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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Thoughts from Aggiedad77 at KTFA: "We Ain't Seen Nothing Yet"


Aggiedad77 » October 31st, 2015

Family here are some things to think over as we work our way towards a new tomorrow......things in Iraq are being generated at a never before seen speed......they are amending laws.....from what Frank is seeing much if not all of this process is complete....

The Parliament received the 2016 budget from the COM this month and although the bozos in the Finance Committee tried to bellyache that it was "late again" this is one of the earliest times Parliament has gotten it in their hands in recent years....

Now let's see how the Finance Committee bozos will try and delay work on this.

I'm thinking that PM Abadi's earlier threat to Parliament hangs over their heads....get this stuff done or I'll come and take it back and do it myself....

I have the clout to do that..."EO".....so we saw Parliament vote today to stay in session in November rather than take a break...probably wise choice on their part....yes the Oil Minister Zebari spoke today too about the HCL.....

Baghdad and the Kurds need to reinstate the agreements they had and learn to live by them....well what they truly need to do is agree on how to count.....how to count barrels of oil exported....find a common counter and live by what that counter tells them.

They need to scoop Maliki up off the back alley that he is crouched in now and put some Gorilla tape on his mouth....and then put the wraps on his thugs as well.....

I believe that would sure put Dr. Shabibi considerably more at rest and with greater faith in their efforts with security.

I'm believing.....IMO.....as big as we've seen September and October to be......."We Ain't Seen Nothing Yet".......

November is going to be like no other month we've seen to date in Iraq.....

I pray they have great news to share and shout with the world....I think today I saw Frank mention the word "stampede"......that reminds me of days spent in Calgary in the past....stampede indeed.....as the Iraqis have moved into November 1 let the stampede begin in earnest. Aloha Randy

Aggiedad77 » October 31st, 2015

Here we have Dr. Saleh speaking of the Iraqi economy in similar fashion that we've heard on the CC's in the last week or so....(See Article Below) stressing a unified security system while trying to focus on salary funding both for current employees and retirees as well....

They need to make sure they have the people with the right skill sets in the correct seats on the bus to further the economy on its road to improvement....

Meanwhile they must put an end to money smuggling at all levels, bringing those found guilty of associated crimes to justice.....this is all an integral part of the banking reform that is an ongoing process for them at this time.....

Saleh is optimistic that Iraq can pull itself from the lower levels of the scummy pond so they can emerge in clear waters and a brighter future. Aloha Randy

Frank26 » October 31st, 2015

So am I........... So is The Internationl World.


Walkingstick » October 31st, 2015

Saleh: optimistic of finding solutions to the problems of the Iraqi economy

10/31/2015 1:06

BAGHDAD - Al-Sabah

said economic expert, Dr. appearance of Mohammed Saleh: Although the image pessimistic Iraqi economy, I am optimistic about finding solutions to the problems of the Iraqi economy ailing solutions through inter-governmental action would have an impact on the Iraqi reality is reflected in some of the paragraphs of the proposed government program, which includes anything from those processors may be effective for the advancement of the Iraqi economy based on the pillars of the establishment of units, creating the market (record companies) to generate measures to facilitate the establishment of companies, after suffering in the past for its creation was the last for many months.

Salih stressed in a lecture during Tadhaifa in the House of al Muhyiddin cultural Iraqi economy and solutions to problems appropriate to address these problems and attended by «morning» that the failure of the state to monitor economic sectors properly and responsibly led to the emergence of an alliance (Wicked) between the commercial and banking sectors depends on the speculation in the market to achieve the outrageous profits led to smuggling Iraqi capital out of the country are ugly. Many sectors, such as manufacturing and real estate sector and turned into money for speculation to reap quick and massive and guaranteed profits.

He pointed to the important issue is that the superstructures threaten the collapse of the structure of the flabby state mainly the existence of four and a half million employees and various titles, attributes and professions assigned to thirty-two percent of the budget of the budget and growing up We arrived at six thirty this year, while the number was in the (2003) 750 thousand employees. Plus three and a half million retired. He believes that these numbers cumbersome but fatal to any country in the world.

The people with the mentality of economic expert, experienced and skilled team some flaws and failures in the Iraqi economy, which he found different from humanitarian and economic universal values ​​marked by the difficulty of exporting Iraqi goods, as well as the introduction of hard currency for the country in exchange for easy import and transfer of funds currency hard out of the country.

and the opinion in favor of the need for the banking system reform, development and the promotion and creation of a credit culture of the market and ensure that are based on a number of issues most important to improve the conditions of social living and the unification of security services and fund pension and the system of social protection and improving labor market conditions

and after some attend the interventions reflected the interest and Mtaavathm the performance of economic and traditions prevailing in the country's large and dangerous and the failure to find solutions and processors deteriorating economic reality in the country for many years.


KTFA: "Come on in" - Frank26 and Saturday Evening News


Frank26 » October 31st, 2015

Yes ........ Please come in to Iraq you International World of fools that cannot see we are with NO LIQIDITY ......... An INSULTING Currency exchange rate of 1166 where we guarantee You will LOSE not PROFIT with us!!! How's that for incentive and motivation to INVEST in Iraq .......... (See Article Below)

WE RIP YOU OFF is our motto. COME COME one and all to fail all........... We are a non discriminating country that will screw anyone with our FALSE hope of making money with us. We specialize in lies and offer many more illusions of progress.

Or. Come on in ............. "We are very close" ............. Wanna see?

KTFA Frank


 » October 31st, 2015

Saturday, October 31, 2015

With the participation of 22 countries and 590 international companies Baghdad exhibition opens its 42nd day on Sunday

BAGHDAD / Baghdadi News / ... the Ministry of Commerce announced on Saturday that the cadres of the General Company for Trade and Services Iraqi completed all technical and administrative procedures for receiving countries and companies involved, as well as the allocation of 250 million dinars to set up the exhibition,

The ministry drew in a statement / Baghdadi News received / copy of it, that "the opening of the session 42 to the Baghdad International Fair will be, on Sunday, with the participation of 22 countries and 590 from local, Arab and foreign companies, including (Russia, Germany, Japan, Syria and Tunisia)."

"The exhibition will reap profits through participation and sales companies direct as well as open trade prospects and economic with the Arab States and the world," pointing out, "The new session of the Baghdad International Fair will be distinguished by the participation of more than 22 countries as well as possess significant economies of a number of joint stock companies in its activities, which will showcase the global industrial and technological products and private investment and reconstruction projects as well as projects relating to infrastructure and the agricultural sector. " It ended 21 T.



dnari131 » October 31st, 2015

Iraqi FM says Erbil-Baghdad oil agreement vital

By Rudaw 29/10/2015
Iraqi FM says Erbil-Baghdad oil agreement vital

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region- Iraq's Minister of Finance Hoshiyar Zebari told the Reuters news agency on Wednesday that restarting the oil-sharing agreement between Baghdad and Erbil was vital for the 2016 national budget, expressing hope that a delegation from the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) would help reach an agreement.

"If we can get the KRG-Baghdad oil [agreement] reinstated again and both sides to implement it in good faith, I think we can succeed this year," Zebari said in an interview for the Reuters Middle East Investment Summit.

The Reuters report said "Iraq's national budget proposal for 2016 envisages expenditure of about $95 billion with a nearly $21 billion deficit; that compares with original projections for this year of roughly $105 billion of spending and a $22 billion deficit. Oil accounts for over 80 percent of Iraq's fiscal revenues, but crude prices have more than halved since mid-2014."

But Zebari praised the government's effort to rein in spending and said only 60 percent of the 2015 budget would be spent by year's end.

"We've really imposed very stringent controls over all the ministries and the government departments in order to overcome this crisis."

The stalled oil agreement has been a burden on the finances of both Baghdad and Erbil. The deal stated that the KRG would transfer up to 550,00 barrels per day to Iraq's state oil company in exchange for 17 percent of the overall Iraqi budget.

