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Operation Disclosure: GCR/RV Intel Alert for February 22, 2019

RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT - February 22, 2019 (Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on intelligence leak...

Friday, February 22, 2019

X22 Report: Trump was Brought in to Drain the Economic Swamp

Published on Feb 22, 2019

The EU and the UK has 36 days until the BREXIT, there has been no deal and the EU is giving in to the demands of the people. They [CB] are fear mongering that there will be economic depression if they don't go along with the deal, it turns out the UK will be fine and the EU is in trouble. Christine Legarde just admitted that the debt around the world is the problem and the Tariffs are not. Trump was brought in to drain the swamp, this includes the economic swamp.

Trump-Xi Summit Being Discussed for Late March

Trump, Xi summit being discussed for late March as China commits to buying $1.2 trillion in US goods
  • The United States and China are discussing a late March meeting between President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping, according to sources.
  • CNBC sources also confirmed that China has committed to buying up to $1.2 trillion in U.S. goods.
  • The two sides remain far apart on certain issues including the forced transfer of technology and intellectual property.
Kayla Tausche | Thomas Franck

Trump and Chinese President Xi discussing late March summit at Mar-a-Lago, sources say 6 Hours Ago | 01:37

The United States and China are discussing a late March meeting between President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinpingin Florida, according to sources familiar with the situation.

Sources also confirmed to CNBC that China has committed to buying up to $1.2 trillion in U.S. goods, though the two sides remain far apart on issues concerning the forced transfer of intellectual property.

The summit would be at Trump's Mar-a-Lago golf club in Palm Beach, Florida.

Representatives for the two nations resumed overall trade discussions on Tuesday, and follow-up sessions at a higher level began Thursday.

Current talks between the two nations are aimed at "achieving needed structural changes in China that affect trade between the United States and China," the White House said in a statement earlier this week. The Trump administration is led by U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer, a vocal advocate of pressing China to end practices that the U.S. says include intellectual property violations.

Trump is scheduled to meet with Chinese Vice Premier Liu He on Friday as China and the U.S. end another week of trade talks. Liu has been named special envoy to China's Jinping, meaning he has the authority to negotiate directly on trade matters with the U.S.

Any meeting between Trump and Xi in March would follow their dinner in Argentina in December and come amid a prolonged tit-for-tat trade dispute between the world's two largest economies. Both nations have slapped tariffs on hundreds of billions of dollars of goods, adding to global economic growth fears as well as worries about ripple effects in key supply chains and manufacturing.

U.S. duties on $200 billion in imports from China are set to rise to 25 percent from 10 percent if Washington and Beijing fail to reach an agreement by a March 2 deadline. However, Trump said earlier this week that the deadline was not a "magical date," hinting it could be moved.

Source: CNBC

TNT Showtime CC w/ Ray, Tony Cliff Notes by Sunny 2-22-19

(Cliff Notes by Sunny) 

Replay: 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029#


Ray: . . .There were no updates since the last call . . Maliki and his boys are under fire for what he did in Mosul. On Iraqi TV, an Iraqi panel that will hold Maliki and several others responsible for Mosul and want them to stand trial. And the US Department of Justice investigating Maliki for bribery charges for contracts that were granted.

Tony: Goooooooooood Morning, TNT! Now that you have confused everybody. DOJ is doing it because it involved an American company and they know Iraq will not. They said it would go rather quickly too so we will see what happens there.

Hearing from sources over their that lower denom’s are trickling out. They are not on the street yet but are in some people’s hands. A guy in Iraq says he does not understand why we are not seeing it yet. It is Friday. After 3:45 (today) anything could happen.

I did get something on Wednesday on this side, that they were going to, scheduled to activate on Wednesday and something happened.

Our committee guy told us on Wednesday the only ZIM notes they will take are 2016 and later and the rest are dead. I sent that to the bank and the bank said they were taking 2008 and 2009, 100 Trillion and 50 Trillion notes. That comes from a Regional bank Vice President that is actually involved in the process. I’m telling you DON’T THROW AWAY YOUR ZIM Notes regardless!

CURRENT WINDOW: Tony: Banks are still looking for it and say, “Get ready.” I talked to our guy in Iraq this morning and he said, “I don’t understand why your not seeing it yet.”

