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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

"Re: Genisys on Fulford" by blueray - 11.19.18

Entry Submitted by blueray at 11:56 PM EST on November 19, 2018

"Re: Benjamin Fulford is Very Much Alive" by Genisys - 11.19.18

Sorry "many of the people here" have disappointed you. Most of us are quite new at this.

The story seemed plausible that Fulford could have been removed. He himself has told us about alleged attempts on his life. How many stories of alleged 'eliminations' have we heard ? Clones ? Replacements ? 'Suicides' with 3 bullets to the back of the head ? We've watched too many Hollywood flicks, which for most of us is our only exposure to intrigues involving assassinations via deep state shenanigans. The poster seemed to have tried to 'research' & concluded Ben met an early demise. And how often do 'many of the people here' get actual evidence ? 99.9999% of so called intel here is actually hearsay, no evidence or proof of claim provided. THAT'S unlikely to change anytime soon. We base our "discernment" on friggin guesswork, bucko, most often for lack of alternatives. And we will often be WRONG. APPARENTLY, Ben corrected the error. What's the big deal ?

It's criticism like this that makes me glad I'm neither religious or a believer. 'Many of the people here' adhering to belief systems / gods often act so righteous, but rarely hear their own hypocrisy or follow their own holy books. How about "Judge not lest ye be judged ?" Did you miss that part or was it inconvenient for your narrative ?

Your best Faux Pas : " Definitely many of the people here on IDC are not worthy of a glorious and masterful event like the RV." Wow. No ego problem there. Your sweeping generalization equally condemned those blasphemous enough to push the "positive" button, ergo, guilty by association.

Perhaps after communing with your favorite deity you could find it in your heart to forgive him, or those of us equally guilty by association. Maybe even take your own advice and reduce your "distance" to god. However high handed your treatise, I would be willing to forgive you. Maybe you can forgive him. No harm, no foul. Nobody died.

I believe he was trying to warn us that "Ben" was compromised, more or less public service.

Your apology is pre-accepted. Likely after he reads this, he will correct his mistake.


Monday, November 19, 2018

"Re: Humanity Poem" by TM - 11.19.18

Entry Submitted by TM at 11:24 PM EST on November 19, 2018

"Humanity" - RV Poem (As We Accept) - 11.19.18

Impeccable ...
Daughter of Terra.
All that comes from the heart
Is impeccable ...
You Owned It !!


"Finding our Way Back Home" by Peggy Dillard - 11.19.18

Entry Submitted by Peggy Dillard at 11:20 PM EST on November 19, 2018

My fellow Investors:

I will keep this short.

I am a long-time currency investor like many of you. Nine years I have walked this road of faith that our blessing was coming and, again and again, our faith was tested. Over these years I have noticed a change in the postings and the rhetoric of my fellow investors. We investors are a split group and I want to speak to that in love.

Many of us are serious born-again Christians and many of us are New Agers. There seems to be a greater number of postings about this new world coming that is being defined by the New Age group. I believe there is some truth in much of what is written, but I also believe that if God’s Word, the Bible, cannot support the concepts being presented, then we need to be open to rethink our position. Otherwise, we may be deceived.

I’m not here to convince anyone about being a Christian. The evangelism of America has been in place our entire lives and we’ve all heard about Jesus. What I do want to say is that there is one big difference between these two groups on which any true Christian will not compromise but I’m not sure that the New Agers grasp what it is. Christians KNOW that what I am about to say is true and that TRUTH cannot be diluted by another “theology”. Our voice needs to be heard in these corridors….so I write.

This is not a matter of opinion, it’s a matter of the truth in what our Creator God spoke clearly to us through His Word and through the mouth of Jesus. It’s not a popular message but it is TRUTH. God is Holy and man is sinful. His holiness cannot tolerate sin and will not tolerate sin. It would pollute His holiness. That is why satan was excommunicated from heaven. He was jealous of God which is sin. When he was exonerated from heaven, he took thousands of angels with him who then became demons. And the war began. We continue in that spiritual war today as it takes place right now on this earth with those same satanic forces versus God’s people. Satan’s enemy is the Holy Spirit who speaks to Christians.

Now, thousands of years later, mankind continues to try to change the message that God made very clear. We, His children, will not go to heaven without true repentance of our sin and the belief that Jesus is the ONLY Son of God. He said, “No one comes to the Father except through Me.” (John 14:6)

Our sinful nature would pollute the holiness of heaven if we tried to go without the covering of the blood of Jesus poured out on the cross for our sins. We are not allowed into heaven without the faith that we only get there by believing in what His blood did for us. It is the gift of our Father God to mankind, the gift of His only Son given for us. He wants His children to come home to Him, but we can only go home to our Father if we are repentant of our sins and accept His Son’s blood as the price paid for our sin.

