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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Wealthwatch Morning Chat Room with Chattels for July 30

Wealthwatch.world Chat Room 7-30-15

News Discussion with chattels

vtech: So any big news yet today?

Donnie: Customs tariff application centers starting next Saturday

BOBBY: good morning all

Donnie: 7/30/2015 0:00 Thwarting two attempts to enter the narcotic pills and foodstuffs corrupt Basra Saad al-Sammak, General Administration of Customs confirmed its readiness to implement the pricing tariff law on imports through border ports of the country,

to be implemented from next Saturday, at a time when the elements of Customs Safwan border Directorate foiled in the province of Basra , two attempts to enter the narcotic pills and food unfit for human consumption coming from Kuwait.

Donnie: www.alsabaah.iq/ArticleSh... http://www.alsabaah.iq/ArticleShow.aspx?ID=97330

BOBBY: hope all are well today

vtech: ‹@BOBBY› not until RV lol

BOBBY: lol

Winnerdinar: Parliamentary Finance confirms the continuation of the "central" to print new banknotes: will go within days 30/07/2015 16:48 pm (Baghdad time) Special-scales News Approved the decision of the parliamentary finance committee Ahmed Hama, Thursday,

the central bank is constantly in the process of printing banknotes category 50 000 dinars to put forward in the Iraqi market early next month. He said Hama's / scales News /, that "it is possible to introduce new banknotes category 50 000 in the Iraqi market early next month after he managed the Central Bank of print,"

explaining that "the expansion of the scope of the private sector, one of the solutions that must be introduced to promote the economy Iraq ".

He added that "2016 will see a new printing papers 100 000 dinars class to put on the market," noting that "the country needs to be run by the mixed sector first and then move to the stage of the private sector."

He said, "The obstacles that hinder the work of the private sector in Iraq is very much the most prominent insecurity."

This said Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, Ali Mohsen Keywords earlier, that early 2016 will see the issuance of new categories of paper currency is the 100 000 dinars, the Iraqi currency notes series underlined that the new banknotes put revive the Iraqi dinar against the dollar, ".anthy 29 / 28 www.mawazin.net/-%D8%A7%D... LINK

Winnerdinar: wealthwatch.world/showthr... http://wealthwatch.world/showthread.php?tid=1430

Winnerdinar: Any thoughts on the above

Winnerdinar: I am wondering with the tariffs going into effect this weekend if they are attempting to keep speculation low

Winnerdinar: On a possible rise in value of the Iraqi dinar

Winnerdinar: Will go within days

Winnerdinar: That's the part I am interested in

Winnerdinar: Someone please chime in

Doug_W: its a fascinating premis

Winnerdinar: Thanks Doug

Donnie: IMO the 50k and 100k notes will be used to replace the flood of 25k notes coming in from initiating the Monetary Reform (commonly referred to as RV) IMO

BOBBY: winnerdinar..... are you thinking a slow rise in value?

Winnerdinar: ‹@Donnie› that's what I believe

Winnerdinar: I think we will see a slight rise with the tariffs

Doug_W: why only slight?

Winnerdinar: i think to offset the rise in prices the tariffs will take

Doug_W: thats AWFULLY controlled

Winnerdinar: I hope they do go for a massive rise

Donnie: What is the CBI going to do with millions of 25k notes? Replace them with 100k notes for easier transportation and storage.

Winnerdinar: I am wondering donnie if they lying to us

Donnie: have they ever lied to us before?

Winnerdinar: There is no comma on the figures in the article above

Winnerdinar: So I am kinda hoping they mean 50 and 100

BOBBY: lying about what?

vtech: ‹@Donnie› Iraq news/Iraq lie........NEVER

Winnerdinar: The higher denims

vtech: LLMAO

Donnie: i believe thats a translation issue because they use , for a decimal point

Winnerdinar: Denoms

Doug_W: virtual currency is a great ides HOWEVER it will take A) a great deal of yet to be earned trust by the people and B) much more infrastructure to facilitate that

Doug_W: thus the need for 100K notes

Winnerdinar: Check the above article out chattels

Winnerdinar: wealthwatch.world/showthr... http://wealthwatch.world/showthread.php?tid=1430


Winnerdinar: It's raining heavily here and the climate is getting cold again typical UK weather lol

Winnerdinar: I'm feeling ok and how are you chattels

Winnerdinar: The 50000 and 100000 articles are coming out again chattels

Winnerdinar: ‹@Doug_W› I'm a terrible lier I always get found out lol

chattels: ‹@Winnerdinar " How much pain they have cost us, the evils which have never happened. " - Thomas Jefferson

chattels: ‹@Winnerdinar› My point is that we sometimes worry about things that never do happen :)

chattels: ‹@Winnerdinar› I try not to worry about things over which I have no control

Winnerdinar: I will keep that in mind and your right we have no control over this

whitelions: Love Love Love This one he is going to take it to the people if they don't get off their **!!!

whitelions: Jubouri threatening display of important laws for public vote if the blocks unresolved disputes thereon ......House Speaker Salim DisplayLink threatened in today's session introduced controversial legislation to a vote in the upcoming public hearings for approval. www.theiqdteamconnection....

