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Monday, December 29, 2014

Conference Call from TNT Tony - Notes by Adept1

(Notes by Adept1):

Replay 805.399.1500, PIN CODE 409029#

Tony: Good morning, TNT! Today is Monday, December 29, 2014. Pam has already thanks our transcribers and OpenMike transcribers for all they do. I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas, and Christmas continues…

Just because this didn’t happen on Christmas, don’t be sad: You can have another Christmas on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and every day. I know many take their tree down immediately after Christmas; I usually leave mine up until New Years, and you might want to put a couple present under it, to open on New Years. DC, glad to have you back – you’re the only one who had a vacation!

DC: I was down from seven to 4.5 Christmases with my family! There have been minor movements. Everything is lined up right now for this to happen in the next few days, and there are several windows they hope to it.

What happened was this: as we spoke about before Xmas, everyone has been moving this goal posts for several years, to beyond ridiculous, to where they said, “get this done or bad things will happen”. There are US teams in Iraq, and they pulled together the laundry list. Let’s have the BIS and IMF monitor this list and decide what’s reasonable to be get done. The list was a lot longer than expected, mostly from the American side. This checklist was set up , and published to all sides, so that the US would no longer move the goal posts, nor Iraq change their mind on anything.

They had some big tough points that Iraq worked on and fixed quickly before Christmas – maybe mid-month. No, said the US, the list is not done yet! So they fixed those, and the US came back and said NO again. That’s how it’s been over the last 2-3 weeks, that they keep going down this list. Nobody expected Iraq to be held to that list, even on the US side, but they were. That’s why it was all ramped up on all side, with the expectation that the rest would be cleaned up after the announcement because nothing major was left.

It turned out that some people were in position to cross all Is and Ts, and they insisted, and that’s why they said they were ready on the 23rd, the 25th, and so on. We believe all those provisions were finally completed this weekend. Now we believe it’s in the full hands of Iraq to initiate this deal. They have promised their people and everyone else to get this done on or before the 1st. They will not send out a lot of notifications prior to window; they will just do it and notify everyone later. This was what they were trying to get ready, because everyone else was told to get ready by the CBI and IMF. Everyone is now past being ready, and now no one trusts any advance notifications. They won’t move until Iraq has actually pulled the trigger.

Basically, Iraq was nitpicked to death for the last three weeks, but now we are certain the checklist has been completed, the IMF and BIS have agreed, the US is supportive, and it’s in Iraq’s hand. They are saying 15-minute notification rather than two days – which would give them the opportunity to change things again.

Tony: We have said this before, and I understand that everyone is wondering if THIS really is the time. I get a lot of texts that don’t’ have time to answer. Iraq has been ready since the first of the month, and announced to their people they would do it on television and in the papers. They are looking bad to their own people, and they are eager to do this. They have been nitpicked, on things that have nothing to do with the RV, so it’s more to drive people to the point where we are now. The process was still moving and it gave us hope to the end, although it could have been processed at any time. Now Iraq is on television and newspapers saying “this becomes law in the Gazette on 1. January”, and that makes it look real to me. The US has made promises that this time there are reasons to get this done by 1. January. So it’s a different situation, with more people believing in it, not all the frivolous stuff we have seen before. Everyone is on standby, but no one is being moving into position like they were before. However, the promises are bigger that this will be done by the first.

Once the budget is live, there are no blocks or issues. There is nothing left that has to be done before this happens. Abadi has created a transparent government of unity, and they are constantly publishing what they have accomplished. There are not excuses left, and I like that!

DC: For those access, the budget says it’s at 1100+, but there are also riders saying that once it has been ratified and implemented, there are many ways of interpreting how much money is available for the actual things they want to do. They will increase the value according to the new rate. We were not waiting on this; it was agreed at the last minute to make everyone feel better. The rate was agreed since September. This was just the US and other countries ensuring Iraq is a good steward, and as a forcing function.

Tony: But the revaluation could have taken place at any time.

817 caller: I haven’t talk to you, Tony, since PTR; I followed where you went. I like being in the moment and learning the process. For those who don’t, I wish they would go somewhere else. I’ve been on since 7am central time.