It sounds ridiculous to some, but it is by our faith that we who believe in Christ as the Savior of the world are even willing to die. We have been touched by God by accepting Christ as our personal Savior; we hear His voice and we will never return to life without Him. We can’t. We will die rather than turn back.

My heart cries out for the millions who are deceived into thinking that everyone is going to carry their sin into Heaven. If that were true, why would anyone want to go there? It would be just like this world is now. It would be filled with evil. We have to get reconciled with God our Father in order to return to Him and that reconciliation is the blood of Jesus.

So, in love and with great faith, I speak to all of you who have taken the need for the blood of Jesus out of your belief and decided that just “love” alone will take you where you want to go. The love you long for is unconditional and it comes only from God, but His holiness demands one thing, that you can only come to Him in heaven white as snow, just as you left Him to come here. The blood of Jesus makes you white as snow and nothing else.

You can come in any condition you find yourself because He loves you regardless of your past mistakes. All He asks is that you repent for thinking you were smarter than Him and trust Jesus as your Advocate, your Savior. Otherwise, you have been deceived and that breaks the heart of every Christian alive, much less the heart of your Father. It also grieves the One who died for you, Jesus Christ. Our Father sent His Son to bring His family back to Him. It’s our only way home.

May you have ears to hear.

Blessings to each of you,
Peggy Dillard

"Gaia's Gold" by Fireswan - 11.19.18

Entry Submitted by Fireswan at 11:09 PM EST on November 19, 2018

"Crazy" by (Anonymous) - 11.19.18

I’m getting the impression that all of the gold is being returned to Gaia. What does this mean for the cabal and Vatican and all of the other thieves and pirates?

The Earth has always owned all of the gold. Originally, she allowed humanity to use it to take care of Her and all of Her kingdoms, including ourselves and co-create Heaven on Earth. We were to use Her gifts to thrive and prosper and create “all things good and beautiful”.

The pirates came and slavery ensued and now we’re in a huge mess because of the misappropriation of Gaia’s resources. We all know how this Babylonian system has worked out for all concerned. Time to end that and start a new economic reality.

Notice that the meek are inheriting the Earth, not owning it. Interesting word, inherit. In-her-it.

In = within
Her = Earth
It = creations, manifestations, things

My intuition is telling me that the RV is set up to facilitate the meek AND the Earth. The QFS was specifically designed to support this intention. There will not be any possibility of supporting Babylonian debt slavery or “rape and pillage” or “use and abuse” or any other harmful intentions with the QFS.


"Real" by (Anonymous) - 11.19.18

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 11:06 PM EST on November 19, 2018

The NESARA/GESARA is real.

The RV is real.

The Gold Standard is real.

The Global Reset is real.

Anyone who says it is not real has no connection to what is REALLY happening.

Many years ago it is said that, not only the ones who has the most of currencies can participate, but everyone who has "it", whether few or many.

Can't accept the change coming?

Those people who deny real change, doesn't want you to have it. They still want you to be regular slaves, and have regular lives, and to give all hail to governments and the elites.

Be careful what you wish for.


"In Response to Bonni B" by GJW - 11.19.18

Entry Submitted by GJW at 10:03 PM EST on November 19, 2018

"Re: GJW on SPEAK Update" by Bonni B - 11.19.18

Sorry, if you are offended by truth, Bonni B. Are you happier being told lies. You seem quiet and content when the bs flows.

Tank and Kim are not right out there shouting from roof tops. As a matter of fact, Kim doesn't want fame and popularity, like the frauds and charlatans that bob in the IDC swamp for it from time to time.

It was the Fireswan /ReelMan flakiness, among others, that made me take a second look at Tank and Kim. I am thankful I did.

So, to future scammers, bring it on. Your scams lead to clarity.


TNT Showtime CC w/ Ray, Tony Cliff Notes by Sunny 11-19-18

(Cliff notes by Sunny):

Replay: 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029#



Tony: At 120 rate, ONE million dinar equals $8,800.33.

I’m getting it from more than one person. That is a BIG rate change you guys! Told we will see the rate change in 72 hours or the total RV in 72 hours.

Ray: . . .How do you like the new intro? Member sent it to me.