The KRG stopped its transfers in June claiming Baghdad had not handed over the earmarked portion of the budget and has sought independent sales through Turkey.


Dinar Update with rcookie: "Next Year, I Don't Think So"

[with all the news that they are ready to get this done, do you see anyway they will wait till next year to do this?]


[what does single window mean?]

The main value proposition for having a single window for a country or economy is to increase the efficiency through time and cost savings for traders in their dealings with government authorities for obtaining the relevant clearance and permit(s) for moving cargoes across national or economic borders.


Iraqi Dinar Revaluation and Global Currency Reset News | Dinar Chronicles

Courtesy of Dinar Guru

TNT: "No Matter How Long It Takes" - Saturday Evening Thoughts, News




Tony on the call ...I will tell you the target time is definitely within the next 72 hours or 96 hours, so between here and Monday

Was this a clue...hmmmmmm "Today is October the 30th, 2015. One more day left in the month. One more day left until we have to fall back as far as time’s concerned. Sunday morning, two o’clock, don’t forget to move your clocks back or you’ll be at the bank a hour too early"

Lobster Ohhhh good catch

Does anyone know the link to the Washington Post that had the article The Creature From Jekyll Island


The Washington Post: The horesetrading that gave birth to the Federal Reserve
By Daniel Gross October 29

Daniel Gross is executive editor at Strategy+Business. His most recent book is “Better, Stronger, Faster: The Myth of American Decline and the Rise of a New Economy.”

In recent years, as it has stepped in to deal with the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, the Federal Reserve has become remarkably politicized. That’s not altogether surprising. Almost exactly a century ago, America’s central bank emerged from the muck of the nation’s immature, crash-and-depression-prone financial system.

As Roger Lowenstein tells it in “America’s Bank,” an illuminating history of the Fed’s unlikely origin story, the central bank represented an ambitious — and not entirely successful — effort to resolve several long-standing tensions at the heart of the American experiment in self-government: East Coast vs. the interior, urban sensibilities vs. rural ones, mercantile vs. agrarian interests, Wall Street vs. Main Street. It is still working out the kinks.

The language used to describe the working of the central bank — Fedspeak, as it is known — is famously obfuscatory. But Lowenstein, a financial journalist and author of books on the financial crisis and Warren Buffett, has a great facility for constructing highly readable narratives about complex financial topics.

In his telling, America’s central bank came about through political and intellectual horse-trading among a German-Jewish immigrant banker, a patrician Republican from New England and a states-rights Democrat from rural Virginia.

In 1914, the United States stood alone among industrialized nations in eschewing a central bank. Andrew Jackson had famously allowed the charter of the Second Bank of the United States to expire in the 1830s. With only loose regulation, the financial system was decentralized and rudderless.

Banks issued their own notes. When conditions turned sour, banks, which were required to hold large reserves, called in loans and withdrew credit — at the same time. And so the industrializing United States “suffered a continual spate of financial panics, bank runs, money shortages and, indeed, full-blown depressions.” The Panic of 1873 turned into a six-year depression.

In London, by contrast, the Bank of England — where banks pooled a small portion of their reserves to be used in an emergency — lent freely at times of crisis. As a result, Britain’s 19th-century downturns were far less severe than those of its former colony.

The effort to reconcile a functioning European tradition with the dysfunctional U.S. system started with Paul Warburg. The scion of a German banking family with the “soul of a poet,” Warburg arrived in the United States in 1902 to join the bank run by his in-laws, Kuhn, Loeb & Co., and was “shocked by the primitiveness of American finance.”

In January 1907, Warburg wrote a New York Times op-ed, titled “Defects and Needs of Our Banking System,” in which he argued for a central bank. Nine months later, the market illustrated his point perfectly. Thinly capitalized New York-based trusts (institutions that were like banks but held very little reserves) suffered a series of depositor runs.

The panic quickly spread to the nation’s largest banks. With federal agencies powerless to act, the banker J.P. Morgan single-handedly engineered a bailout, deciding which institutions would live and which would die. The Panic of 1907 was, Lowenstein notes, “the worst breakdown in the history of the National Banking system.”

America’s Bank: The Epic Struggle to Create the Federal Reserve by Roger Lowenstein (Penguin Press)

Congress, controlled by Republicans, responded in a predictable way: by forming a commission and plotting a European junket. Warburg had sent his plans for a central bank to Sen. Nelson Aldrich, a well-connected Rhode Island Republican who chaired the Senate Finance Committee.

When Aldrich led a group of senators on a tour of European capitals, “at each central bank, the Americans were given to feel like the representatives of a primitive system, one barely above contempt,” Lowenstein writes.

Aldrich returned home a convert to the notion of a central bank. In November 1910, he, Warburg and several leading bankers sneaked off to a plutocrats’ resort on Jekyll Island, off the Georgia coast, under the ruse that they were going duck hunting. “Warburg, feeling faintly ridiculous, obtained a hunting rifle and cartridges that he had not the slightest idea how to use.”

They hammered out a general plan for a central bank that would serve their interests: owned by private banks, operating with minimal government oversight, and intent on providing a more flexible and resilient currency.

The plan for a central bank, concocted by elitist, moneyed Republicans, was launched into a Washington that was changing; in 1910, the House flipped in favor of the Democrats, and control of the Senate passed from Republicans to Democrats after the 1912 elections. But it found an unlikely champion in Virginia Democrat Carter Glass, the son of a Confederate veteran and a former newspaper publisher, who chaired the House Banking Committee.

You can tell this book is a work of history, because the legislative process actually worked. In June 1913, President Woodrow Wilson, whose contribution was to insist on a powerful board in Washington that would oversee the proposed network of regional reserve banks, presented his plan.

The next day, Glass and Sen. Robert Owen (D-Okla.) introduced identical bills in their respective chambers. “Far from a radical manifesto, Glass-Owen struck a sensible middle ground, with power shared between the center and the regions and between the public and private domains,” Lowenstein writes.

The narrative bogs down as it enters the legislative arena: hearings and lobbying efforts, alternate proposals and last-minute amendments. Competing bills that passed the House and the Senate were finalized in conference the week before Christmas. In the middle of the night on Monday, Dec. 22, at the request of bankers, a provision for deposit guarantees was knocked out. (Then, as now, bankers had no clue as to what public policy was good for them.) Wilson signed the Federal Reserve Act into law on Dec. 23, 1913.

The timing was fortuitous. As war broke out in Europe in 1914, the new Federal Reserve kept America’s banks relatively stable. Gold poured across the Atlantic, the dollar strengthened, and New York surpassed London as the world’s financial capital. Warburg, who had become a U.S. citizen in 1911, was appointed to the Fed’s board of governors. But with two brothers still in Hamburg, he resigned from the post.

Lowenstein notes, correctly, that the establishment of the Federal Reserve was “less an ending than a truce.” Battles over banking regulation, the gold standard and the appropriate way to conduct monetary policy continued to rage. (They still do!) The lines of authority over who would run the Fed — regional banks or the central board, bankers or political appointees — were not resolved for many years. (They still aren’t!) The Fed’s mission constantly shifted. “No onlooker in 1913 could have predicted that one day the Fed’s most well-advertised duty would be setting interest rates,” Lowenstein notes.

Few would have predicted, either, the success the Federal Reserve has had in ironing out business cycles — the U.S. economy has been in recession for only 26 months since July 1991. But few would have foreseen its stunning failures. Warburg died in 1932, three years after the stock market crash and a banking crisis far worse than the Panic of 1907 that the Fed had failed to avert. The serial debacles of 2008, from subprime through Lehman Brothers, AIG and TARP, represented an even greater failure by the Fed (and other institutions).