Tony: Maybe we need a separate ‘announcement site’, and they can check there daily.

Caller: I’ve been paying attention to the CBI, and they have not updated their website since the 25th. Also the Scandinavian currencies are not listed there at the moment.

DC: Let’s say your boss says you’re going to update or point the markers to a new site as soon as that is ready. How many times will you be motivated to update the old one, when you are going to scrap it in a few days?

Caller: I know that this CBI website is run from the US, and they do have another website. However, if your own IP address is in the US, you cannot get on that other site.

CD: Yes, there are a few CBI sites, and two are based in the US, and one is in Baghdad. They also have another complete site ready to go with the new rates and conversions – that is ready to go. Every time they adjust the rates, they have to adjust those sites as well. No traffic is directed to those sites, they are being used for tests, but they are ready.

Caller: I was curious because I have friends in Iraq, including a gal I grew up with; her family is in Baghdad and they are all happy, because their site looks different. They were telling me about the $3.58 on their cards! But we can only get on the US website; I call my friend and ask for the news, and she tells me what her mother in Baghdad is doing…

DC: If you can create a virtual DNS tunnel and push it through to Baghdad so it looks like you are an internet café in Baghdad, you can get a really pretty picture.

Caller: My brother did that and succeeded for about 40 seconds. We saw the Iraqi site for about four seconds and then got blocked. I’m energysparkles on the TNT site; Pam, did you get your Christmas gift from me? I made slippers and sent them to her, because I know Pam is the real meat behind all this! I am an administrative assistant to presidents and vice presidents of companies, and I was doing all the real work while they got the glory. I would tell one CEO to sign the checks, and he would refuse until I threatened him with his wife, and then he would sign. So did Pam get the slippers? [Appreciation]

650 caller: Let’s say they go by the first, what’s your feeling about the rollout plan?

DC: In the US, I think it will be the same as we talked about: the internet people will go first, and everyone else will trickle in later. Each bank will have their own processes. The exchange centers will be open late. One bank will be obliged to take all comers, and the other banks can pick and choose. That bank will have affiliates in places they don’t have actual branches.

Tony: If it happens today or tomorrow, will they have exchanges for the next day and a half, or will they give us a day of training so we can explain it to them, then start exchanging on the 2. January? Which is more feasible?

DC: They will open up some now. How much will they get done before the holiday? Not many. They want to make a ton of appointments in the first 36 hours, using the trained call center guys who are also trained to make exchanges. The initial surge might be deal with 60% of the phone calls made, and then some those people can be redirected to run actual exchanges. That would increase throughput.

Tony: They could just that first 1.5 days to make appointments and then people would be happy just knowing they would be going to the bank.

Caller: Do you have any intel on possible delays?

DC: Even the most cynical of the informed sources believe that the US made a bunch of promises to extremely powerful people in the US that they can move some money before the first… and that was confirmed this morning. Ordinary mortals probably won’t get their appointments until the new year, but some will move money right away. The most cynical ones still see this being open to the informed public, and the general public cannot be far behind. They don’t fear us; we are not that important. Their attitude is that Bank XYZ is stuck with dealing with the general public in exchange for having made so much money of this to date. They know they cannot restrict the system; they’ll have to exchange 25K dinar notes and that is it.

The live public international rate is still 1166, but in the budget and other Ministry of Finance information, they say “Once it happens, the rate will be this”. They are consistently saying that. However, until ALL the everyday folks in Iraq, the US and in all other countries can exchange at $3.58, they have to stick with 1166. So “when this is implemented, the new rate will be 3.58”…

DC: If they weren’t going to do it very quickly, they would not have issued fils, trained up everyone in Iraqi and US banks, and all the other signs we have been seeing.

Tony: We have paid a LOT of people, and Iraq has done the same thing. Some people have been paid, and have cards that work inside and outside the country. However, the Iraqi general public are waiting, just like we are.

DC: Tony, what is your understanding of the number of folks who have gone through? How many have had SKRs and how many have received cash, percentagewise? How many actually got real cash?

