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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Footforward Update 2-21-18: Something to Think About

Published on Feb 21, 2018

Dinar thoughts

"Private Banking vs. Wealth Management" - Wed. PM TNT Thoughts



what is the difference in a private banker and a wealth manager?

Alfa 13 - Wealth managers deal with people who have a certain net worth - not sure what the limit is... Alfa - based on what Tony is saying - it must be $10M


alfa13 Private Banker, is kind of a 'namesake' like "vice-president" where the banked doesnt have to say "he's the 5th Vice President :) The Private Bankers at the largest Wells Fargo in my area,, all sit at their desks in an open area on the first floor lobby across from the tellers, cordoned off by a wooden picket and handrail...that's it and they are the 2nd line right after tellers… it's not quite as elevated a position as the title suggests

A bank teller with a desk.

It appears the difference between a private banker and a wealth manager is their degree of responsibilities, training, experience and fiduciary services to account holders


From Recaps Archives-Post RV Section Link

Private Banking Vs. Wealth Management: Not quite the same.

Private banking and wealth management are terms that overlap. However, the financial services offered through private banking and through wealth management differ slightly.

Wealth management is a broader category that involves dealing with the optimization of a client's portfolio, taking into account his aversion to, or comfort with, risk and investing assets according to his plans and financial goals.

Private banking typically refers to an envelope solution for high-net-worth-individuals(HNWIs) wherein a public or private financial institution employs staff members to offer high-net-worth clients personalized care and management of their finances.

The primary difference between private banking and wealth management is that private banking does not always deal with investing clients' assets. Private bank staff may offer clients guidance on certain investment options, but not all banks will be involved in the actual process of investing assets for their clients.

Most clients utilizing private banking services open deposit accounts of one kind or another.

Wealth management employees, including financial advisors, provide advice to clients to help them improve their financial standing and assist clients in investing assets with the goal of generating high returns. In general, private banking can extend to encompass wealth management, but wealth management firms cannot provide clients with private banking facility services.


In general terms, private banking involves financial institutions that provide financial management services to HNWIs. In some instances, an individual may be able to obtain these services with assets less than $100,000, but most banks that provide private banking do not accept clients who have assets less than $500,000.

Private banking tends to be exclusive and is reserved for clients with substantial amounts of cash and other assets to be deposited into accounts and to be invested.

Private banking provides investment-related advice and aims to address the entire financial circumstances of each client. Private banking services typically aid clients in protecting and growing their assets.

Employees designated to aid each client work to provide individualized financing solutions. These employees also help clients plan and save for their retirement and structure plans for passing accumulated wealth on to family members or other indicated beneficiaries
There are consumer banks of every size with private banking divisions. These divisions offer considerable perks to HNWIs to obtain them as clients. Private banking clients with large accounts generally receive enviable rates and concierge-like service, guaranteeing them instant access to the employees working with their accounts.

Private banking clients never have to wait in line or use a teller for services. Anything the client needs can be done with a phone call. A private banking client can contact the lead advisor working with his account and complete just about any transaction, from cashing a check or ordering more checks to moving large sums of money from one account to another.

These perks are all part of the banking institution’s plan to benefit financially. Banks pursue wealthy clients because their business generates significant sums of money in profit for the bank, guarantees repeat business and brings in new business.

Private banking clients, specifically the ultra-wealthy, discuss the specialized and elite treatment they receive with other wealthy individuals. These are new potential clients. Often, these new potential clients are mentioned to private banking divisions by current clients. The divisions then send out invitations to potential clients and often acquire their accounts through such invitations.

Private banking divisions also find new clients through the course of completing normal lending activities. The banks can access tax returns and additional personal documents and discover other potential clients through this information. Invitations are also extended to these individuals and often private banking divisions acquire clientele by doing so.

Banks draw a line when it comes to individuals who are pursued and contacted to become potential clients, and this line rests in different places for different institutions. The mass-affluent market is the major target, meaning individuals with investable assets in excess of $250,000. Some banks set a much higher bar, targeting only those individuals who have minimum amounts of investable assets in the millions.

Clients utilizing private banking services pay for the specialized treatment they receive. The bank that wealthy clients use has a guarantee of a large pool of money, in the form of the clients' substantial checking account balances, to lend and utilize.

