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Monday, March 30, 2015

Conference Call from TNT Tony - Notes by Adept1 3-30-15

(Notes by Adept1):

Replay 805.399.1500, PIN CODE 409029#

Tony: Good morning, TNT! Today is Monday, March 30, 2015. We have some good news for you guys, and some good information. We’ll have a friendly call. This morning DC will give us some information and then I will ask him questions so that you can really understand the information. Thank you all for the birthday wishes and cards – I really appreciate that!

I will read something. It’s probably not true, but I’ll read it anyway. It’s from Pam:

PSA - TRANSCRIPTION OF FRIDAY’S CALL IS AVAILABLE IN THE TNT FORUM FORUM FOR OUR MEMBERS AND ON TNTDINAR.COM FOR NON-MEMBERS (same place they go to DONATE which they can do if they want us to continue doing these calls!) For those of you that want to communicate with Tony directly, don’t forget that you can all send Tony a personal message or ask a question with your DONATION; just type it in the message box and I promise you that he will read every single one of them! (That last part is probably not true! I can only do so much! I do what I can do, but there is a lot.)

DC, what’s going on? You can go over payouts that took place over the weekend, with rates and all the rest.

DC: I hope everyone is great. Bottom line is that we are still in a heightened state of readiness. Everyone is frustrated that it didn’t go down this weekend. They haven’t backed off, they are still at a high level of readiness. Iraq announced all weekend that they are doing this, and announced that they are doing everything in dinar now, no dollars. The CBI and all the ministries are ready in Iraq, and that is being announced on the television. Everything else is just sitting there ready; nothing has changed much from Friday. CBI and Abadi’s office are telling everyone to relax, it is happening. They are telling everyone to watch the clocks. There is a great deal of frustration, and many are trying to explain it in different ways. We are talking to people who are doing it, and they don’t have a real answer for why it didn’t happen on Saturday. I am watching what they are doing at CBI, the banks and the ministries, and they are all lined up.

The frustration level has increased greatly in Iraq because they were telling everyone it was going down this weekend; they keep cranking things up, and they know that. There are other visitors in Iraq right now, there to provide moral support and represent their countries and organizations. They expect this to happen and provide fiscal pressure in their physical presence. What else in Iraq, Tony?

Tony: Saturday was my birthday and it was supposed to happen on Saturday night. On Friday they stop processing because they thought it was happening on Saturday. I got birthday messages from Iraq and Kurdistan – thank you for the invitation. I know they are frustrated, they thought it was going to go this weekend. The message we got from them was “we did everything we were supposed to do, you need to look somewhere else.” There are people over there now who are supposed to see this to the end.

DC: We are trying to be sensitive, and not start any conflict. We have been asked to be quiet because it’s so sensitive. Everything is good in Iraq.

The USA is waiting on Iraq and the IMF lead. There were some exchanges going through over the weekend, but those were test cases. We are glad that the system is going so well, and we are eager to get in that line. They are waiting on Iraq.

Tony: We talked about payouts and limits. People were paid out over the weekend; they stopped on Friday because it was about to go live. Friday night and Saturday morning it didn’t go live, so they started a few test cases again. You need to pay close attention to what DC says, understand what we are saying. What makes us different from everyone else who is telling you whatever: what we are telling you is that exchanges that have already gone through, the procedures and limits they used when they did those exchanges, we are telling you what has already happened recently. We are being told “this is how it’s going to work” up to the minute right now. We get it from three banks, all teaching their people something, and we are comparing notes. We are talking to the bank people who are doing the process, and some who have already gone through the process. They are telling us because we won’t get them into trouble. It’s not to scare people, but to inform you. The banks will be competitive. These limits are probably not going to apply to most of you; the process will apply to all.

DC: We are not doing this to anger people or cause an issue, but to prepare you as much as possible so that you can be the most informed customer possible. It helps the banks as well, because informed clients are better clients. We are getting info from a dozen different people like the banks and regulators.

We have got several different caps that we talked about:

1. The contract rate cap – the pool of 350-550 billion dinar reserved for the general public. That cap only deals with contract rates, which we expect to last a very short time, first come, first served. If you have been paying attention, you have a chance at that. We have been told the caps are 20 million dinar, 25 million dong. That cap was designed so that someone with 200 million dinar doesn’t displace all the other dinar holders. The intent is to allow as much access to the contract rate as possible. That is how that is still being used. Beyond that cap, you can take a lower rate, give to charity or whatever you choose; there are a number of strategies.

Tony: The cap is that you can get 20 million dinar at the contract rate, and over that I can still exchange at the international rate. If they offer me a contract rate @10, above that, I get the straight international rate, right?