You can blame the architecture. But the Federal Reserve, like all government institutions, has been beset from its outset by the biases, failings and quirks of the people who run it. As Lowenstein notes, “The Federal Reserve Act did not guarantee sound monetary policy any more than the establishment of Congress could guarantee good laws.”


Geo and Exo Political News - Operation Disclosure

Important Geopolitical and Exopolitical News Updates can be found at Operation Disclosure


Nikola Tesla Amazing Hidden Interview from 1899

Nikola Tesla – Everything is the Light
Interview with Nikola Tesla from 1899

Once, in 1899, Nikola Tesla had an interview with a certain journalist John Smith, when Tesla said “Everything is the Light“. In one of its rays is the fate of nations, each nation has its own ray in that great light source, which we see as the Sun. In this interview this greatest inventor and seer of modern time unravels a new vision of humanity which we, the light warriors of the first and the last hour have created a century later. A must read for every Ascended Master from the PAT.

Part of this interview is dedicated to Tesla’s critics on Einstein’s theory of relativity that discards the ether as energy. I have proved in the new Theory of the Universal Law why Einstein’s theory of relativity is entirely wrong and why there is no vacuum (void), and that everything is energy. Thus I confirm Tesla’s ideas as expressed in thisinterview.

George, May 7, 2015

Journalist: Mr. Tesla, you have gained the glory of the man who got involved in the cosmic processes. Who are you, Mr. Tesla?

Tesla: It is a right question, Mr. Smith, and I will try to give you the right answer to it.

Journalist: Some say you’re from the country of Croatia, from the area called Lika, where together with the people are growing trees, rocks and starry sky. They say that your home village is named after the mountain flowers, and that the house, where you were born, is next to the forest and the church.

Tesla: Really, all it true. I’m proud of my Serbian origin and my Croatian homeland.

Continue Reading at - http://operationdisclosure.blogspot.com/2015/10/hidden-interview-with-nikola-tesla-from.html

Interpretation of Frank26's Riddle by Terra

RE: http://inteldinarchronicles.blogspot.com/2015/10/ktfa-timing-saturday-morning-news.html

This marks the first time that I will directly start writing myself and giving my insight.

If any of you didn't understand what Frank26 said today, I've composed an interpretation of his riddle.

Indeed and TY .............. We have known about this for 5 days but laughed about it last night on TEAM CHAT CC.

YET !!! ................. It is significant or we would not have made a file on this matter last night.

MONDAY CC will contain this study further with all.

What we LOL about was that SHE will NOT let him go anywhere ......... WITHOUT HER.

IMO ......... Of course.

BTW ......... TEAM CHAT CC had some explosive thoughts last night. IMO this coming week You will post many ............ TA DA FREAKEN DA'S ............. For me .......... And You

There is actually IMO ........... A Map.

Kinda goes like this ....... M gives up or is thrown up...........o brings Olive Leafs ......... KEY WORDS from a base on the E to the W......... Bringing Paper Worth to THE ADRS of 3 in 1 .......... An Expectation becomes a Reality...........

We all know who M is and what is happening to him. So let's explain the rest starting from "O" bringing "Olive Leafs".

Obama is delivering the lower denominations from a military base east of Iraq. I've contacted my sources about this and they told me that he is travelling via C-130 and not with Air Force One. He will be travelling with Michelle as she cannot leave Obama out of her sight.

ADRS -> (Abadi and Dr. Shabibi).

An expectation becomes a reality... The revaluation of the Iraqi Dinar.

Grand Opening .......... 1 for u 1 for me.......... inside 1 year rest of Basket can also go on this Picnic ........... Via a LL of In Ter Na Tion al s and .............Amended L A W S .......... In 2015??? ............. Well if not to be so then may I ask the pondering question? ................................ Why all the rush?

Just asking.

Frank26 implies here that it will be 1 Iraqi Dinar to a Dollar. After the revaluation, the rest of the currencies: Dong, Rial, Zim, etc. will revalue within a year.

KTFA FAMILY ........... Tell me ........ What will You do with .......... Yours?
Will it be for God and His Church?
Will it be for someone in need?
Will it be for a stranger?
Or Stranger yet...................... Will it only be for You?

Aloha and be safe tonight with Your children ON THE DARK STREETS........... Take a LARGE flashlight. Wild animals no like a bright light in their reflective lens ......... Good weapon .......... Guide light ........... Etc.

KTFA Frank ........ Come on just one more time ........ TA DA .........

Now I will give my own insight on how this may in-fact relate to the coming elections in the US.  Bill Clinton is a democrat and he was President at the time of Kuwait's revaluation. Right after Kuwait RV'd, Clinton balanced the budget. With what I ask? It is obvious.

Obama might be planning to do the same with Iraq's revaluation. Obama is also a democrat and thus if what Frank26 said follows through then once again, the budget will be balanced. And this time by Obama. This action will empower democrats and will convince people to vote for democrats.

Whom I ask? Hilary Clinton. Who else does the RKM want in power next?

It is great news that we may finally see our blessings, but at the cost of Clinton becoming President? Should we allow this? Can we do anything? Share this post around to everyone you know.


Wealthwatch Saturday Chat for October 31

Wealthwatch.world Chat Room 10-31-15

Saturday Member News Discussion - featuring chattels & sczin11

chattels: A takfiri (Arabic: takfīrī) is a Sunni Muslim who accuses another Muslim (or an adherent of another Abrahamic faith) of apostasy. The accusation itself is called takfir, derived from the word kafir (unbeliever), and is described as when "one who is, or claims to be, a Muslim is declared impure."

MzDiva: Happy Halloween

chattels: Kirk H. Sowell ‏@UticensisRisk Oct 28 Don't underestimate importance of Baghdad's arbitration v. Turkey over KRG exports: nrttv.com/en/Details.aspx …


chattels: Barzani: KRG-US rescue in Hawija a 'turning point' - “The operation was a turning point in the war against Daesh [ISIS]. It was the peak of trust and cooperation between Peshmerga forces and the American army, which freed 69 people and that was a hit on Daesh's image,” Barzani said, according to the statement. rudaw.net/english/kurdist...


chattels: ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – Former Iraqi prime minister Nouri al-Maliki says that parts of his successor’s reform plan to root out massive graft and public spending are ”unconstitutional.”

Maliki, now one of Iraq’s three vice presidents, told reporters on Thursday that parts of the reform plan must be reversed because they are illegal. He said his lawyers have already reported Abadi to the Federal Court, which will decide on the matter.

In an effort to cut expenditures and graft, last month Abadi announced he would remove some 130 top government officials, including several ministers and general managers. Iraq’s three vice presidential posts would also be nixed under the reform plan.

“The positions of the vice presidents have not been eliminated and we are still discussing the options, since this is a constitutional question,” said Maliki. He said that according to the constitution the president should at least have one deputy.

chattels: rudaw.net/english/middlee...


chattels: " .......... his lawyers have already reported Abadi to the Federal Court, which will decide on the matter. "

chattels: WASHINGTON DC- The White House is expected to announce the deployment of a small unit of Special Forces in northern Syria, several US-based media reported on Friday. According to information coming from senior US officials who have spoken to US media on condition of anonymity, the force will be “tiny” and sent to northern Syria to assist moderate forces, according to one US official. ‘

The force is expected to be assisting the Syrian Kurdish Peoples’ Defense Units, YPG, and its allies in Rojava, or Syrian Kurdistan. The special forces will have an advisory role, according to the officials.

The White House also is expected to announce an undetermined number of US forces will form a task force based in Erbil, in the Iraqi Kurdistan Region, to support forces against the Islamic State group (ISIS) in both Iraq and Syria. This is the first official deployment of US forces on the ground in Syria since the beginning of Syrian civil war in 2011. ]

chattels: rudaw.net/english/world/3...