The bank also makes money from the steeper interest charges on larger mortgage and business loans taken out by rich clients. The real money maker for these banks is the percentage earned on assets under management (AUM), which is generally quite large with HNWIs. Charging even a very small percentage fee for services that involve huge sum

Wealth Management

Private wealth management generally involves advice and execution of investments on behalf of clients. Firms that specialize in these practices are the primary sources for clients looking to invest in a variety of funds and stocks.

Wealth management advisors also help with financial planning, manage client portfolios and perform a variety of other financial services in relation to a client’s private financing choices.

Utilizing a financial advisor for private wealth management allows the client to work with an individual educated in solving financial problems and enhancing the client’s overall financial status. These wealth management advisors also help clients achieve financial goals.

Generally, financial advisors seek to assist affluent clients with private wealth management.

The advisors seek to provide the clients with ranges of financial products and services and achieve clients' ultimate financial goals.

Private wealth management services are provided by larger corporations, such as Goldman Sachs, but they may also be provided by independent financial advisors or portfolio managers multi-licensed to offer multiple services and who focus on high-net-worth clients.

A wealth management advisor sits down one-on-one with each client and discusses goals, comfort levels with risk, and any other stipulations or restrictions the client may have in regard to the investment of his assets.

The wealth management advisor then composes an investment strategy that incorporates all information gained from the client and that allows the client to achieve his goals.

The advisor continues to manage the client’s money and utilizes investment products that coincide with the client's stipulations.

Wealth management advisors cannot always offer clients the same specialized and concierge-like services that private banking offers.

However, in most cases, these financial advisors spend a great deal of time with clients. These advisors also cannot open banking accounts for clients, but they can assist them in determining the right kind of accounts to open at the bank of the client's choosing.

Read more: Private Banking Vs. Wealth Management: Not Quite the Same http://www.investopedia.com/articles/professionals/111715/private-banking-vs-wealth-management-not-quite-same.asp#ixzz3t64c3lsT

Iran is Preparing to Launch its Own Digital Currency

Iran announce bid to create own digital currency

Wed Feb 21, 2018 05:14 PM

Iran’s Minister of Information and Communications Technology Mohammad Azari Jahromi.

Iran says it is preparing to launch its own digital currency in a move that many believe can help reduce the country’s vulnerability to the impacts of US-led sanctions.

Iran’s Minister of Information and Communications Technology Mohammad Azari Jahromi was quoted by the domestic media as saying that a plan was already on agenda to develop a platform for using cryptocurrency in the country.

Jahromi said the project would be led by the Post Bank of Iran, adding that the Bank was preparing to announce a tender for developing the platform.

He also emphasized that using digital money was increasingly becoming common at the international level, adding that Iran also needed to devise its own mechanisms to keep pace with other countries in the same front.

Jahromi further invited all Iranian tech experts to participate in the upcoming tender of Post Bank – a bank which focused on e-banking and the development of Iran’s electronic banking infrastructure.

The removal of economic sanctions against Iran in 2016 led to certain openings in the country’s commercial activities with other countries. However, the country is yet to fully benefit from the removal of the sanctions because some restrictions – specifically those that concern banking transactions with Iran – still remain. Global banks and financial institutions also fail to process Iran-related transactions over fears of falling afoul of US primary sanctions that ban dollar-based services to the Islamic Republic.

The success of cryptocurrencies over the past months opened a debate in Tehran to use digital currencies to dodge the impacts of sanctions.

Certain openings for Iran to use the digital currency in overseas trade had appeared earlier.

Last March, reports emerged in media that the government of Sweden has reportedly authorized a local business to create a mechanism based on bitcoin – the world’s most popular virtual currency - to transfer funds to Iran.

Brave New World Investments – a blockchain startup based in Sweden’s Link√∂ping – was reported by the media to have been able to create an investment vehicle to invest in companies traded in the Tehran Stock Exchange based on bitcoin.

The report added that bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies could be used to send funds to Iran, where they would be converted to the native Rial and used to invest in publicly traded companies on the Tehran Stock Exchange.