Winnerdinar: Go on Jubouri get rocking TY whitelions

Winnerdinar: Jubouri to me has shown all indications that he wants good for the Iraqi people and the economy

Winnerdinar: I am wondering if there will be a basket of laws passed at once in the coming weeks

chattels: ‹@Winnerdinar› I do not believe in a " basket of laws " pragmatically or constitutuionaly

whitelions: ‹@Winnerdinar› AGREED

disciple7: ‹@whitelions› wow!! very nice!!

chattels: ‹@Winnerdinar› is it possible that there may be an agreement / understanding between the political blocs to pass these laws for those laws, yes

Winnerdinar: Jubouri: We'll show more than 60 bill in the coming sessions of the legislation 30/07/2015 03:36 Conscious / Jubouri: We'll show more than 60 bill in the coming sessions of the legislation Conscious / follow-up

The President of the House of Representatives Saleem al-Jubouri, that the Presidency of the Council decided that all bills, amounting to more than 60 bill on the agenda during future meetings for the purpose of legislation. He called al-Jubouri in the parliament session today,

"the heads of blocs decisively final positions of legislation laws reached its final stages with the importance of resolving their opinions about it,"

adding that "ready-made laws of the vote are projects parties and the National Guard and the Federal Court and the amnesty and accountability, justice and labor and international conventions laws."

"The presidency of the Council will resort in the absence of agreement between the heads of blocs to put bills on the agenda to be resolved."

The Chairman of the House of Representatives to "the existence of decisions of the Federal Court regarding the procedures followed within the Council," adding that "next week will see the presentation on the decisions of the Council to take a position in question."

whitelions: ‹@chattels› I'm with you on the laws no basket but Jubouri and Abadi are getting frustrated at the non movement in parliament

Winnerdinar: This next session looks to be huge

chattels: there is legislative gridlock and governmental dysfunction

whitelions: ‹@Winnerdinar› omg I hope so I'm just as tired as the iraqi people

Winnerdinar: ‹@whitelions› me to I have been in this since 2005

whitelions: you got 1 year on me lol

zidziljian: I read that the parliament is taking a heat holiday for 4 days

zidziljian: Im only seeing that on 2 sites

chattels: ‹@zidziljian› they have taken " heat holidays " before

zidziljian: ‹@chattels› yes 124° sounds like no fun, must be ** for women wearing a berka

Tootsie: That '4 days' is interesting, as they have the agenda on Parliament site for 8/1 and 8/3 posted?? who knows :dizzy: surely not me

zidziljian: my cat takes "Heat Holidays" as well, but nothing to do with the weather....

zidziljian: some even more conflicting reports about the new currency

Tootsie: Parliament plans to hold a regional meeting next week to discuss the transfer of powers to the provinces Thursday July 30, 2015 18:17 Baghdad Committee announced the regional and provincial parliamentary, Thursday, it will hold an expanded meeting next week in the House of Representatives to discuss the implementation of the transfer of powers to the provinces law.

A member of the committee MP Mohammad Reza Amin in a joint press conference with a number of members of the Committee held, today, the House of Representatives and attended by Alsumaria News ,

that "the fifth date of August next Second Amendment No. 19 to the 2013 Act will be amended to the law of governorates not organized province No. 21 for the year 2008 shall take effect, it was Article 45 was amended by paragraph one of him. " CONTINUED > wealthwatch.world/showthr...


Tootsie: Parliamentary Finance: the cost of maintenance and fuel cars officials up to 100 billion dinars per month Thursday July 30, 2015 11:21 Baghdad A member of the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives Masood Haider, Thursday,

that the cost of maintenance and fuel cars state officials with the exception of members of parliament up to about 100 billion dinars per month, as he emphasized that the Federal Service Act will achieve the desired justice.

Haider said during his speech to the program "10 of 11" which aired "Alsumaria TV", "The cost of maintenance and fuel cars state officials from the prime minister to the ministers to directors general with the exception of members of the House of Representatives is estimated between 50 to 100 billion dinars a month."

