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Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of June 24, 2018

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of June 24 2018 Compiled 24 June 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret. CEO, Child Abuse Re...

Sunday, June 24, 2018

"Re: StandUpGuy" by MenoReno - 6.24.18

Entry Submitted by MenoReno at 8:15 AM EDT on June 24, 2018

"Re: MenoReno and Others" by StandUpGuy - 6.24.18

Thank you for your thoughtful post on the discussion concerning our current POTUS, whom I refer to as Trumposaurus Rex. I understand your position as respecting the office, not necessarily the individual that holds it.

I remember during Richard Nixon's last months before he was forced to resign, he was championed by a small city rabbi named Baruch Korff who took much the same position as you have taken, as defending the position, not necessarily the person occupying the office. He appeared several times on the Johnny Carson show doing his best to support the office. I knew him personally. He was my Rabbi, who Bar Mitzvahed me on the day that President Kennedy was assassinated.

That aside, we all know what happened to Nixon. Few people around today would argue that he didn't deserve what happened to him. Which brings us to the current POTUS. You stated that the active President has the right, given to them by the voting public, to administer the office as he sees fit. If this was true, then we would be talking about President Clinton (OUCH!!), not Trump. The voting public gave her 3 million more votes than the Trumpster. For those who have forgotten, it was the political insiders, otherwise known as the Electoral College, who selected him, not of the people, by the people, and for the people.

Next you state that people and organizations have the right to protest his actions, but once the actions are put into play, they should stop complaining and move on. Does that mean if the POTUS issues an executive order to separate immigrant's children from their illegal parents and wharehoused in retention centers, we should not object? And that's just the boys. Where are the girls and babies being stored? The media and the press have the right to question such a policy, as it goes against the American grain. For decades we have been a bastion for those who were driven out of their own countries by varied circumstances. Building walls to keep them out is not part of the American character.

Then you go on to accuse the ex-President as the 'puppet master' whose 'minions' are "doing their level best to frustrate and interfere with the proper and rightful operation of the Government-of-the-Day." Really? Isn't that what the Republicans did during the Obama Administration? Isn't that the duty of the opposition party if they disagree with the contemporary administration's policy?

Let me clearly state that I am not one of Obama's 'minions. I didn't even vote for him. But suggesting that I should support the current POTUS policies because my emotions are colored instead of rational logic, is true poppycock. America is great because each and every citizen has the right to dissent. We are not governed by an imperious master of the Executive Branch, much to the chagrin of the current office holder.


"Re: Viewpoints" by Galactic Journey Woman - 6.24.18

Entry Submitted by Galactic Journey Woman at 7:38 AM EDT on June 24, 2018

"Viewpoints" by Harmony - 6.24.18

A big A+ to that! In healthy families everyone has a voice; good, bad or ugly.

And we don't say 'shut her/him up' just because it offends. Or because it doesn't fit our narrative style.

We're grown ups. We've got this.

We support, skillfully debate, or we i-g-n-o-r-e.


To new beginnings

"Re: MenoReno on POTUS" by T - 6.24.18

Entry Submitted by T at 7:32 AM EDT on June 24, 2018

"Trumposaurus Rex, Part II" by MenoReno - 6.23.18

Current President as opposed to his immediate previous predecessor.

Never was this more true, ie: Those who can DO! Those who can't TEACH!!!


Lana Vawser: It's Not Over Yet!

Posted on June 24, 2018


By Lana Vawser

Over the past week I have had a strong sense in me of encouragement from the heart of God for those who have been holding onto prophetic words from the Lord, standing in faith & so far their experience has not lined up with what the Lord spoke over the season or situation.

As I pressed into the Lord I heard the whisper of His heart…

“It’s not over yet!!!”

For those of you who have been feeling discouraged or perplexed with how things ‘look’ right now or your experience with the season you are in thus far, I want to encourage you, DO NOT lose hope. Keep your HOPES UP!

For the Lord is orchestrating a major breakthrough on your behalf. The Lord is working behind the scenes and you are going to see a powerful demonstration of the faithfulness of God.

Many have been wondering “have I missed it?”, “did I not align myself with the word of the Lord as much as I should have?”, “have I allowed the enemy to steal from me again or distract me?” and I heard the Lord say…

“You are about to get back up again!!!!”

You are about to stand tall again. You are about to SEE the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. (Psalm 27:13)

It is NOT over… in fact, the goodness of God is about to overtake your season, overtake your land and overtake your circumstances.

Don’t get trapped in the quicksand of discouragement, despair or condemnation. KNOW that the Lord is moving powerfully on your behalf and you are about to see some HUGE divine surprises.