DC: Yes, and the latest we have heard is 20 million dinar limit and 25 million dong limit.

Tony: What is the cap on the zim? That’s a different deal.

DC: There is an amount of US dollars you can get; after that, you will get a structured payout. This will not apply to most people; it’s only for the people who have insane amounts of money. The limit is significantly north of 20 million US dollars. Especially for those with a lot of zim or a great deal in reserves. There will be a limit of liquid funds you will get, and the rest will be in a structured payout. It’s only a small number of people this will apply to – well north of 100 million dollars. There are limits to what they can give you in cash or liquid funds. They will have caps on the amount of money that will be accessible upfront for the 1-5% of dinarians who have a lot of zim or reserves. Once you have over a certain amount – and it’s north of $250 million – and they will still pay the 13-18 cents, but over that amount they will structure a payout over 20, 50, or 100 years. So you will get a check, just like an insurance or lottery payout. They are doing it that way because otherwise they cannot handle it. There are many different issues such as law enforcement. If you suddenly get an insane sum of money, they will naturally ask questions. Secondly, you are getting into bank regulation issues about what amounts banks can hold at any one time. There are management and security issues at the bank, and the banks are trying to solve those issues for the tiny percent of the dinar population who have this level of cash. They had to set a number on how to deal with this. So if you have that level of currency, you need to think about how to deal with it. This is a good problem to have; you just need to work out a strategy.

Will this be retroactive to everyone who has exchanged? We understand that YES, it will. Some dirty secrets will come out, and will have to be addressed. It’s mainly about the zim and high levels of reserves. We’re telling you so that you can make the best decisions possible, with the best information we have. I’m just telling you what the weather is doing so that you can decide if you want to mow the lawn or go fishing. It’s up to you what you do with that information.

Now, as for Texas and Georgia. It has scared some bankers how many dinarians there are in Atlanta and Houston. Some bank tellers told their customers to buy, and they did. They now have regulatory issues with their states and banks. What they are trying to do is to open as many accounts as they can in Atlanta especially, because that is where Sterling is based. They are trying to open a lot of accounts for people who are coming from out of state dinarians, and they are also asking out of state people to open their accounts in their home states. That is a challenge, because there are rules even at the teller level, with different tests and checklists, so it’s hard to find someone qualified to open accounts in 50 states. They are trying to distribute as much money in all the states as they can, even if it is deposited in Dallas or Atlanta.

Tony: Even if I live in Atlanta, I can have an out of state bank account. I can open it beforehand, or I can go to Atlanta and wait until they find someone who can open it for me. I can open it in California, and go to Atlanta and have them deposit it in my CA account. Or I can open the account in Atlanta, have them open an account elsewhere, preferably in a state without state income tax, and have it deposit my fund there, so it doesn’t show up on their books.

DC: Again, the huge payout guys are a tiny percentage, but if you are lucky enough to have that much, these are the issues.

Tony: We had someone exchange over the weekend, not with dinar. He had a large sum, like 200 million. The bank wanted to give it to him; they said they would give him 100 million right away, then 25 million per week until they reached his limit. That was his structured payout. They couldn’t guarantee the same rates, though, because they had to exchange at the current rate.

Another person exchanged at $1.75 rather than $2.25, because the person didn’t want to sign the NDA. You need to make your decision before going into the bank.

The plan was for Friday night at 3am, and then mid-afternoon on Saturday; that’s what they were telling as all week. I knew they wouldn’t do it on my birthday! However, there is another plan out already, so we know it won’t go to June like some are saying.

Friday’s conversation/call is in the forum, so you read it there. The limit for the dong is 25 million dong at contract rates, and the limit for the dinar is 20 million dong. The dollar limit is on the zim, and we haven’t given you that limit because most people will never reach it. They cannot hand out that much money to ten thousand people! Did we explain that well enough, Pam?

Pam: You did that very well – I’m proud of you.

775 caller: I’m a little unclear about proposed disbursements on the zim…

DC: For the few folks who have a tremendous amount of zim, if you go beyond a huge number, the banks can do a structured payout. Our friend who exchanged this weekend is getting 100 million upfront and then more payments every week until they are done.

775: So would 80 million dong hit that limit for structured payouts? [DC: Yes.] The industry that offers lump sums in exchange for structured payouts is called ‘factoring’. Also I want to tell people about a nonprofit who rescue children from sex trafficking; it is called Operation Underground Rescue.

530 caller: I understand that in Texas there is legislation to consider gold and silver currency, so it will not be taxed. I understand that there is also legislation to set up a place to store gold and sliver and have electronic payouts from that.