Tootsie: today you saw the CBI making a big announcement and showing you a photo of a big new architectural structure…..the new CBI Tower…their new headquarters. HMM, I saw this several years ago. rah rah, etc

Tootsie: these guys all need to be brought down around 52 notches ~ gracious

Tootsie: some flooding yonder. saw where flood waters from ?Iran I believe, went over the border and wiped out some villages,

Tootsie: but we in Texas are having our own flooding. San Marcos, Austin, etc, rough, heading east, so expect some weather/rain tonight, tomorrow, hope the kiddos can trick or treat, may stop prior to evening , who knows.

Stash: Yup waiting for that heavy rain here in East Texas

Tootsie: ‹@BOBBY› aww, lots of them go to the malls now and churches, etc. I live down a cul-de-sac , no street lights where I live, so last few years have had almost nada come out.

Tootsie: I have a sodium whatever light mounted above on roof , and down street has one in a tree.

Tootsie: ‹@Stash› just so no flooding , pweezzz

Stash: We had over 9 inches last weekend and have had an inch already this afternoon

BOBBY: Tootsie...... i always loved this time of the year

Tootsie: ‹@BOBBY› oh sure, fun ~~ San Marcos had so much rain, the pumpkins stacked in front of a store were floating down the street hahahaha

BOBBY: that must be a site ...lol

Stash: I saw. That on the news

Tootsie: yes, looked funny on tv , LOL

Tootsie: sadly, I had to chuckle, but feel badly for the people.

Stash: Me too

chattels: ****** "...Iraq's Minister of Finance Hoshiyar Zebari told the Reuters news agency on Wednesday that restarting the oil-sharing agreement between Baghdad and Erbil was vital for the 2016 national budget, expressing hope that a delegation from the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) would help reach an agreement."

WOW...reinstate the oil-sharing...reinstated again and both sides implement...This tells me that the HCL has all along be in place...just not implemented.

chattels: The only " Wow " to be understood from the foregoing is how stunning it is that someone can read the article he cites and conclude that the oil sharing agreement has been reinstated as yet and much less implemented. Amazing how far people will go to make news sound good or read the way that they want it to read.

chattels: The oil agreement between Baghdad and Erbil was incorporated into the 2015 budget, but honored by neither side. Moreover the budget law allowed either party to " void " the agreement if not performed upon which is exactly what the Kurds did when they began selling their oil worldwide in March / April of this year.

chattels: The Kurds were reported to be coming to Baghdad last week, but no word of their arrival. Indeed other news doubts the likelihood of an agreement along the same lines as last year and not to mention that the agreement lacked much regarding specifics as to many things related to oil production and sale.

chattels: Arbitration is currently pending between Baghdad and Turkey regarding oil sold from the pipeline.

chattels: acknowledged head of the Integrity Commission [agency] Hassan al-Yassiri Tuesday difficulty of the fight against corruption, saying that "the body as you know, as an institution of the State marred what was marred by shortages and deficiencies that marred many of the state institutions and when we came to the Commission and found many difficulties in the way of reform, the most important is underrated spend public money and in various ways."

"The regulators could not rein in corruption and this result should not be the reason for the criticism of these devices and forget about corrupt " .

chattels: lifted the Presidency of the Council of Representatives, the parliamentary session to the day after tomorrow Alatnin. www.alliraqnews.com/modul...


chattels: And DONE. Monday is the 2nd day of November.

chattels: On October 20th I posted the following : MY read / take is that if the budget is not voted upon by the 1st that the recess will be will not start on the 1st and the session extended for 30 days to complete adoption of the budget law. No way it can be done in the next 11 days, IMO, so we are into November if the article is accurate. chattels: wealthwatch.world/showthr...



*SCZIN11: "that Iraq is heading to rely on investment instead of oil, after the vote on the amendment of the Investment Law will be available opportunities real Estmaria', adding: 'The amendment of the Investment Law aims to rely on investment instead of oil in the coming budgets'. "

*SCZIN11: WHOLE STORY wealthwatch.world/showthr...


chattels: ‹@*SCZIN11› My sense is that there is no money in the budget for " investments " or to fund the law from the Iraqi side of things so that the dependency will be upon investment in Iraq from the international community.

chattels: News reports tell us that the GOI hopes to reduce dependency upon oil or increase diversification by 10 % per annum.

chattels: BAGHDAD / National Iraqi News Agency / nina / The Heads of the Republic and the Minister and the House of Representatives need to make informed austerity measures to make Iraq come out well from the current financial crisis.

A statement by the Presidency of the Republic: "The President of the Republic Fuad Masum, the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and Parliament Speaker Salim al-discussed During the tripartite meeting at the Peace Palace in Baghdad, security and economic situation and file reforms, and ways to address current issues and fundamental challenges.

chattels: "He discussed the three presidents / according to the statement /" financial and economic situation and came to the need for austerity steps deliberate beside other steps to rid Iraq healthy financial distress faced by ". chattels: www.ninanews.com/News_Det...


chattels: The notion of austerity and it's effect upon the salaries of politicos has not been warmly embraced to say the least.

chattels: Najaf / National Iraqi News Agency / nina / called to Fri Najaf, Mr. Sadr al-Din Qabbanji to recover stolen funds through fictitious projects and aliens and reducing salaries and huge re-examine him new employees' salaries, noting that the new salary scale caused significant damage to the middle and lower class,......

chattels: www.ninanews.com/News_Det...


chattels: Indeed the the salary " ladder " appears to lack the full approval of religious authority.

chattels: I cannot tell from the news reports exactly how the salary reductions are proposed to work. Are the " cuts across the board " or do they vary such that there is possible constitutional issues ?

chattels: "The forces under the command of the island operations and the desert had found during its operations in the sweep hand-Baghdadi East on the wheel belonging to terrorists Daash within sum of $ 17 thousand and 650 pounds [a coin Daash]." www.alliraqnews.com/modul...


chattels: "that the Iraqi economy is suffering from a real crisis resulting from the decline in the purchasing power of the Iraqi consumer who constitute the middle class based on monthly salaries of the vast majority of it indicating that the salary cuts in this way will lead to the stoppage of the purchase-sufficiency and basic foodstuffs. www.ninanews.com/News_Det...


chattels: Peshmarga and teachers in Kurdistan go without any salaries for months on end and these Arabs can't take a pay cut !

chattels: oil minister, Adel Abdul-Mahdi, said he "can not achieve results in the work of the ministry without having a clear and correct relationship with local governments."

Said Abdul-Mahdi, in a speech during a coordination meeting with the provinces held in Dhi Qar and was attended by a number of governors and officials of the oil sector, that "without a clear and healthy relationship between local governments and the Federal Government represented by the Ministry of oil will be unable to achieve the results that have been achieved during the last period."

chattels: www.alliraqnews.com/modul...


chattels: Oil Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, announced the arrival of the production of the southern ports of Iraq's crude oil to record levels. Said Abdul-Mahdi told a news conference after a deliberative meeting for the provinces over oil management contract in Dhi Qar that "these ports produces 3.8 million barrels a production equivalent to historical rates," adding that "these exports do not include the Turkish port of Ceyhan." www.alliraqnews.com/modul...


chattels: Reports tell us that the KRG is producing about 650,000 barrels per day which if added to the southern output makes for nearly 4.5 million barrels per day. Quite an output.

chattels: Enorrste : Earlier in the week we had an article in which it was said that the Dawa Party (Maliki's State of Law) was urging Abadi to step down because he was so ineffective. Now we see that just the opposite is being claimed here. Is this a clue that Maliki is losing his grip on the Dawa Party?

chattels: News articles have told us of the conspicuous conflict between Maliki and Abadi within the Dawa party. The core strength of Maliki, the 45 signatures in a display of no confidence as to Abadi, comes from the SLC, Maliki's party.

chattels: The Shiite " alliance " that governs in Iraq includes both the Dawa party and the SLC.