TONY UPDATE, Friday, Nov 16, 2018:

I told you it’s going to be a crazy day today. LOL. CBI has come out tonight and stated they have not removed Alaq and he is still the Governor of the CBI. They are saying reports are not true of a new CBI Governor. #wearethepeople.

Tony: Goooooooooood Morning, TNT! Who takes the time out of their day in their lie to just create something like that? I don’t even know who he is. I do want to say “Thank you.” It’s really appreciated and I do like it. I think it was a guy.

So, we said it was going to be crazy on Friday. All the craziness coming out. Good time for them to do the RV. Everyone was wondering what was going on with the rates and everything else.

Our person in Iraq had told us last Wednesday that the rate was 1:1 and we still haven’t seen it. Told you then Kurdistan usually knows something few days before Baghdad and sometimes physically shows you things so you can see them. For years we got information ahead, often times up to a week, before it happens. So we were waiting for it and kept calling our people on the street to see if they were seeing it 1:1. They kept saying, No. Haven’t seen the lower denom’s when we specially had information they were out. This was from the same guy that told us it was 1:1.

Banks on Friday they said this will never make it to Thanksgiving. Fast moving, close to happen. Last night, around 10 EST I get a call from the banker and they are saying Monday, Tuesday it’s over. We should see this go through.

That’s good. Mahdi was to have vote on 8 ministers today. Then an article comes out and Mahdi is not doing the vote until next week. It doesn’t matter because also got a call at 3 am this morning saying the rate changed in Iraq. He said the USD exchanged yesterday in the markets, on the street was at 120. Today the same 120 dinars to the USD.

On TV saying all trades with Iran will be with the Dinar. Somebody do the math and tell me what it comes out to. I”m not going to tell you guys till somebody tells me what that rate is.

That was this morning so this is the 2nd day so that is the rate they have over there. Banks telling me we are going to see a change. Today or tomorrow or after 72 hours we should see a rate change on the CBI.

One of two things could happen: Could change to 120 dinar to the USD and that means all 72 banks in the US could see a change in the next 24 hours to reflect the same rate. If it goes International or doesn’t go International see that.

MasterCard put out an article yesterday that MC’s issued today in Iraq to be used Internationally, EFFECTIVE TODAY, MONDAY!

One million dinar = $8,800.33. I should be able to go to the bank tomorrow and get $8,000 for my dinar.

Should be more craziness as the rate is about to SHOOT UP! Look for a bigger change, which we will tomorrow.

CURRENT WINDOW: Tony: Last night, 10 EST, . . . call from the banker . . . saying Monday, Tuesday it’s over. We should see this go through. USD exchanged yesterday in the markets, on the street at 120 dinar. At 120 rate, one million dinar equals $8,800.33. Should be more craziness as the rate is about to SHOOT UP! Look for a bigger change, which we will tomorrow.

Tony: Told we will see the rate change in 72 hours or the total RV in 72 hours. . . They are saying, “Don’t worry, don’t worry. It’s over!” . . . I haven’t called the bank today to see if the rate has changed or not. $8,000 per million is better than it was and we know things are moving forward!

We’re on the way. The roller coaster is finally starting to slow down and come to a stop.

IRAQ: RATE ON THE STREET IN IRAQ IS 120 DINARS TO ONE (1) USD. Tony: It’s at .83 right now. Not that far to go to be 1:1. At 1:1 it will be International. If they were trading with Iran and I bought a bottle of water for $3.00. If I could no longer give you $3 USD you now have to give me thousands of Dinar. Iraq doesn’t want to do that. Nobody wants to do that. . . so just change the rate and that makes more sense.

CBI: No updates on the ATM’s.

Bonds: Tony: Bonds (or rates) should show up on the Forex to be International. (Forex only handles currency so wondering if Tony meant to say rates. – Sunny)

Mahdi is ready to name six of the remaining eight ministers.

Parliament: Vote on the remaining ministers or whomever Mahdi presents to Parliament is scheduled for next week.


Vietnam Dong: Tony I have been telling you for years to diversify. Every week this does not happen buy more Dong.

Iran: 85% of Iraq’s imports are from Iran. Tony: Iraq has not been able to build themselves up yet to sustain themselves. They are despondent on Iran for electricity, car parts, food, etc. Could they (Iran) hurt Iraq’s economy? Sure they could cut off the electricity, water, etc. But they (Iran) would be cutting off their nose to spite their face. Iraq announced this morning they would only trade in Dinar and Iran came back they wanted only the USD. Iran trade in Euro? Tony: I don’t see that happening either.