Q. Tony: This person is somebody I’ve been involved with 8 years now and gives us information before it happens. Sometimes days and sometimes weeks. It has happened their at his level. He has been paid, he has a rate and says the LD’s have been paid out. He has been within 6 degrees of this process for years.

Tony: I’m not excited. I’m just waiting. Everyone is telling me it’s done. All the banks are starting to see the rates. I feel good about the time frame.


CBI: Lower denomination bills are being seen and trickling down but not in the markets or on the street yet.TV has also notified the citizens the LD’s are ready to come out.


Media: TV broadcasting an Iraqi panel saying they wanted Maliki to pay for what he did to Mosul.

US Department of Justice is pursing Maliki for fraud involving an American company he contracted with for services and products in Iraq.

Prices are starting to go down. Tony: With the RV of the currency the prices would go down.


IMF investment programs may be in the 10% return rate. To invest in their programs will probably take place at a 2nd bank appointment from your exchange appointment.

Currencies Rates: $5.00 – 5.30 Dinar. $2 – .47 on Dong and .24 for the ZIM rates on the screens as of this morning. They are moving up and down. Tony: It (dinar will go up quickly) I don’t see the ZIM, Dong, Rupiah going up like that.


Banks are still looking for it! Tony: Anything could happen after 3:45 pm today. (when the banks on the US east coast close today.)

Taxes: No change in the previous information that it will be a non-taxable event.

800 #’s will be initiated by the US Treasury. It is to make an exchange appointment. This person will not be able to negotiate with you. They want to know the volume of each currency you have.

NDA is a contract for a 90 day period of length. If your spouse is unwilling or unable to accompany you to sign the NDA the bank may make an exception or have an alternative.

EXCHANGING: Exchange fee is supposed to be between 1-2%. The more money you have to exchange the better deal you can get. Tony: I might be highly pissed at that rate. Up to you to look at it. They going to get interest and loan it out at 10 X’s.

Tony: You go to the bank and your doing your transaction and they say, “No, No, No, you stand up and when they say are we going to complete this transaction you say, No! If we’re going to negotiate yes, if your going to demand and be strict then No. They are being taught to not let you go out that door. AT every point of it you can make a decisions. Agree or don’t. Like it or don’t. There are other’s that will exchange the Dinar and they are going to be competitive. I assure you they are.

ZIM Information: Tony: Our committee guy told us on Wednesday the only ZIM notes they will take are 2016 and later and the rest are dead. I sent that to the bank and the bank said they were taking 2008 and 2009, 100 Trillion and 50 Trillion notes. That comes from a Regional bank Vice President that is actually involved in the process. I’m telling you DON’T THROW AWAY YOUR ZIM Notes regardless!

Q & A: TNT Forum

Q. – I’ve heard we have to wait for the Admiral’s group to be paid first. Tony: You have been told a bunch of BS. You are going to get your money a whole lot faster than a group. In groups money has to go through paymasters and some of the groups number in the hundreds and thousands and they cannot pay everyone at the same time. You are going to get the whole $28.50. They get $18-$19 in the end. $11.00 is to come off theirs.

Q. – Will IS moving into Iraq delay the RV? Tony: No, IS was delivered a severe blow over this last weekend, week. Maliki let it happen so he could declare martial law and become a dictator. He told the Iraqi troops to retreat and night fight them.

Q. – I would like to start a college scholarship fund for my son and high school students. Would that fall under a foundation? Ray: Set up your foundation first.

Q. – In reference to 1st, 2nd and 3rd mouse do you still believe that pertains more to the dinar? Tony: It (dinar will go up quickly) I don’t see the ZIM, Dong, Rupiah going up like that.

Q & A: Callers

Q. – There is not enough money to finance or pay for this RV. Tony: We all have Dinar and the exchange rate is $4 per dinar. Iraq is not giving us $4 per dinar. THE UST is giving us $4 per dinar. They have made an agreement with Iraq to pay for and use it over the next 30 years to buy oil. We can take dinar and buy stuff in England, France, Germany or anywhere else. Oil is selling at $58/barrel. The US contract is to buy it from Iraq at $2/barrel. It’s not about paying it back. Nothing has to be printed. It’s about them being indebted to us. It does not matter if it’s 50 trillion they are never going to pay it all to us. This is digits on the screen. We are not dealing with the Federal Reserve which is a privately owned company. We are dealing with the US Treasury. Your worried about everyone getting paid. The Dinar could go to $50 and it wouldn’t make any difference. . . This is the reality of how money works in our economy and people don’t want to believe it. Our financial system is a pyramid scheme but it’s legal. They can do it. If you and I did we’d be arrested.

