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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Saturday News Summaries and Commentaries from Aggiedad77 - KTFA


aggiedad77 » January 31st, 2015, 11:35 am

Saturday News Summaries and Commentaries

It may be Saturday but there are choice nuggets here to be pondered and considered.....the BEST is yet to come...wait for it.

We certainly have a great deal of news to look over this morning already, thanks to some efforts through last night....a plethora of budget articles....oh and I told you the oil and gas little thing was being considered....watch for more on it next week....wink....it's coming.....yes their roll continues...the snowball grows.

The text of the general budget of the 2015 Act

Here you have the unabridged complete text of the 2015 Budget Act....it still needs President Masum's signature and then will be put into the Gazette.....and no I have not seen a new Gazette published just yet.

Parliamentary directions to activate the laws reassure investors and protect them

The Investment Committee has been in meetings with the National Investment Authority to discuss the issues that face investors trying to enter the country....they work towards a resolution of problems that have existed in the past, the elimination of much red tape that has slowed investment work down, bogging it down to the point of discouraging new investors.....

I am thinking that the passage of the budget will also help in drawing new investors into the country as state monies are freed up for use on projects that may not have been touched in over a year now.

Finance Committee: 20 positive points included in the 2015 budget

It is believed that this new budget will be the foundation or cornerstone laid for the new economic reform that the Iraqis now focus upon....one big win appears to be the establishment of a deposit insurance company, getting the CBI to support the banking sector and free economy while allowing for the establishment of Islamic banks.....at the same time supporting industrial banks, agricultural and industry interests as well....

The new budget allows for a credit payment systems....smart cards....and a reform of the taxation system....hoping for an interesting time to come for them and us.

New Iraqi victory

If 2014 and a lack of a budget brought a black eye to Iraq.....let 2015 ring in with a victor in the middle of the ring....the Iraqi people being victorious in many aspects.....the most notable is to have a government that for once is seen as a cohesive unit that promotes integrity, confidence, and a willingness to work together to provide the tools to the Iraqi people that they so sorely need.....they stood up from the start and have thumbed their noses at their critics and detractors not only from within the country but outside as well and they stand united in strength continuing to push for the right thing for Iraq and its people.

Adoption of the budget

This government has accomplished what I believe so many thought they were incapable of doing....creating and passing a budget in record time in the complete absence of a 2014 budget and largely without any workable blueprint from which to continue with....they made something out of nothing....because that is what the former government left them with.....a year of nothing....basically 8 years of nothing.

I believe we are seeing a new Iraq evolve out of the flames of the old government....a new entity that shines and should be proud of their efforts....worthy work by a group that formerly were at each other's throats over some very serious issues....they have turned.....but instead of turning on each other....they instead turned towards one another and found a cadence that brings unity to their efforts.

U.S. ground troops could be needed in Iraq: Chuck Hagel

This man now sings in a way he never did before....saying that ground troops may be needed in Iraq.....what does he truly know and understand about Iraq....about the ME.....leaving under pressure....who is really listening to him now.

Abadi for Jabouri: the relationship between the executive and legislative branches of government in a state of understanding

A state of understanding between the executive and legislative branches.....I would state....that is an understatement...LOL....let their good fortunes continue to roll.

Budget items without precautionary measures put Tsa├║lat need clarification

Inquiring minds that can't seem to get a grasp on many things want to know what do you mean by this...what about that....why only $2 for the petrodollar.....what if oil prices continue downward.....they cry there is no instructions to go along with the changes.....for petes sake....take a breath.....this government is no lackey....they would not have created this detailed a budget without a game plan in place.....

I have not seen it...but I can assure the details exist....take my word on it.....Abadi and crew are too detail oriented to have overlooked something so basic and simple.....kick your rocks down the road a bit more and wait and see what comes forth....besides.....how would you answer these questions in the shadows of one thing increasing....

What IF your currency increased....would you care about the price of oil....would you care about other trivial stuff....time will tell....wait for it....maybe....just maybe the government has a different road map than the one you possess....yours is a 2011 version.....get up with the times.