Source: Press TV

Willie's Truth Call "The Truth has been Told" Tonight at 9 PM EST 2-21-18

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Here are the links: Monday 2/19/2018: https://fccdl.in/k61P3nw5Oh Tuesday 2/20/2018: https://fccdl.in/CNpC6zcZ9i

Early this morning a "revelation", so to speak, appeared to the world that was told to all of Willie's listeners years ago. Many of you are aware of this I'm sure. Brothers and sisters, we are all living this historical event in real time together!! You are part of it! That is why you are here!!

We want to thank our new listeners for acknowledging that truth is NEEDED and they are getting it and so can you! Come join us this evening at 9pm est.

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Zorra, Zaraya and Quazar's Call this Saturday at 12 PM EST 2-24-18

Zaraya and Quazar's Call

SATURDAY - FEB 24, 2018

9 am Pacific
10 am Mountain
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Guest call in: 516-418-5563

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Dear beloved gods and goddesses,

Zaraya and I have decided to start our own show and to focus on the products that we along with Zorra endorse. Besides that, we have Zaraya who can answer questions about Hollow Earth and ET/UFO questions. Once in a while, I'm sure that Zorra will pop in to say hello (surprise, surprise).

For Saturday, we have a special guest from Rain International who will talk with us about their wonderful products plus the newest one. Their seed nutrient products are excellent so we can't wait to hear about the new product, BEND.

We will continue to welcome testimonials or questions on the other products like The AGE Pill, HemoHIM, Hemp Oil and the healing headbands, and Christine Light's newest Harmonizers too. If you want to talk about your projects or plans for the RV, that is also fine.

Let's make our call fun, helpful for each other and those who will listen to the call live or on the replays.


The waiting "game" is not over. For those who know and are aware of the complexity of what must take place before the "win" just as in a chess game, it takes great patience, strategy and focus as we watch so many happenings in many fronts. So just as we think it is DONE, then the opponent(minions) has moved again and the game goes on. It can take hours but in our case, it has taken a very, very long time. So what to do next, you say? Well, we are in the End Game and we know who wins, the Good Guys!!! This makes it so exciting.

The answer to what to do then? We know the answer. Continue using the most powerful weapon we each have and that is sending our Love and Light to all players in this game daily. Before we know it, our blessings and the disclosures will unfold. That is our part plus individually, to continue and give gratitude that we are alive at this momentous time that we are fully engaged in. Let us give gratitude for Terra Christa and all she provides us.There is much to be grateful for. So if you feel over burdened, angry, hurt or sad, take time for yourself and go out into nature and let nature nourish and heal you. Give gratitude daily for all we do have presently. Where you are now, good or bad, is a blessing in disguise. Remember, we can create and plan and begin and take small actions daily to prepare for the future but at the same time to live life to the fullest in the present. The present is all we have all of the time. Be good to yourself and others always. We are and have always been connected. We are indeed ONE. Be the best you can be in all areas physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually and then help your sisters and brothers when you can. Your god/goddess essences are extremely powerful. Inspire, teach, heal and assist whenever possible. Today bring joy or peace to someone whether it is a stranger, relative, your next door neighbor or even someone you know on the internet. There are no barriers between us! This is how to make the changes for good manifest!

What a wondrous, glorious and loving day it is!


Zaraya and Quazar (Zorra and Saraiya)

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TNT Showtime CC w/ RayRen98, Tony (Notes by Adept1) 2-21-18

(Notes by Adept1) 

TNT Call 21-February-2018

Replay: 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029#


[Music: It’s Done, It’s Finished…]

RayRen: Good afternoon, TNT super-fantastic family! This is Wednesday, February 21 2018, with yours truly RayRen98 here, and Tony as well. A couple of things were posted to keep you going in the forum and chat room. On Monday, things were happening in the banking system, and this is the first change to address that. Bank staff were meeting on Monday to work out the process, with IT and exchange staff smoothing things out. That led us to believe that Tuesday would be ‘it’. Numbers were released to all districts as well. Other information we shared was the ongoing tit-for-tat between Iraq and Kurdistan. There are also developments on the Zim.