Q. – Ray:

Q. – Did the person who exchanged previously at $4.43 pay a fee? Tony: He probably did but they did not take out the buy /sell – the spread. (He got the full $4.43 versus the banks buy rate of less than the sell rate of $4.43)

Q. – Do we have to wait 10 days after it happens in Iraq? Is that still true/ Tony: They wanted the first 72 hours just for their own country. I don’t know if it will take 10 days or not or be the first of the month. I just know we’ve got three people saying it’s happening. They were notified the lower bills are ready to come out. That was on TV too.

Q. – The gentleman that exchanged. Was anything said to him about taxes? Tony: We did not talk about it but no taxes were taken out.

Q. Ray: The main difference is the trust can do things the LLC cannot. The trust can do 15 things while an LLC is limited to a few.


Tony . . . Okay guys. Banks are still waiting. Over there things have started and trickling down. LD’s trickling out. Don’t know why we haven’t seen it but they are anticipating it. Let’s go into the weekend as if it’s our last weekend. If anything happens we will get it out. Enjoy your weekend. I’m going to enjoy mine.

Ray . . . You said it all. Keep believing, we sure do. (played I Believe.)

Source: Dinar Detectives

"No Turning Back" - Fri. PM TNT Thoughts/News



Just heard from my white house source.....its a gooooo.... no turning back now...all banks are in compliance as of 12 noon eastern today

jcp that's great news! When can we expect to receive that info and begin our process?

Trump wanted this done yesterday….. Said it will happen when all banks are closed… Could be any night....but they said it's a goo….. Also....Tony is right....no taxes

So starting at 9pm Eastern, it could pop at any time (all US banks closed)

is that source real high up JCP

YES ........... my source is exceptionally high........ Very very very high....... NO MORE EXCUSES FROM THEIR MOUTHS

I have good news: There is no Legitimate Reason for this not to roll out for us. Bank compliance issues after all this time? LOL. Two guys ain't appted yet in Iraq, and Iraq is operating just fine, thank you? LOL. It's been as peaceful as anyone could expect in Iraq for some time. What's the problem? If there is one, my suspicion is that it is at the GCR level, not Iraq RV level.

S&P: No expectations to raise Iraq's credit rating

Sky News Arabia-Abu Dhabi

The Standard & Poor credit rating agency said it does not expect to raise its rankings for Iraq over the next 12 months.

The agency confirmed its classification of Iraq at B-/b, with a stable outlook.

She noted that a stable outlook reflected its view that risks to the performance of public finances in Iraq would be contained.

According to the World Bank, GDP growth is expected to accelerate to 6.2 percent in 2019, backed by rising oil production.

In the following years, oil production is expected to increase slightly, reducing overall growth to an average of 2.5% until 2023, due to the limited capacity of the Iraqi government to mobilize investment in the oil sector.

Non-oil growth is expected to remain positive against the backdrop of high investment needed to rebuild the country's devastated infrastructure network, private consumption and investment.

However, sustainable recovery in the non-oil sectors will depend on the transition from immediate recovery due to improved security to the implementation of high-quality investments with secure financing.

Thus, reconstruction will continue to be an upward risk for growth (not in the baseline) due to the continuing uncertainty about how the process can proceed, according to the World Bank. link

Source: Dinar Recaps

Fri. PM KTFA News Articles #2 2-22-19


Samson » February 22nd, 2019

18 foreign currency dealers arrested in Tehran

21st February, 2019

Tehran's interior security chief, Brigadier General Hussein Rahimi, announced Thursday the arrest of 18 foreign currency dealers in Tehran.

"Any sale and purchase of currency in the streets and public squares is prohibited by law, and people who deal with brokers will be held accountable," Brigadier-General Rahimi told the Fars news agency.

"The police will deal strongly with the brokers, of whom more than 190 have been arrested, and some have been released under court orders," he said. LINK

Iraqi security alert at Syrian borders

22nd February, 2019

Joint Operations Command announced an military alert was imposed along the Iraqi-Syrian borders.