UNITED STATES: BLACK FRIDAY: Tony: Supposed to be a line at the bank and the exchanges will just blend in with everything else.

Banks: No information on alert level. Tony: Banks on Friday they said this will never make it to Thanksgiving. Last night, around 10 EST I get a call from the banker and they are saying Monday, Tuesday it’s over. We should see this go through. . . Have not talked to any exchange locations today. . .I haven’t called the bank today to see if the rate has changed or not. $8,000 per million is better than it was and we know things are moving forward!

Lower Denom’s have not been seen on the streets yet. Report they are out and seen but Tony does not have information they are on the streets yet. Same source told him 7 days before the rate changed that it would change.

Taxes: No change in the previous information that it will be a non-taxable event.

800 #’s: No release of the numbers or information regarding their release.

PAY IT FORWARD: Remember 10 days following the RV make a nice/substantial gift that will help others. EX: Make it somebody’s gift for Christmas; tip a waiter extraordinarily; help a homeless person; payoff the lay-a-ways at a store, etc.


ZIM Information: Tony said no requirement for a plan at any bank to exchange the ZIM. Tony was told years to purchase the 100 Trillion and 50 Trillion ZIM notes and the rate would be between .11 up to .22. The new government in Zimbabwe does not agree with the plan of the old government. Tony: US found out they did not have as much gold as they said they had. I told you back in August and September they walked out of meetings and everyone said not to worry about it they would come back. I told you last week that if it does not go by the end of the year it will not go in this basket. I told you the bank people are taking the ZIM. Saying, going to take it all. There is a rate they have for it and their instructions are to exchange it when it comes time to exchange. I have also been telling you for years to diversify. . . I’m feeling good about it. I don’t believe all this crazy stuff of $1+ they put out for the ZIM. Do believe they will remove 6 zero’s as that is the only way it could happen.

Q & A: TNT Forum
– Why can’t China go ahead and RV the Dong? Tony: Again, the Dong, ZIM, Rupiah can’t go for the same reason you cannot build a house without a foundation. The Dinar is the foundation. The whole GCR was built around the Dinar. Until it RV’s the GCR won’t happen. Those countries involved in the Paris agreement received Dinar in lieu of debt.

Q & A: Callers
– Will this proceed in stages or all at once? Tony: Over there they think it will happen in stages. Banks here say before Thanksgiving. Caller: Have you heard any feedback the MC’s have actually been issued or just changed electronically? Tony: They already have MC and using it. This article just came out on Saturday and said effective TODAY, it would be International.
– Obama held this up? Maliki still a problem? Hold this up still? Tony: Let’s take Obama first. . . Obviously when we were going through the Obama stage we did not know that was his plan (build up the country). He was only handing out 10 things at a time to get done. He did not layout the whole vision for us to see and understand. All the trading laws; stopped smuggling; end the corruption, etc. If we’d have known that, none of us would be here today. Nobody knew it in advance.

They put Maliki in charge. He got in office and said “screw you.” I’m in charge and I’m going to tell Shabibi to turn the CBI over to me. Stealing all the money from the country. He opened it up to ISIS and told them to come in. Told the military in Mosul to drop their weapons and retreat. Not 1,500 ISIS came in. 15,000 ISIS came in. Why? He wanted to become a Dictator.

In comes Abadi and the US said we tried this with Alawi, and Maliki now we going to try it with you. Mahdi did everything. Changed the laws. Maliki could have done that and 8 years ago we would have already had the RV.

Here we are today. Maliki has protection in place, right now today. They believe as we do, “innocent until proven guilty.” Just like over here there integrity commission has to investigate it. This is what he did and why we want to hang him. You can’t just go get him. You have to prove he did something.

The big fight right now is over the Interior minister, the ?? minister and the Integrity minister because they will decide the situation. It’s why they are fighting over those positions. It will affect the banks. Once these investigations get started, Mahdi needs someone in their who will support him. . . Maliki wants someone in their who will cover up what he did.


Tony . . . Okay guys All I can tell you is things are moving. That was last nights info, 3 am info. I’m sure things are happening right now. Be making calls and get some updates. Will tweet it out and if we need to do another call we will. If I was you I would get ready so I don’t have to be ready. Enjoy the rest of your day.

Ray . . .If any of you contact your local banks and if they tell you the rate is 00.83 DON’T run down there. It always gets GREATER LATER! (played “I Believe.” and the RV song, “It’s done, it’s finished, the RV is on it’s way.” )

Ray: Any hour, any minute, any day!

Source: Dinar Detectives


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