Tony: Please read out what we put in the forum because not everyone can get in the forum. First, after every call, everyone who has my number wants to call me to discuss the call. I do understand the frustration – some of us have been doing this for 14 years. Ray and Tony are NOT in charge of this – if I could have made this happen, it would have happened five years ago. We probably have the largest network in Dinarland, and people come in and go away and come back again. Everyone wants this to go smoothly, and the more information you have, the smoother the process should be. I get the information in-country, out of the country, from the banking system itself, from call and exchange centers, and now from the tellers and branch managers. We get information at every level, from Iraqi television and on the street in Iraq and Kurdistan, even the CBI. They explain the situation to us and we explain it to you. They listen to our call in Iraq. All parties in the US also listen to our calls. They are concerned about how the majority of people will act and react. It’s about making it smooth to do the exchange, and to hold onto the money you receive so that it will last for generations.

When I was in network marketing, I would tell my downline exactly what do to, and maybe 2% would do what I did to become to successful. I’ve spent years telling you exactly what to do when you go to the bank: how to dress and act, how to negotiate, and what to do when you walk out of the bank. I don’t benefit from that – you do! Since 2. January they have rearranged the plan, chucking out ten years of planning. They want us to walk through this, with it going smoothly for everyone. We are in the window right now. I give you all the information I can, and you have to walk through the process with a banker – and you will know more than he knows – with the right questions to make this work.

I try to tell you what is happening. There will be limits, and we mentioned them in last Friday’s all. There are still changes being put in place, and we might have more changes by Friday. The point is to know what’s going on and to be prepared for whatever what might happen. Every time we say ‘X is done’, we know it’s closer to happening. We know that there is a good system in place, and everyone need to be prepared to work it. Let’s start with the updates. Remember, everyone can read those on the public part of the forum under Latest Blasts.

Saturday update

Jabouri is indicating that the budget will be complete in one week.

While at the Security Council summit in Germany, Abadi is under pressure and agrees to getting it done….

Sunday reports:

The Baghdad/Erbil crisis comes to an end at the National Conference! The Kurds are happy with the results of the Article 140 debacle and are agreeing to cast their vote. Now, let’s bring on this budget and move on to the public release of the new rates!

The 800 numbers from the Districts are ready to be sent to corresponding banks and various information providers (which includes us). A single district could have multiple 800 numbers to utilize for appointments.

ZIM UPDATE on Monday

The cap is 100 Trillion Zim per person at the prevailing rate at the time of exchange. That is the amount of currency, and that 100 Trillion can be from any combination of 100s and 50s from the trillions, millions, billions and thousands series. This CAP is in effect until further notice, although it is not a permanent cap.

Tuesday afternoon in chat:

I’m just waiting on 800 numbers to start flowing. The banks supposedly handled final glitches and conflicts yesterday. Also, Zim will not have a buy and sell rate, nor be paired for trading on Forex. The Zim cap is temporary.

Tony: How come this thing hasn’t happened yet when everyone expected it by now? Our intel says that there ARE 800 numbers, and every district is different, so there are at least 12 800 numbers. They have multiple lines, so you will be able to call and get through. Calls are supposed to last a maximum of five minutes. They will ask:

What is your existing bank, and do you want to exchange at that bank? If not, there will be a choice of three banks, and you can have the one you want if it’s available. I would guess that 90% of you don’t even need that information. Of the eight million currency holders, 80-85% of them will go straight to the tellers because they have less than one million dollars in currency to exchange. I know that many people will go to the teller to exchange a million dollar’s worth of currency while they wait to see if the rates go up! Banks are not stupid; they know that people will try to get some money first even if they have an exchange appointment lined up. Be patient!

There will be limits to the exchange. Each zone will have its limit, and each branch will have a limit depending on what they had delivered that day. The US government just transferred 196 billion yesterday so that this thing can go through – so that they can raise their limits at the banks. There are no limits on dinar, dong, and rupiah, but there are still limits on how much the bank can handle. If they can’t exchange the rest today, they will do it in the ensuing couple of days. It’s possible that the bank might have handled all they can do on that day, but they will be able to accommodate you later. They have to conform to the system for that particular location. Don’t get upset or argue, just come back the next day and do what you need to do.

Since there are to be no limits on specific currencies (apart from Zim), I would do my Zim notes first because that is a flat rate. If I can only do 100 T this month or quarter, I’ll get that out of the way first. Then I would start exchanging my other currencies, keeping in mind ‘first mouse, second mouse’, OR “I will go in now because I know how to make money with my money”. Those are your two options.

RayRen: I would wait and see how the floating rates show up.