chattels: See " Is Iraq’s Dawa Party on verge of division? " wealthwatch.world/showthr...

chattels: See Reidar Visser ‏@reidarvisser Oct 28 Amid talk of #Iraq PM Abadi being unseated by his own alliance, worth noting only 45 MPs demand no-confidence vote www.qanon302.net/news/201... …


chattels: See " Deputy calls for parliament to withdraw confidence from the government Abadi " wealthwatch.world/showthr...

chattels: In my observation Maliki has had a " high " profile of late. If he is " losing his grip " on anything it is a " slow release ".

chattels: To wit : In today's news -

chattels: House Speaker Saleem al-Jubouri, with the head of a coalition of law Nuri al-Maliki ways to improve the joint political action. A statement by the Office of the President of the House of Representatives, received by all of Iraq [where], a copy of the al-Jubouri, received the private al-Maliki in his office, "and discussed the most important issues on the political and security arena, and how to improve the joint political action and to meet the ambitious people of the country and fits with the change phase experienced by the region, ". chattels: www.alliraqnews.com/modul...


chattels: And yesterday's news -

chattels: Maliki says Abadi cannot nix all vice presidents By Rudaw

chattels: rudaw.net/english/middlee...


chattels: " Former Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki said that he was still vice president, pointed out that the three deputies resorted to the judiciary against Abadi decision to cancel their posts, ............... "

chattels: " He pointed out that the posts of Vice President of the Republic has not been canceled, are still under discussion and legislation because it is a constitutional issue, explaining that the President of the Republic can not keep himself without a deputy and at least one, as stipulated by the Constitution and the law, ............ "

chattels: " ............ the President of the Republic can not keep himself without a deputy and at least one, as stipulated by the Constitution and the law, ......"

chattels: “The positions of the vice presidents have not been eliminated and we are still discussing the options, since this is a constitutional question,” said Maliki.

chattels: " ............ we are still discussing the options, ........."

chattels: Bet you dollars to doughnuts that option one (1), advocated by you know who, is that one VP remains by the name of Mr. Maliki.

Doug_W: Sigh

chattels: But, before I go - I have been waiting for the following update

chattels: Urgent Oil Minister: senior Kurdish delegation to visit Baghdad soon to discuss the province's budget :: 2015/10/31 14:20 • Oil Minister: senior Kurdish delegation to visit Baghdad soon to discuss the province's budget [Dhi Qar-where] detect and Oil Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, on a recent visit of the delegation from the Kurdistan region to visit the capital, Baghdad.

Abdul-Mahdi said in a news conference after a meeting of the deliberative provinces over oil management contract Dhi Qar province, said that "high-level delegation from the region will visit Baghdad in the next few days to discuss the oil agreement and the region's share in the budget of 2016" followed ..

chattels: "high-level delegation from the region will visit Baghdad in the next few days to discuss the oil agreement and the region's share in the budget of 2016"

chattels: www.alliraqnews.com/modul..


Doug_W: this is a ghost room today 4 Holloween

TxBrand: Who won the skeleton beauty contest ?

TxBrand: NO body

TxBrand: What is a Mummie's favorite type of music?

TxBrand: Wrap

TxBrand: What's a monster's favorite bean? A human bean

Doug_W: baddddd ] Doug_W: as in really baaaad

TxBrand: What do you call a witch who lives at the beach? A sand-witch.

TxBrand: ‹@Doug_W› lol

TxBrand: Where does a ghost go on Saturday night? Anywhere where he can boo-gie

TxBrand: What did the skeleton say to the vampire? You suck

Doug_W: omg lol

TxBrand: It’s never said that Humpty Dumpty was an egg in the nursery rhyme.

TxBrand: The water in Lake Superior could cover all of North and South America in a foot of water.

TxBrand: We went to the moon before we thought to put wheels on suitcases.

Doug_W: get out of ur grand daughters joke book Tx

Dinar Update with Enorrste: "Maliki is Losing his Grip"

Article quote:
"Announced Shura Islamic Dawa Party Council, on Friday, his support for the reforms of Prime Minister Vahidi Abadi, which came in response conscious to the appeal of the Supreme religious authority and in response to popular demands, while stressing the importance of rationalizing and development of reforms in the framework of the Constitution and so as to push the wheel of the political process forward."

I found this short article to be nothing short of amazing. Earlier in the week we had an article in which it was said that the Dawa Party (Maliki's State of Law) was urging Abadi to step down because he was so ineffective. Now we see that just the opposite is being claimed here. Is this a clue that Maliki is losing his grip on the Dawa Party?


Iraqi Dinar Revaluation and Global Currency Reset News | Dinar Chronicles

Courtesy of Dinar Guru

TNT: Exchange Thoughts on Qualifying at the Meeting















TNT Tony's Conference Call Notes for October 30, 2015

(Notes by Adept1):

October 30, 2015

Replay 605.562.3179, PIN CODE 409029#


Tony: Good morning, TNT! Today is Friday, October 30, 2015. Pam says, “Remember to set your clocks back this weekend.” There is one more day left in the month, one more day to turn your clocks back at 2am on Sunday morning, one hour to get to the banks earlier.

There is someone on Twitter pretending to be Pam, some idiot without a life. I was talking to another ‘guru’ this morning who said I did a horrible job explaining the caps, whether they are in dinar/dong, and explaining how people get a contract rate. He said that as he really thinks this is my last call, I should explain all that. Not enough understand that, even after five years, so we should help them out.

I’m going to read you a text: “Can we have new-or-seldom caller access to Tony. Shouldn’t have to wait two years to get on the line. Or drop everyone and let them call back in. This IS First-caller Friday. A lot of people will want to ask questions after the information. There are 74 hands up with questions, and if you would please put your hands down so others can have turn. Please do that yourself, and otherwise, I will put everyone’s hand down so they can put them up again. Isn’t that fair? If you want to give some newcomers a chance… I love everyone being here and all the accolades; however, PLEASE have a question everyone can get a benefit out of. This may well be a our last call, for real, and I want to help as many people as I can. So please don’t get on the call and just say how much you love all of us – we all appreciate that, but really, have a good question. Pam only gives us an hour, although as this might be our last call, she might give us a little longer. I’d like to find 404 first – she’s like Tony on the internet, some love her and some hate her, but she doesn’t ask good questions that pertain to everyone.

Here is the good part: everyone still thinks this could be our last call. We are looking at a 72-hour period or less in which we can very well see this. There is some sort of agreement to do it within that window, and this is the last time we have to go through it. All the memos and rates have been put out with what people can expect this weekend: bank presidents, VPs, managers, everyone involved in this process, globally, from the top to the bottom. Everyone is on high alert, everyone is being told this is happening in the next 72 hours.

The caps we have been talking are 20 million DINAR and 20 million DONG, and they only apply to the contract rate. The half-billion or billion cap on the zim is in US DOLLARS, and anything above that will be paid on a 20, 50 or 100 year contract. As for the percentage of the contract rates available, we don’t wan to give you the numbers but people are in place to watch that percentage. It’s higher than I ever thought they would do! I think it’s a fair amount so long as they do it. How do you get the contract rate? You ASK for it. Say, “What do I have to do to get the higher/contract rate?” If they say there isn’t a contract rate, ask what they can offer you. What you negotiate depends on the amount of currency you have – specific currencies and the total of your currencies. I don’t see people having 100,00 to 300,000 USD getting the contract rate. You can use all your currency, and discuss how long you are willing to leave what percent of your money you are willing to leave in the bank to get that higher rate. You’ll have to leave some of you rmoney in the bank anyway, and if ti’s going to be there anyway, make it part of your negotiating strategy. I would rather leave my money somewhere and know it’s making some money than put it elsewhere with uncertain returns. If I have a million dinar and the rate is $5, and they offer me $6 to leave it for a year, then I’ve already made 20%!

