcookie says(5:52 PM):


JETSET says(5:52 PM):


David[X25SNDAUGTUKHUQWI6BTABCMVI@yahoo..] says(5:53 PM):

can't access chat on my iphone panic

LLN65 says to JETSET(5:53 PM):


LLN65 says to JETSET(5:53 PM):


chickadee says to LLN65(5:53 PM):

is it cst or et?

LLN65 says to rcookie(5:53 PM):

TY (F)

LLN65 says to chickadee(5:53 PM):

CST :-*

R&R says to rcookie(5:54 PM):

IYO, does the language "brought to justice" mean there are warrants out on them, or only that their names have been submitted for charges to be issued?

chickadee says to LLN65(5:54 PM):

oh good I can stop rushing :D thank you

LLN65 says to chickadee(5:54 PM):

yvw :)

LLN65 says to chickadee(5:55 PM):


LLN65 says to _firefly_(5:55 PM):

TY (F)

LLN65 says to _firefly_(5:56 PM):

been getting some spahgetti on :)

LLN65 says(5:56 PM):


(5:57 PM)THE BLOG - Dinar Daily NEWS Blog - http://www.dinarupdates.com/blog/

David[X25SNDAUGTUKHUQWI6BTABCMVI@yahoo..] says to LLN65(6:00 PM):

Hi .ModLLN65copycat do I have to go to the chat room to read the million day comments . Or the forum I can't access the chat from my phone blocked

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Rudie Rudie Rudie good evening

larrykn says(6:01 PM):

ge everyone :)

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hey there! :)

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Hi everyone! :)

pinklady says to rudie(6:03 PM):

So happy to see you... hope MD is close behind!

rudie says(6:04 PM):

she should be here around 7:30 EST as far as I know :)

pinklady says to rudie(6:05 PM):

(y) (F)

chickadee says to rudie(6:10 PM):

is it et or cst was just told et({)

sophie1 says to rudie(6:11 PM):

lln65 said 7:30 cst

bubbagump says(6:12 PM):

She is normaly 7:30 EST

LLN65 says(6:12 PM):

********MILLIONDAY NEWSTIME 7:30 CST **********

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you are welcome :)

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hey honey it's CENTRAL :-*

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Millionday says(6:37 PM):


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Amen & Amen

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In Jesus name AMEN

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Amen Chat copied *****************************************

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Fulford Report for March 1: "Western Implosion to Continue"

Weekly geo-political news and analysis

Western implosion to continue as G20 ends in stalemate (Full Report)

Posted by benjamin
March 1, 2016

A stand-off at a the G20 finance minister’s meeting in China last week is reflected in public calls by China to replace the US dollar and threats by the US military to start a nuclear war. The US military also say they stand ready to enforce any decisions by the international court of justice at The Hague over territorial disputes in the South China sea.



In other words, there is some serious horse-trading and table pounding going on at the highest levels of global finance.

Since the Khazarian bankers refused to accept Chinese proposals to reform the international financial architecture, last week they formally launched the BRICS development bank to complement the already up and operating Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank. In other words they are saying “if you do not let us into your club, we will just go ahead and start our own club without you.”

The fact is the BRICS know that time is on their side because the Western countries no longer have the industrial or resource base needed to support their world domination. In other words, there is not enough reality to support their money illusion any more. That is why the Khazarian mafia controlled Western economic and financial systems are slowly imploding. This can be seen with the fall in stock markets, commodity prices etc. and the desperate move to negative interest rates.

The Khazarian bankers have also, under the surface, already been forced to test and use the BRICS controlled CIPS international settlements system that is set to replace the Khazarian controlled SWIFT system.

This has created a very dangerous situation because Pentagon officials have made it clear that if they are faced with a choice between a Soviet Union style collapse or war, they will choose war. That is why we are seeing US nuclear missile tests and aggressive talk.

There is also a very tense situation unfolding now in Indonesia and in the South China Sea, which could erupt into war and regime change in Indonesia. Indonesian President Joko Widodo, according to WDS sources there, is being offered huge bribes by the owners of the Freeport McMoRan gold mine to allow them to keep control of their mine and secret military base there. However, Widodo has also accepted a $35 billion infrastructure offer from the Chinese, who want the base shut down.

The White Dragon Society is offering to solve this situation by setting up a future planning agency to oversee a transition of the Western military industrial complex into something more benevolent. Asian allies last week offered to support the WDS by making available large quantities of gold, ready for pick up in Hong Kong, at a 10% discount to market prices. The condition for this is that some of the 10% goes to help set up the planning agency. To show its sincerity, the WDS can reveal there is a stash of 4000 tons of gold that can be seen at 0 degrees 00′03.69″N, 109 degrees 19′19.85″ E. on Google earth. It is marked by a big white line.

There has also been a lot of cloak and dagger stuff going on with the gnostic illuminati, the Khazarian mafia and US military intelligence all sending agents last week to talk to a WDS representative in Tokyo.