DC: I’ve heard of that but I believe it is still in committee, that it has not been passed.

Caller: I don’t live in Texas, but I wonder how that will affect gold and silver after the RV, if the price of gold and silver will go out of sight.

DC: We’ll have to wait and see what happens. There might be massive problems with interstate commerce, in terms of rates and where to put it. Anything can happen. Texas has a short legislative term, and we are more than halfway through. The fact that it’s not out of committee and all the issues involved, that tells me that nothing will be passed until the next session in 2017. It provides interesting possibilities for inflation issues and hedging capabilities. It’s a pretty nice setup, but has a host of problems that are too numerous to mention.

Caller: You said at one point that you didn’t thing inflation would take place…?

DC: Some call it a reset or a GCR. I see it as an ocean. The US is a tanker, and Iraq is a canoe. That canoe will be rocked and jostled, but the big super-tanker will barely feel the ripples. It’s just the adjustments to the five currencies that are changing will be larger. They are calling it a GCR, but really it’s just an adjustment. I would expect the US target to be adjusted in a minor way, with our GDP rising slightly. Until the GDP gets to 6% or more, I don’t expect inflation. Right now, the dollar is so strong that I don’t see that much of an adjustment to the dollar itself.

703 caller: Belated Happy Birthday to you, Tony! Can you share what the holdup was on Saturday?

Tony: Because it was my birthday!

DC: A few departments weren’t quite ready.

Tony: I think they are trying to drag it out to the first.

Caller: To me, it seems that the person saying that it’s now or in a few days, that is making him look like he’s got egg on his face.

DC: He is used to dealing with people who are used to getting their own way, and they are offering extra concessions for his consideration. Everyone is so exhausted and frustrated by this whole process that it’s amazing they are still talking… and some aren’t, they are saying “Just call me when it’s done.”

Caller: Is there are a total limit if you have all five currencies?

DC: There was a discussion about that, but they decided to have limit the zim, dinar and dong. If you get over 250 million, 500 million or 750 million, then they might go to structured payouts.

Tony: They tried to have an overall limit, but that didn’t work. They do have a USD limit on the zim, but it’s a huge limit. If you want contract rates on dinar or dong, then there are limits. They did talk about a combined limit for the total currencies…

DC: They discussed that but it didn’t fly. So now there is a limit on contract rates, AND for each individual currency, there is also a huge USD limit.

Caller: If this should got to the end of April, can I still exchange 50 dinar notes? Those have to be exchanged by the 15th if we are not at the banks by then.

DC: You can exchange them where you bought them, or any licensed exchanger.

255 caller: You said on Friday that if you have 4-5 bills on the zim, you shouldn’t have any problem…? [I assume he means 50 trillion or 100 trillion zim notes.]

Tony: You shouldn’t have any problem with that amount.

Caller: Maybe you should be less sensitive and that will force this to go down!

410 caller: I was very curious about what happened this weekend –that sounded so minor. What are the prospects of getting this done in this quarter?

DC: That is what they are pushing for over there, and also telling bankers around the world, that they want it this quarter – and there are only two days left in this quarter.

Tony: It didn’t happen his weekend, but it was close enough that some of the defenses were removed this weekend so that it would be easier to flow through the banking system than it would have been last Friday.

Caller: We are a little stressed, like everyone else, but hope we can go into the joy of this very shortly, before the windy month is over. [Appreciation]

Tony: I understand that people are frustrated and upset, that once again “it should be today, tomorrow, Friday”. It’s going to happen when it happens, and there is nothing I can do about it. Meantime, I live my life, and marvel at the rebirth of a nation as a democracy, coming into the 21st century virtually overnight. In months, they are getting a system set up that took us 200 years to understand! I think about that, and about our part in history, and I think “this will be alright”.

Caller: Yes, it will make life simpler and better for them in Iraq, with more peace.

Tony: They are about to have wonderful lives, with loans available, and industry, and all the projects. We’ll be able to go there for holidays, and we’ll be able to witness that.

704 caller: I’ll try to talk as fast as Winston. [Appreciation] I’m the Air Force brat, and you are the unwilling heroes who help us soldier on. I love what you said about the precious Iraqi people. It’s been a miracle to see how fast this has gone. As I try to understand the complexities of this exchange, it just seems to get more complicated as they put it off. I don’t understand a fraction of this. We are told to be prepare for anything and everything. So I do have some questions. First, about the NDA – would it be better to just take the international rate and have done? Then each bank has its own 800 number; do we really have to call each bank and compare? What about derivatives for the different banks? Are there exchange places in Charlotte NC?

