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Monday, June 29, 2015

News and Comments with BLC Admin tlm724 for June 29

The meeting's agenda No. (1) Wednesday (1) July 2015

July 1, 2015

First, read verses from the Koran.

Second: The vote on the draft accession of the Republic of Iraq to the International Convention on the law to walk on the roads of 1968 and the European agreement supplementing it for the year 2006. ( Commission services and reconstruction , the Foreign Relations Committee ), (2 article).

Third: The vote on the draft amendment to the Law of the fifth law of public companies No. (22) for the year 1997. ( Commission of Economy and Investment ), (2 article).

Fourth: The first reading of the draft law on ratification commercial cooperation agreement between the Government of the Republic of Iraq and the Government of the State of Kuwait law. ( Committee on Foreign Relations , the Committee on Economy and Investment). (Article 2).

Fifth: the first reading of the draft ratification of the partnership agreement for cultural, scientific and technical cooperation and for the development between the Government of the Republic of Iraq and the Government of the French Republic Act. ( Foreign Relations Committee ). (2 article).

Sixth: The first reading of the draft law on public holidays. ( Committee of Awqaf and Religious Affairs , the Committee on Culture and Information , the Legal Committee ), (Article 6).

Seventh: The second reading of the draft accession of the Republic of Iraq to the International Organization for Migration Constitution Act. ( Committee on Foreign Relations , the Committee on the displaced and deportees and expatriates). (2 article).

Eighth: the second reading of the draft treaties contract law. ( Foreign Relations Committee , the Legal Committee ). (34 articles).

Session start time: one in the afternoon



A new anti-corruption strategy will be submitted to government

[tlm724] near the provision of strategic anti-corruption to the Council of Ministers

the new strategy included a focus on the follow-up funds outgoing out of Iraq by the central bank, and monitor the situation of customs, and the emphasis on the principle of transparency and handle banking

advisers, offered their opinions on this strategy and are discussed, stressing that the most prominent outlines discussed by the Committee is to review the previous strategy to eliminate corruption, in order to find out their results and the ensuing Before switching to the new strategy.

saw that the eradication of corruption policy in previous times, were not the level of ambition,

that the new strategy is based on focusing on the practical side and impose effective control over state institutions, and focus on all the corruption, whether financial or administrative or personal

and monitors money outgoing outside Iraq by the central bank and the development of customs

anticipated submission to the Council of Ministers at the earliest possible opportunity, alluding to the presence of important observations will be included in the final report.

[tlm724] now this is welcomed news indeed ! Put the law into effect ASAP !!! Iraq can't move forward very far without it. They gotta get a handle on the money period !


Claim to reformulate economic legislation

[tlm724] the importance of securing adequate to attract investment to set up and implement a real shift towards a market economy, through supporting the work of the private sector and regulatory reforms and re-drafting support economic legislation of this shift.

main obstacles that caused the cessation of the private sector in the forefront of the security situation and the weakness of basic services, as well as complications and routine financial and administrative corruption that contributed to disrupt the work of businessmen.

stressed the need to reconsider a set of laws, regulations and instructions that were operating through a totalitarian regime before 2003 are not in line with the current stage while Iraq is seeking to shift towards a market economy, ya think


Presidency of the Council of Representatives announced receipt of three important laws

the presidency I receive the three laws, are parties, investment and immigration."

[tlm724] investment law, hello beautiful ! Cool now put on the finishing touches and get it on the agenda !


Economic expert attributes the fluctuation of the dinar exchange rate to how auction management of foreign currency and worker expectations

[tlm724] all these opinions are being repeated daily !

[tlm724] too much yakin lol

[tlm724] don't get me wrong I am happy the focus is on the dinar

[tlm724] The governor of the Iraqi Central Bank and the Agency on the Keywords confirmed the absence of fear of rising The dollar's exchange rate against the Iraqi dinar, revealing the "Ask a local bonds worth $ 5 billion; to provide liquidity to the state."

[tlm724] Keywords confirmed the absence of fear of rising The dollar's exchange rate

[tlm724] ummm ok

[tlm724] "the central bank has foreign currency is weak local currency in the market, and what happened in the past few days It indicates that attempts to involve the kind of speculation and profit-taking may also involve other targets do not want to enter into details;

[tlm724] may also involve other targets do not want to enter into details;

[tlm724] ahh so some of the details are missing from the public view !