In a statement, It was reported that the Iraqi authorities are observing the events along the borders with Syria and their effects on the internal scene of the country. The aim of the alert is to prevent the terrorists from crossing the borders, the statement added.

On the other hand, the Command denied the news of of collective return of the Iraqi people residing in al-Houl Camp inside Syria. “The return of the Iraqis from the camp is under study to take the right decision from security and humanitarian perspectives”, the Command added.

Other reports said that the International Coalition is returning thousands of Iraqis from Syria. The reports added that 20.000 Iraqis will be returned back home. LINK

Source: Dinar Recaps

"Clear to Go" - Fri. PM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ DELTA


DELTA » February 22nd, 2019



1 February 2019 09:57 PM

Mubasher: A recent report said that the State of Iraq announced the dismantling of the largest funding network of the group "Daash" terrorist .

The Iraqi intelligence service said on Thursday that it was able to dismantle the largest funding group of the "Daqash" in the history of Iraq, noting that it is a complex and branching in different countries of the world, according to the agency "KUNA ".

The Iraqi agency explained that the group had been using complex methods of financing and bribing the supervisory bodies, taking advantage of a number of offices and branch shops .

It should be noted that the device did not disclose the number of network members or the amount of money involved in transferring it to "Daash ".


4Cash » February 22nd, 2019

Totally agree with this article Delta IMO CBI doesn't want to release new rates while the enemy holds large amounts of dinars that they stole from the banks of Iraq!!!!

Popeye7 » February 22nd, 2019

Another LARGE piece of this puzzle has been put in place... Thank you Delta....I remember Frank mentioning that on the last CC... That's right!... The web was quite extensive that Isis had woven... Lots of inside help by some powerful people in order to pull that, and their other nefarious schemes off... Once you start pealing back the onion, realize there are many layers to it...

Bonk » February 22nd, 2019

Wow Delta. Great news. I remember Frank talking about how much money ISIS had on the cc last Monday. This news lines up with what you guys said - Again! You have nailed it.

DELTA » February 22nd, 2019


Frank26 » February 22nd, 2019


EHankins » February 22nd, 2019

Hey Delta !!!!! thanks for this update I couldn't agree more... not that they need more money and wealth than they have now but stopping the thievery and future potential corruption obviously is a very wise move of opportunity just imagine the possibilities of what the bad guys could have would have done with the stronger dinar when the RI happened .. It is extremely encouraging seeing them stopped...

MilitiaMan » February 22nd, 2019

Most definitely some very good data out as of late. It was nice to see the $500 million they told us about and then there is the not disclosed stuff lol, that was in very large quantities. (intel) They look to have sorted the ministers, there is a China trade deal at present today and this recovery of funds in imo massive amounts, is all by design.. Now, if the level of distribution has in fact occurred of recent, then, I could imagine the the Mosques were abuzz today and possibly the CBI could start screaming, what say you my friend? ~ MM ​

Gem » February 22nd, 2019

Delta are the natives getting restless in Iraq yet, enough for the news to and the CBI to talk sooner than later with the taxes and tariffs taken effect now?

Sandnsea » February 22nd, 2019

If I am correct I think Frank stated several times, Iraq is done. We are waiting on Trump.

2Cents » February 22nd, 2019

Frank has also said that WS said that he does not know why they haven't announced it yet......Realize that IMO, we are in quite the struggle in the world...... When you realize that, realize also that Trump and the CBI are actually in opposition IMO......perhaps that helps......I will not elaborate on this further as it will get too political quickly.......Just realize, all is not what we thought and we were taught in the world.....That being said, Iraq has to be moved forward sooner than later IMO.......

Hoosiergirl » February 22nd, 2019

Well I shared this in Team Chat & thought it might be a fairly important issue. So will share here. Seems like a major event to stop the corruption of financial fraud/misuse!


"ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – Iraqi intelligence agents announced Thursday they have dismantled a multinational ISIS funding network – calling it the biggest such bust in Iraq’s history.

“The biggest finance group of Daesh in the history of Iraq has been dismantled,” the National Intelligence Service said in a statement Thursday, using the Arabic acronym for the Islamic State group (ISIS).

Without delving into detail, the statement says the

finance network was scattered across several countries with branches across the globe."