That’s the caps, contract rates and negotiation. As for the 2% fees, I am willing to negotiate everything. All my visions are long-term, and it’s all about getting the money upfront at the highest rate I can get for the longest time I can get. Fees were set at 1-2% over a year ago. A guy in Atlanta who was actually doing the exchanges said that he was willing to pay 1%; he put that in the computer and it said “Processed”. The bank guy didn’t know he could do that, but the person asked. You have to pay attention and ask questions.

There is a commercial out there saying that they can run your credit and find out what they can do for you. The gal said, “My credit score is 800+”. She already knew. You have to know what you know and then negotiate. Some just don’t have enough to attract the contract rates. Only you know how much currency you have in dinar, dong, rupiah, etc., so you have to work with that.

601 caller: I thought I had lowered my hand. Go to the next caller.

Tony: That was really good – that guy was up there 1,247 minutes, the very first caller.

Jerry: No, it’s not my first time, but I haven’t talked to you for a while. My best question is this: Can you make a deposit in the bank, does the bank regard that as a loan to them? I think that I read that somewhere. Do they have to pay me interest if they hold my money for a long period, while it’s not at risk? They would have the money as a loan from me…

Tony: You cannot deposit your money as a loan to the bank.

Caller: If I gave them 20 million dollars for ten years, can I demand interest? Will they then use that in the market… and what if they lose money? I don’t care as long as I have a guarantee on my 20 million dollars and I don’t lose money and maybe get interest.

Tony: They will offer you that as part of your negotiation. They don’t mind offering that if you don’t take the money out during that period of time.

832 caller: What determines the zim cap being 500 million or one billion? What’s the payment structure on that? Also, I’m too young for an annuity, so what do you suggest?

Tony: The PTB decides on the zim cap and I haven’t heard the definitive word on that. They will give you the rest over 20, 50 or a hundred years, and I don’t know if that is negotiable or not.

Caller: The banks are only offering 1% interest, and some say they wouldn’t settle for less than 8-12%. I’m not concerned on how it pays out. You mentioned something about a WF platform…?

Tony: The banks were training earlier this month around higher payout programs for us. There are bank platforms and private platforms; they pay out monthly or yearly, and you can decide your own payout. You can Google all that, or ask the bank, or ask investment companies if they can get you to a legitimate platform. They are high-risk, high-reward, and there are more fraudulent platforms than legitimate ones.

Caller: I tried to Google platforms when you mentioned it before and go nothing. So what exactly is a platform?

Tony: They are global trading/investing deals on a global scale, hundreds of millions or billions. The best ones are inside bank, with attorneys and money wired to them. Most are invitation-only, and probably the best payout you can get… which is why it is limited to certain people.

Caller: [Appreciation] Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

410 caller: I do hope this is the last official call. I have accounts with WF, Chase and Bank of America, but no relationships with any wealth manager. Is there anything you can recommend – what would be the best way to connect with a wealth manager, this late in the game. When I ask about currencies, they just say that they don’t deal in that currency. So should I contact a wealth manager and say I have money coming in?

Tony: The best thing is to leave your name and number and ask them to give you a call if they hear anything about the dong, rupiah, zim – nothing about dinar, not about the GCR, not about hundreds of millions of dollars, just some currency that you have coming through your business, and you will receive 1-5 million dollars. All you want is for them to have your number when something changes.

Caller: Is there one contract rate or multiple contract rates?

Tony: There are contract rates. In negotiating, they don’t have to give you that full contract rates – they can give you half of it, or a tenth of it. Everyone who gets the contract rate might receive a different rate, and it would still be a contract rate. By all means ask for the contract rate. A long time ago, and also this morning, I was told by bank people that when you go into the bank and they give you a rate, have them print the rate off their screen. The time it takes for them to make a few calls and go through their boss, and the rate goes down, you could lose hundreds of thousands of dollars. Get that screen shot printed out. We’ve gone through that multiple times with the rupiah, where the teller couldn’t believe the rate and by the time they checked, the rate had gone away. So get that printout as soon as you start talking to them.

Caller: Is November 3rd still in the window?

Tony: That is still a good date. There are people involved in platforms who say there are only five platforms still taking new clients. Today is the last day, and you need to have 100 million minimum. But that is okay, because you will still have money next year.

352 caller: “How can you RV without all those laws?”

There are so many, it seems like one at least will affect this.

Tony: As I have said before, those laws are already passed. They have been printed up, in the news, in the mosques, already passed. Investment, Nation Guard and bank protection laws have all passed and been published. All that is old news, someone who is not keeping up with the details and passing that on to you. Iranian influence is still going to be there, because half of Iraq is influenced by Iran and that is not going to change. The other half is influenced by the US. Half of getting rid of ISIL is giving the Iraqis money so that they no longer want to go out and fight. If we give them the good life they are fighting for, that will spread around. ISIL’s main fear is that people will get to like democracy, milk in the fridge, bread in the cupboard, meat on the table and job they enjoy. If they get all that, they are not going to want to go out in the streets, shooting other people. All those laws have been passed and/or addressed.

Caller: For those with reserves, what happened to the money we put in to hold those reserves? Did it go to the Treasury, or where?

Tony: All their accounts have been frozen, so they are stuck until that case is resolved, which could be the next ten months or the next ten years. It could be released in 90 days and become a whole different set of problems. What I would do is to monitor, see what happens because it will be out there. Until then, take your money and make some money.

Caller: I’m 84 years old, and for a guy my age, you certainly lessen the anxiety. [Appreciation] Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

Tony: That is what I was asked to come on here for – that it would take a week, and I knew more than most about what was happening. It’s now 5.5 years later!

406 caller: [whining]

tony: A lot of people have texted me and Pam saying that it’s the same people on the call every time. The question line takes 500 callers, and 70-90 people raised their hands to say they have a question every time. The system puts you in the order that people raised their hand. Some have been on the phone for ten hours. I try to be fair and go straight down the line. But it’s the same people over and over and over, on hold three times per week waiting to get on the call. Some people don’t think that is fair, because they work or for any other reason they cannot be waiting on the line for hours.

Caller: Here is an idea – don’t open the question line until 30 minutes before the call starts.

Tony: The system doesn’t let ME in until 15 minutes before the call.

Caller’s wife: I saw that they are sending more people to Iraq and Syria…

Tony: They are sending less than 50 troops to advise people on the ground. The Secretary of Defense said that some people will be put in harm’s way, like it or not. Russia is putting troops into Syria for a reason, and so is Iran. They don’t want US influence in those areas, and we WANT influence in those areas. So our first option is to put in advisers to think for the local people, and if that doesn’t work, those 50 will become 500 or even 5,000. We are moving at a slower pace because of this season in the administration, so to speak. If we send troops, we can change the direction…

208 caller: With the global reset, do you see the country’s debts will be forgiven?

Tony: No. Iraq’s debts were forgiven to boost the value of the dinar as the foundation of the GCR.

Caller: So with the dinar in the Treasury right now, will that be used to pay off the national debt?

Tony: That happened during the Clinton administration. Yes, it will happen with the next administration, but over time because otherwise it cannot be explained to the people. The debt is already being cut down, and people will see that the economy is better, business will pick up, etc. It will make a difference without people realizing it’s a reset.

Caller: Did the IMF make an announcement on this or not?

Tony: I did hear that CL said something in Australia yesterday about a global reset happening, but that has to be verified. \

Caller: [Appreciation] Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

574 caller: [Appreciation] I’ve followed you for 5.5 years and really appreciate all your do. With the zim, we bought two 500 trillion notes, then five 100 trillion dollar notes. Are they accepting 500 trillion notes? Nothing beats a failure but a try.

Tony: I suggest you take them with you to your exchange. My understanding is that thye are exchanging in 100 trillion dollar increments. We know that the 50 trillion and 100 trillion notes will be exchanged. I imagine they will take a 500 trillion note, but I haven’t seen those myself. [Appreciation] Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

919 caller: What makes you think that this is for real? I really hope this is it! It’s a grieving process if this is the last call, but … what makes this different?