Tony: A lot of people got access to a percentage of their cash. Since October, most people got a percentage for the first three days, and then got full access to their cash. There have not been SKRs.

425 caller: Belated Merry Christmas to both of you! I have been hearing that the numbers really weren’t showing in the budget, so I’m a little confused there.

Tony: We got six pages this morning with the actual numbers in the budget – not the RV numbers, but firm numbers. The budget is set up at the current rate, but in several different places, they say “once this is implemented, this will go to the new rate.” In order to pass the budget, they had to do the current rate. The rate will change once the budget has been implemented. Once they could have made the RV announcement at any time, they will reprint the budget at the new rate. The new rate is posted on their Qi cards and bank accounts; they know what that new rate is. They are just waiting for the budget to be implemented by the 1. January.

860 caller: My brother is wondering about the VNN rate. Also, you said the internet people will go first with the rest to follow. How does that work?

DC: $1.02 is the last one I saw. That was before Christmas. When Tony puts out an 800 number, the ones paying attention will call that number, and then send in their family.

Tony: We have been told to make our own appointments first, and I understand that and it’s what we tell everyone else. Maybe 250K will hear this call. They will give those people ten days to exchange, and then the regular people will flow in. They won’t give priority to the general public, or 800 numbers; they will just have to figure it out themselves.

DC: My friends in the Dakotas will go through in the first day; in Atlanta, where there are a lot of dinarians, it will take longer. The initial sphere of influence is maybe 300, 000 paying attention, and maybe 1.3 million hear about the 800 numbers right away. Those listening to the call will respond right away and call right away. They expect each person to inform at least ten people, so that is then 3,000,000, and from there the information flow peters out. So they expect most of the dinar holders will be information quickly.

Caller: There’s a little Christmas in January, so we haven’t missed the mark. The Iraqi government has done a super job. [Appreciation] We’re getting smiles in real soon!

DC: When is Festivus? [What is “Festivus”?]

954 caller: Will we get the 800 numbers still?

Tony: I think so. If they give them to me, I’ll sent them out by tweet, as a Tony blast, and on the websites. As soon as I am authorized, I will send them out and that will get the party started. They are saying that on 1. January the budget it becomes law, so in the 72 hours we will see it.

636 caller: Are all the US banks Basel III compliant?

DC: They are striving to be, but not all are there yet. It is not relevant to this RV.

Caller: Does the UST have enough to back this exchange?

DC: Not relevant – but Iraq does have enough in assets to do this.

Caller: I heard the banks are now fighting with each other – does that add to the delay?

DC: No. Banks have known about this, although most tier 2 banks are clueless. The banks who had it before did so because they won the confidence of the UST, BIS, and the Iraqi government. They switched banks at least two times, but all of the lead banks understood that they get the profits of the big players, but also have to exchange the little guys – the good with the bad.

Tony: Wells, Citi and Bank of America each had a shot. The email that went around aims to get everyone riled up, saying the banks are mad because they weren’t getting a share. All the banks were offered a share, and some decided they didn’t want to be involved will all the little guys. They opted for this system, so why would they get upset now? We went through this a year ago. Some banks said it wasn’t fair for it all to go to one bank, but when they realized they would have to deal with the bad as well as the good (in banking terms), they opted out again. We talked about this a year ago.

Caller: If there is not a WF bank, what then?

DC: They probably won’t open an exchange center, but will deal through a sister bank using the old Bank of Ireland system. They already handle foreign exchange for most of the banks using that system because it’s not worth the bank’s while to handle that in-system. There are tons of those banks in St Louis and everywhere else. They are already lined up to do it.

Caller: If this happens today or tomorrow, it would be stupid to exchange before the 1st because of taxation – better to owe taxes for next year than this year in terms of tax deductions, etc.

DC: Yes, indeed. We think now that this will go into the normal tax rate system. Get a good tax attorney, create as many tax deductions as you can.

Tony: You think the majority of people will have a whole year to figure out their taxes, not quarterly taxes?