Canada will have three 800 numbers, one for each territory. We know that in the US there will be at least 12 numbers, and more likely multiple numbers for each district. We don’t know if they will create website with all the numbers and zones, or if they will give us all that information for us to disseminate. [Tony] I would prefer them to set up their own site – that way we don’t mess it up, and because your bandwidth is bigger than ours, so the official site is less likely to crash than ours.

At the moment, we have been told that the 800 numbers have been released to everyone but us (the gurus). We will be getting them from a government agency. I don’t know when that will be, but it should be very, very soon.

You know how Iraq functions: up and down, back and forth between Baghdad and Kurdistan amongst other issues. They are trying to accomplish something else, something apart from what we are looking for. However, the banking people on this side don’t care what’s happening in Iraq; they are in process and this is happening. Some are saying the US is holding this up, again; after all Iraq has done everything they are supposed to do. Some banks here have been identified as having system problems that stopped the whole process. Supposedly they have worked this out and the money was transferred yesterday. I don’t know what (if anything) they still have to resolve before this gets released. They do want everyone to go through as smoothly as possivle.

To recap what we have heard about the exchange process in general:

For $1 million (exchanged amount) and below you will go right to the teller and the teller will complete the exchange. The teller’s not negotiating on anything. They are not authorized to do that. All tellers will be two lines and two tellers at the window, and it will be ‘first come, first served’. Multiple family members can each exchange up to $1 million such has husband and wife, children, uncle, cousins. However, you cannot get a cashier’s check while at this teller; another bank person will handle that for you.

Between $1 million and $10 million (exchanged amounts) you will go right to a private banker. Appointments made on a first come, first served basis. You can have a partial exchange here if you are exchanging over $10 million at an appointment. You can do up to a million with a teller.

For $10 million (exchanged amount) and above, call the 800 # for an appointment with a wealth manager.

Calculation of the amount is based on exchange rates: Example: You have eight million Dong and the rate is $1.50 then you are in the over $10 million category. Also, you can lump all of your currencies together when calculating your amount. For example, let’s say you have five million Dong at $1.50 exchange rate and two million Dinar at a $4.00 exchange rate. Your total exchanged amount would come to over $10 million so you can call for an appointment.

Questions from the TNT forum

Q: It has been a while since we have heard about the bank employees exchanging their currency as being prohibited. Has that changed since time has gone by and the employees have been finding out about this and buying it? I have a couple of friends who are personal bankers that still are fearful of exchanging their currency and asked me to ask that question.
A: the only people not allowed to buy dinar are those at the call and exchange centers. The bank people were just told it is a scam. I know people in the banks who have bought dinar; just hold on until after it’s live, and then ask the question, because then it won’t matter.

Q1: Re: Federal Reserve districts, is it our phone number or address that determines the correct district and 800 number to us?
A: Your zip code determines your district. If you call into the wrong district, you won’t be able to complete your call, I think. If you don’t know from looking at the map, call the bank and ask which Fed district you’re in.
Tony: You have to exchange in a district where you have lived for the last 180 days.

Q: Is the US Treasury still holding this up?
Tony: The banks had their final meetings on Sunday for teller training and sorting out other issues. They were getting ready for this event. Ready or not, the 800 numbers have been sent to all the districts, and we are now waiting for ours to come from the US Treasury or the Federal Reserve. All sides have to be ready at the same time. They are ready and pushing for this to go now.

Q: I have 6 brothers and sisters that I gifted A 10 million Zim to. Each. Since it sounds that a 10 million note will not work now [because they are only exchanging 100s and 50s] I was wondering if I could gift to all of them one 50 trillion and they could split it evenly. Would they all go in and exchange or just one and open up separate accounts or open up one with all names on it.
RayRen: The 100s and 50s are the ones being accepted initially. Sooner or later, those other notes will probably be accepted. Don’t discard them; hold on and they will be exchangeable at some point. Just wait. It might only be a few days or weeks. Don’t give anything away that you weren’t already planning to give away; just wait for more details, and we’ll find out what is happening.

Q: With the banks increasing their reserves, can they give us more than $7,000 at first appointment? Do we still have to wait the 48 hours to access the rest of our money?
Tony: They are not going to increase the cash amount, because that is what they have been allocated at the bank. Why do you need more cash than $7k in the first day?? Surely you can pay for things with cards and checks and wire transfers. If you go through teller, you will have a card issued; if you go through a wealth manager, you might even get a black card. This is electronic; they want you to use cards and wires, so that they can track this money. Let’s do that.