MilitiaMan » February 22nd, 2019

I don’t disagree.. A fairly recent article suggesting there was 400-500 that surrendered and today another 150+- that included cash of $500 million. If the finding was only in dollars I would be surprised.. As should we all. The anticipation of what is starring us in the face must have been on the minds of those with nefarious deeds in mind. With international motivations and implications, suggests more than just USD is involved. Imo.. Think about it, we are not the only ones waiting for this to be over. I suspect they did as well and got trapped.. imo - MM

Elaine » February 22nd, 2019

Things are in place now. Let's see the BOOM!

Samson » February 22nd, 2019

US newspaper: Abdul Mahdi adviser proposed trade with Iran in euros

21st February, 2019

Said Abdul Karim Hashim Mustafa, Special Adviser to the Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, Iraq is nearing the completion of a deal allowing him to import Iranian energy despite US sanctions to avoid the US dollar.

"There are ideas," Mustafa told an interview in Moscow on the sidelines of a Middle East conference hosted by a large delegation from the central bank of Iran and suggested that the idea of ​​trade with Iran be offered in euros by the Valdez Club for Kremlin-backed discussions. Other to pay in Iraqi dinars, or in oil."

"The United States is pressing Iraq to end its purchases of Iranian natural gas and electricity, which meet a large share of domestic energy needs. Meanwhile, Baghdad has temporarily waived the sanctions against Iran that President Trump imposed last year after the withdrawal Of the Iranian nuclear deal. "

Mustafa said , "the government of Prime Minister Adel Abdul - Mahdi rejected US pressure to cut energy ties with Iran, adding to strained relations with Washington on Trump vowed to keep troops in Iraq indefinitely" to monitor " the Islamic Republic.

He went on ," These US sanctions and we have The right to protect our national interests, "we tell them always, we are your friends, but we are not part of your policies in the region, the Americans are well aware of this - it is not news to them."

He added that Iraq does not expect the US troops to remain indefinitely, "When the Iraqi side asks the American side To withdraw, withdraw as they did in the past, when the terror threat, the United States will reduce its military presence in Iraq." LINK

Iran is inciting Iraq to cancel the dollar in commercial dealings between them

Thursday 21 February 2019

Baghdad - Writings

A new confrontation could increase US pressure on Baghdad after Iraq moves to change the world's currency in trade with Iran in the energy field.

As revealed by media reports, on Thursday evening February 21, 2019, quoting Abdul Karim Hashem Mustafa, Adviser to the Iraqi Prime Minister, Iraq's proximity to the economic deal allows him to import energy materials from Iran, "gas and electricity" in a currency other than the dollar.

Mustafa pointed out that the proposal of that idea is a large delegation from the Central Bank of Iran, and that Iraq has 3 options to complete the deal, either in the European euro or the Iraqi dinar itself or the last Iraqi oil for gas and electricity, which will save a lot of the US currency, and reduce the pressures Economic sanctions to prevent Iraq from importing energy and its derivatives from Iran as part of the package of sanctions imposed on Tehran. link

Source: Dinar Recaps

Fri. PM KTFA News Articles 2-22-19


Samson » February 22nd, 2019

Việt Nam’s economic freedom up 2.2 points: Heritage Foundation index

21st February, 2019

Việt Nam’s economic freedom score is 55.3, making its economy the 128th freest in the 2019 Index. Its overall score has increased by 2.2 points, with a sharp increase in fiscal health and higher scores for investment freedom, according to the Heritage Foundation’s Index of Economic Freedom.

Economic freedom is the fundamental right of every human to control his or her own labour and property. In an economically free society, individuals are free to work, produce, consume, and invest in any way they please, while governments allow labour, capital, and goods to move freely, and refrain from coercion or constraint of liberty beyond the extent necessary to protect and maintain liberty itself.

The index covers 12 quantitative and qualitative factors, grouped into four categories including rule of law (property rights, government integrity, judicial effectiveness), government size (government spending, tax burden, fiscal health), regulatory efficiency (business freedom, labour freedom, monetary freedom) and open markets (trade freedom, investment freedom, financial freedom) in 186 countries.

The index shows that the Vietnamese economy expanded at a very fast rate in 2018 and will benefit from new global supply chains that evolve from ongoing US–China trade tensions.