The gnostic illuminati agent “Alexander Romanov,” recently emerged from yet another bout of forcible confinement in a mental hospital, said there was a hydrogen bomb in

Aleppo, Syria under the control of “ISIS” mercenaries. Romanov is the first person to publicly warn about ISIS and 311 so, his information is credible. He also said the ISIS forces were ready to blow a dam and “flood the green zone,” in Baghdad, Iraq. He further conveyed threats to start random acts of terror in Japan, Europe and the US. Apparently the Nazis behind ISIS and the troubles in the Ukraine are not happy with the joint Russian, Pentagon campaign against their forces. The Russian and Pentagon bombing of their forces in Syria, Iraq and Libya is taking its toll. So is the cut off of their drug money. That is why they are making vicious threats.

On a brighter note, is seems the ISIS and Nazi mercenaries are willing to be bought off for a reasonable price. The WDS representative told Romanov that if his group harmed innocents, they would be hunted down and killed. It was suggested that random acts of terror against innocents would harm their cause but that they were welcome to go after the guilty. We all know who they are.

Another person, and American woman we shall call “Eva,” communicated using hand delivered, hand written notes to arrange a meeting with the WDS. She claimed to have some interesting information about the Khazarian mafia’s network in Japan. She said it was it was headed by an ex US State Department official by the name of Alfredo Salazar running an outfit called Winstone. Salazar gets documentation from dying people in order to create a tax free slush fund for his agents in Japan, according to Eva. Eva, who appeared genuinely terrified, said she contacted the WDS because suspected she was going to be blamed for an upcoming terrorist attack in Japan and then killed, This writer was unable to contact Mr. Salazar to get his side of the story but is hoping to hear from him soon. In any case, Eva gave the WDS the names and addresses of all the members of Salazars’ network in Japan. Should anything happen to Eva, the network will be cleaned out.

The third agent to show up was a self-described son of a Japanese CIA agent who said he was taking the drug scopolamine. He certainly appeared wired up in a weird way. He brought a bottle of wine from the New Sanno Hotel in Tokyo, which is restricted to US military personnel or government officials. It is known as the place where the US Japan handlers give out orders to their Japanese flunkies. This individual also claimed he was the person responsible for the incidents in early 2014 when a total of 300 copies of the diaries of Anne Frank were found ripped up in 38 libraries.


He seemed to be a genuine mk-ultra (trauma based mind control) victim but it was not clear what his business was with the WDS.

In any case, the arrival of these human, analogue (as opposed to digital or internet based), communications show that a serious power struggle is coming to a head.

This is being seen most vividly inside the US. Pentagon sources say Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia was killed not only because he opposed the carbon trading scam but also because he was supporting class action suits against big Khazarian mob corporations and because he was working with the US military. In addition to killing Scalia, the Khazarian mob recently staged failed murder attempts against Supreme Court Justice John Roberts and top US general Joseph Dunford. Also, George Bush Sr. last week openly threatened to kill US presidential candidate Donald Trump.


Bush is upset because his son Jeb was forced to bow out because of ties to 911, drug trafficking, cocaine use, murder and more. However, Pentagon sources say Jeb’s withdrawal from the presidential race “will not spare the Bushes.”

The successful and failed murder attempts have only strengthened the resolve of a coalition of the US military, the mafia, the Vatican, the Freemasons and all patriots in the US to destroy the Satan worshipping Khazarian mafia.

Already, Khazarian mob power broker and casino boss Sheldon Adelson has been forced to back off meddling in US politics by the arrest of bribed police officials in Macau, China and Chinese threats to shut down his Macau gambling source of cash and power. That is why Adelson is staying on the sidelines in the current US presidential race. The Koch Brothers, another set of US power brokers, for their part, have approached the WDS with tentative offers of support.

The US military, to bolster their alliance with Russia, are considering allowing Russian spy planes to fly over the US to search for nuclear weapons or dirty bombs that may be under control of Khazarian mafia agents inside the US, the Pentagon sources say.

In the Middle East, meanwhile, the Saudi Arabian cut off of aid to Lebanon is an admission the Khazarian mafia no longer control that country. Hezbollah now de facto runs Lebanon backed by Russia and Iran. Furthermore, Hezbollah and Iranian troops have now been posted on the Israeli border in the Golan Heights. They are there to prevent any further aid going from Israel to ISIS inside Syria.

Also, the Khazarian mob controlled country of Saudi Arabia has been “set up for destruction,” in order to end their ISIS support, according to Pentagon sources. This will also allow the US government to write off their $5 trillion in US Treasury holdings, the sources say.

Finally, let us end this report with some bits of good news. First of all, the secret behind free energy from water has now been publicly revealed and is being made openly available.


There is also plenty of good environmental news such as China and India cleaning up their major river systems and the monarch butterfly population tripling. The life force is striking back at Satanic anti-life.

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The Council - Truth is Truth is Truth

Emailed to Dinar Chronicles:

We will address the subject of messages that arouse comments of “that was nothing new” or “that was based on the work of so and so” today. We are not attempting to judge anyone’s viewpoint. We do not do that. We are going to approach this in several ways in order to explain why the messages you receive and the teachings that you are finding are, as you may perceive, not new. In fact, we will say, if it is new, please examine it very carefully.