Tony: I would look at the actions and the lower level of the information coming out. I know they would wait until the last moment to talk to those people because they would walk off the job! The meetings taking place… it’s all done… there is nothing holding this back, judging by the positions they are in. The dates are falling closer together. Not least, I just hope to God this is it!

Caller: I will miss your voice but don’t mind filling that gap with money! [Appreciation] Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

772 caller: I’m really pleased this is finally bearing fruit. The types of interest rates on offer for these levels of money, have you heard what those might be?

Tony: I know it’s higher than normal and that’s why they have been training them on who to offer the new programs to – the VIPs they are anticipating. I didn’t hear what interest rates would be offered exactly, or whether it will be daily, monthly or yearly. Remember, it’s all negotiable.

Caller: [Appreciation] Vegas, Vegas, Vegas! or Raleigh, Raleigh, Raleigh!

718 caller: How are they counting the money up. Do my dinar have to amount to a certain amount before or after? I mean, regarding the cap.

Tony: If you get the contract rate, you can only get 20 million DINAR at the contract rate. I think the dong might be 50 million DONG at the contract rate. That’s so that they can spread out the contract rates. For zim, there is no contract rate; the cap there is on 500 million (or possibly one billion) in US dollars. The manager who told me about this said that they are being told they can give out X amount to X number of people. They then get to decide who to give that to, and how much.

Caller: So if I receive 20 million dollars, I should set aside 10 million for taxes.

Tony: That is what I would do, and I would then put five million to work for my future, my children’s future and my legacy. I would take five million and pay off debts and what I need to live; I would put the remainder to work. If I don’t need the whole ten million for taxes, I put the rest to work. I then use the money I’m making off that money to live on.

Caller: [Appreciation] RV, RV, RV!

916 caller: Why do you keep ignoring that the RV cannot happen until the reconciliation conference happens in mid-December.

Tony: So it cannot happen before then? And you know this how?

Caller: Ask your friend Winston.

775 caller: I was reading an article about the Russians contracting with a Zimbabwe for a platinum mine. The US seems to be furious and threatening sanctions. What impact might that have the exchange?

Tony: Hopefully we’ll have exchanged before then. I don’t know what those sanctions might be, and I don’t know that they would affect the GCR either, just Zimbabwe.

Caller: [Appreciation] God bless us all! Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

843 caller: I’m at a loss for words. [Appreciation] Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

702 caller: Can you elaborate on what that guy was trying to say?

Tony: No, because I don’t know what he was trying to say.

Caller: Can you go over the ‘sweep program’ at the bank?

Tony: I can, but it doesn’t benefit you, it only benefits the bank. You don’t make money off of it unless you buy a bank. It’s a program where the bank makes money nightly.

409 caller: They issued some new cards in the US about a month ago; did you hear anything about that?

Tony: Yes, they issued the new ‘chip and pin’ cards; that had nothing to do with the RV. Those are about the banking system, security and hacking, not the RV itself.

Caller: [Appreciation] Vegas, Vegas, Vegas! Hopefully this is our weekend.

540 caller: Are we still supposed to ask for IQN rather than IQD?

Tony: I don’t know if I want to open up a can of worms here. Say this: “Can you give me the rates on the IQD and the IQN so I can decide which I want to exchange?” Take the better rate. I just gave you a very good inside tip without being blatant about it.

Caller: Is China pushing this to go thorough?

Tony: I think that everyone is now willing to do this. We’ve been hearing China doing this and that for five years now, but China is not making the US do anything. They are all agreeing to do this at a certain time, and I think this is it.

832 caller: [Appreciation] It’s been long, hard work. My husband died two years ago. When they talk about investing starting at 100 million and then going out for generations… I have retirement, and I have a mission to take care of before I leave, and I also want to set something aside for my kids and grandkids. How can you be reassured that they are giving you the best they can?

Tony: If you get to a 50 or 100 year payout, you have a whole lot of money, so money should not be a problem for you at any point. If they give you a 20, 50, or 100 year payout, you can always sell that payout for cash up front and let someone else deal with that. Of course they buy them at a discount, so you have to negotiate that point.

Caller: Can you explain that in a little more detail?

Tony: let’s say I get 20 million dollars a year for the next fifty years – the total would be a billion dollars. There are companies out there who will buy that billion for 400 to 600 million upfront. You may have to pay taxes, as well. But you may want to do that anyway because you only have five years to live. Or you can structure that payout to take of your family for the next 50 years.

Caller: Why wouldn’t they offer a different payout structure for people ready to retire rather than people in their 20s, say?

Tony: Because it’s a cookie cutter approach that is easier for the banks doing the exchange. It’s based on bank policy rather than being based on people’s circumstances.

Caller: I’m talking about investments, not structured payouts as such. I hear you saying that if people leave the money at the bank for 10, 20 or 30 years.

Tony: I thought we were talking about zim – over the cap, they will pay out the rest over 20, 50 or 100 years. The BANKS may offer you a higher rate if you are willing to leave some in their bank. That is a completely different issue.

Caller: [Appreciation] Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

Tony: Pam is sending me messages to get off the phone.

Pam: We had a couple of questions for you to address: you say banks have compiled lists of people to call, but the exchanges might be at different locations, How can I verify that the person is calling from the bank?

Tony: If the bank calls me, it should be someone I’ve already talked to or they can give me a number that I can take to my local branch and verify it’s someone in their system. That will also give me a location. They can look that information up at any branch, fi you get that call and you don’t already know that person. It should be from someone you know or the branch where you bought that currency.

Pam: My understanding is that they are not going to send you to somewhere without any signage, or in a bad location. They will give you something you can drive by or verify. Tony and DC have given you every scenario we have heard about; take your time, and you’ll know what to do. Don’t set your hair on fire before your exchange – after is okay.

RayRen: Continue to enjoy Fantabulous Friday. We’re ready – or if not, get ready now!

Tony: Again, no bad information. Everything and everybody around the world that we have talked to have said, “You better be ready because this is going”. The target time is definitely between here and Monday and I’m hoping it actually happens this time. We’re geared up, the banks are geared up, and people came in early this morning because they thought it would happen this morning. I anticipate making a call before Monday with some kind of direction or celebration. We are watching what they are doing behind the scenes and the level of exposure with their staff, and what they are expected. Tomorrow is the last day of the month, so let’s see what happens! Enjoy the rest of your day and let’s hope it is the super-super-fantastic day we have been looking for.

Simon Black: Chinese Government Is In Reaction Mode

Sovereign Man
Notes From The Field
By Simon Black

October 30, 2015
Sovereign Valley Farm, Chile

Chinese Government Is In Reaction Mode

High up Yuntai mountain in China’s Henan province is a glass bridge that lets tourists walk out across the sky and look down at the lush valley floor over 3,000 feet below.

Glass walkways like this are quite popular across China, stunning visitors with both beauty and the thrill of danger.

Recently, this one cracked. And many tourists took to social media claiming that pieces of glass in the walkway broke away altogether.

The government of course is spinning a different story.

They reported that the glass walkway is completely safe, even though they’ve decided to close the bridge ‘temporarily’.

This is probably the best metaphor for the entire Chinese economy right now, because the glass is cracking everywhere.

China’s manufacturing sector has been weak for months, and its industrial sector is completely in the dumps.

This week the deputy head of the China Iron and Steel Association said that “China’s steel demand has evaporated at unprecedented speed as the nation’s economic growth slowed.”

There are more signs of contraction all across the economy.

Most notably, years and years of idiotic capital allocation are beginning to muster serious consequences.

In an effort to stimulate growth and create employment, China’s national, provincial, and local governments have spent unfathomable amounts of money on useless infrastructure, primarily funded with debt.