Q: Here in the UK we feel like a boat without a pilot. When you speak with your sources please can you ask them to provide an 800# for the UK. After all we are forever being told the UK has a ‘special relationship’ with the USA.
A: When we get information for the UK, we will let you know.

Q: Rupiah?
A: Those have been the most constant at $1.08 to $1.25.

Q: Tony, if I gifted currency to family member and/or friends and I don’t know their history and Homeland finds something in their past, do I receive the currency back or will they take it?
A: I have no idea.

RayRen: Remember, the Zim cap is 100 Trilliion ZIM for the moment. If the rate is .00000010, then that will mean ten million dollars; if the rate is .00000014, then the total will be 14 million dollars.

Questions from live callers

What’s the status on contract rates? Are there any left?

Tony: I want to wait and see on that. I haven’t discussed that with the people I need to discuss it with, yet. That is a whole other animal. Somebody needs to call me about that because we are trying to do this as smoothly as possible. I’m not ready to talk about this yet. You know that a certain percentage of people would get contract rates, and I’m looking for that percentage. I’ll have to see if that is up or down. I’ll find out before we release the 800 numbers.

I know that everyone wants to pay it forward on the tenth day after the RV is activated – helping to change people’s lives, etc. We then want to post it on Instagram, Facebook, etc., to let other members know. How can we do that? I want to do something for those who give tips/gifts of $500, $1,000, whatever. We will all be blessed when this happens and I want to set up something special for those who do pay it forward like that. Call Ray with your ideas. You can put ‘TNT-superfantastic’ on the check/bill, for instance.

RayRen: For the UK, there will be 800 numbers, although I don’t have the details yet.

314 caller: Regarding private bankers, I thought you said that if someone has between one and ten million, and under one million go directly to the teller, is that right? What do people do under one million if they don’t’ have an account at HSBC or Wells Fargo? I don’t think the tellers will have time to open an account on the spot.

RayRen: I didn’t set this up. I would try where I have an account first, and if that doesn’t work, you may have to wait in line for a while.

Caller: The districts and 800 numbers – are those only for ten million dollars and above? [Yes.] Those in the middle range won’t be restricted to their districts, right?

Tony: That’s my understanding, that the middle range will call their own bank and be assigned a wealth manager.

Caller: What about bank notification that the excise tax has been paid?

Tony: I don’t know how the bank is handling that.

303 caller: I’m still confused on ‘double dipping’. I have a layaway, and if the RV comes in and I exchange what I have in hand, then I’ll use the proceeds to redeem the layaway. Is that double-dipping?

Tony: At one point, years ago, they wouldn’t let you use that money on your layaway. I don’t know if that is the case now, because so much has changed. In the past, they were talking about dinar today, dong in five days, and they didn’t want people to buy up all the dong at the pre-RV price. But with it all coming out at the same time, that is no longer an issue. Let’s say you exchange a million dinar @ $4, and I have four million dollars. Why would I buy more dinar at $4? If the rate on Forex is $4, the rate at any exchanger will also be $4; otherwise, they would be losing money. The same is true for every other currency that is revaluing right now. It doesn’t make sense to exchange and then run out and buy more of the same currency in hopes that it will go up. If you know that your currency is going to go up, why even exchange it in the first few days? When I am exchanging, I should look for a lower-value currency that might go up. Gals, guys, we keep wanting to make this as smooth as possible, and then coming up with ways to make it more complicated!

Next caller: What is the situation with Zim?

Tony: It’s still 11 cents or possibly a bit more.

Next caller: So If I exchange x million, I can receive $7,000 immediately, with 10% available in my account, and the rest available after 48 hours?

Tony: That’s right, according to what we have heard.

610 caller: if you are financially able to donate, please send your checks and money orders to Ray Renfrow, PO Box 1748, Elm City, NC 27822. You can also find the address at www.tntsuperfantastic.com; click on the Donate button and send your check today.

773 caller: You said there were three questions for when we call the 800 numbers: your bank, __________, and __________?

Tony: They will ask your preferred bank, your zip code, and your total currency. We will see whether they just ask about dinar or your total holdings.