You are in a time of remembering things and applying things that have been known for millennia and much longer. The truth is that you are bringing forth knowledge that many of you have learned, relearned, and then learned again. You are exposing, if you will, things which have been known as true for eons.

Now, these are the sort of things that reach your dimension, your planet, through individuals that you term seers or prophets or the spiritually oriented. And the truth in that is that they really are no different in any way except in how they have chosen to live their current lifetime. And the things that they offer are true, if they are true, for all of time, forward and back, and in all places. This is the sort of truth that they usually are attempting to access.

Not all of them are successful. And not all of them intend to be. It is not usual that those who do not are very successful and then not for long. And the powers of discernment that have been on the rise are denying them even that much of an audience in these times. It is a matter of vibration and resonance. Untruth just does not feel right to you.

But a truth is a truth is a truth. It is true in French, in German or Urdu, and in every language, country, and culture. And because you are able access and align to the true being that you are, you have a baseline vibration to compare with what you are hearing, seeing, or reading. You will know it in your very bones.

Yes, it is possible still for a person to ignore that. It is still the case that many have no idea whatever about this subject, or any subject we discuss for that matter. But there can be no doubt any longer that mankind is waking up. You may now see evidence of it everywhere and every day.

So, if you see truth that is not new, know that Truth, capital T Truth, never is new. And perhaps think, ”Oh good! We’re reaching more people.” And surely hearing truth or reading truth again cannot be so bad.

The origins of the knowledge of this kind of truth on your planet are so far back in antiquity that you are not even aware there is antiquity that old. And then it was taught from somewhere and sometime in eternity. Maybe the twelfth of never? On a star far, far away. If it is true now, it was true there and then. Just remember to pass it on when your own opportunity arises.

Good day, dear friends.

Currency World News - Episode 8

WSOMN WINGIT Call Replay for Today 2-29-16

Western States Open Mind Network



"Relationship with China" - Mon. PM KTFA News Discussion


 » February 29th, 2016

Great Find nanny1 blessings to you


 » February 29th, 2016





 » February 29th, 2016

Alert Pacific Commander: China Heading Toward Operational, Tactical Control of Major U.S. Trade Route

If China continues to arm all of the bases they've reclaimed in the South China Sea...they will change the operational landscape in the region," Admiral Harry Harris, head of U.S. Pacific Command, told a news conference on Thursday.

"And short of war with the United States, they can become -- they can rise to the level of having operational control, tactical control of the waterways and airways in the South China Sea, which today, involves about $5.3 trillion of trade, over a billion of which -- over a trillion of which is destined for the United States.

"There are enormous I.T. infrastructure in the...undersea cables in the South China Sea. It's a principle shipping lane, as we've discussed.

"And I think that, again, short of war with the United States, China will exercise de facto control of the South China Sea, if they are -- if they continue to outfit the bases that they've reclaimed there."

Harris said China, in the past few years, has reclaimed almost 3,000 acres of land from the South China Sea, turning many of the islands into military bases.

"I am of the opinion that they are militarizing the South China Sea," Harris said. "And when they add their advanced fighters to Woody Island, and when -- up in the Paracels -- and when they put their advanced missile systems on the Paracels, and when they build three 10,000-foot runways in the Spratlys on the basis that they've reclaimed -- when they do all of that, they're changing the operational landscape in the South China Sea.

"So, that is what has changed. The United States and our patrols -- military patrols, air and maritime in the South China Sea haven't really changed. We have a consistent presence in the Western Pacific, and we have had that for decades. So, I would say it's China that has changed its behavior."

Harris said the U.S. will continue to "exercise our rights of freedom of navigation in international waters and airspace, and encourage others -- encourage that like-minded network of nations to do the same.

"And I think we must use diplomacy to influence China. And finally, we have to ensure that we continue to modernize that (U.S. military) force, in order to go back to the first element of maintaining a credible combat power."

"But you're not stopping China from militarizing these islands," a reporter told Harris.

"Well, you'd have to ask China why they're not stopping," Harris responded. "I mean, the military component is just one tool in the -- in the tool chest that our national leadership has, so, you know, I think we're doing what we have to do in the military sense.

"There are -- there are many other components of national power that can be and probably will be brought to bear in this."

Harris noted that the U.S. maintains a continuous presence of naval ships in the South China Sea and flies regular surveillance patrols in the region as well. "So, we're there all the time, I would say."

"We must exercise our freedom of navigation, or we risk losing it."

http://www.cnsnews.com/news/article/sus ... l-comments

Mountainman » February 29th, 2016

AWESOME Article Nanny 1.................As The (WATERS OF TRADE) "TURN".........So too WILL COUNTRIES like CHINA Set "UP" a CITADEL/FORTRESS of BARRIERS as they "SEEK" to (CONTROL) what THEY/CHINA deems as "THEIR" PROPERTY!!!!!!!!........IMO


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