[tlm724] can you say corruption and embezzlement !


Bank: low interest not to feed the financial and economic stability

[tlm724] heres a link to the BIS video about that if you want to watch it



International Monetary Fund and the application of the pricing of electricity to give Iraq a loan of 833 million dollars is required

[tlm724] that "the IMF stipulated a series administrative reforms, and facilities trade and investment

[tlm724] in addition to the removal of subsidies on many exchange resources related to the citizen,

[tlm724] a subsidy is a form of financial aid or support

[tlm724] "noting that" the Council of Ministers will discuss the requirements of the Fund in its meeting scheduled on Tuesday.

[tlm724] the Fund and promised to provide loans to support reforms and overcome the financial Iraq stayed with him,

[tlm724] good thing the IMF and the World Bank are in for the long haul because Iraq is so slow at making decisions


Housing waiting for a loan from the World Bank for the reconstruction of areas affected by terrorism

[tlm724] because of the weakness of the financial liquidity of the ministry they await financial loan from the World Bank to direct Macs.

[tlm724] oh weakness, is that what they are calling it today lol

[tlm724] The Investment Committee and the economy in Parliament, confirmed that the borrowing Iraq $ 800 million from the World Bank will help the government to fulfill its financial obligations.

[tlm724] World Bank better track that money, just sayin....money has a tendency to disappear in Iraq Suspect


Dollar central way to finance the budget

[tlm724] expanded seminar attended by Governor of the Central Bank d. On the Keywords and a large number of academics, economists and officials of institutions and businessmen to discuss the reasons behind the crisis, the Iraqi dinar and low value against the rising dollar and its impact on the Iraqi economy

[tlm724] the central bank's position by taking quick measures that limited the aggravation of the crisis and the return of the dinar to its previous status

[tlm724] means getting the dinar back in line close the CBI price, 1237 today as bubbies pointed out

[tlm724] wished to continue its initiatives to stop the interventions, especially those related to trying to time limit to sell the dollar by 75 million dollars a day

[tlm724] gotta keep the GOI out of the policy of the CBI

[tlm724] to achieve stability in the prices returned that objective of the central President.

[tlm724] that the sale of the dollar contributes funding the commercial sector central to the fact that is a monopolist of dollars so he is on coverage of foreign imports as the data indicate that 70 percent of the central sales go to cover foreign imports

[tlm724] well get the dinar accepted by your importers and relieve yourself of the burden ! *slap*

[tlm724] personal remittances and thus achieved another goal of the sales process, which scaled the money supply and not to resort to currency printing which leads to inflation.

[tlm724] not to resort to currency printing which leads to inflation

[tlm724] contradictions !

[tlm724] that the process was able to curb liquidity in the market by selling the dollar and the withdrawal of the dinar and re-used as needed and requests the Ministry of Finance without having to print more currency.

[tlm724] promised perception simplify this window

[tlm724] means simplify the sale of the dollar

[tlm724] that the sales process resulting in the financing of the state budget the fact that oil imports received by the country in dollars through the Ministry of Finance are recent converts to the dinar through the central bank, which buys dollars to enable it to cover its expenses in dinars

[dogznova] get the ** country off the dollar..

[tlm724] will you look at that ! they receive oil imports in dollars then convert them to dinars then buy dollars with it to enable it to cover its expenses in dinars, wth .... how screwed up is that !

[dogznova] humm

[tlm724] shakes head in disbelief !

[dogznova] me too


Legislation calls for Islamic banking law

[tlm724] banking expert stressed the importance of legislation Islamic banking law, especially after it has achieved great success funded many of the investment projects

[tlm724] yeah what he said ! whats the hold up !

[tlm724] IF they really really want their people to use the banks then they better get off their azzes and quick, get this legislation and the deposit protection law passed, they are so stupid as bubbies says, it is right in front of them, the experts and the 3 letters agencies are giving them the direction to follow ! I hope that some officials in Iraq read that because it's true !

They want it all yet they stall and fight and look what it's doing to their economy ! Their priorities are way off course ! Throws Iraq a compass that works !




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