Caller: With those how are going to a teller for under a million, would that be to the two lead banks, or any bank?

Tony: For those with under a million, exchanges will start with the two lead banks (or their affiliates). If you don’t want those two, and are willing to wait, in about two weeks the process will open up to other banks, we believe.

Between one and ten million, do you have to exchange in your district?

RayRen: Yes, that’s right. They want to exchange in your district by zip code.

NZ caller: In the last few days I purchased more currency, and at the bank they asked for my passport number, US address, and was I planning on travelling? So they seem to be tracking this a lot more than they had previously. If I want to go in with a friend for any reason, will they allow that?

Tony: Only if the person is your attorney or accountant, we think.

Caller: My original bank is in one state, but where I am living now is in a different area. So I will have to tavel to exchange?

Tony: Most banks have your information wherever you go, at least the national banks. But they want you to exchange in your district. If you live outside the US… don’t really know. I think you will have to go to your zip code’s district in the US. As for going with a friend to the bank, I don’t think the banks want to complicate this more than necessary. You can call the bank and ask them, and be prepared to wait in the car!

281 caller: I’m in Texas; when we call the 800 number and tell then the zip code, they then send us to a suitable bank, is that correct? Would it be okay to give them the zip code where we want to exchange, so long as it’s in the same district?

Tony: They will ask you your zip code and how much you have, and then they will send you to a location that can deal with what you have, with the most security. If you want to say you live in Bathwater but you want to exchange in Dallas… Nobody knows your information but you. If you want to go to a different, that’s up to you.

Caller: So those who call the 800 numbers will probably go to the exchange centers; will the limits apply to those centers as well?

Tony: I don’t know. I assume that the limits for that branch for that region still apply. However because you called the 800 number, and you told them how much you have, they will be anticipating you in that region.

Caller: Do you think the rates will be on Forex by the time we go to the banks?

Tony: I think the banks don’t care. Before, they wanted to get us out of the way first, but now most people will go to the tellers, so they will exchange at the screen rates; they wont have to negotiate.

Caller: What about dealers and exchangers like Travelex? Will they have similar limits?

Tony: I doubt it very much, at these levels. They will exchange people for small sums, but won’t be writing checks for a million dollars or more.

702 caller: We heard that there is a Zim cap at 100 T; when we call the 800 number, do we tell them how much we have, just in case?

RayRen: That’s what I intend to do. If they don’t exchange the rest, I’ll take it home. I’m not planning to leave any currency with a receipt.

Tony: I think the bank will give you a receipt if you want to leave the physical Zim with them. This only applies to those with a private banker or wealth manager. If you have more than you want to exchange that day, you can deposit it with them, and you have to negotiate the return. I know one guy who negotiated 800 million per week for six weeks. You can agree to receive your exchange monies over weeks or months; your wealth manager can make a written agreement with you.

Caller: They have transferred in X funds so that we can exchange Y dinar, dong and rupiah, but you wn’t know how much you can exchange until you get there?

You won’t, because the banks themselves have caps, and if depends on the districts. Because they have moved over 196 billion, they were able to raise that cap. Now they will do all they can do every day, but we don’t know how much that is. It’s by region, and depends on how much they have delivered every day. So you and they might want to spread out the exchange over days or weeks.

Are you specifically referring to Zim, or to all currencies? I wouldn’t make an arrangement for Zim in case the rate changes.

Tony: It’s not an SKR, it’s an agreement, and yes, you can do that with Zim.

Closing Statement

Take the first part of this call to heart. The biggest thing at the banks right now is how you react to the different situations – not once you have the money, but getting through the process. Respect the money and the process. We are right at the tail end of this. They are having the final meetings and telling us the information to give to you. No one said anything about timing today because it was supposed to gp yesterday. I imagine we’ll find out more today. Stay cheerful, because we are at the end of this. It was a good day today in Iraq, so it should be a good week here. Everything is good – the rates are good, and no caps apart from the Zim, and the bank/regional limits. Even the Zim will continue to be exchanged over time. Surely 100 T is enough to start with!

RayRen played I Believe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DYrqOUKLtA

Simon Black: Meet the Italian Government’s New Automated Tax Snitch

Notes From The Field

By Simon Black

February 20, 2018
Sovereign Valley Farm, Chile

Meet The Italian Government’s Orwellian New Automated Tax Snitch

By the end of the 3rd century AD, the finances of ancient Rome were in terminal crisis.