DC: I am not a tax attorney, but this is what I hear – they will fold these exchanges into the normal tax structures. If you’ve had it more than a year, you’ll pay long-term capital gains, and less than a year, you’ll pay short-term capital gains. If you normally pay yearly taxes, you will probably have until April 2016. If you have a normal income, this April you will probably pay about what you paid last year plus a percentage, and the rest will be due the following April.

Tony: Whatever you do, set the estimated taxes aside until you know what’s going on. Don’t invest it (except very conservatively) because you don’t want to risk losing it.

954 caller: I assume we still have contract rates available for IQN and VNN. Are the contracts individualized per bank? Or will they be consistent across the banks?

DC: That’s a tricky question. Because some banks have exchanged earlier, we are now being told only the lead bank will have contract rates. I’m not sure that makes sense. If, for example, only WF has contract rates, their sister or affiliate banks must also have some access to contract rates though the old Bank of Ireland system.

Caller: Do you know if you’ll have a copy of that contract in the package? Also, I assume you and Tony don’t see any forthcoming delays…

DC: We hope we’ll have that contract to explain to you. And no, we don’t see delays.

520 caller: I have a dilemma. I hold quite a bit of dinar, dong and zim. I have relatives in San Diego that I want to share with. I have not made my gifts because I want them to have a certain amount of dollars. When this pops, I want them to fly to Tucson to exchange. They have opened new accounts where they live. How will they be able to transfer those funds their bank in San Diego? I understand if you wire transfer anything over $500,000, the funds might be frozen.

DC: If they have bank accounts already set up, the funds can simply be transferred within the bank. If the bank is licensed in California, they can do that easily. I have banks in other states that I access all the time. The bank wire limits are for security reasons. If you explain to your banker that your plan is to divide up your funds and distribute to your family, they can help and explain. Your wealth manager should be able to stop any such blocks and help facilitate the process.

Tony: They say they will be watching the money movement over the first 30 days. There is nothing to stop you giving them cashiers checks. But first, if you are giving them money AFTER the RV, you will be taxed on that exchange AND they will have to pay taxes on it as well. Better to give them the currency before the RV. Also, if you are transferring from one WF bank to their WF account in another state, that is all within the bank, so the wiring limitations don’t apply.

386 caller: Long time listener, first time caller. For the 15 months I’ve been listening, the forum is closed. If I call the 800 numbers when you tweet, does that give me a better shot at the contract rate?

Tony: The forum has nothing to do with the contract rate.

DC: The contract rate is first come, first served. We don’t know the criteria otherwise.

Caller: Are you still going to have a new signup period for the forum, as I heard.

Tony: That was for people to attend the four events, if I can still do one. I might add one in Texas, if they let us do that. We need to have everyone re-register so that I would have a good number for each event.

Caller: I have been buying dong @ about $1,000 per month since I’ve started listening. Will those I purchased over one year ago be taxed differently?

DC: That is what we understand at the moment.

Caller: I have opened nine bank accounts as I now have more than 50 million dong. Should I open separate accounts for over one year, and less than one year?

DC: I think that is overkill. As long as you have your receipts, you can tell the IRS which would be long and short term capital gains.

Tony: You need to take your receipts with you, because otherwise they will have to assume you bought it yesterday. As for gifts, I did gift letters and gave the currency itself, because that way you won’t have to pay tax if the pre-RV currency because at that point it is only worth what you paid for it. I would hand over the currency itself and the gift letter prior to the RV; let them deal with their own taxes.

610 caller: Anything else the UST will require in the last few hours? [Appreciation]

DC: No. My understanding is that they just wanted that list satisfied to the last detail, and we understand that has been completed.

Tony: I think we should start a thread to thank DC’s wife; she is listening to this call for the first time, and we should say ‘thank you’ for loaning us her husband all this time.

901 caller: I was on about a month ago, and I was banned from the forum. Pam was going to call me, but I never got that call. I think I got folded into the JCR mess…

Tony: What is your online name? I wrote down your number and will pass it to Pam.

Caller: I have reserves; is it a year from when you instituted the reserve, or for when it was paid off?