DC: Yes, there are many places to exchange in Charlotte. As for derivatives, that is a personal choice; there are many ratios you can check, and there are newsletters that you can get to inform you, as a good consumer. Will I flip out if they drop in that list? I’m not that concerned unless they drop below a certain level. As for the NDAs, the ones for the public are pretty straightforward so far as I have learned. They were not complicated, they just tell you that you cannot talk about this for 10-15 years (or ever). They recognize that you will need to discuss this with your spouse and advisers. There is an insider’s NDA, and that has some real hooks. We understood that we would be getting into that from the get-go, because we have a lot of information. If you are used to sensitive info, we understand that. You need to be able to swear under oath that you don’t talk about that.

Caller: If you sign an NDA for the dinar, and not for the others, does that make it more complicated? Do you need a lawyer at that exchange meeting?

DC: NDAs are very common in business. If the banker asks, you say that you cannot tell them because you are under an NDA, and the banker can give you an Clean and Clear Certificate. Bankers and investors may WANT to know, but it’s okay to say that you cannot tell them, in a pleasant, respectful way. They used to ask for you Social Security number all the time, but you don’t have to tell them that, either.

Caller: Could you please give out the PO Box address again?

Tony: 9580 Oak Avenue Parkway, Folsom CA

574 caller: I have a question. I have a pathetically small amount of reserves at Sterling. I wasn’t planning to go to Atlanta at all. I was planning to pay off the reserves and have them send it to my account here. It didn’t’ occur to me to set up a bank account in another state.

DC: Last I heard, that is very possible.

Tony: If you don’t want to deal with the banks, contract rate or NDA, that is the quickest way for Sterling to get it to you: pay it off, have them exchange it and send it directly to your bank account. You never have to touch it or see it; you just have money in your bank. That thing about accounts in another state is for people who live in Georgia or Texas – so that they can wire that money out of state and then it won’t fall under their state regulations. If you don’t live in TX or GA or to exchange there, then you should exchange in your own state or have Sterling exchange it and wire it into your existing account.

Caller: That is my plan, to stay home and let Sterling send the funds to me.

DC: Carrying all your currency with you is risky, so please think that through.

Tony: That’s right. That lady with two suitcases full of money, the bank told her to take it away because they couldn’t deal with it.

636 caller: I have a few easy questions for you. Because of security and ISIL, etc., should I put my currency in a shoebox until June?

DC: You don’t take a hundred actions and ramp up all the banks in the US for something two months down the road, or until ISIL is beaten back. Sure, it’s not fully safe. They were about to do this last June when Maliki declared a state of emergency, and they are ten times more ready to do this now. It’s probably never going to be 100% safe. When they did the RV in Kuwait, there was an article saying “They don’t’ have electricity, but they have a new banking system”. Also, in public, there have been statements from the Ministry of Defense that the RV is part of their military strategy, that the young soldiers and their families will now have money and jobs. That soldier will be much less willing to fight for $100 per month. They think that 70-90% of the fighters will melt away; they can cuss under their breath but at least they are still breathing. Many intel people have 3-4 sources, and we have way more sources. The rest of the world is watching their actions. You don’t de-dollarize the entire country and prep the rest of the world if you don’t expect some change. Yes, it could be dragged out that long – it’s been three years longer than I expected. But the gurus saying June – no. It’s been a day-to-day business, and some want to sound like the big dog. But we have sources at all levels. The higher people are getting briefed every day, and they think it’s happening.

Caller: Is there a possibility that the ordinary Joes might not get anything?

DC: There was that possibility a year ago and that’s why we had the Twitter campaign. The people who sit quietly on the sidelines with a lot of power would not have let that happen. We were told specifically that we earned a seat at the table. We are the elephant in the room at these meetings. Most of these folks aren’t jerks or trying to do anything negative; they just have a perspective that doesn’t include three million people who are going to have over a million dollars. We will not be cut out; too many people have exchanged, or know too much about this process by now. I am envious of those who have exchanged, but that is also our insurance. They cannot let some people be paid and not allow the rest of us to exchange. That would just be too unfair.

Tony: I started to hear all this today about putting your currency in a shoebox. I encourage people to listen to other ‘gurus’, but if all they are talking about is a reaction to what we said and how it’s wrong, then what is the point? If they add something, that is great, but otherwise… we are telling you what is actually going on. We give you the inside scoop from the highest levels to the lowest levels, from those putting the plan together to those walking out of the bank smiling. These other people clearly don’t know as much as we do. Let them tell you their portion. We know the meeting has already taken place, the memos are already written, people have already exchanged this weekend. Are they helping the process or just restating what TNT said?