Haider added that "reducing the number of cars will provide officials to the state treasury an estimated one billion dollars annually." CONT >> wealthwatch.world/showthr...


chattels: ‹@Tootsie› ‹@Tootsie› holiday may not include the Parliament

chattels: according to sczin11 this morning :)

Tootsie: Deputy proposes to deduct 5% of the total salary for all employees and retirees July 30, 2015 14:51 Baghdad It suggested MP from the Union of National Forces MP Ahmed al-Jubouri, Thursday, deduction of 5% of the total salary for the staff of Iraqis and retirees as "compulsory savings",

to be re-withholdings them yet overcome the crisis, as called for raising taxes on goods except food. Jubouri said during a press conference held today, the parliament building and attended by Alsumaria News ,

that "in light of the low world oil prices and the need for the state to cover the war expenses Daash and for the state treasury support,

we suggest that is shut down and re-allocation of all of the benefits and social solidarity in the three presidencies, including the independent bodies and special grades. "

"We also propose a reduction in the expenses of the diplomatic corps and officials, including the House of Representatives by 50%, and the deduction of 5% of the total salary for all Iraqis, including retired Kedjar compulsory re after them overcome the crisis." CONT >> wealthwatch.world/showthr...


Tootsie: ‹@chattels› Correct!

Tootsie: my faux pas

Tootsie: Urgent Iraq signed a memorandum of understanding with the United States and the United Nations for the reconstruction and rehabilitation services in the liberated areas 2015/7/30 18:49 {Baghdad: Euphrates News}

Prime Minister's Office announced today the signing of a memorandum of understanding with the United States and the United Nations to grant the US to achieve immediate stability in liberated areas.

A statement by the Prime Minister's Office and the agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of "The confirmation of the directives of the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to start to re-stabilize the liberated areas from the clutches of Daash terrorist gangs, took place in the Office of the Prime Minister today signed a Memorandum of approval between the United States Government ceremony

The United Nations and the Government of Iraq, the US Grant to achieve immediate stability in the liberated areas. " The statement added that "the United States will begin under that delivery amounts premium first $ 8.3 million to the United Nations,

which will manage the implementation of quick-impact projects for the rehabilitation of basic services and humanitarian needs, which will receive the amounts of donor countries successively under what was decided at the Paris Conference in the month of June. "

The statement noted that "the Prime Minister stressed during his attendance at the conference on the importance of international support, and to restore stability that require quick and direct action,

and reconstruction efforts under the responsibility of reconstruction fund for the implementation of large and strategic projects in the liberated areas, which is being edited by coordinating the efforts of Our armed forces and the sons of the popular crowd and clans authentic ". wealthwatch.world/showthr...


chattels: CHAPEL HILL, N.C. (MarketWatch) — Gold bugs, who have just begun to digest bullion’s more than $100 drop over the past month, need to prepare for the possibility of an even bigger decline.

Tootsie: US Official: US Army Stands by Kurds Every Step of the Way Commander of US Central Command Lloyd Austin meets Barzani 30.07.2015 15:12 ERBIL – As Kurdish Peshmerga forces continue to score victories on all frontlines against Islamic State (IS) militants, a US official believes that they deserving increased support.

According to a statement released by the Kurdistan Region Presidency office, Commander of US Central Command Lloyd Austin, accompanied by the US Ambassador to Iraq Stuart Jones, met with President Barzani in Erbil on Wednesday 29th July.

The US and Kurdish officials discussed the latest developments in the counter-terrorism fight as well as the current security situation in the region.

“While praising the vital role of the Peshmerga in fighting IS, General Austin told Barzani that the US army will stand by the Peshmerga every step of the way,” reads the statement.

Regarding the Turkish airstrikes on Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) positions, Barzani stressed that both sides should focus on the anti-IS fight “and continue negotiations to resolve their disputes”. wealthwatch.world/showthr... http://wealthwatch.world/showthread.php?tid=1436

chattels: That, at least, is the forecast of Claude Erb, a former commodities manager at fund manager TCW Group, and co-author (with Campbell Harvey, a Duke University finance professor) of a mid-2012 study that forecast a plunging gold price.

They deserve to be listened to, therefore, since — unlike many latter-day converts to the bearish thesis — they forecast a long-term gold bear market when it was only just beginning.

chattels: www.marketwatch.com/story...


chattels: ‹@Tootsie› ‹@Tootsie› sorry that i interrupted your post, mea culpa

Tootsie: ‹@chattels› oh no! that is stuff that just happens =- I am sure I will be guilty of same - blush!