The Lord showed me many have been feeling like “time is running out”, that “it is over”, or it is “coming close to the end” where things are just not going to change. I want to encourage you that the hand of the Lord is about to move in power and EVERYTHING is about to change. Keep your hopes up, keep your faith strong, keep your hope and trust in the Lord, because He is about to POUR IN MORE into your life than you can imagine. You are about to see the words He has spoken to you are TRUE and it is NOT too late. You are about to see an explosion of the “ABUNDANCE OF GOD” in your life in greater ways. Don’t believe the lie that you are coming out short. You are not coming out short. You are going to come out with a testimony of significant turnaround. Significant shift, but most of all, a SIGNIFICANT TESTIMONY of the goodness, faithfulness and kindness of Jesus.


I heard the Lord say..

“I have saved the best till last. The MORE is being poured out at MIDNIGHT!!!!”

Just when you thought it wasn’t going to change, just when you thought it was over, just when you thought it couldn’t turn around, just when you thought you had to settle with the ‘status quo’ and ‘how it has been’…. you are going to see a POWERFUL demonstration of the power of God releasing the “MORE” that He wants to give you, and it’s coming in the MIDNIGHT HOUR!

It’s not a time to be downhearted, discouraged and despaired, it’s a time to be encouraged, rejoice and stand on the Word of God and who you know Jesus to be, His faithfulness, feast on your history with Him and who He is, because…

It’s not over yet!!!!

You’re about to see a significant turnaround and shift by the power of His Spirit ushering in the fulfilment of words He has spoken to you… but MORE than you imagined. You’re not coming out short, you’re coming out with MORE!

Don’t put those words down that He has spoken!!!! Keep holding them, saturate yourself in them, meditate upon them, feast upon them, they are about to come into manifestation for many. If you’ve laid down your words for what God has said to you about this season, pick them up again and watch and see what He is about to do.

THE MORE is being poured out at MIDNIGHT and it will not be by your strength or might, but by the power of His Spirit! (Zechariah 4:6)

Source: Lana Vawser Ministries

"Re: Tank's Answers to Galactic Journey Woman" by blueray - 6.24.18

Entry Submitted by blueray at 6:35 AM EDT on June 24, 2018

"To: Galactic Journey Woman" - SPEAK GCR/RV Update - Tank - 6.23.18

The answers to the questions posed in this update do seem to reflect the reality we are living rather than the more idealistic one we are wishing for. This is the best explanation I've yet heard why the RV / GCR / Reset is taking forever. Perhaps there are just too many Chefs in the kitchen for this to be easily or quickly dealt with. More dead people & suffering is sure to continue during all this stupid infighting. The inner part of our awareness that I will call the " Reality Check " department has always known that if any segment of Earth's population was going to get fucked over during this process, it was going to be us peons. Here we are. Waiting.

Just in our brief lifetimes, many hundreds of millions have died from wars, disease & many forms of exploitation. If the ' Galactics ' are real & involved with this planet, they have watched this occur from their lofty perches & let it happen, maybe even participated. This doesn't qualify them as " benevolent," but at best, less indifferent. I've seen no evidence of their benevolence, have you ? This indifference is reflected in the never-seems-to-be-happening " mass arrests " we keep hearing about. Even a child knows that if the bully in the school yard is removed, the immediate problem is solved for everyone except the bully. I see no realistic alternative for peace but to remove these monsters. Why haven't the Rothschild's been removed ?

This snippet explains a lot -- " And the Galactics off planet do not concern themselves with the domestic issues of our planet. They’re only concerned with issues where Universal Laws have been violated that effect the rest of the Galaxy. "

So as long as Earths shenanigan's remain here, it's too bad, so sad. And even though it is claimed that various ' Galactics ' have not only genetically engineered the present population, but live here, some for millions of years, the absurdity of non interference & so called free will continues to be used as an excuse to do nothing. I haven't seen any evidence that they give a shit, any more than the craps dealer in Las Vegas cares what number comes up on any particular throw of the dice. Heart warming, ain't it ?

I think we can lay to rest Yo-yo's claim that money ' doesn't exist.' The whole planet is continuously fighting for it, whether in physical form or concept.

This " galactic indifference " accounts for what we actually see :

1. ~ Chemtrails. Why an executive order has not been issued to invade/shut down the responsible military bases or shoot down the aircraft/spaceships remains a mystery. Kent Dunn's latest suggestion to " write our congressman " to stop them is absurd.

2. ~ Bibles. The world's most popular book of multiple choice, likely the most edited text in history, being preferred as the word of god, & as a guide to live properly is a joke. Any book that contains specifications for handling slaves is nonsense as a moral code. Look it up, it's in the old & new testament. No " interpretation " necessary.

3. ~ RV / GCR / NESARA. Face it, this could just be propaganda. The continuing delays in implementation does not bode well at all. Several guru's have said that ' it's not going to happen like you think it is,' yet they won't say what that is. Drake say's we got ' 3 or 4 month's before we see the RV.'