DC: I think it’s from when you fulfill the contract, so it will be short-term capital gains.

518 caller: I hope when I get the 800 number my sciatic pain will go away. Will you and DC do your signatures with “all rights reserved”.

DC: No. That activates certain other things that I cannot explain on this call and it would not go to the right places. I just want to exchange and not move it until I do that later.

Caller: Will you set up some accounts with Payable Upon Death beneficiaries?

DC: You’ll have to do that with personal accounts, especially with major funds. Trust, foundation and company accounts will already have their own lines of succession.

281 caller: Let’s go to the bank and let’s go hunting.

Tony: Or let’s go to the bank and then to the restaurant? I don’t do hunting…

954 caller: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! [Appreciation] Finally it looks like we are getting to the end of this road.

936 caller: You said nothing the US can do to stop this anymore?

Tony: We never said that!

DC: The probability is pretty slim, though. They have made promises to people over here, and the time is running out. There will be bad results if they don’t fulfill those promises. We are just waiting for Abadi to give the go, so we are feeling confident everything has been done. That’s not to say it couldn’t be stopped.

DC: The contract rates are still out there. The vast majority will be taking the street rate, which is $3.58 right now. A few lucky souls will end up with the contract rate.

Caller: Why are the banks able to control who gets the contract rate? I thought it would be available to everyone…?

DC: That is how the negotiations worked out. It was ready to go with the contract rate, then they agreed with the banks that they could pick the first two month’s worth of people to exchange, and of course they chose those willing to leave money in their banks.

Tony: There is no way everyone in Dinarland could get the contract rate. There are only 5,000 politically connected people, as opposed to five million dinarians. Our fight was for everyone to get the international rate at least, with a percentage getting the contract rate, and that percentage is higher than I ever expected. They gave it to the banks, with the agreement that some of the ordinary citizens would get it. I know a guy with 100,000 dinar who got nine dollar. Different people got different rates, and we don’t’ know what the criteria are. Our people are keeping an eye on this, making sure the contract rates are paid out, and we are getting better rates than we ever expected.

There is a contract rate on the dong as well, and the price I heard was $2.27. That is a great rate. We believe the international rate is $1.02, but won’t be surprised at .47.

Caller: Thanks, and keep my number if you want to go quail-hunting.

Skype call: This is Hank. You guys have got it together! I’ve got more currency en route; if we got off this call and suddenly the RV goes, what can I tell the bank about the money that is paid for and on its way.

Tony: I would take a copy of my receipt, saying that I was waiting for delivery. More importantly, I would track the package online, and make the appointment for after delivery!

Caller: Thanks for your sacrifices; the Lord rewards sacrifice.

772 caller: This is welcome news after the long haul. The rates are important, but how the banks deal with this is probably more important in the long run. The favored son is Wells Fargo, right? Is there a pecking order after that?

DC: Not so far as I know. Some banks have taken all the folks they want to take; others are saying (for example) I’ll take customers over one million dinar within 50 miles of Philadelphia. Every bank is able to choose their own scenario.

Caller: Will we be able to call more than one bank?

DC: Yes. There will still be 800 numbers, but each bank has its own options. We hope to be able to publish the major banks 800 numbers, and you can call any of them to find out what they are willing to do. We have to see how that works out.

Caller: So we can make more than one appointment?

DC: Yes, I believe so.

239 caller: The budget is expressed in the the worthless dinars; your thoughts on that?

DC: The rate is in the budget at 1166 rate, and it also says that upon completion of economic reform, they will adjust the rate. That’s pretty easy to do.

Caller: Do you think publishing this in the Gazette will trigger this automatically?

DC: I think it depends on Abadi, not the Gazette.

Tony: As Kurdistan has already implemented it, the full implementation cannot be far behind, with the new rate. They won’t drag it out after that.

313 caller: If we do go by 1. January, for the gift letters… if I just want to give them cash rather than dinar, I can give them up to $14,000, right?

Tony: Lower than $14,000, you don’t need a gift letter, just give them the cash. If you give over $14,000, they have to declare it on their taxes; it’s nothing to do with you.