“To continue strong economic growth, Việt Nam will need to reform State-owned enterprises, reduce red tape, increase business-sector transparency, and increase recognition of private property rights,” according to the index. “Strengthening institutions to make the regulatory regime more efficient, shrinking the bloated and opaque bureaucracy and making it more transparent, and bolstering the weak judicial system would also promote economic freedom.”

It also showed that Việt Nam has been transforming itself into a more market-oriented economy. Administrative procedures have been streamlined, and the regulatory framework for smaller businesses has been improved.

​The labour market has become more flexible and dynamic. The Government tightened price controls for air travel, energy, utilities, natural resources, pharmaceuticals, education, healthcare, and some housing in 2018 to fight inflation. The combined value of exports and imports is equal to 200.3 per cent of GDP. The average applied tariff rate is 2.9 per cent.

As of June 30, 2018, according to the World Trade Organisation, Việt Nam had 80 non-tariff measures in force. Foreign investment restrictions related to commodity trading have been eased. The State remains involved in the financial sector.

About 30 per cent of adult Vietnamese use formal banking services. The index is expected to be a helpful tool for a variety of audiences, including academics, policymakers, journalists, students, teachers, and those in business and finance, who can use the index in research, public policy, business, and advocacy for analysing 186 economies throughout the world. LINK

US toy producers plan to move operations to Việt Nam

19th February, 2019

Trade tensions between the world’s two biggest economies have prompted big US manufacturers to explore other production markets

Several US toy makers intend to move their production facilities in China to other markets, including Việt Nam, due to concerns about negative effects of the US-China trade war.

Some US toy firms said that if their products were made in the US instead of China, their prices would be five times higher, making their products prohibitively expensive for many consumers. In cases where the US applies a 25 per cent tax on raw materials, toy businesses could go bankrupt or be forced to reduce the size of their workforce.

Experts said rising costs in China because of the trade war between the world’s two biggest economies has led big US toy producers to seek other markets for production.

Hasbro, the world’s leading toy manufacturer, plans to reduce the number of products made in China to 60 per cent by 2020, compared with 69 per cent in 2018 and 86 per cent in 2012. It plans to move some of its production to the US, Mexico, Việt Nam and India.

According to data from market research organisation Euromonitor International, the toy manufacturing sectors in Indonesia, Malaysia and Việt Nam all recorded double-digit growth during the 2012-17 period. LINK

Amazon to support Vietnam enterprises in e-commerce

21st February, 2019

Through the workshop, Amazon Global Selling will help Vietnamese enterprises develop their online storefronts for the world’s largest online retail system

A workshop titled "Export via e-commerce platform: Opportunity with Amazon" will be held in Hà Nội on February 27.

The event, organised by the Trade Promotion Agency under the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoIT) in co-operation with Amazon Global Selling, aims to help Việt Nam’s businesses boost exports via the e-commerce channel.

At the conference, Amazon Global Selling leaders as well as suppliers’ representatives will offer guidance to help Vietnamese enterprises register and build their online stores on Amazon.com, complete customs procedures for import and export activities and ship their products.

The programme will also help Việt Nam’s firms study the US market to develop their products and brands through Amazon’s e-commerce system.

MoIT and Amazon Global Selling will also select 100 businesses in targeted industries which offer products that meet Amazon’s criteria to be part of the pilot project and bring their goods to the world’s largest online retail system.

Through this programme, Vietnamese enterprises will have the opportunity to reach more than 300 million customers around the world, opening up great export opportunities for products like crafts, textiles, leather shoes and consumer products, according to MoIT. LINK

Global ETFs may eye eight VN blue chips

21st February, 2019

Eight large-cap stocks may be included in the Financial Times Stock Exchange (FTSE) Emerging Markets Index if Việt Nam gets upgraded from a frontier to an emerging market in 2020

Eight large-cap stocks may be included in the Financial Times Stock Exchange (FTSE) Emerging Markets Index if Việt Nam gets upgraded from a frontier to an emerging market in 2020, according to Bảo Việt Securities Company (BVSC).

In a recent report, BVSC said the eight large-cap stocks are property developers Vingroup (VIC), Vincom Retail (VRE) and Vinhomes (VHM), dairy producer Vinamilk (VNM), financial firms Vietcombank (VCB) and Bảo Việt Holdings (BVH), and brewer Sabeco (SAB).