4. ~ The so called Galactics don't seem to need or care about what humans want. I've never been asked for any input. Maybe you have. I liken their presence here as more like a visit to the Bunny Ranch in Vegas. A place to exploit while vacationing.

5. ~ Artificial Intelligence ( AI ) controlling Earth. That's scary. I've yet to hear discussions about removing it. It's talked about very casually, like a rest stop area on the freeway. Is this the Matrix we hear about, even live in ? If so, just like in the movie, what does the place our real ' bodies ' live in look like ? Hopefully not the wrecked nuclear landscape depicted in the movie. Where is Neo ?

6. ~ The gods as described in various holy texts are far to flawed to be universe creators, making either the books, the gods, or both mere conjuring. As depicted, these supreme beings whos ego's require the saccharine adoration of their creations, who then become petulant when they don't receive it, are more reasonably presumed to be more advanced beings who still retain human-like foibles. Worship in any form is still slavery at it's core. The world we live in hardly depicts the perfection an ultimate power should be capable of creating. More likely aliens mistaken for gods. Occam's Razor applies.

According to the Kim / Tank team, the best we might see is a " balancing " of the planets currencies. If that's true, we won't be able to help as much as we thought. I fail to understand why the average currency holder is so often considered incapable of " handling " the hoped for reset. As in you morons aren't really up to this. Amazing how we've risen to the challenges of life all this time without any assistance but now we are to believe that many authority figures are benevolently popping out of the woodwork that are genuinely concerned about our welfare. Yes, I left the most ridiculous assertion for last. " They " care about us suddenly ? Sure they do.


"People’s Quantum Financial System" by Fireswan - 6.24.18

Entry Submitted by Fireswan at 6:05 AM EDT on June 24, 2018

Thank you for clarifying Tank. You are indeed showing us that there are two systems.

From the bottom of the pyramid, there is abundant documentation available on the Internet to ALL of a quantum computing financial system that has the authority to operate in 209 countries that I’ll call the People’s Quantum System.

Many financial and cybersecurity professionals globally have been trained on how to work with the account creation, accountability, integrity and block chain tracing for this system, including financial tracking/reporting using XBRL

From your pyramid, I’m gratefully realizing that the quantum system that I’m talking about has nothing to do with what Kim is doing or Rothschilds. It operates from the bottom of the pyramid up, not from the top down. In fact, I’d say that if there is a pyramid with the system that I’m referring to, the pyramid is flipped from the one that you showed Tank.

Where is the collateral to hydrate the People’s System? Digital certificates were created with electronic signatures of actual physical gold, diamonds or other precious resources. At the time of redemption (account creation), the digital signatures of human beings are combined (hashed) with the signatures of the certs. for precious resources associated with the account to create an unique identifier. There is no place for Rothschild’s or any other entity to be involved in the creation of accounts. Person|Gold—>###

That’s all, that’s it.

These accounts start the block chains in this People’s Quantum computing system that has the Authority to Operate (ATO) in 209 countries.

It is a commercial platform for commerce and trading. I’m still not quite understanding how groups (like corporations) utilize this system. How does the signatures of a group of human beings create a signature that hashes with a group of gold certs to create a unique identifier? From where I’m at (at the bottom of the pyramid), I don’t see how the corporations get their unique identifiers. That must be done through the tiers that are often discussed. Perhaps there is a People’s Quantum System, and a Corporate Quantum System, Government Quantum System, etc. each with their own block chains and mechanisms for how unique identifiers are created. That’s why Interconnection Agreements are made so that the tiers can interact.

Putting the pieces together, it seems to me that the People’s Quantum System has nothing to do with Kim’s Quantum system.

Apples and Oranges.

Perhaps Kim’s system (top down) was allowed to appear to operate to catch the Rothschilds and other fraudsters. Pirates of pirates situation. Because Kim’s system doesn’t have an ATO at the People’s level, it seems to me that it is a different system. If my assessment is correct, thank you Tank and Kim for doing a sting operation to expose fraudsters to the white hats so they can catch Cabal. In this sting operation, the arrogant Cabal naturally think that the only solution to the obvious problem is found WITHIN the system that created the problem (Einstein’s definition of insanity).

Clearly, the actual solution is created OUTSIDE of the system that created the problem (sanity) as the bottom up People’s Quantum System.

Forward not Backwards


"Re: Little Wake up Call" by (Anonymous) - 6.24.18

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 5:46 AM EDT on June 24, 2018

"Little Wake up Call" by Angel of Light - 6.24.18

And where are YOUR proofs, for the "gullible" people? Certainly you have something, with all that cabal nature fear tactic you are displaying

Huff and puffing, and hoof stamping wont do.

We are trying to get to the FACTS.


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