Caller: I hope this happens because I have lots to do on 2. January!

[Pam: The last caller (520) needs to create his notarized gift affidavits BEFORE the RV to establish the gift date is before the value goes up. He could set up several gift affidavits for each person reflecting different rates, and then destroy those that aren't used.]

Tony: These gift letters and gifts – we may think we are doing the best thing for them, but remember that giving them cash might make them no longer eligible for certain benefits such as Social Security. I know you want to help them, but if they have too much money, they may lose their medical benefits that they cannot afford otherwise. Look at those issues and figure you how you can help them without ruining their lives. Also, if they don’t know the tax code or realize that the IRS will want 50% of what you gave them, and they just went out and spent it, then they are going to get into trouble. Especially with these gift letter, this will be trackable for those folks.

DC: There are ways to give gifts, especially to Wounded Warriors, so take professional advice and research it before you give people a chunk of change.

919 caller: [Appreciation] I love learning, and it’s great to see how this works as a whole! We are just super-excited. We read My Big, Fat, Wonderful Wealthy Life, and we imagine that parts of that have changed because the situation has changed. What is still appropriate, and what has changed significantly?

Tony: Let’s ask Pam; she hasn’t been talking to us today… I don’t know myself. We will ask her to respond in the forum.

Caller: We’re not part of the forum, but I know we can see some parts of the information. Some of the books will also have information that will have changed, such as asset protection and such. I believe they also have questions to ask the wealth managers. Have you been talking about those questions? Could you post those questions?

Tony: These are not Bibles – they are educational books to help you understand more. So when you are sitting across from your wealth manager, they will give you vocabulary and a better approach. We just want to give you something to see how things really operate in in the country, the banks and big business. None should be your Bible; they are more like guidelines of how to deal with money on a bigger scale, not throwing it away.

Caller: Many tell you how to get out of debt, but not what to do then, how to stay out of debt. My husband keeps telling me to let go off my job sooner than I want to. I hate leaving my babies, but also want to think about generations to come. [Appreciation]

DC: In the official budget to be published 1. January, they have the rate of 1137. It’s 123 trillion dinar total in the budget. However, throughout the budget it says that upon the completion of economic reform, the rate will change.

Tony: So that 123 trillion dinar is about 100 million US dollars. Once the RV happens, the number of dinar will be whatever it takes x $3.58 to make the same amount in USD.

DC: They are not going to multiply the original numbers, they will simply apply the new rate to reach the same value. This is said in different ways in various sections.

Everyone is set up to get this done very quickly. Iraq has been nitpicked over the last three weeks; they are very ready to get this done pronto. They have promised their own people that this will be done before 1. January, and the US has made similar promises. This will go quickly without prior notification. Contract rates for dinar and dong are still available, for some people; the rest will have access to a very international rate. We earnestly hope this will be the last call; have a happy and prosperous New Year.

Tony: Only a small percentage of currency holders will get the contract rate, but it’s a larger proportion than I expected. Dinarians are more likely to get the contract rates.

Pam: Thank you to the lady who sent me the gorgeous slippers. Thanks to all who have done so much for us, whether they are giving up intel, supporting people in the chat room, Mods and guest Mods, transcribers and all the rest. It’s an amazing support team!

There are books in the forum that you and DC have recommended in the past, like Millionaire Mind, Millionaire Next Door, The Creature from Jekyll Island, etc. One of the members posted My Big, Fat, Wonderfully Wealthy Life, but it’s nothing to do with us. Make sure you check out the banking system, because it may go down any moment. Daz has posted wonderful threads on many subjects, so check it out.

Ray: Enjoy Magnificent, Money-is-coming-to-me Monday!

Tony: It’s a great day. I think we’re there. We are hearing from Iraq that they are all done and they as just waiting for Abadi’s go signal. On the US side, some powerful people have been promised this will happen by the end of the year, for legal and other reasons. We’re looking good, it’s still Christmas time, and we can still celebrate. They have stated when it becomes law on the 1st, this will happen – if not before. When it does, we will tweet it out. Until then, enjoy the rest of your day!


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