Tootsie: this is yesterday, but ~ Electricity entered into a contract with Siemens for the implementation of (4) manufacturing plants in Baghdad 07/29/2015 BAGHDAD / JD / .. concluded the Directorate General for power transmission projects, one of the formations and the Ministry of Electricity, a contract with Siemens for the implementation of (4) manufacturing plants in Baghdad.

The Director General of the General Directorate for power transmission projects Sabah Kadhim Ekrb in a written statement / dinars / received a copy of it: we have concluded a contract with Siemens, includes processing equipment, civil works and implementation of four important manufacturing stations 132 kV in the capital Baghdad.

He explained that the contract contains processing equipment, execution of civil works for the four stations, are already present to the service, and will be rehabilitated under this contract, and the establishment of new stations alternative for old plants,

a new Kadhimiya and Al-Ghazali, Baghdad, Yarmouk. For his part, Ali Rashid Jawad Associate Director of Projects transfer stations in the Directorate-General for projects that power transmission stations (132 kV) of type (Ja.o. MSI) gas-insulated, noting that the term of the contract,

which includes all processing equipment and civil works (485) days, starting from the activation of the contract, the day of opening credit. Rashid stressed that the project is vital, because it will contribute to the decoder bottlenecks beside me Karkh and Rusafa effectively. / End wealthwatch.world/showthr... http://wealthwatch.world/showthread.php?tid=1431

Tootsie: Talabani: There remains no affiliation to the country called Iraq Thursday 30-07-2015 | 1:12:02 Twilight News / Vice President of the Kurdistan Regional Government Qubad Talabani stressed that the Government of the Territory and all Kurdish parties to make every effort to resolve the political and economic problems in Iraq,

but pointed out that he did not stay there for the affiliation of state called Iraq and that independence is a legitimate right of the people of Kurdistan. Talabani said during a meeting in Arbil with the German ambassador to Iraq, Eckhard prominence

"We Kkord In spite of our active participation in the construction of the Iraqi government we have made so far all efforts for the survival of democratic federal Iraq but it is clear to everyone that the question of Kurdish independence is a legitimate right of the people of Kurdistan."

He added that "there is the fact that he did not stay there a unified Iraq was left belonging to the State of Iraq as much as its name affiliations of the Shiites, Sunnis and Kurds."

Qubad Talabani and the price of the government to provide the German people and military and humanitarian aid to the region of Kurdistan and demanded that continue to be submitted where this state of arming and training Kurdish Peshmerga forces. " wealthwatch.world/showthr...


Winnerdinar: Customs tariff application centers starting next Saturday [image] General Administration of Customs confirmed its readiness to implement the pricing tariff law on imports through border ports of the country, to be implemented from next Saturday.

General Customs Director Major General Engineer Hakim Jassim Al-Hassan said: "The Commission has completed all preparations for the administrative and accounting fees related to the amendment ratios according to the pricing of the tariff law in all customs centers in ports, airports and land border crossings.

He noted that the bill passed in the House of Representatives in 2010 has been postponed action whereby the request of the former central government, until a settlement with the Kurdistan region to be applied at border crossing points for Akulaim.wachar Hassan to train employees of the centers and the Angels Directorate on how to deal with these computational variables,

to maximize State economic resources and protect the national economy from commodity-dumping poor, and to ensure the smooth completion of customs formalities as soon as.

And it pointed out that this law will result in the application of a range of benefits, such as encouraging the private sector to run small and medium-sized plants, indicating that the rate of duty starts from exempt to 20 percent. However, the customs director, said:

"The law is not without some drawbacks that need to be addressed to protect consumers and local markets", without referring to it. www.radiodijla.com/cgi-bi...


Winnerdinar: Jubouri calls to cut the proportion of the salaries of "all Iraqis" and raise taxes 07/30/2015 3:33 Jubouri calls to cut the proportion of the salaries of "all Iraqis" and raise taxes Brother - Baghdad It suggested MP from the Union of National Forces MP Ahmed al-Jubouri,

Thursday, deduction of 5% of the total salary for the staff of Iraqis and retirees as "compulsory savings", to be re-withholdings them yet overcome the crisis, as called for raising taxes on goods except food.

Jubouri said during a press conference held today, the parliament building, said that "in light of the low world oil prices and the need for the State to cover the war on Daash expenses and for the state treasury support, we suggest that is shut down and re-allocation of all of the benefits and social solidarity in the three presidencies, including independent bodies and special grades. "

"We also propose a reduction in the expenses of the diplomatic corps and officials, including the House of Representatives by 50%, and the deduction of 5% of the total salary for all Iraqis, including retired Kedjar compulsory re after them overcome the crisis."