DC: You are all going through something we go through every day, and if you didn’t care, you would just shut off until the announcement is made. Everyone has to fit the pieces together. We talk to people who are bright and who have been in the political game for up to 50 years. They are getting something the UST or the IMF; they may have the stature to put it together, but you still have to gain your perspective, and see where your parts of the picture are coming from. They might have five points, and maybe you can get another 20 points from other directions. We say openly that we do not know everything. Some people in banks in the US don’t care what the Iraqi defense minister thinks, and the minister doesn’t care about anything but getting people off the streets.

Caller: If this goes at 2am, will you have your call immediately?

Tony: A few years ago, that was the plan because we didn’t have anything to add to the announcement. Now I want to bring you as much information about the process and procedures, so we will wait until our contact give us that information. We’ll probably get the notification from overseas first, make a few calls, and get the package, then have the call. Otherwise, people will be stressed out, jumping up and odwn, and there will be buses in the bank car parks in Texas. We are told we will have 15 minutes and I want to be able to tell you what you should do. I want to tweet it out immediately, but that might cause chaos. I hope will talk about that today.

Pam says “do NOT make checks out to TNT; TNT is not a business or corporation.”

404 caller: Articles are surfacing saying that Kurdistan has not been fully paid due to lack of liquidity. How long can Iraq function like this before a meltdown. These delays seem to be risking severe consequences.

DC: We understand there has been partial payment, and the monthly royalty checks have not been getting through either. Kurdistan is waiting on both monthly and past due amounts, and as the Kurds are most of the armies, that is becoming a problem. Some back salaries have been paid, and some of the contractors in the south, but some have not been paid. It’s like the house down payment has been sent, but not the big check. It’s a precarious situation, and natural to the slow methodical process, but leading to awkward moments, so it’s keeping pressure on to push through the RV.

Caller: I heard that UN General Secretary Moon was going to Kurdistan and on to Baghdad… and that Iraq needs an international currency by April 1.

DC: That all adds pressure. Yes, there is an agreement about the RV by 1. April, but they have blown through other dates.

Caller: Iraq is de-dollarizing; are merchants still using dollars?

DC: It’s just a big giant mess that continues to get worse. They are trying to balance this and figure out how to get it moving. International bankers want one thing and his own internal people want it down. Bottom line, it’s Shabibi’s decision, but he is taking counsel from many people.

Caller: How does this affect international business contracts?

DC: Some people have thrown up their hands and walked, and others have said that they will start once the RV goes through. Some have been paid in the last eleven days, but some are holding out until they know they will get paid in the revalued currency. All the business negotiators are tearing their hair, plus they are losing employees who are are realizing they can become millionaires through buying some currency now. That is going on in massive form in businesses that are dealing with Iraq. The tension is getting insane, with the complexity of everyone’s situation as we all hang off the cliff. It really must get pushed through – the head’s popped out and they are still slowing the birth.

Caller: Do we need a Caesarian? [Appreciation]

Tony: Pam says she is tired.

DC: Everything is where it was on Friday. Banks, security, politicians are still on high alert, day to day, after 23 days. They are ramped up and ready to go, and we’ll have to see. It’s Dr. Shabibi’s call, with Dr. Abadi.

Pam: I want to remind everyone that members can review replays and transcripts. The notes are posted right away, and I want to thank ZebraGirl coming back from vacation to do the verbatim transcripts, which might not be posted until the evening. Thanks also to Darlini for filling in on the verbatim transcript while Zebra was away. Thanks to IdahoUSA for keeping us all together. Non-members can view replays and transcripts by going to www.tntdinar.com. There is also a DONATE button, and those bills are due and have to be paid. If we want to keep the forum and calls going, we have to pay the bills!

Ray: this is Mo-Money Monday; I’d like to thank the bank that is going to call me in a few minutes and tell me to come on down.

Tony: This was scheduled for Saturday; there is a scheduled for this week, and we’ll see what happens. The people at the banks are ready to go, and they removed some defenses so that it can go through more smoothly. They have been practicing with the dinar and the dong, at different rates, and one person exchanged zim overseas. We are all just waiting for that final word. High level people in Iraq were very frustrated this morning, saying that they have done everything and they are all ready. Cards are loaded, and the process has been explained. They are in the final phase of four, and they are saying someone else is holding it up. Everyone is there, and everyone is frustrated. Everyone was told this was the final time and it’s actually happening, but it didn’t happen. We tell you what we know and hear so that you can be prepared. I’m sure at some point someone will give DC some guidance, and then I’ll know if I can tweet it out at once or to wait until we have the package.

Enjoy the rest of your day. Thank you for the birthday wishes. Hopefully we will have this before the end of the month!



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