Rafidain Bank issued card [MasterCard] to customers both inside and outside Iraq

MasterCard....don't leave home or Iraq without it....Rafadain Bank is issuing them to customers both inside and outside Iraq as a pilot program....membership has it's privileges.....carrying cash....without needing a suitcase....what will they think of next Mildred.

Labour calls for increased allocation of financial disbursement of soft loans to banks

Ministry of Finance making loan money available through banks to job seekers in the form of soft loans....seeing this as a growth catalyst.

Legal expert calls for accelerating the deployment of the budget law in the Official Gazette to begin its implementation

Faster than fast we need to speed up the process that has already set records according to one legal expert within Iraq....it seems that some can never be satisfied.....yes Article 73 of the Constitution proscribes the next events that must transpire, President Masum signing the budget, then inclusion in the Gazette...Masum has 15 to sign....and I don't believe anyone is expecting him to take the full 15 days....keep your pants on.

Near the release of economic laws and tax instructions

Towards an earlier article that cried and whined than there were no instructions to go along with the budget....maybe they will be found in the large number of laws that follow the budget.....laws that can be written in such detail that you will then be crying can someone please interpret this for me.....I don't understand all the instructions....remember what I said....WAIT FOR IT....it is coming...take a breath....these be the laws that Frank has talked about for weeks that will now flow.

Parliamentary Energy: enactment of the oil and gas law will ensure that the right-producing provinces

The Oil and Gas Committee is looking to the COM to send the oil and gas law to them.....they are ready and waiting to go forward on this so that not only will the Kurds be made more happy from it so will all of Iraq....especially so the oil producing provinces who have long awaited this law....watch for this soon.

Abadi: there is no economic crisis that threatens the country, but cash

We have no banana's today.....nor do we have any cash....but we are not in an economic crisis either says PM Abadi.....he is calling for all Iraqis to stand together as a country as they push forward their renewed agenda of reform, now is not the time to take backward steps....implement what has been approved and look for growth that has not been there in prior years.

Officials: Iraqi airspace is a resource for the Iraqi economy and its money goes to the state treasury

Currently close to 1,000 aircraft are involved in Iraqi airspace in one way or another......and the cost of doing business in that airspace goes straight into the coffers of the state....a healthy source of income it seems.....usage is largely due to business interests as well as tourism....the space is expected to get busier in the coming future as more flights are being allowed.

Bahaa al-Araji: the date of the announcement of the reconciliation conference coming days

Here we have an article put forth not to declare the dates of the national reconciliation meeting but merely to announce the dates will be forthcoming "in the next few days.".......I know slow news day.

Work: Develop a plan to implement the new welfare law

The Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs is announcing plans for the implementation of the new welfare law....getting it kickstarted in other words....sounds like mid-2015 is the timetable to get the ball rolling in an effective manner....see there are plans that come with these laws....they aren't just a bunch of words on a page....patience....patience my people.

Special / importance of the current budget is allocated to support the banking and health sectors in the country

I'm thinking a different source of an article I covered up above somewhere that speaks to the budget covering the banking and health sectors in such a way by asking the CBI for support of certain sectors of the economy within Iraq while strengthening banking sectors across Iraq that will also have a positive impact upon these non-oil and gas related sectors....the effective activation of the taxation and tariff systems....while mentioning specific allocations to specific areas.

Abadi: Iraq is a cash crunch because of lower oil prices

The cash crunch that Iraq is in right now is not an economic event says PM Abadi.....keep this in the back of your mind....it may well prove to be important in the days or weeks to come.....Abadi I think is telling us he has a solution.....in hand....not just in mind....but in hand....he is not too worried over this.....why.....could be his "plan" for resolution.....watch for it.

Economic parliamentary: Iraq's economy will remain (lame) without the private sector

The private sector must be developed in the coming future for Iraq's economy to become stronger....no two ways about that....the truth is the truth....now just get cracking in that direction.....bring us some news we haven't heard yet.