He stressed the need to al-Jubouri, "government debt of mobile phone companies are met and the agreement with the credit 70% of the imports of these companies to meet the state treasury, including the state because of the delay for many years for the payment of government dues Bzmmha"

. He stressed "the importance of the tax code and re-filed on consumer and luxury goods except for food", calling for "open donations for companies and businessmen and civil banks to support the state treasury and under the supervision of the Ministry of Finance Fund."

Jubouri said that "the proposal also includes the formation of a committee to limit spending in all state institutions for the purpose of rationalization and saving money, and the formation of a parliamentary committee to review the agreements of government contracts in the age of the current government and to be concluded in the future in o

Tootsie: dedicated to those who tend to hornswaggle with respect to dinarland info ~~ “Listen, or your tongue will make you deaf.” ~ Native American Proverb -

Tootsie: have a good day all - (or as good as we can make it - keep a smile on your face, it is enlightening )

chattels: ‹@Tootsie› my father was fond of saying that someone had a speech impediment, that they did / could not listen

chattels: too busy talking was their speech impediment :)

chattels: KIRKUK, Kurdistan Region – The Peshmerga frontlines that protect the oil-rich city of Kirkuk have been quiet in terms of fighting, but the appearance of peace isn’t fooling anyone. Perched on mounds of dirt dug up from the trenches, the Kurdish fighters here monitor a patchy tree line several dry and dusty kilometers south of their base.

“Just beyond those trees is ISIS territory,” an officer said Monday, July 27, as he pointed southwest toward Hawija, an Arab city with nearly half a million people under the control of the Islamic State.

chattels: Peshmerga ground forces and coalition airstrikes quashed the last major ISIS offensive near Kirkuk in early June. Since then, fighting has been sparse.

Still, the attacks, especially the one earlier this year that resulted in dozens of Peshmerga deaths and led to the infamous parading of Peshmerga in cages through the streets of Hawija, has weighed heavily on these fighters’ minds.

chattels: Minister of Peshmerga Mustafa Sayid Qadir has maintained that the morale of the Peshmerga has been unwavering and that the financial crisis has not affected their vigor. The strong-spirited Peshermga in Kirkuk seemed to prove his words true.

“We are all ready to shed our blood for this land,” said commander Luqman Mohammad Amin. “We will stay here until the last of us fall in battle.”

chattels: rudaw.net/english/kurdist... http://rudaw.net/english/kurdistan/30072015

chattels: and that is why the Kurds will prevail in the end, IMO


Doug_W: U can not "hire/ buy" spirit

chattels: ERBIL, Kurdistan Region - Airstrikes carried out by the US-led coalition pounded Islamic State positions in the extremist stronghold city of Hawija, with the targeted bombings reportedly leading to the death of the jihadists' deputy governor of Kirkuk province and six of his henchmen.

The Iraqi Council of Ministers reported in a statement released Wednesday that, according to information from "reliable sources," the coalition destroyed three ISIS military vehicles in Al Shajra village east of the district of Hawija in southern Kirkuk province.

The minister's' statement added that the corpse the ISIS deputy governor had been transferred to the Nasir neighborhood in Hawija. Coalition warplanes also targeted ISIS bases in different areas of Hawija, injuring more than 20 ISIS fighters, according to the statement.

chattels: rudaw.net/english/middlee... http://rudaw.net/english/middleeast/iraq/300720151

chattels: Yet this week we learned that American officials made a deal with Turkey. Although many of the details remain secret, it looks like in return for use of the air base at Incirlik and Turkish military action against IS,

the Americans are distancing themselves from the PYD and looking the other way while Ankara resumes its war against the PKK.

Washington and Ankara also announced the likely establishment of an “IS-fee safe zone” in northern Syria, west of the Euphrates river, although it remains unclear how exactly this zone will be created. American officials described the deal as a “game changer.”

chattels: In short, the deal some American officials just cut with Erdogan seems to involve a black betrayal of what have been the Americans’ most stalwart allies in the fight against IS, the condoning of a witch hunt against democratically elected opposition MPs in Turkey,

and a serious setback in the campaign against IS. This is all in return for the use of a redundant air base and a shadow puppet Turkish war against IS.

At least European NATO leaders had the decency to call for “restraint” and “proportionality” in Turkey’s attacks against the PKK, while Washington only speaks of “Turkey’s right to defend itself.”

chattels: Read more athttp://rudaw.net/english/opinion...http://rudaw.net/english/opinion/30072015

chattels: rudaw.net/english/opinion... http://rudaw.net/english/opinion/30072015

chattels: i will be very upset if we sell out the Kurds again like we arguably did in 1975

Doug_W: history seems to repeat itself again N AGAIN



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