The eight firms are also among the top 30 largest companies by market capitalisation on the Hồ Chí Minh Stock Exchange (HoSE).

Data from BVSC shows there are about 27 exchange-traded funds (ETFs) that are invested based on the FTSE Emerging Markets Index with total value of US$76.4 billion
“In the case that Việt Nam gets upgraded by FTSE to a second-tier emerging market in March 2020 after the amended Law on Securities is approved by the 14th National Assembly in its eighth meeting [in the third quarter of 2020], global ETFs may disburse minimum $375.34 million in the Vietnamese stocks following ETFs’ portfolio shake-ups in the same month,” BVSC said.

Six of the eight mentioned stocks have met requirements of the FTSE Emerging Markets Index on market capitalisation, trading liquidity, foreign ownership limit and free-float share percentage, BVSC said, adding BVH and VHM are the two stocks having not met the requirements on trading liquidity. “To meet the condition, each company must see an average of more than 508,000 shares traded in each session per month.”

BVSC also forecast VIC may account for the largest proportion of foreign purchases when ETFs flock into the Vietnamese stock market (0.11 per cent), worth $85.8 million, and BVH has the smallest amount (0.02 per cent), worth $18.25 million.

Six stocks targeted

Six blue chips that may be added into Morgan Stanley Capital International (MSCI) Emerging Markets Index are VIC, VHM, VNM, VCB, VRE and BVH, according to BVSC.

VIC may account for 0.12 per cent of all foreign purchases, worth $241.5 million, while BVH is still the smallest with 0.02 per cent, worth $47 million, BVSC forecast.

It may be more difficult for those stocks to be added into MSCI Emerging Markets Index because MSCI standards are harder to achieve than FTSE’s, the brokerage said.

Data provided by BVSC shows 94 ETFs are managing their portfolios based on the MSCI Emerging Markets Index with total asset value of $200.26 billion. If MSCI raises Việt Nam to an emerging market, the local stock market may receive $857.7 million capital from those ETFs. LINK

Cognex expands presence in ASEAN market, targeting Việt Nam

19th February, 2018

Cognex representatives receives a lucky card at the launch ceremony of its new office

Việt Nam was an impressive emerging market with a rapid increase of foreign direct investment (FDI) as well as the appearance of mega-factories in recent years, stimulating technology corporations to expand their presence here.

The statement was made by Eric Moon, vice president and head of Asia sales at Cognex Corporation at the launch of its new office on Monday in Singapore.

Cognex Corporation is one of the world’s leading suppliers of industrial barcode readers and machine vision.

The expansion in Singapore comes on the back of the company launching its first local office in Việt Nam in 2017, and will provide a strong base for Cognex to consolidate and co-ordinate the company’s efforts as it looks to tap into the huge potential of the burgeoning manufacturing industry in ASEAN, specifically Việt Nam, Indonesia and Thailand.

Emerging markets across the region are experiencing increased demand for manufacturing, contributing to steady growth of the overall economy. According to a manufacturing production index compiled by the Japan Centre for Economic Research, there will be a 6.2 per cent year-on-year growth for key markets across Southeast Asia.

According to Wayne Goh, head of ASEAN, Australia and New Zealand at Cognex, Việt Nam was a potential market for manufacturing development and the country accounted for 40 per cent of Cognex’s regional sales.

The key manufacturing industries Cognex is targeting in Việt Nam are the electronics, automobile and motorbike sectors, with well-known foreign manufacturers such as Samsung, LG and Foxconn already utilising the company’s machine vision technologies in their factories.

The Cognex representative said besides targeting foreign enterprises operating in Việt Nam, Cognex would focus on approaching local firms to help increase the quality and lower the cost of manufacturing across all industries through error proofing product assembly lines, detecting defects, identifying and tracking items for manufacturing and logistics, and providing robot guidance.

“Vingroup is one of our target customers at the moment, with the booming development of its manufacturing factories recently,” Moon told Việt Nam News.

Cognex is the world’s leader in the machine vision industry, having shipped more than 1 million vision-based products, representing over US$4 billion in cumulative revenue, since the company’s founding in 1981.

Headquartered in Massachusetts, US, Cognex has regional offices and distributors located throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia. LINK

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