Years and years of debasing the currency had resulted in severe hyperinflation-- a period of Roman history known as the Crisis of the Third Century (from AD 235 through AD 284).

During the time of Julius Caesar, for example, the Roman silver denarius coin was nearly 98% pure silver.

Two centuries later in the mid-100s AD, the silver content had fallen to 83.5%.
...And by the late 200s AD, the silver content in the denarius was just 5%.

As the money continued to be devalued, prices across the Empire skyrocketed.

Wheat, for example, rose in price by over 4,000% during the first three decades of the third century.

Rome was on the brink of collapse. And when Emperor Diocletian came to power at the end of the third century, he tried to stabilize the economy with his ill-fated Edict on Wages and Prices.

Diocletian’s infamous decree fixed the price of everything in the Empire. Food. Lumber. Salaries. Everything.

And anyone caught violating the prices set forth in his edict would be put to death.

Another one of Diocletian’s major policies was reforming the Roman tax system.

He mandated widespread census reports to determine precisely how much wealth and property each citizen had.

They counted every parcel of land, every piece of livestock, every bushel of wheat, and demanded from the population increasing amounts of tribute.

And anyone found violating this debilitating tax policy was punished with-- you guessed it-- the death penalty.

Needless to say, Diocletian’s reforms didn’t work.

Every high school economics student knows that wage and price controls don’t work... and that excessive taxation bankrupts the population.

But that doesn’t stop governments from trying the same tactics over and over again.

Fast forward about seventeen centuries and Italy is once again in the same boat.

The Italian government is one of the most bankrupt in the world; its debt level is an unbelievable 132% of GDP-- and rising.

In other words, the Italian government’s debt is substantially larger than the value of the entire Italian economy.

It’s almost as bad as Greece, and it grows worse each year as the national government routinely runs budget deficits.

Their only solution, of course, is hiking taxes and increasing regulation... exactly the opposite of what they should be doing.

And, just like the ancient Romans, the government is on a witch hunt for anyone they think (in their sole discretion) might be dodging taxes.

They already have a system in place called the redditometro, an automated tool for the tax authorities to comb through income and expense records of Italian residents.
​The algorithm finds anyone whose expenses were higher than his/her income and presumes that s/he has been evading taxes.

The irony here is pretty profound given that the Italian government itself has expenses that are higher than its income.

After all, that’s how it ended up with such a prodigious debt level.

Earlier this month, however, the Italian tax authorities rolled out a brand new tool called risparmiometro. And this one is really insidious.

Risparmiometro goes through ALL financial records-- credit card transactions, bank accounts, investment accounts, etc. to determine whether or not someone has too much savings relative to his/her occuption.

Think of the implication.

Under the redditometro system, if you spend too much money, they think you’re evading taxes.

But under the risparmiometro system, if you save too much money, they think you’re evading taxes.


But it gets better.

Risparmiometro (the new tool) also looks at bank activity to see how frequently you’re using the account.

And if you’re not using the account frequently enough, the government assumes that it’s because you’re dealing in cash… and evading taxes.

I have no doubt that there’s a substantial amount of tax evasion in Italy.

I spend several weeks in the country every summer, and I see how much people and businesses are suffering.

And they’re definitely coming up with creative ways to survive.

But rather than take the necessary steps to liberate the economy, the government continues to double down on more taxes and more regulation… and then invest their remaining energy to develop new tools to spy on their citizens.

Two key points here:

1) Nearly ALL bankrupt governments invariably resort to this tactic at some point.

2) It’s also a great way to engineer a banking crisis. ​Think about it-- Italy’s banks are already teetering on collapse. Some have already failed, others are almost there.

If Italians know that the government is spying on every transaction they make (or don’t make), who in his/her right mind would want to keep money in an Italian bank?

Anyone with half a brain will be moving funds to Switzerland or Austria.

Italy’s banks are so fragile, though, that they won’t be able to survive if even a small percentage of their depositors flee.

So as the Italian government rolls out this new tool in the latest campaign of its tax jihad, they’re all but guaranteeing widespread bank failure.

It’s genius.

To your freedom, Simon Black, Founder, SovereignMan.com


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