Minister of Finance signed an agreement with Ernst Young EY for the development of the banking sector in Iraq

Finance Minister Zebari is leaning on Ernst and Young to help in the development of the Iraqi banking sector...and yes I believe this was initially implemented a few years ago....but to what end then.....more trust and faith in today's efforts.

Parliamentary energy: oil and gas law to parliament next week table

Make an extra place setting at the table next week for a new kid in town....the Oil and Gas Law being given to Parliament....they will take a look at it....read it TWICE....then VOTE....remember that folks....no special favors here with this....but I'm expecting another record passing of a significant law for all of Iraq.

Zebari: postpone the payment of compensation invasion of Kuwait, helping to keep the budget in 2015

Finance Minister Zebari is applauding the agreement with the Kuwaiti's to postpone the final payment of war reparations $4.6 billion dollars until 2017 I believe.....saving the 2015 from being mired in further debt.

Government launches national strategy to develop and nurture the private sector next month

I am predicting a high gear to be used by the Iraqi government in the coming days and weeks that we have never seen the like of before.....here we have the COM making a rare Saturday appearance to announce a new national strategy that will see the development and implementation of things within the private sector....by the middle of February.....

Great galloping horses.....watch them get in a hurry.....things are evolving.....the flowers are blooming....the mushrooms are growing....the grass is greening.....Iraq is wanting to blossom....pay attention to the 12th of FEBRUARY.....PM Abadi has a plan....and I believe he has that PLAN in hand.....wait for it.

Jubouri: the House of Representatives has become more able to enact laws

Speaker of Parliament Jubouri spoke on Saturday pointing to harmony within Parliament that is allowing it to enact laws without hinderance of former sect or political issues.....this presents itself within Parliament as a reconciliation effort amongst what were seen as former political enemies.....harmony seems to be his best buzz word I think...and it is being effective at the moment.

Sadoun: approving the budget this time, support for the government and reassuring message to the Iraqi people work

This approval of the 2015 budget displays an approval also of the government and sends a message of reassurance to the Iraqi people that we know what we are doing and have your best interests at heart.....it is a faith builder and through a cooperative effort the people can expect more worthwhile legislation from them.

Jubouri, calling on the government to carry out a general amnesty law and send it to parliament for a vote

I think the ability of Speaker Jubouri to have open communications with the COM requesting certain laws be sent forth from the COM to Parliament speaks loudly to the new abilities of Parliament to not only be heard but also to be listened to.....there is again a harmony between the two branches that did not exist in the prior government....refreshing to say the least.....now calling for an Amnesty Law to be sent to Parliament that will further push reconciliation in the proper direction.

Allow government departments to accept the instruments of private banks

Further proof of wanting the integration of private banking entities into various levels of government business.....pushing for their shared willingness to accept the instruments from these banks....all part of the work being done by Deputy PM Shaways committee in association with the Economic Commission's work in this same direction.....the right high level people keep pushing to open the doors of the private sector....in banking as well as in other private sectors as well.....this is causing an awakening within Iraq that will be good.

Iraq approves austere budget in light of a comprehensive economic paralysis

After 12 years of basically lackluster efforts Iraq has finally approved a budget that is standing on its own...that is real...that shows a strengthening of relations between the Kurds and Baghdad.....President of the Kurdistan spoke on several areas of concern he seems to have for Baghdad at the time....but maybe he too needs to listen to the full plan that Baghdad may have....perhaps they have not brought him fully into the loop on things.....Baghdad seems to have a good grasp on reality at the moment....give them some time to roll with this and see what happens.

Budget to the presidency Sunday Law for approval Budget to the presidency Sunday Law for approval

So now we see that the 2015 budget law will be put in front of President Masum on Sunday, tomorrow for his signature....wonder how long that process will take....minutes....days....certainly not weeks....he only has 15 days.

Wow what a front page full of stuff today....thanks guys for the help.

Aloha Randy


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