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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Tuesday News Summaries and Commentaries from Aggiedad77 - KTFA


aggiedad77 » December 30th, 2014, 12:13 pm

Tuesday News Summaries and Commentaries

We continue to head in a direction with the end of this year that makes 2015 a welcome sight I think....my oh my what the first month....the first quarter could bring to Iraq in particular and the world at large.

Mahdi concerned from a "setback" in the oil agreement with Erbil

Knowing the full-fledged corruption that ran rampant throughout the previous government.....what this article is suggesting gives me a great deal of heartburn.....Mahdi actually meeting with former leaders of the oil and gas ministry...seeking their thoughts and advise.....I hope he only took what they might have offered with a grain of sand.....

IMO....if he wishes to continue to drive in the direction of principled communication, integrity, and continuity....he would best go the course without this questionable baggage hanging from his backside....these are none to be calling advisors....there is a strong piece of my mind that tells me this is a wild smoke screen...that Mahdi and Abadi know better than to go in this direction....unless they were looking for some specific piece of information from these thugs...and once located they will be summarily dismissed.....I can only hope we see no further discussion in this direction.

Economic reason to support the Iraqi dinar and remove him from the effects of the budget deficit

Here we see one economist's opinion of what he believes the government should be doing in support of the IQD....he claims the middle and poor classes are the ones to be affected by any downward shift in the IQD....however we are hearing elsewhere that the IQD is indeed stable...this man points to the idea that any improvement in the IQD is being done to help those wealthy Iraqi's rather than assist the general population.....one man's opinion.

Najafi official reconciliation file: the importance of installing the principle of justice and not to exploit the issue of the war against terrorism to justify some action

Deputy President Najafi says that justice is important as long as it is applied on an equitable basis to all Iraqis and does not seek to focus on any one group....in other words don't be targeting any citizen groups, especially so in the fight against terrorism....well my thought on that is don't get caught supporting any terrorist activities or you pay the price.

Saadi: approving the budget early next month

I agree I think we await the inevitable...the approval of the 2015 budget....a much simpler process than we have seen in many years of the recent past.....passed in early January....almost a certainty I would think....definitely by the end of the month.....this budget and what it has to offer will go a long way towards economic stability for Iraq.

Abadi in Basra Coordination Meeting: It is essential that the wealth is distributed fairly and Alastmr

PM Abadi in his meetings yesterday with representatives from the various Iraqi provinces pushed for his continued commitment to fight government corruption, and the distribution of some centralized powers back to the provincial governments....Abadi is showing he is not afraid to address what he believes to be issues with prior government decisions....overturning them and setting about to redraw the lines in the sand to put directions of the government back on a proper track.....Abadi continues to show that he can listen and make decisions without requiring a bunch of red tape and indecision.

Iraqis await the results of investigations into the fall of Mosul and al-Maliki defends himself: the decision to withdraw has been issued to me !!

A new committee is forming that will continue the investigation into the fall of Mosul....including interviews with senior military and political officials and may also include Maliki....hopefully this investigation will not be afraid to run up against the truth and portray what they find as fact.

Political agreement about the fall of Mosul .. not to embarrass Abadi, not to condemn al-Maliki

Oh how these articles need to be read with care.....yes of course let us not embarrass PM Abadi but who really cares about Maliki at this point.....former issues with such investigations and not being able to truly pursue the truth are gone....PM Abadi has said over and over again....no corruption...at any level.....he means business and this committee needs to take that to heart in their investigation....indeed the process of investigation may take some time to uncover what Maliki and his thugs chose to bury.

Government authorizes the President of the Investment Authority the power to sign the Convention on the Settlement of Investment Disputes

On this day the COM along with PM Abadi gave authority to the Investment Authority President to sign on settlement of investment disputes....further sharing of responsibilities by PM Abadi.

Iraqis are looking forward to 2015, free from fear and extremism, wars

It sounds like Iraqis everywhere are looking forward to what 2015 looks to bring them.....government without corruption, no wars....little to no threat from terrorism, an economic reform that is back on a forward moving track....let's not be quick to forget 2014....for to repeat those atrocities and offenses would be a travesty....learn from the mistakes of the past and go forward to welcome in a bette way of life for one and all.

Cabinet decides to withdraw the appeal provincial law

Today's COM meeting saw the withdrawal of the Amendment Act as written with decision 282 of 2013...they push forward in attempting to right wrongs that were done in the past and will be making a new effort toward this law later this month with the intent of creating greater harmony and a smoother work flow between the central government and local authorities as proscribed by the Constitution.

Abdul-Mahdi: We are working on a final agreement with Erbil soon

Tentative and comprehensive agreements....the first is what we have now, the second is what we seek between the Kurds and Baghdad....even looking at the fall in oil prices PM Abadi sees a silver lining....he seems to be an optimist at heart....believing this will drive Iraq to review and cut expenses from the budget that are believed to be unnecessary....Iraq continues to operate somewhat on the outer fringes of OPEC requirements...pushing to drive their exports still higher...they continue to look at ways to make up for lost ground over all those years of being caught in sanctions.

In the drafters member of the parliamentary security: Nuri al-Maliki will be called if his name was mentioned during the investigation in the fall of Mosul

Now this makes sense to me.....let the special investigation committee into the fall of Mosul even in calling Maliki to be a part of the investigation into what transpired....hear me....Maliki....Maliki....Maliki....how many times do I have to yell his name....put him on the stand....put the bright lights on him....it's called interrogation.....get the truth and nothing but the truth from him....even if you have to bring in Perry Mason and Matlock to get to the bottom of things.

Labour calls for secured workers to receive their salaries from the branches of banks Rafidain

The Ministry of Labor is paying workers for November and December effective today through smart cards through branches of the Rafidain Bank.

Jubouri: Most of the laws initiated by the House of Representatives have not been implemented, including the Law 21

Speaker of Parliament Jubouri states that many laws that were initiated by Parliament have yet to be implemented....largely due to prior centralization of the government...but changes are being affected to extend powers to the provinces more and more....which includes an agreement from PM Abadi on Monday to the provinces.

Budget 2015 “Needs Serious Revision”

Remember noses....everyone has one....opinions are there also....so someone purports that the 2015 budget is in need of "serious revision"....wow....from how far in left field does this revelation come.....to me it sounds like the talk of some of the Maliki court backers.....let's wait on the analysis of the Finance and Legal Committees......for some reason I don't see them making wholesale changes or bowing their backs up against what has already been written.

Deputy: the ratification of the budget will be rapidly

On more than one occasion we have heard Parliament members stating ratification or approval of the 2015 budget should happen quickly, rapidly, swiftly.....your choice of words...they say this due to the belief in a lack of political differences at this point....making the Kurds happy appear to be a big piece of this puzzle.

Deputy: we seek to insert Article 140 allocations in the budget

Now that would be an incredible thing to see happen...the inclusion of Article140 in the 2015 budget.....which brings to light the question....is this a part of the budget we have yet to see.....I don't recall seeing a piece for Article 140 in what we've been given to date.....Jan 7th isn't all that far away....time will be short to tell us what will happen.

Economic parliamentary: more than 40 trillion of cash in the Iraqi market

WOW can you imagine 40 trillion IQD cash within the Iraqi market....so is there an issue with liquidity.

Interesting news today.....let's push the door closed on this year and look forward to what 2015 will bring us in a BIG way.

Aloha Randy


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