You’ve heard of these infamous bridges to nowhere and empty train stations.

Now several Chinese companies have started to default on these debts, including two state-owned enterprises.

The bursting of this debt bubble has already caused major problems in the banking sector (which is a massive 3x the size of China’s economy), as well as in financial markets.

Chinese stocks saw a major collapse several months ago, and we may see a major crisis in the banking sector very soon.

Local Chinese with any real savings have been scrambling for months to move their money offshore.

And this ‘capital flight’ is reaching epic levels. In August alone, $141 billion was sucked out of China. That’s more than the entire GDP of Nevada or Ukraine.

Sooner or later (probably sooner) the combination of loan defaults and capital flight is going to cause major problems in the Chinese banking sector.

Chinese banks simply won’t have enough liquidity, or reserve capital, to remain operating.

I expect we’ll see the mother of all bank bail-ins and withdrawal controls in China.

But what really gets me is the Chinese government’s Jekyll and Hyde approach to the crisis.

The Chinese are known for being strategic thinkers. This goes back thousands of years to the days of Sun Tzu. Leaders don’t act haphazardly, they make long-term plans and execute in a disciplined manner.

But it’s becoming pretty obvious now that the Chinese government is in REACTION mode.

The stock market crash over the summer wasn’t planned. So they reacted. Poorly, at that.

In response, they jailed stock speculators, and even did the unimaginable--encouraging citizens to borrow money using their homes as collateral, then invest the loan proceeds in the stock market.

They promised several times to not devalue the renminbi. But then they did.

Then in order to stem the debilitating capital flight, they imposed even more severe capital controls and withdrawal restrictions for Chinese citizens traveling overseas.

But then yesterday in a nod to the IMF, they announced a pilot program to EASE capital controls and allow citizens to directly purchase foreign assets.

Last week they went on this crazy corruption binge, banning excessive drinking, golf, and even extramarital sex.

And now, poof, they’ve ended three decades of the One Child Policy.

None of this makes any sense. There’s no common thread or direction in Chinese policies anymore. No more long-term thinking.

Now it’s all extremely reactive. The grand plans and strategy have gone out the window, and instead they’re taking it day-by-day, making it up as they go along.

To me, this is a sign of how bad things really are.

Their system is based on a bunch of unelected policymakers sitting in a room and making decisions to control one of the largest economies in the world.

This just doesn’t work.

As China’s example shows, there are too many moving parts, too many levers to control. And it’s impossible to expect that some committee is going to get it right without eventually faltering.

But as you can probably realize, it’s not just the Chinese who have engaged this absurd system. Most of the world does it too. In fact, the West invented it.

The US and Europe have their own unelected committees sitting in rooms making policy decisions that affect the lives and livelihoods of everyone engaged in economic activity.

And for us to simply sit back and trust them to be smart enough to flawlessly steer the ship is incredibly foolish.

Have a good weekend,

Simon Black Founder, SovereignMan.com

S3A: "Thoughts from BGG" by J+G


J+G -

BGG, With many gurus (Frank and Delta, the Goat (who many forget said that there was a rolling RV in country parroting TNT’s DC a while back) and others I suppose…are now saying 2016.

Now kicking the can down the road is easy enough…but I wonder…

I don’t know about you but there seems to be a haste…a momentum of sorts that is uncharacteristic of Iraq. Not saying date … but still, there seems to be a tiny hint of a plan that is afoot which could be this RV or MR whatever could be, really and truly – be at anytime.

Yeah, could be next year and these guys, if given an inch, will take all of that but the clock is ticking on liquidity and the damage it is doing. Taking this down to the wire would actually encourage an avalanche of problems that could not be derailed.

Something like if you owe massive debt – even if you get a chunk of money at the last minute, it probably will not stop certain actions by creditors already put into motion. My point is, Iraq is almost already out of time now!!

I agree with you that the next 2-6 weeks might be more interesting than the know-it-all gurus might realize…..just saying!!

A final point….It must be remembered that no matter what intel, news or insider contacts anyone has – there is one underlying truth to this event.

This is… nobody can noodle this out to predict anything because the moment they do, they are already wrong – and that goes for all…Tony, Goat, Frank, Kap, Chattels , Montana, Backdoc, etc…

The GOI/Abadi know full well this cannot ever be telegraphed because given today’s communication – big time speculators would wreak havoc.

So when I read one of these guys saying, oh it can’t be until next year because (recent bit from Mtn. Goat) an experienced person would say to themselves “well having said that I know you are already wrong because if you predict that then don’t you know that Abadi and the CBI have already taken this into account.

All we can do is measure progress that is all pure and simple and something that DU does quite well. The progress is speeding up as per my previous e-mail and tells us that something is in the wind!!


Dinarland Highlights for October 30, 2015

Dinarland Highlights - 10.30.15


Article quote:
"Zamili called on former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to "give himself up to the judiciary to show Are innocent or guilty," returned Mosul report "as significant and should not leave it."



...what is the CBI telling the world when it is in the process of using its gold reserves to purchase its currency from the citizens of Iraq?

...the CBI owns the IQD...why would they want to buy it back?

...unless they have plans to do what? A person buys an under valued stock NOT if he/she believes it will go down in value...instead, you buy it believing it will go up in value.

The difference here is that the CBI is the issuer of the stock...the IQD...they CONTROL its value and here they are wanting it back. IMO, we are watching the end of the process to reduce the note count...using gold is the one tactic that will get the rest of it in.


Saturday will finish the month of October and no word on the budget or the Kurdish delegation in Baghdad. We will likely spend the month of November talking about the budget. My understanding under the Parliamentary rules is that the budget is " required " to be completed in the next 30 days with the continuation of Parliament. If so then the budget passage will be two months ahead of last year.



Adam Montana

[Concerning Iraqi bond offering. If I understand correctly, Iraq has removed this offering because of lack of interest from the international community. If there is a lack of interest for bonds, how can IQD new value will be sustained?]

Did Iraq drop the bond offering due to lack of interest? Or did they never plan on fulfilling it, but wanted to see if there was interest?

MY sources feel that there was plenty of interest, but in fact they never intended to sell. They were just testing the waters. Whether that is the case or not remains to be seen... and I think we will know the answer after the HCL and RV is announced, because that's when Iraq will show their cards.


...the Pentagon is now officially talking about troops in Iraq…timing… the US budget that hasn’t been balanced in a long time is about to explode...

IMO…you will now see President O go to the Middle East...timing...just my opinion. Jack Lew was in charge at that time with what happened in Kuwait. Lew spent nearly a year in Iraq with the CBI and Dr. Shabibi...he said here are the mistakes we made before with the currency...please don’t make these same mistakes again.

IMO…it will come out at 1:1…then free float up to the $4.20 range within a year.


Article quote:
"Former Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki said that he was still vice president, pointed out that the three deputies resorted to the judiciary against Abadi decision to cancel their posts..."

Interesting news on Maliki...so as with a snake...Maliki has no leg to stand upon...the reforms have been announced, they have been agreed upon by Parliament, and President Masum has given a head nod...Maliki is doing that final dance a snake does when you cut off the head...the squirming and twisting like it is trying to get out of it's own body.

PM Abadi comes on strong at the same time as Maliki is throwing his temper tantrum, stating the reforms, they are in place and moving forward...meanwhile the Sunni's appear to be restless with Abadi and his reforms at this time...time marches on.


"...Iraq's Minister of Finance Hoshiyar Zebari told the Reuters news agency on Wednesday that restarting the oil-sharing agreement between Baghdad and Erbil was vital for the 2016 national budget, expressing hope that a delegation from the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) would help reach an agreement."

WOW...reinstate the oil-sharing...reinstated again and both sides implement...This tells me that the HCL has all along be in place...just not implemented.

Iraqi Dinar Revaluation and Global Currency Reset News | Dinar Chronicles

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